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BearCountryGG - Monday Oct 15, 2018
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 183.8

Another rainy day but I'm awake and in a pretty good mood ................................lots to get done today.....I swear...the more you have...the more you have to take care of...more minimizing today...that bag in the car isn't filling up fast enough right now to drop off....so I will add a lot more today.  Clothes continue to no longer fit...but many just need to be tossed out...from too much wear...which is pretty neat in itself...it's always nice to know that I got my moneys worth out of them.  Kind of a funny bin of clothes I dug out the other day...it appears I went through a aqua/light blue phase.....I swear...practically everything in there was in those shades.....what was I thinking?  I guess I could wear most of them around the house.....that struck me as funny.

Went down the basement yesterday and was reminded that I have about 50 bins and boxes down there from my parents house and the move from our old house.....I really have no idea what is in them now since it has been several years since I have been in them..............looks like a lot of work.......but I have to get busy on those soon....we do have plenty of funiture down there to make up a family room area with 2 tables for crafts or sorting or anything really......stored stuff that hasn't been seen in years is quite a mixture of "I wondered where that went" and "why did I keep that"....................

coffee = 0

no fat plain yogurt = 0



Peanut butter





Meat loaf

Diet cola

Still within points

Progress as of today: 72 lbs lost so far, only 38.8 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/15/2018:
Minimizing is fun for me too...except whenever i minimize, i feel like all the junk builds right up again :)

BearCountryGG on 10/16/2018:
I agree...it's a never ending battle.

happy-1 on 10/15/2018:
Wish it was raining here! Obnoxiously bright and not a cloud in the sky.

I haven't gotten all the wear out of my clothes... I've gone up and down sizes too much. Proud of you.

I save cotton, flannel, and wool for emergency supplies.


BearCountryGG on 10/16/2018:
One thing I'm finding is that anything with elastic in them may no longer be usable......it does deteriorate....I'm saving some for rags.

BearCountryGG - Sunday Oct 14, 2018
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 183.8

We were just having a nice peaceful Sunday....when I decided to add our info into the DEATH CLOCK!!!!   

Now that is an experience in shock and promises to do better.....................just leaving this here./....if this doesn"t cause us to do even better...even faster...nothing will.

That is all I have for today!

Progress as of today: 72 lbs lost so far, only 38.8 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2018:
ummm, DEATH CLOCK!???

BearCountryGG on 10/14/2018:
Yup...just google it...there are several of them out there...add m/f, height, weight, BMI ( there is a calculator there for that), your outlook on life, and it tells you when you are most likely going to die...….it pretty much says it all....looks like BMI and attitude about life are the most important aspects ( of course the BMI is made up of weight to height)….apparently these are what Life insurance companies use to figure out life expectancy ( I'm sure that current health issue play a part for the real ones too)

BearCountryGG on 10/14/2018:
They all do guage things a bit differently....but I will say that while the obviously can't be very accurate....and are probably good for a reminder only as far as accuracy goes.....it did make us think...….( smoking/non smoking was also asked)..we don't smoke so I forgot that one.....but it is a very good reminder about BMI and how it affects our health and life span....you can play around with it and try it on different settings....and it does make a difference.

happy-1 on 10/14/2018:
Or a bus could hit you tomorrow. Or you could win the lottery.

BearCountryGG on 10/15/2018:

BearCountryGG - Saturday Oct 13, 2018
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 183.8

Snow and rain yesterday........very busy day today.....so this will be short.


2 cups coffee = 0

2 scrambled eggs = 0

3 Kodiak protein pancakes = 5

1 T. Mrs Buttersworth lite syrup = 1

10 sprays of I Can't Believe it's not Butter = 0


I thought it would be hard to give up making pancakes swim in syrup......but it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.......basically it's about getting used to eating them plain for the most part..... only 1 really had syrup...and it was just fine.





potato casserole


Progress as of today: 72 lbs lost so far, only 38.8 lbs to go!

Donkey on 10/13/2018:
Snow already? We just had our first heavy frost this morning. That's cold enough for me!

I have a lined windbreaker that I wore to work on Friday. On my lunchtime walk, I realized I'm going to need to get out an actual winter coat.

BearCountryGG on 10/13/2018:
It's 38 here this morning.....yesterday I missed the snow because I was in the grocery store....but D saw it...by the time I got outside..it had turned to rain.....it does seem early to me too......but the trees are dropping leaves...and I can once again see the road from the house...( I like that)…..

Maria7 on 10/13/2018:
Wow, you are really getting cold weather!

BearCountryGG on 10/14/2018:
Winter is here....

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2018:
since the syrup is only one point, maybe use 1 more point so two pancakes can have syrup?

also, everything things soooo tasty! :)

i am freaking out about the cold weather...today is our first day in the 50s...so cold i have turned the heater on!...first day with it on because it was 67 in my apt and that i consider VERY cold!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2018:
so...i've learned recently there's a thousand ways to make brownies :)

happy-1 on 10/14/2018:
I am partial to unsweetened apple butter with heavy cinnamon on my pancakes... but that's me.

BearCountryGG - Friday Oct 12, 2018
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 183.8

Todays plans are to rearrange the kitchen....When I moved up here 4 years ago.....I left the kitchen set up the way D had set it up....but I didn't want to offend him at the time...and I left it that way...but it really doesn't work for me...so today...I switch things around......this kitchen is small...just a fraction of the one we had in the past......I can not say I like this little kitchen but that is the way it is......Today I will make it work for me. Hope D isn't offended....but I've got to do what I've got to do......this kitchen makes me grumpy!


2 cups coffee = 0

1 Umpqua oats (the one called JACKPOT)= 10 ( way too many points but I will use what is on hand)

Got a lot done in kitchen and then decided to go get groceries....it snowed...and then rained........

Came home and reheated yestrerdays leftover chili...and had dessert....rest of day will be zero point foods.....busy weekend so not sure if I will be online....will try...


Progress as of today: 72 lbs lost so far, only 38.8 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2018:
At least D is retired and so i think he'll be more apt to relax about how you want to rearrange the kitchen :) maybe tell him it'll work better for you BOTH!

i cannot believe i'm reading "SNOW" ahhhh!

happy-1 on 10/14/2018:
OMG... Snow. It was in the 80s here today. I'd love some snow.

happy-1 on 10/14/2018:
OMG... Snow. It was in the 80s here today. I'd love some snow.

BearCountryGG - Thursday Oct 11, 2018
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 183.8

Trying out a box of Kodiak protein pancakes today  and while I usually do best holding off on breakfast until I'm hungry....this breakfast will be high in protein and I'm curious how long it sticks with me.  Raining for the umpteenth day in a row...and the plumber that we have been waiting for, for a loooong time called and said he will get here today....things work verrrry slowly in northern lower Michigan.......I keep forgetting that I'm not in the BIG city anymore...and that life just moves at a super slow pace here...I wonder if I will ever adjust to this...it's been almost 4 years and I'm still shocked at how slow the pace is.  Scales are exactly the same...so I will be trying things in different ways to see what works.

4 kodiak high protein pancakes ( a serving is actually 3 pancakes)

spray butter

1/8 cup aunt Jemima lite syrup

2 microwave scrambled eggs

2 cups coffee

I'm not used to being this full this early in the morning.........but I only used a fraction of the syrup that I used to use but was satisfied none the less.  Also....the serving on the box was 3 for 190 calories...and I had 4...again out of the ordinary...not really liking being this full but all is well. testing ...testing...I have plenty of points left for the day.

Turned into a very vusy morning.....plumber and his helper showed up...and when they left the guy that wull reroute some water away from the barn showed up to give an estimate....so lunch was a fast and easy one...chili

Protein pancakes and 2 eggs stuck with me for 5 hours...which is really good...so the protein was working a it should.

1 pm is chili ( homemade)

a few swedish fish candies...need to hide these from myself......if I have ever bee addicted to anything in my life it would be these.

Used all of my points.....so the rest of the day must be zero foods

Progress as of today: 72 lbs lost so far, only 38.8 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 10/11/2018:
how were those tasty kodiak pancakes!? yum!

AWESOME breakfast!!!!!!!!

seems still good calories with a fourth cake assuming you followed the portion! yum yum.

i may buy these :)

BearCountryGG on 10/11/2018:
They were good...very good...just add water...D doesn't want me to make pancakes for him any more because of his diabetes ( we used to eat them a lot over the many previous years)...so it has been a very long time since we had them......I told him last night I had this box that was going to expire so he agreed to have them for breakfast...and we both enjoyed them...super fast...1 cup of mix to 1 cup of water……..I think I will be making them up and freezing them in portions of 3....190 cals for 3 I not bad...and in th future...fruit, cool whip.....so many things could be used to top them...I'm interested to see if his sugar numbers go up.

BearCountryGG on 10/11/2018:
I can also see other uses for these....you could roll up fresh fruit in them as a snack using leftovers...they are pliable...and not at all crumbly or anything....

Donkey on 10/11/2018:
A big breakfast could hold you until an early supper, perhaps :)

BearCountryGG on 10/11/2018:
It might...I have no desire at all to eat...…….I'm not usually a breakfast person...though I have been eating mall breakfasts usually...I can easily wait until 1 pm or even later...but breakfast sometimes makes me more hungry all day.....so far...so good...and it was very satisfying I will say...it's been along time since I have had pancakes.

BearCountryGG on 10/11/2018:
not MALL...small!!!

BearCountryGG on 10/11/2018:
although mall breakfasts do bring back memories...LOL Used to love food courts...LOL

graindart on 10/11/2018:
You have your fish, I have my Sour Patch Kids. Love those. Will eat all of the red, orange, blue out of the bag and leave the green / yellow for the girls. And since I can't seem to control myself once the package is opened, I don't buy them right now.....

BearCountryGG on 10/11/2018:
I understand that.....unfortunately I bought a case of these things online...and it is bigger than I thought it would be.....

BearCountryGG - Wednesday Oct 10, 2018
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 183.8

 Stayed up late and woke up early....so I'm guessing it will probably be a low key day around here....D is really chatty this morning.........and in a super happy mood..and he is talking LOUD,.... and he is following me around......I'm just trying to process...LOL  

weeklies left = 39

dailies = 23

2 cups coffee = 0

8 a.m.

1 1/4 cup Kix cereal = 4

1/2 cup silk unsweetened vnilla almond milk = 0

Just washed my hair....and D calls me on the phone to come outside...OK...he needs me to hold the ladder while he blows leaves out of the eave troughs...right onto the top of my head...so much for washing my hair......he is really being annoying today.....apparently the feeling is mutual...he made the whaaaa whaaaa noise a couple of times...LOL  


tortellini, ground beef and tomatoes = 17


2 small apples = 0

sparkling Ice zero cal = 0


water...lots of it


Progress as of today: 72 lbs lost so far, only 38.8 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 10/10/2018:
Lol sounds the two of you need some space soon!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha like some cabin fever!

sorry your washing of the hair did not last for long!

BearCountryGG on 10/10/2018:
YES....and I can still smell the stinky leaves....UGH!!

BearCountryGG - Tuesday Oct 09, 2018
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 183.8

First week of WW down and the scales were Very Happy this morning ...shockingly happy...but that is typical for WW in the first week...and I was holding onto a lot of water...so I know it's not all real weight....but I am happy to be seeing some really nice new numbers.

This past week was firmly rooted in WW theory...and so far I'm in the groove with it.....no need to shake things up now.

We continue with the rains and are just happy that it hasn't been snow instead....we would be snowed in already if  that had been the case....and the trees are absolutely beautiful.  

Exercise has been increased over the last few days to about an hour per day doing a variety of things and I'm making good use of the equipment we have.

Not hungry so just starting the day with my 2 cups coffee.

EDIT.......I'm about to burst......both grandsons started their own  businesses in their early 20's and have built them into great successes, oldest grandson age 27 just in the last few days has taken a HUGE leap of faith and purchased a building for a scary amount of $ to build his business ...and when I say scary...I mean scary..................These boys were raised by 2 parents that had major health issues......their Dad ( our youngest son had a closed head injury from a motorcycle accident when these boys were young...and their mom has a rare form of muscular dystrophy)....but they were raised to be fearless and go out there and achieve their dreams.........it has served them well.....they watched as D and I ran our construction business and they learned at the knee of some fearless men who worked hard and played hard and they are carrying on the tradition.......I won't be talking about this anywhere but here and this is most likely the last time I say it here too......I am so proud of these young men and I'm especially proud of being a part of raising them into the great humans that they have become...they will forever be my grandbabies...no matter how big they get..........They aren't afraid to go out into the world and live their dreams and I am just bursting with pride over their desire to do that.........enough of that...I'm getting hungry...time to plan my breakfast.

23 dailies

42 weeklies


2 cups coffee = 0


2 eggs scrambled in the microwave = 0 and

2T guacamole added to the eggs after cooking = 2


roasted corn = 0

peppers sauteed = 0

olive oil  1T. = 4

2 ounces polish kielbasa = 6

4 potato/cheddar pierogies = 6


18 used so far

6:30 P.M.

2 small apples

1 jif to go peanut Butter = 8


used all of my dailies plus 3 of my weeklies....things didn't add up so I went back and realized that I had misscounted the olive oil...so now I'm over my dailies and into my weeklies which I didn't want to do today...but no harm done...just a math mess up.  Done eating for the day...will be drinking water tonight.

Progress as of today: 72 lbs lost so far, only 38.8 lbs to go!

graindart on 10/09/2018:
I officially hate you (just kidding). Even if I didn't eat a single piece of food for a week, I don't think I could drop that much weight that quickly.

Glad to see the major change in the scale number for your weigh-in.

We've been getting a little rain mixed with a very little bit of snow lately. Last night was raining a bit and it's sitting right around the freezing point. Don't know if the roads are going to be wet or icy first thing this morning.

BearCountryGG on 10/09/2018:
Part of that was water...LOL....But sometimes when I really shake things up....it turns out really really well...it will slow down now.

BearCountryGG on 10/09/2018:
The 1st wk on WW always seems to have this result......I'm actually not sure why...but it always drops to 1 or 2 pounds most weeks after.

Donkey on 10/09/2018:
Wow! Now my minimalist WW friend IRL will want to know if you are following the new WW philosophy or the old WW point method. Or a combo of both? (I am curious too, if you are taking questions...)

That's very impressive about your grandsons' accomplishment! Success comes with risk, i.e. sometimes you have to take chances to reach your goals. Good for them - and I can tell that you are very, very proud :)

BearCountryGG on 10/09/2018:
Hi Donk......the new philosophy was just added to the freestyle point system that started earlier...so the points have stayed exactly the same as it was....now...you do declare a weigh in day ( I'm online)...but you can get on your scales anytime you want...I think you have to declare a weigh in day just so they know when to turn over the new weeks points....you yes...new philosophy and old freestyle points....sure I will take questions......I don't feel like I have to keep anything about them a secret. And yup...proud Grandma here....but then I have always been proud of them.

happy-1 on 10/09/2018:
I’m proud of you for founding a dynasty. That takes a lot of hardcore parenting, providing, and wifing.

BearCountryGG on 10/09/2018:
They just did the work...I was their cheerleader...LOL

horn_of_plenty on 10/09/2018:
you are doing splendidly lately, have you noticed!? overall, many members on our site are doing exceedingly well (including Donkey!)

glad to hear the snow hasn't started just yet!

WOW such success at such young ages! Congrats to you and your grandsons! very happy to hear of their success!!

BearCountryGG on 10/09/2018:
Yes to everything!!! I also have noticed that there is lots of encouraging new goals being worked on here.....if we all keep up this pace we will have a super successful winter.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/10/2018:
YES...let's keep our heads up.

Usually the past couple Winters especially, were a challenge especially emotionally but this season is going to fly be fore me because i added in a trip in January :)

let's bring each other up this year so we can show Mother Nature our own strengths!

BearCountryGG - Thursday Oct 04, 2018
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 191.8

And the rain and wind continue...power came back on....so all of the things I had planned for yesterday need to be done today......Never did get on exercycle yesterday......I need to start a exercise habit that is scheduled...because I know I will keep putting it off......short frequent increments will be the plan for today....I need to set up the ww scale and fitbit today too so the fitbit will make the weekly ww imposed exercise goal better.......I feel good and noticed that I wasn't wheezing last night...this time of year that has been a problem for a long time...........As usual when I join/rejoin/etc..WW...food suddenly becomes  less about eating food and more about figuring points of food.....I'm still in the uninterested in eating phase...but I know from past experience..that it will pass and I will eventually get back to wanting to eat again...it always happens.......but while I'm more interested in figuring points than eating...I will take advantage of that and continue to add new things before I count them especially for breakfasts. ..I'm committed to using what is on hand...so I will just work it all in and make use of the zero point things at the same time.  

43 weeklies left

23 dailies



coffee = 0

Nature Valley crunchy oats and honey bars pkg = 7



16 dailies left

Spent the WHOLE morning setting the scale up.......still need to see if it synced with WW


16 dailies left and 42 weeklies

Ended up testing something out...and I'm overfull.....I know better than to eat that much...but I wanted to see how long it sticks with me.

1 cup lettuce = 0

2 T guac = 2

1 leftover brat = 7

1/2 cup peas and carrots = 0

6 cauliflower tots = 4

knorr chicken/rice side = 8

1 diet vernors = 0



used all of my dailies and 5 of my weeklies

38 weeklies left


banana = 0

Exercycle 15 minutes




Progress as of today: 64 lbs lost so far, only 46.8 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 10/04/2018:
you are sooo right, the propoganda stuck with the supersizing. really, the oatmeal should still be 150 cal and eaten along with protein or other things...but we think a meal now is supposed to be a giant bowl of carbs....meals are not as balanced anymore.

that's why i balance them myself using veggies :) the only way for me! not all my meals are this way of course, but usually 1x per day, workdays, it feels so good to fill up on a big meal that includes a larger portion of veggies to help round out the meal.

yup, only way i get the exercise in is by implementing a semi-permanent schedule. my exercise is always planned and you see i give myself some leeway on getting it done..sometimes putting it off to the next day...but after that leeway is gone or i'm using it too much, it bothers me and i tend to start making an even better attempt to stick with my plans better.

i'm glad you aren't suffering as much allergy season-wise.

BearCountryGG on 10/04/2018:
I'm finding that after my noon meal...that I don't care about food much...so I at a bigger lunch today...will see how that goes.

Donkey on 10/04/2018:
Ooo, have fun setting up your new toys -- I mean, tools! ;) Getting new gadgets can be very motivating too!

Strap the fitbit to your shoelaces or strap on your shoes while you ride the bike. You will get a better accounting of your "steps" for your activity time!

BearCountryGG on 10/04/2018:
good idea....LOL is that cheating???? I also know that since I love my rocking chair....I watch tv and rock away...my guess is I had better take it off then......rocking chair/tv time is my stress reliever.

BearCountryGG on 10/04/2018:
It is taking all day...…….syncing this and syncing that and charging this and setting up that and downloading this and you get the picture......LOL

Maria7 on 10/06/2018:
Happy for you over your progress.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/08/2018:
BCGG how are you! come back :)

BearCountryGG - Wednesday Oct 03, 2018
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 191.8

I LOVE the RAIN!!   Just saying.  Up and ready to meet the day.....went in search of a breakfast that looked warm and tasty for this cool wet day...and found a Cream of wheat on the go container so I microwaved it....and then counted........it is 10 points!!!!  Definately not worth buying again......I know I have more of them and I will use them but way too high in the points/calorie areas.........but everything is allowed on WW so this too shall be used.

Dailies = 23

weeklies = 42

weeklies left = 41

2 coffees = 0

cream of wheat cinna apple on the go cup = 10

2 coffee = 0

1 med banana = 0


10 used

13 points left for day plus 41 weeklies if I want to use them

Planning to step up the exercycle today...ww wants me to use 32 exercise points and yesterday's 15 minutes only earned 2...so I definately need to step that way up........good...I need that pressure.

Well...the thunder storm is raging...and I'm in my element....I love storms...the louder and darker the better.....and the power went out...so the back up generator is on.....but although I probably could...I don't turn on major appliances like washer/dryer/dishwasher at these times...it could be minutes or it could be days...and it runs off of our propane tank.....so i will get some simple things done in the meantime...even if it is laundry day.......plus...it is so dark in here we need lights to even walk through rooms........the only worry in times like this is trees falling on the house......we don't have a lawn ( on purpose)....and the forrest comes right up to about 6 feet from the house.............so other than that little detail......we are loving the storm.


1 Johnsonville smoked brat = 7

1 1/2 cups lettuce = 0

2 mini peppers = 0

6 green giant cauliflower tots = 4  tasty....but a huge amt of ingredients.....

1 diet vernors ginger ale = 0


11 used


2 dailies left

41 weeklies left

I like the lower amt of leftover points better today than yesterday....last night I had to go looking for some things to use up some points even though I wasn't that hungry...and then miscalculatd and went over by 1 point ( so took that from weeklies).

I am allowed to leave 4 dailies each day...that will then roll over into the weeklies....need to keep that in mind.


banana = 0

2 dailies left.........they will roll over to weeklies tomorrow

41 weeklies left

UPS brought the scale and fitbit today.....ned to get those st up probably tomorow.

Progress as of today: 64 lbs lost so far, only 46.8 lbs to go!

Donkey on 10/03/2018:
Yowza! 10 points! I'd be interested to know, in your opinion, if you feel/felt this (cream of wheat) really held your hunger at bay or not. How far does 10 points take you through the day? Did you feel full all morning? Or just regular/normal? Or did you feel very hungry by lunchtime? I'm just curious :) I never would have suspected this to have that many points! Better knowledge = better choices.

BearCountryGG on 10/03/2018:
The saving grace for me today is that there are over 200 zero point WW foods...so I will be ok....but that is an awful lot of points...and while I will use up what is here...I will not buy it again...….it's a zing because of the carbs....I'm sure that the WW freestyle program is trying to lead us to low carb...It's 9:30 now and i'm full....and I suspect it will hold me until noon.....

BearCountryGG on 10/03/2018:
I get 23 dailies and 42 weeklies for anytime...….actually I did get hungry around 10:30...but didn't eat until noon.....handy...but not worth the points.

horn_of_plenty on 10/03/2018:
there must be a lot of sugar in the cream of wheat? is it flavored...i read donkeys comment so now i'm interested.

BearCountryGG on 10/03/2018:
22 sugars and 51 carbs WOW...….I do have a couple of boxes that you cook...of the plain type ( I bought it for D...but he won't eat it)...so I'm sure those will be a bit better.

Maria7 on 10/03/2018:
Congratulations on your new much lower number! Yayyyyy!

BearCountryGG on 10/03/2018:
Thank you!

graindart on 10/03/2018:
I've been eating some instant packs of flavored oatmeal lately to break up the boredom. It fits into my calorie allowance as long as I only eat one per day. Actually just got back from the store where I purchased some fruit flavored ones. Looked at the cream of wheat ones, but decided on oatmeal. Just ate a peaches / cream one and it wasn't that great. Hopefully the other flavors are better.

BearCountryGG on 10/03/2018:
I like the instant oatmeal packets...they are definitely less calories....but it does turn out that those ones in the microwaveable cups are a lot more calories....I think the packets are a better deal.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/03/2018:
yeah, cereal is of course so tasty but most of it is really "dessert" rather than a meal...i love the tastes of all of the cereals too, but get rather hungry right after eating them.

BearCountryGG on 10/04/2018:
Yup....dry cereal especially is high in sugar...candy like....and high in added nutrition....but it does seem to cause more hunger......but at least it can be used as a dessert supplement...that at least does have nutrition......

Horn_of_plenty on 10/04/2018:
some of the cereals now sold in microwavable paper "cups" are like a double portion ... 300 cals they can be and all sugar. such a disappointment...so sad nobody decided to just go and make them with stevia!

BearCountryGG on 10/04/2018:
I swear....back in the day before fast food places started supersizing...we actually ate a serving and was happy with that......now we have a tendency to think supersizing is an actual serving...….propaganda that stuck...in a bad way.

BearCountryGG - Tuesday Oct 02, 2018
(Between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day)
Weight: 191.8

Raining...Raining...Raining....but I LOVE the rain...it would be even better with some thunder and lightening.......

Hanging around the house anyway...because our plumber said he would be here to switch out some bathroom faucets the middle of this week.......D is here to deal with him anyway........need to get out one day this week to get some kind of containers for the big garage freezer....things keep wanting to slide out and fall on the floor......UGH....the only other freezer we had in the past was a chest type...that had it's own problems with things hiding at the bottom that never do get reached ...it is a lot easier to find things in this one...but they keep wanting to escape...LOL


2 cups coffee = 0

2 scrambled eggs = 0

EXERCYCLE = 15 minutes

Stepping up all of my efforts.....across the board.......

In the last 3 years I have been feeling sorry for myself over the lack of Weight Watcher meeting places up here( I got spoiled......when we had an apartment downstate while I was caring for my Mom around 2012...I was so close to a WW meeting place I could walk to it...just a few hundred feet away from the apartment complex...i had sidewalks and a courtyard to walk around...until I was stalked by 3 guys....and also found out that some guy was watching people through a telescope in the courtyard and he was not to be trusted either.......so I stopped walking there...and quit WW)....I have started and stopped Ww more times than I care to admist...if I even knew the number...I have no idea...........I once had great success losing 55 pounds with a great group at WW....and so I keep returning...hoping to get that connection between program and my head together again.  I swore just a few wks/months ago...I would never join again....HAHA...I guess the joke is on me......I'm still not going to meetings because they are so far away...through national forrests with no phone reception...and many miles of desolate forrest.....in the dark no less........But..............

This week WW is totally upending their program........it won't we Weight Watchers anymore...it will be WW (wellness works I believe)...they will no longer be having meetings....with leaders....it is now referred to as a studio workshop...and will have people called wellness coaches.....personally...if the meetings are changing...I probably wouldn't want to go anyway...so that appealed to my inability to attend.....I liked that better......I no longer feel sorry for myself...LOL...I don't want to go to a studio...LOL...they are taking the emphasis off weight loss...and putting it on health and wellness.....personally...I mainly used them in the past as a forced weigh in...like many others...that kept us going back...and made us willing to do what it took to lose.

Apparently Thursday is the day that the whole new program rolls out...........I'm fascinated...I have never been pushed in any class in the past to exercise...it was always about food and weigh in.

I have never had one of their scales or a fitbit electronically connected through my iphone to WW....we just got wifi this summer........I started looking at all of this in a different way yesterday.........I could change my habits across the board......concentrate on weight loss, clean up my food, exercise etc.......electronically in a way I have never done before.....and with no sadness about not going to meetings....

SO....I joined WW last night...and ordered a new FitBit and WW scale...that will send my Wt to them electronically.....fitbit also will be sent to my WW page......and I can enter food and anything i want  myself as well........I don't normally use my Iphone for much other than calls/texting/camera....but I guess that will change now....it's a new way for me to look at things...and that sounds like fun....so WW it is now for me...I signed on for 6 months....and that will be my new program........if I decide to go to a studio...then next april it will still be light then and i can go if desired without having to deal with driving in the dark on icy roads......by that time I will know rather or not that studio thing is even important to me....I will decide that then.  So between now nd next april...this is the plan.


2 mini peppers = 0

2 cups lettuce = 0

guacamole = 2

2 baked chicken wings = 3

baked fries =3 ounces = 4


no sugar applesauce = 3

Muscle Milk = 1

hummus/chickpea  crisps = 5

Think Thin high protein bar =6


used all of my dailies and 1 of my anytime points




Progress as of today: 64 lbs lost so far, only 46.8 lbs to go!

graindart on 10/02/2018:
Whatever works for you. It may not even be WW that works for you. Maybe it's just "change" and switching things up.

Earlier in this year I kept changing things up for 30 day blocks. Some of the changes worked well, while others didn't seem to provide any noticeable improvements. I was able to stay on track easier because I had a specified goal and it only lasted 30 days at a time. Now that I'm mentioning this, I think I need to go back to doing that again for myself.

BearCountryGG on 10/02/2018:
Agreed...whatever we can wrap our minds around is the way to go...lately I have been getting bored with the dieting....and I stopped exercising....I think this will make it more interesting again for me.

horn_of_plenty on 10/02/2018:
ohhh, this is interesting...the EXERCYCLE!

wow...that's quite a distance to travel just to go to a meeting...

yes, i do recall WW only being about the food intake, not exercise...it was always about the points, got that...

yeah, meetings are soooo not convenient for you, so you really shouldn't be sad you don't go!!!! the electronic stuff should be totally cool for you to delve into being you now even have the wifi going...

i totally understand that driving out to a studio is not convenient in the least for you and i wouldn't feel bad about that at all ! you gotta do what is more convenient and what makes sense in your own life :)

after all, the gym is located from me around 10-15 min drive...but...because of Winter, traffic, and working hours, i now work out at home! we are driven towards convenience...so i totally see why you made those decisions! :)

BearCountryGG on 10/02/2018:
Yup...I think this will keep me interested.

happy-1 on 10/02/2018:
Welcome to the world of fitbit!!!

BearCountryGG on 10/02/2018:
I have an old one...but I think this new one will be a lot better!!

Donkey on 10/02/2018:
This was such an exciting entry to read at work! I could hardly wait for dinner to be over and re-read so I could comment!

I had to chuckle at the "studio workshop" nomenclature, but hey, I admit that it sounds much more participatory than just a "meeting".

I agree with your "across the board" approach. That has worked for me, and you may find that doing some of the parts will help you do the others.

My fitbit has been invaluable to me in my journey.

bearcountrygg on 10/02/2018:
I think it will perk up my interest a bit. It did make me want to get on the Exercycle.

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