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BandMom - Wednesday Mar 19, 2008

Weight: 0.0

BandMom - Tuesday Mar 18, 2008
(6/6/05 gastric bypass surgery lap rny)
Weight: 213.0

HI everybody its good to see you all again.I need to get back in my routeen of walking again. I have missed you all alot. I will start putting down my walking. I need to work back up to 4 miles a day.Thank you all for u coments.I hope some of you remember me.Hugssssssssssss

Progress as of today: 109 lbs lost so far, only 78 lbs to go!

thinnsidenotout on 03/18/2008:
Glad you popped in.....See a 3# loss from yesterday's entry..GREAT JOB!

mmuraro on 03/18/2008:
hello, how cool that you ride horses! congrats on the loss!

thinnsidenotout on 03/19/2008:
RE: Pretty things on my entries...... I get them @ www.photobucket.com

The weight loss gauge with the chick/tulips is from www.tickerfactory.com

I learned to use html coding for colors and centering the layouts off of selling on Ebay.... You have to enter <p> for new paragraph....<center> to center your text and </center> at the end of what you want to center... The colors are <font color =blue><font color = green><fontc color = red> so on and so forth..and when you want to change the color you have to end it by </font>then put <font color =>

If you use the weightloss ticker, you copy & paste the html code into your entry. You can center it by putting <center> "html code" </center>

It was all pretty intimidating to this very non-savvy computer woman at first, but once you do it a few times, it is really fun to play around with... Ebay offered all the coding to learn by, so that is where I got all the codes I use...

BandMom - Tuesday Mar 18, 2008

Weight: 0.0

BandMom - Monday Feb 18, 2008
(6/6/05 gastric bypass surgery lap rny)
Weight: 216.0

Hi all have missed you all so much!I ben a little under the weather but I get better!

Progress as of today: 106 lbs lost so far, only 81 lbs to go!

mmuraro on 02/18/2008:
Glad you're better and welcome back!

harleygirl79 on 02/19/2008:
So good to hear from you Rosalind. I have missed you. Hope your doing well. Stop in at WLS Indy. Hugs!!

Soon2BThin on 02/19/2008:
Good to see you back here! Hope you feel better soon.

hollybelle on 02/19/2008:
Hi and welcome back.

workingit2 on 02/19/2008:
Stopped by to show support! Stay strong!

CharlieAngel on 02/22/2008:
Welcome back! Hope you feel better soon!

sweetpea1977 on 03/17/2008:
Hey Rosalind! I hope you are feeling better. Please post an update whenever you get a chance!!

BandMom - Tuesday Apr 24, 2007
(6/6/05 gastric bypass surgery lap rny)
Weight: 216.0

Hi! I have been doing ok.I have a new dog. I starting to walk again, I take my new dog on little walks cause she is a puppy.

I going on a trip with some girls I play cards with. we going to St. Louis to meet some of the other people we play card with.

My granddaughter is play baseball now, I when to her game and got a sunburn. lol

Have a nice day, smiles Rosalind

Progress as of today: 106 lbs lost so far, only 81 lbs to go!

harleygirl79 on 04/24/2007:
How are you kiddo? I have missed reading your posting. Glad to hear your feeling better. I am going to try and get to your guys picnic in August. Hope to see you there. Enjoy your puppy

Moody on 04/24/2007:
Hey there!! Good to see you! I just got a puppy as well, but he is too small to take on walks!

Keep up the great work!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/24/2007:
hi rosalind! sounds like you have a lot of great activities planned! the puppy will help you get more walking in!

sweetpea1977 on 04/25/2007:
Thanks for the update. Enjoy the new puppy! :o)

jolt on 04/25/2007:
We miss you Rosy :) Enjoy your new puppy.. What kind did you get. Have a nice trip!



BandMom - Friday Jan 05, 2007
(6/6/05 gastric bypass surgery lap rny)
Weight: 216.0

Sorry My Family I have been missing in action. Lot of thing happening in famliy, mother in las has been in an out of hospital and grandson has been sick, and having lots of testa done and I had two surgery on my foot. I wanted u all to Know I have missed u dearly!I hope you all are doing good.Hugs!

Progress as of today: 106 lbs lost so far, only 81 lbs to go!

liza36 on 01/05/2007:
Glad to see you back, and to know you are doing ok. I'm sorry to hear about your family and their illnesses, and I truly hope the surgeries on your foot have gone ok. I know you didn't want that to slow you down.

Good luck, and come back often. Missed you!

sweetpea1977 on 01/05/2007:
Im glad to see your post. I hope that you and your family all have speedy recoveries. Keep us posted!

WorkingIt on 01/05/2007:
Take care of yourself! My mom had both of her feet operated on at once and she was in a great deal of discomfort, I feel for you!

Moody on 01/05/2007:
((((((bandmom)))))))))) I have wondered where you were..so glad to see you again!!! I am sorry tho to hear of the family difficulties...Take care of yourself and get back to us when you can! God bless you and yours.

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2007:
Hey Rosalind,

I just wanted to stop by and say hi! HI!! And I wanted to let you know that our group is up and running again. We have a new requirement now on being/staying a member of the group. Basically, we now require MANDATORY posting once a week on DD group and diary. We will no longer email "warnings" to those who dont post 14 days after their last post. The only exception we allow is vacations and family illness and members MUST post us to let us know.

Anyway, come on by and say hi! We've missed ya!!

BandMom - Saturday Sep 16, 2006
(6/6/05 gastric bypass surgery lap rny)
Weight: 221.0

I'm doing a walk from obese! spet 30. So keep me in your prayers that my foot hold up. You can find a walk from obese in your area please do it.the site is walkfromobese.com

Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 86 lbs to go!

WorkingIt on 09/16/2006:
What a great thing to do! Will keep my fingers crossed for you! And remember, ice is a good friend lol

harleygirl79 on 09/17/2006:
Hi Rosalind. I am doing the one in Cleveland. Will be thinking about ya!

sweetpea1977 on 09/19/2006:
Sounds awesome. Good luck!

Oh, and thanks for the website!!

BandMom - Tuesday Sep 12, 2006
(6/6/05 gastric bypass surgery lap rny)
Weight: 221.0

Hi, I'm starting to feel better. I when with my grandbabies to indiana beach and rode three roller coaster. We did so much walking, let say I'm sore today. I had promise my grand babies to to and I don't break my promise If I can help it. I had so much fun.

I want to also share with you some on here knows I was writing a book befor I had my surgery about my weight, well I when back and read some of my book. I can beleive how different I feel just in one year.

The good new the thing I wanted to do after my surgery I have done in the frist year. Can You beleive it! I when horse back riding after 4 months. and camping after 4 months. I play with my grandbabies , went dancing with my granddaughter, ran bases with her at baseball practic, walking with friends, and rode roller coaster. Man I fill like a teenager again!

I though it would take a long time to do these things. I have done them in one year. Living life is so awesome!!!!! :) :)

Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 86 lbs to go!

feeleebubs on 09/12/2006:
Congratulations! I haven't read your diary in so long. You have come very far and I'm so happy for you! Amusement parks are a whole different experience after you've lost a lot of weight aren't they?

WorkingIt on 09/12/2006:
what a great story! very motivational!

BethAktoNM on 09/14/2006:
Hi..I am so happy for you...If your not sure who this is..Well lets say I could not find my password again, so now I am no longer known as Beth201...LOL Well NM is way different than Alaska. Well you keep on enjoying life and I'll check on you soon. Hugs! Beth :)

sweetpea1977 on 09/14/2006:
Awesome entry Ros!

Glad you are feeling better!!

BandMom - Wednesday Sep 06, 2006
(6/6/05 gastric bypass surgery lap rny)
Weight: 221.0

I have been sick with a sore throat and fever. soprry i been missing in action.I did go to the dr, and get some med.

Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 86 lbs to go!

rjf on 09/06/2006:
I hope you feel better soon. It looks like you have had a lot of success! It is inspirational to me.....who is just starting the journey. *smiles*

WorkingIt on 09/07/2006:
Aww, hope you feel better very soon!

sweetpea1977 on 09/07/2006:
Get well soon!!

BandMom - Monday Aug 28, 2006
(6/6/05 gastric bypass surgery lap rny)
Weight: 221.0

I got shots in my foot again. I also got recast for the thing in my shoes.I walked 2.43 miles with my grandson om my shoudlers. He weight 25 pounds. I hard notice him up there.He was light like a feather. my other grand son is 35 pounds I might try him next week on my shoulder.

Keep walking and smiling, and slip.slip.

Progress as of today: 101 lbs lost so far, only 86 lbs to go!

cornucopia982 on 08/28/2006:
just wondering, bandmom, do your kids play in the school band??? I am a French horn/trumpet player and music/band teacher!

mattscat3295 on 08/28/2006:
Doing great, Keep it up.

harleygirl79 on 08/28/2006:
wow, your a superwoman. LOL Keep up the great work!!!!

WorkingIt on 08/28/2006:
A friend of mine found out last year that his bone marrow is bruised in one of his ankles..I guess it is a common injury for paratroopers. He has a brace for his one ankle and doesn't do too badly with it. He stays active and is in good shape..he just won't be running any marathons. What kind of shot did they give you? Cortisone?

sweetpea1977 on 08/29/2006:
Wow! You are fitting into a 14/16? Thats incredible! You will have to post a picture of that whenever you get a chance. Absolutely amazing.

I hope your foot gets to feeling better!!

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