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Brett - Tuesday Sep 20, 2022
Weight: 159.0

 So is it true?  ddwebmaster or his kids are saying all you ladies desperately miss me and I must at least make a cameo appearance. J/K!   How is a everyone?  I am  still an undiscovered genius  getting lousy roles. enough to barely pay the bills.   My father has offered to put me through law school  and I am mulling it over.   Those entertainment attorneys are  making a lot more than I ever have.  

Progress as of today: 21 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

Brett on 09/20/2022:
This is weird. It appears as though when I went private on some entires, they all went private.

Jacky82020 on 09/20/2022:
Brett! Nice to see you. Looks like you met your goal weight and then some. Congrats!

I attended law school for a semester. Hated it! One of those crappy, although accredited schools, that admit any who can afford the tuition. They say the first year is the dullest. Much on contracts.

SomeFineDayToo on 09/21/2022:
Don’t flatter yourself, Mr. Hollywood. They wanted me back because all the girls missed having a man in the room and I’m 75. LOL

Donkey on 09/21/2022:
Actually, I have been thinking of you from time to time, when I watch TV. I'm wondering if you're one of the actors, perhaps a small speaking line or 2, or maybe an extra? (Pardon my extreme ignorance. I mean no offense. I have no idea how all of that works in show biz.)

I often think, What is practicing law but a drama performance in itself. I listen to my Boss on the phone, and how he performs to calm people down. When I watch actual court proceedings on TV or in real life, I see the lawyers slip into "acting mode" when they present their case. Outside the court room, they are just regular folks. I see Associate Attorney (former criminal defense) do this all the time. The Boss used to be a prosecutor, and he too can slip into a performance at any time.

Donkey on 09/21/2022:
PS "Cameo appearance" -- LOL, please do!

happy-1 on 09/21/2022:
Welcome back!

SomeFineDay on 09/21/2022:
You’re a real Hollywood actor? Have I seen you in anything? Are you on TV shows? Probably my old man knows you. All he does is watch TV. Wasn’t one of the old guys on Law and Order a real life lawyer? Forget his name. I think he was a politician too.

horn_of_plenty on 09/21/2022:
wait...i'm trying to remember...i do remember you....i believe...but i do not remember you doing acting at all...lol

Rainbow! on 09/24/2022:
We have an actor in our midst? Oh, do tell us more. HUGS

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