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Cybermom4 - Tuesday Jan 12, 2016
(counting calories and adding exercise)
Weight: 192.0

 Well, I have a new goal - a mini goal.  My husband and I are meeting up with my daughter in law's parents on the 23rd.  My friend has lost almost 60 lbs and she  looks like a teenager.  I really don't want to meet her with a belly full  of jelly.  (can you tell I hate my belly).  If I could just lose 3-5 lbs between now and the 23rd I would be thrilled.  But then again, it took me 15 years to build up this body - it may take me a long time to carve it down.  

I do think I have to have a better attitude about this - take one day at a time and not worry about the scale - keep aqua jogging and eating my allotment and slowly I will be at my goal weight.  don't worry about what other people think and just be yourself.  Be at peace and all will work out fine.  Not to say you don't need some will power - as eating right is work - and thoughtful - but to be at peace is much more important than any scale number.

B- pineapple - yogurt and granola


Progress as of today: 2.6 lbs lost so far, only 42 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/12/2016:
I am also wanting to loose overall though - between 3-5lbs. It definitely puts a lot of added, extra, pressure on us when we are so insistent on what we want and require nothing less. sometimes it could leave us too stressed. remember that it's a journey and takes time - just continue doing what you are doing.

In your second paragraph, you state you realize how important having a positive mentality over this lifestyle change is. I agree. I am also having a lot of obstacles right now that i'm facing. In general, the winter can be a cold, harsh time to diet and get things done.

But, when we want something, are motivated enough, no obstacle stays in the way :)

and yes, peace is more important than the # on the scale. I'm in search of finding peace also.

cybermom4 on 01/12/2016:
Well said!!

puddles on 01/12/2016:
Mini goals are good. Your statement is right that it took so long to get to where you are and it will take some time to get to where you want to be. Remember to enjoy getting there. Have a great day.

cybermom4 on 01/12/2016:
Thank you :)

Awesome50 on 01/12/2016:
I agree, one day at a time it is. I too struggle with the numbers on the scale. I so often think that the number on the scale is the only way to measure my success and/or failure and when I do that it just creates frustration for me. This time I want to see the scale for what it really is. It's only one thing that I use to gauge my progress. Other things may include how I feel in my stamina and strength of my body increases for having less pounds and more movement. Seeing my clothing size go down or how it feels when its loosening and not skin tight, how much better my skin feels from more water consumption, how I don't have as many digestive issues when I eat well. The other things on the list besides the scale go on and on. I'm going to TRY and keep mindful of these other things too.

Mini goals are great I think though as they are motivators but like Puddles said in her post to you ... We need to enjoy getting there.

You're doing great .... You'll get there. Have a good day!

cybermom4 on 01/12/2016:
wow - you really outlined all the things I think of!

liza36 on 01/12/2016:
You make a great point about being at peace vs. the scale. So hard to do sometimes but well worth remembering and achieving!

cybermom4 on 01/12/2016:
Amen Liza36 :-)

Cybermom4 - Monday Jan 11, 2016
(counting calories and adding exercise)
Weight: 192.0

 Had a fun time at the pool today.  The water was actually much warmer (not warm, warmer) than it had been for a couple weeks.  I imagine it is tough to control the temperature of the building and the water with the outside being so unpredictable.  I can't complain.  I always think if the water is cold it is helping me to burn more calories.

B - pineapple and cantelope and coffee

L - 5 turkey slices, 1C yogurt and granola , diet pepsi

D - steak - mashed potatos, veggies and 90 Cal fiber brownie


Just for the record - my son and family are in Italy for the next 3-5 years with work.  We hope to visit them in summer of 2017.  They will be home in August - which will be here before we know it!  We skype each week.

Progress as of today: 2.6 lbs lost so far, only 42 lbs to go!

Awesome50 on 01/11/2016:
Glad you enjoyed the pool today. Your meals for the day look great too. Now I want pineapple. I never think to buy it. Going to Italy in 2017 may help as a motivator for you. A trip there will be so exciting!

Cybermom4 - Sunday Jan 10, 2016
(21 day fit diet)
Weight: 192.0

Having a good day - chatted with my son who is iin Italy.  He is going to take his wife and baby to Paris for valentie's day - so romantic!

Doing well on my diet today

B - pineapple and cantelope and coffee

L turkey and chesse sandwich

S - yogurt and granola

dinner - chicken and rice 

Progress as of today: 2.6 lbs lost so far, only 42 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/10/2016:
That is romantic. Good food plan. Have a great evening.

Awesome50 on 01/10/2016:
Glad to hear you're having a good day!

grannyannie on 01/11/2016:
Good menu plans. Hope your son and his family enjoy their trip.

livinglight on 01/11/2016:
What an adventurer! Looks like a good day :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/11/2016:
Are things more expensive that time of year there? very cool!

healthy meals...maybe incorporate some veggies if you want the meals to be more filling?

cybermom4 on 01/11/2016:
Thanks HP!!

Cybermom4 - Saturday Jan 09, 2016
(21 day fit diet)
Weight: 192.0

I'm feeling a bit better now (not beating myself up)  I drank a tall glass of applecider vinegar and lemon water and my stomach feels much better  - it may be mind over matter but I feel like I am burning calories and not just lugging around all the food i ate.   I will not give up,  I will not give up, I will not give up


Well - I had a melt down - too much going on and lost track of my intake.  the bummer was an extra long island iced tea and auntie ann's cinn and sugar pretzel bites.  went 600 calories over!!


I will not panic here - I will drink water and apple cider vinegar to flush out the system and then start fresh tomorrow.


I can do this... I can do this!!




 Whoo Hoo - dropped another .2!!!

Honestly - the caloried counting is the trick.  I have never done that before but it has made all the difference for me.  I am eating breakfast now and lunch where before I would skip meals.  I feel healthier and the 'cherry on top' I want to go to aqua therapy!!  Before I would dread the thought and think of skipping.  Then I would get depressed b/c I would compare myself to the young me who was always competitive and active and in sports.  I still don't know how I lost her, and I know that I will never get her back (I'll never be 20 again) but I can still have the mentality and the motivation.  I know I won't feel positive everyday - but I must use this blog and journal and do my best to 'coach myself ' into a good place.  Now I won't weigh in until next Saturday AM so I don't play mind games with the scale.  I know that when you begin working out you build muscle and that weighs more and all the Weigh Watchers commercials are saying "you're not just a scale number" (not that I know much about weight watchers) But I like the idea of just being a balanced well rounded and healthy person and letting the scale go for a time.

I can do this , I can do this , I can do this!!!!



Progress as of today: 2.6 lbs lost so far, only 42 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/09/2016:
Well done! I find tracking and keeping strictly to your healthy calorie amount is the best way to go. It gives you limits. Just be sure to increase them at least once day a week so your body doesn't get stuck on a low amount and think that's all it needs!

cybermom4 on 01/09/2016:
Good tip!!

puddles on 01/09/2016:
Good job and great attitude. This is all about the journey and not the destination. You have to enjoy the journey. However long it take is what it will take just enjoy and be kind to yourself along the way.

cybermom4 on 01/09/2016:
Love that "however long it takes is what it will take"!! Sometimes that is a hard truth to accept as a 'drive through window' 'want it now' girl. But I am working on this !

OhioRaven on 01/09/2016:
Good to hear your counting. It's a Good adventure.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/09/2016:
It's important to feel the way you do now in order to make the change, lose the weight, become healthier, live happier.

Like you say, life always has it's ups & downs...but you can strive (like I do) to have more ups than downs! and work always towards being happy!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/09/2016:
Oh, and i'm a calorie counter. always have & always will.

Awesome50 on 01/09/2016:
Yes you can do this!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/10/2016:
going some calories over on an occasion or two doesn't cause weightloss to stop. just continue with your good planning and eating. Don't even try to make up for the splurge. just go back to what you were doing and forget about the pretzels. you are going to be ok....move forward and you'll feel better :) nobody's perfect.

Donkey on 01/10/2016:

Cybermom4 - Friday Jan 08, 2016
(21 day fit diet)
Weight: 192.2

I am feeling really good right now.  I took an extra day to go to aqua therapy.  Using the jogging belt and jogging for 25 minutes is really wonderful.  My knees feel so much better with this workout.  Prior to this I was swimming and doing kicks with a kick board and although it was a good exercise, I think the jogging in the deep end is working much better.

B - orange, coffee and protein drink

S - diet pepsi

L - 1/2 tuna and cheddar cheese sandwich with water


Planning on going to the movies at 4 to see Star Wars - movie theatre popcorn with salt and butter are a biggg temptaion.  But, as I told one of my students this week - I have to ask myself if this piece of _________is going to make my muscles stronger or weaker.  IF the answer is clearly 'not stronger that's for sure"  then I better not eat it!!

Wish me luck - it is a new day and I have done so well so far - I won' t let buttered popcorn mess me up now! 

Progress as of today: 2.4 lbs lost so far, only 42.2 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/08/2016:
Good luck with the temptation - You can do it. Mind over matter. Have a great day.

cybermom4 on 01/08/2016:
I did it - I felt your support!! :)

Awesome50 on 01/08/2016:
Good work on the aqua jogging. I've always wondered about it as I'm not a good swimmer and am nervous in the water combined with a fear of being humiliated if the belt didn't fit. Perhaps once I'm done with physio and get a green light to do activity I might give it a whirl. I'm sure it is a less painful way to have a work out.

Movie popcorn is a weakness for me as well. You'll done fine ... You sound prepared to conquer it! Enjoy the show!

cybermom4 on 01/08/2016:
You will love aqua jogging!! It is especially great b/c I am on my lunch hour and I don't get my hair wet LOL. I did beat the popcorn temptation!! I felt your support :)

grannyannie on 01/08/2016:
Well done on the workout. I can't seem to go to a movie without some kind of chocolate so I just get a small pack.

Cybermom4 - Thursday Jan 07, 2016
(21 day fit diet)
Weight: 192.2

Hit the gym today and did aqua jogging for 25 minutes.  It was GREAT!  I had seen a video on youtube and my Y had a jogging belt for public use.  I was so excited to try it.  I was a bit challening at first to get my body in the right position, but once I figured it out I was on a roll.  My knees felt 'terrific'!!  I have no cartlidge in my knees and get injections every 6 months.  I was attending PT until my co pay became unaffordable.  My husband was able to get a family pass to the Y and that is where I have Aqua therapy. Not only am I eating right, I have a skip in my step with no pain!!  Amen.  I really think I am on a roll here.  I can do this I can do this I can do this!!


 I opened yesterday's mail and I have an invitation to attend a reunion on Jan 30.  It is a small group of couples who went on a retreat way way back.  I don't even remember the year now!!  I think maybe 20 years ago?  Anyway - between you and me...............Jan 30 is a goal date!!  I can't meet these people with a belly full of jelly!!  After all it has been 20 years or so?  Now I am motivated even more to stick with the eating plan.  My large overdose of calories only bumped me up .a little so I am still in the 192 range (.6 instead of .2) but after seeing what I did  I will make better choices and keep using 'my fitness pal'.  I really was amazed to see the calories from that lunch - over 900 just for lunch alone!!  Wow!!



B - almond milk 1 c; coffee; chicen tenderloin (not breaded, grilled)

S - fresh fruit - marzetti dip

L - peanut butter and raspberry jelly sandwich and diet pepsi

S - tortilla and humus sandwich and red wine

D - water, water, water

Progress as of today: 2.4 lbs lost so far, only 42.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/07/2016:
I calorie count at home, but it's impossible here. I find tracking calories is the most effective way to lose.

cybermom4 on 01/07/2016:
I'm also learning that it is the kind of calories you intake - the difference between 100 calorie snickers mini or 100 calories of small Cesar salad. I think I am beginning to understand that the eating is not the problem it is the food that I choose that is what makes the difference. I am really trying to retrain my brain so that I choose good food. It will take time, but since Dec 30 - I am by far eating better than I was prior. I 'am' a junk food junkie so the switch to fruit has been good, but mentally challenging.

OhioRaven on 01/07/2016:
Yes, Count Your Calories !

cybermom4 on 01/07/2016:
Thanks OR!!

puddles on 01/07/2016:
I used a calorie counter in the beginning and discovered the same thing as you did. Now I have knowledge of calories on items and it makes me feel guilty when I even entertain the thought of use certain items. But it works and keeps me away and it also makes me make better choice. It is in our choice you are right. Have a great day. Great motivation the reunion.

grannyannie on 01/07/2016:
The calories definitely need to be healthy with just occasional treats.

H82BFat on 01/07/2016:
A reunion - how exciting! Awesome job on the calorie counting! I really need to get back to it myself... baby steps!! Are you doing it manually? My hubby keeps telling about an ap that he uses, so when I'm ready to throw that into the mix, I stop zoning out when he's talking & see what he's been yapping about!!

cybermom4 on 01/07/2016:
Hi H8, I use 'my fitness pal' myfitnesspal.com It works GREAT!! It calculates meals that you eat at restaurants and items from the store etc.. It has a log of name brand items the calories and sodium. It is a great and personal site.

Awesome50 on 01/07/2016:
I really like the calorie counting ap I use. It also has a bar code scanner on it that's very helpful. It's called Lose It. Calorie counting is what I find works for me.

Cybermom4 - Wednesday Jan 06, 2016
(21 day fit diet)
Weight: 192.2

Well, I caved and had a muffin at Red Lobster - I almost had the 'give up and give in mode and ate ice cream with syrup"  but I took time to do my fitness pal and document my calories for the day and went 300 over.  Bad, but I can live with that and I won't eat ice cream now!!  It is amazing (at least for me) to see that I do have control over what I take in.  I had some fresh fruit, water and some asparagus (left over from red lobster)  You know one bisquet is over 400 calories!!  Drat!!


Either which way - I am a  work in progress and I will not surrender just yet.  Since Dec 30, I have been eating regular small meals and eating foods that are NOT tasty cakes or potatoe chips.  Tomorrow I hit the pool for a good aqua jog.  I've been watching some videos on water jogging and it is acutally very good for you ~ meaning - you work out good muscle groups with the combo of jogging and swimming.  

I just keep thinking that change has to happen fast, but the more I realize it 'won't' be fast I can accept this as a life style change and not just a fad.  I want to do well.  I really do.  

Off for some more water then a little grading and then off to bed!!


 Happy to be on the scale today.  Lost .2 LBs.  I know it seems small but to me that is huge - my weight has been hovering between 194-196 for almost 7 months and to be down even a little gives me hope.  Keep drinking that water Kim!!

B - baked oatmeal and fresh fruit - juice glass almond milk AND COFFEE!!  (not going to skip that again)

L - going to Red Lobster with friend / co worker- hoping to order a good fish dish with a salad that I can save for dinner.  NO ROLLS - too much salt and fat.  I have to tell myself that now or I will eat the whole basket and ask for more.

Progress as of today: 2.4 lbs lost so far, only 42.2 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 01/06/2016:
I've never heard of baked OatMeal. Reseaching...

cybermom4 on 01/07/2016:
If you find a recipe that calls for oil - substitute applesauce for a more healthy meal. If you don't find a recipe I'll be happy to share mine. Let me know.

puddles on 01/06/2016:
Will be easy enough to make a good choice at a red lobster. Enjoy.

grannyannie on 01/06/2016:
Any loss is great!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/06/2016:
Any loss is a good loss :-) I take them as they come as well & don't discriminate between big losses and smaller ones either!

Maybe your coworker will want to be healthier also. maybe you can say to the waiter to not give you bread :)

nothing wrong with a little coffee and it does work best when paired with carbs...but stay away from juice, it's a total waste. have fruit only instead.

Awesome50 on 01/06/2016:
Congrats on the loss! Big or small they all count and add up!

Cybermom4 - Tuesday Jan 05, 2016
(21 day fit diet)
Weight: 192.6

 First day back to work and I failed to prep myself a cup of coffee.  I was so busy getting ready and packing my lunch and items I never even realized I left without a sip! Around 9:30 I called my husband and told him "I think I'm going crazy, I can't think!  I'm overwhelmed with work and I don't know where to start.  I'm not sure what to do"  He said "well, you didn't sleep too restful last night and did you have your coffee?"  BINGO - went and made a K cup which I am not a fan of compared to brewed.  Kind of struggled most of the day but I did stick with my meal plan and for that I am grateful.  Thanks to my fitness pal I learned that 9 hershey kisses is 200 calories.  (that took the place of my coffee for the afternoon)  But I am ready to go now!! Tomorrow already looks brighter now that I learned from my mistakes.  Life is a journey isn't it!!  I'm over 50 and I still surprise myself with doing silly things (like get so busy I forget to eat or drink).  

Dinner tonight  - grilled chicken and maybe some Idaho mashed potatoes with yogurt.


Happy Evening !!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 42.6 lbs to go!

Cybermom4 - Monday Jan 04, 2016
(21 day fit diet)
Weight: 192.6

2 slices of fresh pineapple with marzetti cream cheese dip 

2.5 oz of steak (leftover)



Applecider vinegar and lemon water - 

going to put my swim suit on so I don't flake out on going to the gym to swim.  Then after my Social Studies  lesson I can hop in the car and hit the gym.  

Gym:  4 laps running; 4 laps kick; 2 laps swim; 2 laps run; 4 laps kick; 4 laps run; 2 laps kick; 2 laps run; 2 laps swim; 2 laps run = total = 28 laps

Summary for log ; run 14; swim 4; kicks 10 = 28

diet pepsi 

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 42.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/04/2016:
Have a good swim!

puddles on 01/04/2016:
Enjoy your day.

OhioRaven on 01/05/2016:
Morning, Mom.

biscottibody59 on 01/05/2016:

Cybermom4 - Sunday Jan 03, 2016
(21 day fit diet)
Weight: 192.6

  It is a new day and a new year.  I start back to school tomorrow (teaching) and I feel I need to do some prep work today in order to not be 'crunched ' tomorrow.  I also have Aqua therapy tomorrow during my lunch hour  for my knees and will really work with that.  My knees have imporved 10x with this therapy.  Since starting, I have not had any knee locks during the night.  I even stopped using my knee pillow.  Amazing what a little focused work out can do for your joints.  I especially like combining the swimming and jogging.  That being said, the thought of putting on a swim suit in the cold gym makes me shutter, but I just keep thinking this is for my good.  And it is healthy for me. 

On a good note, I feel like I am really doing a good job eating right.  I have made good efforts to NOT skip breakfast.  I have purchased tuna and salmon pouches to take to work for my lunches so I don't just 'work though lunch'.  And I bought a jar of natural peanutbutter to take to work with me for a snack.  I used to use the saying  "If you fail to plan , you plan to fail"  so hence...............I am planning.

Started My fitness pal to keep track of my food intake so I my journal here will mostly be motivational self talk and support.  My fitness pal is amazing.


 My daughter came home and made chocolate chip cookies and I ate one and it made me sick.  Not because of her baking but because I have been eating fresh fruit and veggis since Dec 30 and I think the chocolate and sugar etc. just did not sit right with me.  That is a good thing I know - having my stomach desire good food and not sugary sweet foods.  I also read an article that I am to take 2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar with water and lemon before every meal.  Also heard that cinnamon is good for digestion and insulun production.  LOL  maybe I am doing too much reading !

Anyway - wanted to check in here to get me though the dinner hour.  It is about 5:30 here and I would like to finish out the evening with water and maybe and orange.

Sometimes I think it would be easier if I just go to bed and sleep the temptations away, but that isn't going to do me any good either.  Just have to be committed and focused.  I can do this ............ I can do this.............I can do this............

Why am I doing this?  I am doing this for me and for my children.  For me so I don't have to be ashamed of my floppy belly any more and I can stand proud at my kids college graduations and not worry about the photos going on Facebook.  To be able tow wear all the beautiful clothes I own and not have them look stretched out on the body.  Instead they will drape and look comfy and I'll have a figure to be proud of.  This is all worth NOT eating chocolate chip cookies, or candy bars or junk like cupcakes.

Water is my friend - my best friend.  It will flush out all the toxins and keep me full so that I can make it one more day.  One day at a time - little by little  and hour by hour.

I can do this!!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 42.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/03/2016:
Good luck on your journey.

OhioRaven on 01/03/2016:
The fitness pal is a Good move.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/04/2016:
You sound prepared for "tomorrow" which is now "today!" Happy Monday!

Wishing you a successful day. You will have one - stay confident - because you are PREPARED. congrats on taking the right steps to progress on your journey!

cybermom4 on 01/04/2016:
Thank you!! :-)

Happy Monday to you too!!

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