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DelaD - Sunday Apr 17, 2005
(Path Towards Raw Foods)
Weight: 206.0

Well, so much for being good yesterday (calorie-wise), it made me gain a pound! Weight fluctuations are a pain!

am - 2 1/2 leggo mini waffles, 1 c. raspberries, strawberries, grapes, 1/2 c. oj w/ psyllium, 3/4 c. kashi heart to heart w/ rice milk,

pm -

Awh, heck, the rest of the day went to crap.

jolt on 04/17/2005:
Don't worry about the pound. Some days I fluctuate by 2 or 3 pounds! I know its not true though LOL> I could never eat bad enough to gain all that! LOL. YOu an do it! Food sounds good!



inmorning on 04/17/2005:
I know the feeling about being bad and hating yourself for it. I did that this week several times.

Jennifer68 on 04/17/2005:
Keep up with the smart food choices! Your doing great! Jen

jolt on 04/18/2005:
Howdy You! **Grrrruuummmmmppppp* I think we should just push those weight fluctuations out of our lives. ITS JUST NOT FAIR! Not to mention annoying. Sounds like you are ding all right. Just Breath and move on! We can do it!


DelaD - Saturday Apr 16, 2005
(Path Towards Raw Foods)
Weight: 205.0

Yes, yes, down the .5 pound and also .5 inch off the waist. Now, to keep it up.

am - .5 c. pinapple orange juice with psyllium, 1 c. of fruit (raspberries, grapes and pear), 1 c. Heart to Heart cereal w/ 1 c. rice milk, 1/4 c. kid's Chex mix, 1/2 c. grapes and 1 c. of more dang Chex mix (shan't lose weight doing this, now).

pm - veggie sandwich, 1/2 serving of soy crisps, 3/4 c. vanilla ice cream w/ .5 c. rice milk, 3 veggie meat soft tacos, 3/4 c. mexican rice, 1/4 c. lite cool whip, .5 c. oj w/ psyllium

total calories for the day = 1946 (27% fat) subtract 335 cals for my 1 hour hike = 1611

All in all, a pretty good day!

jolt on 04/16/2005:
**does happy dance** Yes you can do it! .5 is better then nothing at all.

Food sounds good.



DelaD - Friday Apr 15, 2005
(Path Towards Raw Foods)
Weight: 205.5

Well, not too bad a price to pay for my transgressions - up .5 pounds and .25 inches in the waist.

am - 1/2 c. coffee (my fav creamer is all gone & I do not plan to buy more....w/o it, what's the use?), 1/2 c. fresh oj with psyllium, 1 c. fresh fruit salad, 1/2 c. Kashi Heart to Heart, 1/2 c. rice milk, .75 oz. honey roasted peanuts

pm - Chick-fil-a sandwich, small cherry cola, 1/2 bag of peanut m & m's, 1/2 c. raspberries, 1/2 c. red grapes, 1/2 sl. cheese pizza (Seth's remnants), cheese, tomato, onion and lettuce ("veggie") sandwich, other 1/2 of those m & m's, 1/2 c. pineapple juice w/ psyllium

total cals - 1660 (28% fat) subtract 148 for a 25 minute walk = 1512

Hoping to keep my calories down below 1800 today and exercise 30 mins - if so, I'm bound to loose at least that .5 pound from my week of craziness.

jolt on 04/15/2005:
Keep up the good work. .5 is nothing in the big scheme of life and weightloss. You can do this, one minute at a time. Stay strong, and never stop believing!

Hugs pat

DelaD - Thursday Apr 14, 2005
(Path Towards Raw Foods)
Weight: 205.0

Alright, I think I am now ready to be serious about my eating habits. Prior to, I just thought I was. One thing that might help would be for me to list my food intake here - keep me on the straight and narrow so to speak...

am - 4 oz. fresh oj, 1 teasp. psyllium (for cleansing purposes), 1/2 cup fresh strawberries and red grapes, Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with rice milk.

pm - Salad with 2 tbsp. of Annie's Roasted Red Pepper Vinegrette (yum, by the way!), 4 shrimp tempura with horseradish (fat free) sauce, 1 oz. honey roasted peanuts,1/2 c. strawberries and grapes, 1/2 c. kids chex mix (my son loves these and....so do I...), 3 bread sticks and marinara sauce, bean burrito, mountain dew....yes, yes, yes the beastly dew. I must figure some way to break that addiction. Plus another 1/2 cup of fresh oj with psyllium.

Oh - just entered all my foods into fitday (dang those breadsticks!) and I thought I was doing good, but alas, twas not to be.....2057 calories and 26% fat. ARGH! Subtract out the 15 minutes of walking Seth (89 cals per fitday) in the stroller and that equals 1965 calories. Not a good number for someone who is dieting. Tomorrow must enter calories into fitday as I go.

I'll re-weigh and re-measure in the morning as I totally forgot about doing it this am.

**Don't read below if you are squeamish** Another thing I have been reading up on lately is what's called "mucoid plaque". It is very interesting to me and makes a lot of sense. Basically, as we eat acidic foods and junk food with all those chemicals and additives, etc., our colon produces an excess of mucous, a barrier, to keep these poisons from entering into our bloodstream. Over time, if one continues to eat improperly (as I sure have done) the mucous barrier gets thicker and thicker. This in turn not only prevents the toxins to enter the bloodstream, but also, the nutrients!!! And I have also read that one reason for gaining weight is because you are eating and eating but you are still nutrient deprived from eating bad things, thus your body is still wanting the nutrients and signalling you to eat more and on and on - a vicious cycle! I am of the opinion to believe that that is what is going on with me. Think about it, your colon is not a smooth line, it has sections to it, if ones poo (ick, I know) is coming out smooth and/or skinny - that has to be a sign of a plaque build up. It's supposed to be larger (like the size of your adult colon) and have the sections visible. I know this in part thanks to my 19 month old son...he is but a baby and his poo's are quite huge with the sections very clearly visible. That is because he's brand new and not had time eating crap to build up the muciod plaque barrier...............very interesting to me! Therefore, I am going to use the psyllium to help get things returned to normal. Also I am going to use angstrom sized minerals taken sublingually to remineralize my body. I mean seriously, there are often times that I would have eaten, my stomach being still quite full, but I'm wanting to eat yet more!! Uuugghhhh - how trying that is when one wants to loose weight, not gain.

Anyway, enough rambling for now.

AussieGirl on 04/14/2005:
Hiyaaa.. I'm new here.. pleased to meet you! *smiles*

I totally agree with you in the bowel department hahahahaha.. yes I too have a young child.. he is just 2.. and also in my healthy eating lectures I go to they have advised us on exactly what you said.

I also take a supplement called Juice Plus (free advertising hahaha) and this is just purely raw fresh fruit and veges in a capsule or chewable. The principle is that fresh is best.. raw is brilliant. It is all to do with the free radicals that we all can't avoid in our everyday life. If we all tried to eat the recommended 9 serves of fruit and vege a day I guess we'd never stop eating really... so for me Juice Plus is great as it is on top of the 3-4 servings of fruit and vege I already have.

I also take psyllium husks every second day.. I put them in a banana smoothie for breakfast with my LSA mix. It definitely is working.. not only can I certainly survive until lunchtime if I want but it means I am getting great fibre!

That full feeling.. did you know that somewhere around 4-5 years of age we all lose the chemical (naturally occurring in our brain!) that makes us feel full?? I noticed that my little boy can stop as soon as he's had enough and not eat until he is hungry again. Apparently they are doing some studies to find out exactly what the chemical is and whether they can reproduce it so all us "slim challenged" people can get that feeling again..YAYYYYYY!! Bring it on I say *smiles*

Have a great day and feel free to ignore my comments hahaha or you can talk to me anytime!

Kim xxx

DelaD - Sunday Apr 10, 2005
(Path Towards Raw Foods)
Weight: 205.0

Well, yesterday was not a banner day diet-wise. Feeling much like a big ole blob. I looked at my face in the mirror today and I look like my 'crazy' aunt with a double chin now! Oh, this is not a good thing. Thinking about taking my pix (just the big ole face and chin) and posting it up by the pantry and the fridge....hmmm would that be helpful?

jolt on 04/10/2005:
***Breath*** look inside and find the true person you are. You are certainly not a double chin looking in the mirror. It all takes time. A picture might be helpful



Jennifer68 on 04/11/2005:
I've felt (and looked like) your crazy aunt too, lol!! Just focus on your plan, keep at it, and we will BOTH make her disappear. Jen

DelaD - Saturday Apr 09, 2005
(Path Towards Raw Foods)
Weight: 205.0

O.k.- here it is...yesterday's tallies:

maybe 40 % raw (pathetic)

1954 calories (way too many to be dieting)

74 fat grams (disgusting)

34 % fat (not healthy at all)

Well, I know Friday nights are always hard - the hubby and stepson always want a treat and so do I :o

Soon2BThin on 04/09/2005:
Sorry I missed your first DD entry. Welcome back! And congrats on your newest family member. Was your name still the same when you were here before? Good luck with your plan. You CAN do this!

DelaD - Friday Apr 08, 2005
(Path towards Raw Foods)
Weight: 205.0

Ah, was so into reading Geevee's diary in my spare time - I didn't even get around to posting to mine!!

Well yesterday was a bit more raw - I counted my calories and fat grams as well and the total was 1328 calories and 47 fat grams (33% fat). Not too bad, however the fat count needs to go down! At 200 plus and 5'7 1/2" - I'd like to average about 1500 cals a day. As I loose, I can bring that number down to no lower than 1200 a day. And I'd very much like to be able to keep the fat % under 25.

Wll check in later to update today.

jolt on 04/08/2005:
Sounds like you are doing great! How have you handled the transition to raw? I myself have been trying to go towards a old style diet LoL anyway no processed foods ect. I have found it very difficult and time consuming. SO on the weekends I have been making meals for a week and then freezing them. But seems to take all my time.

Best of luck to you



geevee on 04/08/2005:
My dear, you put me to shame! Today is the first time I saw your entries. Possibly your entries appear after I've checked the list for the day. The following day I don't go back to recheck the previous day. That's the only explanation I have. And here I find all of your references to my entries way back to last year. I think I ought to check them out too to see how I've gone astray or how I've improved. I keep bitching about being at a standstill since reaching my first goal in Sept and then lolling around that area for half a year until this past month when it became apparent that I was going in the wrong direction. Here I thought I had overcome denial, but I guess it's always there! What a battle this is! The thing is that last April to June I was continuing to lose weight. I have to find out what I was doing. Well, for one thing, that's when I started swimming everyday at the Biltmore and doing yoga 4-5 times a week plus using the weight machines. Well, the pool has been "out" since Dec. because the water is just too cold. With my inadvertant fall from a headstand 2� weeks ago I still have a bum foot. My toe is reddish-blue, stiff, sore and I can't bend it yet. I sure would like to get back to yoga, but I'll just have to play it by ear for the moment. That my weight is starting to go down recently is a huge surprise considering the lack of exercise. Nothing worthwhile is easy at all and we have to keep plugging away and not give in to temptations. Out of curiosity, what did I write that you found helpful?

smiles75 on 04/08/2005:
From what I have read .. don't cut your fat down too much. Keeping it around 30% is good .. 25-30% is good. Just make sure its the right fats ... from nuts and such not from grease.

Your well on your way!!

All my best

ps I will post a couple articles for you.

DelaD - Wednesday Apr 06, 2005
(Path towards Raw Foods)
Weight: 205.0

Quick entry tonight. Again about 50% raw or so. I am thinking about starting a food diary. I did this long ago (like in '95) when I lost about 20 pounds (150 to 130 - those were the days) and it really helped me to be on track.

Am still reading Geevee's diary - am at last June...Geevee you are a huge inspiration to me - you eat so healthy while like never 'cheating'! Ohhh I wish I could do that!

DelaD - Tuesday Apr 05, 2005
(Raw Food)
Weight: 205.0

Hi to Jolt, Cynthia and Geevee....Geevee, I've been reading your diary (am at last April right now) and you are AWESOME!! You are such an inspiration to me. I endeavor to be like you!

Well, today was not such a great day. I would say I was at about 50 % raw with the other half being mostly snacky things (which I might add are almost gone and I'm not buying anymore things I like - the family will have to do with the things I know I don't like - since I do the shopping!!)

I don't know about anyone else, but when the springtime comes it just makes me want to be thin and trim and in shorts and really helps to motivate me towards eating healthy. Sometimes when I want to munch on something bad, I'll go outside and sit with my face to the sun, eyes closed and just relax and think about how great I will feel when I am no longer encumbered by this excess weight.

DelaD - Monday Apr 04, 2005
(Raw Food)
Weight: 205.0

Hi and thanks for the comments jolt, runner, inmorning and tabbylove. I think it is a great motivation to have the input of fellow dieters on this tough journey!

Well, so far today, I would say I was about 75% raw. On the down side, the things I ate that were not raw...well lets just say they were not the best choices.

I see two temptation down-falls that I am going to have to learn to deal with. 1. My husband is a junk food junkie, so there are always bad treats (most of which I like) around the house. I must learn to KEEP AWAY FROM THAT PANTRY!!! 2. My sweet little 19 month old son is a sharing little fellow. He likes to offer me bites of what he is eating - sometimes raw but often times not. Hmmmmm...how to fake him out that mommy ate it but really didn't?

Well, so far day one is a fair day. Nothing but raw the rest of the night...of to make a lovely tomato, onion and cuke salad with olive oil, vinegar and sea salt dressing.

geevee on 04/04/2005:
I just recently discovered the joys and pleasures of roasted vegetables. I don't know what your philosophical thoughts are, but putting raw food in an oven and carmelizing it is one of the delights of life! Ohhhh, what could be better? I can go vegetarian with no problem at all. I also love meat.

Cynthia on 04/04/2005:
Well hello there and welcome home to DD. I applaud you for having the mentality it takes to be a raw foodist. I have thought about it and even tried it over a retreat weekend ... it was great. Well, sounds like you have a bubbly baby boy that makes you smile, what a welcomed treat at ANY time! Yeah I must agree we are quite a bunch here, supportive, loving, encouraging ... these folks are gonna make a decent human out of me! Do what ya gotta do to get where you wanna go in good health DellaD. We're all pulling for ya, "WE just cool like that"!! Cynthia

Cynthia on 04/04/2005:
Well hello there and welcome home to DD. I applaud you for having the mentality it takes to be a raw foodist. I have thought about it and even tried it over a retreat weekend ... it was great. Well, sounds like you have a bubbly baby boy that makes you smile, what a welcomed treat at ANY time! Yeah I must agree we are quite a bunch here, supportive, loving, encouraging ... these folks are gonna make a decent human out of me! Do what ya gotta do to get where you wanna go in good health DellaD. We're all pulling for ya, "WE just cool like that"!! Cynthia

jolt on 04/04/2005:
Keep up the awsume work. DOn't worry I am not under 200 yet. Still 9 lbs to go, but I am really looking forward to getting there, and not going back!

My DH is a junk food junkie (and never gains an ounce) I have them keep those goodies somewhere else not in the kitchen, so its easier for me. Has worked great so far.

Not sure about the sharing food thing. Since my son is 9 now. I used to just pretend to take a bite of it.


Pat (aka jolt)

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