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BearCountryGG - Sunday Jan 20, 2019
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 144.7

The fruit and veg day worked better than I expected.......I think since there are so many things in the fridge...I will have a eating from the fridge  challenge day...........................

coffee 2


roast beef

cranberry juice


0% plain yogurt with sf syrup


Progress as of today: 111.1 lbs lost so far, only -0.3 lbs to go!

graindart on 01/20/2019:
Still dropping lbs like you're at the beginning of your weightloss journey...... You do know us "strugglers" hate you, right? (kidding)

Our bodies appear to be in different stages. Yours doesn't seem like it's concerned with the dropping weight and is happy to continue to shed lbs. Mine seems to think we're in some type of famine and doesn't want to let go of anything without a fight. I remember the days of dropping 10+ lbs per month and it was easier to stay motivated. Now that a successful month for me entails losing 5 lbs, it's much harder to stay motivated.

BearCountryGG on 01/20/2019:
When I was on ww until the end...I struggled more at the end...basically...my cals then were the same on a daily basis....so metabolism slowed way down......this time...I have my metabolism so confused that it doesn't even know what I'm doing....personally...I think there is really something to this...but there is no money in it for people pushing specific diets.......yesterday was very low cal....and there was sugar in the cranberry juice......but I felt great...and the loss was really nice...I have never known anyone that has done what I'm doing....but I do know that doing the same thing day after day slows metabolism......and keeping the calories and food sources changing all of the time on a daily basis.....keeps metabolism just moving along......I'm totally sold on this.....and I know before I even get on the scales that I dropped I can feel the difference daily ...I'm sure I will get to a point where it doesn't come off so fast.....but keep in mind that I weighed 104 for many many years in the past....and i do have a small bone structure...so my body possibly still thinks it's no where near the right weight.

Donkey on 01/20/2019:
I am looking forward to see where this "mixing it up" journey takes you - this is so exciting!

You're 100% - it gets harder to stay motivated when the numbers don't change as much.

BearCountryGG on 01/20/2019:
As long as the numbers keep going down...even if it's only 1/10th of a pound...it's something.....I'm having fun with doing this...crazy as it sounds...and if I lose interest again...it will all go in the wrong direction I'm sure......so I do this....

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BearCountryGG - Saturday Jan 19, 2019
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 145.6

Excited for the scale reading today....145.6......I will accept that as goal........since I have basically not been counting for a little while now........I've spent the last half hour wondering how I should handle maintenance....since I stopped counting, that isn't relevent anymore........just trusting myself to make decisions on quantities is going well.......but what could I do to peek my interest further....since i'm not a person that works for goals well ( other than using up food...I do enjoy that)...or tossing/donating  unneeded things...that is fun for me.......but big splurges or working toward an item...never has motivated me........Even working for a paycheck never motivated me......I remember my surprise when I had worked for 2 weeks and suddenly realized that the envelopes at the time clock were paychecks...LOL....I was having so much fun I had forgotten I was going to get paid too.  Paydays were like an extra bonus...all this fun and money too...HA!

I have spent the last 2 days reorganizing the prepper closet, the kitchen cupboards, the fridge and the freezer.......moving things with dates forward.....and grouping items together.  There are also Slim fast, weight watchers and nutrisystem things........and this morning I've decided to celebrate reaching goal by working on specific types of things or storage areas on a specific basis.  Weird I know....but I find that fun...and since the stuff needs to be used I will make my own  game out of it....LOL.... a game for 1........It will keep me interested so that I don't go off the rails and celebrate  in a way that would sabotage all the work that has been done....it will get things used up and cleared out......and that always makes me happy.......since I'm on a mission to declutter and live in more of a minimalist way................................I'm looking forward to my new missions.........maintaining the new goal and even continuing to lose more...plus using stuff up in a planned way.......................Heading out right now to run out to the store to pick up only 4 things.....NO BIG FILLING THE CART HAUL...just 4 necessary items.......I'm also getting serious about budgeting this year.....and seeing just how much I have been wasting.  I will figure out what type of eating I will be doing when I get home...and have breakfast then.

Back from the store.....8 degrees and bitter.....roads were covered and few people were out thankfully.......and I think there was only 3 of us in the store.........got what was needed and time to think about what I will focus on food wise today............

I'm kind of craving fruit and veggies today...and that would be a good start for maintenance......so I think it will be a fruit and vegetable day....plus coffee...always coffee.

2 cups coffee


3 bean salad



cranberry juice

Terra vegetable chips

I've spent some time thinking about what other days could be based around.........so far...I'm really liking the fruit and vegetable day........it's light....but doesn't stick with me for very long...but that is ok........ possibilities for future days could be

Weight Watchers


Slim Fast

From freezer only

From Refrigerator only

Canned only

Breakfast food all day

Soup for a day

Salads for a day

Mystery leftovers from freezer

Raw food day

Mexican food

Chinese food

Italian food

Prepackaged fun food all day

High protein day

Fruit and Vegetable day...would definately do this again

Assorted oats, rice, wheat etc all day

Dairy day

Schwans day

Kid food day

Sandwich day

Seafood day

I think the possibilities are endless.......it's a new way for me to look at continuing to lose and or keeping myself interested in maintaining, plus using up what we already have instead of continually adding more........I think todays cals will be very low......and restricting myself one day at a time will let me include all kinds of nutrients........it definately will control quantities......boredom won't happen and it's something that I can look forward to choosing every morning.......not to mention it will keep my metabolism from slowing down.......So far...so good.









Progress as of today: 110.2 lbs lost so far, only 0.6 lbs to go!

graindart on 01/19/2019:
Congratulations on meeting your major goal!

Looks like right around 8 months of serious work / determination / self control / perseverance. When looked at from the outside, that's a relatively short time in which to lose 110 lbs. But I know firsthand how it can also feel like an eternity when dealing with food cravings on a daily basis for 240+ straight days......

And another loser making the transition to maintaining, so happy for you!

BearCountryGG on 01/19/2019:
Continually switching it up kept me interested and I know from past diets...it keeps my metabolism from slowing down.........I will keep switching things up...but in a different way to keep me from just going back to old bad habits now.......I need to keep it fun....I knew yesterday that I would have a good weigh in today...because in the afternoon I got on the scale again and it was lower than in the morning...so actually I hit the number yesterday.,...but kept it to myself...LOL...I just like to keep on switching things up....I have some new switch ups planned starting today.

Donkey on 01/19/2019:
Since most of my weekend plans were canceled due to snow, my decluttering plan for the weekend will be to tackle the pantry. I do have a bag that is starting to fill up with clothes for donation, too, as an ongoing project. I'm not sure what my cleaning project will be.

You are keeping me on track! :)

BearCountryGG on 01/19/2019:
My backeat always has things on it to donate....i take them straight to the car when i find something that can go......Once its there...it never comes back in the house...It works!

BearCountryGG on 01/19/2019:
BACKSEAT!!!!!!....wouldn't let me delete...so........there is this

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BearCountryGG - Friday Jan 18, 2019
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 146.5

Tiny drop........and I'm not surprised.....I did find myself eating yesterday because there was food prepared...and not because I was hungry........the learning process continues......so close......and then I can start true maintenance......

2 cups coffee

5 mini figs


roast beef



3 bean salad



Looked over what we have on hand.....We are really working on using up our prepper food because we like to keep fresh canned and prepackaged things in that closet...so I'm making use of what is there........I have also put a hold on schwans for now...so we can empty the freezer.  Also looking at the contents of the fridge.......lots of thing here that HAVE to be used in moderation....but also a lot that fits in well with what I need now......will use all of it....just picking and choosing on a daily basis to control the scales. 

As usual in the past...when my weight is more appropriate, my eating habits fall into line too.......for a while now...i have not had any real binges that I couldn't stop quickly as soon as I knew what I was heading into.......evenings have been a lot easier now that I'm having a cup of coffee...if I had known that sooner I could have saved myself a lot of grief. 

Maybe it's the feeling that I have things under control that helps...i'm not sure...but what ever it is........it's making it all so much easier........

I'm so close to my top acceptable number for  5'4" height...but the bottom number for that height is 130...and that is my ultimate goal....also.......a few years ago a dr measured my height as 5'3"...and that would change everything........yet another still said 5'4"....so for the time being...I'm sticking with the 130 to 145.....I could get the tape measure out right now and be sure...but I really am not inclined to do that.....some day....down the road...that will happen...just not now. 

I'm also keeping in mind that I have what all of my drs have said is a petite build and internal organs, arteries etc are all small....so even more important to reach the 130 mark.

I'm toying with the idea of shaking things up today to see what I can change.........will see how determined I really am...maybe...maybe not.

Progress as of today: 109.3 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 01/18/2019:
So HAPPY for you! Hope you have a wonderful day.

BearCountryGG on 01/18/2019:
Thank you!

Donkey on 01/18/2019:
Wonderful! I've found that maintenance is a whole new learning experience in itself. I do not know that anyone should ever be completely unaware of what they are eating no matter who they are or where they are at.

BearCountryGG on 01/18/2019:
It is different......I have to fight off old bad habits sometimes...but they are just habits....i figure with time they will leave. I guess I do like the feeling of thin better than I like overeating. That old saying "nothing tastes better than thin feels" is so true. I don't want to mess that up.

legcramps on 01/18/2019:
I do that periodically too, when i've picked up a few too many things for the freezer or the cupboards that then either tempt me or wilt away and are never eaten. I work through them slowly because they are usually things that aren't the healthiest.

BearCountryGG on 01/18/2019:
Yes....when we restock it will be with a totally different kind of food.....I can see we really should eliminate a lot of the junk.

graindart on 01/18/2019:
Only thing I'm still working on whittling down in the pantry is my 100 cal bags of popcorn. I'm averaging 2 per day and they'll be gone over the next few days. I know that the scale will drop a little as soon as I stop eating as much popcorn on a daily basis. If I really wanted to see the scale drop, I'd just stop eating the popcorn. But I have some stupid goal-oriented mentality that won't allow me to just stop eating it and leave the packages just sitting there in the pantry......

BearCountryGG on 01/18/2019:
My husband eats 2 bags of that a day himself...and I think his blood sugar would be lower if he didn't. Fact is...i buy it for him...because he likes it...i'm apparently his enabler...UGH!!! I also don't want to hear him grumbling about how there aren't any snacks in the house that he likes.....I'm taking the easy way out......i need to stop that.

graindart on 01/18/2019:
For me, the popcorn has been a huge tool in keeping me on-plan over the past year or so. We only buy the 100 calorie bags, so it makes it easy for me to portion control. On super snacky days, I might eat up to 4 of them (usually average 2). But that's only 400 calories on my worst days. (I don't monitor blood sugar, so I don't know how that would affect someone who does.) But for me if I didn't have the popcorn, I'd turn to something else and it definitely wouldn't have the same filling effect for as few calories. If I had a regular sized Snickers in place of each bag, that would end up being 1000 calories on my snacky days. Or if I substituted a bag of chips or cookies, it would end in similar calorie amounts. So for me the popcorn allows me to feel semi-normal and less restrictive, while still not going crazy on the number of added calories. While I could easily eat 1000 calories of chocolate / chips / cookies, I'd probably puke before being able to eat 10 bags of my popcorn......

BearCountryGG on 01/18/2019:
He is using it to stay away from sweets......although to a diabetic popcorn and sweets aren't really different. He has also started eating small cups of organic applesauce.......but when he eats candy or chocolate or even pancakes( he uses real syrup...not the sugar free I got for us...when that is gone...he will be forced to switch)...we also buy the 100 cal bags for him....but he always takes 2 at a time. He has learned to take just a small handful of mixed nuts.....but he is grazing a lot...from about 3 P.M. to 9 P.M....We just need to make some changes around here...bad habits still abound.

graindart on 01/18/2019:
I wish I could have mixed nuts in the house, but they're just way too many calories for the portion size for me. For the same amount of calories, I get 30 seconds of eating enjoyment from the nuts vs about 5 minutes on the popcorn.

Personally switched to Walden Farms zero calorie syrup for myself and actually really like the flavor (although I don't use it too often). The girls have been working on the last of their full-sugar syrup for awhile now. Why did we buy such a huge bottle? As soon as it's gone, I'm switching them to a sugarfree variety. Not because they need to watch the number of calories, but because too many of their calories are sugar.

BearCountryGG on 01/18/2019:
I really like the smucker sugar free breakfast syrup...he hasn't tried it yet...but I think he will be fine with that...i can't even tell that it's sugar free 20 cals for 1/4th cup.

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BearCountryGG - Thursday Jan 17, 2019
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 146.6

A little drop this morning...I'll take it as long as it heads in the right direction.  In the house trying to keep warm today...lots to do here so it's okay!  Still weeding out the stuff....the less stuff the less work.....

2 cups black coffee

cereal and milk

some Dole packet of cashews that did have sugar

3 bean salad


roll with beef and spray butter


coconut luna bar

dried apple


Progress as of today: 109.2 lbs lost so far, only 1.6 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/17/2019:
Your weight loss graphic is very impressive! Look at the progress you've made between November and December!

I hope that you will keep posting things like "less stuff, less work" -- all of your minimizing and downsizing posts. It keeps reminding me of my goal - which I keep working on in baby steps. It's quite a metaphor for weight-loss too, isn't it? I mean, perhaps not for you or me specifically, but I have heard of stories where folks hanging on to stuff and hanging on to weight go hand in hand.

BearCountryGG on 01/17/2019:
I once read a book called something like..."DOES THIS CLUTTER MAKE MY BUTT LOOK FAT"....and I can answer that for myself...YES IT DOES...you are exactly right...clutter and fat go hand in hand so to speak....it's all about hanging on to things we do not need!!!

BearCountryGG on 01/17/2019:
Nov to Dec was productive...I had switched things up a bit and that always works for me.......I have to keep busy confusing my metabolism...so that it doesn't get used to things and slow down.

BearCountryGG on 01/17/2019:
I once read a book called something like..."DOES THIS CLUTTER MAKE MY BUTT LOOK FAT"....and I can answer that for myself...YES IT DOES...you are exactly right...clutter and fat go hand in hand so to speak....it's all about hanging on to things we do not need!!!

graindart on 01/17/2019:
I would like to purchase your scale please.....

BearCountryGG on 01/17/2019:
Sorry...not for sale!

horn_of_plenty on 01/17/2019:
Stay warm !

Overall your menu looks very nice ! I'd take it !

And yes protein def helps me stay satisfied too!

Since no veggIes much today, I decided to increase the fat / protein in my sandwich to feel a bit more satisfied and it worked - I am drinking loads also. Ty for reminding me I need veggies

BearCountryGG on 01/18/2019:
It was a good day!

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BearCountryGG - Wednesday Jan 16, 2019
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 146.9

The scale was kind of a shock today...I didn't expect that drop  and I'm happy to be so close to what would be a acceptable weight for my height ( 130 to 145)......although I want to get to 130......I will be super happy to be 145....Still not counting...still weighing in daily.....and will probably do exactly that from now on....it's working well...keeping the stress level about at zero.....and I can live with this.

2 coffee w/creamer

Just crack an egg......( handy and filling and quite pricey without a coupon...so this may be the last one I have)


escalloped potatoes ( just a little bit)

mixed veggies with pasta


A cappuchino k cup

more chicken

Terra vegetable chips

dried strawberry blueberry bar


Progress as of today: 108.9 lbs lost so far, only 1.9 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/16/2019:
It is nice that your hypoglycemia is able to adapt to the weight loss.<<< I'm not saying that correctly, but I hope you know what I mean. I'm out of time and must dash off to work now!

BearCountryGG on 01/16/2019:
I'm feeling really good...no symptoms at all right now....I'm not sure if it's the weight loss or the protein and carbs but it's good right now......I'm also extra active now because it's just easier...maybe that helps...what ever it is...i'll take it!

horn_of_plenty on 01/16/2019:
Love an egg !

You are on a roll, pretty lady :-)

Thanks for your advice and for all the nice comments on fb :) xo

BearCountryGG on 01/16/2019:
Those just crack an egg things are quite filling for as small as they are...must be the protein in the egg, sausage and cheese......protein is a winner for sure.

graindart on 01/16/2019:
Happy for your new lower number. So close to that main major goal......and in such a short amount of time when you look at the bigger picture.

Don't know how it's possible, but reading about your scale dropping consistently gives me several opposing emotions at the same time. A little MOTIVATED by your consistent downward results, but also a little FRUSTRATED that my scale isn't doing the same thing. Add a little ENVY to that list of emotions too.....

Thankfully all of the emotions are fleeting and on a small scale, not sitting around going crazy.....

BearCountryGG on 01/16/2019:
I keep shaking it up...switching things around seems to keep my body guessing......I know it frustrates others...and it looks like I can't stick to anything.....but what I'm really doing is keeping my body always in the restarting phase which usually gives a good loss....I don't eliminate anything from my diet....although I do find that pop......or most coffee creamers and even bananas can slow things down for me...or even stop my losses....(I have a new coffee creamer that is better)...but it is now gone too...and I probably won't rebuy that. Especially right now I'm eating small servings, drinking coffee in the evening to help keep me from snacking so much....and basically not denying myself any foods at all...for the most part........I did spend some time today thinking about what probably was the worst food for me..and put the weight on...and it really came down to 1 thing........numerous pieces of toast with butter and peanut butter...( I'm allergic to peanuts...guess I like living dangerously)...I could eat several of those a day.......i now occassionally use PB...for protein...but currently by the spoonfull...I also drink a lot of water........but I credit switching dieting tactics every few days to giving me the best weigh ins......even though it frustrates everyone else.....I've been told by many that I need to stick to a diet longer.....but I disagree.....I think shaking up and confusing my metabolism is where I get the most losses....for me...getting on 1 diet and staying with it long term just slows down my metabolism.

innerpeace on 01/16/2019:
I like the 'just crack an egg' too. I leave the potatoes out of mine, I just don't like them.

BearCountryGG on 01/16/2019:
Mine didn't have potatoes...mine had cheese, sausage and peppers and onions......I did get both of the same...haven't tried the others...I was surprised at the price.....but it ends up keeping me full for hours...een as small as it is.

happy-1 on 01/16/2019:
I can't believe we started about the same place and you've come so far. I think it is great.

BearCountryGG on 01/16/2019:
I wasted a lot of time at first...and then I started eating 1,200 cals a day and that got things going with a shake up every now and then....and it finally all started falling into place.

happy-1 on 01/20/2019:
I had one once. They have them at the dollar store here. I wasn't into them. Plus I don't get why anyone who wants that sort of thing wouldn't just buy a bag of hash browns, a bag of sausage crumbles or chopped up ham, a bag of frozen peppers/onions, and a bag of shredded cheese, then put a little of each in a snack bag and stick them in the freezer. Grab them out as they wanted.

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BearCountryGG - Tuesday Jan 15, 2019
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 148.4

Good scales this morning...I think I was up at least 4 or 5 times last night.....rings were not loose at all last night...but this morning I can't keep them in place ( they nest together but are not attached to each other.. it is kind of annoying when they keep spinning around....)  If I ever stop holding onto water...i will probably have to get spacers put back in them.......took those off them years ago. 

I think it will be a paperwork day.......things are piling up and now I can't find my life insurance info..so time to get things filed correctly again.

2 cups coffee with coconut creamer

Just Crack an Egg ( surprisingly good, only picked up 2 because I had good coupons but it was better than I expected)

 Smoked sausage

mixed veggies and mini bow tie pasta ( schwans)...I should never have prepared the whole bag at once...this will take a couple more days to use up

toasted english muffin with butter


coconut yogurt

another piece of smoked sausage

terra vegetable chips

quaker sandwich minis pb pomegranate

cappucinno k cup



Progress as of today: 107.4 lbs lost so far, only 3.4 lbs to go!

graindart on 01/15/2019:
I think I weighed around 195-205 lbs when I got married almost 20 years ago. I wore the same ring for about 16-17 years and probably weighed 260-ish for a number of those years. The fat on my fingers just kind of distributed itself everywhere except where the ring kept it from going. Usually required soap / water to take it off and it looked weird when the ring was off, but never felt like it was cutting off my circulation so kept wearing it. My ring was fairly utilitarian, so held up well. The wife's ring was a little more delicate / ornate, so was showing it's age. A few years ago we decided to upgrade her ring and since she was going with a different metal / color, I decided to change mine too. Mine wasn't an "upgrade", because it was much more inexpensive. After that I started to get a little concerned about snagging my ring on something and permanently hurting my finger with some of the hobbies I've taken up. So I moved onto those rubber / silicone rings. Never quite got used to them and finally made the jump to a simple tattoo band about a year or so ago. Have never been the "tattoo-type", but now I consider it probably the best $70 I've ever spent. Probably would look silly on a girl, but works well for a manly-man that doesn't care about aesthetics. It is a thin enough tattoo that if I wanted to dress-up, a normal ring could cover it.

Definitely not suggesting you should get a tattoo, just bored and thought I'd post a little......

BearCountryGG on 01/15/2019:
My husband did also switch to a silicone band...my cousin was in Vietnam and jumped off a truck and caught his ring on something and it ripped his finger off...they can be dangerous. My ring still always fit...even with all of the weight I had put on...my fingers never seemed to get fat.....but my knuckles did get bigger...I have to wonder if I will actually ever be able to get them off....I know i can't right now. When we got married I fit in a 5 1/2 ring but my Mom convinced me to get a 6 1/2 and Im now glad I did.....a tattoo is an interesting thought......

Donkey on 01/15/2019:
My engagement ring is especially loose now. It spins around between my palm and my wedding ring. If I wore it on the outside of my wedding band, I would lose it.

When my husband was in the Marines, his high school class ring got caught on something just as he was about to fall into the ocean off of a carrier. He lost the ring, but it saved his life.

BearCountryGG on 01/15/2019:
Wow.....it saved his life...that is an interesting take on rings....it usually goes the other way.

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BearCountryGG - Monday Jan 14, 2019
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 149.6

I feel like things finally fell into place.....it's gotten so much easier in the last few days......scales today read the same as yesterday only today I was still wearing pajamas.......so it's better...but I'm really not considering that because as of today...I will try to weigh in daily and with pajamas is easier than the previous way.  I'm hoping to remember weighing in...after so many months of rarely doing that...but the scales are out and will stay out now so hopefully that will be all the reminder I need.

Sleeping well and getting enough hours at night that I'm not always wanting an afternoon nap....never even gave a nap a thought yesterday so I want to keep that up.

The old familiar lack of desire for breakfast is here again.........for me...that is always a really good sign.......my body likes where it is and since I'm not currently stressing about anything....i will stay around this weight easily.....I still plan to lose more because i can't wrap my head around this weight...so it will at least make it easier to lose since food can easily be delayed.....I would have liked it a little better if i had made it to 145 first...but that's ok.

I did end up having a tiny snack last night...but it was by choice...I could have easily resisted it.....but I stayed up a little later than planned and I didn't think it would hurt anything.

So....as of today.....while I'm not maintaining yet.......still want to get to 130.....but somewhere between that and 145 will be acceptable...I will weigh in every morning and eat accordingly........not at maintenance yet...but close enough to get started.  Waiting for hunger, listing what I eat, weighing in daily and resisting naps so that I sleep better at night are the goals.....no counting anything foodwise as long as i don't start gaining.

I never seem to remember to add exercise here.....I need to start putting that down here too because i can step up the times on that too if needed.

I also need to remember to take vitamins and record that.

Still sipping my second cup of black coffee


 leftover chicken

ciabatta roll with shaved beef, spray butter

Pasta with mixed veggies

mango yogurt

dried strawberry/blueberry bar


Progress as of today: 106.2 lbs lost so far, only 4.6 lbs to go!

graindart on 01/14/2019:
Good to hear that things have gotten easier lately for you. I wouldn't say that things have gotten easier for me over the past few days, but I'm definitely feeling much more in control again.

BearCountryGG on 01/14/2019:
It definately does help when it's easier.......I guess I'm lucky in that the food cravings stop for me when I'm at a good weight....until a big stresser happens and then I stress eat...and that is difficult to get control of once it starts......

Donkey on 01/14/2019:
Sounds like you're in a really good place right now, which is great!

Did you make your own pasta with vegetables or something out of a bag?

BearCountryGG on 01/15/2019:
This is something I got from schwans...and I prepared the whole bagg...so we will be eating this for a few days...but I'm working on clearing out the freezer before adding more.

horn_of_plenty on 01/14/2019:
Lately in also saving cals by sleeping more and having later breakfasts !

BearCountryGG on 01/15/2019:
Later breakfasts are a huge help to me.

OhioRaven on 01/15/2019:
Im eating Way Too Much breakfast in the morning. I have hens that lay the biggest eggs in the County.

BearCountryGG on 01/15/2019:
For me, waiting as long as possible to eat breakfasts does help keep the daily food intake down......I think a high protein breakfast is a good thing...but just later.

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BearCountryGG - Sunday Jan 13, 2019
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 149.6

Had a good nights sleep....didn't eat last nights apple so had that with coffee this morning......probably will make something a little later for a real breakfast....but good for now. 

Got on the scales and was quite surprised at the number 149.6..........It's been quite awhile and with getting rid of some extra water over the last couple of days....it did surprise me.  Clothes no longer snug...and  need to dig out some smaller clothes again......good project for next week when things slow down a little. 

Technically, 149.6 is just over the 145 pounds from my acceptable weight for my height......still working on going lower....but right now...not counting anything...I am noticing that I am just eating less in general.....and that is what i want....for it to happen naturally instead of having to count........will see how that goes......counting is always an option if needed.......right now...I don't appear to need it......I do think I will be more careful with salt......because holding water like that is not what I want to keep doing.....it happens so fast....so i need to work on that......right now...sugar is under control and feeling great.

coffee with a coconut almond creamer

apple that I didn't eat last night

red peppers and



 small garlic biscuits

peanut butter

small amt chocolate

1 mini pkg gummies

coffee with coconut creamer water

Progress as of today: 106.2 lbs lost so far, only 4.6 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/13/2019:
"...just eating less in general...to happen naturally..."

How do you do that? How do you get to that point of it coming naturally without thought or struggle?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! New set of numbers!

BearCountryGG on 01/13/2019:
This isn't the first time in my life that I just started eating less......it used to happen when I was a lot younger.......and at a healthy weight.....it seems like ( just guessing here because of past experience)...that when I am at a good weight...It just seems to happen to me automatically.....or at least it becomes really easy. I've noticed it off and on lately...and yesterday when my lunch was cut in half by a long phone call, when I got off the phone I just finished lunch and was fine...didn't even want the apple I had planned.....just coffee last evening. This morning...I had the apple and coffee...feel good....not really interested in food.....i can't say why i get in this mode...but it just seems to happen. I was surprised at the scale...it had been quite awhile...but I expected it to be higher....but thrilled that I broke through the 150's.

BearCountryGG on 01/13/2019:
I do really need to work on excess skin though...that is not snapping back....UGH

Maria7 on 01/13/2019:
Oh, WOW!!! Look at you! Congratulations and so happy for you!

BearCountryGG on 01/13/2019:
Surprised me too.

graindart on 01/13/2019:
Caught up on your last few days of entries. Seems like a roller-coaster of emotions and plan changes for you too lately. Glad to see the scale is cooperating for you today. Crazy to see your weight graph showing 241 average from June.

Like Donkey eluded to, just eating less and letting it happen naturally, isn't something that even computes to me. If I get to a bodyfat % that I'm happy with that I can comfortably maintain for a few months, maybe it'll start to become a habit. But I think I'm going to have to stay on top of it much more than I'd like for the first quite awhile.

BearCountryGG on 01/13/2019:
I guess I basically eat from stress ( being fat makes me stressed...which works against me)...when i get to a better weight.....I just don't seem to stress eat....and basically hunger or lack of hunger takes over.......Hopefully that will take over for you.

BearCountryGG on 01/13/2019:
1,200 cal days seem to really help me too......and a few were less than that.....

BearCountryGG on 01/13/2019:
The roller coaster thing for me lately is the frustration of trying to follow someone elses rules.....i guess I can say that I finally did get fed up over the last few days with that when for most of my life...all that stuff was even available......I've begun to realize that it's all about them making money and convincing people that they have to pay someone to be able to lose......it's all basically a big lie.......calories in and calories out are what it comes down to......

BearCountryGG on 01/13/2019:
That should have said was NOT available

graindart on 01/13/2019:
I agree that the plans are all there to make money. I also think that almost any of the plans will work as long as you're following them. Even though they don't admit it on the surface, most of the plans are based loosely on calories in/out with their own "niche" way of controlling portions. While I don't subscribe to any one plan personally, I do see a certain type person that they're beneficial for. My wife doesn't need to lose weight and has always been at or near her ideal weight. However if she DID need to lose weight, she wouldn't have a clue how unless someone just spelled it out for her and gave her a list to follow. She has no desire to research anything on her own and is more than willing to pay someone to give her a list of things to do. That's the type person who the highly structured plans work for best. The type that don't want to spend any time thinking about it and just want a result based on a list of rules. Of course as soon as they're off the plan, the weight usually starts coming back. But that's really no different than my way either.

It's kind of like a couple of acquaintances of ours. We've never been to their house, but have heard it's "full" of stuff. Have heard them talk about hiring a personal organizer to come in and help them get rid of some stuff for a fee of around $2000. In my mind that's crazy. Just pick up the crap and place it on the curb.....for free. Or stick some price tags on the stuff in the driveway and make a few dollars. While it seems so obvious to me, in this instance the only way it's probably going to get cleaned up for them is to pay the organizer to come in and do it. And like any other plan, the second the organizer is gone, the junk will begin to accumulate again.

bearcountrygg on 01/13/2019:
Very true. I guess my original problem was thinking I needed to join some place in order to lose it. But bottom line for me was to just use different ideas at different times so that I didn’t get bored. I had to keep changing things to stay motivated. But now is where it gets a lot easier for me because I will only eat when I’m hungry. That helps a lot.

graindart on 01/13/2019:
I think a lot of people don't understand how the plans actually work (mostly calories in/out). I remember my best friend trying to lose weight a couple decades ago by drinking Slimfast. Of course he didn't read anything on the bottle which mentions that you're supposed to substitute the Slimfast for some meal. In his mind, Slimfast had some magic ingredient that helped you lose weight the more you drank it. So he continued eating like he was already, but added a few Slimfast each day to his calorie count. Needless to say, he continued to gain weight at that time. He's since learned and lost a lot of weight with a much cleaner diet / exercise. But it does speak to how the marketing of most plans is geared towards subliminally convincing someone that it's going to be easy....as long as they just buy the plan's products.

BearCountryGG on 01/13/2019:
I understand that...My Mom in her later years thought that drinking slimfast would cause weight loss too...she was convinced that it had a drug in it. Nothing magic there......she didn't need to lose weight...she just didn't understand it....she made me promise to never take weight loss pills.......but she thought slim fast was probably safe enough.

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BearCountryGG - Saturday Jan 12, 2019
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 158.2

Lots to get done today....and I slept in until 7 so getting a later start than usual. 

I've been cleaning out storage areas and the car is filling up with things to drop off at a couple of donation spots.  The small grocery store in town has a place in the lobby to put unwanted books  here...where there really are few places to buy books, it is very popular...I'm enjoying leaving a lot of my donations there....some things need to be dropped at the place that takes everything, too.........

Yesterday  our oldest son asked for his Grandfathers old humidor for his man cave.......good reason for me to get into some more unopened  bins in the basement....hopefully it's there....otherwise...that may have been sold in a garage sale years ago.....Hopefully he is not thinking about smoking a pipe...UGH!!!

Lots of bottles and cans to return too......

I guess I was holding on to a lot of water again...because the tight clothes are comfy again......I thought I had gained...but luckily it was water....up all night heading for the bathroom was worth it I guess.......

Not really hungry at this point but I've been craving hash browns a lot lately and decided there must be a reason for that.........so it will be hash browns and coffee for breakfast...( maybe needing potassium?)

I've been temped to check the scales........probably soon....maybe tomorrow...since my clothes fit a lot better today.

Maria did exactly what I have been thinking today.........Times sure have changed......we are in an age of having to feel like we don't know how to live, or eat or exist without someone else telling us what to do....we even pay them to tell us what to do......yet I know my family just did what came naturally and they were happy and healthy and family oriented and they ate everything...EVERYTHING!!!!  They ate together, we all sat at the table and talked and enjoyed a meal together....no one told us that we had to eat specific things...we passed the serving dishes and ate what we wanted.....( apparently what our bodies told us we needed)......no one PAID for advice, no one went to weight loss EXPERTS.......we knew what we wanted and needed.,..we ate that...we were naturally active...we didn't go to places where we PAID to exercise...we just exercised...going up and down lots of stairs...we did jumping jacks and we were happy and  healthy and we put our money towards buying homes, paying off motgages, we ate out occassionally but not a lot.....we had home cooked meals...that in my Grandparents  and my parents case...always included dessert for dinner...and the desserts were plentiful and delicious.  We burned calories by working in gardens and walking around town, other simple at home exercises.  In other words...we LIVED.....we were happy...we were  living in a time...when people went to work and earned money by producing things.......now it seems...that people are making money telling other people what to do...we have turned into a bunch of people who think they should not...or cannot make decisions for themselves without getting someone elses ok........I'm frustrated with myself for falling into that trap...because once I fell into that...things got worse instead of better.......the first time that I went to the WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC...and was put on 400 cals a day and they  tested ketones daily....I set myself up for future problems....then I went to Weight Watchers and they didn't think I was overweight at all....but they let me join by saying I COULD lose 10-12 pounds.....( not really though).  I had fallen into the trap of businesses making money by making people THINK that they needed guidance.......I know I go through this rant periodically...I've done it here on more than one occassion I'm sure...and it keeps coming back because I know for myself....it is the only thing that REALLY MAKES SENSE.........we are just puppets for the people that tell everyone what to eat...tell everyone how to exercise...tell everyone what to read or watch or what door to enter...to fix it all...when it really doesn't need to be fixed.  My parents and Grandparents didn't have any of that at their disposal....they just did what THEY knew...and it worked..........all they needed to know was that...if they felt like they were getting too fat...they just had the diet plate....which was a lettuce leaf with cottage cheese and 2 canned peach halves...that was a diet...and it worked.....they did some jumping jacks and some stretches...and they were soon losing the very few pounds that they had gained.......FACT is...I was at the perfect weight for my height ( at the bottom end of that even).....until I decided to try the NEW weight loss places that were popping up.........I apparently was HAPPY to hand over the money...sign contracts and let them tell me what to do for a price............and then....when I lost that 10 pounds........I gained more than ever and it has since become a spiral of LOOKING for someone else to fix me...I am sorry to say that I bought into their scams and ruined my metabolism....diets made me fat...and frustrated...and fodder for the money making business that fed off others like myself.....Today I am quite upset with myself that I allowed them to manipulate me and charge me to do that. 

I am promising myself that today....I get rid of the diet books, programs, info and I will stop watching tv when it focuses on losing weight....because Dr, Oz's program daily...seems to be about losing weight....it has become his obsession.......but...it keeps him on the air.....and he likes that.  I get several magazines...and 2 of them feature a NEW way to lose weight...on every one...not to mention the WW magazine.......what a waste of money...I could have put that money to much better use......Today I make a promise to live like my Grandparents and parents lived.......they knew how to do it best...and they didn't pay anyone to tell them how.  In fact they didn't count calories either...they didn't put themselves in that position to fret over weight.....they ate...spent time with family......laughed and lived good healthy lives.......and they ate the diet plate when they felt they needed it.......and in literally days.....they could set that aside again.......No one made money on them...they invested their money in things that made their lives better, more fun.....more financially secure........life was so simple then.......and since I had a very good example set for me.......I am starting today....to truly live my best life......I'm leaving all diets behind......all books behind.....all weight loss gimmicks behind.......and I'm going to go back to the ways that they taught me...because there was nothing artifical there......just common sense.  I see why I keep returning to this when I get frustrated.........that way of living made sense, it worked and no one profitted by it other than that person.  I'm going back to healthy and happy.  Diets made me fat, counting calories made me fat and caused cravings and diets caused it all. 

Today...the books I will go through are my Grandmothers and my Mothers hand written cook books..........That basically says it all.

Lunch was about halfway done when sister in law called and so I had half before the call and the other half after.......that didn't work out too bad..........so breakfast was coffee and hash browns...then a little later peanut butter for protein.......then the meal that got cut in half was a garden salad, cottage cheese and rice.....and some chocolate for dessert........drinking some seltzer water and then coffee....and that will probably be all for the day.........oh...I see I also have an apple here I forgot...will probably eat that this evening.



Progress as of today: 97.6 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 01/12/2019:
Glad you are having a good day. Quite a job going through things and sorting. Your hash browns and coffee for breakfast sound delicious.

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2019:

horn_of_plenty on 01/12/2019:
Yum to hash browns and coffee ! You just need a few tastes of the hash browns maybe add an egg so it'll stick with you! One egg is low cals !

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2019:
Just wanted potatoes toay.....but an egg would be an option another time.

horn_of_plenty on 01/12/2019:
Yes diets suck if they are rigid and devoid of satisfying food. They have to be maintainable for the long run and not leave you exhausted and weak. Agreed !!! An egg will go a long way with a few hash browns and coffee to fill your tummy.

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2019:
I'm pretty happy right now....once again...i feel like a weight has been lifted.......I'm going back to a nicer time and just doing what made sense then.

Donkey on 01/12/2019:
Your post reminded me (thank you) to focus on my decluttering and cleaning goals for 2019. My efforts are small, but I figure if I do enough of them, I will have made a significant movement towards the end goal. Again, thank you.

I admit the hashbrowns sound really good. Try to get some protein in too, to balance the carbs in the potatoes. Now I want hash browns and sausage. With hot sauce!

PS Remember, our grandparents were also much active than folks are today. Inactivity is really our downfall in all of this. But I like what you said about spending money on weight loss stuff when really, we have the tools at hand right now.

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2019:
I have upped my activity a lot this new year...pushing, pulling and lifting bins has become a pretty good form of exercise.....and I like the extra activity...so it is probably a good thing.....Just had some peanut butter...another craving....so that will work.

Maria7 on 01/12/2019:
WOW....what a FANTASTIC POST!!! And I SO IDENTIFY!!! SMILE! My Grandma, who lived beside us, lived alone for many years after her Husband passed and their 4 children (Mama was the Baby) had long grown up and had their families. She was a true inspiration to me and that is putting it lightly. She was my mentor. She was a school teacher for many years but apparently before social security came into existence and so in her later years, she made money raising chickens from biddies and selling eggs and paying into SS so she could eventually get a very tiny check enough to live on (she owned her home). She had a garden that flourished and she worked it even into her later years (she lived to almost 97). She probably would have been considered slightly overweight but she was healthy at her 4'9" tall (I'm 5'8" and my Mama and Daddy were both taller than me). She had her many different kinds of flowers planted all around her home as well as fig trees (that she had me to climb and pick the figs out of for her when they were ripe and she made the best whole fig preserves to go with her homemade biscuits that you could ever imagine!), strawberries, etc. She taught me how to kill and dress out a hen (I was her accomplice). Nothing like really fresh chickens to eat. She was very, very special. Yes, I remember the 'old ways' of doing things before the age of electronics came into existence. You read a book. You bicycled for fun! Or spent time sewing beautiful clothes at the pedal sewing machine! (I had my own.) Most everyone I knew was very slim without trying and I think it was because they had many physical things to occupy their time with. As for my family when I was a kid, we ate at the table together and we kids better not speak but eat while listening to Mama and Daddy talk about their day when Daddy would come home from work and we'd be having our supper meal together at the table in the kitchen. We knew what respect was. We were surely (ow!) taught it. I could go on and on but I SOOO loved your post today!

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2019:
We came from a very special era Maria......I loved your memories....Family and respect and hard work were the laws....We knew who we were and where we came from...and respected that......so different from today...where it seems that everything is falling apart. My grandparents were all born on the farms...but they all ended up moving to the city to raise their families and work in factories.....so they brought their farm ways with them but had to live with the city ways also......we didn't kill chickens but we did pull taffy and make homemade noodles and hung them over the backs of chairs to dry.....Back then women were supposed to have curves.....in fact the curvier the better....( they didn't know it but that was a sign that they were producing estrogen and would be able to have children)...nature knows...if we just listen. I'm happy to have experienced that type of life...because todays life seems so hollow. I'm happy that you had the same kind of childhood....we have some pretty precious memories.

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2019:
You Grandma and her biddies reminds me of a relative that still raised chickens and they were Banny roosters....her real name was Wanda...but from childhood until her death in her 90's...she was only known an Banny.....aloved the flowers back then too.......gardens were for sustenance...and flowers were for the soul......beautiful things all. We went to mass and basically it was in latin.....I never understood what was being said.....but I fully understood that I always had to wear a bonnet...or sometimes a doilie on my head that grandma or my aunts had made...becuse I was never to enter the church with a bare head....it was a sign of respect to cover my head...there were so many lessons then to be learned.....it's just plain sad what kids learn now......I'm happy to have lived and learned at that time....

Donkey on 01/12/2019:
The doilies are called chapel caps. Every once in a while, I still see them worn at Mass by girls. Women mostly wear the lace veils, black if you're married, white if you are not.

Wanted to comment that another thing that's different today from the "good old days" is that everything was pretty much made from scratch. So none of this breakfast-in-a-box stuff or chips in a bag, frozen meals, processed crap. Yes, I said CRAP, because there is no other word to describe the "food" that a LOT of people - most people, dare I say? -- eat on a DAILY basis!

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2019:
Very true.....the stores were very small then...maybe 8 or 10 different boxes of cereal....few choices.....I remember my family making almost everything from scratch....I thought they were just doilies...LOL...I didn't know they were actually a cap made for the occassion.....I actually thought they came straight from the arms of the chairs,.......I'm so glad you told me that...Thanks Donkey!!!

Donkey on 01/12/2019:
Sorry if that was too harsh -- I'm totally guilty of eating processed food too (protein bars, protein shakes, etc.). It's tough out there.

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2019:
No...not too harsh...there is a lot of Crap food out there...just another way of getting peoples money!!! If they can convince us to spend our $ on that stuff...then they win!!

Maria7 on 01/12/2019:
Yes, my GM raised mostly rhode island reds hens that laid brown or tan eggs...She must have kept about 40 or more in a giant chicken house at the back border of her property. I helped her tend them sometimes when I came home from school. Their eggs were fresh and the best. Last year, we bought 8 female biddies at our local Tractor Supply that Hubby and I have been raising. They are all rhode island reds like GM's was and look full grown now. We are looking forward to when they start laying eggs. We eat a lot of eggs.

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2019:
WE go through a lot of eggs here too...D eats 3 a day. 1 son has been raising chickens for years....I bet you are looking forwad to finding some eggs there...how neat!

horn_of_plenty on 01/14/2019:
Lots of healthy and natural foods - gummies are good ! Lady I'm staying with has calcium gummies so good !

BearCountryGG - Friday Jan 11, 2019
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 158.2


Slept in late today.....and haven't been counting for a couple of days...maybe 3 really.....still staying away from the scales and my clothes are telling me to start counting before I have to scout out some bigger clothes...I do not want to do that!!!! 

We found out that the started pup that D put a deposit on last summer/fall.and was expected to take 2 years to recieve...will be delivered in mid February so we are looking forward to his arrival...( being transported by someone that does that for a living and coming all of the way from Oregon to Michigan)...will see him middle of Feb.  He will be about 6 months old then...so not a little guy...but cute anyway.  D is really excited.

Just enough health issues going on with us and extended family to keep me on the phone a lot and worried even more..( the worst of it is a daughter in law may lose her hand due to bone death in her wrist)..so little time has been spent thinking about dieting or much of anything really........plus I'm grumpy...and that pretty much says it all. In the last week a friends mother passed and a friends husband also passed.......

And oh yeah.....I refound the sweet stuff......and gave myself a stomachache.......that has rarely ever happened in my life......but is quite the reminder that I still go to junk when life gets stressful.........I knew that before...and didn't care...until the stomachache!

No scales....no buying bigger clothes...no more eating recklessly.....because that is exactly what it is.

About pictures......It is true that when I post pictures...it does force me to make better choices...that is the good thing....but the bad thing is...it also makes me want to stop posting pictures because it can be a pain...and I don't want to post something that looks unhealthy ....so I rarely work in a treat...and that makes me crave them even more........so I may or may not post pics daily....if it's working for me...then fine...but if it's working against me than it isn't fine.......I've tried making myself live by some daily rules........used to be able to do that....but now at my age...it just makes me grumpy.......so why force myself to do something that makes me so unhappy.....I will do what I want...when I want.......I do want to keep on with the losses....but if I get grumpy then I will take a break.........I'm not breaking any laws,  so I don't know why I feel like I need to be so strict with myself.... ..LOL

The teeth/tooth issue is just going to keep hanging over my head too......the cap is back in place....but for how long?  It's just a temporary fix for now.  Getting implants will apparently mean doing some traveling so putting that on the back burner for the immediate future too.......bigger fish to fry right now.

I feel like an angry 2 year old......

I suppose I should insert a pic of me stomping my foot right now....but nahhhhh....you get the picture. 


Progress as of today: 97.6 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 01/11/2019:
We're all going through different things...with us it is waiting on the truck to come pump out our septic tank that backed up into the house, ha. Hoping you feel better.

BearCountryGG on 01/11/2019:
Oh my....hope it wasn't too much damage.

Donkey on 01/11/2019:
"Why force myself to do something that makes me so unhappy" --- very good question. Maybe you're at the point where you are truly done losing.

I've had my frustrations with the scale, but aside from that, I've pretty much enjoyed the process. I don't think I could have stayed with it if I wasn't not only getting some gratification (results) but also enjoying it.

I'm so sorry to hear about the health issues affecting your family and the passing away of folks you know. Take the time to mourn, take time to focus on the family you love for now. That's very scary about your daughter-in-law. One of my friend's sister lost her hand and wrist due to a blood clot. Although it could have killed her, she's having a very hard time adjusting to the surgery. Lots of body image insecurities, which, of course, is completely understandable.

bearcountrygg on 01/12/2019:
I guess too many things just happened all at once. I see that food is still what I head for when I get stressed. Threw my food fit and over it now.

horn_of_plenty on 01/12/2019:
WHat kinda dog are you reserving to get ?!

Also, I hear the best things about tooth implants - my dad has a few in the back of his mouth

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2019:
He is a bear hound......and while we thought it would be 2 years before one was ready...we got lucky....he is trained by the best...and is ready to go........so we are looking forward to having him arrive....he has the same bloodlines as our other 3 dogs.....so it will be interesting. I'm hearing good things about implants too.....unfortunately there is no one nearby that can do them though...so it will take some preplanning....

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