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DDwebmasterkids - Tuesday Aug 23, 2022

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                      How to save your old posts

1) Copy & Paste one of the below into the browser address bar. Replace YOURUSERNAMEHERE with you own username. The first address will bring up all of your old posts, along with replies. The second will bring up all of your posts without the replies.



2) Select all of the posts displayed

3) Copy selected by using CTL C  

4) Open your word processor and paste the copied section by using CTL V  

5) Save on your computer in whatever file you choose.

Here's an alternative method.
1) Display the consolidated listing brought up by the address you chose.

2) Open the browser menu. It's usually located in the upper right, displayed as 3 bars.

3) You should see "save page as." When clicked, a pop up will appear displaying locations. Select one or create a new file, then hit save.

Special Thanks to user draindart for pointing out the way to save posts only.





graindart on 08/24/2022:
I believe this only works for public entries. It most likely won't work for entries that the user has marked Private. It also most likely won't work if the entire account is marked Private.

DDwebmasterKids on 08/24/2022:
That makes sense. Possibly private accounts could briefly go public and download? I’ll leave those tests to them. Personally, I don’t quite grasp why anyone would want old content here. I don’t see what they weighed and ate years ago as significant, or it would not be to me. Now is what matters. As to all the off topic chitchat, I’m not getting why anyone would want to save much less print the content. But we aim to please and hope the instructions will be useful to some.

DDwebmasterkids - Monday Aug 22, 2022

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      Team members test1 and caystown have figured out how to save your posting history. Both relied upon info ddwebmaster wrote in 2017. He may have  posted  more recent backup procedures that we missed. We will post step by step instructions soon on how to save all posts on a laptop. They selected a user who has not posted in years and saved her data from 2008 to 2017. It was then deleted from their devices and remains as usual at DD.

jacky82020 on 08/22/2022:
I am sure that will be very helpful for some users who must have thousands of posts, unless they were backing them up all along. Not a problem for me. I delete most and only save one a month to keep the bar graph up.

caystown on 08/22/2022:
We will post instructions tomorrow. Band practice tonight.

SomeFineDay on 08/22/2022:
Welcome to the new kids on the block!

DDwebmasterkids - Monday Aug 22, 2022

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     We wish to apologize for any inconvenience caused by taking the site offline. We did post an advance notice, but it went under an older post  by ddwebmaster and probably no one opened it.
     If you were unable to login, please try again. We cannot easily reset your password since reset info is sent to your email of record. If you experienced difficulties performing routine maintenance tasks such as deleting posts, please try again.
     In response to a forum member's concerns, we would like to say we will not be deleting old posts. We are well aware many go back years and are of value to some users. Test1, a team member, is investigating means of backing up old entries. She is going to try a method described by ddwebmaster in a post that can be viewed under DD Future 2017. You can get there by clicking on DD Maintenance and poking around until you reach Public Forums. This was a multistep process for her, but perhaps experienced users will be able to locate it quickly.
     If anyone has successfully used this backup method or knows of a better way, kindly share. Thank you






Donkey on 08/22/2022:
Thank you for the update :-)

DDwebmasterkids - Friday Aug 19, 2022

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 Testing.  123

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