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Donkey - Wednesday Jun 05, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Time is sparse so posting on my phone again... which I hate doing...

Did not get much sleep again.  Went to bed only on time,  not early.  Then,  very loud storms woke me up at 12:30a and around 4a.  Woke up at 5a, but very hard to get out of bed. 

Not sure my legs workout was sufficient or effective.  No aches this morning except the pain in my hip,  still.   I will stretch it out after my bike ride. 

Today is a rest day for weight training,  but there's a TV show on tonight that would entertain me if I did upper body tonight.  We'll l see.  A lot of that will depend on how late I work,  because the show starts at 7p.  I can catch the show again on Sunday.

We have chair yoga on Friday, so the scheduled weight training won't happen as initially planned (on Fridays) but I'm changing the schedule,  so that Friday is a rest day any way,  yoga or not.  So Thursday would be upper body weights normally,  unless I decide to do them tonight.

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/05/2019:
You know, the same things happened with my sleep. So i'm still working, also, on getting more. At least we are both getting decent sleep, even though i think we both would feel better with more.

I'm glad the workout was good. As you keep doing it, you may start getting less sore. to work legs more, you can hold weights. i don't do this, but that's a way. also another way is to do more repititions in your sets. i do this to judge my progress - how many reps i can do per set i'm always looking to increase. it took me very long to increase this. sometimes i still feel like a beginner compared to what other athletes can do with their squats. but i always keep on and i always improve from where i started :)

yes, work out your schedule so there's less conflicts sounds like a good idea to me! i'm always changing my days here and there. i've learned to work around different meetings for work or activities on the weekend, trying to figure out the best times to devote to my different workouts!

happy-1 on 06/05/2019:
What's the show? I am addicted to watching Wife Swap right now.

Donkey on 06/06/2019:
The series is on Masterpiece Theater Mystery. It's one of their detectives, but back in the 70s before she became the successful detective in the Prime Suspect series. Wasn't following it, but caught an episode, and now I have to know how it ends. You know how that goes, one show & you're hooked...

Donkey - Tuesday Jun 04, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

On my phone... which I hate but didn't want to stay away too long.  Sunday,  I lifted heavier and hurt my back.  Certain exercises are not ready for the heavier weights yet.   So I did some stretches and took some Aleve.  Yesterday was no weights.  Today I feel more sore in my right hip,  but I'm going to try to stick to the schedule, and cut my morning bike ride short to train.   Today is legs and abs. 

Horn asked if I was pleased with my results from May (carrying over from April,  actually).  I *AM* quite pleased.  I was brushing my hair out last night and noticed I've developed a nice bicep. Whoa...

I did have a bit of a food struggle last night and had done extra nuts and spoons of nut butter.  Yes,  it's extra calories,  but I'm ok with it.  

 MUST get more sleep.  I have been going to bed too late, not getting 7+ hours.  Also,  once again,  did not get my walk in at lunch,  but sat at my desk and worked through it.  I MUST step away and walk.

EVENING EDIT:  Completely blew my plans up this morning. I got distracted talking to husband and by the time I looked at the clock again, I had already ridden 80 minutes on the bike.  So I just did my usual 90 minutes and decided I would have to do weights this evening.

Did not get much of a walk in today, because it was raining, so I went to the drugstore to get more cold and cough medicines.  The decongestant is kept behind the pharmacy in back, so you have to ask the pharmacist for the box.  The expectorant (Mucinex) is kept behind the register in front, so you have to ask the cashier for it.  Who would have thought that Mucinex is highly shoplifted?  The decongestant I get, because people make meth from it (with like a million jillion little red tablets, I suppose), but Mucinex?  Forget it!  So I made my choice to get the Mucinex, because the pharmacy was busy.  I'll restock on that some other day.  I walked around the back of the parking lot back up to the front of the store.

As soon as I came back from lunch, it stops raining and the sun came out.  By 2pm it was gorgeous but too late for a 2nd lunch (LOL).  So not really walking.

I rode my bike this evening (the one with resistance) and did lunges and squats.  I'm going upstairs to do some thigh and butt work.  Some abs.  My push-ups.  And then I'm going to BED.  This day did not go AT ALL as I had planned, but at least I can still try to get in the extra sleep!

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/04/2019:
Nice job sticking to your schedule :) and sorry about your pain ! i think if you mostly let it rest, your back, you shall be OK! let us know :)

nice job sticking to your new schedule for today. i'm also headed for a weights routine in a few moments. i always come home and have trouble setting right in to exercise and usually relax a bit. today i even made my breakfast for tomorrow and put away laundry :) even before relaxing LOL...anything to procrastinate!?

sometimes there is the food struggle! i had the same exact issue with chips. and today at lunch i made sure to have carbs so i didn't come home and binge again on them!

lately, i think due to extra exercise, i'm quite hungrier than usual, especially at work.

same as you, i'm looking to get good sleep tonight...which means i should start my workout!

whenever i skip a walk at work, i know the next day i'd better go out! :)

Donkey on 06/04/2019:
I completely blew my schedule, which I will explain in this evening's edit.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/04/2019:
even though you blew up your schedule, you actually did what you could to work most of it out! proud of you..

Donkey on 06/05/2019:
Thank you :-)

happy-1 on 06/04/2019:
Hugs! I know how you feel about blown up plans. I'm there today too. Double hugs.

Donkey on 06/05/2019:
Thanks -- it all worked out to some degree, but it was incredibly discouraging at the time.

Donkey - Sunday Jun 02, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

I had logged in this morning, to comment, but this morning was so beautiful that I wanted to get out there and take a walk while it lasted.  Unfortunately, many other annoying people had the same idea.  There was a lady that followed me pretty much the whole time that was walking pretty briskly.   I didn't want her to pass me up, so I walked briskley too, but I would say after 3/4 of the way, I pulled over to let her pass me.  Sheesh!

So I did a little research yesterday for a weekly weight training schedule, that would help me organize which areas to exercise when.  I found one that I think will work for me.  I started it yesterday, which was shoulders/triceps/chest.  Today is back and biceps.  Tomorrow is rest.  Tuesday is legs and abs.  Wednesday is rest.  Then repeat.  On the weekdays that have weight training, I will cut back on my morning bike rides, so that I have time to do weights.  On the rest days and on weekends, when I have more time, I can go back to my regular bike rides.  So 3 days a week will be shortened cardio.

I realized that if I want to see changes, then I need to be the change that I want to see.  Otherwise, it's not going to happen.  So this will be my summer plan for June, July, and August.  Then I will re-evaluate.  I want to give this change an opportunity to set in as a new habit and then see what the results are, if any.  To be fair to the program, which means, to myself, I know that I have to give it some time.  Results don't come overnight.

I figure that if I decide that I just love cardio so much - or the numbers, rather - I can always go back to what I was doing before, maybe for the winter, when the weather turns colder, the extra cardio would be a good thing.   OR I can change up the weight training routine again.  OR who knows?

I realize that this post is very results oriented, but my hope is that all y'all will follow me in this new phase and enjoy the journey with me.


Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 06/02/2019:
It is so true...nothing changes unless something changes.....change is hard...but if you want it bad enough it's worth it. If numbers are your impetus...then you will be more apt to do it if it involves numbers....if that is where your interest is than use that!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/03/2019:
lol, i like to walk alone without any followers! i always move to let them pass bc i get nervous i'll have to fart (which usually happens all the time when i walk)! hahahaha

nice job researching some moves to use. by the way, were you happy with your progress last month? Seems to me you are looking to add a little more strength? that's what it sounds like here..

that's right! changes come only if we make changes! otherwise, things will def remain the same! :)

i would say this post is good. you are considering all options! for some reason, i think it's results oriented but with many options and considerations. your plans sound good for this month & i think def that you should see how it plays out for a month. it you can keep it up, i'd say doing this new routine for several months will pay off :)

Horn_of_plenty on 06/03/2019:
glad you're doing it for a few months!

i've done workouts sometimes for well over a year before changing!

Maria7 on 06/03/2019:
Glad you are feeling better.

Donkey - Saturday Jun 01, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Did NOT weigh in today!  Long story short, didn't follow my usual morning routine --- mostly because NyQuil makes me so groggy in the morning --- and weighing in just didn't fit in before I had my first cup of coffee.  I'm still struggling a bit with congestion/coughing/runny nose.  All of this is such a pain in the donkey -- it's the inconvenience more than anything.  I'll be fine.

Last weekend, I had 2 amazing days of weights.  Really challenged myself and did well.  Then no more weights - other than daily push-ups - during the week.  THIS is an ongoing problem.  What can I do?  I want to incorporate AT LEAST one more day of weight training, but ideally would like to do more.  However, with coming home at 6p, riding my bike (to de-stress) at 7p, and then getting ready for bed at 8p (for sleeping at 9:30p), I run out of time.

Then I looked at my mornings.  I will be completely 100% honest here.  My morning routine is 90 minutes on my old exercise bike for a light ride (i.e. not intense) while I watch the news, drink coffee, read the news on my phone, and just wake up and move.  I love starting my days with this.  I usually hit "500 calories" and "19 miles" on the read-out --- I KNOW this is NOT accurate, but (as you know), I tend to be OCD about numbers, and that's what's happening here.  Then I get ready for the day.  Happy Donkey.

I was talking with Mortgage Guy at work, who is trying to lose the last 10 pounds of a 30-pound weight loss goal.  He spoke to a personal trainer who advised him to cut back on cardio, do high intensity intervals (meaning slow/fast/slow/fast) to work up a sweat, and then focus on strength training.  This is SOLID advice. I think this could work for me, too.  In fact, I'm pretty sure it would, but I am finding myself SO resistant to changing my routine.  

I could cut out the evening bike ride, to make time to do weights, but I don't think that's where I need to make the change.  It's the morning "workout" that really isn't doing me much good beyond 30 minutes.  I was thinking about cutting back to 60 minutes -- to give me an hour to watch the news & use my phone -- and which would leave an extra 30 minutes to do weights.  Sounds logical, right?  But in considering making this change, I'm finding much reluctance to do so.

I came to the statement last night that if I want to see change in myself, I'm going to have to make changes.

I'm afraid to change.

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 06/01/2019:
19 miles is amazing...I know someone who has been using her exercise bike for a little more than an hour each morning and she is getting in 21 miles now...so it may be more accurate than you think.......none the less......that is GREAT!!!

Donkey on 06/02/2019:
Possibly, but I still don't believe it, LOL. It's more of a numbers fixation, which I will comment on in my own entry, further. But thank you for the encouragement! :)

Horn_of_plenty on 06/02/2019:
so i started commenting and then accidentally closed the browser! grrrrr! so now i'll start again! :) luckily i wasn't done with my comments!

i support you taking the Nyquil because you need to sleep well to get over being sick. it's def a give and take and knowing the consequences that you'll be tired in the morning after Nyquil. i get that way too, after both sleeping pills and cold medicine at nighttime. i was very groggy yesterday after the sleeping pill i took on Friday night (i took it bc i had eaten a lot, was emotionally tired, wasn't going to work out, and knew the best thing i could do was sleep early and end the day...) but i was tired Saturday bc of it, but seems to have still been a fine decision on my part. ok, back to you!...

Donkey on 06/02/2019:
Oh I hate it when that happens...

Horn_of_plenty on 06/02/2019:
with the weights and time issue, you have to re-evaluate your priorities! i'm saying this just in general, not as a criticism at all. i'm trying to say that whatever you prioritize and plan for will happen. you mention struggling to adapt to a new routine, oh me too!!, but if you PLAN for it, it will happen. you've got to put the time in. BUT, if time is lacking, then you have to SUBTRACT time from something else...

this is why i have changed my weights routine and why it's less now. i found it the only way i could also still relax at home a bit and also be happy and content with the lifestyle of adding in the ladder workouts and soon to be other cardio stuff on the opposite days. i had realized my weights workout had gotten too drawn out and i couldn't deal with being so tired at work anymore the next day. part of exercising isn't how long, but how efficient we are. so, you may have to take away from the bike. you need your sleep and i'd NEVER recommend skimping on that to fit a workout in. also, you can also do 1/2 your strength workout one day, opposite body parts the next? to cut it short at both sessions? not sure, just an idea. you used to bike in the AM, perhaps time your workouts differently. but of course it all has to work out in your lifestyle. and you have to be content with it in the end.

in regards to pushups,that's one of the MOST important exercises i'd like to say in my own opinion. pushups have such a wonderful effect on body shape and muscle strength. keeping that in all week was a wonderful decision.

remember, if you cannot do a full session or long session, perhaps cut things down. like, instead of doing half hour bike, jsut warm up 10 min on bike on the days you will also do weights along with bike. this is an example of what i'd do - in order to incorporate a little cardio and little strength and get it all done.

Donkey on 06/02/2019:
Time management is going to be the solution to my dilemma, as you have touched upon here. And you are 100% that some workout is way better than no workout. So even if some things are cut short, some progress was made, even with abbreviated sessions.

I have done this in the past, when I'm running short on time. I do something, because doing nothing does not lend itself to a good day -- especially with the bike riding and my back. I gotta do that or I'm no good.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/02/2019:
if you like your 90 minutes of leg movement on the bike, keep it. it is a LONG amount of time though.

it's def hard to change routines. if you got the weights in, only some mornings not all - if you are doing a simple amount of exercises, i recommend 3x a week only. that means that you can stick with your bike still 3 days of the 5 workdays in a week. just two days you need the weights too, along with a weekend day. that means your routine is mostly the same.

also, there's some time not considered, i'll make the bike workout 45 min on weights days, just to make sure you are good on your timing and not late for work? just an idea to make it easier at first, so you can make it your routine.

Donkey on 06/02/2019:
I'm going to write more about this today. You have given me some good observations and insights. My entry will expound and expand on this.

Donkey - Thursday May 30, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

 Up early because my coughing woke me up and I didn't want to wake up anyone else at this hour.  I did manage better sleep last night and the night before. 

What I really need is rest but work won't let me.  Friday is the busiest closing day so far this year, and there's far too much to do.  Nice Lady called in sick with food poisoning or stomach bug, and Mistakes Girl started the day with a sore throat send ended the day with head congestion. 

If I could,  I'd work until 3p and come home to rest.  My brain gets foggy with fatigue and my voice quits about that time,  too.  This just needs to go away. 

EVENING UPDATE:  I feel not too bad tonight.  I'm still a little congested and coughing, but not in pain any more.  I will be taking NyQuil tonight to help sleep and not cough.

Work was so sad.  I went in almost an hour early, worked through lunch - yep, took no walk today - and STILL ended up working an hour over.  But all of my files are pretty much ready for tomorrow's closings.

One thing I wanted to mention is that during one of the walks I took over the weekend, I added some light jogging.  I can say now that it's the running that causes my back pain, not weight training.  I felt my hips out of alignment and did some special stretching to keep my hips stay aligned with my spine.  I might try this again, to see if jogging is something I can do once a week, but I think my running days are pretty much over.

Having said that, I'm thinking about getting a (used) weighted vest for walking.  I'm not sure, because I'm trying to downsize, right?  And maybe I could use a backpack that I already have, right?  But someone is selling one for $15 that holds up to 20 pounds... so I'm thinking about it.

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 05/30/2019:
Maybe you should leave early from work if you can, considering everyone else is sick too i'm sure they'd understand. Perhaps just do it.

You do need to rest, come home and rest, go to sleep early :)

Feel better, it will pass.

legcramps on 05/30/2019:
I also vote for you to take off from work early today :)

Please take care of yourself.

horn_of_plenty on 05/30/2019:
Take care of yourself in order to enjoy next month and Springtime. Listen to your body. nobody will say anything if they understand / see you are sick. go to bed early. take meds.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/31/2019:
Weighted vest seems a great idea. That would also work your whole body including legs more. Burns more calories. i wouldn't use it for long walks at first though. it will be more pressure on your feet? like you are a heavier person walking. i'd def see tons of opportunity and positive features to using it. i fully support it.

running...not necessary unless you have a goal for it. do what doesn't hurt your body. if you have back issues, causes by running, don't run. it's not worth it. there's so many other types of exercise out there.

i myself don't think i'll ever run many miles. i like my weights and i do like cardio, but i think my body is also limited to how much i can do (at least right now). try to do what workks for you.

Donkey on 06/01/2019:
The only purpose for running is for HIIT, so that I'm doing fast/slow/fast/slow intervals. When I say "running", please know that this is a slow jog for no longer than 5 minutes at a time.

BearCountryGG on 05/31/2019:
I've had hip pain for quite a few years....and when I think of it...I stop...and look immediatly at my feet....when my hip is bothering me...my LEFT FOOT is ALWAYS turned out a little...when I pull that foot back straight...it helps the hip right away...Apparently it is something I have done to myself....you may want to notice that.

Donkey on 06/01/2019:
Good point!

Donkey on 06/01/2019:
Alignment is huge. I have foot problems, knee problems, hip problems - all on the right side, all that lead to back problems. I'm sure that my form has something to do with the results (pain). I do try very hard to be aware of my positions while jogging, but it still ends up with residual effects.

legcramps on 05/31/2019:
I've never used a weighted vest before, sounds interesting. As long as it isn't something that might affect your current back issues or alignment, it might be worth a try.

Donkey on 06/01/2019:
Another REALLY good point that I hadn't considered. Thanks!

Donkey - Tuesday May 28, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

 It was a wonderfully relaxing day yesterday,  but sleep was no good.  The sinus infection has moved down to my chest,  as it usually does,  and the very annoying , persistent dry cough would not let me sleep.  Finally,  around 1am, I propped myself up with a pillow,  which stopped the coughing but hurts my neck and back. 

It's office policy to be at work 30 minutes earlier after a holiday weekend (or we don't get paid for the holiday), so it was important that I get up on time to do my morning exercise,  etc.  Wow was that HARD!  Very hard!!

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 05/28/2019:
Did you take any sleep/sick medicine?????? Do you have NyQuil? i hope you will take it, so that you can sleep.

Great Job getting the exercise in - it's worth it to get it in and get the day started. I'm learning that i have to plan more intricately than i used to. actually, it's the opposite of intricate:

Now, if i want to make sure i exercise, i keep the day very open if i want a big exercise session. no longer do i try to do everything in one day. I am actually prioritizing differently now. exercise will take precedence if it needs to be.

I hope you feel much better soon. take the OTC meds to feel better during day and night!

wishing you a fast, shortened week.

like legs, i have a lot of plans for exercise.

and yes, the gym i don't need, probably at all. and in Wintertime, maybe i'll just take my workouts indoors, we'll see, indoors in my apt. maybe even buy a small elliptical or other type of trainer. then again, i do have something already at my parent's house i can take to my place :)

horn_of_plenty on 05/28/2019:
yeah, i don't need a gym at all for training as i have everything i need at home. i can totally take the cardio indoors in my apt. no more gym for me for a few years i'm thinking :)

unless i hire a trainer and must go to the gym. that would be in the Late Fall / Wintertime.

horn_of_plenty on 05/28/2019:
LOL sorry it's about me...

but for now, i have the cardio training under control. I'm training myself on agility which is the basis of the beep test and other test...and my own training is going well. it's enough. it's only 10min but those 10min of work are hardcore. constant movement. i was sweating yesterday midway thru!

i hope you and Legs will continue to motivate me. lets keep on, all together, always looking to keep fit and active.

Maria7 on 05/28/2019:
I just recently got well of bronchitis...started off w sore throat and sinuses, then dry cough, then not dry (ick!)...I suggest Mucinex DM...it is very good but expensive...also you can get the cheaper (and weaker) version at Dollar Tree, which I took a lot of and helped a lot, along with generic tylenols...try to rest as much as possible and not overdo and not worry. Hope you feel better.

legcramps on 05/28/2019:
I'm sorry you're not feeling great; hopefully it passes soon! Make sure you take your rest when you need it, and keep those stress levels down :)

Strange that you have to show for work 30 minutes early in order to be paid for a holiday? In Canada, we are 'entitled' to statutory holiday pay, as long as we are full time employees, Monday to Friday. So are you working an extra 30 minutes then today? I feel like that is such hogwash.

Donkey - Monday May 27, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Got in 2 walks yesterday - wow, my step-count was right where I love it to be, around the 25,000 mark.  Storms are forecasted for the remainder of the day, so that if I want to walk outside, I will have to get out there soon, which I will do.

My throat is still sore, although it's a different kind of sore this morning.  I can feel it running its course, though, so that is a good thing. 

I checked out a book from the library on Saturday about decluttering.  It's a "hot pick" so I have only a week, but it's very easy reading -- I figured I could get through that in a day.  So I started the book and realized that while I completely agree with the premise that an orderly exterior lends itself to an ordererly (peaceful) inside, this book was making me very anxious.  I have a lot of things I could declutter, but as long as my house is clean, I'm ok with it.  (More than ok actually -- I'm very happy to have a clean house.)  I suppose that the one area I really should and do need to declutter is the pantry, because I don't want to waste food, and even dry goods expire eventually.  Every month, my church has a food drive.  So why is this so hard for me to do? All of it?

I've broken away from keto with eating more fruit.  Yesterday, I had frozen grapes.  Today I will have frozen bananas or perhaps fresh melon.  Maybe both? 

OK, now I must leave for my morning walk.  It's quite a bit later than I had planned yesterday, but with the sore throat, I was not able to get up as early as I normally would have wanted to.  I thought that additional rest would be a better option today.   

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 05/27/2019:
WOW....that is a lot of steps!!! I'm glad to see you are eating more fruit...Maybe some extra vitamin C for the throat?

Horn_of_plenty on 05/28/2019:
that's an awesome amount of steps! very, very healthy and active. i am going to check how many miles, approx, that equals...actually, i think the recommended minimum is 10k steps, which is 5mi, which means yours is over 10mi!? nice. I guess that means you were walking most of the day?

I know exactly what you mean of getting to know your body and how to recognize the pattern of a cold. thank gosh it's getting there...

well, with the pantry, maybe do less than the whole thing. maybe do one shelf each weekend? my pantry area is a mess. i wouldn't want to clean it all at once. i have cleaned it before, takes a little while indeed and some thing got tossed because they were so old.

nice on the fruit. it's a perfect time of year to include more of it. plus, calories on fruit are rather low for the volume - especially with berries - and especially strawberries - which is probably part of the reason i love them.

I agree that extra rest is always a good thing, especially if your body is able to rest / sleep more, give it to your body.

there's so many resources out there about rest and how it's the best healing power. i support those claims as i know how i felt without rest and don't think i'll ever do that again.

Donkey - Sunday May 26, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Started with a little tickle in my throat last night and woke up to a raging sore throat.  This is most likely a sinus infection, which may have been triggered by germs or allergies.  Took some OTC meds last night, and then just Tylenol this morning.  Right now, it's more annoying than anything else.

Last night, the husband and I went out for ice cream.  I kind of missed the point of the ice cream shop, because they specialize in making very cool, delicious combos, with fruit, brownies, cookie dough, fudge, etc.  I just ordered plain ice cream.  It was cheesecake flavored, and I enjoyed it very much.  The next time I go, though, I will try one of the combinations.  Also, I picked out the birthday cake I want, lol...

There is also this frozen yogurt shop I want to try, where it is essentially in "salad bar" style, where you get your own yogurt and then put on your own toppings.  You pay by the weight of your dish.  That sounds like a fun thing to try, too.

In spite of my sore throat, I am determined to get in a walk today - rain or shine.  Right now, the weather is trying to make up its mind of which way to go, LOL  I took a slow short walk with my husband yesterday, when the sun came out.  He walks with a cane, so it's definitely not a fitness thing for me.  (He worked hard.)  It was very pleasant to spend some time together though. 

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 05/26/2019:
It is nice to spend time together.....glad that you have some time off to do that....hope your rain holds off.....sun is out here...but if you get rain...we will probably get it right after you...LOL

Donkey on 05/27/2019:
Most of this holiday weekend has been rain in the morning, loveliness in the afternoon -- except for today, when it's reversed.

I bet you're about 10 degrees cooler than we are down here in Chicago.

BearCountryGG on 05/26/2019:
I love the idea of mixing things into ice cream and yogurt......D likes his plain and doesn't see the point...but for me.....the more different flavors the better!!!

Donkey on 05/27/2019:
I prefer things mixed into my ice cream or yogurt too. It's totally about the different textures and tastes. I was too much of a chicken butt, I'm afraid. I didn't really understand what this store was all about -- which is really about what I like!

Horn_of_plenty on 05/27/2019:
There's a few frozen yogurt shops like that by me...some actually have "lighter" varieties of ice cream available which are much lower in cals. i usually do go for those or mix them with regular.

I'm sorry about your sore throat, it may be related to the trip you took. When i got back from florida, in january, i got sick a week later. but i rested up and took care of myself so i was able to get rid of the cold in a week & it finally didn't linger like my typical situations that occur when i just keep pushing.

A walk should be ok for your sore throat i do agree to get a walk in! Not every walk needs to be for fitness ONLY and it's good you went with hubby :)

I may have to skip walking today, seems the day is packed enough :) And i have the ladder and weights to attend too (it's a double workout day - although the ladder is really only 10 minutes of cardio...it takes enough time going downstairs and setting it up).

Donkey on 05/27/2019:
This sore throat is driving me nuts.

legcramps on 05/27/2019:
I love frozen yogurt! The one we have always sells a vanilla sugar-free version, so I usually get that and then a few indulgent toppings :) so good!

Horn_of_plenty on 05/27/2019:
i do same as legs......

sore throats and feeling sick is the WORST!

Donkey - Saturday May 25, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

I'm in a "can-do" mood today.  I'm so grateful for a day off that I want to get ME stuff done.  I'm so happy that we're not doing anything special for the holiday weekend, so I plan to do things that I like to do.  So I'm sure you can guess that this means a trip to the library -- to return a book.  I've still got 2 books to read here at home.  And then shopping - probably at Target - to get things that I need that only I can shop for myself OR that I can only find at Target (e.g. Fage full fat yogurt).

I did not weigh myself today, and this is the first step in stepping away from the numbers on the scale and moving towards overall well-being and muscle building.  My plan is to weigh in on Saturday, June 1st, and then that will probably be all for the month of June.  I probably should have weighed in to see if I did much damage from our trip to Texas, but I had a hard week of hormones, which has left my GI system out of whack, too.  Nah, I'm just going to be me this week - getting back on track after hormones, bathroom, etc. - and then check in with the scale. 

My bloodwork came back and I am no longer anemic.  Vitamin D levels are up too.  I just want to say that I'm so glad that I was able to address these 2 issues with OTC vitamins (at prescribed levels) rather than having to go on some kind of prescription. 

I had hoped to get a walk in today, but the weather turned quickly from sunny and pleasant, to cool (cold-ish) and rainy.  Well, I might brave it later on anyway.  Walking outside is so theraputic and relaxing for me.  I love it.

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 05/25/2019:
Good ide staying away from the scale.....works for me....sometimes you just have to wing it...and enjoy yourself....it all comes together in the end! We got the rain too, everywhere I was today.

Donkey on 05/26/2019:
The rain cleared up in the afternoon and turned out to be almost "too hot".

Horn_of_plenty on 05/27/2019:
Yes! Target does have wonderful selections. I enjoy that Fage too of course!

Yes! Just be you is perfect !!!!!!! The more you do that, the better and more confident you will feel.

That is amazing regarding your bloodwork!!!!!!!!!! What were the levels you needed to take. I may take note of this, for my own well being.

I also agree that walking outside is theraputic. I have this semi-close friend, she says she'd rather walk on a treadmill inside. :(

Donkey - Thursday May 23, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Yesterday was rough.  Just way too much work.  Brought it home (emotionally) with me,  which did not do anyone any favors.  I MUST set limits at work.  

Felt much better after lifting weights last night,  though.   Wow,  what a feeling to channel all that bad into something positive! 

I can definitely see changes in my arms...  and I think I'm starting to see slight changes in my legs.  Maybe.   My perception of my legs is messed up (body dysmorphia).

However, when I visited with family last week - people who haven't seen me in a long time - nobody noticed my gains. Wah wah...

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 05/23/2019:
As Elsa would say..."let it go"....it won't be important later. Have you tried meditation? It is so relaxing and encourages breathing to relax.......Love that you can see changes in your arms...you have been working so hard for that.......make "you" happy.....because seriously...that is what everyone else is doing...if you don't take care of you...no one else will.

horn_of_plenty on 05/23/2019:
I think we notice changes before the outside world does :)

I'm glad you were able to feel better after doing weights, that always happens to me too! it gives me energy as i go!

Try to remind yourself that work comes with some of these burdens...but that's what makes it work. try to push some of the frustrations aside like you said, especially repetitive ones that you cannot control.

legcramps on 05/24/2019:
Have a great weekend!

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