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Donkey - Friday Jan 15, 2021
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 145.0

I'm having a hard time with work stress, now that I'm refraining from stress eating.  I'm at the point of thinking about bringing a bottle of wine to the office for a small glass to calm my nerves. However,  I am going to try some camomile tea first,  today, to see if that helps without making me sleepy. (My daughter bought some.)

I did not get to yoga at work yesterday.  I had done a little in the morning at home,  so I still met my daily goal,  but now I see that I have this secondary goal of taking a break at work to do a little yoga,  too. Hmm... well, I'll keep working on this. 

I did a mile on the treadmill, with half of it spent jogging. Met and surpassed my water goal.  Did not read. Did not write in my journal. 

Looking forward to going to the library tomorrow. Checking out books on meditation. 

Mistakes Girl is going to have a baby!  She is 6 weeks along,  due in early September,  which could mean late August...  I don't know if this means maternity leave or if she's quitting altogether.  

Unfortunately for me, I may not be able to take that Labor Day vacation to Montana to visit Son.  And I was tentatively considering that,  if I quit to move on to become a Walmart Shopper, I would make my move in September, after the summer students quit to go back to school.  Yes, I could still do that,  but that would put my current boss is a pickle,  indeed. I know I don't owe him but in a way,  I do feel some kind of loyalty to him.

Well, I can't spend too much personal energy thinking about that now. First,  I just have to get through today. 

Progress as of today: 41.5 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 01/15/2021:
Sorry the job is so stressful! What kind of Walmart shopper are you considering? The kind that fills orders for pickups out back or the ones that deliver to the house? Walmart is pushing a $99/yr home delivery service, unlimited orders over $35. I thought the driver dumped them on the porch, but they knock and tipping is customary. Can be good, depending upon location, I am reading.

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Donkey - Thursday Jan 14, 2021
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 145.0

Recently, when I wake up before my alarm, and if it's after 4am, I am getting up to get the day started, rather than lying in bed debating whether or not to get up, or trying to go back to sleep.  If I'm awake, I find that it works out better if I just get up. 

I started commenting on your diaries on my phone, while on the recumbent bike, but then the site started hiccuping, so I thought it best to write my own entry using my laptop.  Here I am!

I was able to do yoga at work yesterday!  I am using an unused office that is cramped with too much furniture and isn't heated very well.  (This room has heating/cooling issues ALWAYS.)  I did a short routine (Sun Salutation B) which took about 10 minutes.  It was awkward taking the time to do this, so I just have to get used to MAKING the time to go into this room to take a break.  I will keep trying.  Also, I was much better at doing the sequence yesterday than on Monday evening, when it was very awkward.  My goal is do this sequence with video guidance so often that I have it memorized.  

Tonight will be treadmill night.  I ate too much dinner last night to jog on the treadmill - and I like to jog at least a little bit when I use the treadmill (for my goal) - so last night was upper body weights after a light bike ride to help my stomach settle.  Met my water goal.  The only thing I didn't get to was reading.  *sigh*  

Progress as of today: 41.5 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/14/2021:
The yoga at work will become a good habit for you.

My stomach has to be mostly empty to do cardio or muscle weight. I'd get indigestion otherwise or just not have the energy to do it.

We get up at 5:50 to Alexa turning on the light and telling us good morning and some random fact. If I wake at 5 or later I don't go back to sleep because I don't want to wake during REM sleep. Feel too groggy.

Jacky82020 on 01/14/2021:
Hey, nice you can use that office space!

legcramps on 01/14/2021:
How great that you have a space that you can close to the rest of your coworkers and still have enough room to do your routine. Yes, definitely keep trying, this feels like a really fantastic way to break up your work day!

Horn_of_plenty on 01/14/2021:
i've been having STRANGE dreams recently.

you know how sometimes there are stories on the news about how our brains "make sense" and make connections of our experiences and what we learn during the day at night?

well, i woke up last night dreaming of how to do some of the new work i'm doing...i was dreaming of the procedure. LOL LOL LOL.

if it works better when you wake up at 4am, so be it. you aren't the only one up early like that...and if you are able to be productive, you do YOU.

enjoy the treadmill, i did some extra walking on the way home, too (less bus, more walk!)

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Donkey - Wednesday Jan 13, 2021
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 145.0

 Very tired,  so TOM will be here soon.   

I brought my spare mat to work,  but I did not get the opportunity to do any yoga.  I need to readjust my lunch routine to fit this in on an empty stomach. I'm glad it didn't happen yesterday because I checked out the YouTube videos last night,  and the routine I had planned to do was not right. I did a few videos until I found one I liked. 

We're getting bad weather Thursday into Friday,  so it may be better to plan to do yoga at work tomorrow,  with no walk,  and then use the treadmill at home tomorrow night. Yes. That will allow me time to do weights tonight. Upper body for sure,  maybe some legs. THAT'S MY PLAN. 

Work was hectic in the afternoon,  so when I came home,  I had a small glass of wine to help me relax and NOT release all the energy and stress into eating too much.  I think I did well with that. 

Progress as of today: 41.5 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 01/13/2021:
Hope you escape the worst of the weather....looks like it will get us pretty good.

Donkey on 01/14/2021:
I'm grateful that it will start with rain, towards the later afternoon. That way, if it starts to get bad, I can leave work early. I'm wondering if it might stay as rain. I haven't heard that in the forecast. I'm hearing "light snow". We'll see. We're kind of on the line between rain and snow a lot of times.

Jacky82020 on 01/13/2021:
I am having a difficult time taking meds/vitamins on an empty or thereabouts stomach. Causes some nausea. Need to find a better way

Donkey on 01/14/2021:
I take the iron pills right before bed, because they were making me sick on an empty stomach. Oh how I hate taking iron. Messes up everything in my GI.

grannyannie on 01/13/2021:
Good plan! Yes, you must do the yoga on a empty stomach. Can be tough I'm sure.

Hope the weather doesn't get too bad.

Donkey on 01/14/2021:
I will write about my yoga experience in today's entry. It needs some work.

The precipitation is supposed to start in the afternoon, so that's good. I do not like waking up to surprises that need to be shoveled first thing in the morning. I am OK if I am expecting it, but not if I'm not.

legcramps on 01/13/2021:
What a great idea to take your spare yoga mat to work with you! I remember once I did a yoga challenge with a group of people and one of the other participants worked in the same office as me so we used to do our daily challenges at work on our breaks. It was such a nice break from sitting at our desks all day!

Donkey on 01/14/2021:
We had talked about doing yoga in the office at one time. The obstacle to that is that there is no room available to do that. I was in a very small, cramped room that nobody uses anymore. Still, I got it to work for me.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/13/2021:
because i was so distracted this month, i had no cramps until the actual night before i got it! i actually woke up earlier in the AM before monday morning to get up for work, knowing it was coming in hours. and i was right!

hoping your TOM doesn't give you too many troubles. it's true, usually when we are distracted by other things, it doesn't...but it takes a BIG distraction.

a small glass of wine is relaxing.

sorry for your bad weather, i think we are still having quite unseasonably mild weather. 40s.

Donkey on 01/14/2021:
It seems lately that each month is a different experience. Had a few months where TOM was here, but very slow starting. This month seems to have started right off the bat. It's always a 5-7 day inconvenience, anyway you look at it.

Donkey on 01/14/2021:
I'm appreciating the benefits of having a small glass of wine with dinner after stressful days at the office. I want to emphasize that it's a small amount - part of my continuing practice of "everything in moderation".

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Donkey - Tuesday Jan 12, 2021
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 145.0

I woke up early today, and got up, rather than lying around in bed, so that I would have time to write here today.  Unfortunately, the downside is that it's not even 7am and I want breakfast.  I will wait until closer to 8am, although..... when I do this (wait), I sometimes forget to eat breakfast.  Yes, I get caught up in preparing for work that I forget to make something for breakfast, to eat at either home or work.  That's what happened yesterday, and it's happened before.

I had a very good yoga session last night.  It was more challenging, reminiscent of days when I was in the studio, and I was able to keep up.  I had a wonderful idea over the weekend, which really excited me (for some odd reason).  I think I'm going to take my other yoga mat to work, so that I can do a short yoga video in a room that nobody uses.  The only issue is that the room is a little chilly, and there's furniture in there, so I may have to move a chair.  But the plan is that I would "take a break" - either a separate break or connected with my lunch hour - and go into this room and do a 10-15 minute sequence of poses.  I plan to take my mat today.  That is the first step.  Then I have to be intentional in making this time while at work.  Doing this will help me establish boundaries with my time, which will be very important once we get busier. Well, we'll see how it goes.

On Sunday, I got the idea in my head to study to be a meditation guide.  I heard about an affordable self-guided program that I thought would work for me.  Then I started getting boggled down with comparisons between programs, reviews, pros/cons, accreditation, etc.  Well, something to think about.  I still think I want to enroll in a teacher-training yoga program, but I'm just not sure I'm ready, plus I think I'd like to do an in-person class versus online, but I haven't found a studio to study with, yet.

Work drama was just too funny yesterday.  Nice Lady is nice, but she is all about creating drama around herself.  I don't know why I keep falling for this.  She'll set up something for herself - this time, it's getting dental implants - talk about it with EVERYONE for WEEKS, and then at the very last minute, some crisis will come up where she might not be able to follow through with it.  This diversion causes a whole new drama, and then she'll quit or chicken out.  I told the Boss that if Nice Lady doesn't get her dental implants, then he is going to be the one to tell her that she needs to wear her false teeth to work.  It's ghastly when she comes to work with no teeth!  Thank goodness for face masks!  

She's getting the implants today.  At least that's the last I've heard.  She gets so nervous about anything medical.  Then why do this???  Geez!  

Anyway, Nice Lady will be out of the office today and tomorrow (to recover), which is good because she keeps walking by my desk a LOT which means I have to wear my mask all the time.  Associate Attorney will be out in the morning to take care of her, because he can't function without her.  (They came to our firm together, although she was never supposed to be part of the employment deal.)

Progress as of today: 41.5 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/12/2021:
I try to hold off breakfast until 8am as well. I have a big mug of tea with milk when I get up which takes the edge off.

Glad you have a good yoga session. I used to do meditation but could never get myself disciplined enough to do it daily.

She comes to work without her teeth??

Donkey on 01/12/2021:
I kid you not - she comes in with her top front teeth missing, up to, and maybe including the incisors. I try not to look too closely, if you know what I mean. I cannot tell you how ghastly it is to look at.

I'm sure you can imagine my shock the first time she came in without her upper denture plate in. She made a big deal about getting her teeth pulled and getting this denture. Then she made a big deal about how it hurts and she doesn't like it.

Donkey on 01/12/2021:
The yoga I do on Monday nights, with teacher Jean, has a 5 minute meditation in between flow and slow yoga parts. I tried using an app to help me.

I find it hard to sit still with myself.

bearcountrygg on 01/12/2021:
I always hold off on breakfast or at least 90% of the time.....it seems to cut down the hungry times in a day.

Donkey on 01/12/2021:
I was able to hold off until a little after 8am - perfect for a work day. On weekends, I try to wait until 9am.

My thing is that I delay eating in the morning, and then I forget! So I'm at work, then, without a breakfast. There is food there, so I can sometimes make do, but it's almost always foods that I would not choose.

Donkey on 01/12/2021:
Yesterday, I found a "Sweet & Salty Almond" granola bar. Calories were OK, and that was the best choice available to me.

grannyannie on 01/12/2021:
I went to a beginners meditation workshop weekend at Soto Zen monastery years ago - maybe 2006. It was great! They helped everybody find the best mediation position for everyone depending on their body and flexibility. I found that a low kneeling bench was best for me and hubby built me one. It's sitting in my gym in the corner.

legcramps on 01/12/2021:
I think meditation guide training is a wonderful idea!

And I too would feel awkward if someone came to work without their teeth, unless of course it was absolutely necessary for whatever unexplained reason.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/12/2021:
for the first time in years, i've been losing my appetite easily because i'm so busy at work. but i still come in and try to eat some breakfast or i'll be thinking about it all morning and that's no good! i keep all my food with me, and the fridge is close by too, so it's been easy to eat when hungry. :) that's worked out!

oh, so i get what you mean by getting caught up and forgetting to pack or make a breakfast. may i suggest an easy bar or something when that happens?

sounds like a good plan for work. at my previous job, when i was in the Queens office, there was a cheap gym right next door. a rare about, but a couple of us, would go there during lunch. before my injuries way back, i would go and walk on the treadmill when it was too cold/icy outside! i thought it was genious to be able to get in exercise during lunch even if i couldn't walk outside, i'd just hop on a treadmill next door to work. a few others would go there during lunch break for a whole workout, but like i said, that was rare. most didn't have time to stop in during lunch! but your thing sounds wonderful bc it's a short thing. you could seriously just do a couple poses. nothing major. holding them awhile. could be a nice stretching routine if anything. i think stretching helps a lot to make my body feel better. i do a few stretches that are yoga related, learning them mostly from some former days of yoga practice in my early 20's (so like 15 years ago).

Horn_of_plenty on 01/12/2021:
i do agree that an in person teacher training yoga class is way better than online.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/12/2021:
I can understand why someone would get nervous about getting tooth implants, but i also know it's a pretty common procedure. my dad has a few implants. they are wonderful when they are not having any problems...which means they are pretty wonderful almost all the time :)

i'm glad you will have some "you" time tomorrow with nice lady off :)

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Donkey - Sunday Jan 10, 2021
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 145.0

I woke up super early today, which in a way is a good thing, becuase I want to be awake for as much of my day(s) off as possible.  I had gotten up early to use the bathroom - a result of drinking into the night to meet my water quota - and I swear the clock said 2:34am but when I checked a few minutes later, the clock said 3:48am.  I got up shortly after that, so around 4am.

I had a lot of chores to do yeseterday so today is a day of relaxation, for the most part.  Here are my random thoughts:

  • I would like to do a session of Library Yoga, which they post on YouTube.  Those sessions are usually an hour long, and with nothing else to do today, I can do that.
  • My husband went to pick up the grocery order, so I will be helping him put away food when he returns. 
  • I may have small load of cat laundry to do, not sure.
  • I did read a little bit last night, and it went well.  It was not the Lewis & Clark book, so I'm afraid that's going back to the library soon. 
  • I'm trying to put off eating breakfast.  That's the problem with waking up early - more time to struggle with not eating. 
  • I plan to use the treadmill today, sticking with my 2x a week goal.

These are "thoughts" not tasks, so I won't be updating my list, as to what I've done or not done.  However, I may post an update later today.

Progress as of today: 41.5 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 01/10/2021:
I try to wait for breakfast too...or it can easily end up in 2 breakfasts......usually coffee and water hold me off for at least 3 hours....

grannyannie on 01/10/2021:
I try to wait until at least 8am for breakfast, otherwise I'm ready for lunch by 11 and results in snacking

grannyannie on 01/10/2021:
Enjoy your day of rest.

Jacky82020 on 01/10/2021:
You are a busy little Donkey. Busy is good.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/10/2021:
yes, totally, is my comment back to you in regards to your last comment back to me in your entry below...she denied the scale because it is the manual type scale, not an electronic/battery digital scale. i do agree with her that the scale may not be accurate, but it cannot really be off more than 5lbs. and i'm sure you'd agree. so it IS denial. she used to blame her initial weight gain on the meds. but the truth now is what you said - does she want to lose weight or not. i do believe her dose of anxiety medicine (making her more relaxed and i guess she eats more - just like i seem to eat less when i'm relaxed! - is affected by her meds...but, i do also believe it's a mental task fully to CHOOSE to break habits and lose weight again.) i mean, anxiety meds may make it harder, but she should be able to lose some weight no matter what, on medicine or not. right now she can easily lose 10lbs and not be "underweight" in the least. so she has wiggle room to lose weight without making huge changes. she just needs to mentally prepare and take a step. exactly what you said....

as soon as return L&C book to library, why don't you request it again asap? seems you really like that book! very interesting to read about history.

history. some people are very up on it and some are not. i'm part of the latter category. never paid attention growing up to news or class history lessons. the folks i work with are actually very into to history / current events. well, even though i won't be able to add too much to discussion, it's nice to be around educated people ;)

Maria7 on 01/10/2021:
I am trying to do better with drinking water, too...already had 2 bottles...20 oz, I think.

legcramps on 01/11/2021:
Have a great week :)

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Donkey - Saturday Jan 09, 2021
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 145.0

Good morning!  Oh I love Saturday mornings!  And although I slept in quite a bit today - didn't get up until almost 7:30am - I was eager to weigh-in this morning, to see ifi I was able to shed any of the Holiday Bloat - and the answer is YES!  (I am wondering if I had avoided that white chocolate problem on Thursday, if my weigh in would have been 144.5....)  So now I am at the "10-pound" mark. I'm kind of excited to work on this!

I will be busy today, cleaning the floors and doing laundry. I already have a load of kitty laundry started, then my own.  A clean house is a happy house.  It won't be a totally clean house, but it makes me content to have these things done.

Things on my list today:

  • Yoga - DONE
  • Re-fill birdfeeders - DONE
  • Mop basement floor - DONE
  • Mop main level floor - DONE
  • Cat laundry - DONE
  • My laundry - wash & dry - DONE
  • My laundry - fold & put away - DONE
  • Upper body weights - DONE
  • Read something out of a book - will do this tonight before turning out the light
  • Write in journal - DONE
  • Activate insurance card & bank card (both of which are expired) - DONE

EVENING EDIT:  I pushed myself to get everything checked off my list today.   Hmm, I'm not sure that was exactly the right thing to do.  Kind of stressed me out in the evening, to get the yoga done, but it's done.  I chose an 18 minute session on YouTube.  I found myself getting annoyed with the instructor (Yoga with Adrienne) because she talks too much and was holding the poses long, which made it really hard.  I guess that's the point, LOL.

Struggling to reach my water goal tonight...

Progress as of today: 41.5 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/09/2021:
Well done on the loss! Good goals for today.

Donkey on 01/09/2021:
Thank you!!! Got the goals done - whew!

Jacky82020 on 01/09/2021:
Hey, congrats! That’s a milestone.

Donkey on 01/09/2021:
Once I lose these last 10 pounds, I'm gonna do my darnedest to make sure they STAY off. They are the hardest part of the whole journey, and it's ridiculous that I keep letting them come back.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/09/2021:
having the same problem with my insurance card...HUGE problem. hope to have it solved sometime early next week!

your entry looks like mine today with all your "DONE"

this entry sounds very positive and uplifting!

to actually make a worthwhile comment that you can relate to, my good friend who lives slightly north of me in NYS, has been trying to lose weight for approx 2 YEARS with no real change. she is the one that was always super skinny until several life changes (good and bad), health changes (anxiety medicine added, birth control added). but birth control for many years, not just the past two.

So, she's been trying to lose weight. AND DOESN'T OWN A SCALE. until she bought one, on amazon, today.

she texted me, haven't talked yet, telling me she was at her parents house and hopped on the scale and it read some weight she has never seen. ...very soon after i realized and said to her, she has to know her starting point and buy a scale to take action.

basically, i feel, she's been in denial about it. to make any change, you have to understand where you are to start.

weight loss, i feel, can be effective if a person uses a scale weekly.

i think she's already off to a better start than the entire last two years.

so, when you spoke of weight and your goals, it reminded me of this whole texting convo with her this AM.

it would be logical to use a scale, just like you and I do and everyone on here. we use it as a tool to reach and maintain our goals.

Donkey on 01/09/2021:
I liked your idea of lists and writing "DONE" - it's a satisfying feeling, isn't it? However, I think I may go back to making lists on a post-it, and just checking them off manually. I like the lists because then my DD friends know what I'm doing during the day.

I think it would be hard to set a weight-loss goal without knowing your starting point. I feel that it's usually the number on the scale that gets people started on changing behaviors to lose weight.

I suppose that a person could lose weight by realizing, "Hey, my clothes don't fit well any more" and start calorie counting and exercising. Most people don't think they weigh THAT much until they see it on a scale.

I've mentioned my 7-month experiment when I was around 23. I weighed myself on January 1st, and then told myself I would not weigh in again until my birthday in early August. I modified my intake, started walking, etc., with NO measurement of my progress. Lost 20+ pounds... But I think I needed that end date to eventually find out the fruits of my labors.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/09/2021:
just looked back at your entry....wow, a completed list of to do's! impressive!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 01/09/2021:
hopefully by getting a lot done, there's some relaxation in store tomorrow?

Donkey on 01/10/2021:

Horn_of_plenty on 01/09/2021:
cool experiement when you were 23....that's cool. but, you at least promised yourself several changes.

either way, like you said, changes must be made. a person must give up the comfort of habit to lose weight. habit being whatever got you to the higher weight in the first place.

yes, she was shocked at the scale. and in my head, i believe it's denial...and time to take action for her. she once blamed gainnig weight on medicine (i think it's more just a couple pounds, although anxiety medicine can work to either make you gain/lose depending on how you act/eat when you are less anxious)...but not she said she thinks the scale is wrong. so, i guess that's denial. she said she'll see what her scale says when it comes in a week or so.

Donkey on 01/10/2021:
The purpose of my experiment was to "reset" my "relationship" with the scale. It was starting to become OCD and affected me in a negative way, mentally.

Oh yes, your friend sounds like she's in denial. It's funny that you said that she blamed the scale for the high number, rather than internalizing the weigh-in. Hmmm....

Meds can cause weigh-gain and make it harder, but at the end of the day, Does she want to weigh less or not? Basically that's what it's all about.

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Donkey - Friday Jan 08, 2021
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 148.0

 Inspired by Annie and Jacky,  I'm thinking about taking light weights to the office, to use during my lunch hour,  since my walking has been limited to walking around 1 block,  only, because of the weather and snow/ice on the sidewalks. 

I slipped up yesterday,  in the afternoon.  Around 3:30 or 4p, for some reason,  I thought it was a good idea to open a bar of white chocolate candy. Once I got started,  it was very hard to stop.  I did not eat the whole thing,  and stopped when I felt satisfied but by then,  it was 500 calories eaten. 

There are other things I could have done:  drink water,  drink flavored water,  walk away from my desk, jumping jacks in the closet, etc.  Maybe I will write out a list that I can look at,  when this feeling comes up at work again. When I get this feeling to stress eat, it's hard to think clearly. A list could help. 

The loan officer guy did not call last night,  so I'm kind of done with that. I'll still take his call,  but I do not want to be busy like that.  My husband is retired,  and I want to spend MORE time with him,  not less, but I do need to work.  Even though my job right now is not ideal, it is manageable. 

I stayed late last night waiting for Associate Attorney to type out a letter he promised would go out yesterday. If I didn't have to wait for that,  I could have left on time or even a little early. Frustrating because he took Wednesday off,  which is why he's so behind in letters.  He'd better catch up today,  that's all I'm saying. 

I did a mile on the treadmill last night,  with some jogging. And I forgot to mention I did 2 leg exercises with my weights on Wednesday night. I did no yoga last night, but did some reading about it. I'd like to start doing 1 sun salutation a day, so I was refreshing my memory on the sequence of poses.  This might help me stick to my yoga goal. 

Progress as of today: 38.5 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/08/2021:
I remember last time I worked in an office that mid afternoon was the time everybody wanted to snack. The 3 pm slump.

Good idea taking some weights to work.

Do you use ankle weights for your leg exercises?

Donkey on 01/08/2021:
I *HAVE* ankle weights. I do not *USE* ankle weights. So I was thinking of taking these to work. I could use them for upper body too.

grannyannie on 01/08/2021:
Good plan. Ankle weights are great for thighs and butt!

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Donkey - Thursday Jan 07, 2021
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 148.0

 Oh my word... After the chaos at the capitol yesterday,  I'm done with 2021. I said to Nice Lady (before the riots started), that surely better times are ahead. Then the riots. Now I'm not so sure. 

I came home from work,  and Mr. Donkey is glued to the TV, but I insisted that we have a normal dinner at the table.  I know he stayed up to watch the House finish their votes. 

The phone call from the loan officer did not happen.  He texted me at 6:45p saying he was running 45 minutes behind,  could we talk today or Friday. I was so relieved,  because I was in no frame of mind to talk about anything after everything that had happened earlier. 

But this is a good example of why I would not want to work for him.  It's 6:45p and I've had dinner with my family and was getting ready to enjoy my evening.  He's still at work!  And then add a 1+ hour commute? No thanks!

I met and surpassed my water goal yesterday but could not bring myself to do yoga. So much for my 30 days of yoga challenge.  I'll do my best to do some yoga tonight,  even if it's only 20 minutes or so. 

Progress as of today: 38.5 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/07/2021:
Yes, you don't want to spend so much extra time at work and commuting.

It was 8:45 am here when Congress finished their votes.

Maria7 on 01/07/2021:
Wow, that would be a very long commute.

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Donkey - Wednesday Jan 06, 2021
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 148.0

 I did not meet my water goal yesterday. I need to work on drinking more water,  intentionally,  at work.  That's why I'm struggling,  and that's why I fell short yesterday.  The problem is that I reach for coffee instead of water. Drinking coffee serves a purpose,  too,  but I need to work on this. Just saying...

I received an email from a loan officer yesterday,  asking if he could call me to discuss something. This guy offered me a job a few years ago, which I did not take,  because the commute would have been horrible. I'm wondering if he's going to try again,  now that everyone is working from home now. Frankly, if this is it, I'm pretty sure I'll pass. I'm looking for something completely different,  I think. The last thing I need is a more stressful job that involves more sitting at a desk. Well,  we'll see.  He's calling me tonight. 

I have been hedging on eating. The past 2 nights, I've done a little nibbling on chocolate after dinner.  Need to watch this carefully. I should weight it out on my new food scale,  so that I know exactly what I'm doing. 

Progress as of today: 38.5 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/06/2021:
It's really hard to behave right now - for everyone.

Any ideas what kind of job you'd prefer?

Donkey on 01/07/2021:
If I change jobs, I'd become a Walmart shopper. It's something that is active, not sitting at a desk all day. Also, it's a job that I can leave behind at the end of the day.

I just don't know if I could do that for 8 hours a day. Physically speaking, that is.

Jacky82020 on 01/06/2021:
I have problems drinking enough water too. Best reminder for me is to keep glass of ice water out on kitchen counter.

Donkey on 01/07/2021:
I did a similar thing at work. I lined up various water bottles from home by my desk area, so I could see how much water I had left to go. I met and surpassed my goal yesterday.

legcramps on 01/06/2021:
Keep an open mind during your conversation with him...you never know what kind of doors it may open. Try to see yourself through the risk of taking on something new, and where you might end up on the other side.

Donkey on 01/07/2021:
You're right. I mean, I do not know the reason why he's calling yet.

Maria7 on 01/06/2021:
I've been doing the same...but with walnuts and cheese...

Donkey on 01/07/2021:
I hear ya....

Horn_of_plenty on 01/06/2021:
but i'm not sure why you don't want the job he might offer you? it would give you an "out" to leave this place, that you don't love, right? maybe a significant raise?

is the drive that bad? if so, maybe it is not worth it. long drives aren't good for the LONG TERM! lol. laughing bc i think i consider my commute a hike. several of the very higher up men are housed in the city, walking distance from the building i work in! they all live FAR...and with the covid traffic, all of those guys would have commutes that are 2 hours + each way minimum. mine is under that, more like 1.5hours. a "good commute" would be an hour each way. LOL!

Donkey on 01/07/2021:
The commute is awful. There's only one way to the town, and on a good day, it takes an hour, but any little issue - weather, someone turning left, etc., and the commute can double very easily. I'm done with long commutes. I did that before and when I quit that job, I said, Never again.

It would be more money but a LOT more work and stress. Not worth it in my opinion.

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Donkey - Tuesday Jan 05, 2021
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 148.0

I feel like I was a lot busier at work than I should have been.  I Mentone to Nice Lady that if I didn't need to walk outside to clear my head,  I wouldn't recommend it because the sidewalks are coated in ice.  

  • I think I'm carrying around a lot more stress with me than I am consciously aware of. 

I am eating less and eating healthier foods,  but I am not sure if I am doing enough to lose weight.  

Had yoga class,  drank enough water,  still no reading...  I didn't realize it until I read comments on yesterday's entry,  but my inability to focus enough to read may be due to stress,  possibly depression that I am not *consciously* aware of, but is in fact there and interfering with my cognitive abilities. 

Progress as of today: 38.5 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 01/05/2021:
Stress & depression do affect concentration. It’s difficult, hope you’re relaxing and feel at least a little better ASAP. Hugs!

Donkey on 01/06/2021:
Thank you! The thing is, I don't feel a strong sadness, which is good. But this would explain the "cloudy" feeling I have in my head.

legcramps on 01/05/2021:
And that is okay, maybe there is something else you can do instead of reading that will relax you.

For me, continuing to have to say I didn't do something that I felt would be a relaxing activity would only create more stress and anxiety.

Maybe, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is the yoga and the healthy eating, and let everything else go for now.

Donkey on 01/06/2021:
I agree! I was getting so frustrated and disappointed with myself for not reading, so I think for now, I need to set aside that goal for now. The books are on the little table next to my bed, so that they are available to me. And I know they will be patient and wait for me.

grannyannie on 01/05/2021:
I think many of us are feeling stressed and depressed because of the pandemic. Many in the beginning were saying it was a shame that they had so much time on their hands but just couldn't focus on a book. I was the same for months. It affects your concentration and your memory.

A joke around here is that by the time the pandemic ends we'll all be in AA or in WW or both.

Donkey on 01/06/2021:
HA HA HA! I literally laughed outloud when I read this. Thank you!!

Maria7 on 01/05/2021:
We all do what we can to keep stress at bay...achievable with our good Lord's help only...

Donkey on 01/06/2021:
Amen. That's why I'm finding it important to take some quiet time to just set aside everything and be still.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2021:
yes it could be that seasonal depression...stay positive, try your best to see things the other way...

next, sorry you've got icy sidewalks. everything here has melted mostly from a storm we had mid december. it's been perfect for walking outside, i will take myself outside for 5-10 minutes tomorrow bc it is not good to stay inside all day...haven't done it yet, but, we are entitled to a lunch break. i'm a slow eater though, so do not want to be outside too long. will just start with 1-3x around the block!

Donkey on 01/06/2021:
I found a stick outside that I use to steady myself as I walk. I figure if I'm going to slip, like I did last year when I hit my head hard on the sidewalk, having a stick will help prevent that from happening again. Still, I'm very careful and keep my eyes on the ground, looking for ice patches.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2021:
glad to hear you are eating healthier.

i tried too - to do that for lunch. my lunch was some mashed potatoes, small amount meat, and some veggies. i'm trying for balanced lunches and to get away from chips and do more rice/potato/wheat bread...and less chips/crackers.

Donkey on 01/06/2021:
I'll write more about food today.

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