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Awesome50 - Monday Mar 07, 2016
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 228.2

My meeting with the scale this morning went well. Down another couple of pounds. Hooray! Moved some more marbles into the marble jar of success.

Went to the dentist today. That's never a good time. I have to go again on Wednesday. Yuck!

Enjoy your Monday evening!

Progress as of today: 21 lbs lost so far, only 63.2 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/08/2016:
What a coincidence! Three of us went to the dentist yesterday! I did too. for a cleaning & also picked up an at home teeth-whitening kit- - was $100 of my own money. Dental visit is free though, no co-pay.

Yeah, dentist visits are uncomfortable at the very least to have to keep your mouth open for such long periods of time!

hollybelle on 03/08/2016:
Good news! It feels so good to know you are losing, doesn't it? Yay!

Awesome50 - Friday Mar 04, 2016
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 230.2

Happy Friday folks!

I went to physiotherapy this morning. It was a good session. I had a mini assessment done today and things are improving since end of December ... Not quick enough for me of course but positive progress I'm thankful for.

Since starting my healthy eating plan at the beginning of January my husband has been very supportive about not eating out too much especially at fast food places where the calories are high. For that I am grateful as when weekends come that's when I have always typically blown it in the last. I've been trying to focus on purchasing something each weekend for one meal that feels like an indulgence that we cook at home that can also fit into a good eating plan. After physio I stopped and bought some steak and shrimp for dinner tonight. Though we'll have it at home it is a treat and can still fit realistically into my calorie plan for the day. Snow is melting here and I'm hoping I can convince hubby to fire up the grill to make it even that much better.

After doing my daily physio exercises I was able to get in a pain free 15 minute walk so I'm pleased with this bit of outdoor exercise.

Weekend plans include getting some groceries for next week and possibly taking in a movie. Not sure which one though. We have a gift card to use that we received at Christmas. I'm not sure whose pick it is this time ... I think it's mine at least I'm hoping so ha ha!

Enjoy your weekend with whatever plans you have and keep healthy!

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 65.2 lbs to go!

puddles on 03/04/2016:
It is nice to create our own special treats at home and that way we know exactly what it contains and yes it does make it special. Enjoy.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/07/2016:
For me too - nothing is ever quick enough! I hear you. But...in order for things to really be beneficial and lasting, it's the slower progress which is more maintainable. Anything fast goes away just as fast :)

Awesome50 - Thursday Mar 03, 2016
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 230.2

Food is planned for the day. I like it when days are planned as I always seem to have more success with staying on track for the day.

Ran an errand this morning, then doing my physio exercises three times for the day. Hoping I can manage a 12 minute walk outside as well.

Have a healthy say everyone!

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 65.2 lbs to go!

puddles on 03/03/2016:
You sound prepared for your day - that is always a good plan. Keep it up and have a great day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/04/2016:
Yes, having a schedule and a plan is what keeps me on track too. I hope you get to enjoy the walk.

grannyannie on 03/04/2016:
Works best for me to plan ahead as well.

Awesome50 - Wednesday Mar 02, 2016
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 230.2

Today I had a nice surprise. A while back I had bought some jeans and really liked the way they fit me which for me finding some that fit me exactly right can be a miracle in itself. I had some coupons from the store I had purchased them from and thought I would use the coupons before they expired to purchase some more in a size smaller which would help to serve as an incentive for me to stay on track. I got to the store and they only had one pair in the size I needed but said they could order me more in and suggested I make sure they were still the same fit before they placed the order and suggested I should try them on. Rather than explain that I was deliberately buying a size smaller than I wear I thought I mights as well try them on just to see exactly how far I am from wearing them. To my surprise they fit perfect! I knew the ones I was wearing were loose but I didn't think it was a whole size. I left the store a very happy lady. Smaller jeans and a great price too! Have a good day folks!

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 65.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 03/03/2016:
Smaller jeans are great!

Awesome50 - Monday Feb 29, 2016
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 230.2

Happy Monday!

I haven't posted in a bit as life has a way of some times derailing the best laid plans. I have been able to read and keep up with everyone's progress but haven't posted. Last week's and today's weigh in have gone well. Between the two I have lost another 5.2 pounds so a few more marbles have hopped jars and some more cash has been added to my money loss jar. Hubby has also remained committed with the cash incentive for the " goal weight clothing fund " which I'm happy to say.

I've been experiencing some health issues since before Xmas as a result of some injuries. These injuries have impacted my mobility significantly. I'm hoping with continued treatment things continue to progress which can hopefully lead to being able to get some more exercise in the near future. It sure would enhance the weight loss process but for now I can only do what I can and continue to focus on the food intake and do my physiotherapy tailored exercises. Either way the weight needs to continue to come off. I continue to do the best I can.

Here's to another healthy week everyone!

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 65.2 lbs to go!

puddles on 03/01/2016:
you are doing good. Congrats on the loss. Have a great day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/01/2016:
Take your time healing from injuries. As we get older, myself included, seems the body needs more & more time for healing. Good for you on staying committed to your health!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/01/2016:
Take your time healing from injuries. As we get older, myself included, seems the body needs more & more time for healing. Good for you on staying committed to your health!

OhioRaven on 03/01/2016:
I'm glad to hear you're losing your marbles. Keep posting and Keep up the good work.

Awesome50 on 03/01/2016:
Ha ha!

Awesome50 - Monday Feb 15, 2016
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 235.4

Good Monday Morning!

Well this morning was weigh in day and the scale showed a loss of only .4 of a pound. Slightly disappointed I was for sure. I'm trying though to keep a positive feeling about it as that .4 of a pound will add up to the total loss in the end. Last weeks loss was a bigger one than what I expected, and though this week this loss is less than what I expected, it's still a loss and I'll take it! Still keeping my eyes on the marble jars!

Here's to another healthy week everyone!

Progress as of today: 13.8 lbs lost so far, only 70.4 lbs to go!

Duaa123. on 02/15/2016:
Good to stay positive , keep going

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/15/2016:
Yes, like Duaa said, STAY POSITIVE. STAY focused. :-) I've been maintaining at the same weight for what seems like FOREVER. but I know in my head it means I am also headed for a loss.

Awesome50 - Monday Feb 08, 2016
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 235.8

Good evening folks,

My weigh in this morning was very successful. I am down 3.2 pounds for the week. I'm very pleased with the results and I happily moved some more marbles and told hubby he needs to contribute to my money jar again. Woot woot!

Here's to another healthy week!

Progress as of today: 13.4 lbs lost so far, only 70.8 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/08/2016:
Good job!!

cybermom4 on 02/09/2016:
Congratulations!! I know this is hard work - keep on going!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/09/2016:
Hey A50! So nice to hear you are still doing well. Your progress is amazing. I hope you continue to gave good weeks. You can do anything your heart desires & I can see how important this goal was for you. Even better, it's so nice to see your husband cheering you on as well.

Maria7 on 02/09/2016:
Congratulations to you! 3.2 in one week is a big achievement!

Awesome50 - Friday Feb 05, 2016
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 239.0

Good Friday morning!

This week my eating has been great and I've managed to stay on track. This morning my head is filled with thoughts of continuing to stay focused and on track for the weekend. Monday is weigh in day so I want to feel good about stepping on the scale.

Today's plans include a trip to the fishing store. Valentine's Day is coming up and I'm going to buy my hubby some fishing hooks he's had his eye on for a Valentines gift. It certainly is not a romantic type gift to me but he'll love them so that's what matters I guess. He's the kind of guy that's really hard to buy for but with something fishing related I can never go wrong. Our wedding anniversary is also this month but we typically don't exchange gifts for that as we usually do something together so I need to come up with some ideas for that as well. I've recently had an injury so it will have to be pretty low key as I'm somewhat limited right now.

Anyway, enjoy your day with whatever your plans may include and have a healthy weekend!

Progress as of today: 10.2 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

puddles on 02/05/2016:
Wow a busy day of celebrating. You are doing really well. Keep it up.

grannyannie on 02/06/2016:
Well done! Keep up the good work.

cybermom4 on 02/06/2016:
I never know what to get my hubby for Valentine's day. We will likely do lunch instead of dinner as we don't like crowds (Unless he has made reservations already ???)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/07/2016:
I think your V-day gift for your husband is very romantic actually. it's from your heart and you know what he really likes. that's the best kind of gift - unique for the person.

Awesome50 - Monday Feb 01, 2016
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 239.0

Good Monday morning!

I'm happy to report my weigh in this morning was great. I am down 2.2 pounds. So some more marbles have jumped into the "pounds lost" jar. My weight loss for this month of January is 10.2 pounds. I am so happy with that. I am also officially out of the 240's and into the 230's so it's nice to see another number in the downwards direction when standing on the "Beast" (aka the scale)!

Enjoy your Monday and it's off to another healthy week!

Progress as of today: 10.2 lbs lost so far, only 74 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/01/2016:
You are really doing so so so well! Be proud of yourself! I sure would be. Keep it up with your healthy outlook and motivated self. You are doing quite a fine job.

grannyannie on 02/01/2016:
Well done on the loss! I like your marbles idea. Doing fantastic!

Awesome50 - Friday Jan 29, 2016
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 241.2

Good morning and Happy Friday!

I don't have much planned for the weekend so I'll see what it bring as it comes. I'll have to get some fresh produce to stock the fridge at some point. Things are running a tad low and I don't want to risk not having healthy choices readily available.

Trying to emotionally prepare for the weekend eating wise as well. I've done well the last 3 weekends and I want to continue to do so. When Monday comes I like facing the scale knowing that I stayed on track for the weekend. That in itself makes me feel like I accomplished something and that I was in control of the food and not the food in control of me ... If that makes any sense.

Have a healthy day everyone!

Progress as of today: 8 lbs lost so far, only 76.2 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/29/2016:
Love your entry. I think & do the same things as you overall. I must have healthy choices in order to be successful. And I love having a good weekend leading into Monday. I do it by calculating my averages each week & beginning with the weekend Saturday as day #1. I like doing it this way which makes me MORE accountable than if I started my calculations on Mondays….Makes me want to have good weekends. And it also makes me want to have good weeks. Seems to work well.. But yeah, if I didn’t have enough veggies on hand, I wouldn’t make as good choices!

grannyannie on 01/30/2016:
Hang in there! You can do it! I understand about the food having control when we need the control!

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