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CritterMom - Saturday Aug 01, 2009
(Healthy Eating, with Exercise)
Weight: 150.0

Down another two pounds in weight.  Haven't been back to my doc lately, to be hooked up to the machine that measures fat, muscle, etc, in pounds.  Hoping that more fat pounds have been exchanged for lean muscle pounds.  :)

Our 25 year old son came home to visit last weekend, after not seeing me since the end of May.  His first comment was "Wow, Mom!  You've lost a lot of weight.  Your face is so much thinner."  Have only lost 8 pounds since I saw him last, but maybe more fat is gone than the scale is showing.

I go back to the doc Aug 14.

Hope you're all doing well, and continuing to work out, in spite of the heat and rain that most of us have been getting.  I mowed our two acres with a push mower today at noon.  An hour and a half in the heat of the day.  What was I thinking?  LOL  Gotta strike when that inspiration hits ya!

Have a great weekend!

Progress as of today: 28 lbs lost so far, only 15 lbs to go!

halley on 08/01/2009:
Push mower? Two acres? Wow - that takes strength!

jon'smom on 08/01/2009:
Your doing great. Keep up the good work. Congrats on the 2lb lost:)

h82bfat on 08/02/2009:
Glad to see you posting again! Congrats on that 2 lbs! Isn't it great when someone notices too!!!

Soon2BThin on 08/02/2009:
Congrats on all the weight you have lost!! You're doing fantastic! Thanks for telling me all about your diet. I just finally got in here to read comments on my last entry back in June. Your diet sounds like just what I need. I am diabetic also. Not just pre. I'm trying to eat better now and hope I haven't done too much damage so far. I know what you mean by striking when the inspiration hits you. Good for you on all that mowing. Keep up the great work.

biscottibody59 on 08/02/2009:
Good going--keep up the good work!

Donkey on 08/03/2009:
OMGosh on the lawn mowing! You rock!!

CritterMom - Thursday Jul 09, 2009
(Healthy Eating, with Exercise)
Weight: 152.0

Losing weight is not about losing weight.  It is about being healthier and hopefully avoiding some of the health issues that are prevalent in my family...diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, and other diseases.   My grandfather, my mother, and my older brother all had type2 diabetes.  I was struggling to lose weight, and even though I was exercising and eating what I thought was a healthy diet, I was lucky to lose 1/2 pound a week.  I finally went to my doctor and said "HELP!"

We decided that I was probably insulin resistant...pre-diabetic.  This was causing a lot of my weight loss problems.  Because of my family history, I was put on a low-glycemic diet.  I am also gluten-intolerant (which I already knew), so was already eating a gluten-free diet. 

At first I thought..."just great!  I gave up so many foods because of gluten content, and now I have to give up half of what's left, because those are not low-glycemic".  I had a list of what I was supposed to eat, and just started doing it.  Surprise, surprise...I started to feel better, AND lose weight!

Just because I was raised to eat everything drowned in sauces and gravies, does not mean that I have to continue to eat that way.  I have chosen to eat simpler.  I eat LOTS of fresh fruits and colorful vegetables, lean meats and seafood, beans and legumes, and drink water...lots of water.   I have learned to season my food with herbs and or citrus fruits (a squeeze of fresh lime over broiled scallops is amazing).

I've given up caffeine.  My hot tea is now decaf.  No more milk in my hot tea...that was an adjustment, but I did it for my health.

This is not a "diet".  This is indeed a change in the way I will live the rest of my life.  I CHOOSE to be healthy.  I CHOOSE to eat what I should, and leave the rest alone.  I CHOOSE to walk 4 miles, three times a week, with my neighbors...and let me tell you that I am the youngest one of the bunch and have a time keeping up with them!  They choose to be healthy, too.

What do YOU choose to do with the rest of YOUR life???


Progress as of today: 26 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 07/09/2009:

Re: fruity picture ~ As I chose that for today's post all I could think about of how good it made me to just see those fresh vibrant colors..Just put a smile on my face & happiness appeared...Same goes for eating those same things in it actually helps one feel better when they are being healthy in the fruit/veggies choices....

Glad to hear that your doing well on your new pathway of healthy living!!!!!!!!!

Fattie2hottie on 07/09/2009:
Thank you for the comment you left on my diary! I enjoyed reading your entry, it gives me a lot to think about. Diabetes and heart disease runs in my family and me being a overweight teen is not helping. You have really inspired me to do better and to make better choices!! Thank you so much!! Hope you have a blessed day!!

selina on 07/10/2009:
Hi Critter, thanks for stopping by! You are doing so well, I'm very happy for you! Stay well and Happy Summer!

h82bfat on 07/10/2009:

biscottibody59 on 07/10/2009:
Glad to see you're still doing well with the program!

You're lucky to have a dr that you trust and who cares to see you through this wt loss--just curious was it a specialty dr (extra $$$ on your part) or just your regular dr?

I haven't tried the low glycemic diets--such as So Beach (like Donkey on here) or Sugar Busters (like GeeVee on here). They both had very good results--similar to yours. I do get the concept. But at this point I'm concentrating on getting myself in a groove of wt trng/regular exercise more than actual "dieting." (I can, however, see that it would benefit me in many ways and I will consider it--a few weeks probably wouldn't kill me to try--thanks for the suggestion.)

I don't have any food allergies, sensitivities (other than MSG) or outright dislikes, and I really like potatoes. I'm not willing to eliminate the foods I'd need to to follow this diet. At least at this moment. It's as simple as that. I'd be more inclined to follow a modified "Dean Ornish" type diet before I'd do a low-glycemic.

(I did go on a diet to lose my original 20 or so pounds, when I started out here on DDs. It was very doable. I've kept off those pounds now for a few years. So I'm not anti-diet:-)

Have a good one!

evaopala on 07/10/2009:
You go sister! Good on your for making some healthy, great life changing choices. I admire you!

nenak on 07/12/2009:
id like to be where you are.......im still trying. well doen you

CritterMom - Saturday Jun 20, 2009
(Healthy Eating, with Exercise)
Weight: 152.0

Been a very tough week (emotionally).  Saw our Newfoundland dog, Lucy, through two treatments for cystic ovaries.  Waiting to see if the treatment helps her.

Found out this evening that a Newf we had fostered for 11 months has died from bloat.  She was only 4 years old.  Meeka was a special needs dog.  She was born with curved femurs, which ruined her hips and knees and put horrible stress on her elbows.  She was literally retarded...very challenging to train.  It took months to housebreak her, and months more to teach her simple commands, but eventually she got the easier ones.  When we had done all we could to prepare her to live with a forever family, a newf rescue group adopted her out to the perfect family. They loved her dearly, in spite of her many handicaps.  They had her for almost two years.  Godspeed, sweet Meeka.  You will be missed.

Progress as of today: 26 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

Beth201P on 06/22/2009:
I am so sorry. I hope your pup is back healthy again. I love animals myself. I am always crying for a animal. Here we have a lot of people that just let their pets run lose and a lot of them don't make it across roads. So I am seeing a lot of animals dead and the really sad part is no one comes looking for their pet. Thank you for taking care of these dogs. Thanks for your comment. Yes I love my car. I have not gotten to drive it much, but I still love it. lol Well I better go. God Bless...Beth

nenak on 06/23/2009:
its just terrible when your pets are poorly.......hope shes better soon

CritterMom - Monday Jun 15, 2009
(Healthy Eating, with Exercise)
Weight: 152.0

Some people are interested in the low-glycemic diet I am on (doctor prescribed).  Here it is. 

This is basically a modified Mediterranean diet, but is also low-glycemic, so is what diabetic or pre-diabetic patients should be eating.  You need to know that it is also probably the most sensible diet for anyone who wants to be healthier, longer....AND it works.

Hope this helps someone else who is struggling to lose and just can't get the scale to budge.  That was me, in February.  I was walking 20+ miles a week, going to the gym, and eating sensibly (I thought), but could only lose 1/2 pound a week, at best. 

Since switching to this diet, I have now dropped 26 pounds since the end of Feb.  My doctor hooks me up to a machine which measures how many pounds of fat, muscle mass, etc are in my body.  When I started, I weighed 178, and a whopping 76.8 pounds was FAT!  Now I am down 26 pounds, with 21 of that being fat lost.  My metabolism is revved up.  My overall health has greatly improved.  This is a diet worth sticking to.

"Eat to survive.  Do not survive to eat."  This is a mindset I had to struggle to master.  Now I actually look forward to having grapefruit as a mid-afternoon snack, and I like black bean soup.  Who knew those things could be so satisfying?

Low-glycemic diet (what I eat daily, in specific amounts...descriptions of categories follows):
1 serving legumes (serv=1/2 cup, or approx 110 calories)
Unlimited servings from Vegetable category #1
1 serving from Veg #2 (1/2 cup, or approx 45 calories)
2-3 servings concentrated protein (serv=3-6 oz)
4 servings oil (serv=1tsp)
1 serving Nuts or Seeds (approx 100 calories)
2 servings Fruit (1 serv=approx 80 calories)
1 serving Grain  (1 serv=1/2 cup cooked, or 80-100 calories)...I am gluten intolerant, so I only eat gluten-free grains, such as brown rice, or quinnoa) 
2 Metagenics protein shakes, made with whey (powder mixed with 8 oz cold water)
My  meal schedule looks something like this:
Wake up.  Drink water. 
Eat Morning Meal within one hour of waking up
Mid-morning snack, drink more water
Afternoon meal
Mid-afternoon snack, drink more water
Evening meal
Evening snack, drink more water
I exercise at least 1/2 hour per day, either walking the dogs, going to the gym, or doing strenuous housework.  Dancing to the radio also counts ;)
Beans (1/2 cup cooked): garbanzo, pinto, kidney, black, lima, cannellini, navy, fat-free refried, or green soy beans
Bean Soups, 3/4 cup
Hummus, 1/4 cup
Split peas, sweet green peas, lentils, 1/2 cup
Category 1 Veggies:
Fresh juices made from these are also allowed:
artichokes, asparagus, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, bell or other peppers
Broccoli, Broccoflower, brussels sprouts
Cabbage, cauliflower, celery, chives, onion, leeks, garlic, cucumber
Dill pickles, Eggplant, green beans
Greens: bok choy, escarole, Swiss chard, kale, collard greens, spinach, dandelion, mustard, or beet greens
Lettuce/Mixed greens: romaine, red and green leaf, endive, spinach, arugula, radicchio, watercress, chicory
Mushrooms, Okra, Radishes
Salsa (sugar-free)
Sea vegetables: kelp, etc
Tomatoes or mixed vegetable juice
Water chestnuts (5 whole)
Category #2 Vegetables:
Beets, Winter squash: acorn or butternut
Carrots (1/2 c. cooked, 2 medium raw, or 12 baby carrots)
Sweet potatoes or yams (1/2 medium, baked...NO butter!)
Yukon Gold potato (1/2 medium)  NO WHITE POTATOES ALLOWED!
Concentrated Protein:
Meat, poultry, and fish should be grilled, baked, or roasted.  Fish can also be poached.
**Keep cheese intake low, due to saturated fat.**
Eggs (2 whole, or 3 egg whites plus one whole egg)
Egg substitute, 2/3 cup
Fish, shellfish,    3 oz fresh, or 3/4 cup canned in water
Poultry, chicken, turkey, or Cornish hen (breast only)
Leg of lamb, lean roast
Beef, very lean
Tofu, 8 oz or 1 cup (fresh) or 3.5 oz cube cooked
Tempeh, 3 oz or 1/2 cup
Soy or veggie burger, 4 oz
Cottage cheese, non-fat or low-fat, 3/4 cup
Ricotta, part skim, or nonfat, 1/2 cup
Mozzarella, part skim or non fat, 2 oz or 1/2 cup shredded
Parmesan cheese (grated) 4 Tbsp.
TVP (soy protein concentrate) 2/3 cup
Nuts and seeds:
Almonds or hazelnuts, 10-12 whole nuts (that's it...no double dipping!)
Walnuts or pecan halves, 7-8
Peanuts, 18 nuts or 2 Tbsp
Pistachios, sunflower, pumpkin, or sesame seeds, 2 Tbsp
Nut butter, natural, 1 Tbsp made from above nuts
Count what you cook in, use to make vinaigrette dressings, etc.
Oils should be cold-pressed, one serv=approx 40 calories)
Avocado, 1/8
Flaxseed oil (refrigerate), Walnut oil
Extra virgin olive oil (preferable) and canola oil, for cooking
Mayonnaise (made from olive or canola oil)
Olives, 8-10 medium
Apple, 1 medium
Apricots, 3 medium
Berries: black or blue, 1 cup; raspberries and strawberries, 1-1/2 cups
Cantaloupe, 1/2 medium;  Honeydew, 1/4 small
Cherries or Grapes, 15
Fresh Figs, 2
Grapefruit, 1 whole
Mango, 1/2 medium
Nectarines, 2 small
Orange, 1 large
Peaches and Plums, 2 small
Pear, 1 medium
Watermelon, 2 cups
Dairy:  **I do not get to eat this category, but here it is for reference**
Serving size is approximately 6 oz or 80 calories.
Buttermilk, Fat-free yogurt, plain 6 oz
Lowfat yogurt, plain 4 oz
Nonfat, 1%, or 2% milk, Soy milk, plain 6 oz
Grain: ** I eat gluten-free grains, but here is the list of regular grains, for the rest of you**
1 serving=75-100 calories, 1/2 cup cooked, or as indicated
Amaranth, teff, or quinoa
Basmati and other brown or wild rice
Bulgur (cracked wheat)
Barley, buckwheat groats, or millet
Whole oats, raw, 1/2 cup: Cooked oatmeal, 3/4 cup
Whole wheat, spelt, or kamut berries
100% whole wheat, spelt, or kamut pasta
Whole grain rye crackers, 3
Bread: mixed whole grain or 100 % whole rye, 1 slice
Whole wheat tortilla or pita, 1/2
Low-carb tortilla, 2 small or 1 large
Gluten-free users:
Amaranth, teff, or quinoa
Basmati or other brown rice, wild rice  (I like to get my grain by eating 1 organic brown rice cake, with my 1 Tbsp. natural peanut butter, as my morning snack)
Millet, Low carb tortillas, 2 small or 1 large
** Read labels CAREFULLY...even soy sauce usually contains wheat!**
Cinnamon (no sugar added, just ground cinnamon); mustard, horseradish, tamari soy sauce, vinegar, lime, lemon, flavored extracts (ex: vanilla or almond extract); other herbs/spices, stevia (new product, Truvia), agave nectar
WATER:  Take your weight and divide in half...this is how much water you must drink every day
Other beverages...NO CAFFEINE!  Decaf coffee or tea, herbal or green tea, seltzer (plain or flavored)
WINE: One 4oz glass per day is allowed
Hope this helps!



Progress as of today: 26 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/15/2009:
thanks for your advice...i have been eating more on the carb side as of this entire year. lol. i used to include much more protein compared to carbs. and i think that is why i did loook more muscular besides being much thinner. i do get enough protein though.....as soon as i get into the weightlosss i may change my diet around some more. right now i think it's mostly about convenience.

selina on 06/16/2009:
Your entry is very informative and I am amzed at the results you are having with your diet, fantastic! Thank you so much for the kind message you left for me, I appreciate it!

h82bfat on 06/16/2009:
I've only ever had brown rice once and I didn't like it! However, I would really like to find one that I can deal with. As you can see, I eat rice practically every night (I buy it by the bag.....25 pound bag) - it's my "potatoes". If I could find a brown rice that was sticky, like oriental long grain rice (won't touch Uncle Ben's or Minute rice), I'd make the switch. When my family gets together, we eat steamed crabs and we always have a pot of rice to go with it - one year my sister made brown rice and I told her she ruined the whole meal! :)

h82bfat on 06/17/2009:
Thanks for the advice. I made a note of the rice you suggested & I may try it when my sack runs out. :) I did find a small bag of brown rice - that wasn't instant - that I bought to give a try. I've never noticed the Ludenberg Wild blend. Is it located on the rice aisle with all the other rices? Is it in a bag or box? Thanks again - if I can make this switch, with the amount of rice we eat, it'll make a HUGE difference!

greengirl on 06/17/2009:
Hi Crittermom, I think I may give your diet a try, but substituting meat with soya based products (I've not eaten meat for some years).. It looks a really healthy, sensible diet. My downfall is cheese, I will have to give it up I think :( Exercise is difficult for me as I am suffering with arthritis in my right knee and elbow at the moment. It means that I havent been walking with my two dogs for some weeks. I really miss it, and now my hubby gets all the fun !! Keep up the good work

CritterMom - Sunday Jun 14, 2009
(Healthy Eating, with Exercise)
Weight: 152.0

Worried about one of our dogs.  Lucy (landseer newfoundland) has always had a bad heart.  She has tricuspid valve dysplasia, which basically means "malformed tricuspid valve".  Instead of flaps on the valve, she just has stumps, which means there is just a big hole, where there should be a valve. 

We were told that most dogs with this die before they're 2, and those who live are usually dead by 5.  She is 5-1/2 now, so we know she's on borrowed time.

Now she is facing another health threat.  She began a heat cycle on April 20, which should have been done in 3 weeks.  It's now June 14, and she is still dripping bright red blood.  We've had her to a specialist, who says she has cystic ovaries, which have prevented her from ovulating...causing a prolonged heat cycle.  (By the way, she is ONLY intact, because the spay surgery most likely would have killed her.  Anesthesia in heart patients is quite tricky).

We will begin medication this week which, in theory, will cause the cysts to burst and stop the heat cycle.  The vet says she should tolerate the meds well, even with her bad heart.  I sure hope he's right, because I'm not ready to lose this sweet dog yet.

Here are pics of Lucy as a pup, and Lucy now:

She was 12 weeks old.  She and her sister got into the newly rototilled garden and made a mess of themselves.



Progress as of today: 26 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

grumpy on 06/15/2009:
Thanks for your comment! I would think I don't have it, since before I started dieting in Jan 08 I went to a doctor and he did all sorts of tests before got me started on a diet. But it's been over a year, my diet has changed and I should check on that again. I have been meaning to book an appoitment with my doctor. In fact, I will right now. I hope the best for lucy. Xoxo

grumpy on 06/15/2009:
Yes, i would love that!

loveray on 06/15/2009:
omg cutest doggies ever!! are there any special diet or supplement suggestions you can offer for my boy with the kidney stones?

katiegirl on 06/15/2009:
what a beautiful dog, and she looks like such a sweetheart! I will be sending positive thoughts her way.

nenak on 06/15/2009:
fingers crossed the meds work for her. shes a beauty!

thinnside40 on 06/15/2009:
Sending "doggie lover" loves & thoughts for Lucy... and peaceful thoughts for you, as you take care of her the best you can.....

CritterMom - Thursday Jun 04, 2009
(Healthy Eating, with Exercise)
Weight: 152.0

Down 25 pounds since the end of February!  Wooohoooo! 

That's after eating (gluten free) wedding cake at son's wedding last weekend.  He and his bride are both Celiac, so the desserts and most of the food were all gluten free.  Hooray!  Of course, they were still higher glycemic count than what I've been eating, but it was our son's wedding.  I was eating the darn cake!  :)


Progress as of today: 26 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

40andfabulous on 06/05/2009:
LMAO! Way to go! 25 since Feb that is awesome! As for cake- how often do we go to weddings let alone your son's!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/07/2009:
wow. awesome job. what a motivator.

CritterMom - Friday May 15, 2009
(Healthy Eating, with Exercise)
Weight: 158.0

Had my *official* weigh in, at the doc's today.  Weight is just what I posted, at 158. 

Doc hooks me up to a machine that reads my body composition in percentages, and also in pounds. 

I have lost 16 pounds of body fat, and gained 3 pounds of lean muscle mass.  That's significant, because most people also lose muscle when they eat differently to lose weight.  The diet the doc has me on supports muscle, while still melting away the fat.  

I've lost 4 pounds of fat in the past three weeks, and gained one pound in muscle...so even though the scale showed a 3 pound drop, I know I did better than that.  :)

I'm thrilled!

Progress as of today: 20 lbs lost so far, only 23 lbs to go!

selina on 05/16/2009:
I am thrilled for you, WTG! Your work has paid off and that's FANTASTIC! Keep up the terrific work!

breakaway on 05/20/2009:
This entry really makes me want to get my body fat tested. I'm not losing as fast as I want and this could be why since I have been working out with weights 5 times a week. What a great job your doing! WTG!

biscottibody59 on 05/29/2009:
Keep up the good work--hope all's well with you lately!

CritterMom - Wednesday May 13, 2009
(Healthy Eating, with Exercise)
Weight: 158.0

The sun came out, and the temps were cooler yesterday (about 70).  Walked Brenna (Newfoundland) two miles, then walked another two miles with my neighbor.  Haven't been walking Lucy and Maggie,our other 2 newfs, because Lucy's "in season"  (really don't want to advertise to the local male dogs!), and Maggie's had a few bad days with her arthritic back and hips.

Very nice again this morning (right at 60 now), so I'll walk Brenna again.  Then I need to color my hair, run some errands, and have Bunco tonight at a friend's house.  We don't really play much of the game...it's a nice excuse to get together with friends once a month to catch up and relax.  :)

Hope you're all having good days! 


Side note:  I've noticed that most of the people I had originally marked as my "favorites" have disappeared off the radar.  My real-life sister, Kyrin, for one.  I know she's still working on the weight issue, and has ups and downs with it.    What has become of dearerdiarist, Workingit2, vvvzena2, Moody2, greengirl, and sunbeam?

Anyone heard from any of them?

Progress as of today: 20 lbs lost so far, only 23 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 05/13/2009:
Good going on the walks and the continued LOSING--you must be ecstatic:-) So good for the outlook and energy levels!

Work...2 is now WI_hashihypo, Moody2 is Moodyme. dearerd..., wv... and greengirl haven't been here for awhile. Greengirl left me a comment a few weeks ago, but her diary is now private.

This is just about the "deadest" I've ever seen DDs; alot have checked in, but aren't on regularly. Not sure what's going on. Possibly the economy and overall uncertainty/stress of it all???

selina on 05/14/2009:
Hey Critter.. glad you are out and about in this nice weather, I love cool weather (70's).

tuna for breakfast - it wasn't for breakfast after all, more like snack, ha. just that i had not eaten anything for breakfast (bad me) and felt like snacking on the tuna on crackers leftover from my daughter's lunch sandwich. i like tuna on salad, too. good protein!

enjoy your bunco game... nothing like catching up and relaxing!

selina on 05/14/2009:
hey, just noticed you've got about the same goal I do - well, mine says 145 but that's just because I found 135 a bit too far to achieve, for now.... anyway, will be watching your progress...

thinnside40 on 05/14/2009:
Re: Apple Trees ~ We have several orchards around us an my husband works on many of the wind machines in them..He knows the growers, so we get to pick (gleen) whatever we need/want after the harvest... Never a shortage of fuji's gala's or goldens...Yummers!

COngrats on your achievements...... Doing great!

CritterMom - Thursday May 07, 2009
(Healthy Eating, with Exercise)
Weight: 158.0

Took measurements last night.

Have lost 3 inches from my waist, 3 from my rear, 3 from top of each thigh, 2 from ribcage, and almost an inch from the top of each arm. 

Officially down 20 pounds now.

Progress as of today: 20 lbs lost so far, only 23 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/07/2009:
nice you go!!! you motivate us!

thinnside40 on 05/07/2009:

Maria7 on 05/07/2009:
WOWWWW!!!! Big smile to you!

Yep, Cracker Barrel today was real nice, sitting across the table from Mom....as we enjoyed a window seat and the sun was shining (it had been cloudy earlier after the storm but had cleared up. The food was real good, especially the sweet potatoes casserole with the pecans in it!

selina on 05/08/2009:

needles2noodles on 05/09/2009:
O for awesum!!!! :-) xo

Maria7 on 05/11/2009:
Hope you're having a good day...

My new blog address is at:


CritterMom - Friday Apr 24, 2009
(Healthy Eating, with Exercise)
Weight: 162.0

Officially down 16 pounds, since I began my low-glycemic foods program.  Woohooo!


I'm still walking the dogs 2 to 3 miles a day, with my neighbor.  We chat the whole way, making the work-out seem effortless.  It is getting much warmer these days, so we will soon begin walking at the crack of dawn to avoid the heat (and bugs).

Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/24/2009:
GREAT JOB! that is awesome. I would love a pet someday. too bad it costs so much to maintain a dog...with the food, doctor, etc. but i probably will get one, one day! man's best friend!

Maria7 on 04/24/2009:
WOW!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!! So happy for ya!!!!

Good on the walking and having a special friend to walk with. :-)

biscottibody59 on 04/26/2009:
Excellent work--wishing you continued success there!

Have a good day!

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