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Cybermom4 - Monday Feb 15, 2016
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.6

 A Mexican bandit made a specialty of crossing the Rio Grande from time to time and robbing banks in Texas. Finally, a reward was offered for his capture, and an enterprising Texas ranger decided to track him down.

After a lengthy search, he traced the bandit to his favorite cantina, snuck up behind him, put his trusty six-shooter to the bandit's head, and said, "You're under arrest. Tell me where you hid the loot or I'll shoot you." But the bandit didn't speak English, and the Ranger didn't speak Spanish.

The Ranger asked a local to translate his message. The terrified bandit blurted out, in Spanish, that the loot was buried under the oak tree in back of the cantina. "What did he say?" asked the Ranger anxiously. The local answered, He say, "He no afraid to die!"


Funny how a joke can take a twist !


Well - I had a good eating weekend and today I am doing a cleanse.  I have been reading 'stuff' (not sure if it is accurate or not) but my shape (apple) apparently is a result of a poor functioning liver.  Now I have had blood work done and I know my levels are all good, but it is possible that my liver needs a good cleanse.  I purchased some 'liver cleanse' from puritan's pride and have been taking them for about 3 days.  You take 2 capsles 3x per day with meals.  

Well, I am really in the mood today - as I have the day off, My hubby and I are leavign the Sweet City and heading home.  I just want to cleanse.  He is in the shower now, but we are going to a diner and I think I am goig to order coffee, water and a cranberry juice.  And we can just chat.

I started reading a book called the 4 Arguements and learned the first arguement is 'Let your words be impeachable' - he says that often we don't realize that our words can kind of 'cast spells' over people.  For example.  Imagine you are getiing ready for work, you are in a good mood  - make up on well and the outfit is comfortable and nice looking.  You're feeling pretty good as you walk in.  People greet you and you greet them.  Then just as you go to your desk - a co workier who is your friend - says 'Good morning Kim - how are you, you look tired today' -------{{{BAMMMM}}}}}  You have just sunk to an all time low.  Now you say to your self - am I old, Ugly, sickly, etc...  That co worker cast the speel and didn't even know it.  

This is an interestring story because not only do we need to be carreful to watch our words  but we also need to be careful to what words we embrace.  If You just were told you look tired - how will you respond.  How do you let those words affect you.

Anyway - just something I am pondering and thought I'd share.

"Here's to my Feb 15 cleanse" - cheers!!

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 41.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 02/15/2016:
Congrats on your weekend. Wishing you a great week.

Awesome50 on 02/15/2016:
Great job on the successful weekend. What others say to us some times can really impact us. Agreed.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/15/2016:
Oh no! so the Bandit is a dead man now! lol, would not have thought that was the ending, another good read :-)

I agree with you about really looking and thinking about what we say to others. I was reading some articles online several months ago about this...and one of the points was never to show you care by telling someone they look tired! it's not showing you care...instead, it said to say "how are you doing..." and let the person share or not share how they are feeling... :)

I agree with you..

Cybermom4 - Sunday Feb 14, 2016
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.6



I am at the "Sweetest Place on Earth"   - Hershey - We arrived Friday and will be leaving tomorrow.

Friday wa arrieved after 7 and got settled in - hubby and I talked a lot about how we will finally finish the basement when the kids (all 3 graduate) and move out. Ihad 4 kids in 6 years and that is why they are all at the same place in their 20's.  Anyway - we are going to try to make a several step plan.  My hubby is a DIY person - and I am not - but he does a fantastic job.  Since he doesnt' do this for a living , he is slower than a pro - but quite the perfectionist.  I will admit, I am excited

Saturday we went out for breakfast and hit the Tanger outlets where he found a formal winter coat and I found a great leather purse and sweater.

Then we found 'Showtime' and watched 2.5 movies.  We caught .5 of a documentary of Jimmy Chinn and crew climbing to the summit in India.  Fascinating.

Then we watched - Wiki Leaks - Eye opening

Finally we watched - The Imitation Game - about Alan Turings' Computer 'Christopher'  The 1st computer ever made and it breaks a German code during WWII  There is a thread about Alan's life as well.  Very moving !


It was really fun - I have 'binged watched shows before but never with my hubby - it was fun and relaxing.


We made Valentine dinner reservations for Sat instead of Sun and we went to the Harbor Tavern. It was cute and I was overdressed (we figured if anyone asked we'd say we were at a wedding LOL)  no one asked.

Our waitress was not with it.  I felt bad for her at first - but then as the evening went on - she was worse and worse.  After waiting quite a while for our meal - she brought me the wrong dinner. When I gave her the plate she said - 'Do you want to keep your rice?"  I was speechlesss - was I supposed to put it on my bread plate?  While I was silent trying to think of an answer - my hubby spoke up and said pleas just take the whole plate.  We waited over 30 min for my dinner.  My hubby had his dinner all that time and would have been done if he hadn't gotten sick.  It wasn't from the restaurant, I think he just picked up a bug. Not sure what kind of tip was left as my hubby tookk the check - but I imagine he would have liked to have written a comment.  Poor girl - she really seemed sweet, just didn't know her job.

We cam home and he went to bed in the second bedroom and I toasted the evening with a glass of wine and HGTV.


Maybe today we or I can hit the pool for a little bit.  

Anyway - I hope everyone is wellI  .





Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 41.6 lbs to go!

oldmaid on 02/14/2016:
You have a wonderful attitude. The girl probably should have called in due to personal problems. You are very kind to not get mad at her =) Good luck on the remodel.

puddles on 02/14/2016:
The best thing is to keep the good stuff of the weekend and forget the rest of the stuff. You enjoyed each other and that is what counts. Have a great day.

Cybermom4 - Tuesday Feb 09, 2016
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.6

 Guy 1: "Has your little boy decided what he wants to be when he grows up?"

Guy 2: "Yes, he wants to be a garbage collector."

Guy 1: "That's a rather strange ambition, isn't it?"

Guy 2: "Well, he thinks that garbage collectors only work on Tuesdays."


Well, somewhere between the pool and bedtime - I went on a crazy binge!!  I was doing great for B and L but my daughter and I went out for dinner and for some reason, my body just went crazy for food - I ate my entire meal, which I usually save 1/2 as a rule for lunch.  Then I had a gluten free brownie - large size - then to top it off, I had to move my car due to the snow coming and while I was out - I conveniently went to McDonalds for a hot fudge sunday xtra fudge.  Woke up today with 3 xtra pounds - that is what I did. - I am not going to panic b/c Saturday is my weigh in day (well Friday this week due to being out for the holiday weekend) So I have to flush out my system.  I really messed up.  I even feel bloated.  I think my grilled fish was done in butter lemon sauce and it is just sitting on my stomach.


Anyone have any good 'mantras' for clean water drinking all day as a cleanse?  Or any suggested vitamines?  I just feel terrible. I must remember this day so I don't repeat the activity!!


I am going to start the day with apple cider vinegar and lemon water and coffee.

S - water, 

L - ?

S -?

D - ?

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 41.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/09/2016:
LOL....you have good jokes :)

To tell you the truth, the worst thing you can do is restrict / be really strict after a binge day. It makes you want to binge again after you fast / restrict food too much.

If you want to really break the binge cycle, try to eat WELL the following day of a binge. Try to eat reasonably. Eat all meals. Eat light snacks. You will feel better. I have learned this over YEARS of trial and error. This is what works for me.

cybermom4 on 02/09/2016:
OK - in other words - just be normal and don't over react. I really do want to break the cycle and I was doing so well with calories and healthy eating. I just don't know what possessed me? Thanks for calming me a little. I will be reasonable and think about 'breaking the cycle' in order to be a better, healthier me.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/09/2016:
I used to binge just like you. going to drive thrus all in a row, one after the next. You are not the only one :)

cybermom4 on 02/09/2016:
Really? How did you 'self talk' after? Like HOP said, I want to break the cycle - but I feel like something inside me was really out of control. Any ideas as to what triggers this binge?

Maria7 on 02/09/2016:
Cute jokes! :-)

Maria7 on 02/09/2016:
Someone, Maria777, in the forums here at DD, wrote on 'Tips for getting to goal' (under Polls), that forgiveness for overeating was one of the tips.

Maria7 on 02/09/2016:
A strict low (or no) carb diet today might help. Think unprocessed meats (but no hi-sodium pork), baked, boiled, roasted, or broiled and low-carb veggies (not tomatoes) that have low or no sodium and lots of water, tea, or coffee.

grannyannie on 02/09/2016:
Been there done that. Just get back on track. :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/09/2016:
GrannyAnnie is very right...I agree fully with her...will comment more when I have more time. looking forward to writing more!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/11/2016:
So you are asking how i felt or if i self-talked after binging...

Well, when i used to binge BIG time & really would lose control for at least a full day at a time of not more, i also lost control of my positive self-talk. I would actually get in bad moods because of the binging. I would feel absolutely terrible at work the next day. I would be very bloated as well. It was very uncomfortable being so full and stuffed up literally with food - especially if i needed to go to school, play my instrument in a musical group, or work (since i had binging problems for years and now only the past few years i am learning the most i ever have and learning how best to take my situation into my own hands and make it work for me. I'm 33 now. Bingeing for me started when i was 17, a senior in high school. I would eat lots of chocolate and candy on weekends...

Now, I overeat purposely on vegetables. I eat them especially when at home when i have more time on my hands and am relaxing. I eat lots of vegetables with my lunch at work also. Usually the vegetables are cooked because i like them that way versus salads. Cooked vegetables are easier to digest, less bloating / gas with cooked. I still do have carbs, yes, especially high carbs before exercise and sometimes after as well for a better and faster recovery. Carbs before my exercise is great because i'm able to have stronger workouts. But i don't have high carbs all day long. Actually, there's studies that carbs help our bodies produce...i think it's serotonin...a "feel good" chemical. So, lately, i'm actually having breakfasts at work that are more carbs - oatmeals and now eating a banana a day usually. This has me feeling better....gonna write more but don't want this to be accidentally deleted...

cybermom4 on 02/11/2016:
This is great!! TY :) I'm kind of in a work crunch - will post soon.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/11/2016:
But now, when i'm about to eat more, i DO self-talk. And even after a higher calorie day, I DO self-talk in positive ways. Sometimes, leading up to a night of going out to eat, i'll allow myself purposely to "mindfully" indulge a little more. Restrict less. enjoy the food out. but the next day, i'll say something like, i enjoyed myself last night & today i'm going to stay on track and watch calories (but NOT restrict - just continue to be mindful and not indulge as much like i did the day before). I self-talk telling myself how good my progress is. It's not worth it to me to binge right now. I have a very special wedding to go to in April - the 2nd. so, for me, there's just too much at stake right now for me to lose control. I have matured in my thinking from a few years ago, for sure. I see that my actions of binging have certain consequences that i just don't want to have to work to undo (gaining weight). I don't want to have to lose all the weight again. I've experienced a few times in my life the weightloss / gain cycle and it is difficult to continue to work with when weight fluctuates a lot and constantly needs to be worked on...too much...so for me, it's easier to try to be moderate in calories so that my weight doesn't change so drastically. that is my way of self-talk. That's why my weight hasn't fluctuated much in the past few years. And that's why it takes me a long time to gain / lose. I watch my calories. It's a science to me, not a mystery. I know how weight gain / loss works. And right now, it's not a question on how to do it. I have a lot of control now because of the events especially. But also, i'm learning to really enjoy live and be in the moment. And to feel good. and feeling good means also looking good. I want my body to reflect how i feel about myself. i feel proud of myself despite career obstacles and other things I've experienced that weren't pleasant in life. I don't want my weight to portray the unpleasant things. I want to look good. And that's why i am not binging like i was...

also, in order not to binge, i prepare a ton of my meals. like i said, vegetables are a big component. I eat more vegetables than the average person. They fill me up...and i eat fats, protein, and carbs too. But vegetables are the biggest part of my diet. This way, i am FULL at meals. Not hungry after. My body is physically full. I have learned to eat so that i am satisfied. It's not an unpleasant diet for me! It's a lifestyle that I've adopted and adjusted over time. And right now, I am really winning and learned so much that i am fully comfortable with my way of eating now...

i do have more gas probably than most people though. especially after meals very high in vegetables like if i'm home, sorry TMI.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/11/2016:
So your other question - what triggers a binge - My triggers are a few. Emotional things. Like unpleasant feelings or nerves or stress definitely trigger me. when i binge, i get into a food-coma state. Binging for me is like a SEDATIVE. It makes it so that i cannot function right. i want to be lazy. After i would binge at home, i wouldn't want to do ANYTHING. My mind would be more blank. I wouldn't think about much....Binging to me would block out anything important i needed to think about or do. It was a way of procrastinating. I used to binge a ton while studying - or before studying.

Also, i'd binge if i restricted too much. Don't try to restrict more than you can handle. The body fights back with increased hunger. You can manage it by like i said, start with tons of vegetables, my preference like i said is cooked - you can use light sauces and olive oil it's healthy - and then go on to eat the rest of your meal with veggies as well. if you like veggies, this is the best way in my opinion.

but negative things caused my binges, never positive. binging was both a release but more like a damper on my mind. it would dampen and block negative thoughts. Also lonliness i think. when alone. before big events, i would also binge. like weddings the day of them. i would not have control. I am not always socially comfortable when dressing up and stuff and going to events like big weddings and other things of that nature, i used to binge the whole day leading up to a social event. i don't do this anymore or recently. i'm beginning to face life with more courage and more pleasantness and positivity.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/11/2016:
By writing all this to you, it's actually comforting and healthy-feeling to me! so thanks for asking. I like being able to share my story and successes!

I left a few comments above! enjoy. and feel free to ask anything else that comes to mind. sometimes it'll take me a bit to find the right time to write back!

cybermom4 on 02/11/2016:
This is awesome and I feel I will be re-reading this often - I need to be brain washed. I think you hit every question!! You really sound resolved. In a good way. I like that. I totally understand making the decision to stick with something b/c you don't want the consequences of breaking that good habit. I have a medication I need to take for my health and when I don't take it I know I feel worse that ever. I am like clock work with that med. I just never really applied that thinking to eating right and exercising. I really need to ponder that and make the transition and the 'resolve'!! I may be asking you to 'hit me again' with your advice if I lose this post date some day LOL I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. I know I won't change over night, but I do feel like I am in progress - which is really good for me. I was just slogging through -and now I'm taking some action. It is amazing how sharing your story ends up helping you too!! good things are on the horizon!! Thanks again!!

Cybermom4 - Monday Feb 08, 2016
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.6

 Instead of "the john", I call my toilet "the jim". That way, it sounds better when I say I go to the Jim every morning.



Got caught up in the Superbowl last night, but fell asleep after half time but was excited to see the Broncos win.  I wasn't happy that they beat the Steelers in the semi finals but I'm glad they won over all.


I am so excited to hit the gym today.  My aqua therapy is on for one more month.  I may be able to get March, but not sure. It is so much easier going to the pool in the AM than after 3 but I may have to make arrangements to go then.  


B - 3 pineapple slices - 1T marzettie dip - coffee

S - protein drink

L - tuna

S - 

D -


Lots of water!!

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 41.6 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 02/08/2016:
I'm stealing and using your jokes. I'm always glad to see the underdogs win.

grannyannie on 02/08/2016:
You're doing well. Have a healthy week.

Maria7 on 02/08/2016:
Cute joke! :-D

puddles on 02/08/2016:
Cute joke I might just use that because I am not a big gym person but I don't mind going to the Jim... lol

Awesome50 on 02/08/2016:
Your joke is funny! Glad you still get to go to Aqua therapy.

Cybermom4 - Saturday Feb 06, 2016
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.6

Good Morning,


Hoping to have a good day today - it is Saturday and the sun is shining - going to run a few errands and then fill out my teacher eval forms and grade papers.  

My aqua therapy may end soon so I have to find a good time to hit the pool.  Our Y's pool A is usually where I do my jogging, but after work it is used by thw swim team from 3-9.  Pool B looks like it has some space but I'm not sure how busy it will be.  I think the Y has  a lot of after school events.  Our branch Y in town, may be an option as well.  I actually just thought of that so I'll have to look into it.  I think the town Y pool is quite free most of the time.  The other option is to go to the pool at 5:30 am and jog until 6:15 then go to work - not sure I like the idea of going to the pool then.


Sorry  - I'm babbling  

B - mango slices and pineapple slice - coffee - apple cider lemon water

L - 

D - 

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 41.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/06/2016:
Have a healthy weekend!

Maria7 on 02/06/2016:
Hope you've been having a nice day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/07/2016:
It's ok to babble...or at least that's what I always do on my entries. Sometimes I also figure things out by writing them out :)

Cybermom4 - Friday Feb 05, 2016
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.6

A new business was opening and one of the owner’s friends wanted to send him flowers for the occasion. They arrived at the new business site and the owner read the card, “Rest in Peace.”

The owner was angry and called the florist to complain.

After he had told the florist of the obvious mistake and how angry he was, the florist replied, “Sir, I’m really sorry for the mistake, but rather than getting angry you should imagine this. Somewhere there is a funeral taking place today, and they have flowers with a note saying, ‘Congratulations on your new location!’” 


I'm sorry - the above joke just made me laugh and I think I'm going to have a very good Friday!!

I submit my kid's reportcards and send them their Honor Roll Certificates - a bit mundane, but it must be done and the kids love the mail.

I was a littel surprised with our big meeting yesterday - the food was awesome!!

I had 

Artichoke and Mushroom lasaagna (small square )

Bruchetta chicken - (I think it was a thigh)

Beautiful green beans

Salad greens, tomatoe, cheese and dressing.

NOOOO Dessert and I wasn't even tempted!!  - although when I got home I was in the basement for a sec and got a glimpse of the tasty cake box - that ws tempting - but I said - no...those are my son's for his packed lunches!  Yeah me!! - and no weight gain as of this AM


Well - I sent my son in Italy a package for his wife and my grandson - they had to leave some books behind on their move, so I am surprising them by sending what they had to leave behind and a few other things.

Sent a Valentine box to my daughter in college.   I hope she gets it - she says she lives a bit far from her mail box now and doesn't check it too much. I'll wait a few days then alert her to check.

Well, the kitties are playing and I guess it is like your kids - you find such joy when they are playing nice LOL.

Have a wonderful day!!

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 41.6 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 02/05/2016:
I like it.

grannyannie on 02/05/2016:
Well done!! You're doing great. :)

Awesome50 on 02/05/2016:
Sounds like you had an awesome day. Good for you!

puddles on 02/05/2016:
You did well and getting home is always good. Have a great day.

Cybermom4 - Thursday Feb 04, 2016
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.6

A man walks into a bar with a small dog. The guy sits the dog on the piano stool and the dog starts playing some great tunes. Suddenly a bigger dog runs in, grabs the small dog by the scruff of the neck, and drags it out.


The bartender says, " That was fantastic, but what was up with the big dog ?"
The man replies," on, that was the mother. She wanted him to be a doctor."


 Well, I have been very proud of myself this past week - I haven't been documenting, but each meal I make a clear decision on what to eat and what not to eat.  Like yesterday - I had coffee and applecider/lemon water.  tuna and crackers  - a fiber brownie - a broiled pork chop - slice of bread toasted  (yes with butter!).


But over all not a bad calorie day.

What I really want to do today is check out our local Y pool schedule.  Our Y has 3 pools but I am only aware of the schedule for pool A.  They have swim team practice from 3-9 every day and use the whole pool.  I need to find a place where I can do my aqua jogging in the afternoons as my therapy may stop the end of March.


Well - all day meeting today - many changes in our company - hopefully they won't be too drastic.  With budget cuts - I feel sure that we will feel some 'pinch' in some way.  We have all been waiting for this day and now it is here.

One thing I have to watch is when lunch is served - salad only!!  No dessert - but frankly - I don't even think I will be tempted.  I feel pretty good and I going to stay positive.

Well have a wonderful day.

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 41.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/04/2016:
Well done! Keep it up.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/04/2016:
Maybe at the lunch there's some meat you can have with your salad. also, you can have a smaller sandwich and lots of salad. you don't have to limit yourself only to salad! also, there may even be fruit!

Nicely done with your food for yesterday!

You are smart to look into where you can go to use a pool. we also have a pool sorta near me (I don't go now) that is very affordable for the folks in Queens.

Your jokes are great! It's crazy how even when kids are super talented in the arts or just the kids are great, parents always want them to be GREATER.

Cybermom4 - Wednesday Feb 03, 2016
(counting calories and adding exercise)
Weight: 191.6

Here you go HOP:


A cop pulls a guy over for weaving across two lanes of traffic.

He walks up to the driver's window and asks, "You drinkin'?"

The driver said, "Well that depends - You buyin'?"


Ok -   I haven't been to the gym since last Thursday and I feel awful.  I don't know how 6 days went by so fast but I have been very busy.  That being said, I need to make time for the gym.  My whole family LOVES the gym.  They will go and spend over an hour working out.  I go for 45 min 2x week and that is for therapy.  UGG - ok no more belittling myself.  I must just stop. 

Start again - I am feeling a little blue today, but I have so much to be thankful for.  My two little kitties are here scampering around me all full of life and making me smile that they are not enemies.  My husband is out visiting his elderly parents and giving them the care he can as their health declines.  He is such a nice person.  My sweet daughter called me last night on a break from studying just to say hello.  My son just signed a contract with a company to begin working for them right after graduation (he is nervous and still not sure  - but he has unitl May 16 to potentially change his mind, but I am hoping he doesn't)  I have a job I really like and pray it doesn't close (education budget is being slashed by our govenor) - but I know everything will be what it will be.  All I can do is be my very best at what I do.

So - I am going to get up and have some applecider vinegar water with lemon and get myself ready for a new day!!  

I know my intake was good yesterday

tuna and crackers

chef salad

bag of steamed veggies

I gave in to a pineapple /cranberry vodka drink


OH and the good news , I haven't haad soda for almost a week!!  I really miss it during the afternoons, but I ignore the craving and drink water!


Have a great day all!!


Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 41.6 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 02/03/2016:
Sounds like a great life, Mom. Keep the jokes coming. I may steal a few.

grannyannie on 02/03/2016:
LOL. A wee bit of vodka is good for you. Right? ;)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/03/2016:
Oh Mom! Lol….looks like this poor fella is gonna get a DWI indeed !!! Thanks for the joke !!! Going 2x a week for therapy is great! You have nothing to be dissatisfied with. Just keep at it. I wouldn’t push for any extra right now because it seems you are still getting used to your activity schedule as it is. Just stick with it. When I go to the gym, I make it very special. I don’t go every day – so those 3 days (less than ½ the week) that I work out, I make them very important to me. I view those days as special days. That’s why i can be so focused and stay on task. The gym doesn’t last forever & is only a small portion of my days. But I treat it as something that I love, because I do, and don’t like skipping something that in my heart is something that in general helps me deal with the other pressures of life. The gym lets me release a lot of energy & tension. And it leaves me feeling resting & capable…not to mention looking good. Perhaps tell yourself all these things that I mentioned above. This is what your therapy does for you. Perhaps then you’ll be less inclined to skip it. You do have a lot to be thankful for. I understand you feeling blue. I get this way too when things get stagnant and nothing seems to be changing or moving along. I feel this way too. I am very blue right now as I right this. I cried at my desk this morning. It’s a boring, unfulfilling winter. But you know what, I keep trying to tell myself that I am doing everything I can right now. I am going to the gym, fulfilling my obligation to myself, but when the winter ends, I’ll fulfill the other things that are lacking. Maybe you need to actually spend time with a friend or loved one or something. That’s what I am missing now. All the relationships with my friends. The people who make me feel so good when I see them. It’s really a difficult winter right now, not seeing people. Putting so much pressure on myself & doing mostly independent things besides the time I am spending with family. It’s rough on me. I need to rise over these negative feelings. Rising over negative feelings. Thinking positively and reaching your full potential: this is how the successful folks do it. There’s no difference really between those who are highly successful and those that are not. There’s really only one major difference: SELF MOTIVATION & DETERMINATION. Those are the qualities that keep the successful people successful and the others not… I am not putting you down, I’m relating to you. My pendulum swings both ways. I reach periods of success and then have periods where I feel so down on myself in funk I cannot seem to get out of. But truthfully, it’s in the mind. Both you & me – we have to look at what is positive (like you did) and just rise from there. Negative things in life – well – they work themselves out if we can continue to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Steamed veggies sounds yummy. You can always add a little olive oil & seasonings to taste.

puddles on 02/03/2016:
Why do you start your day with apple cider, water (hot or cold) and lemon is there a medical advantage to this mixture. Glad to here things are going well with you and your family have a great day.

Cybermom4 - Tuesday Feb 02, 2016
(counting calories and adding exercise)
Weight: 191.6

The nurse noticed a man in golf attire pacing up and down outside the operating room where another golfer, who had a golf ball driven down his throat, was being treated.

"Is he a relative of yours?" the nurse, stepping outside the room, asked the pacing golfer.

"No," replied the man. "It's my ball!"

[forwarded by Adon Brownell]


I wonder how the size of hail was described before the game of golf was invented!


I just can't believe how quickly time is going.

Went to the dr. yesterday and he said that most knees that look like mine have surgery, but as long as I am managing the pain with PT and knee injections - he is fine with holding off as long as possible.  He is not one to push for surgery.  Since he is an orttho dr. I asked if he could take a look at my lower back (degenerative disc disease) I haven't had that checked in at least 10 years.  My left leg has some nerve damage, but it is not near as painful as it had been (thank goodness as it was terrible before).  Wow, I never thought of myself being at the age where all I do is ache and belly ache.


I have a fun event on Thursday - our big company meeting wherre all the staff from all over the state gather to meet and we learn the 'state of the union' so to speak.  It is always fun.  I usually end up sitting by myself or with people I don't know b/c I like to park near the coffee.  At least I get to meet new people.


Ahhh and Friday after work I'm off to a little get away till Monday!!

You know, I am so not even worried about the meals - as I have been so good about ordering grilled or broiled fish and veggies - yep HOP lots of Veggies!!  Actually, I was out Sunday and a friend treated me to broiled fish - sliced peaches, applesauce and rice.  Delightful!  I didn't feel fat or over full.  I felt healthy.  I know the fruit had sugar but I felt it was okay - not like chocolate cake sugar.  

does anyone know?  Is fruit sugar just as bad as chocolate cake sugar?

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 41.6 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 02/02/2016:
Hi, Mom. I don't know about the sugar thing. But I kinda wonder the same thing. I want to pig out on fruit but the thought of too much sugar stops me. Have a Healthy Day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/02/2016:
LOL...I just love it...OR calls you MOM! hahahaha. This is cool, I think I may have to do that at least one time!

I agree. this is about the fastest winter I have ever experienced. The nicer weather without too much cold has been helping greatly.

Your joke above was great. I guess golfers really have a thing for not loosing any of their balls :)

Thanks for mentioning me. It's good that my friends here on the web are just as knowledgable about my love of veggies as my friends are in the world off the web!

Your choice to eat fruit instead of cake was a very good one. BIG difference. Especially in terms of calories.

grannyannie on 02/02/2016:
I try to limit fruit as well because of fructose, but it's much better than cakes, etc.

biscottibody59 on 02/02/2016:
Fruit juice is really about as bad as table sugar, if you find yourself out of control of your intake. For example a whole orange is better than a cup of juice.

One should aim to eat the whole fruit because of the fiber and other good things.

Granny Smith apples are lower in sugar than other varieties. Berries are a good choice for lower sugar fruitwise.


puddles on 02/02/2016:
have a great evening.

Cybermom4 - Monday Feb 01, 2016
(counting calories and adding exercise)
Weight: 191.6

A guy goes into a library and says to the librarian, "I would like a Coke, some fries and a cheeseburger."

The librarian, exasperated, replies, "Sir, do you have any idea where you are at?"

He looks around ... "Oh, excuse me!"

Then whispers, "I would like a Coke, some fries and a cheeseburger."


 Well, no weight loss this month, but I have increased my activity which is a good thing.  I still made it to the reunion and I wore a really cute top that made me feel good and my husband liked it too!  I love clothes and have many.  I just filled two suitcases with summer dresses and dresses that I 'grew out of' and I want to save for when I am down about 10 lbs or more.  They will really look nice if I can just lose.  

I am not going to be a downer due to the scale - but I will say, with my new eating, I am surprised the scale hasn't moved.  I think after reading some other posts I am inclined to say that I need to move more.  My days are so sedintary except for the days I go to the therapy.  Hmmm.. which would be easier - adding an extra 10 minutes to my therapy classes or going into the gym an extra day? - Maybe I'll start by adding an extra 10 min and I'll be a bit more (carefully ) aggressive in my aqua jogging.  My knees are getting stronger (I will get x rays today in my follow up appt - not sure that I helped the bones any, but I did improve motion and lessen pain yippee)


My little black kitty just went outside in the cold while the little furry brown tabby is cuddled up next to me.  It is so funny b/c the tabby (a stray) is sooo affectionate but incredibly skittish and will only venture outside rarely. It is like she is afraid she will be out for good , never to come back in the house again.  I told my husband   - lets give her 6 months and see if she has more confidence and gets used to all the house noises.


Well - going to have some peaches and make coffee.


Have a wonderful day.

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 41.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/01/2016:
Hang in there. We all hit plateaus.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/01/2016:
Love your funny joke above! I’m going to send it to my friend, she’s a very smart librarian! She was actually valedictorian of her high school class of around 1,000 kids! Now she’s 30yrs old lol. Even if no weight loss, it’s good to find a maintenance point too. Then, at least you have somewhere to judge off of – to learn what it takes to maintain where you are at. For instance, for me to maintain, it takes a LOT less calories than I was used to. How much less? Well, around 300 less per day! I’ve learned that now – especially as I thought I’d lose more in January but wasn’t successful. Like you, at least I’ve maintained. Even though I don’t want to limit my calories more, I am going to. Because I’m not giving up on my goal to weigh 115 (I am rather short) by my sister’s wedding! Giving up is SO NOT WORTH the satisfaction we gain from reaching our goals. Your kitty sounds so sweet. I feel that after the wedding I’m preparing for in April, that I want to buy a pet. I really do!  If I get a raise, I may get a hamster or something, anything to play with! Maybe….lol…I don’t have a lot of extra cash flow. So maybe not. One day, I will at least have a proper boyfriend! He can be my pet! LOL

Awesome50 on 02/01/2016:
You said you increased your activity this month so that's a win for the month. Any healthy change is always good. Careful about increasing your water jogging until you see the doc about your X-rays. Being injured can really set a person back in so many ways. It's just not worth making an injury worse. Make sure you have been given the green light from the doc before doing so.

Enjoy your day with your fur babies!

cybermom4 on 02/01/2016:
Great reality check Awesome!! I needed to hear that good ol' common sense. I do think if I do add an extra day, I may not do that every week. Little by little inch by inch.

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