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Cybermom4 - Wednesday May 22, 2013
(low calorie)
Weight: 179.6

Progress as of today: 22.4 lbs lost so far, only 37.6 lbs to go!

cybermom4 on 05/22/2013:
For some reason my tool bar is missing for my post. I am so excited - I finally broke the 180's!! not by much - but the scale was on my side today!! Only 16 more days until my school does the weigh in. If I can lose another 5-6 lbs I will be a happy camper. Don't think I'll win the contest. Didn't win the gym contest :( but it was so worth the motivation to keep going. Can't believe I've lost 22 lbs so far. I'm moving slow but steady.

If anyone else is having trouble with the tool bar and has a solution - please share.

Thank you and have a great day!!

Kim :)

Umpqua on 05/22/2013:
Congrats on your loss, slow and steady is definitely the right way to do it!

OhioRaven on 05/22/2013:
You ROCK, Mom ! ! !

Puddles on 05/22/2013:
congrats - you go girl. Have a great day.

skinnygrlwithin on 05/22/2013:
Congrats on your loss... that really is sooo awesome!! I think horn of plenty was having the same problem as you... you should ask what she did to fix it.

nenak on 05/22/2013:
Great to break the 180 barrier well done

V on 05/23/2013:
Congrats on your loss Kim!!! A few of the other diarists had the same issue, send an email to the webmaster and she/he will be able to assist you..Keep on rocking it out girly!!

selina on 05/27/2013:
Congrats! That's how I got started, as well: a competition at my husband's work place in January. After that, it has been smooth sailing! Sort of!

Cybermom4 - Friday Apr 12, 2013
(low calorie)
Weight: 181.2

Happy Spring everyone,


I am feeling pretty good this week as I have lost 2 lbs and that is without hitting the gym all week due to school testing.  I even ate a good lunch each day and a light dinner. I am learning that starving yourself is not the way to go.  Eating healthy is the way to go.  Fresh fruit for breakfast and a med cheesy chicken tortilla is ok. 

April 27 we will have our celebration meeting at the gym to see who the winners are for the biggest loser.  I know I did not win, but I am excited to go and find out.  At the time of the weigh in I lost 6.6 % of my body weight which was 13 lbs over the 12 weeks of the program.


As of today I lost 10% of my body weight based on when I started here on Dec 29.


At school we are having a biggest loser contest with everyone - not just age groups - so the chances of winning are slimmer.  I weighed in at 191 and BMI was 36.  UGG that sounds so aweful - but as my daughter would say - "when you go to the gym  - you don't have to go hard, just go!!"  Slow and steady.  I may not win the race, but I will always be making progress.  I have to remember this is a lifestyle change not just a gimmick. 

My cholesterol went up since last year and now I have to go on meds - I was shocked b/c of all the exercise and healthy eating, but guess i'll follow dr orders.

Has anyone ever heard of Advocare weight management?  One of my student's gave me some literature and a free sample.  Seems like a scheme to me but there are lots of testimonals out there so not sure.    Not sure if you can get the same quality at GNC or Puritan's Pride - need to do more research.  Any feedback welcome including recommendations for energy powders that you mix with water.


Thank you :) 

Progress as of today: 20.8 lbs lost so far, only 39.2 lbs to go!

IndependentEm93 on 04/12/2013:
2 pounds without gym good job!!

grannyannie on 04/12/2013:
Good job!

OhioRaven on 04/12/2013:
You said it yourself. Eating healthy is the way to go. I don't know about ad-vo-care ...

Cybermom4 - Wednesday Apr 10, 2013
(low calorie)
Weight: 183.0

Well, I am out for work and will not get to the gym, but I had my final weigh in this past saturday.  Lost a total of 13 lbs in 12 weeks.  May not be the contest winner, but I sure did make good progress and for that I am glad. Especially the last week before the weigh in I had bronchitis and did not get to the gym. 

The gym contest results will be in April 27 - we are having a luncheon at the gym and they will be announcing the winners. It will be fun as there were many shapes and sizes there so I look forward to attending.

Next - my school is having a biggest loser contest that ends June 6.  tons of people are participating so beginning this friday - I think I will have my motivation back and be back at the gym for a good rebuild workout.  With the weather changing and spring sunshine out - it will be nice to be in our gym.  The ladies room has a full wall of glazed windows and it is very bright and cheery!  Just gotta get back into the swing.

Fruits and veggies and protein!!

I'm feeling eager all over again. 




Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 41 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 04/10/2013:
Hi, Mom. Glad to hear about the Loss ! Keep up the good work.

Puddles on 04/10/2013:
Great job. That is really good that they offer those challenges to the students. Good luck

legcramps on 04/10/2013:
Awesome! Good luck at the luncheon!

IndependentEm93 on 04/10/2013:
Great job!

Cybermom4 - Friday Mar 29, 2013
(low calorie)
Weight: 184.8

Well, I am in the home stretch of the gym biggest loser contest and I have come down with bronchitis.  This is bad because I cannot work out hard and really burn calories, but on the other hand, I have no appetite at all so I am not taking in too many calories.  I am still doing ab exercises and I'm going to try to go to the gym today to walk on the treadmill.  I'll just have to take it very easy so as to not start 'hacking' and 'coughing'.  I do think that moving is the best thing for an illness, it's just that I know I really just want to sleep.

Well, I'm off to have breakfast with a friend - I am ordering coffee, a fruit cup, and one egg over easy with unbuttered wheat toast - that should be good to start the day.

Happy Spring to Everyone!!

Progress as of today: 17.2 lbs lost so far, only 42.8 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 03/29/2013:
Happy Spring, Mom. Hope you feel better soon.

Puddles on 03/29/2013:
Have a great day and enjoy your outing with your friend.

Tangalyn~ on 03/29/2013:
enjoy ur breakast w/ ur friend.. have a wonderful day!

Cybermom4 - Wednesday Mar 20, 2013
(low calorie)
Weight: 185.0

Hello DD friends,

I am so excited because I have actually made a major shift in my attitude.  You see I have always been competitive and I have been approaching my weight loss goals with an edge of 'work hard and harder.  Then I took a look at my pattern over time:

In January I worked out a total of 25 days at the gym,

In Feb I worked out 19 and now

in March I worked out 7. 

The decline is astonishing to me.  There was something wrong with my thinking.  I was in a hurry to 'get fixed' and 'get thin'.  I never really gave my mind a chance to even think about the healthy way to approach exercise and hot to keep it in my life.

Last night, I was dreading the 4:30 am alarm and then I said to myself - "when you alarm goes off, just get up - go to the gym and walk.  That's it - walk on the treadmill and stop thinking you have to be on a marathon.  Think of the tortis and the hare.  A steady habit of walking even 30 min every day will yield results far better than skipping 3 or 4 days  - feeling guilty - then hustling for 30 minutes on the elliptical getting pooped and leaving the gym early all depressed because I lost my momentum from January.

I finally gave myself permission to not be 18 years old and competitive - but to be 50 and healthy - even if it means a slower pace.

I am proud to say I walked 2 miles today in 40 minutes - stretched  - did abs and was completely relaxed.  I was even surprised that my heart rate went up to 180 after about 18 minutes on the treadmill - so I am sitll getting a good aerobic workout but with peace of mind.  (don't panic about the 180 as that is quite normal in my family)

In summary - I have a positive attitude about tomorrow and the next day and the next.  Yes I have lowered my expectations, but I now my goals are within a reasonable reach. 


Here's to finishing out the month of March with a good attitude and a steady pace!!


 PS - another quote from my daughter :  You don't have to go fast, you just have to go!!


Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 43 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 03/20/2013:
Good for you for turning things around. I hope you have an excellent rest of the month!

cybermom4 on 03/29/2013:
Thank you :) Happy Spring!

OhioRaven on 03/20/2013:
Wow ! Great Post .

cybermom4 on 03/29/2013:
Thank you :) Happy Spring!

Puddles on 03/20/2013:
Its funny how we then to slack off and not even notice it. I guess it is the same thing with my weight did not even notice until my pants would not zip up. We can be so blind at times. Have a great day. Proud of you getting back on track.

cybermom4 on 03/29/2013:
I know exactly what you mean - For me it was seeing photos of myself next to my children and observing how well rounded I was - I was mortifited!! I also saw a photo from work that really showed my belly fat and I was so embarrassed. I knew I had to do something. At least I am on a track now!! Happy Spring!!

Supercheese on 03/20/2013:
great!! theres no rush with healthiness! great job!

cybermom4 on 03/29/2013:
Thank you :) Happy Spring!

hollybelle on 03/20/2013:
Yes! That's the spirit. "All or Nothing" thinking is so self-defeating. This is prsonal experience speaking. the path to health is a marathon, not a sprint and it requires patience as much as anything else. One thing I thought of - you have 10 days left in March if you work out 75% of them you will have 14 days of working out in March. It's not too late. Do what you can and let's both think long-term. I compare it to my former stressed filled job - I was really really successsful and "on it" career wise for a long time, but I burned out before retirement. We have to pace ourselves for balance and peace. <3

cybermom4 on 03/29/2013:
Yes you are right - I was thinking 'all or nothing' and it is defeating. Pacing is everything.

legcramps on 03/20/2013:
That's an awesome discovery, and one I need to also discover soon ;) Can't be so hard on ourselves!

cybermom4 on 03/29/2013:
Keep saying the phrase "I don't have to go hard, I just have to go!!" It's an amazing phrase!! Happy Spring!!

V on 03/20/2013:
Keep up the awesome job Kim :)

cybermom4 on 03/29/2013:
Thank you :) Happy Spring!

Cybermom4 - Saturday Feb 23, 2013
(3 meals per day)
Weight: 187.6

I woke up so nervous today thinking it was our contest's mid way weigh in.  I failed to work out two days this week and I was feeling very very bad.  I hopped on my scale which said I dropped almost another pound this week YIPPEE - then I went to the kitchen and saw the calendar - the mid way weigh in is NEXT week!!  another Yippee. I have one mroe week to get my work outs in and not be slothful.

I have even stopped keeping my electronic food journal from everydayhealth.com  - I keep track of the exercise portion for the day and breakfast - but the rest goes by the wayside.


I am renewing my vows so to speak - back to the beginning - keep my journal - hit the gym and keep at it.  No body else cares what you do.   (except my youngest daughter - she gave me a note this morning that said "the difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline" - hint hint - she knew I missed two workouts)

Anyway - the point being - the decisions I make are for me to be healthy and grow stronger.  To the degree I can do that is totally up to me, no one can do this for me.  I am all ready for this weekend - we are celebrating my older daughter's birthday tonight and my plan is to order a nice salad and water and I don't even feel bad about it.  In fact it is almost a challenge that i can do this - resist the restaurant's temptations.

Well, I know I don't post often but I am so grateful for this fourum - it really helps to have a place to go just for 'a diet diary' Especially when you are having a ""YIppee'' moment.


Have a great day!.

Progress as of today: 14.4 lbs lost so far, only 45.6 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 02/23/2013:
Hey, Mom. Great job on your loss. Yip-ee! I drink half a juice jug at breakfastvbefote I leave the house. 1 gallon at work. After that It's wherever I can get it. Restaurants, church, etc. Or I just finish what's left on the breakfast table from this morning.

V on 02/23/2013:
Great progress! RYC breakfast is my only meal that I do the protein shake..Hope that you have a wonderful weekend :)

Maria7 on 02/23/2013:
What a wonderful Daughter! I really LIKE that quote! Congrats to you! :-D Happy birthday to your older Daughter. :-D Salads can be DELIGHTFUL! I at one time, NEVER ate them! (Of course that was when I was heavier.) But I LEARNED to like them and now I ENJOY them! Have a good birthday celebration tonite! :-D

Puddles on 02/23/2013:
Have a great day. Congrats on your loss.

legcramps on 02/25/2013:
Awesome! And I love the quote your daughter left for you :)

Cybermom4 - Monday Feb 18, 2013
(3 meals per day)
Weight: 188.4

I had hit a wall for about 7 days - no weight loss, lots of wrorking out and sweating but not signs of progress.  Suddenly - just in the past few days I dropped almost 4 lbs.  Yippee.  My daughter said that is normal and when she said 'don't give up - keep going"  I did.  The contest mid point weigh in is in 12 days not counting today.  I think I have made good progress.  Ha ha - I wasn't so 'happy' a week ago.  Funny how the scale can trigger your emotions and feelings.  I know I should not weigh myself but once a week, but if I don't get on the scale daily - I feel like I have no place to begin my day.  If I hop on the scale and I am up two lbs - I know that I need to work harder at the gym - so it is kind of like my guide.

My girls bought me a gift card to a massage salon which I used on Friday - it was awesome.  My back had so many knots in it.  The only problem is the massage therapist wants me back in 15 days for more treatment - I'd LOVE to go - but I honestly cannot afford it.  I might be able to afford one more with my tax refund, but a steady routine of massage therapy - dont think so.  She was really good too.  If it werent for the new washer and dryer, the broken dishwasher, car inspections etc...  I guess you all know that story.


I can be thankful that I am doing well health wise.  Amen?  Amen!!


Well,  I'm so excited for this drop in weight and getting through this 'wall'  I leave you with a little note my daughter wrote me:


Even if you can't see the differnece, every single effort is changing your body inside.  Don't be discouraged!!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 46.4 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 02/18/2013:
Hey, Mom. Good to hear from you. Glad to hear you're doing good. I'm on board with your daughters comment. Amen !

Puddles on 02/18/2013:
Good job. Keep on doing what your doing - it will add up to progress - there is no other alternative. Congrats

IndependentEm93 on 02/18/2013:
Love the quote!

V on 02/18/2013:
Amen!! Awesome job Kim :) Have a great week :)

Cybermom4 - Friday Feb 01, 2013
(3 meals per day)
Weight: 194.6

My weight jumped from 191 - 194.6

I did weigh myself after working out but I also took a day off the gym and had pizza and chicken strips for a late night snack and  lunch.  I never dreamed that this would ruin my progress.


I am beginning to realize that if I want to make progress this has to be a LIFE CHANGE.  I can't give in to indulgences.  I guess I am humbled by the scale today.  I am 3 weeks into the 12 week program and I have almost returned to where I started.  I feel like I have lost all hope of being a loser (weight loss loser that is).  I know I should not be looking at the scale daily, but I have to - it keeps me focused on my goals - but a jump like this was totally unexpected. 

My daughter keeps reminding me that I was at 202 and to not be discouraged.  There are still 9 weeks left.

I told her I think I have come to a crossroad - If any change is going to happen - I must eat right and exercise properly every single day.  It must be part of my life.  It must be the norm.  I cannot be googling over pizza and chicken strips and thinking it is not going to have an effect on my progress.  I must be thinking that fresh foods are my choice and processed fats and greasy foods will NOT enhance my health.

Retraining my thinking has really hit home today and I believe that is a good thing.  Remember the saying "today is the first day of the rest of your life".  So I will not give up - I had a minor set back with eating pizza, chicken strips and hot sauce (full of sodium) - I have had a bad day - and even though it shocks me in thinking that one day of splurging can make such a big difference - it is a reality check for me.

My husband and I have plans to go to dinner and a show and stay at a B & B this weekend.  I will not let this outing dictate that it is okay to not watch what I eat.  I cannot and will not let my careless attitude cause a 3.6 lb weight gain in one day. I don't care that the tickets include the cost of food  and justify eating all I want - I can't let the idea of 'getting the most for our money' lead me to eating like a crazy person.  Instead, I will look over the food choices, eat a moderate amount of healthy choices and know that I am doing the best thing for my body.

People do change and I am changing  - I am changing my daily habits (going to the gym) my grocery shopping choices (fresh fruits and veggies and properly chosen meats and fish) and now I am changing my atttitude toward careless eating -

I have always resisted becoming a 'health nut' but now I am seeing the reason for being a health nut - and it is a good thing.  I don't think I ever would have really realized this without having this jump in the scale today.

So - I will take my daughter's advice and her little quote for today - Ability is what you are capable of , Motivation determines what you do and attitude determines how well you do it.


I think now that I recogonize my error in my thinking - I can start fresh today and know that yes - I do have 9 weeks left and lots can happen in 9 weeks!!

Thanks for listening  - I'm so glad to have this journal to turn to !


Progress as of today: 7.4 lbs lost so far, only 52.6 lbs to go!

niftyjack on 02/01/2013:
You can do it, Mom!

Puddles on 02/01/2013:
Your daughter is a great support for you. Have a good day.

Umpqua on 02/01/2013:
Good plan for your weekend away, enjoy it!

OhioRaven on 02/01/2013:
I Really, Really like your "get back on your horse attitude" We're all on a journey and our paths are not always smooth. And we have some barriers to climb. But we're usually stronger for it. Have a good day, Mom.

V on 02/01/2013:
Awesome advice from your daughter :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Tangalyn~ on 02/01/2013:
attitude is SO important, im glad to hear u r making positive changes! have a great day!

lolla on 02/01/2013:
I know how you feel.. one little slip and a huge damage... it really sucks. I bought this diary at WW yesterday and I think it will help to write down everything I eat and there is even a page to plan the next week. I am very hopeful about February, trying to forget everything I did wrong and forgive myself and move on, forward. I wish you all the best!

nunnermack on 02/01/2013:
Enjoy your B&B. Hope you have an awesome time!!!

Cybermom4 - Monday Jan 28, 2013
(3 meals per day)
Weight: 191.0

I'm really getting frustrated.


I have hit the gym at least 5 days / week and do 35 min cardio and 15 min weight training and I'm only 5 lbs lighter in two weeks.  My body fat has dropped from 44%  to 43%.  I feel like my work is not equal to the results.  I"m in week 3 of the 12 week program and I feel like I'm so far behind.  I've been eating small meals every 4 hours and not eating any sweets.  I never used to eat breakfast, and now I eat oatmeal every morning with a glass of skim milk and some protein.  I have felt for the longest time my metabolism has been way off b/c my normal eating habits were coffee in the AM - a snack bar or candy bar for lunch and possibly meat and potatoes for dinner.  I've made so many changes since beginning Dec 17 but I'm not seeing instant results.

I am on medications that retain weight but I would think the regular exercise and eating right would make an impact on that fact.


I guess I need to look at the whole picture - I began the 12 week program on Jan 12 weighing in at 196.6 and today Jan 28 I weigh 191.0 .  That is a little over 5 lbs in 16 days.  Is that good????  I guess you could divide it into 2.5lb per 8 days - I guess that doesn't look so bad.

I attended a seminar last week which broke down the time it takes to work out or fit a work out into your day.

One week has 168 hours - 56 for sleeping = 112-40  work = 72 - 10 for getting ready for work and travel = 62 -10 hours for meals = 52 /7 = @7 hours per day left to do anything you want.  Surely you can spare 2 hours to get to the gym - work out and come home and shower. = 5 hours left for TV, movies, etc...


Well, I guess I'm rambling now  - it sure feels good to vent a little!!

Feedback welcome!!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 49 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 01/28/2013:
I hear you, Mom. It can be frustrating at times. I'm gonna try and think of it as a journey. I've tried to keep this weight off before and failed every time. I think I'm pretty strict with myself, but I'd still rather be a healthier 200 pounder, than a sick 175. Hope you are good. Thanks for reading my post. Good night, Mom :v)

GoPaleo on 01/28/2013:
I think it sounds like you're doing good! There is something to be said for doing it the RIGHT way & not the quick way. Keep at it & you'll get there!

Puddles on 01/29/2013:
I think your doing good. 5 pds down is good sure beats 5 pds up. I will take anything that says down. You should celebrate. Good work.

legcramps on 01/29/2013:
Don't be frustrated! Don't forget that as you start working out more, you'll gain some muscle mass (which doesn't initally help with weight loss, but it will in the long run). Also, your body needs time to adjust to a new way of eating and you may not see results quickly. I think a 5 lb loss so far is AWESOME! If you keep up what you're doing, there's no doubt in my mind that you'll see continued losses. Hang in there!

lolla on 01/29/2013:
5 pounds in 16 days is AWESOME! You are doing great, don't worry at all.

Cybermom4 - Friday Jan 18, 2013
(3 meals per day)
Weight: 192.4

Stamina, speed, strength, skill, spirit ~ the greatest of these is spirit!! 


Didn't make it to the gym this morning - but - I have every intention of going after work - 

Look out Lady Gold - I'm comin' in..... so far lost 4lbs in 6 days -

I was going to weigh in tomorrow - but I couldn't resist. 

My goal is two lbs / week - so so far I am ahead in the game. 

Meet with nutritionist at Giant tomorrow. I keep an electronic journal on everydayhealth.com so I have 2 week's worth of food journals. I know there is no magic - but I'm hoping she has some secret to help me.

I feel like I am beginning to develop a love for the gym.  I went and bought two new shirts for working out and now I feel like I fit in a bit better.  My gym has women of all shapes and sizes so it is not that I was awkward - but I guess everyone gets a little self conscience and nothing like new clothes for a girl in training.

I hit the gym at 5:15 am and work out on the elliptical 35 min.  My goal is to reach one hour by the end of january.  I use resistence in the beginning and then after 20 min or so I drop the resistance and keep up the speed.  I have no idea what I am doing - but I cannot afford a trainer at this time (two kids in college and one entering next fall!!)  Who knows, maybe I'll win this contest and then be entered in the national contest and see what happens then.  1 week down and 11 more to go until the final weigh in. 

I must keep going - one day at a time - one day at a time!!

Progress as of today: 9.6 lbs lost so far, only 50.4 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 01/18/2013:
Hey, Mom. You're investing in yourself. I like your spirit !

Umpqua on 01/18/2013:
Congrats on your loss and you're doing great at the gym! I can't imagine have 3 in college - my 2 boys are a year apart so that's going to be a reality for me before I know it.

V on 01/18/2013:
Congrats on your loss!!

Tangalyn~ on 01/18/2013:
the gym is a great thing to have love for :D keep up the good work!

legcramps on 01/18/2013:
Good job on the loss so far! I sure like hearing all the determination in this entry - you go for it, girl!

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