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BearCountryGG - Friday Jun 12, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Feeling like winter here today....In the 40's. 

Slept like a log last night and woke up about an hour and a half later than I usually get up.......For me.....no daytime napping, Having an evening meal or snack, stay up until I'm sleepy before going to bed,  and then reading or doing a crossword puzzle in bed until I literally fall asleep while holding the book ( note to self...only read paperbacks in bed, also...climbing into a neatly made bed just helps me sleep better and washing bedding weekly helps keep my allergies in check at night...also...while I can't sleep if I'm cold....I don't sleep well if I'm too hot...so a fan helps too..........

Errands are piling up here...and now we have a hornets nest on the house that needs to be sprayed.......so thinking about possibly heading out to get a few things done........If I can.............D wants to go for a ride...so will see about that.

Scales are good this morning so not counting cals today.........just maintaining is where I will be until I need to make any corrections.........an old friend said something 40 years ago that made all kinds of sense....she said get on the scale daily...if you are under your target weight on on it...eat what you want that day...if you are over...then diet for that day.......weight will never get out of hand and you will never diet for more than one day.....it worked for her...and If I had paid attention to that advise...I never would have gained all of that weight to begin with.  NOW....I can take her advice.....apparentlly i'm a slow learner.......but happy to be able to do that now.

Breakfast so far = coffee, breakfast sandwich

Spent all morning running errands......and got home right at lunch time

Since it was a on weight day...i enjoyed pizza and dessert

Over the last hour there has been a lot of police cars sirens and lights flashing flying by......we went for that ride D wanted to go for so that was as good of a reason as any....police all over here...just around the corner........wondering what is going on back there now.

Dinner cold pizza


Horn_of_plenty on 06/12/2020:
yes, leasing the cars is so simple especially when they are NEW!

keep up the good work with the scales / eating!

interesting advice from the friend about the scale, indeed. it's smart, yeah.

bearcountrygg on 06/12/2020:
I wish i had taken her advise when I first heard it...LOL

Donkey on 06/13/2020:
Ooo, it felt like autumn weather here this morning (in the upper 40's!). I had to keep the windows shut when I woke up, rather than opening the house up. It is a little warmer now, but breezy. Very sunny, too!

Did you find out what the sirens were all about? Everyone OK?

bearcountrygg on 06/13/2020:
Still chilly here today...haven't found out what happened at the neighbors yet...a divorced guy in his 50's lives there way back in the trees on 20 aces. Nothing on the news today.....but it involved at least 4 police cars.....

Maria7 on 06/13/2020:
I remember you got bitten by a tick a long time ago...can you give me some information about what you went through concerning it? I know someone who just got one off of them. Thanks and hope you are having a good day.

BearCountryGG - Thursday Jun 11, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Spent a couple of days just getting a lot of things done...tying up loose ends and no counting calories......sometimes counting has a counter productive effect on me...so the best thing to do is to stop counting...get it all out of my system and start again later.........

Realizing that next month it will be time to turn my leased car in again...hard to believe that 3 years have passed...great car...in fact all of the equinox's have been great...and hoping that when next month comes along I can get another one that I love as much...............time to start the online search for that............but...as usual...we will head for our favorite dealer and pick one off the lot and leave in the next one.  My current car has less than 8,000 miles on it ....not a scratch, or dent or any damage what so ever...someone will get a great low mileage car with this one. 

Stormed all day yesterday so it was a great day for getting things done.....just a little more this morning and I'm finished.  During days like that ( tornado watch and downpour)...i like to get dishes and laundry done in case the power goes out...I don't like to use too much electricity when the generac is on......and electricity is out.

Breakfasts have been getting later and later....which seems to end in eating later at night......I do sleep better then though.

Breakfast = coffee, bagel ( last one) and spray butter

Lunch steak, green beans, brown rice and scones


Donkey on 06/11/2020:
My husband read somewhere that to help with GI issues, one should eat fiber in the evening. So he has a bowl of Fiber One cereal at night. Then he'll have a late breakfast, or Judy lunch depending on how he feels.

Then again, he's on a 2nd shift sleeping schedule for the most part.

The car my daughter bought is a similar situation to yours. Low mileage, owned by lady who used it limitedly. Lucky!

bearcountrygg on 06/11/2020:
We heard our last trade in sold immediately...same deal with that one. The funny thing is I have reflux if I don't eat something in the evening...but it isn't supposed to be a good thing.

innerpeace on 06/11/2020:
We rented an Equinox for vacation and I didn't care for it. It drove nice, I just didn't like the driver's seat sat or something, maybe I was too fat for it.

We have been eating lunch later and then we aren't hungry for dinner, then we snack closer to bed time, we need to change this fast.

bearcountrygg on 06/11/2020:
D won't eat in the evening....but i really do sleep better...but it isn't supposed to be a good thing though. The equinox's work well for me...not too big or too small.....I did get locked in the back seat one day though...LOL...apparently the security lock was on back there and we didn't know it....

grannyannie on 06/11/2020:
I quit counting too for a while.

bearcountrygg on 06/11/2020:
Sometimes counting just makes me think about food too much...it can really work against me sometimes.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/11/2020:
maybe you can buy your current vehicle? someone is going to be soooo lucky with your current vehicle! that's practically no miles at all!

bearcountrygg on 06/11/2020:
They charge too much to buy them after a lease is up...it's cheaper for us to just lease....runs about $10 a day with leasing. One son keeps trying to get us to buy them but D doesn't like to fix them...and the new ones we lease always seem to be great for the 2 1/2 or 3 years of our leases........this one is midnight blue...after having 3 silver ones...I wanted something different....this time...with the world the way it is...i will take any color...even silver...LOL

BearCountryGG - Monday Jun 08, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Stayed up late last night to watch the recorded my 90 day fiance tell all.........One of my favorite programs.  Once in a while they work out but boy....some people are sure trusting.

Slept well and got up late this morning.

Continuing cleaning out a closet today and hopefully finish it.....sure made a mess doing that yesterday.

Breakfast = coffee, kashi bar, quaker breakfast flats = 362 cals

Lunch = steak and cheese on a bagel, tiny amts of lasagna and barley lentils, and whole bag of lentil snaps...OMG...1,112 cals

Dinner = crystal light and yogurt = 150

And then.........had a bagel, butter, almond butter, cream cheese, 3 sesame candies, and an RX bar.....................UGH


Donkey on 06/08/2020:
My daughter likes that show! I can understand why you stayed up late.

You definitely have more ambition than I. And it sounds like you'll put it to good use!

bearcountrygg on 06/08/2020:
For some reason I have been feeling really good...maybe all of the vitamins? I just love a good project. LOL

legcramps on 06/08/2020:
I watched a few episodes of that show...very dramatic lol, but I guess that's why it's on TV!

bearcountrygg on 06/08/2020:
It is....but some of these people doesn't even speak the same language...LOL

bearcountrygg on 06/08/2020:
should say "don't"

grannyannie on 06/08/2020:
Feels great to clean out a closet.

bearcountrygg on 06/08/2020:
Yes it does....I always find things I forgot about.

Donkey on 06/08/2020:
Lentil snaps? Sesame candies? What are these delights you speak of?

I think the wing turn was that dinner was too light, even though lunch was a larger meal. It's ok to have a regular sized meal after having had a larger meal.

bearcountrygg on 06/09/2020:
Lentil snaps are a puffed thing like cheetos...and pretty tasty...the sesame candy is sesame seeds honey and corn syrup...both tasty..Lunch was huge......and I need to be more careful for sure........those bagels are something that I HAVE TO STOP BUYING.....they invite all of the wrong things into my diet......!! I swear...if there were no bagels or granola bars in the world...i would have no weight problems ever...

Donkey on 06/08/2020:
^ Sorry that should be "wrong turn". Hate typing on my freaking phone...

bearcountrygg on 06/09/2020:
I didn't even notice it...LOL...I actually read it as wrong turn.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2020:
sorry you were into the food...it happens. everything sounds tasty though ;)

also, nice job being productive and cleaning up. i also find that things need cleaning like ALL THE TIME!

bearcountrygg on 06/11/2020:

BearCountryGG - Sunday Jun 07, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Slept really well last night and got a good 7 hours........no naps yesterday...and no falling asleep in the evening in a chair......breaking my nap habit hasn't been easy.....and will probably be an ongoing battle...but the full nights sleep does so much more for me...more REM sleep is just more important for me......

Woke up full of energy again..........and ready to get the things on yesterdays To Do list finished....sitting here in my office with the window open and notice 3 amish horse and buggies going down the road.......followed by a big truck with a huge travel trailer........horses can only trot just so fast....and they are moving up the middle of the road...holding the truck and trailer behind them.........My mind wonders what the truck driver is thinking right about now......is it...COOL...look at the amish families going to church....look at the buggy and all the little kids with their faces up against the glass watching us.......or  is he thinking #*&^%$#$#$..I could have been to town by now...LOL....little does he know that on Sunday mornings the roads around here are literally full of horse and buggies all going to church ( which moves around week by week from one different home to another.)

Anyway...it's cool out...green, and the birds are singing and time for me to get moving.

Breakfast = coffee, leftover black beans and corn from yesterday = 127 cals

Lunch = green beans, lasagna, iced tea and goodness knows bar = 610

Late afternoon/evening = cliff bar and almond butter bar = 420 cals

Total cals for the day = 1,159


Donkey on 06/07/2020:
If the truck driver is wiser and experienced, he'll remain calm behind the buggies. Getting mad isn't going to make them go any faster. (This is something I often have to remind myself of.)

bearcountrygg on 06/08/2020:
He was driving awfully close to them.......I don't recommend that...pulling a trailer around here generally means someone from out of town....I don't think they realized that you don't crowd the horses....although the amish horses are usually well trained......but I always keep a distance ...he was being rude for sure.

BearCountryGG - Saturday Jun 06, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Up and motivated to get doing something productive.


coffee, toasted cinnamon bagel, cream cheese spread, spray butter = 343 cals

Lunch = sloppy joe, barley and green lentils, black beans, corn and a fruit cup -= 737 cals

Evening = dries apples, breakfast bar, minin pkg annies cookies = 420

cals for the day 1,500

Need to get the things done that I didn't complete yesterday

vaccum DONE


Take everything by stairs down to basement = some done

do all llaundry and put it away = DONE

plan the days menu DONE

make bed DONE

Get everything out that needs to be mended /buttons etc and get it done

Clean the stove and kitchen DONE

Check orders DONE

go get the mail DONE

Quick swipe around clean bathrooms to keep them that way

Clean up some older bins/bleach DONE



grannyannie on 06/06/2020:
Excellent! Good to wake up motivated!

bearcountrygg on 06/06/2020:
I love these kinds of days.

Donkey on 06/06/2020:
I agree with Annie - what a wonderful way to start the day!

bearcountrygg on 06/06/2020:
Basically I wake up happy...until something makes me mad...LOL

Horn_of_plenty on 06/06/2020:
Lots done !!!!

I made my bed too :-)

I’ve settled to not do as much as you today !

bearcountrygg on 06/06/2020:
I like getting into a freshly made bed.

BearCountryGG - Friday Jun 05, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0


coffee, coconut yogurt, fruit cup = 142 cals

Lunch = Sloppy joe with cheese, carrots corn and crystal light = 803 cals

Evening snack = pomegranate tea, pop corn, mini kind bar, fruit nut bar, mini bag annies cookies = 540

Calories today = 1485

Goal 1,200 to 1,300 cals a day

Reading .......The Prophet by Kahlill Gibran....for the umpteenth time

Todays to do's

Mail bill DONE

File paperwork DONE

Make bed DONE

Plan menu and get food from freezer DONE

Check on orders DONE



Wash all bathroom and pet rugs DONE

Paperwork DONE

Clean kitchen DONE

Clean Bathrooms DONE

Take all things to basement that are at stairs

Get mail DONE

Ended up on the phone with family 2X today.....so will get to the other stuff this afternoon


Donkey on 06/05/2020:
Coconut yogurt sounds delicious!

bearcountrygg on 06/05/2020:
It was pretty good...came in a 6 pack with strawberry cheesecake...also good Light&Fit brand

Horn_of_plenty on 06/05/2020:
Lots tons to do today!

Do you reread many books? I’m from the club of only wanting to watch movies and read books 1x

bearcountrygg on 06/05/2020:
I have favorites that I do read over and over again.....the same with movies......and others that are a one time read...and I usually pass those along to the free library at the grocery store.....but when a book or movie really resonates with me.....I have it for life.....in the past I have passed along favorites and found myself buying it again...so now they have a permanent home with me...I do usually pick up a favorite at a time that it will have an impact with me automatically....The Prophet seems to call me in times of stress....I looked at the bookcase this morning...and even though it is a plain black book ( wore out it's dust cover long ago).....as I scanned all of the brightly colored books that you would think would attract me...nope......there sat the prophet...with it's worn black cover...off to the side...and I knew it was the one. I guess it picked me...I didn't pick it. It is a quick read....not always an easy read because I have to mull somethings in there over sometimes. But it's perfect today.

grannyannie on 06/05/2020:
Busy day!

bearcountrygg on 06/05/2020:
It's flying by.

legcramps on 06/05/2020:
Great list!

bearcountrygg on 06/05/2020:
Hard to get some of it done while D is sleeping...so break time for me.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/05/2020:
That’s so nice about your favorites - books and movies :)

bearcountrygg on 06/06/2020:
They all call me for one reason or another...in the same way people catch me whistling a song and I didn't even realize I was whistling....there is always something in the song that relates to my feelings at the time.

Donkey on 06/06/2020:
For me, I have a few favorite series that I reread, some for enjoyment, some for comfort. Otherwise, books usually get a 1x read, if I manage to finish them at all. Lately, I struggle with finishing up a book.

bearcountrygg on 06/06/2020:
I used to make myself finish a book....and when I was done i really had daydreamed through the whole thing...so I don't bother with books that don't hold my attention anymore either. Basically...they are a waste of time and I am a lot more careful when I buy books now.

BearCountryGG - Thursday Jun 04, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Slept really well last night....and plan to have an active day.......no naps...no matter how much I want one...it would be out of habit only and none really needed today...on another note......I got my coffee and turned on the den room light to watch the news and a gigantic spider ran sideways across the wall......we never were able to find him......the subconscious is amazing...the clothes I picked today were pants with snug cuffs at the bottom, socks, a thick shirt....LOL...self preservation....I hope he shows himself soon....the vaccum and a kleenex are ready and waiting for him.

Working on master bedroom and bath today......and whatever else I have time to get to.

My goal daily is to stay busy......no napping, save my reading and TV for the evening......I have so many delay tactics that  I really want to stop doing.  Routines/structure has often fallen by the wayside.....and that doesn't serve me well.........I need to rebuild productive routines or I snap right back to lazy behaviour and sloppy eating. 

I watched some MY 600 POUND LIFE last night and it was a strong reminder of how excuses were made for unproductive behaviour....the Dr...repeatedly called her on them....( she insistred that she was eating 1,200 cals a day, she refused to walk except when the PT was there, she used oxygen even when the DR said she didn't need it, she insisted she was having a heart attack and was very dramatic in his office when she felt trapped...he sent her to the hospital and she was fine. Her friend lived with her to be her caretaker, BUT...the thing that jumped out at me the most was that all of her clothing looked like it was made from fabric made for babies and young children....in my opinion she was a 650 pound baby, dressed like it, threw tantrums like it, demanded that everything be done for her like it, laid there helpless like a baby while everyone else did all of the work.)..........Babies are cute......650 pound women wearing baby clothes are not cute at all.  

It pointed out to me in a different way how my subconscious mind pushes me to take the easy way out.......

Breakfast  - black coffee, oatmeal and premier protein shake = 322 cals

Lunch = large hamburger = 673 cals

Dinner = yogurt and a fruit cup = 140

days total = 1,135 cals

Just talked to sister in law who said her doctor was in the hospital with covid.....so her appointment will be cancelled......and she is in a Detroit suburb where we all grew up, lived and worked....I've only been out of there for 5 years...so high rates there.

According to this I still have a little work to do.


grannyannie on 06/04/2020:
I think many of us stuck in lockdown are finding we've little ambition. It's a common theme I see online - eat, drink - lazy. I can't nap as I feel groggy the rest of the day.

bearcountrygg on 06/04/2020:
We are still in lockdown...although I think that might change here next monday....but really..but really...i don't see my habits changing much even then. I've gotten in the routine now of going out only when needed instead of to just get out of the house. We are so far from shopping ( 1 hour or more)...that amazon has become a decent substitute now.

legcramps on 06/04/2020:
I dislike looking and basing things on generalized charts like this. No one person is alike, and everyone takes a different route on their journey to better health. Yours looks a lot different than mine - that chart doesn't allow those variables to become a factor. Just my two cents!

Is My 600 Pound Life a weight loss show? Is there some kind of conclusion to it - like the lady lost some weight and is doing better now?

bearcountrygg on 06/04/2020:
Some of the shows end with the person doing well...but others like this one ended with her being angry and she dropped out of the Drs program......so this one was not very hopeful to watch....the last scene was her Mom and her Lady friend celebrating the fact that she sat outside in a wheelchair for the first time...after they celebrated that...she stated..."WEll...how did you guys like that!!"....she is an attention junky and I was sorry I had wasted 2 hours watching the show. I don't know anything about BMI's...just put this one here to remind me to lose those extra 5 pounds.

Donkey on 06/05/2020:
My daughter watches My 600 Pound Life, and sometimes I join her. Dr. Now takes no excuses!

bearcountrygg on 06/05/2020:
I love that he has heard it all before and doesn't fall for it.....he really doesn't have time for that.....Some of the shows are so encouraging when they walk the walk....others...frustrate me...LOL

Horn_of_plenty on 06/05/2020:
Nice rendition of the 600 pound life show. Good analogy of saying a baby is site cute but an adult baby is not!

I have the same issues with totally shrinking back to my mindsets as a youth / younger me.

Nice BMI chart - I had a look!

bearcountrygg on 06/05/2020:
Growing up is hard to do sometimes....life can be pretty scary out there but I guess just taking that leap of faith and going for it is what we all did....and sometimes still have to make ourselves do. I will say one thing...when we were kids we wanted to grow up so we could do anything we wanted....then when we grew up...childhood kind of looked like more fun sometimes....LOL....Now....I guess being MOSTLY adult...and a little bit of kid for fun....probably works best around here.

BearCountryGG - Wednesday Jun 03, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Another beautiful day here..........walked a bill to the mailbox and the temp is a perfect 70 degrees.

Spent some time online placing some orders for D.......I swear...that man is shopping more than I am now. 

4 phone calls by son B this morning before 7:30....LOL....of course we answer any time day or night and now they literally call any time day or night.......LOL....son T called D during that time too....LOL....shones going crazy today....but one has to go to work and the other will be out cutting wood and getting their garden ready......soit's the best time for them I guess.

Laundry started.........garbage ready to take to the road.......need to get on with everything else.

Breakfast, coffee, toasted bagel with butter and cream cheese....and crystal light lemon.

D went to store to get hangers to put up fans in the dogs kennels......they will appreciate that come july.

D got a very large picture hung over the bed that has been waiting for quite awhile.



grannyannie on 06/03/2020:
It's been lovely here too! We both do a lot of Amazon shopping.

bearcountrygg on 06/03/2020:
Amazon has the most unusual things....it seems like no matter what we look for...they have it. Today it was just 1 flannel bottom sheet and 1 king sized blanket, both navy blue and 2 bottles of tire cleaner...LOL

Horn_of_plenty on 06/03/2020:
Hahah funny cat meme so true ! It’s like, if you want it but you are not willing to do the work, so be it then!

You and your family sound wonderful :-)

So glad your sons are calling and everyone is doing good even better to hear one is back to work and the other is active :-)

Enjoy your evening!

bearcountrygg on 06/04/2020:
Turned out to be a good day...Yhanks HOP!

BearCountryGG - Tuesday Jun 02, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

Had to go pick up some perishables yesterday.........all emplyees and me in masks....the store was empty because it was 7:45.....but they were putting groceries out....still aisles with mostly bare shelves.  Limits on meat packages at 4 total.....so had to get some from frozen food area again....no TP...only tiny packages of kleenex.....no shower cleaner or antibacterial cleqaning wipes.  saw only 2 other shoppers.  Didn't buy a lot......

It is a beautiful day....bright and green....after an all night rain......and my summer quandry continues...ac inside...so need to drress warm ( hypothyroid)...warm outside...so need to dress in cooler clothes.....and so it goes.

D was taking dogs to vet yesterday for their shots....but decided last minute to just go to the farm store and buy them and give them himself....so we got all dogs done in a few minutes and a lot less cost......he wasn't happy about sitting in the waiting room and I don't blame him.

A house nearby that we had once been interested in,(back in 2013) we hear is going up for sale again.......more remote and off the road and the idea of moving is a bit overwhelming now...when we were younger...it was easy...now....really daunting.  We will have to wait and see how we feel when they actually put it on the market.  There would be no racing up and down the road by quad runners and motorcycles....no dust rolling over the house...and a lot more peace and quiet....not to mention no stairs or steps, flatter land, and a much nicer kitchen......will have to wait and see when the time comes....but...I'm not sure we are up to it.

Food is already wonky today...so not even counting it or giving it any thought at all today.  allergies are wild...bloodshot itchy eyes are todays allergy gift.

Found this yesterday and thought it was interesting.


grannyannie on 06/02/2020:
I like shopping early now. I'm starting to see the same people at the same time every Tuesday morning.

bearcountrygg on 06/02/2020:
The later I wait....the bigger the crowd......but early I always run into shelf stockers....but for me...thats better than a crowd.

legcramps on 06/02/2020:
Have you ever tried dandelion tea? I'm interested, not too sure where I might find something like this.

bearcountrygg on 06/02/2020:
No...I haven't tried it...Amazon sells several different brands...and I know you can make it by removing the yellow petals, ( washing them)...and then pour over some boiling water and steep for about 3 minutes....(wouldn't do this though if the yard had been sprayed) of course........

bearcountrygg on 06/02/2020:
But just looked at the pic again and it's made fro the root...hmmm.

Donkey on 06/02/2020:
That's very interesting about the nearby house for sale. When my folks were in Wisconsin, they had a similar opportunity. Turns out that they were outbid, but the other house was so neat. It was decorated in a 1960's motif! The appliances, the furniture, and the decor. But I think the real reason they liked it was that it had a huge glass windows so that you could see the lake from the driveway.

Come to think of it, that doesn't sound real private. Also, no garage, just a carport. In the winter? Brrr!

bearcountrygg on 06/03/2020:
That house sounds interesting...I would love to be on a lake......I grew up in the 50's and 60's...I remember it well..

Donkey on 06/02/2020:
^ I guess my point is that it wasn't meant to be, and I guess that's just as well. Moving would have been very easy though!

bearcountrygg on 06/03/2020:
Moving would be hard for us now....I'm not sure we have the energy for that anymore....back when that place went up for sale...we were still trying to decide rather to buy another one or add onto this one...and ended up adding on......I LOVE THAT KITCHEN THERE THOUGH!!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/03/2020:
Like you, I always need to dress on the warm side as I have a major tendency to be cold when I’m Not moving around !

The house that is up for sale sounds like a nice thing to look further into !!

bearcountrygg on 06/06/2020:
The thought of moving though weighs heavily on us......it isn't as easy as it used to be...so we will see.

BearCountryGG - Saturday May 30, 2020
(WW points)
Weight: 0.0

A little bit of news went a long way this morning......turned that off and doing some things that are more productive. 

Coffee with sf skinny syrup and water with crystal light so far along with a multiple vitamin, extra c, extra D, extra omega, zinc, elderberry, turmeric and a baby aspirin.....

Not hungry so not eating yet......lately that has been an issue...old habits creep back in so easily........fighting that off again.......there is no way that I allow old bad habits to sabotage what I have done...............They say only 5% of people who lose weight can keep it off indefinately......with that in mind........I can't let my guard down.....so I wait...for hunger and won't eat just because it's breakfast time.


coffee = 4

skinny syrup = 0

crystal light drink mix = 10

instant cream of wheat = 260


274 cals


2 sizzle steaks =365

1/2 cup fried mashed potattoes/butter = 155

red/yellow peppers = 25


545 cals


chicken tenders sauteed with a few pepper strips in olive oil = 225

veggie straws = 130

spinach dip = 200 or less


555 cals





Total cals for the day was 1374


Donkey on 05/30/2020:
Still working on the SF Skinny Syrup for your coffee, or is this a different (better) flavor?

Oh the food pictures are back!!! I don't think you realize what a fan base you have here, for those food pictures. (lol) I noticed that you have a Blender Bottle - so do I and I love mine! Mine is 24 ounces, but I've seen them in smaller sizes, too. I had 2 and one of the lids cracked, so now I only have 1. I use the other one, sans cracked lid, to water plants and such.

bearcountrygg on 05/30/2020:
It is a different bottle but unfortunately the same flavor....mocha...not a fan for sure...no real flavor, just a artificial sweetener taste. I also love these bottles...mine are 20 ounce...I have black and pink and I'm mind of bummed when they are both in the dishwasher at the same time...LOL

Maria7 on 05/30/2020:
As a note of encouragement, if you look at my very first entry here at DD, you will see that I wrote that I lost 50 lbs. in 1998 and since my first entry which was December 2000, I have mostly held it off (I have been a little higher and a little lower but never had to start all over again from the highest of 205). So, it can be done. It really takes not giving up. Especially, when you feel you have really went overboard and gained a few pounds. My most important help has been the Lord. Prayer to Him has helped me tremendously.

bearcountrygg on 05/30/2020:
You have done great Maria........you are setting a good example. When I lost it in the the late 90's...I did put it back on.....I sure don't want that to happen this time. I noticed that being at home more seemed to mean snacking more....as much as I don't like to count ( it makes me think about food too much).....I see I really do need to.

Maria7 on 05/30/2020:
I count every day and also write down what I eat every day as well as what I drink if it has calories. I keep a pen and paper where it is easy for me to simply write it down each day and this also helps me stay on track. If I go overboard one day in calories, which I don't count them precisely but I round them off to 50 or 100 when I count them and let it go at that...like if something is 177 calories, it becomes 200 cals and if something is 30 cals, it becomes 50, like that, as it is easier to count that way....but if I go overboard one day, I try to put a limit the next day of how many calories I will allow, which I aim for them to be a little lower than the previous day. You are doing fantastic and I am happy for you.

bearcountrygg on 05/30/2020:
My metabolism is so slow that I always end up counting exactly...or as close as possible.....I have to stay around 1,200 or 1,300.......to maintain...sometimes I can go up to 1,500....but not daily.....I wish i could round the numbers...you are lucky that you can.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/30/2020:
Nice eats !

Lately one of my favorite things is chicken nuggets / fingers / tenders !!!!! I crave chicken all the time lately !

Nice job getting protein in!

I never have fried mashed potatoes sounds good like home fries a little bit !

bearcountrygg on 05/30/2020:
I use leftover mashed potatoes....and some butter....quite good.....I'm liking chicken too.

Maria7 on 06/01/2020:
Hope you're having a good day.

bearcountrygg on 06/02/2020:
Pretty good than you!

bearcountrygg on 06/02/2020:
that should have said Thank you!

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