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Donkey - Saturday Nov 09, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 42: 

 I picked the best time to go on a long weekend away from work, because Mistakes Girl is getting sick, and I do not need to be around that.  My husband's medicine lowers his immune system, so he's very vulnerable to getting sick.  When he gets a cold, he'll have it for weeks on end.  So it's very important that I do not get sick or bring home sickness to him.

On the other hand, I picked the worst time to go on a long weekend away from work, because that file with the awful agent who was so rude to me is closing on Wednesday, so I won't be able to prepare the file for closing.  Oh well.... maybe that's just as well.

Yoga classes were canceled this morning at the New Yoga Studio, which is a little disappointing, but in a major way, probably better for me, because I didn't have to feel conflicted about going or not.  I may try to go to the Yin Yoga class taught by the owner, tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure I like her teaching style much.

Also, I downloaded the Downward Dog app on my phone, and set up the settings, so that I can practice at home.  I might give that a go today.  There is a 30-day series on YouTube (Yoga with Adrienne) that sounds tempting, but more so because it's a 30-day challenge, more than the yoga itself.  Adrienne is a non-annoying YouTube Yoga teacher.  So there's home options.

I hope to update this entry later today...

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 11/09/2019:
Good job on unhooking from work, avoiding germs, finding options for yoga at home, and getting some brainspace back.

BearCountryGG on 11/09/2019:
It sounds like NOT preparing that file may be a very good thing!!! I like yoga at home....you tube makes it so easy..

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Donkey - Friday Nov 08, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

 Day 41:  I celebrate my own gratitude today. 

Posting on my phone,  which I hate doing,  but time has been so tight this week that it seems this is the only time I have to post, since I insist on NOT using my work computer to write.   Too bad,  too, as it's kind of slow at work and I would have time to post at work...

I'm so grateful that work has slowed down.  I mean,  it's good to be busy,  and it's good for business to be busy,  but the boss doesn't seem to care about working any more. IDK, if he is pulling back,  is it MY responsibility to pick up the slack?  I don't think so,  but maybe I'm misguided in this opinion. 

Last night was Cat Yoga.  My husband said that Daughter seemed kind of disappointed that she couldn't go,  because now she's on 2nd shift. But to be honest here,  it was I who was a little disappointed with the class.  I love the instructor and her method and routines, but it felt like something gratifying or satisfying was just missing...

If she taught classes at a studio,  I would seriously consider following her, but I didn't have the opportunity to ask her after class....  and I thought that my question might seem rude towards the cat shelter, since this is a regular fundraiser for them. 

Mistakes Girl was kind enough to observe that I have a 4 day weekend (from work), since daughter and I are going to Wisconsin for Monday and Tuesday.  Somehow though,  to me, it feels like I only have  Saturday off,  because the vacation feels like a lot of work,  even though we're just relaxing and hiking. 

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 11/08/2019:
Try googling her, look for her on Mindbody too. It wouldn't be rude... she's teaching as a volunteer and it is always good to build a following. If you want to go more frequently with the same instructor you have to kind of follow them around. That's why I like Classpass.

Donkey on 11/09/2019:
Good idea!

happy-1 on 11/08/2019:
Vacations seem like a lot of work to me too!

Donkey on 11/09/2019:
Oh I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

My boss LOVES vacations. That's how he recharges his mental battery - and this just drives me nuts. I feel like a failure every Monday when he says, So what did you do this weekend?

Um... most weekends, I find rejuvenation in small, mundane tasks: laundry, library, yardwork, outdoor walking, knitting, etc.

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Donkey - Wednesday Nov 06, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 39:

 Work on Monday was not too bad.  I went in with my guard up, so it may have come across as being grumpy.  I talked about the incident with the rude agent with Mistakes Girl (on Monday) and then Male Co-Worker again yesterday.  I feel better about it.

The boss has left for a long vacation in Italy, and I'm so glad he's gone.  I'm finding him difficult to work with lately, mostly because he's pulling back, without really admitting or telling anyone that he's pulling back.  So it comes across more like being lazy or reckless.

Associate Attorney is not doing anything to step up and take charge.

Last night was the beginning of a new yoga series at the New Yoga Studio.  This is called Stress Reduction Yoga.  I had mixed feelings about the overall experience:

I walk into the studio, and there are a million little girls for a Girl Scout outing - all chatting, moving, wiggling, etc.  Oh my, how adorable!  I remember those days fondly!  I went into a corner, to warm up and watch the friendly chaos.  Even though the noise and everything was a bit overwhelming - definitely not stress-reducing to walk into - I loved the energy.  

After the Girl Scout Troop left, there were 2 other women who were there for the series.  So now I have company!  The Self Love Yoga series was just me.  So it was Jenna, who knows of the teachers from a different yoga studio in another town (I guess they all defected and opened their own studio in my town!) and her mom, Linda.  The mom says to me, "I'm so stressed out at work - I think this will help!"  

Again, someone who is completely stressed out.  I think there are a lot of us out there.  I can't tell you how tempted I was to ask her if she worked in a law firm or real estate office.

The class was slow, held positions, and focused on releasing tension in the lower body.  I felt good, but I think I was in the mood for something else.  Or maybe it was not being alone in the class.  Or maybe just recovering from the Girl Scouts.  Not sure...  I think it's the first reason.  But I'm still glad that I signed up.

Cat yoga on Thursday!

I received 2 lovely complements yesterday that just made my day:

  • My husband said, "Tonight is Mom's yoga night" -- WOW!
  • Linda, from Stress Reduction Yoga, said that she noticed I was pretty flexible - WOW!

These just made my day!

FOOD:  Believe me when I say that on Sunday, I had every intention of returning to keto, watching portions, eating better.  I noticed after dinner last night that I was not very mindful of that for the entire Tuesday.  Still eating way too much.  It's the weather, I'm sure.


Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

legcramps on 11/07/2019:
I'm glad you are finding yoga classes to keep those stress levels down...it sounds like it is pretty tough at work lately for you. Such nice compliments!

happy-1 on 11/08/2019:
Love nice comments from instructors that show improvement... It makes it feel worth it.

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Donkey - Monday Nov 04, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 37:

 I'm afraid to go to work.  I do not want to be verbally abused by clients or agents any more.

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 11/04/2019:
that is so sad. I would not want to face that either. I was told if you start with a good morning it helps YOU feel better about your day. I tried it and I think it works.

happy-1 on 11/08/2019:
I feel the same way about walking out into my living room every morning. Hugs.

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Donkey - Sunday Nov 03, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 36: 

 I plan to edit this post later on in the day.  This weekend we changed the clocks, giving me an extra hour of sleep.  I went to bed super early, got an extra hour of sleep, and STILL slept in late.  I was so tired and drained from this week.  I think I really needed the rest.  And it was a good, deep rest, pretty much through the entire night, solid.

Because I woke up later, though, I did not make it to Yin Yoga this morning.  Oh well.  Also, I'm later in getting started with my errands, so I'm going to start those soon.

Our Baby Kitty is upset with new cat Jack.  She used my clean laundry basket as a litter box (#1).  She did not come to say good morning to me.  She was nowhere to be found for most of the morning.  But eventually, she came out and I was very happy to see her.  My clothes are in the dryer, drying.

EVENING EDIT:  I got everything done today.  My future butterfly garden is set for the winter.  Bird feeders are filled.  Shopping is done.   Laundry is done.  (Ended up re-washing the load that had been peed on because the smell was still there. )

I missed yoga class this morning so I did my first home yoga session off of YouTube.  I'm glad,  because it's been hard for me to take that step to practice on my own. 

Last night,  I slept almost 8.5 hours.  I would love to get at least 7 tonight...

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 11/08/2019:
Borax, lots of borax.

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Donkey - Saturday Nov 02, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 36:  Intention:  Today I strive for balance in my life.  Mantra:  Snap back to reality

Oh my goodness... not going to dwell on the past, but I hope that I never have another couple of weeks taking abuse from clients and agents like I've just finished.  I think when that happens, I need to just step away - literally - whether it's going for a walk, going home, stop answering calls, something.  I just have to cut it off at the source.  I will not allow myself to be verbally abused any more.

To help re-center myself, I'm thinking of trying a new class at New Yoga Studio at 11am.  It's called Slow Warm Yoga, coming off the heat that built up doing the Hot Yoga session at 9:30am. 

I'm also considering signing up for another Tuesday night yoga series (the Yoga for Stress Relief).  I think it will help me to have a weekly commitment.

I also wanted to start a 30-day yoga practice & diary (hand-written), but I missed November 1st because of all the STUPID CRAP at work.  I do not need a number on a calendar to start any 30-day journey, but just need to be in a right frame of mind.  It would basically be working on a designated pose a day for about 5 minutes.


This has been the first week of winter-like weather, and wow, could I tell the shift in my eating.  My willpower suffered, as I did partake a couple of nights with the Halloween cupcakes.  I did not eat any Halloween candy, but did have dark chocolate (which is allowed on keto, but probably not in the quantities I was eating).  I also have been drinking more coffee, which is not good.  Some coffee is OK; too much coffee is not OK.  Also, I pretty much ate a whole butternut squash throughout the week.  Butternut squash is nutritious and packed with vitamins, but it's not keto.

So it seems that the shift from keto to low carb has happened all on its own....  I know that if I had the mental energy to stick to keto, that I could do that.  There just doesn't seem to be anything left in me after work, kids, husband, house, weather...

IDK I feel quite a mess... 

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

Grannyannie on 11/02/2019:
Good luck. I know you are struggling but I have faith you will achieve your goals.

Donkey on 11/03/2019:
Thank you - this means so much to me.

BearCountryGG on 11/02/2019:
Life just seems to take over sometimes.......sounds like yoga is suiting you really well.

Donkey on 11/03/2019:
100% on both accounts. Yoga helped, but things are still out of balance. It takes time for the pendulum to swing back.

happy-1 on 11/02/2019:
What on earth do they say to be verbally abusive????

Donkey on 11/03/2019:
That everyone knew what the buyer was asking for except for me. I said, everything I see, the attorney sees, and it was his call to make.

Well, then our office screwed up, "I won't be sending you any more contracts." OK by me. I'd rather not communicate with you EVER again.

happy-1 on 11/02/2019:
MMMMMM... cupcakes and chocolate... Oh my!

Donkey on 11/03/2019:
Oh I know - I had 2 more of them yesterday (Saturday) to finish up the package. Now, no more.... At least until the Thanksgiving pies start coming.

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Donkey - Thursday Oct 31, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 35:  Happy Halloween!

 I did not have time to post this morning, as I had to prepare my house for trick-or-treaters (since it's hard for my husband to do this) and also shovel wet, heavy snow on the driveway.  However, I ended up coming home at 2pm anyway because my husband wasn't answering texts or calls or gmails.  My daughter was worried, so I drove home in a blazin' snow storm to make sure he was alright.  He was/is.  He had turned off his ringer, since he wasn't expecting our son to call, and then left his phone to charge in the basement while he took a nap upstairs.  

So I got a nice little repreave, which was nice, after finishing up with 3 just awful, horrible clients.  That, and I had very little to do at work.

Our new kitty Jack is settling in nicely.  He is very friendly, but prefers to hide under the comforter (duvet).  He's short-haired, very smooth and soft.  I have not heard him meow or purr yet, but he's still getting used to everyone and everything, so that's fine.

My son is back in class, crisis resolved, but his graduation date has been pushed back AGAIN, now to February 13th.  We are just relieved that he's OK.

I did not make it to Gentle Yoga Wednesday night.  Got home just before 6pm again.

I have come to the realization that the 6pm yoga classes just aren't going to work for me right now -- we are still too busy.  Things are just now starting to really slow down.  Once my daughter gets her promotion at work, she will switch back to a 2nd shift schedule and not have dinner with us most if not all nights, THEN I might be able to go to yoga at 6p - provided that husband is willing to eat dinner at 7:30p.  Or he could eat without me, of course, but then that would go against having a sacred dinner hour.  And I think that's more important to me.

I still have yet to practice at home, although I went back and tried the fish pose that the Sunday class instructor did not guide or correct me on - and I did it correctly.  (Thank you, You Tube!)

I think the new cat will like yoga. Binge-watching TV too...

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 10/31/2019:
Scary when you go wondering if someone is okay......add thee snow driving and that ramps it all up too....glad that he and your son are both okay.....sounds like the new kitty will be just fine....and just in time for halloween.

legcramps on 11/01/2019:
Yeah, I would not have been happy with hubby. Sounds like Jack is adorable!

happy-1 on 11/02/2019:
why are you stuck shoveling snow? you have a daughter

Donkey on 11/02/2019:
She's at work :-(

happy-1 on 11/03/2019:
Tell her to get up earlier and shovel the snow!

Donkey - Wednesday Oct 30, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 34: 

 My morning Me Time was consumed by doing things for others, so I hope to be able to update this post later this evening.

Self-Love Yoga has come to an end.  Although there was meditation and affirmations, there was also a lot of challenging yoga moves.  I can totally see how one could get some serious muscle traning from yoga - especially if one practices often.

I would love to go to Gentle Yoga tonight, but it starts at 6pm and that's so hard to get to from work, with the dinner hour and all.  The New Yoga Studio is closed on Thursday for Halloween, and of course, the class I really want to try (Vinyasa) is only on Thursdays.

I will try to have the time to go tonight, BUT... tonigh we are getting our new family member, Jack the Black Cat.  My husband wants me here for that, but perhaps it's better than I'm not?  I'm sure that this will be difficult for Jack's owner.

Must get to work - it is snowing here for the first time of the winter season (even though we've got about a month to go until Fall ends), and the roads may be slippery!

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 10/30/2019:
Oh, I LOVE black cats!!! Is he short-haired or long-haired? I think they are all beautiful but the fluffy ones are even more so! I hope you get to your yoga class tonite. As for snow....ohhhh!!! I think snow is so beautiful as it is falling, watching it come down but not fond of slippery roads you mentioned, at all. Be careful on the roads and hope you have a wonderful day.

Donkey on 10/31/2019:
He is short-haired and very smooth and silky soft. He is also very solid.

grannyannie on 10/31/2019:
All those kinds of classes - yoga, thai chi etc are in the evenings here so people can go after work. But it's a 10 drive for me and when I'm home for the evening, that's it. But I plan to go to yoga in Thailand in December.

Donkey on 10/31/2019:
I'll write more about this, but it has become obvious that 6pm classes aren't going to work for me unless I go directly from work and then have dinner at 7:30p - which I do not want to do, nor would I ask my family/husband to do this.

happy-1 on 11/08/2019:
Snow!!!! How delightful. I love seasons that change. It is just hot and dry here all the time in my concrete jungle.

Donkey - Tuesday Oct 29, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 33: 

 Today I have a dentist appointment.  I am fortunate enough to work within walking distance of the dentist's office, so I get a nice 10 minute walk, endure the dentist, and another nice 10 minute walk.  I don't really enjoy going to the dentist, but I'm happy for the break from work. 

Tonight is the last class of Self Love Yoga.  I do not do well with endings.  I am seriously thinking of signing up for the next series Stress Reducing Yoga (with the same teacher), which is great for going into the holidays, right?  But then I realized that maybe I'm signing up to avoid saying good-bye.  I hadn't considered that.

 My daughter and I are still planning on going away in November for a mini-getaway.  I keep saying I'm not ready for snow, but we're thinking of going up to Wisconsin to do some easy hiking.  I'm sure by then, they will have snow that is sticking to the ground.  I'm not so sure about this, but she says that she does want a break before she starts the retail holiday season.  And I get that.

My son is still awaiting his fate.  I texted him this morning, wishing him luck, and letting him know that whatever happens, he'll be OK.

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 10/29/2019:
I love all of your yoga posts.....they speak peace and contentment, yet involve fitness...Hoping all goes well for your son....

legcramps on 10/29/2019:
Well done on self love yoga. Stress reducing yoga sounds like something that would be very beneficial for you.

innerpeace on 10/29/2019:
One day, I will try yoga again. I hope your son fairs well.

Maria7 on 10/29/2019:
Hope your dental visit went well. Good on taking a walk and get some fresh air, too.

Donkey - Monday Oct 28, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 32:  Intention:  Peace and serenity are mine.  Mantra:  Let go and let God.

 Not really feeling that intention but rather, whatever today brings, I'll be OK.  How do I know this?  I've been knocked down so many times, but somehow, somewhere within in me, I know I've got the strength to pull myself up, even if it takes a while to recover.

I weighed in on Saturday, but did not speak of it.  The scale was all over the place, from 133.5 down to 130.5.  Then I got 3 consistent readings at 132.5, so that's what I went with.  So lost a little weight, but I think that's because I haven't been doing any weight training for the past 2 weeks, trying to recover from my back problems, and then overall fatigue.

Which reminds me... I am ready for work ahead of time, so I wanted to do a little shoulder work with light weights.  

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 10/28/2019:
I love your new found attitude Donk.....it sounds so peaceful and relaxing....as in things happen, things move along...and everything has a lesson to be learned....scales are fickle....they change their minds all of the time.....how do you feel??? Much more important. GOOD JOB!!!

happy-1 on 10/28/2019:
“I've been knocked down so many times, but somehow, somewhere within in me, I know I've got the strength to pull myself up, even if it takes a while to recover.”

I love this. I feel the same way.

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