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BearCountryGG - Tuesday Jul 25, 2017
(intuitive eating, and or calorie counting)
Weight: 249.8

Going to hit the road and get some errands done today, looks like a beautiful day out.  Amazon pkg coming today but deliveries are always in the afternoon here so leaving here early'.

Breakfast = coffee

Lunch= ham sandwich and ice cream

Dinner will be a small portion of shepherds pie and a garden salad

Snacks - potato salad and ice cream

Progress as of today: 4.2 lbs lost so far, only 104.8 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 07/25/2017:
Hugs! Sounds like a recipe for a happy day!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/25/2017:
the pie mixed iwth salad sounds good...if i had it, i'd probably sorta eat the two together, like some pie on my fork and then a bit of salad also....my way of filling up!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/25/2017:
yeah, i do keep some skinny clothes but some just goes outta style or the quality falls apart lol, on mine....i tend to not wear them even though i save them...i'm weird. but most are now at my parent's house and not even at my apt.

BearCountryGG on 07/25/2017:
The salads were huge...we were both so filled up with those ( I didn't even put dressing on mine)...they we ate very little of the shepherds pie....

BearCountryGG on 07/25/2017:
Yup....a lot of mine will be way out of style, but a lot are pretty basic and will see me through to the end...some even still have the tags on them.

BearCountryGG on 07/25/2017:
Happy...It was a good day!

BearCountryGG - Monday Jul 24, 2017
(intuitive eating, and or calorie counting)
Weight: 251.6

Starting out this Monday with a bit of rain again...I have some heavy metal lawn furniture that's been needing a fresh coat of paint before it comes up on the back deck....at this rate the summer will be over by the time I get it painted...it's been waiting out by the barn for a long time now....I was looking forward to some outdoor meals....but none yet this summer.  Tomorrow is another day..keeping my fingers crossed.  Scales went down a tad again this morning....I'm dropping by the 10ths of pounds and for me that works best....so I'll take it.

Breakfast =  coffee, cereal and almond milk

It's very quiet here, just the breeze rustling through the trees and an occasional bird (sometimes the birds and I talk to each other..I  mean I whistle at them and they whistle back at me...I have no idea what we are saying though...LOL)...and I took a bath and washed my hair and started thinking about when I gained and when I lost...( gained 2 times and lost 1)...and it suddenly made sense...( I guess I knew all the time but never really internalized it like I did today.  I gained big while dealing with the difficult foster daughter and then after she returned home to her birth mom I lost the weight...then...I was fine until My parents both got sick and I worried about them for 3 years and then cared for one or both of them for 7 and a half years.  And now I am where I am...trying to lose it again...what made me actually visualize it all was because I have a bunch of scrubs that I wore to work that are still hanging in a closet and when I looked at them this morning I realized they went from size small to size x large...that happened in the 3 years my parents were beginning to get seriously ill......and it began the morning I arrived at work and as I entered the door to my office I was bombarded by coworkers telling me my parents were in the urgent care room just a few feet away.......and so it began....they were sicker than any of us knew and things only got worse from there...and apparently while worrying about them, I ate to cope.  I feel like a light bulb just went on and I really finally get it.  Now to fix it!

The other thing is what actually started all this today...and that is...DID YOU KEEP YOUR SKINNY CLOTHES?????  I did....I have sizes small all the way up to size 3x (currently wearing 2x and 3x tops and large pants)....so I have a lot of stuff to wear as I lose this weight and I do not plan to add to it until I reach a weight where I want to stay...then everything that doesn't fit and anything I don't like will go get donated.  I think I will dig out a couple of things that I really like to spur me on.

Mid morning snack=Bai antioxidant infusion mango drink and cheezits

Lunch= small amt baked chicken and potato salad( I load it with celery, peppers, cucumber and onion too)

Evening=apple and pop tarts


Progress as of today: 2.4 lbs lost so far, only 106.6 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 07/24/2017:
A friend down the road just dropped off fresh green beans, green onions and red potatoes from his garden...they still have the dirt on them...can't get any fresher than that...reminds me of when my youngest son was selling his beets at the farmers market...people asked why they were wet and he said he had just picked them and squirted them off so they would be cleaner for people to see...and the people started throwing money in the cab of his truck and grabbing beets faster than he could keep up with...he had sold a truck bed full of beets in 30 minutes.

happy-1 on 07/24/2017:
I kept skinny clothes that were in really good condition that I thought I would wear again.

happy-1 on 07/24/2017:
Donate plus size clothes to a foster care agency if you can.

BearCountryGG on 07/24/2017:
Basically I kept everything, so there will be a lot of stuff I won't wear again even if it does fit...I love to donate stuff...I keep a donation bag in y car all the time and add things as I find them.

Maria7 on 07/24/2017:
How much did you weigh when you were at your goal weight before?

BearCountryGG on 07/24/2017:
130 is where I was most comfortable......and stayed there for many years.

BearCountryGG - Sunday Jul 23, 2017
(intuitive eating, and or calorie counting)
Weight: 251.6

Rainy sunday here...looks like an inside day.

Breakfast - coffee, cereal, almond milk

Lunch= fresh salad with dressing and croutons and cottage cheese, chili and 1/2 of a med. bagel with oleo

Snack= chocolate, cheezits

Evening=iced tea and a pkg of 2 whole wheat fig bars

Progress as of today: 2.4 lbs lost so far, only 106.6 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/23/2017:
Love almond milk -- unsweetened, original, vanilla, chocolate - it's all so good!

BearCountryGG on 07/23/2017:
I'm using the unsweetened almond milk but I love all of them too...the cashew milk was good for a minute but then got an aftertaste.....so don't get that anymore...the combo almond and cocnut is good though.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/23/2017:
Thanks for all your sweet comments, i've been reading them ...and for explaining to me the BCGG name and where it's come from! I love it that it's partial where you live and that you are a great grandma! oh, how my own father would love to be a grandfather already! Lol - it's all up to my sister as i'm not the married or dating one! not yet anyways!!

I am sorry so your adopted daughter was a drug baby? so sorry. Yes, you must have learned thru her as you say you learned patience. Kids are not simple...not like a hamster like i have LOL...i'm joking you know...but it's true that raising children is definitely a big project. And especially one that needs extra, like the daughter who is 34 that you speak of. That's how old I am, btw. I'm 34 also.

It's good you can connect to her via facebook..

It rained a bit here, too. But it was worth it as it cooled down a TON after the rain. Tomorrow it will be a cool summer day in the mid 70's...how nice for a change!

In general, I do love the summer. It's SO MUCH EASIER than getting around in full up coats and all those layers in the winter!

fig bars must have been nice...you can always do a low calorie iced tea with them...

what i like to do is this: pair somethign real sugar with something sugar free or very low sugar so I still get in the sugar, but less of it...

you remind me of what i need to buy - almond milk! I finally used up my quart of it that i had for at least one whole month if not more like 2 months! It takes so long for me to drink it bc i only use it in cereal which i only eat on weekends! and not everyday of the weekends either! haha.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/23/2017:
do you like veggies ??? i see you don't always eat them? just asking :)....

i do not like fresh veggies too much...i prefer my veggies cooked...as they are easier to digest i guess...

Horn_of_plenty on 07/23/2017:
oh....i hope your drain was unclogged without too much hassle!

BearCountryGG on 07/23/2017:
Drain got unplugged....hubby called me in to pull all of my long hair out of it...LOL...right now more salads...will use more canned and frozen veggies in the cooler months...I am a carrb lover...no denying that...I could actually live on snack food...well...guess that is what got me here...LOL. Tea and the whole wheat fig bars worked well together tonight.

BearCountryGG - Saturday Jul 22, 2017
(intuitive eating, and or calorie counting)
Weight: 251.6

Started our Saturday off with a plugged up drain.....working on that...currently I'm staying out of his way..LOL 

Breakfast=coffee and oatmeal

Lunch=bacon, red beans and rice and carrots, cookies


Evening=pork eggroll, salami chunk, dried apple chips


Progress as of today: 2.4 lbs lost so far, only 106.6 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG - Friday Jul 21, 2017
(intuitive eating, and or calorie counting)
Weight: 251.6

Up early....1 more delivery today....we get most of our frozen food from Schwans delivery....it arrives by truck every 2 weeks....the quality is great....and we have some things that we get every time...and usually try something new most times too....they have awesome meat and fruit and veggies.....so our freezer is usually well stocked.....that is a big help in the summer because our stores are so far away things defrost on the way home.......and in the winter here I don't drive much because of the snow and because we are in the woods....and some areas have few year around homes so it can be quite desolate....and the phone doesn't always work in some areas.

I suppose I should tell you all a little bit about myself......I am 67, married almost 51 years.....yes...we were kids when we got married......we have 2 sons, 2 grandsons and 2 great grandsons.......we were foster parents to 8 children from abuse and neglect situations....the youngest arrived at the age of 5 weeks. There were times when we had 4 babies at once, and I can truly say I was in heaven,  after being an only child I loved having a house full of children.   Over the years, I sold real estate, and was a medical secretary.  I really am a home body and while I love the city...I also love the country and so this suits me just fine.  I am an avid reader and could watch Dr Phil all day if I allowed myself to.....while raising our kids after my husband graduated from college, I began my college career and I majored in sociology and psychology.  So reality tv is basically what I watch.  I definately am slowing down and while I had my weight under control for many years.....in my 40's while caring for a foster child that was an extreme case of stress for us, I began to put on weight and it was out of control for a few years, eventually the child was moved back to her Mother and I was able to lose 55 pounds with weight watchers and a online support group.  I went to work as a medical secretary and we closed the group.....the weight came back with a vengeance...then I cared for my elderly parents from 2007 until 2014...and here I am....again.....needing desperately to get down to a healthy weight....I'm sure there is going to be a LOT of loose skin......and that actually has stopped me from losing much at times....but as my husband said....better to be thin with loose skin then carrying all those pounds around....and he is right...skin doesn't weigh much...fat does......so here I am..thankful to have found all of you.....I plan to see this through to the end...and then maintain here too.....thank you to all of you!!!!

Breakfast-coffee, almond milk, cereal and a banana

Lunch=toasted med bagel with butter and peanut butter, and coconut strips

Dinner will be ...pork egg rolls, cottage cheese, green beans, cookies


Progress as of today: 2.4 lbs lost so far, only 106.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/21/2017:
Hello there our BCGG of DD (Diet Diaries)!

I’m gonna look up Schwans because I’m intrigued to see how that service works :-P… It’s so great you have the convenience of this service…I enjoy convenience more and more too. Nothing wrong with that!

WOW…….! You seriously have been married like YOUR WHOLE LIFE! How cool is that!? My dad will be 65 this October 8th so you’re close in age to him! That’s SO AMAZING that you have GREAT GREATSONS on top of sons and grandsons! My dad only has his two daughters (myself and my sister) but I am thinking he’ll soon be a grandfather between 2-3 years from now because of my sister who’s married (I’m not and I do not date very often but do have male friends and go out with them here and there).

I am sorry for the hardships you had in the past. But one thing is always the truth – with life’s hardships you do become a stronger person. You become a mentally stronger person and sometimes even emotionally. Getting thru pain and tough times is what makes you better and facing all of life’s other smaller challenges. I am sorry you had to experience them – but they have seriously shaped you into who you are today. Even myself – I’ve been thru certain challenges and they’ve in the end helped me to face other challenges in a better way. I’ve also learned from **some** of my past mistakes…although sometimes I revert to still making poor decisions I’d like to say I also make better ones because of my experiences now in general.

I’m thankful you are here as the more good people in this group, the more helpful and wonderful it is!!! The more support, the better it gets and the more exciting!

I agree with your husband, the less weight you carry, the better it is for your health!

BearCountryGG on 07/21/2017:
HOP...you are so sweet...I agree...our life experiences mold us into who we are....I am a person that wakes up happy every day...I love morning...a fresh new start every day....tough times made me stronger and a child ( foster daughter) in our home that was actually a physical danger to us and others did make me more aware that everyone has different problems that they deal with....( she had been a drug baby)....so...times change...people go on and do what they do..that girl is a facebook friend of mine now...she is 34 and living a life that is not what we would have chosen for her...but it's her life...so we can only hope that we made some kind of impact on her life ( she says we did)....looking back now for those years we had her she taught us some things too....so...if nothing more...she taught me patience...even though I was eating like there was no tomorrow...I do believe that everything happens for a reason....and finding this group is exactly what I know I need right now and if I can help anyone else along the way...I would love that.

innerpeace on 07/21/2017:
I'm amazed by foster parents. I but you touched the lives of many. I can only imagine how stress that is caring and becoming attached to babies, just to see them have to leave. Tears my hear up just thinking about it.

I also can't imagine living in a place that could be almost unreachable at times. snowed in in the forest...! But I love alone time and miss it sometimes.

Good luck with your journey, I hope you find what you need here.

BearCountryGG on 07/21/2017:
Innerpeace...we loved having the kids with us...and it was so sad when they left...I believe we gained from them too and babies are just my thing...we would have had several more ourselves if we had been able. The winter here is interesting to day the least but do able. I'm sure this group will be of great help to me...and I hope I can help others reach their own goals...

Maria7 on 07/21/2017:
Wow, your posts are so interesting. Sounds like you are pretty content, just trying to get to a healthier weight like most of us here. Thanks for sharing with us all here. As for loose skin, if you are able to do any physical exercise, that will help keep that away. I am trying to get more walking in when I can. My Hubby and I both retired last year. We are back and forth to the nursing home most days, where my 86 year old Mother lives. Like you, I love early mornings (fresh air!), too. Hope you have a happy evening.

BearCountryGG on 07/22/2017:
I didn't know about the exercise affecting loose skin....VERY INTERESTING...that may just get me exercising....thanks for the heads up!

thinnside40 on 07/21/2017:
I love Schwans!!!!! We used to have them stop ny once a month when I had an in-home daycare. They're a bit pricey, but the quality is good. Let alone it's delivered to your door. I'd place an order online. Sometimes if not, by our turn of the day, they'd be out of what we wanted.

BearCountryGG on 07/22/2017:
Thinside...I always place my order online...and the quality is very good...we figure that by saving the gas...and not going to the store as much......we don't buy as many impulse items...and you are right...the quality is very good. Right now we are filling the freezer with a lot of their veggies...and I need to get using them....but there are enough fresh things in the fridge that seem to need to be used up first...the freezer has to wait...LOL...their blueberries are AMAZING...nothing like the frozen ones in the store...and we reallyike their hamburger patties....they are so handy.

Donkey on 07/22/2017:
Wish we could afford Schwann's. My folks ordered from them religiously until they moved a couple of weeks ago. I should ask my mom if she plans to renew their service. They are the BEST for frozen vegetables.

Thank you for posting your picture - very pretty! :-D Sorry that it's difficult for me to post during the week, or I would have commented on that day's entry.

What an amazing journey you have had! Thank you for fostering - what a heroic and selfless endeavor you and your husband have done -- multiple times!

BearCountryGG on 07/22/2017:
Donkey..you are sweet..and those frozen veggies are a bit pricier...but they are of very good quality.

BearCountryGG - Thursday Jul 20, 2017
(intuitive eating, and or calorie counting)
Weight: 251.6

Good morning everyone........beautiful day here in northern Michigan.  I will be staying at home again today since UPS and FedEx will both be making deliveries.   Since we are in the Federal woods we don't shop as often as most...and have many things delivered...I LOVE Boxed.com, Jet.com and Amazon as shopping alternatives.  It's quite a drive to buy many things that most people can pick up locally.....(we were both raised in the city ,or near a city)...so we were used to just hopping in the car...but it's different here...basically if we only did our shopping monthly by driving for all of our needs it would involve an entire day of driving and shopping...so we order many things online.  Since I weigh in most days I am having tiny drops on almost a daily basis.....I'm thrilled and I credit you guys for much of my enthusiasm.........Sometimes I am tempted to snack randomly and I do stop and think...NOPE...don't do it....you will have to report it...LOL....so thank you to all of you for keeping me from eating needlessly.

Breakfast = coffee and cereal with FF milk

Snack = cookies

Lunch= chili, crackers, fruit/veg juice

Evening=deli meat, crackers, chocolate

Progress as of today: 2.4 lbs lost so far, only 106.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/20/2017:

Nice to stay home if you need to for deliveries. Since I’m working & I now receive deliveries practically 1 every week or even more often, I have notifications at the Post Office and many times with UPS that I am ok with them delivering without my being there! It works out perfectly & since I live on the 9th floor, they just leave the packages right in front of my door which is pretty darn convenient & makes me happy when I come home to packages! Speaking of deliveries, I should be getting at least one today including a big order of paper towels! I do a lot of my bulk shopping online now – saving me time and convenience especially on the weekends when I’d prefer NOT to be doing 1,000 errands ! I get free shipping with Amazon and I also love to use Groupon. I bought several dresses on Groupon this year. Around $20 each and they fit pretty darn well for never having even tried them on before a purchase.,…ok enough about me!

Oh….now I’m reading the online shopping services you use! I may start with them, too. If you shop a ton on Amazon, they also give discounts for things like subscribed purchases…you must know this. I know I live near everything in Queens, but it’s a time saver and also money saver many times for me to shop online. It’s helped me SO MUCH with time saving and has actually helped me feel more comfortable & capable in life. For instance, I never had to shop for anything for my hamster on my own. I ordered EVERYTHING my hamster needs online. The only purchase I made was the cage bc it was cheaper in the store bc It was a HUGE clear plastic bin like 3’ x 4’ and I got it at Home Depot. Shipping was too much $$$ and Amazon I do NOT think had good prices. LOL….I even drove to the WRONG Home Depot so yes it was a learning and driving experience so I guess worthwhile. Then I actually brought the case to a hardware store to “Hamster-ify” it….cutting out some plastic & adding screens to it. It was some driving around & waiting to have the cage fixed out for my pet…but all worth it. But in general, buying food & bedding – I do it online and never have to do unnecessary errands to buy pet supplies by me! Thankful for this!

That’s awesome you are dropping weight and it’s a steady drop for you. Keep up the great work! I love chilli…it’s very satisfying and filling with the fiber and protein!

Maria7 on 07/20/2017:
I know what you mean about snacking randomly (and still feeling hungry sometimes, ha)...Now I am trying to be more mindful, also.

BearCountryGG on 07/20/2017:
Maria...protein makes the difference for me...it just sticks with me a lot longer and carbs seem to make me hungry in about an hour.

thinnside40 on 07/20/2017:
I love getting packages. We used to live 17 miles out in the country. Now, well..... Not so much. I miss it. I did order some zipfizz yesterday and it'll be here Saturday waiting for me when I get home from work. Costco doesn't have the pink grapefruit or a variety pack without fruit punch (ewwww). Amazon is my friend. HaHa! As for DD... Back in 2009 when I joined there were A LOT of members that posted faithfully. I got down to 200# by walking 6 miles a day and healthy eating. Then life happened drastically changing in 2012. It's now time to get this done. Glad you're here with me (us).

BearCountryGG on 07/21/2017:
Thinside.....I also lost wt with a group online along with weight watcher meetings and I lost over 55 pounds that way....for me ...posting what I eat each day and knowing that others are reading it makes so much difference for me....when we broke the group up I put the wt back on......I need this accountability...thinking now that I may just be a closet eater and admitting what I eat forces me to think before I eat....we can do this.

BearCountryGG on 07/21/2017:
Horn of plenty.......you did get a great deal on the dresses..I've never tried groupon....will ck that out.

BearCountryGG - Wednesday Jul 19, 2017
(intuitive eating, and or calorie counting)
Weight: 252.0

Good morning, I'm up early and sipping the coffee...trying to decide what to have for breakfast....I plan to spend the day at home cleaning and tending flowers, also have a fountain type water feature to put together for the back deck, need to get at that before the summer is over...LOL...Need to get the chicken thighs out to defrost for later.  Now to wake up with the caffeine and watch a little world news....then breakfast.  Hope everyone has a great active low cal day!

Breakfast=coffee, toast with butter and peanut butter, and ham.....high protein breakfasts always stick with me longer and since it is a high calorie one too I plan to not snack at all this morning (unless there is a low blood sugar problem).

Lunch= baked chicken, salad with croutons and dressing, lf cottage chei protein breakfast worked...was never even tempted to snack this morning.

Evening= lettuce, cucumber and pepper strips, cheese crackers and 3 mini 1 bite cookies....lots of water today..quite salty day.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 107 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/19/2017:
Good Plan to clean up the fridge….i am always waiting so long before I scrub it….mine really doesn’t get too messy just usually some small messes from fruit / veg in the bins and once in awhile gets sticky from any prepared foods that I but into containers if I’m not careful….but I’m one person so the fridge doesn’t get so messy thankfully! Lol…back to you….you must have a packed fridge (like my parents) if you are finding those rotten things lol….it’s ok…you are cleanin’ it up! I’m the opposite, always runnin’ out of food like fruit & veg!

Wahoo to your scale dropping! How awesome!! That is a BIG encouragement for me, too. I am weighing extremely low some mornings lately – I think I’m actually losing muscle. I do not go to the gym as often & my clothes haven’t changed in the fit….it’s so weird!

Oh yeah, weightloss will def help with movement and being lighter and more agile on your feet as well as flexibility. Less fat around your legs (I am speaking from my experience) makes it also easier for me to sit & lie in more positions and cross my legs easier. All is GOOD!

BUT IF YOU WANT TO FEEL REALLY FULL, just eat more veg. Make VEGGIES the basis of your meal with smaller sides of the meat & carbs and always still a little fat at least some olive oil here and there and you’ll have the ability to FEEL FULL from the volume of the veggies but NOT gain weight. The fullness feeling will subside as you digest the big meal….of mostly cooked veggies is what I do….and the ONLY side affect that you may have to get used to if you adopt eating extra veggies like I do is some extra gas due to digestion of more fibrous / veggie type things….but I have learned to deal since I’m single it doesn’t bother me but I’m beginning to realize that I’d also deal with it and my partner would get used to it here and there if I were in a relationship. I wish to be in one lately…I’m 34.

Also ways to feel full include drinking flavored seltzers (I flavor mine extra with stevia) after meals…as well as having a lighter end coffee (with a lil milk but not too much sweetener if you add) with breakfast so you can fill your stomach after eating. Herbal teas work well too to help you feel full after a smaller portion.

I also like to have small sweet snacks here and there to raise my blood sugar especially if it’s before the gym – typical is a 150 cal snack of a granola type bar or cookies. 200 cal AT MOST & usually more around 100 cal – 150 cal… I love waking up with caffeine too…it’s such an addictive thing…I’m glad I do not consume as much as I used to…it was very unhealthy the way I’d consume whole bottles of Monster energy drinks (sugar free but ample caffeine and chemicals) before my workouts. I could never sleep. Now I do, even if I wake I can fall back to sleep after an evening of a workout…it’s so much better & took years for me to learn how not to have to rely on caffeine and how to get a better sleeping schedule – it still needs work but it’s better….)…

….yeah same here, I always need some protein in my breakfast or I’m hungry in an hour…but lately with more sleep, I am adapting….and my appetite has changed. It’s not as crazy as it used to be in the mornings. Or maybe I just have good snacks and sf candies that I’m used to and I’m used to my schedule / routine….and it’s easier now bc it’s become a routine.

Take care BCGG!

oh, great picture...i love your long blonde hair!!!!! is it blonde???

i would love long blonde hair but i tried it once and couldn't maintain that dyed color, so i chopped it into a pixie ;)

thinnside40 on 07/19/2017:
Going down in the number(s)....WHOOPWHOOP! (that's a good thing coming from me, not a whoopteedoo type comment :) ) I love flower gardening and tending to my yard. I live at my childhood home and it's a pleasure to be able to see things grow and come back year after year that my mom planted and tend to the same gardening space dad did. I miss them dearly, but am blessed by their surroundings.

BearCountryGG on 07/19/2017:
Horn of Plenty...lots of great tips there, thanks for the help...and about the hair...not blonde...GREY....A few years ago I had almost black hair....tried to keep it dyed dark...but as it grew in I had to keep dealing witth that grey stripe on the hop of my head...way too obvious....So I let it grow out and now it is completely carefree, should have just done that sooner. Thinside40....your parents must have planted perennials...how neat...I also miss my parents, lost my Dad 10 years ago and my Mom 2 years ago. I don't think missing them will ever go away...I keep some of their favorite things and also grandparents favorite things around where I can see them daily...it helps.

thinnside40 on 07/19/2017:
I will say I had to re-read your comment to me.... YOU DO NOT look 67! I too have long hair. It's down to my bum currently. This year I've let my bangs grow out as well. An adjustment after having short hair most of my life. My dad was a barber for 38 years. Mom always had short-short hair. After they passed in 2012, I've let it grow with maintenance trims. I feel way more feminine. Get a hankering to cut it all off from time to time, but know I'll regret it.

BearCountryGG on 07/19/2017:
Thank you for saying I don't look my age...I have to remember to tell my husband that...LOL....I too love long hair because it just seems more girly to me too...I have never been one to conform or go with the crowd...it's not against the law..LOL.I have friends that think I should cut it...I tell them to just not look at it if it bothers them so much..actually my hair grows so fast I have to cut it every other week if I want to keep it short and I can't be bothered,,

BearCountryGG - Tuesday Jul 18, 2017
(intuitive eating, and or calorie counting)
Weight: 252.2

Well....Had a night full of really weird vivid dreams but I am finally awake today....todays plan is to empty things in the fridge and scrub it out..and replace those worth keeping...yesterday hubby found bad apples and lemons...so my guess is that is only the tip of the iceberg....also doing a really good cleaning of the bedroom and a few loads laundry.  Scales dropped a tad this morning so that was encouraging.

Breakfast = coffee, 1 hash brown patty and 1 sausage link

Got the fridge cleaned out...and tossed a lot.....then went shopping and replaced it with a lot of fresh stuff.......washing laundry moving right along too....making up for sleepy yesterday.  I've been working on eating smaller quantities for several days now...and I guess it kicked in yesterday...because today I don't want quantity either...in fact I can bend easier and just feel better....flash back to the old days when I was thin....didn't want a quantity of food then either....the last several years have been a binge fest..and I see where it got me............thick headed I guess.  Hopefully I can close that chapter and eat sparingly from now on.....guess there is no need to be stuffed 3 times a day eh?

Snack= needed to get some sugar I ( low glucose)...so had 4 or 5 bite size cookies, still working on A.M. coffee...found 2 bottles of juice in fridge ( diet cranberry and v8 green juice)...will be working on those all day too.

Lunch = 1 T. peanut butter and a mini bag of crackers

Dinner=ham, red pepper, cucumber and a toasted bagel with butter and whipped cream cheese

Evening snack=banana and grapes

Progress as of today: 1.8 lbs lost so far, only 107.2 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 07/18/2017:
Kick ass and take names! I like it. Did my measurements this morning. Your turn!

BearCountryGG - Tuesday Jul 18, 2017
(intuitive eating, and or calorie counting)
Weight: 252.2

Thought I would add a picture so you ladies know who you are talking too!

Progress as of today: 1.8 lbs lost so far, only 107.2 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG - Sunday Jul 16, 2017

Weight: 0.0

Well....now with the new known diet requirements in place for my hubby...I have become a short order cook.....LOL......I now prepare 2 different meals at 2 different times of the day for each of us..3 times a day..He;s getting newly purchased food for the most part and I'm eating basically what is in the pantry until it's gone...and then I will be eating whatever he has with my addition of added sugars to keep mine in check..  So yesterday and already this morning I am removing things from the kitchen that might tempt him....He is turning 69 next month and I want to keep him around for a long time.  It's odd how we both come from homes of diabetic parents, yet I'm just the opposite while he  got the bad genetics...........oh well....on with life...we both need to lose weight...so we are working together to figure it all out. 

Breakfast = quaker medley  oatmeal with peaches and almonds and coffee

Actually its a good thing that I'm using up the foods that have been stored..I've already found 2 leaking jars this morning........(straight to the garbage).

A.M. Snack=protein bar and zero cal drink powder in water

Lunch=lettuce, red peppers and cucumber salad w/dressing, pasta salad, smoked sausage, tea, chocolate

Dinner=cheese and crackers and lots of water

happy-1 on 07/17/2017:
I'm doing the same thing... i pulled out an underbed storage chest and put everything I need to use up in it... but it turned out to be an awful lot...

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/17/2017:
Good Morning BCGG!

Good to hear that shortly you both will be eating more SIMILAR foods because that’s a lot easier sounding to what you are doing now, you Short Order Chef! Haha I have done so much research myself on what to eat and sugar substitutes like the leaf Stevia. I use the extract ALL THE TIME!

Lately I’m in love, on the weekends, with hot cereal for breakfast also. I love it – and love the extra sugars and all. It wakes me up and is so pleasant and sweet. I sweeten it with my stevia and sometimes honey. I make it with the light almond milk (like 30 cal per cup type) and sometimes add cinnamon and lately I make a very rich oatmeal by adding in two tablespoons of whipped peanut butter.

Are they glass jars? How are they leaking? They cracked? I’m intrigued to know how this happened? As I never heard of leaking jars!

Lunch is sounding so good! I love my veggies except for that “time of the month” when my body doesn’t prefer extra volume…lol. Glad that it’s over and I am back to eating my veggies this week! Have a great day!

BearCountryGG on 07/17/2017:
They were glass jars, 2 of them were in bins and had tipped over on their sides...the other 2 were standing upright....tossed all of them

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