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Donkey - Wednesday Jan 02, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 124.5

Kind of a mish-mash day, but I'll try to keep things focused on diet, etc.

Today was my boss' last day for about a month, while he spends January in Florida.  This is something that he does every year.  In some ways, I couldn't wait for him to leave.  I find myself growing so impatient with the office small-talk lately:  what did you get for Christmas? what did you have for dinner?  how was the evening last night? blah blah blah.  On the other hand, I *feel* very unprepared for his absence this time.  I know that I'm not:  I've done this for at least 3 years, our associate attorney is here, I have knowledgeable co-workers with whom I can consult, and the workload is still relatively light.  But his absence will mean more work and more responsibility for me, and the thought of that is stressing me out.

NOTE TO HORN:  I can totally relate when you talk about your mind being on Florida.  That has been my boss since Christmas.

Tomorrow, the Associate Attorney and I are attending a well & septic seminar luncheon.  If you are questioning the compatability of discussing septic systems while eating lunch, you are not alone.  The Nice Lady co-worker said, Gee, I hope they don't have a slide show with pictures of septic systems gone wrong.  Yeah I hope not either - right?  This will be very helpful knowledge to have, since we've had so many transactions that have had septic issues (some well issues too, but those are usually not as complicated as septic), so I have REALLY been wanting to attend something like this -- JUST NOT AT LUNCH.

Secondly, the luncheon is at an Italian restaurant that I am not a fan of.  I am not a fan of the restaurant due to a previous experience with bad service there.  Husband and I haven't been back since.  PLUS, now that I'm embracing low-carb/keto life, eating a bunch of pasta really isn't helpful.

Thirdly, I'm going with the Associate Attorney, who I have mixed feelings about.  As you know, from past entries, I have mixed feelings about ALL of my co-workers (except Queen Bee; her I pretty much do not like and know this for sure).  I'm very particular about who I will eat with....  Well, I guess if he sat across from me at the Office Christmas Party, it won't be too bad going to this with him.

Side note:  Hormone issues made for a painful day and possibly contributed to the unexplained back spasms I had this morning, until the OTC pain relievers kicked in.   Ovulation is a *****.  (Sorry, Maria, for the swears.)

Progress as of today: 62 lbs lost so far, only -12 lbs to go!

graindart on 01/02/2019:
Probably depends on the restaurant, but the chain ones usually have some type of steak / chicken option paired with broccoli or some other low-carb option. At Olive Garden I like the beef medallions with blue cheese crumbles, along with some side veggie.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/03/2019:
Happy 1st day of work of 2019, you J-Donkey!

I think you are just anxious for your boss to leave, that's all. That's why it's bothering you a lot. I think. I think you just want it to happen already! :) Yep, the office small talk. It'll always be there, if you can use headphones a bit in january for parts of the day, it can help you concentrate and not listen to their small talk all day. if you hvae a music app on your phonoe, you can plug in the headphones (little ones i mean) so only you can hear the music and it can drown them out a bit. i now use headphones during parts of the "quiet" workdays especially when my one coworker is not in the shared office with me. it makes the day go better. music doesn't really kill my concentration, unless i'm doing something new or that requires a lot of thought. then, the music goes off for a bit.

Remember, there's always salad or veggies anywhere. you can request it. OR, just go with tea / coffee / seltzer. buy a seltzer if you want to bring with you. or bring your own stuff with you. never worry about people's judgements on what you eat or your lifestyle. you are ok. enjoy the luncheon. you don't have to have pasta. you can say you are "gluten free." haha. i hope there'll be an option. fill up on seltzer or diet coke or something, lady. just get thru :) maybe you can have a treat of your own when it's over before driving home, to enjoy with tea or seltzer - those awesome fat bombs.

It won't be bad going with him :)

Sorry about the annoying pain. It will pass :) I'm glad at least the OTC has helped!

It's thursday! one more week till another weekend :)

haha :) thank you for the special note about you relating to my mind on florida! :) now, it's OFF florida because it's coming so close but i am totally unable to think much about it or plans because of work...i guess i'm having the thoughts where it's coming so close but there's not much i can do leading up to it now...haha...and i'll figure it out there! but like your boss, my mind is on VACATION and how to stay healthy and try not to overdo until next Wednesday! omg, it's coming so soon!

legcramps on 01/03/2019:
Hope you're feeling a lot better by the time you go to the luncheon. I agree with HoP, I use headphones at work sometimes when I need to drown out the outside office noise. Sometimes people can be so disrespectful! I've overheard full-on private conversations and gossip like you wouldn't believe! (or maybe you would).

Maria7 on 01/03/2019:
Haha, Donkey! Well, one day you want have 'that' to be concerned with...it will be a distant memory... Hope your luncheon goes well...Have a good day.

Donkey - Tuesday Jan 01, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 124.5

(Note to Self:  no New Year's Day weigh-in.  Use this number from last weigh-in on 12/29.)

Had Chinese take-out with the family and then settled in to watch Twilight Zone for the rest of the evening.  My daughter went to a party held by her best friend from high school, but came home at 12:30a due to not feeling well. The rest of us did our own thing, which is fine.  Nice and quiet.

Despite managing to stay up until 11:04p, I woke up at 5am -- got out of bed at 5:20a -- to do my usual exercise routine.  I realize - now - that I haven't really stated any goals for 2019, but these are a few things I would like to work on:

  1. Conscious relaxation - physical and mental/emotional.  Ideally, on a daily basis:  stretching/yoga, deep breathing, prayer.
  2. Keeping a cleaner house.  15 minutes daily.  Will invest $ in getting the house deep-cleaned, which will then be easier to maintain. Start a decluttering habit.
  3. Changing my relationship with food.  Exploring and trying keto recipes, having fun with this, rather than seeing restrictions.

I'll be seeing a doctor on January 18th.  I haven't been to the doctor since 2009? 2010?  Time to get an assessment.   

Progress as of today: 62 lbs lost so far, only -12 lbs to go!

graindart on 01/01/2019:
I made all the way until about 10p-10:30p before falling asleep. Woke up to a barrage of fireworks at midnight. Quickly fell back asleep and got up for the day around 3:30am-4am. Seems like 3:30am-4am is becoming more and more of a pattern over the past couple months. Don't know why. Seems to be working out fine, so why fight it I guess.

Haven't decided on any new year goals, but #1 on your list would be good for me to adopt.

Maria7 on 01/01/2019:
Happy New Year's day! LOVE your goals for this year. Praying your Daughter feels better.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/01/2019:
Chinese Takeout and Twilight Zone with family sounds nice and relaxing!

I hope your daughter is feeling better today. I like to leave New Years at midnight anyways. isn't that late enough! haha. maybe not when you're 19.

Oh wow, you've not been to the dr in even longer than me! Good for you to go and get that done! I'll be doing it right alongside you in February.

I like your goals they are all attainable and something to strive for. Most of it are goals that take time and have no "due date." i'm right alongside you again. just looking to expand my horizons and less limiting :)

Donkey - Sunday Dec 30, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 124.5

I think that I have a small touch of a cold/sinius infection, which I am doing my best to avoid becomeing full-blown congestions.  

I did go to the church-lady dinner, and I'm glad that I did, but while I had planned to leave at 6pm, I didn't get out of there until closer to 8:45p.  It was 9p when I got home.  It was a smaller group this time, and most of the "fun" gals didn't show up, but I appreciated the smallness of the group.  It was 4 older, widowed women (except for 1 whose husband has Parkinsons), and then 3 of us "younger" (meaning 40-50) gals, of which I was the only married one; the other 2 are divorced.  It was interesting to hear the older women talking because I figure that's me in about 15-20 years, presuming I stay in good health.  Or if not me, then where my mom is at now.  The anniversary of my step-father's passing is coming up in January....  

Anyway, back to diet-chat, not very keto/low-carb friendly at all.  Long story short, I ended up having a small green salad, and Italian sausage and meatballs (probably made with bread crumbs, so now low-carb).  I passed on the mostaccioli.  And I could not resist nibbling -- I swear, literal nibbles - on a few cookies.  Why can't I just pass this stuff up?????  SO FRUSTRATED -- to me, this tells me that I'm not really in maintenance, still needs work on that.

Which brings me to a realization I had this morning, when I read Gains entry (& Bear's comment) and Bear's entry.  Gains mentioned today that he is tired; yesterday he wrote about incorporating (maybe) some kind of fitness goal once he reaches maintenance.  Bear mentioned that she's looking forward to a time when she doesn't have to count points any more.  THIS is what I'm struggling with, but just couldn't identify properly. 

I'M AFRAID OF BEING IN MAINTENANCE.  Is this why I lost more weight after my goal weight?  Is that why I'm trying keto?  Shouldn't maintenance be about being able to relax a little?  It seems to me as though there should be some incorporation of beingn able to relax a little bit.  For example, perhaps my dinner outing last night WAS a successful practice of wise choices and moderation.  So why doesn't it FEEL like a success?  Last night's dinner as a "maintenance success" just occured to me -- I was looking at it as a keto failure rather than a maintenance success - if it was that; it certainly didn't feel like a success....

I guess what it comes down to is that I'm not comfortable in this "After" life:  loose clothing, new wasy of eating, consistent (compulsive?) on the exercising.  Wow...

Progress as of today: 62 lbs lost so far, only -12 lbs to go!

graindart on 12/30/2018:
While I've been working hard to get to my weight goal and maintenance-land, I know that the beginning of maintenance is going to be anything but relaxing for me this time. I've been down that route a few times where I've made it to some goal and then completely relaxed and started "living" (translation = back to eating whatever / whenever). That's what happened earlier this year to me. I was in the 170's for the first 5 months of this year, but after reaching goals, I relaxed and ended up gaining 40 lbs in 10 weeks. Which has caused the past 4 months of constant calorie counting in order to get back down around goal weight again.

So this time, I won't be relaxing at the beginning of maintenance. It will still be a struggle, just with a few more daily calories allowed. Also on the days where I'm still <170 lbs on my morning daily weigh-in, I won't be recording my food. Mentally I'll still be limiting myself, but it will be a little less formal. I'm fully expecting to hover around 169-172 for awhile, before hopefully settling into the high 160's. I'm expecting to fully struggle with maintenance for the first few months. As I get more used to it, I'm expecting to be able to start relaxing slowly. Maybe I'll be at a place by early Summer where maintenance is mostly just my new way of life? Or maybe I never get to that point and it's always a bit of a struggle? I don't know the answer at this point. When I weighed 283, I had various minor issues / troubles / insecurities / etc. Now that I weigh 100 lbs less I still have minor issues / troubles / insecurities / etc. The issues and other things are different based on the different weights, but neither were completely easy. So I guess if I'm going to have minor issues anyway, I'd rather be at this thinner healthier weight while dealing with them.

My wife and daughters don't worry a bit about their weight and are all thin / healthy. They don't have to work at it and it just happens. They can relax. I really want that to be me. But I don't think that's ever going to fully be a possibility. Seems like everyone has their own struggles and own strengths. I don't want food / weight to be my "forever" struggle, but am slowly coming to the possibility that it might be. On my vacation, spent quite a bit of time talking with an aunt, brother-in-law, and mother-in-law that have all been obese most of their lives. They are all nearing their own goal weights this year / early next year (again). Them and myself all discussed the same exact tendencies and issues with food / dieting / maintenance. On the other side of the spectrum is my father-in-law, sister-in-law, wife, kids, nephews. They all eat whatever they want, yet remain slim. Why did they hit the food / weight / metabolism lottery?????? Again I don't know. The only thing I do know is that at present and for the forseeable near future, I have to be vigilant concerning my food intake. Someday I hope that changes, but when I initially enter maintenance I'm sure it'll be anything but relaxing.

Sorry for the somewhat rambling lengthy reply. It's more for myself in just working out my own thoughts / plans / future.....

Donkey on 01/01/2019:
I'm finding it difficult to relax. Hence, switching to keto, so that I have something new to work on.... when really it would probably serve me better to focus on relaxing more, in different ways, in different aspects of my life.

graindart on 12/30/2018:
I guess "maintenance" isn't a reward for reaching my goal weight, like I once thought it would be. It's just a change in focus to a new goal...... And unfortunately if done right, the maintenance goal has no end. With time I do hope that it becomes second nature and thus doesn't occupy my brain anywhere near as much as it currently does.

graindart on 12/30/2018:
BTW - I see your recent weeks of entries as being a huge success in maintaining. Watching you and HOP maintain your numbers gives me hope that I can do it too. I'm under no false pretenses that maintenance is a rose garden, but it has to suck less than fighting every day to lose weight. You're occasionally eating what you want / desire, but limiting the number of those days so that you aren't gaining fat / weight. Yours is the basic model I'm expecting to follow when initially entering maintenance. Most days my food choices are going to be limited / boring, but once per week or so I'm planning to eat stuff that I enjoy and do my best to not feel guilty for doing it......

If you're like me, time will be a main factor in when you finally start to feel more relaxed.

Donkey on 01/01/2019:
I agree that time will probably play the biggest part in getting to "relaxed". Also, from the previous comment, I would rather that this whole diet/exercise stuff didn't consume so much of my daily energy.

Some days, it's OK: I like to try recipes, exercise, whatever. Other days, it's like, wish I were naturally thin.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/31/2018:
my day too, ending up wayyyy longer than original plans on going out with a friend. for next time, we should both keep an open mind to how the night / day will roll out as it can be unexpected from what we thought! maybe also keep a "backup" excuse for if you really did want to go...i'm glad i also rolled with the flow though because it was a nice change of pace to spend the day with someone instead of alone. like you, it was nice to spend the time with company :)

sounds like you ate really well, donkey. being very moderate. if i were at the party, i'd eat very similarly if not the same as you! a few grains in your meatballs aren't going to throw you. i'd take a sweet cookie too. you're normal! taking a few is better than going home to eat the whole house!

Donkey on 01/01/2019:
One thing I really appreciate about your diaries is that it shows that one can eat more and still be healthy at maintenance.

I'm glad I went too. Being an introvert, sometimes I have to push myself to get out. I'm usually glad that I did (go out), just the act of stepping out is the hardest part.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/31/2018:
I totally understand how you feel. I think you are still getting used to maintenance and still enjoying trying out new things.

I'd be totally bored if someone told me i have to only eat the same thing for breakfast, for example, for the rest of my life. Spice of life. It's good to change things up. Life is meant for experiences and even people like us who enjoy a routine and counting and all...we like a change or a break. as much as we like the scale, we hate the scale. as much as we like having a job, we like a vacation from that job. as much as we like exercise, we sometimes want a break from exercise...etc etc...

so, it's only (in my opinion) normal that you'd want to continue on the journey you are on the try new things.

but we all know, all of us right now on this site, that "diets don't work." it's the whole lifestyle change of learning how to incorporate everything we've learned along the way into our individual lifestyles to make it work for each of us. so that's what you are doing.

like i said to you the other day, carbs promote happiness. let me look it up exactly so i can be more accurate now..but there's a reason we eat them.

why i do keto desserts is because they "stick with me" longer at times...and the biggest reason besides some calories being knocked down is that they don't create the "sugar high and then sugar low" and then me feeling extra hungry. this is a main reason i like my low sugar "keto" baking. so i can eat the junk, but in my head i believe it's less junky. that's why i like keto.

however, the reason i'm not fully keto and wouldn't want to be, personally, is because i like carbs and they do make me feel good. they provide energy when i'm low or help pep me up for a workout.

i just like how keto, especially sweet things, is another alternative to help me stick better with calories and feeling decent and not "high and then low" after having a traditional dessert.

but that cheesecake isn't so filling...i will not make it again soon because it's not so satisfying. makes me want to eat more and more. grrr.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/31/2018:
so here's one nice article that will make you feel not so bad about carbs:


Horn_of_plenty on 12/31/2018:
and this article is a bit of a wordy-doozy to read, but the title of the article and the last sentence are the exact point i'm trying to make which is that carbs do help you feel good, but of course in moderation but they are good for you when eaten as part of a healthy diet of course!:


Horn_of_plenty on 12/31/2018:
my friend Josie on fb on the site and pages we are on, i think she's highly motivational because she's so into whatever challenge she goes on (like her fast), but i myself am not eager to do anything like she does or to attempt to replicate what's good for her on myself. i am her fan and love how she dives into things full steam ahead!

Donkey on 01/01/2019:
I do not think I could ever do long-term fasting like she does, nor would I WANT to fast.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/31/2018:
she hasn't always been keto and does go off it at times, btw. but with her one thing is clear, she doens't half -a $$ anything. i seriously don't know where her drive comes from!

Donkey - Saturday Dec 29, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 124.5

Things are back to normal in the weigh-in world.  My 0.5 scale weighed me in lower than my 0.2 Ironman scale by about 1.5 pounds.  After last night's anniversary dinner, I'm surprised that the numbers were pretty much where I've been.  Maybe I would have had an awesome weigh-in if it were not for the fancy dinner, but it was a wonderful night out with my husband.

Tried to keep the choices along the keto guidelines, but had hummus with roasted vegetables.  (Beans are a no-go on keto but great on paleo.)  As a gift, the server brought us a little champagne (delicious but not keto) which was so nice.   Little did she know that I would have preferred a chocolate covered strawberry, but that's OK. It was a lovely gesture on her part.  And the overall experience was better, too.  Sometimes it gets really loud and really crowded.  It was not so loud this time.  And it was busy, but not packed.  Perfect for what I like.  It's definitely a "special occasion" place for us.  I would not go there for just any dinner, although you could.

I was very full when we left.  And I could tell that the food had been salty (as to be expected when dining out), so I was rather delightfully surprised this morning with the weigh-in.  I almost didn't weigh-in.  I mean, why set myself up for an end-of-the-year disappointment.  In the end, I decided to stick to the routine and hold myself accountable.  After all, if I had gained 4 pounds this week, feeling all bloated and stuff, then I need to know that so that I can work on it.

In addition to the list of holiday eating events list, my church lady retreat group is meeting for an end of the year party tonight.  *sigh*  I had been debating with myself as to whether I should go or not.  It's definitely out of my comfort zone, and the last thing I need is another eating event, right?  But sometimes I have to push myself to be more social, and I haven't seen these ladies in a LONG time, and it's good to have connections and hear how everyone has been doing this year.  Most of us are connected on Facebook, but sometimes it's just nice to be face-to-face.  Me going to this dinner will allow husband and son to see Aquaman and then grab a hamburger somewhere.  I have NO interest in either of these things.  Daughter has to work and has no interest in the movie.

If this dinner were not happening today, I'd be completely A-OK with just staying home and doing Donkey things, resting, relaxing, etc., and getting back on track with eating!  (As I finished typing this out, my stomach is starting to give me the queasies, as in, this could be the flu.  I'm definitely staying home if I'm feeling sick; I might just need a little more to eat, so I'm going to try to have some yogurt.)

Today is my last weigh-in for 2018.  I started the year out at 127.5, and finished out with a 3-pound loss.  While that may not sound like much, my weight has been higher than my starting point, so I took that off, plus the 3, and seem to be keeping it off, give or take a pound.

Progress as of today: 62 lbs lost so far, only -12 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/29/2018:
oh yes, possibly a keto flu? though, you've been on keto awhile and also you eat things that are not always keto. hmmm, Bear has a good question!

I totally get you wanting to be home. as a working woman who's always out (talking about you here, not me lol), i can understand you wanting to be home when you get the opportunity.

I specifically didn't make too many plans this weekend, knowing i really just wanna be home by myself for a good amount of it. :)

don't feel bad if you don't go. i really do understand you just wanting to be home...and not being in front of a lot of food again.

the socializing is nice though and i do hope you feel better!

oh, and congrats on the excellent weigh-in to end the year! what a huge success this year was for you in that regard! you maintained and even dipped under where you started! excellent!

Donkey on 12/30/2018:
I did end up going, and while it lasted WAY longer than I had thought it would, I'm glad I did go because I learned a lot from the older women in the group.

graindart on 12/29/2018:
Love when the weigh-in cooperates. I'm sure it feels good to end the year with a good number.

I'll find out what my final weigh-in is the morning of December 31st after I wake up from my own bed again. It'll have been around 10 days since I previously weighed in before the trip. I know it's just a number and doesn't really matter, but I'm still hoping it's a "good" one to end the year.

Donkey on 12/30/2018:
I'm hoping it's a number for you too, because you're 100% right: it's a very good number.

Nothing more frustrating (to me, at least) to do the right things and find either no loss or even a slight gain in the numbers. I think my lowest points have come when I go off-track, e.g. having a bowl of ice cream late night snack (breaking 2 of my rules) and then finding a lower number on the scale. It's like, What the heck - why even bother?

Donkey - Thursday Dec 27, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 125.5

I have not had the time to log on lately, and normally, I would be upstairs getting ready for bed, but I didn't want to let another day pass without writing.   I do read your entries every day.  I check in on my phone when I'm on my bike and quite a few times when I'm at work (since we're not so busy) using my phone.  I refuse to log in on my work computer, because I think the boss' son-in-law checks what sites we visit.  He will be disappointed to see how many times I visit CNN to watch the stock market and keep abreast of the headlines.  (At work, I can easily miss major events, as I'm quite isolated from everything except real estate.)

I feel as though I am struggling.  I am not doing anything fantastic or great in the dieting world, but just doing the same old stuff.  IDK, I feel like I'm eating too much...  I feel bloated, but my rings are not tight.  The scale will tell on Saturday for the last weigh-in of 2018.

Tomorrow night is anniversary dinner.  Then New Years Eve will be take-out Chinese (lots of vegetables!!!) and no plans for New Years Day yet.

Progress as of today: 61 lbs lost so far, only -11 lbs to go!

graindart on 12/27/2018:
Not looking forward to NYE and day. Have 2 long days of travel and should be back home on NYE. Have some work that came in while on vacation that is due 1/2/2019, so will have to get to work on NYE and day to be able to get those things in on time. Definitely not looking forward to it, but don't have much of a choice. Thankful for the work, just not the timing.....

Don't know what I'll be doing as I hopefully enter maintenance in January some time. Thinking about making some type of fitness / strength goal while maintaining weight, but haven't made any decisions yet.

Donkey on 12/29/2018:
You may find that staying in maintenance is a goal in itself. But I agree that having a different type of goal might help you stay in maintenance. I know it's helped with me.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/28/2018:
Yes, i also (obviously you know i do by now!?) go online and use the internet while at work. I do not think it's a bad thing at all though.

A quick five minute (lol or maybe in my case it's 10min!?) scan of something else besides your work can relax your mind and also let your mind focus on something else for a little bit and then you can return to the task with your mind relaxed and ready to work harder. if you are ever questioned, i'm sure studies prove it. it's the same as getting up and stretching / walking at least every hour. it's BETTER for your productivity than just sitting at work, doing real estate all day with no break and no getting up, spinning your wheels and getting farther than you would have you taken the breaks and got up to clear your head! :) it's ok, jdonk i'm sure others are on the internet more than you at work. Don't worry!

Didn't you just start Keto not too long ago? does it count as doing something different in the dieting world?

yum yum to the chinese! it's sooo easy to eat well when you like veggies! enjoy it. another thing i like is the veggie and tofu soup they have at chinese restaurants. enjoy....

and, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Mr. Donkey <3

Donkey on 12/29/2018:
I try to keep DD very private and separate from other aspects of my life, except for the few of you I know on Facebook. I don't do Facebook at work either. Of course, I check a billion times on my phone throughout the day. But nobody at work needs to know me on either DD or FB.

Donkey on 12/29/2018:
I think I'm down on myself regarding the "keto" experiment, because I'm not really hard-core keto. I'm more of a keto-paleo blend. I feel like a failure at both, rather than successful overall.

Who needs that kind of negativity? NOT ME. I gotta change that up. :)

Donkey - Tuesday Dec 25, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 125.5

Merry Christmas to all!  Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, ANYONE can have Santa in their heart:  kindness, mercy, sharing, giving, welcoming, forgiveness.  And it's not just limited to Christmastime, but all year around.  

Waiting for my grown-up kids to wake up, LOL, for presents.  So in the meantime, husband and I are doing some food prep for our Christmas dinner of Italian beef sandwiches, fruit salad, hummus with raw vegetables, deviled eggs, perhaps a green salad, and Patti LaBelle's sweet potato pie with whipped cream for dessert.

Fortunately (?), I didn't have many problems with all the sugar from yesterday's late lunch surprise.  I learned that when the unexpected comes up, I really need a go-to plan.  I did not have dinner yesterday, because I was still full.  I felt munchy around 8p when we settled down for games, and could have had raw vegetables with dip, but opted to continue to fast from 4:38p until about 9am this morning when I had 5% fat Fage Greek yogurt.  

Looking forward to just chilling out with the family today, but I hope to log in again at least once more.  Thinking of you all, wishing you peace and glad tidings!

Progress as of today: 61 lbs lost so far, only -11 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/25/2018:
Yes, I totally had Santa in my heart today <3 It was a nice day and like you know i even saw my dad :)

OMG love those 5% fat yogurts. also the 2% i like because they are bigger, lol. but they are good to hit the spot.

i think your plan to fast was good as if you were hungry, maybe veggies wouldn't be good? Veggies never fill me, no matter how many...does this ever happen for you?

Enjoy your family. By me it was so restful my dad and i were just relaxing after lunch and the walk. so nice.

graindart on 12/25/2018:
Our day was a wide mixture of things. Calm early morning with wife and daughters. Stressful couple hours with extended family that likes to yell a lot. Mostly enjoyable family lunch. Pretty low-key afternoon & evening with wife, daughters, and their grandparents.

Keep reading about people eating the Fage yogurt. Have a couple other yogurt brands I eat on occasion, but still haven't tried Fage yet. Probably will pick up some to try when we get back home.

Donkey - Monday Dec 24, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 125.5

The keto gods must be watching over me...  I suggested that since we're all together this afternoon and evening, that we go out for a late lunch at a loca pizzeria.  The last time I went there, I saw someone getting a deep dish pizza (not Chicago style with all of that tomato stuff on top, but just covered in cheese) and I've been wanting one so badly -- even though there's no low-carbing my way around that crust.  So everyone thought that was a great idea.  Turns out the restaurant, family owned, is closed for Christmas Eve.  It's like a blessing from Above.  

So we're meeting up at another restaurant that also makes great pizza, but has a very varied menu.  I will get something that is more aligned with my plan.  I hope that I can get the family settled down tonight for a couple of games of Yahtzee or Uno.  

It seems to be rather cruel of my boss to have us go to work for 3 hours.  Not so much that we have to work, but that we have to get up early to do so.  I was up early anyway to workout and watch news, but had I not had to work, I might have slept in a half an hour or maybe an hour.

My charmed life book spoke about discretion last night, running along the lines of SHUT UP.  In a nicer way, to be more selective of who we speak to.  This is a chapter I think I need to re-read often.  It hadn't occurred to me, but that might apply to social media too.

EVENING EDIT:  So I didn't do so well at the restaurant.  I did very well until dessert.  My daughter ordered a chocolate brownie with a scoop of vanilla frosting and was too full to finish it.  She ate about half, so I finished the other half.  It might have been more than half actually, that I ate. 

I didn't even need it, as I was full from the big salad I had chosen.  But I won't lie: the dessert was SO good, especially since I haven't had sugar like that in so long.  BUT one of the side effects of laying off the sugar is that when you do have a lot of sugar, like I did, it can upset your tummy.  I took 2 Tums when I got home, and then I proceed to remain active, to help with the digestion.  I may or may not have bathroom issues later on.

My plan is to get right back on track with my plan, whether that be a snack tonight of raw vegetables or tomorrow morning for breakfast.

Progress as of today: 61 lbs lost so far, only -11 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 12/24/2018:
The restaurant situation worked out well. Bummer about work......Boss must have his reasons. I've been thinking about getting the games out around here too.......D said he would like to play a few of the old ones......good way to decide which ones to donate!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/25/2018:
oh yeah - one of the hardest things about a workday is waking up for it!!!! yes, indeed. Waking up later is much less stressful, but you did it and it's done. Your boss obviously didn't have the early wake-up on his mind - most i don't think would be thinking that way for others?

hey donkey what's the name of the book and author? it sounds good. i may have to read it after the two i have in my possession now. and yeah, i will get it out of the library next if you can tell me what you are reading...i can use all the "selective speaking" help i can get :) it's def not more forte.

you know, you may have a sugar intolerance then ? or perhaps it's just because you didn't have it in awhile. at least it was GOOD. and at least you had a salad beforehand. those are the plusses :)

Horn_of_plenty on 12/25/2018:
Merry Christmas to you, hubby and your family!

graindart on 12/25/2018:
I've been saved by that type of situation several times. Sometimes I've decided to indulge in a dessert only to have them tell me they're out of it. Other times we've been going somewhere out to eat and decide to switch places because the line just looks too long. Not the ideal way to stay on-plan, but I'll take the win however I can.....

Donkey - Sunday Dec 23, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 125.5

Late morning entry for me because I was busy wrapping gifts.  I've wrapped up with wrapping - ha ha, get it? - and the husband and son are shopping for our Christmas meal right now.

I was reading the keto cookbook that I checked out of the library last night, only to find out that I'm not really doing keto because I eat sweet potatoes and eggplant.  I also enjoy having beans once in a while (and would probably eat more, except that I know they're high in carbs).  So then it goes on to explain that my approach is more "paleo" diet --- except that I eat dairy, which is not part of that diet!  I still think it's better to have a sweet potato with a little butter and salt than it is to have a bag of potato chips.  I'd rather have eggplant than a dish of pasta.  Bananas are better than candy. 

Progress as of today: 61 lbs lost so far, only -11 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/23/2018:
That's funny how you are not a diet, but mixture of diets! but i think that's AWESOME and similar to how i eat. I take the best from all the dieting guides out there to make one that i like! :)

sweet potatoes, even better than bananas, are so healthy. i wouldn't exclude them from your diet as the health in a sweet potato (NOT YAM as those are more sugary) is so healthy it'd be sad for you to stop. better for me during exercise would be a sweet potato, but i'm not there yet...

eggplant tho is nice and low calorie. and so tasty with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and grilled or baked i guess is the preferred way right?

Wait, why is eggplant bad! it's very low cal, just the oil adds up but so healthy! i love eggplant!

and yeah, bananas are high cal too, but, their nutrients are better than a serving of the real gummy bears (not yours) any day.

it's up to use to believe the hype or know that we are ok and are choices are ok for us!

you are doing wonderfully. go by what you believe sometimes you'll realize you have more gut feelings and knowledge about what's right than the author of a book or article on the internet.

Donkey on 12/23/2018:
Apparently, eggplant has a lot of carbs? which makes it bad? I looked it up, and a cup has 4.8 carbs, half of which are fiber. Um, that's NOT too much carbs.

I always brush olive oil (not bad) and sprinkle with parmesan cheese, salt & pepper, oregano. Nice side dish and fills me up.

BearCountryGG on 12/23/2018:
Rather your diet has benn mixed or not...it definately worked...and it gave you a wider range of foods which results in a wider range of nutrients.......I'm all for variety.

Donkey on 12/23/2018:
I think that's why it works for me. Those words you said, "No bad foods, just bad portions" is really staying with me!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/25/2018:
I wanted to comment last night, but my server was having issues all night and this site as well as others like Groupon weren't working! :(...so here i am now !

Donkey - Saturday Dec 22, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 125.5

So here's a twist:  Today, my usual scale, which usually weighs me lower (weighs on the 0.5 lb) weighed me higher than the Ironman scale (weighs on the 0.2), which is usually reads 1 to 1.6 higher.  I don't think that's ever happened before!  And I weighed in on both scales twice -- just to be sure that they weren't lying to me, of course.  The Ironman scale weighed me in at 124.4.  I'll take it!

Here's a fantastic gift from the boss:  he's letting us go at 12p NOON on Monday, instead of 3:00p as previously notified.  I know that this isn't really him being generous out of the blue, as the Christmas service (an "entertainment show" really) he is attending at the mega church Willowbrook is having their first service at 3pm.  IDK a church where you have to have a ticket to watch the service, doesn't really make it in my book.  But whatever.  He goes to church no other time during the year. (eye roll)

So today is my present to myself, by going to the library (LOL - you know me).  I have a book on hold for easy keto recipes.  I also plan to make gummies and chocolate keto ice cream today.  There is a recipe for dark chocolate mug cake -- cake you make in a mug - that I want to maybe have tonight.

Finally, wanted to let you know that our new kitty is coming out of her shy, skittish shell very well.  She's still skittish, but she does ask for pets, loves to play, will sit on your lap if she wants to, and joins any one or all of us at any given time.  She also let me trim her nails very nicely, even though I know she doesn't like it.  I don't like doing it either, but I told her what a good girl she was afterwards and gave her lots of praise and pets.  



Progress as of today: 61 lbs lost so far, only -11 lbs to go!

graindart on 12/22/2018:
Good job maintaining another week in a row.

Donkey on 12/23/2018:
Thank you -- I almost didn't notice :) Seriously, every week I can stay +/- 1 pound of this weight is good.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/23/2018:
Darn those crazy scales :) i admit, living with my parents several years ago, there was a choice of scales :)

I'm SO HAPPY you are getting out early for MONDAY! :) well deserved, lady!

haha, well, i guess it's not really a service as you said. it must be a "money making" type thing to have this entertainment and people pay to go! it must be good / entertaining.

the cake in the mug sounds good because it's a single portion, nice.

i see nothing wrong with sometimes have a keto dessert for breakfast or dinner. tell us the ingredients for your chocolate ice cream. that's cool!!

what book?

ohhh, your kitty sounds so playful and cutie!!!

question, if i got a kitty, in the future, would she destroy my "fake leather couch"? do i have to "kitty-fy" my apt?

Donkey - Friday Dec 21, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 124.5

I was so disrepected yesterday at work, but I didn't let it get to me, other than a little venting to my family at home and now here.  Goes back to "Do your job and SHUT UP."  But I did learn something:  Queen Bee is apparently quite upset that I took the bag of beef jerky that came in one of the gifts from a title company.  I didn't just take it; my boss GAVE it to me.  But that wouldn't make any difference in her reaction.  I found this to be quite amusing.  

My "Charmed Life" book once again had a timely chapter about talking less and listening more.  I find that a lot of people around me talk just to be talking. My husband does this, my Nice Lady co-worker does this, Queen Bee does this.  My boss continually repeats the same stories over and over.

Found 2 keto recipes for ice cream and mug cake this morning that I want to try.  Male Co-Worker is doing keto and yesterday was the first day I could really tell that he has lost weight.  I caught my reflection in the window (at work) and noticed that my Christmas-y outfit wasn't very flattering.  I'm not sure if it was the outfit or just the red Crocs that ruined the silhouette.  Darn my bad feet.  I admit that some of the pants in my rotation need to be taken out.  Yesterday's pants weren't one of those pairs, though.  However, my point is that I think that Male Co-Worker's outfit is what really showed off his weight loss.  My clothes could do the same, but they don't.

Progress as of today: 62 lbs lost so far, only -12 lbs to go!

legcramps on 12/21/2018:
Oh, wow. Queen Bee really is a queen isn't she. I know what you mean about people talking just to hear themselves talk. I can get that way sometimes, but for the most part I do a lot more listening than talking, and I definitely notice when people would rather hear the sound of their own voice than actually have a meaningful conversation.

Donkey on 12/22/2018:
She actually, literally slapped my hand away :(

horn_of_plenty on 12/21/2018:
Before i read your entry...isn't so funny how just "Do your job and SHUT UP" seems to be the cure-all at the office!? right!? There's a new guy (moved from other location into my NYC location) and he seriously says almost NOTHING. he really knows how to lay low. It seems it's also his personality. so, yeah. Suits him perfectly in the office he's in now, my old room, where talking is HUGE. he just stays out of conversation completely which is easy since the 2 women there can just talk to each other and he's input isn't necessary...

WOWWWWWW....so Queen B thinks she's gonna go all KETO and that you took "her" beef jerky huh!!!!!!!! hilarious. she needs to let this go that he gave it to you! I'm glad it didn't get you down as it's pretty hysterical.

Yep, if you just talk you will eventually forget there's anything new to learn from anyone. talking in general can get old in the office especially. yes yes yes!

the keto recipes both for ice cream and the mug cake sound AWESOME!

red crocs! how fun! that's so cool you have red crocs and wore them!

yeah, dress to flatter Jdonk! come on!

Donkey on 12/22/2018:
Your new co-worker is my hero.

graindart on 12/21/2018:
Went shopping with the wife about a week ago. I don't enjoy shopping, but wanted to get out of the house and spend time with her. Caught my reflection in a tall full-body mirror and wasn't happy with what I saw at all. It wasn't my body / face / etc that was the problem, it was my clothing. I've hung on to some of my old clothes that I didn't want to spend money on replacing. Namely jackets and a few other things. Medium is now my current size in most things, so anything X-Large tends to make me look like I'm sickly or something. While I look bad in the way too large coats, I'm also too cheap to go spend a few hundred $ to replace them right now. Made a mental note to replace my jackets at the end of winter when everything goes on sale. So at least next year I should be looking normal with my winter clothing.

Donkey on 12/22/2018:
The last time I bought new pants, I went to Goodwill and found very nice slacks (for work) for like $5 a pair. Since then, though, I've lost about another 5-6 pounds, so they do not fit as well as they might. Also, the Crocs totally ruin the effect. But they are so foot-friendly. I do not have a solution for that yet.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/22/2018:
re the question you asked about why is one person being treated so well in the office:

She's a really, really nice woman. She pretty much has the lowest job on the totem pole in the office as the one "secretary." She is a hard worker and her personality is the best there is as she's pretty much a happy person with quite a bit of responsibility. She's just turned 46 with a teenager and a 20 year old. One in HS and one in college, boys. She's divorced and her "happily ever after" dream of marriage and maybe not having to work so hard changed even before she got divorced. he has a good job as a sanitation worker which pays around 100K believe it or not! However, the ex, the sanitation worker, is into drugs - pot - and blows away his money even actually borrowing from her sons!!!! one of them works and the father asked for money, the son told her! the father doesn't act like a father but as a friend and isn't so helpful to her.

anyways, like many, this lady, my coworker, obviously didn't expect her life to turn this way. Some of her choices didn't end up in the way she'd expected....


however, she's well-liked and i think she might make less $ than me but i don't really know at all. how that works in our office. i really have no idea who makes what. it's a bigger office, around 25 of us working at the address where i am. and i really do not know. i can tell you my salary is also probably in the bottom third. I say this because besides for this secretary, the only other people which will make "lower salaries" are the CAD workers which work under the engineers to produce drawings. and i know for a fact my salary is similiar to theirs because my old friend Ricky (who i don't talk to anymore) had a salary very in line with mine.

Therefore, this secretary probably does have a salary sorta close to mine. it could be more, actually, or the same or slightly under. but i'm in the bottom also in our office in terms of salaries, now that i gave it some thought.

Everyone else in my office is an engineer or project manager. they make more.

So, to recap, i'd say 40% make around my salary and 60% make a bit higher or much higher.

OK...this is getting long.

So this woman. She's well liked by this man who actually has a title i haven't mentioned. he's special because he used to be an electrician before getting injured badly. he chose to come back to work YEARS ago (15?) instead of staying out on permanent disability and has tons of knowledge. he likes to work and be around people and he has a lot of information to share. he's married with twins and another daughter all in their late 20's . he's a happy man and enjoys life and he also gets along really well with...THE SECRETARY....

Horn_of_plenty on 12/22/2018:
So, she's (secertary) is nice and he (the "Coordinator/Manager" used to be field electrician) is nice. They have known each other a long time by both working at this company awhile (she's been here i think one year longer than me) and he's been here like 20 years.

Ok back to the point.

He is very generous to her. I think he feels bad for her and her story of divorce and how her ex even ruined any savings she could have had. she (supposedly) has no savings.

all is not bad though for her. she lives with her mom, father died, in a nice community in queens that i had the opportunity to drive thru and see.

her father passed away early in his retirement, unfortunately.

her parents had a house upstate, that she's now responsible to sell. Supposedly she has the share the profits with her other two siblings which makes no sense since SHE is the caretaker and closest now with her mom.

but like i said, all is not bad, she will inherit some of the price of what the house sells for. It is in the middle of nowhere tho, so it's not a market price similar to those here in queens or suburbs. it will not guarantee as high a price as she would have liked, but, once she rids herself of the house, she can have some savings. she wanted to have it sold, but is having trouble finding a buyer now as it's not seasonal anymore for homebuyers until the Spring. i guess she's in your boat with that, Jdonk.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/22/2018:
Supposedly, the main office (back in Queens where i used to work) does a Christmas collection for the secretaries (admins)). And Dennis wanted to "take care of her" this year like that.

It was his doing. He thought of Administrative Asst Day and he called it that, but i told him it was in the Spring. he wanted me to do the collecting part, so i did and he wrote the email for people to see me if they wanted to give for "administrative professional's Christmas Day!" i thought that was cute way of saying it.

She's the only secretary and around 20 people contributed varying amounts. the total came to $300.

In the scheme of things, if you REALLY think about it, $300 helps with a bill or one thing. or you an save it. but it doesn't change your life. So, i thought it was a nice gesture and i'm happy for her.

it was ALSO her birthday on THURSDAY.

usually for bdays, we don't go all out in the office.

we get cake or go to lunch. there's no "gift."

i don't know why they wanted to get her this workout bag.

i considered it over the top, outside of the $300, outside of any other little gifts people give.

i'm glad i wasn't asked to be a part.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/22/2018:
she gave me a scarf that i really like. (the secretary) and i looked the price up because i didn't get her anything else besides contributing to the $300. it was 15 from LOFT outlet, originally $30 i think. it's NICE.

also someone else, my neighbor grrr, got me something. also a scarf (color is very boring beige and really not nice) and gloves to match. It's on the NY&Co site as being (both items sold as a set) being $3.99. I'm not kidding. the scarf and gloves together are $3.99. I think originally $10. You'd obviously think more, but, i wasn't expecting something from my neighbor and now i have to repay obviously $10 or more.

i'll buy them both drinks next week for the secretary and the week after for the other one (my neighbor), since my neighbor is off next week.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/22/2018:
lol, i think i overwhelmed you.

i don't like gift giving. i'd rather save my $.

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