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BearCountryGG - Sunday Jan 14, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 241.2

I'm going to try something different today...they say you become what you fear  the most...and lately what I think about the most is  fear of not losing weight...............fear of losing control of eating on program.......I am finding myself looking at food as the enemy...and what do we do about the enemy?  I know I obsess about it...get frustrated with it...and want to make it go away....for me...is that translating into eating it to make it go away????  Sounds just like me...I have always been one who refuses to throw food out...so I need to make it disappear.....I remember years ago running into another lady who had the same out look on food...she had to make it disappear also....and today we are still both fighting the weight....guess I should be calling it what it is...THE HUMAN GARBAGE CAN SYNDROME>

Since I am now into a virus of some sort...swollen glands, feeling like a cold or flu ( the cashier a week ago informed me as she was scannijng my food and coughing and apologising at the same time...that she had just spent the last 2 days with a cold/flu AND a stomach/intestinal flu also...AT THE SAME TIME)...that she was sorry, but she had only gotten 38 hours that week instead of her usual 40...so she came to work....My guess is that is where I caught this.

I'm planning on bringing some more bins up today to sort some canned , boxed and bagged foods to get them out of eyesight...D's sugar was higher than usual today...so I need to get this done...it will keep me busy for awhile...and I will get the things out of the kitchen that are also too handy.......I'm feeling like food is becoming or I should say HAS become something other than fuel for the body....food shouldn't be as much fun as it has become....in all of our thin years...it was purely nutrition...and something to keep healthy and active with....it has become something totally different.  

Starting today...I'm taking my power back from the food.........It's going into labeled bins in the food closet/pantry today, it's going to have its ww points written on it......it will be labeled for Denny specifically.....and for me specifically...and it will be 100% out of sight...it will be haard to get to...that always puts me off.  

I plan to not list my foods daily for awhile to see if that helps too...because I am noticing when I have lower food days...or low sugar days...that I seem to think I am entitled to treats if I have eaten healthier....THAT IS NOT a good thing............It sure doesn't take much to trigger this bad habit  in either D or myself......and it wasn't always like this...so I believe we can go back to our old better habits with some work......

So...I will post and read daily for a few days to see if that helps........but no food lists.

Progress as of today: 14.2 lbs lost so far, only 96.2 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 01/14/2018:
You do need food for fuel but I think it IS OK TO ENJOY IT!

I think you are getting Overly frustrated at yourself for not losing weight as fast as you would like to and for simply enjoying eating which is human nature.

Food you need and you might as well enjoy. You are still in the process of finding what works. You mention wanting to cheat on low calorie days which is exactly the reason I no longer have low cal days that go very low bc it causes a backfire in me !

Try to eat portions at each meal and nothing too far off limits unless for your salt Intske concerns. And veggies are your friend.

Try to start meals with a large salad Or any veggies even from frozen if you can ? I know your location and stores make it harder...

And If not a salad, a big pot of soup can last you thru the week and eat it with your meals - have some protein and carbs with the vegetable soup.

You can do this.

You are still learning what is working and not working.

No need to eat the lowest calories - it's not necessary for extremes for weight loss :) take it from me - weightlifter extremist !

And feel better - being sick is the worst ! ;)

BearCountryGG on 01/14/2018:
Sounds like you may be feeling better today...happy to see you posting. Had a big salad for lunch and no cravings at all....so far so good today but I'm sick now...so appetite is usually less then....I will take what you say to heart...thanks.

horn_of_plenty on 01/14/2018:
I've heard good things about yoga and also never got ibto it bc I felt it didn't burn cals - but it does give you muscle and help shape the body despite what we both initially thought. When I was really young around 22 years old I took a hot yoga class in 100 degree room. It was 90 minutes long the class !

But it's only good if you can afford it, the hot one in saying, you have a job that allows you to be there half hours before class and half hour after - so what I'm saying is that was fun at the time but Not something I was able to maintain going to!

My sister takes yoga and loves it and it does seem. To give you a little more muscle and flexibility - there's so ma y types do your research online to see what people suggest who are similar to u

BearCountryGG on 01/14/2018:
will do...thanks!

happy-1 on 01/14/2018:
Does meetup.com have groups in your area? There's always free yoga on that.

BearCountryGG on 01/14/2018:
no...we don't have much...we are very rural.

Donkey on 01/14/2018:
What you wrote today is exactly why I don't post my menus (besides the fact that I usually eat the same things during the week and would be boring reading) and why counting points no longer works for me.

Not that I don't enjoy other people posting, counting, and posting pics, of course!

BearCountryGG on 01/14/2018:
It gets obsessive for me...D has told me that for years....he says ww makes me think about food too much...and I have to agree.....today...I have not entered anything at ww...or written anything down...I already know the points...and I'm actually not hungry or craving anything at all...seeing what I ate seems to trigger something in me....UGH!

BearCountryGG - Saturday Jan 13, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 241.2

Does anyone here do yoga?  I used to love it.....but at that time I didn't feel that it burned calories and I was young so I was already limber....but now it's looking like something that would be kind to my old sore joints...and rather or not it burns calories is beside the point.......If so...do you use a program, classes or just do it on your own?

Still a sheet of ice here.....no going out for me...i have shoes with cleats to walk on ice but so far denny is taking care of outside things, so I haven't had to....I did fall down the porch steps last winter and landed face first on a pile of ice....that left some interesting marks...UGH...and I'm really not interested in doing that again....so I stay inside for the most part....and I have been doing a lot of reading...and going through the cabinets and putting things away that are really not helping this journey...I keep saying that once this stuff is gone we need to stop bringing more in...yet when I get to the store that all goes out the window...and i buy more....I need shopping rehab maybe even more than weight loss rehab.

multi vitamin, extra C, zinc, turmeric, omegas


coffee = 0

1 biscuit = 4

sausage gravy = 16


banana = 0


large garden salad with ranch = 5

1 large steak cut fry = 1

tuna = 0

For some strange reason around 4 o clock I started craving sugar...I hadn't had any today...and I was miserable....I will admit I stuffed myself, with junk...all sweet...and now I have a stomach ache.......this seriously smacks of addiction.....1. strong craving, 2.  overdoing it 3.  misery and regret...D and I were talking about it and he said he does the same thing...and also has trouble stopping until he is feeling sick.  We both say we don;t think of the discomfort beforehand....yet it often happens...selective memory I guess....but there is something at work here that was never there when we were younger...up to the age of 40 or so.  I'm thinking I may try gum instead.....need to dig that out.

Progress as of today: 14.2 lbs lost so far, only 96.2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/13/2018:
Yoga is something that I've been wanting to incorporate into my life for SO LONG and yet haven't established it as a habit.

Years ago, I used Rodney Yee's AM/PM Yoga DVD, which I really liked-- if he hasn't remade it -- and I used this for about 3 months, but then life circumstances changed, routine was disrupted, and I never went back to it. (Part of the problem was that I didn't actually OWN the recording.)

Anyway, it's an easy, effective nice 30-ish minute routine in the morning to stretch you out and the same (but different routine) in the evening to help you relax before sleeping.

Yoga classes are too expensive for my budget right now -- $10+ a pop. The local environmental group has yoga 2x a month through March at a local coffee/tea shop for a "free will" donation. The weather has not been conducive to me trying this out. I'd like to go with my daughter, but then I have to make twice the donation. It's for a good cause, though -- this is just an excuse of mine not to go. It's hard for me to try new social situations. And the coffee shop is not a convenient place to drive to, either, which in the winter night dark, does not work in my favor to motivate me to try this.

But every time I have done yoga, I've enjoyed it and say, "I should do this more often!"

BearCountryGG on 01/13/2018:
I think I remember Rodney Yee.....I used to like the Leslie Sansone walking dvd's too......I would have to do it at home...getting onto the floor and back on my feet is definitely not pretty these days....I used to have the yoga mat, strap and blocks....but I must have given them away...because they aren't here. My daughter in law probably has them...that or Salvation Ary....any way...there was an ad on TV this morning that made me think of that....it sure is a no stress way to relax....

Donkey on 01/13/2018:
Could the sugar thing have been triggered by having breakfast, perhaps? I only mention this because you have said there has been a pattern that when you have a big breakfast, it sets you up for more eating later on.

Not that it's a solution -- after all, if you want breakfast, you should have breakfast, yes? No?

If it's any consolation, I've eaten to the point of feeling sick as well. It seems to be in stages: full, uncomfortably full, sick full. It's a fine line... You'll feel and do better tomorrow (((hugs)))

BearCountryGG on 01/13/2018:
I did eat breakfast today...when I really didn't need to.....I notice that the need for sweets seems to happen in the late afternoon to evening...the same thing for D.....I do get more hungry on days I eat before 1 pm for sure...that may have something to do with it. And on top of that...I'm coming down with something...ugh!

Donkey on 01/13/2018:
If you are coming down with a cold/sinus infection/flu, then all bets are off the table. The sugar craving now makes complete sense. Happens to me too. I hope you don't get sick!!

BearCountryGG on 01/14/2018:
swollen glands......yup...seems to be respiratory.

happy-1 on 01/14/2018:
I am not flexible enough for yoga but a tape might work

BearCountryGG on 01/14/2018:
I used to be flexible...now...not so much..I would have to do the old lady version...LOL

BearCountryGG - Friday Jan 12, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 241.2

Just about had enough of this weather around here...and spring can't arrive soon enough.............I'm looking forward to heading for a large city over an hour north of us to shop in the spring...I've been there,,,but not driven myself....branching out slowly up here...back when we lived in the city I drove everywhere..but then again there were people and business everywhere...here...desolate roads kinda scare me a bit..so I'm branching out very slowly....the crime rate was awful downstate...but that didn't scare me as much as isolation...I need to get some guts for sure .  

I have been struggling in the evenings.....breakfast makes me  hungry all day...and possibly binge at night...but skipping breakfast seems to okay the binge at night ( apparently I think I am entitled to because I missed a meal).....so....I reset my weeklies today and I need to get my act together.....I am going to put the binge worthy things out of sight today....( somethings are just not bingeworthy...as in...I would never binge on veggies)...but on the other hand......snacky stuff just calls my name...it's so quick and easy and tempting......and I am sorry to say I am sneaky about it all....hiding wrappers deep in the garbage...eating when D is out of the house and on the phone...( I'm actually seeing the same eating patterns in him too....he doesn't want me seeing him eating now either...what the heck have we become)....his sneaky eating started when he was diagnosed with diabetes.  We need to fix this.........I am going to stop talking about good and bad foods to him and just keep them put away...and I will bring them out very slowly...instead of having them out in plain sight to tempt us...he actually has a lot more self control than I do...I think I taught him that sneaky eating...he once said that he thought I ate more than it seemed...he was right...my wrappers are often in a wastebasket under the bedroom desk.  So today will be like my new start over day.........onward and downward.  And I was sneaky about reporting here and on the weight watchers site..because I would turn the computer off for the night and end up eating something just before bed and not want to turn the computer on again........from now on the computer gets turned off just before bed...changing my ways...the old ways were nothing but sabotage....and I rarely even went back to the day before to add things...so......new rules for me..............no sneaking eating, no not posting things.....no self sabotage.......it's a new day.....and I need to get on with this...from now on the computer is the last thing I update and shut down before I go to bed...anything else is just self sabotage.


weekly points = 46

daily points = 23

Vitamins, extra c, zinc, turmeric, omegas


Coffee = 0

banana = 0

Fage 0% plain yogurt = 0


Breakfast toal = 0


fresh garden salad = 0

ranch dressing = 5

Lasagna = 19

custard = 7


31 points for lunch


banana = 0


used 31

Progress as of today: 14.2 lbs lost so far, only 96.2 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 01/12/2018:
Wrappers from what?

My family does sneaky eating too. Me because I am on 7 meals a day and try to stick them in my pockets for hiking or to save money while running errands which means I have pre-packaged snacks that are high calorie density... if I don't hide them my parents eat the whole box in 1 sitting... expensive and I feel like I injured them by having it in the house at all. I am currently hiding $25 of trail mix, a $15 bag of paleo granola from Costco, $10 of paleo pretzl crisps from sprouts, a $52 box of coca cola life (not diet, but my dad is diabetic and drinks it if he can find it).

I used to eat the whole box too. I still can. I try to do crowding out... like have more healthy stuff in the fridge and then I tuck the unhealthy stuff in plastic tubs. Could you do that and put them in the barn? There if you want them but more work than it's worth to get to?

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2018:
oh lets see...granola bars, candy, chips...LOL...and yes...the bins are coming out today and then they will go to the basement...I hate going down there.....and I seriously need to stop buying the stuff to begin with....

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2018:
I don't think I would put food in the barn...may call critters...

happy-1 on 01/12/2018:
Yeah, either way super strong, airtight containers.

BearCountryGG on 01/12/2018:
in the barn it would freeze and thaw and freeze again over and over....basement is an even heat...I won't go down there for that stuff very often....

BearCountryGG - Thursday Jan 11, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 241.2

Well...happy to be back and running at full tilt again...gave up on the router/wifi....switched ethernet cords and it seems to be workingt...hate that cord in the way of the mouse but it's better than internet 10% of the time.  

Rain today and on top of our below zero temps and the snow...now we are proud owners of 4 acres of skating rink...this is totally weird...well...it's not too often you see elm  trees and pines on rinks...be we have them.  Schools are closed and we will be spending the day inside...I hope this weather stops...D had a biopsy on his nose a few days ago that came back as skin cancer and in a few days we will be driving across state for it's removal....really don't want icy roads that day...but we will deal with it then.

Weight Watchers

daily 23

weekly 46

Multi vitamin, extra c, omegas, zinc, turmeric


coffee = 0

Quaker Real Medleys super grains hot cereal = 10



ice cream

Progress as of today: 14.2 lbs lost so far, only 96.2 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 01/11/2018:
Crazy weather rolling in here too. I hope your hubby is OK. My mom had something on her nose treated, she is fine. Stay safe.

BearCountryGG on 01/11/2018:
This isn't his first skin cancer...working outside for many years caused all of this....I'm sure he will be fine....at least its the least risky type and for that we are grateful....but this time they are going to remove layers until they get to healthy skin or bone....not any fat on his nose in that area...but apparently it will take several hours and is a several hour drive there and back...so it will be a day...

Maria7 on 01/11/2018:
Nice menu!

Donkey on 01/11/2018:
My co-worker recently had a cancerous or pre-cancerous mole removed from her face. It took almost the whole day, because, like you said, they go layer by layer, and then each layer has to be examined. Thing is, she's also vitamin D deficient, so her one doctor says, Stay out of the sun! and her other doctor says, Sit out in the sun for 20 minutes a day.

BearCountryGG on 01/11/2018:
LOL....mixed messages for sure....he takes vitamin D and wears hats and long sleeves and long pants all summer....but...it was 32 years of construction outside much of the time that started it long ago......and his poor bald head....they keep freezing spots there....but for some reason...this one on his nose didn't look like much but turned out bad...( under his glasses no less).

happy-1 on 01/12/2018:
Mmmm lasagna. Did you go skating?

BearCountryGG on 01/13/2018:
I am a roller skater from way back.....but ice skating...NO!

BearCountryGG - Monday Jan 08, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 241.2

Computer acting up once again...so not sure how much I will be able to be on here.......need to start shopping for a new one I guess...not  my favorite thing to invest in......Sticking with the no breakfast idea because it works for me....I am eating so much less food in total I usually don't even have anything to journal ....I'm feeling great and feel like I am on the right track......Also on top of it is that we have gone to wifi and the connection is terrible...maybe our router...but don't know.  Anyway...I'm sticking with Weight Watchers...can't go low carb or cuciferous veggies because of low thyroid...so ....I will carry on doing what works...and will stop in when I'm able...

Progress as of today: 14.2 lbs lost so far, only 96.2 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 01/08/2018:
Good luck, hope you get your computer fixed. I am so computer illiterate when it comes to purchasing one.

horn_of_plenty on 01/08/2018:
If you don't need to eat in the morning - there's always herbal tea !

horn_of_plenty on 01/08/2018:
Our internet at work actually also went down ! Everyone left early today lol and came early - not sure why. I can't see myself Getting up before 5:30 or leaving ky apt Before 6:30am so my arrival time of 7:30am is def good enoUgh right now and it's kinda nice being here late like 3:30 and it's quiet ! No worries here and change of pace from commotion earlier at work :-)

happy-1 on 01/09/2018:
Generally laptops only last 6 months past their warranty. If you need something to last longer get an old school tower you can swap out drives and parts on.

Maria7 on 01/09/2018:
Hope you are having a good day.

Donkey on 01/09/2018:
You are missed here!

BearCountryGG - Sunday Jan 07, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 241.2

 Nice quiet Sunday......snowy..and appently going to be rainy and warmer next week...PROMISES>>>PROMISES...anyway...I've spent hours reading and just relaxing...the scales were kind to me this morning and I'm losing what I put on over the holidays...it's all good...I'm happy to have lost before them so I could eat the goodies...not sad at all about that.  

I had my second day of realizing that I'm not a person who needs to eat first thing in the morning...just because D does.....so I make his breakfast and I don't eat.......we sat down and discussed that...and he does need food within a hour of getting out of bed...but he understands that I don't...and he did say that he has noticed himself looking at the clock about 4 P.M. and thinking he should eat something ( yet also noting that he isn't hungry)...but decided to snack a little...and the more he snacks...the more he wants.....saying these things out loud is quite impowering.  

coffee = 0

chapagetti = 10

Lean Cuisine mushroom mezzaluna ravioli = 9


Progress as of today: 14.2 lbs lost so far, only 96.2 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 01/07/2018:
Wow, it dropped over 2 lbs! That's something to smile about! Congrats!

graindart on 01/07/2018:
I rarely eat breakfast. I do love the regular breakfast foods, but have a hard time stopping after I start eating. I've found that it's a lot easier for me to just skip it than to eat it and wrestle with thinking about food for several hours afterwards. It also leaves a much larger amount of allowed calories for my main meal of the day (dinner). For me it feels so much more satisfying to eat a 1000-1200 calorie meal, even if it means mainly skipping other meals throughout the day.

BearCountryGG - Saturday Jan 06, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 243.4

 It's another -12 degree day...............funny that the weather guy is predicting rain next week...now that should be interesting.  Denny heard a crash in the midddle of the night and thought I had fallen out of bed...NOPE...I didn't hear it...he had to try to wake me up several times before I answered him....so much for REM sleep!  We still don't know what he heard!  I see a potential nap in my near future...it took me an hour to get back to sleep.  

I'm just going to eat as I get hungry today...I have his meals planned and I'm not tempted by them....so I will be led by what sounds good and when today....done this before and it can be very enlightening and it also helps me start my eating later than eating by the clock.

Up at 5:30 and 2 cups coffee =0

It's 10:30 and it's already UP to -10

I still have not had any desire to eat breakfast........Takes me back to childhood why my Mom would try to push a piece of toast at me........this is really me.....when not eating breakfast out of habit, or convenience because I'm cooking for D.....I just have no desire for anything other than coffee.....today at least...tomorrow may be different...but tomorrow can take care of it's self.  I have thought about food...considered oatmeal, toast, yogurt...but forgot them as soon as I thought about them...considered a protein bar too...that would be would be fast and eaasy...but nope.  Hunger will come...but when?

No eating this morning at all besides the black coffee...but I realized that I kept picturing one of those little Quaker oatmeal individual containers...so I knew that was what I REALLY wanted........so it is sitting here cooling down a bit.....I' ready to enjoy that now....but it is high points.

Quaker Medleys summer berry oatmeal = 9

1/2 of a baked chicken wing=1

2  apples = 0

almond butter to dip the apples in = 9


Progress as of today: 12 lbs lost so far, only 98.4 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/06/2018:
Last night I checked my phone, and it said -2F and I thought, Gee, that's not too bad -- LOL, what has this winter come to, where I think -2F isn't all that cold??? (Had a good laugh after that) ;-)

I hope you can catch that nap! I look forward to reading your points log today too :-)

BearCountryGG on 01/06/2018:
I did get an hour long nap that was perfect!

Maria7 on 01/06/2018:
Good plan on only eating when you are truly hungry. Stay warm up there and have a blessed day!

BearCountryGG on 01/06/2018:
I found that I actually ate very little.

Maria7 on 01/07/2018:
I think you are fixing to see a drop on the scale. Good plan on only eating when you are hungry and only the amount that you are hungry for. Hope you are having a blessed Sunday.

BearCountryGG on 01/07/2018:
It dropped...and I'm happy!

BearCountryGG - Friday Jan 05, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 243.6

Sooo...it's another day justb like the other days..................the news is telling us to stay in and stay home..........we have more deliveries coming today....Schwans and others...i pkg lost in the great unknown...lots of apologies and no answers...Denny has been waiting for that light bulb ( a weird thing called a corn light) ...my guess is it may have been opened and were stumped about what it is...LOL...It's a weird light bulb for the barn......!!!!!!!  More turmeric capsules, coffee...and Turbo Tax software.....such exciting things...LOL....anyway..everything was ordered before the 1st of the year and I'm working on getting this stuff delivered and then getting busy using whatever is onhand...........we need to stop shopping...and use up what we have..all across the board.  Working on the food prep closet and when we finally get it empty I will restock a bit differently...but that is a long way off.


coffee 0

Fage 0% yogurt 0

cinnamon 0

apple butter 1....made a great mix in to make that yogurt more palateable

Banana 0

After reading below that we breathe out fat when we are losing weight...makes me wonder...are we breathing in other peoples fat?  .....are ww meetings akin to walking into Duncan donuts???  Thisjust might be a new THING!!!!


6 triscut fig and honey crackers 3

mini bag funyun flaming hot 4


Beef chow Mein = 2

rice noodles = 3

tea =0


Progress as of today: 11.8 lbs lost so far, only 98.6 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 01/05/2018:
Good that you are prepared. How would your restock differently, if you don't mind my asking? Hope you have a blessed day.

BearCountryGG on 01/05/2018:
I will restock with more canned meats and vegetables and the rice I restock will be plain without added calorie things...I will also restock with a lot more beans...dried and canned...beans and legumes are now zero points on Weight Watchers...and I plan to begin adding more of them. I will also have a lot less chips, cookies and granola bar type things...they just tempt me too much

horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2018:
i commented below on your thursday....!

horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2018:
Hola BCGG! And HAPPY FRIDAY woohoo! You made it thru another cold week by you! Spring will come, no worries, we do know this fact!

Never heard of a CORN light! Will have to look this up for my own personal info! Interesting name, I’m sure it resembles corn in some way!....or maybe it has that name bc it’s a barn light…(corn is on farms / in barns perhaps)….gonna look it up!

You are smart to do your own tax. I might do mine also this year – give it a try, why not!? Instead of wasting $300 on an accountant. Still thinking about it…although my accountant is VERY good. So, perhaps I’ll use him again. But I do plan to start doing my own in the next FIVE years I’ll give myself until I turn 40 to try doing taxes myself…it’s not urgent at the moment this year I got enough going on with taking a class / gym and the new job….but I do think you are SO SMART to do it yourself. I may change my mind – and do it myself this year also….possibility is definitely there….to do it myself.

Stay warm and inside as the news told you to!

BearCountryGG on 01/05/2018:
Turbo tax at amazon is $39...It is so simple...it walks you through and asks questions...and it's a breeze to do.....I was scared the first year...but now I would never go back to a tax person. I print it out and mail it in.....you can also E file...but I have never done that. I actually enjoy it.

horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2018:
i think i will buy it this year...and start using Turbo tax....ty...i'll see first if i can use my parent's version or if i need to buy it for myself.

BearCountryGG on 01/05/2018:
You have to use the right year...if they buy the CD for 2017...then I believe you can use it too....I get the Deluxe version because it includes a state

horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2018:

happy-1 on 01/05/2018:
I'd think you'd be more likely to breathe in fat while other people are burning it... so like a spin class is more likely than a WW meeting.

BearCountryGG on 01/06/2018:
It all just sounds gross...yet...that is how we catch communicable diseases...maybe we are onto something here...LOL Sounds like a home gym is the answer. To me gyms are cringworthy....the wipe the last persons sweat off before you use a machine. Maybe now gym goes should wear a mask to keep from inhaling other peoples fat...LOL

happy-1 on 01/05/2018:
If you restock, you can probably do bulk food purchases for plain stuff. I'm thinking about buying bulk brown rice and coconut flour, etc. Plus it will be easier for your kids to eat at your house because you'll be starting from scratch foods. You could even start a gluten-free capsule pantry :-)


BearCountryGG on 01/06/2018:
Good idea!

BearCountryGG - Thursday Jan 04, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 243.6

Below zero temps here and lots of school closings, deaths of dogs and a person that have been found frozen to death makes this a year like no  other.  Barn door guy coming today to assess the situation...we need to get that tractor out....some deliveries today also ...so at home I will be......Denny will deal with barn door guy and I will deal with deliveries.  Delivery delays and some things arriving frozen from being in the UPS and FED EX trucks is now a thing!

I'm not sure how many times it will take for me to accept that big breakfasts with lots of points are not for me...yesterday was a mess up....I can undo the damage...but I am happiest with low point or light breakfasts....lots of heavy food in the morning makes me hungry all day...I know better.......I need to remind myself that things can go into the fridge or freezer for later...they do not need to be eaten immediatly, my apparent innability to throw "good food" out is behind all this...and basically I don't see myself ever getting over the "human garbage can" issue.  I was raised by parents that had gone through the depression....using things up was their way of life...it's ingrained in me......It has always been Waste not want not...or if you throw good things out you will go hungry one day....SO.....in order to honor that gut belief of mine I will need to keep remembering to just put it in the freezer...and that eating it is not necessary right now (...I have no problem throwing things out from the freezer later if I don't think it's edible. ) 

At 68...learning to deal with my issues in an acceptable way instead of doing what would just make me nervous and upset is how it will be.....it's quirky, I get that...but....keeping the peace in my own mind is important too....and so it is............

It's now after 3 and the doors are fixed, D is out playing in the snow on his tractor and  all of  the deliveries have arrived...but 1 was wrong....called them..and they are sending the right stuff...so all is well.

Tonights weather is predicted to be  -18 with a -30 wind chill.............

Starting today........

I am 20 points in the hole for the week  so....-20 weeklies

23 dailies left


Fage 0% yogurt = 0

cinnamon = 0

banana = 0

coffee = 0


apple = 0

tea = 0

mini bag funyuns =4


lean cuisine orange chicken freezer meal = 10

rice pilaf = 9

Progress as of today: 11.8 lbs lost so far, only 98.6 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 01/04/2018:
Love your post today. My Parents also went through the depression and taught us 'waste not, want not', too. If I have a big meal, I try to only eat part of it and save the other part for my next meal, whether it is breakfast or a burger (unless I am really hungry, that is). I am really enjoying reading your 0 points foods...I find I am eating more bananas, seeing they are 0 points (altho I am following a different plan that is not WW)...Your posts are very interesting...Have a blessed day.

BearCountryGG on 01/04/2018:
WW had always counted bananas with points but apparently they now feel the encouragement to eat fresh produce is more important, and I agree. Have a great day Maria.

innerpeace on 01/04/2018:
My DH is the same way. I would rather not keep leftovers especially when I know I won't eat them, but he insists we keep them. He doesn't usually eat them either and then a week later I am throwing them out of the refrigerator.

I have a pork and mushroom crockpot meal in my refrigerator meal that I'm not touching. It will get tossed this weekend.

I hope your door gets fixed. Stay warm and safe.

BearCountryGG on 01/04/2018:
Door guy came...and all doors working great...and Hubby is out playing on his tractor right now.

Donkey on 01/04/2018:
I responded to your comments on my entry from yesterday - very helpful. Thank you!

BearCountryGG on 01/05/2018:
My problem is that I have so many carbs here in our food stash....and hubby looks for that side dish daily......I am looking forward to the day when they are gone...and I can get more veggies in both of us...but the low carb diet isn't recommended for people with hashimotos...also we aren't supposed to eat much soy or things like broccoli and cauliflower and cabbage.

Donkey on 01/04/2018:
Also, what I really find helpful with your WW log points is how many points some of these carbs are! Looking at yesterday, the toast, hash browns, and rice pilaf were the highest contributors. Gosh, how I do love carbs... I just wish they weren't so detrimental to weight loss!

And that's not a criticism towards you at all! I've been trying to veer towards vegetarian meals, and I just end up eating a lot more carbs :-( So I think I'm just going to resolve that I will eat meat, but hopefully just less of it...

horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2018:
Hello there, BCGG!

As I am reading from your food and drink list, excellent eating again going on for you! WONDERFUL! Sorry it’s so cold by you also!...colder than what us NYers feel is cold! Sorry! OMG…so sorry to hear of a person being found frozen to death! I hear that it’s colder than normal around the country, including near Disney in Florida! I heard it was around 30F there! Which is very cold for the middle Florida region!

Just like you, I do not do well either with BIG breakfasts with many calories. They just set me up to be even hungrier all day, despite what people say that a big breakfast is so good for you. For me, it doesn’t work…and usually makes me feel very groggy as well.

Everyone has their quirks…definitely I do. And even at 68, I support the fact that you can adjust your ways so you can lose weight. You are finding what works best for you & that’s all that matters! Good job so far!

happy-1 on 01/05/2018:
Chances are the food you don't want to toss is good to keep on hand for emergencies. When I did the pantry cleanout for my fitness challenge, I just bought a rubbermaid tub to toss all the simple carbs in so that if there is an earthquake we have easy, convenient food to heat up.

BearCountryGG - Wednesday Jan 03, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 243.6

Still very cold and snowy.......and I'm finding plenty around here to stay busy with.....2 garage doors on the barn quit the other day...and the tractor is stuck inside....NO..NOT THIS TIME OF YEAR!..It is so hard to find anyone in this area to hire to do things...that's the price we have to pay for living in the wilds......and we are now too old to deal with these things ourselves....silly us...we thought we would never get old......well...we lied to ourselves..........it happens when you are asleep.....you just wake up one day and you are all shriveled up...and your joints don't want to move...or maybe it was creeping up on us and we ignored it.....but it stinks!   Appreciate youth while you have it.................BUT...we are happy to still be upright and walking so.......on with life as it is.

Vitamins, extra c, turmeric,zinc, omegas

Weekly 40




15 grain bread toasted 8

butter 5 

hash browns 8

oil 1

coffee 0


banana 0

Something different today......used all of my daily points except 1 for breakfast...it wasn't planned...it was food I had made for Hubby...but he filled up fast...and didn't eat a lot of it and I ( the human garbage can)...ate it myself. I still have weeklies left too so it's not a real problem...but it does point out to me that planning is important...and maybe just maybe the food should have gone into the garbage...instead.


lettuce 0

ranch dressing 5

rice pilaf with pine nuts and butter = 11

raspberries 0

caramel flan 7


2 sandwiches that put me over on points......lesson learned....no more big point breakfasts.....it sets the pace for the whole day...I already knew this but as usual...I ignored it.


Progress as of today: 11.8 lbs lost so far, only 98.6 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 01/03/2018:
i'm also taking zinc and annoyed that i cannot exercise...if i'm still coughing i will not go exercise. i have to work on being healthy first or i'll not make it thru winter alive once this class begins...i guess i'll take the extra rest .... but the gym....

BearCountryGG on 01/03/2018:
Be careful.......I know for myself....colds can turn into pneumonia very easily.....and you don't want that!

innerpeace on 01/03/2018:
But it's so beautiful! I hope you find a way to get your tractor out.

I have admitted to myself that I am addict. I just love food.

BearCountryGG on 01/03/2018:
I hear you......for some reason I have to make food disappear and apparently the garbage can is not the way to do that......I love food too.

happy-1 on 01/05/2018:
You have a barn???? That's so awesome. I am jealous.

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