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Donkey - Wednesday Feb 13, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 130.0

Thought I'd log in this morning from home, rather than try to get to work early - what for?  Feeling kind of down this morning, but that could be due to a number of things:

  • Possible low blood sugar
  • Tired - emotional, physical
  • Getting sick
  • Hormones
  • Some of the above
  • All of the above

I know I'll be OK, though, and can ride this out. 

I came to the realization Monday night that I need to work a plan that works for me.  I've been trying to get into this intermittent fasting thing, where I fast for 16 hours and then have a window of eating for 8 hours - in any given 24 hour period - but running into problems with needing a cup of coffee in the morning (with creamer) and artificial sweetener.  I've also been trying to follow keto rules, which have been conflicting with flavor packets that I put in my water. I've been trying to follow the suggestions for weight training, but not so happy with the number on the scale.

What brought me to the realization that I need to do what works for me is a video that someone posted on a keto Facebook page talking about how this doctor (Dr. Berg) sometimes has his morning coffee with cream in it to help him prolong his morning fast.  So that's not really fasting, but the point is that he has a little "something with substance" (i.e. the cream in his coffee) to help him not eat until later in the day.  THIS is what I was doing until I was lectured that this is not fasting.  True, this is not fasting, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have benefits.  Not only for myself but also for society as a whole, because if you know me, I MUST have my coffee in the morning or I cannot function in society as a productive member.  (Perhaps as a destructive or non-productive member of society --- and I kid you not: BAD THINGS happen when I do not or cannot have coffee in the morning!!!)

Last night I did my lower body workout, but left out a couple of exercises.  I just got to the point where I was tired, it was getting late, I wanted to get ready for bed -- I'm like, that's it, no more, I've done enough for today.  I *DO* like the alternate days of weights though.  It shortens the time for each session - LOL!  Can you tell that I just do not like weight training?  Oh dear... another miserable failure. 

This morning, in the natural daylight, I looked in the full-length mirror that we have -- I do this regularly to check on the status of my fat knees and upper inner-thigh fat that I HATE.  Knees and thighs show no improvement, but I noticed that my calves are getting little lines that define the muscles.  That's kind of cool!  Wish I could see that in my shoulder/bicep/tricep area.  Not seeing any ab action either.  Sometimes I see the lines on the side - the obliques?  But I'd like to see some of the six-pack muscles start to show themselves.  Not sure if that's possible with all the extra skin from 2 huge babies and protruding uterine fibroids in the lower abdomen.  *sigh*

Progress as of today: 56.5 lbs lost so far, only -6.5 lbs to go!

legcramps on 02/13/2019:
You're having a down day - let it pass. I bet you'll feel better about things again soon enough. Believe me, we all have these days. Stop beating yourself down - you're doing the best you can - we all are - and that's absolutely NOTHING to be miserable about!

Also - you are NOT FAILING. You are SUCCEEDING at determining what's important to your health and your routine. This is how it's done!

horn_of_plenty on 02/13/2019:
yes, you have to find what works for you before anyone else can tell you what's best. That's why the world has so many people with different opinions and diet plans. That's why there's even such variation on keto plans. You do you! I agree how a little of something, especially your coffee which you LOVE, can help you further your keto plans!

I don't see how it's a failure to do part of the weights routine. it's just recently that you started adding weights in...you are still getting used to it - not even half the month has passed yet! KEEP ON!

I do exercises for my calves at each weights workout. Toe stands / raises. I do it at least 20 reps in a row, 3 sets...or i do what i can and what i feel like (# of reps varies) at my 3 sets.

I don't love my legs either. They aren't very muscular. However, they have improved overall especially over these past 2 years with increased walks home (this year) and increased lunge/squat routines (past 2 years). the difference is VERY noticable. same for my calves. BIG improvement from the time they shriveled up to nothing after a year of doing not too much due to the shin splints. it takes work to have these changes, but if you KEEP DOING the activity, changes will come there's no getting around it!!! :)

I also like a defined calf muscle look over that skinny calf look.

you have uterine fibroids? can it be taken care of?

next, anything is possible if you keep on you keep seeing more changes. your body will change as you continue your exercises.

SilverySparkles on 02/13/2019:
We do all react a little differntly. What works for you is what you should do.

Donkey - Tuesday Feb 12, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 130.0

Breaking my own rule by logging in at work.  I think I'm getting a new computer relatively soon, so I'm not as bothered by the whole issue.  

Last night, I was still struggling with eating. Overdid it with "dessert" and now I have no more fat bombs left.  However, in thinking this through, I know what I did wrong and I know what I did right.

WRONG:  didn't have any fat/protein for my afternoon snack.  Came home starving for dinner.  This approach sets me up to be vulnerable.

RIGHT:  used fat to reach my point of satiety, which is exactly what to do on keto, in spite of the extra calories.  Seems weird, but it's how the science behind the diet works.

Found out that my son is leaving on Monday for boot camp.  This came about unexpectedly sooner than we all thought would happen.  Wow.  I think that's what just pushed me over the edge - once again - with desserts.  

Woke up today, though, not feeling wonderful -- I blame mostly hormones, but it might have been the fat too.  Did my cardio, and then went outside to shovel an inch of ice (with a dusting of snow) on the driveway.  I had to have my son's help, it was so heavy.  Now my back is killing me.  I do not know what we will do about snow removal next winter, if we are still here in Illinois, which I think we will be here for one more winter after we finish this one.  It is becoming much clearer to me now that we cannot manage this property for much longer.  I had a wonderful, honest talk with my daughter, and she has encouraged us to move as well.  She will not be as helpful to us in maintaining the property, which is because she has her own life to live, and I agree with that.  That is to say, I can ask her for help, and if she can, I'm sure she will, but this cannot be her main focus.  This only worked for my son because he had nothing else going on -- and that's not good for him either!

Time was short last night, so I only did an upper body weight training session. I will do lower body tonight.  Wednesday will be the night off, and then I will start up again with Thursday and Friday.  It was SO HARD to motivate myself to weight training, but I did it.  I'm sticking to this part of the experiment.... for now.



Progress as of today: 56.5 lbs lost so far, only -6.5 lbs to go!

SilverySparkles on 02/12/2019:
I don't think I could control myself around the fat bombs.

Donkey on 02/13/2019:
They are supposed to be a "sweet treat" to get you through a sugar craving. Usually, I'm able to stick to that, but lately,... that has not been the case. I had 92% chocolate last night. I'm holding off on making a new batch of bombs for now.

horn_of_plenty on 02/12/2019:
i ALWAYS log in at work...listen, work is more concerned that you don't visit OTHER sites...not really concerned if we are on this one ;)

Donkey on 02/13/2019:
If I'm on this site, it's obvious that I'm not working. However, yesterday, I had nothing to do so I figured the boss would want to hear me typing, LOL...

horn_of_plenty on 02/12/2019:
i also overeat if vulnerable due to being overhungry!

sorry about the snow...that's nuts!

Donkey on 02/13/2019:
It was snowing again last night. I just about nearly gave up. I was relieved this morning to see that much of it stayed off the driveway - so I WON"T be shoveling. BUT the driveway looks like a sheet of ice. Great.

Donkey - Monday Feb 11, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 130.0

Yesterday was just a bad day, and I did not cope well.

I follow 3 keto groups on Facebook.   They are all run by the same moderators.  One was keto focused, one was exercise, and one was fasting.  Yesterday afternoon, I got kicked out of all 3 because I liked a comment from someone who complained that posts about cheating are defeating and triggering.  I agree with that statement 100%.  But that got me kicked out (banned), because that's not being supportive?  

Right after this happened, we left to take my son to Chicago.  It was an icy mix with blowing snow.  I'm nervous enough driving towards the city even in good weather.

Got him settled, came home, and I guess the chaos of the day - mealtimes messed up due to "brunch", hormones, getting kicked out of 3 groups, saying good-bye to my son, and a conversation on the way back with husband about moving....

Anyway, it was too much, and I could not cope any more, and ate a lot to comfort myself.  I knew what I was doing and why, and I didnt care.  At least it was all keto friendly food, and afterwards, I was only full, not stuffed.

But definitely not my finest moment.

Progress as of today: 56.5 lbs lost so far, only -6.5 lbs to go!

SilverySparkles on 02/11/2019:
Sounds like you handled that well.

thinkpositive on 02/11/2019:
Hard to cope with that many things coming at you! Sounds like you did okay even with a lot of stress.

horn_of_plenty on 02/11/2019:
you can "apologize" to the group and ask to be re-admitted...i also find it annoying when the leaders are so offensive and get offended bc of a genuine comment. i have had this problem with a very small scale group twice on facebook (small groups where they don't want opinions, but just support - meaning i can "like things" and support things, but cannot have my own opinions).

don't take the internet personally. people on there tend to act mean when the computer is blocking you from actually seeing them in person.

at least today is a new day. not everyday is perfect :) i wish your son well!

Donkey on 02/12/2019:
Heck no - I found 3 other Facebook groups that are even better!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/11/2019:
i think you also did great Jdonkey!!!! you did good, maybe not as perfect as you'd have liked, but very well ;)

Donkey - Sunday Feb 10, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 130.0

Difficult day....  Well, I'm just going to chalk it up to one of those days where I eat more.  

Today we are taking my son down to Chicago to start the processing again for him to re-enter the military.  The plan was that he would need to be at the recruiter's office (here in town) at noon and then down to Chicago.  Beforehand, my husband and I would take Son out for "brunch".  I hate brunch.  I'm sorry, I just am NOT a big hearty breakfast person.  

So I had a piece of lemon keto pound cake and was just chilling out, drinking coffee, when "noon" was rescheduled for 10am.  I wanted my son to have eaten well, because we thought he'd have his vocational test today - how stupid of me to realize that nothing gets done on a Sunday, despite what my husband kept insisting.  Turns out he doesn't really know what Son was doing today - just making stuff up, I guess.

We went out to eat and I could hardly eat anything I ordered because I was full from the pound cake.  It took me about 2 bites more to realize I was full and decided I wasn't going to eat any more.  (I ended up taking almost everything home.)  We drove to the recruiting office, only to have my son meet in the recruiter's car -- because he didn't have a key to the office (WHAT??!!) for maybe 5 minutes.  Ends up that we'll be taking Son down to Chicago to the hotel where the recruits are lodged the night before testing and maybe another physical - again, don't know because nobody has said anything to Son, and husband's just talking to play out any and every scenario.  SO FRUSTRATING.

I like a light breakfast, a light 2nd breakfast (LOL),  lunch with lots of vegetables and some protein, a snack of more vegetables or fruit with some fat or protein, and then dinner with vegetables, fat, and some protein.  That "big brunch breakfast" completely threw me off.  So I just got done having a salad and a couple of fat bombs.  IDK about dinner because we'll be driving him into Chicago about that time  Just hoping it will stop snowing before we have to hit the road.

I'm so done with winter.

Progress as of today: 56.5 lbs lost so far, only -6.5 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/10/2019:
I also have problems with only eating veggies and i do not do it. I also get the jittery / dizzy feeling when not getting enough carbs/fat/protein balance. totally get you, in that comment in your previous entry to me!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/10/2019:
"Brunch" is just a term, you are still in charge and can make choices. And it seems you kinda did try to stick with what you like :)

Also, i like your day to day style! It's so similar to mine! (of eating!)

lastly, i think it's sorta stressful, emotional time (involving your son & the things that weren't explained well to him / you) and it's making you really want to stick to what you know, especially eating-wise.

SilverySparkles on 02/10/2019:
I really do like brunch. I see it as a good way to combine 2 meals and really only eat twice a day.

Donkey on 02/11/2019:
That's a good way to think about brunch. I love to eat, though. I guess that's why I like more lighter meals than a couple of large ones!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/10/2019:
Silvery's reason is also the reason I HATE brunch LOL....i prefer to eat ALL DAY too ;)

however, i cannot say i haven't LIKED many of the brunches i've eaten...LOL.

double edged sword!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/11/2019:
Remember, your son is young and more than your journey, it is his. try not to take all the nerves and anxiety from him onto yourself <3 <3 <3

Donkey - Saturday Feb 09, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 130.0

Weight has stayed the same.  Actually, the first time I stepped on the scale, it showed "131.0" and I was so ... disheartened.  However, I weighed again 2 more times, and the numbers were at 130.0 - um, makes no sense, right?  How does that happen?

So towards the end of this week, I made an effort to cut back on what I eat, and I'm wondering if that's good or bad.  I do not have a blood monitor to measure blood sugar or ketones, nor do I use an app to track my intake.  These might be helpful, except that I do not want to be that focused on statistics or levels - because I tend to be very OCD and rigid when it comes to numbers.  Tracking isn't bad - it's bad for me, if that makes sense.  Eating less did not help with the number on the scale AT ALL.  And the numbers on my fancy scale - which measures fat % and muscle % - did not change either.  So it's not one of those "muscle weighs more than fat" things. I'm not gaining muscle mass or losing fat.

I'm kind of excited today as I have a few projects that I can do, if I can just get myself motivated to get started.  I have an incomplete curtain project that I can now complete.  I want to make a batch of fathead keto bread -- it ends up like being a savory flatbread good for dipping or just plain - and then I have 2 recipies for keto cakes (!!!!!).  One is chocolate and one is lemon pound cake.  I'm not sure which one I will make.  

My dear husband, because he stays home now and does most of our cooking, is making me a keto dish tonight called "Keto Reuben Slaw".  So it's like a Reuben sandwhich as a salad, with cabbage instead of sauerkraut.  Tomorrow he is making a "keto crustless crockpot pizza" since it will be just the 2 of us for dinner.

AND as an added bonus for the weekend, a book that I placed a hold on at the library has come in, so that means a trip to the library - woo hoo!!!  (I love going to the library!)

I've decided that this last batch of fat bombs will be it for a while.  I'm switching to having a piece of dark chocolate (85% or 92% cacao - so, very bitter) instead.  Last night, oh boy, I wanted to go downstairs and grab one of those giant chocolate bars and eat the whole thing.  I had 5 sugar-free hard candies instead and went to bed.  The struggle is real.

Progress as of today: 56.5 lbs lost so far, only -6.5 lbs to go!

SilverySparkles on 02/09/2019:
All of your recipes sound delish! My scales do the same thing. I have gotten pajamas on, got on the scales, went to bed, didn't eat or drink anything and gotten up in the morning and weighed more. It makes no sense. The way I figure it is that the scales are FICKLE! They are close, in the vacinity, nearby, but not exact. I'm sure they are within a couple of pounds, but possibly not 10 pounds. So I just go with it and figure they are close.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/09/2019:
I'm totally going to write more later to you! First, the recipes sound GREAT those keto ones your hubby will make. Just remember, include some veggies in your meals and try to emphasize less of the keto on the fat and meat. meaning, still, eat your veggies because those are the LOWEST CALORIES and most filling to eat with the keto foods if that makes sense.

I also want to mention that for me, cooked veggies are always more satisfying than raw although i know you like your raw veggies! and those are good too, just for me they are less satisfying. next, i'm glad you are into keto. this is what i like so much about keto eating, also. I find it very tasty, satisfying and filling for longer periods than carb-heavier dishes.

i love the library also. i may be going TWICE this weekend to attend free concerts. Being that i live in Queens, the library options are quite good when it comes to free performances! since i'm alone this weekend for the most part, i've decided to look into library offers which are particularly good as of late!

once you start having 1-2 pieces of dark chocolate as snacks often, you'll get used to them and stop wanting to binge on them.

when you get a taste that you are low on sugar and want a taste of something like a chocolate, my advice is to go for it. and follow it up with tea or something that fills your stomach.

lately at work i have a pretty private room i'm in and this week i was there often without my coworker/supervisor, so i was snacking almost too much as in it looks bad at the office that i'm constantly snacking.

yes, i do recommend you eat more. but not just more of anything.

try not to forget the veggies. the keto is good but it's easy to overindulge in cheese / fats / meats. remember that keto is awesome but it does fall in the end back to the basics: weight gain equals calories in versus calories out.

i do not believe in best times of day to eat. or what time is best for your last meal. or carbs only before evening. NO.

a retort to the above is just simply the advice that you should def eat to be full and to work it out is helpful. i was going to tell you what to do. but, i'll tell you what i do. I simply, usually, have one meal during the day that is indulgent in extra veggies. and it also includes carbs/protein and some fats. but it's heavy usually on veggies. this sometimes, usually, does cause me extra gas that i do not mind since it's a desk job and sitting i can deal with it.

the way i get around to eating so much, don't let my choices trick you. they are all laid out. the wraps i use almost always do not have more than 120 cals. this week they were only 60 cals for a wrap. half a smaller side avocado. some salt/pepper. mashed. and not even an egg (tho calories are low). this week i favored salami. and most of the time it was just 2 thin slices (like from boar's head brand). and to fill myself, i'd have tea or coffee after.

then only two hours later, i'm already onto a fat/protein snack....

i really try hard not to let my hunger continue for long. i like to feed into my hunger, inbetween drinking more at least at work (gotta work on getting in real water on weekends more).

next, most of my meals thru the morning hours at work at low volume. only by lunch which is usually 12:30 or 1pm, do i have the big meal. i use this meal to actually fill my stomach and it helps me feel more satisfied for the rest of the day.

i've noticed that when i don't have that bulky, veggie, kinda meal at lunch, the rest of the workday is not as enjoyable and that i have more cravings to eat and my stomach def feels emptier.

then after lunch, around 3, i may snack on a clementine. later at 4, an hour before i leave, i have around 100 cal of almonds.

sometimes depending on how many cals breakfast or lunch is, i'll throw in a couple chocolates of any sort really (no preference really, just saying that i am snacking a bit)

so i get to work at 8:30, breakfast is before 9am. i'm snacking again around 10:30-11. sometimes a small bite size chocolate (50 cal) even after breakfast.

lunch is at 1. higher volume is best here so i can feel the bulk and feel satisfied to go back to work. i try not to feel tired, but sometimes i do overeat and get to this point.

i may reach for a small fruit by 3. and then almonds at 4 or so.

as you can see, i'm not starving for any long period of time at work - so even if you fast, which i think is great, once you do start eating, you can schedule it so you aren't starving for any long amount of time after you start eating....

Donkey on 02/10/2019:
I've got to have some protein or fat, or my blood sugar levels get wonky and I feel very jittery. I can be STUFFED with vegetables and still feel very un-satiated because there wasn't something more substantial eaten at the same time.

Donkey on 02/10/2019:
That was hopeful, what you said about eating chocolate.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/09/2019:
that's right with Josie. she used to be thinner, actually.

but i think it gets harder and harder to be ripped and fasting, in my opinion. i think the more you challenge your body to fast, the harder it will become for your body to burn up the fat / harder to keep your metabolism up.

but you see the foods Josie eats, very not low cal. she's not at all a calorie counter. she likes her food savory and fatty. she eats a lot of calories.

so her body has nice curves and shape, yes, because she works out so she is definitely fit and has lots of muscle especialyl in her legs, compared to someone such as myself, because she is a higher fitness level (at least in her lower body) for sure.

however, she has meat on her bones. and i think she may be same or very similar age as you. but her job isn't fitness model or workout 2x a day. she has a desk job like us. and has her workouts she likes, like us.

but she doesn't count calories. she likes heavy meals.

so, just like us, it's give and take for what she likes. you can't be SKINNY or RIPPED and like to indulge in glamorous meals. and her's certainly are full of glam! :) essentially, her portions look big and her meals are indulgent.

remember, everything is in moderation. calories in vs. calories out. she may fast for long periods, but she eats higher cals at times than she is burning...

Donkey on 02/10/2019:
In the past, I have followed some amateur women body builders as the train and then prep for competitions. It's a formula, for each week that she's in prior to the contest/exhibition. So what she's eating 8 weeks before a show is not the same thing she's eating 2 weeks before the show. Love the lean look - I'm hoping to get a little more definition in my arms and abs. Some of that is genetic, too, I realize.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/09/2019:
i stand by my comment before that you replied to as saying weight training is cummulative. GREAT way to put it!

I'm going today to the gym. i will try to bring proper coconut water nutrition and just get good rest afterwards. I really hope i don't stay sick after last week!

i'm almost over it :)

weight training, as you do it and become more into it, i hope will become addicting for you as it is for me.

i know my body will not keep it's form and shape without continued weight training which is why it's hard for me to take the breaks.

after a week off just about, i'm so ready to start today :)

Maria7 on 02/09/2019:
Wishing you a happy day. I recently read some of your posts that you wrote years ago and enjoyed reading about your journey to your maintenance that you are at now.

Donkey on 02/10/2019:
I think the only time I do this is at the end of the year, to see where I've been. What I need in my life is a big plate of GRACE.

Donkey - Friday Feb 08, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 130.0

Logging in from my phone.  Hate doing this but I don't think I will have time to get onto my laptop this morning.  Running behind today because I opted to spend time with my daughter last night - a rare night she is off from work.

After doing that, I decided to ride my bike anyway, even though I could have started getting ready for bed!  Yesterday was supposed to be weight training.  It was 8:45p by the time I had to make a decision... and I chose to do a shortened routine.  2 sets of upper body and squats.  No crunches, no inner & outer thigh exercises.  The important thing is that I did the upper body part.  That is the hardest, least liked part about weight training for me.  But I know that the results will be the most impressive, too, which is why I stick with it, even when crunched for time.

I had another "good" moderate day of eating, a fat bomb and decaf coffee for dessert.  Then I had sugar-free cranberries because I still wanted something sweet.  Done with all eating by 7p.

The eating is more controlled, but I've noticed a slight dip on energy and a tad more fatigue, but just very slight, which makes me think that it could be hormones, too.  With the controlled eating, I also wake up hungry in the morning.  This passes, though, as soon as I start exercising and drinking coffe.

I've started trying to drink my morning coffee black in the morning, to try to prolong the fasting time between the last bite in the evening and the first bite I take in the morning.

The boss is back in town but did not come to work.  I kind of expect him today, maybe.  In the meantime,  I kept myself amused by listening to Queen Bee go on and on about her diet and treadmill.  Both she and her husband are doing WW again... Her goal is to do 25 minutes on her fancy treadmill every day, but Wednesday night,  she only did 20 because she doesn't want to get "burned out."

I applaud that she keeps trying, but she always makes such a big deal about her weight-loss attempts to everyone at work.  Just do the work, right?  Stop TALKING about it.  The results will speak for themselves.  My husband says he wonders how long it will take for her treadmill to become a clothes hanger... 

Progress as of today: 56.5 lbs lost so far, only -6.5 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 02/08/2019:
yeah, my sugar free (stevia) cranberries are always the bomb! so many and so low calories! I love them when i want something sweet also. plus, so much fiber in them!

nice job on working to prolong your fast with black coffee. Josie may fast one way, but you will also have to do what works for you right now!

LOL if she doesn't wanna get burned out, perhaps on Wednesday her best bet would be to NOT use the treadmill!

well, i do know that those who are "gabbers" and talkers, it does help to SAY you are doing it...because once you say it, you have said in advance you are doing it, which will help you actually do it...

i said the same thing, that the treadmill will become a clothes hanger.

if she stops using the treadmill, maybe you can buy it!? LOL.

lastly and most importantly, good job doing your weights routine. it's best to do part than miss the whole workout.

i'd debated still doing pushups this week, so i didn't lose that strength again, but decided to just wait until the weekend to restart everything. however, your idea to do some if not all is more progressive and more effective than mine which is the all or nothing approach (but just what i was comfortable with this week and just wanted a break completely of working out i decided).

Donkey on 02/09/2019:
I feel like Josie's fasting standards are way too high. But she's a purist and that's what I need.

What I don't quite get is that she fasts and does low carb, but she is not lean (i.e. muscle "ripped" -- do you know what I'm trying to convey?) or skinny at all. So what the heck?

SilverySparkles on 02/08/2019:
Black coffee can be a life saver for me. It can often take away any desire to eat in the evening. I imagine hot tea would work too.

Donkey on 02/09/2019:
I've been using herbal teas this week, which are flavorful without sweetener. I'm not really a tea drinker, but I have found these to be extremely helpful this week.

legcramps on 02/08/2019:
I had a 'fat' bomb after my workout yesterday. A tablespoon of peanut butter LOL.

Good job on your workout routine yesterday and getting in the upper body workout and squats!

Donkey on 02/09/2019:
Re: fat bombs - I want to comment on my own entry about this, but I agree!

Thank you for the encouragement!

horn_of_plenty on 02/08/2019:
it's really great you still had a weights workout yesterday. you'll be far less behind for your next one.

since December for two months now, i'm just idling in place without any increase in strength due to so many missed workouts. but good thing is, i keep going back to it :) and i keep getting stronger, before i skip again lol

Donkey on 02/09/2019:
Thank you -- I'm really proud of myself for pushing myself to do that 3rd weight session, even if it was cut short. It is so hard to motivate myself to do that - or rather, should I say, very easy to talk myself OUT of weight training. Excuses!

Your comment about being "less behind" for my next workout is interesting. I hadn't really thought of it that way. I do believe that you are correct, since weight training is more of a cumulative thing. I will remember this for the next time those excuses start to pop up. Something is better than nothing!

Donkey - Wednesday Feb 06, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 130.0

So yesterday I did pretty well until dinner. Got home and was hungry and dinner wasn't ready yet because my husband forgot to cook the bacon.  Bacon takes FOREVER because I like it extra crispy.  So I started "snacking" on olives, cheese, lunchmeat, etc.  I was very full afterwards.  Didn't have a fat bomb, didn't even have my customary decaf coffee!

But this was enough to trigger a "come to Jesus" moment, where I realized that if I want to see a lower number on the scale, keto or not, I will need to stop eating too much!  That's one reason why keto & low-carb eating work.  Because of the increased fat, you naturally eat less because you're satisfied with less.  

So after that big dinner (yesterday), I went and did my customary 30 minute bike ride and then heavier weights.  I was able to do 3 sets this time - all with the heavier weights.  I did not feel as fully afterwards, which is a nice bonus.  Hard to explain.  after dinner, I was FULL.  After cardio & weights, I was comfortably satisfied.

One thing I have to say about eating more fat is how GOOD I feel - so much more energy and focus.  Much better workouts - cardio AND weight training.  I haven't had that "heavy leg" fatigue feeling in my legs in weeks.  Lots of energy to get things done - which is great!  But if I want a lower number, then I gotta watch what I eat, and that's exactly what I did today.  It went well!

I had food choices today that were slightly higher in carbs, e.g. I had a plum instead of grapefruit, AND I had to remind myself that when I had dinner, I could not go hog-wild.  No snacking before the actual dinner like yesterday!  And both cardio sessions (morning and evening) went well.

  • For new folks, the main purpose of my "cardio" on my recumbent stationary bike is to loosen up my back (especially in the mornings) and stretch out my legs, since I sit at a desk for most of my workday.

Work is starting to get crazy again - not crazy busy, but people just being insane.  How about you keep your attorney in the loop if you change lenders?  How about you stop giving your client bad information so that we as the attorney don't have to tell your client "no"?  Buying a house but too busy to attend the closing?   Then I guess you're too busy to buy the house!  Make it happen?  Oh sure, let me just pull out my magic wand - how about you just come to the closing like a RESPONSIBLE adult.

And to top it off, my boss is returning from his fabulous 1-month vacation in Florida.  I hope he is considerate enough to realize that the rest of us have been stuck in this freezing, icy, snowy icebox called Illinois, working away, while he's on vacay.  Doubtful.  

Speaking of work, though, today, Queen Bee co-worker - after she got done talking about her long weekend vacation in New Orleans all morning - was boasting about how she bought a treadmill for her home, because she can no longer take her health for granted.  So after spending SO MUCH money on countless diets (Jenny Craig, WW, NutriSystem) and supplements (AdvoCare), she's now plunked down some money on a treadmill.  Well, let's see if this time around, with WW and now the fancy treadmill, she can lose the weight she wants.   She made a special point of telling me all about the bells and whistles on her treadmill.

If this sounds witchy, don't worry -- she also made a few snide remarks today about taking joy in giving me a hard time over some little mistake I made by mentioning that the Associate Attorney went to one of her closings, which I guess I wasn't supposed to say anything, because she doesn't want him touching her files.  You don't want Associate to go to your closings?  Then don't go on vacation!!!  BE AT WORK AND DO YOUR JOB!  That's why you get paid 3x as much as I do and have full insurance for your family --- I don't have either of those perks, and I come to work. 

Progress as of today: 56.5 lbs lost so far, only -6.5 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/07/2019:
I know what you mean about being too full and then comfortably full after at least doing the exercise. Awhile ago, long time ago, in my mid-late 20's, when i did overeat to the point of it being very unhealthy, i was starting up my exercise routine again and i'd do it, even when i was uncomfortably full...it helped me get to where i was today. I'd be sweating out all the food, and i knew it was totally unhealthy what i had eaten and quantities, but i made the effort to stick to the weights routine which helped me in the end to get to where i am today!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/07/2019:
Like you, if i don't have the food already prepared ahead of time for dinner when i get home from work, i do run into problems or i choose something less healthy. it helps to have things prepared...which i know everything was for you except the bacon! maybe next time, text your hubby a reminder :)

i had no idea that your bike is to loosen your back!? and it does work, right? this is interesting! i have a few back exercises that i should send you, very easy. i could even write about them next time when i'm not in a rush to shower / leave my house!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/07/2019:
yeah, i do not think your boss will be thinking about the cold weather he has been escaping ;)

...will write about more soon...because i just glanced that you mentioned New Orleans of which i plan to visit this summer.

horn_of_plenty on 02/07/2019:
LOL, the treadmill can have all the bells and whistles, but let's see how long she uses it before it turns into a clothes hanger!

i think one thing maybe you can try to attain this year is full insurance for YOUR FAMILY? can you try to reach and get this from your boss??????

horn_of_plenty on 02/07/2019:
plus i agree, she went on vaca and people have to pick up the pieces, if need be, and go thru her stuff!

legcramps on 02/07/2019:
I hate these work phases where one week or month it's crazy and the next it's ok and then we're back to crazy again. Like, a little consistency would be nice, am I right?!

Good to hear your weight sessions are moving along nicely :)

I was trying to eat more fat for my breakfasts so that I would feel fuller during the day, but it didn't end up making me feel great. I know that might be customary, when changing the diet up a bit, to feel that way, but I just didn't like it. I stopped after a few days and went back to my normal breakfast routine.

P.S. Also, I went back because I got a bit of ribbing from people about eating bacon for breakfast every day. Obviously, I am still swayed by popular opinion :(

Donkey - Tuesday Feb 05, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 130.0

I'm hoping that with the vitamin supplements, I will have more energy and my hair will stop thinning out.  One of the side effects of iron pills is constipation. I'm challenged enough in this area, I don't need anything else to slow me down.  Ugh...

I won't go into the challenges I had yesterday with food, motivation, etc., because at the end of the day, I came to a resolution that my goal for February and possibly March is to keep the weight at 130 (or lower), and then when the warmer weather comes around, work on getting back to a more comfortable weight of around 125.   Winter has always been correlated with regaining weight and giving up.  This time, I'm not giving up, I'm just readjusting my goals to adapt to my circumstances.  (Does that sound like an excuse?)

I do realize that the weight-training results might have something else to say about staying at 130.  I will cross that bridge if I get to it, at which point, I will rely on how my clothes fit and feel.  Yesterday - either due to bloat or actual weight gain - my pants felt tight around the waist. Oh I can't have THAT feeling, no way.

Progress as of today: 56.5 lbs lost so far, only -6.5 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 02/05/2019:
You are doing really well maintaining. Hope you have a good day.

Donkey on 02/06/2019:
Thank you for your encouragement! :D

horn_of_plenty on 02/05/2019:
i have a coworker who also doesn't take the iron pills due to the constipation. could you add in a probiotic to counteract the constipation? a probiotic pill like taken before bed?

AND you didn't give up last winter either on your weight loss goals! This year is better, maintenance goals for you. keep at it.

i know what you mean about the tight clothes and not wanting to revisit that. with that knowledge, try to watch your calories / choices so that the weight doesn't continue to climb. you are catching it now...keep on with drinking water at work (i do so much better with water during the work week than on weekends!)

keep with getting sleep and feeling good. def the supplements should help and some of the hairloss i know is hereditary. my mom has that. there can also be shampoos to look into if you have to? if i were in your boat, as i'm younger so that's not yet something i'm facing too much, i would probably once again have to delve into shampoo / conditioner choices for combatting those hair issues.

Donkey on 02/06/2019:
Yes, I had that epiphany yesterday. I've had about a week of overeating - some because of the weather, some because of the weights, and some just because I've been hungrier.

SilverySparkles on 02/05/2019:
Iron does have a bad rep for that. Beef is a very good sourse of iron.

Donkey on 02/06/2019:
That's a helpful reminder - thank you!

SilverySparkles on 02/05/2019:
Cooking in cast iron pans also gives you iron ( they do need special care, but are worth it)

Donkey on 02/06/2019:
We have one! It has been a while since we've used it. I will do some searching for recipes tomorrow (at work - if it's slow). Thanks!

thinkpositive on 02/05/2019:
Ir looks like you are doing great and that your goals are realistic.

Donkey on 02/06/2019:
Thank you! I have many issues... The problem I'm having is that in December, I weighed around 124-125 and now I'm up to 130! It's just hard to reconcile the numbers on the scale with how GOOD I feel.

Donkey - Monday Feb 04, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 130.0

Very short on time, but I wanted to respond to questions regarding the fat bombs.  Since I use an ice tray as molds for the fat bomb recipe, the portion sizes are smaller, so thus the calories are lower.  I think for the ones I make with peanut butter, the calores are around 70-75.  For the ones I made with the almond butter, the calories are probably closer to 80, but some of them have a small almond in them - as a "surprise bonus" - so those are probably closer to 90 calories.  The peanut butter ones taste like Reese's peanut butter cups but with more chocolate.  The almond ones are a delight unto their own.

I received my blood test results, and it seems as though I quite low on several things, one of them being Vitamin D.  I'm taking the print-out to work, and if I have downtime, I'll look up what the acronyms mean.

Progress as of today: 56.5 lbs lost so far, only -6.5 lbs to go!

legcramps on 02/04/2019:
I love making peanut butter balls every so often; same kind of thing as yours, and sometimes I add chocolate chippets which makes them taste like Reese's. BF and I both love our Reese's!

horn_of_plenty on 02/04/2019:
GREAT calories on these fat bombs! totally awesome so you can have 1-3 of them per day!! nice.

let us know what you find regarding the blood test - it can also be a reason why you've been feeling down at times.

regarding vitamin D, that's a typical one. do you take a multi everyday? of course, i'd hope you do!

let me know what you find, it'd be interesting. maybe there's something you are lacking that is an "easy fix" to help you feeling better for the rest of the winter.

SilverySparkles on 02/04/2019:
Not bad calories for the fat bombs, they sound good.

Donkey - Sunday Feb 03, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 130.0

So yesterday was a struggle, but I stuck to keto choices.  Too many choices, probably, but those were my choices.  

Did some cooking yesterday - sugar free stewed cranberries, gummies, fat bombs made with almond butter (this time, instead of peanut butter, for a change) - and my dear husband made keto friendly Phillly cheesesteak stuffed green peppers.  I added my own kale salad and was quite content.  Had decaf and 2 fat bombs afterwards.

I was proud of myself last night.  I was going to indulge in some 85% cacao chocolate right before bed, which I didn't need because I had already had the 2 fat bombs while watching TV with my dahguter, SO... I decided to brush my teeth and get ready for bed instead.  That's ME being in control of food and NOT the other way around.  Just because I CAN have it doesn't mean I MUST or SHOULD have it.

Yesterday's workout was awesome.  Pushed those heavy weights.  It doesn't take a lot of time, really, and I usually indulge in watching TV shows while I work with weights.  So I had fun.  However, later last night, as I was getting my pajamas on, I thought to myself:  I think I'd rather not work as hard and just eat less.  That is to say, I'd rather see a lower number on the scale myself than to show visable results on my body.  Hmm... I will see if I feel the same way at the end of the month.  Because I also had the thought of, Wouldn't it be SO COOL to wear a sleeveless shirt in the summer and show off some fabulous arms?  AND, Wouldn't it be awesome to wear a skirt and show off some fabulous lean leg muscles?

(I wonder what Queen Bee would think about THAT! - ha ha) (Seriously though, her thoughts or reaction have NOTHING to do with ANY of my motivations.)

So today is a more relaxed day, althought I would like to make a fathead crust - turns out like pita bread, for dipping in hummus or to use as a flatbread to accompany any meal.  I plan to run errands with my husband - as many as he wants and can handle - while the weather is nice.  They are HIS errands, but he really can't do these things on his own any more, with his physical limitations.  I'd rather stay home, but time-wise, I think it will work out better if we try to do these things today.

PS  I forgot to mention that even though I struggled with eating yesterday, eating way more fat than I usually do and fighting cravings, I had a very nice level of energy for my cardio workout this morning.  It feels good to have energy like this.

PPS  My weight training schedule this week, then is Saturday (yesterday), Tuesday, Thursday, and then either Saturday or Sunday to start again.

Progress as of today: 56.5 lbs lost so far, only -6.5 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2019:
yup, yesterday i moved one of the 3 frozen bags of cranberries in my freezer to the fridge so i can make the sugar free cooked cranberries too! :) just yum and very low calories.

omg that meal sounds just amazing. stuffed peppers! meat! and dessert. yum! goodness yum!

nice job staying i control. i had to do the same thing last night. started having minor cravings, but was already past my calories for the day and didn't want to do further damage, so i also just went to bed!

Queen Bee would be rather jealous of course if you rock the sleeveless shirt and skirt! :) this is why i continue to press on, the results have made themselves worth the push to continue lifting. also, each time i workout i'm reminded how heavy some of my exercises are and they don't get easier. but then if i went down in weights, then those lower weights would also become hard. so, i'd rather just keep pushing to keep where i'm at than to default back to anything less. i thought of that when you mentioned maybe reverting back to lower weights. Sometimes i also remind myself it'd be good to try harder, do more reps or higher weights of things, like situps. I feel it's really hard to keep pushing, but it's the only way to keep seeing a change. of course, we want to push in moderation and not all at once!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2019:
Nice job pushing thru the struggle with food and making it so you felt good this morning. you can do this.

yesterday and today my schedule is rather lighter than it used to be when i was in a semi-relationship with the older Ricky. he used to distract me from my day as we'd have plans often.

finally i'm able to do less and temptations of food are back. so i'm also working on keeping some kinda of order around here :)

like you are cooking, i'm inspired to get back to some cooking of my own especially when i run outta food. i guess i have too much food right now - which is why i'm not cooking too much. except i have meat that needs to be cooked or will spoil soon - it's a corned beef in the freezer. it says to cook by end of january...hopefully cooking it next week is close enough...?

cooking is something i haven't been doing as i'm just not up for it right now. i guess once i get in a couple weekends of good workouts and clean the bathroom lol...then i'll feel totally ready to delve into the kitchen for a new recipe!

SilverySparkles on 02/03/2019:
How many calories are the fat bombs?

horn_of_plenty on 02/04/2019:
yeah, how many cals are your fat bombs, like 100? 80 ? 50? I'd say anyhting 100 and lower is great to add to a diet anytime :)

legcramps on 02/04/2019:
I can understand the internal dialogue about losing more weight or gaining muscle mass. I know for some people, it's about looking good, but for me - lifting weights is about feeling good. I can (and have) lost loads of weight by just eating less, but then I have zero energy and no zest for life. And aren't we here to live? When I eat better, and lift weight to increase muscle mass - I have energy, I can run after things without fearing that I might lose my balance, fall and break something because my bones are so fragile. I feel good. Who cares what I look like? In the end, for me, it's about how I FEEL, not what I look like or what the scale tells me.

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