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Donkey - Tuesday May 22, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 129.0

My drinking-water-during-dinner challenge has clarified itself all on its own. My overall goal is to get 2 cups of ice water during dinner. That's about all I can do on a regular basis.

I accomplished that but still took second helpings on salad. The point is to drink water to avoid ALL second helpings. This is to accomplish lower calories. I should add that the salad had croutons, which is kind of ouchie ouchie.

My activity level, if you go by daily steps, has increased so far this week.

Just bracing now for Daughter's graduation on Saturday.

Progress as of today: 57.5 lbs lost so far, only -7.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 05/23/2018:
It's nice when something clicks and becomes a habit.....second helpings on lettuce would be good...not necessarily fun...but good!

horn_of_plenty on 05/23/2018:
i'm also going thru my eating and adjusting it to actually eat lower cals again = lose weight.

congrats to your daughter!

proud of you for accomplishing so many things, social events, person success.

horn_of_plenty on 05/23/2018:
personal* success

graindart on 05/23/2018:
Looking forward to slower schedules after school / graduations are over.

Donkey on 05/23/2018:

happy-1 on 05/23/2018:
If you are already dehydrated before dinner you won't get the appetite reduction from 2 cups of ice water. Shoot for 2 cups warm while you make dinner.

Donkey on 05/23/2018:
Don't hate me, but my husband makes dinner so that it's easy for me when I get home. I do drink water on the 15 minute drive home, 99% of the time, so I do think I'm sufficiently hydrated before I eat.

happy-1 on 05/23/2018:
Aaaaaaaaaw points in your hubby's column!

Donkey - Monday May 21, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 129.0

I had a lovely time at the wedding, although there was no wedding cake, which was a huge disappointment for me.  I decided to go into to work late- a gift to myself - regardless of what awaits me in my emails and task calendar.

EVENING EDIT:  Glad I went in later this morning, but couldn't quite avoid my boss's "How was your weekend, how was the wedding" blah blah blah.  It was much less than usual, but still -- Just let me work.

To his credit, though, my boss did talk to the associate about how to resolve the issue relating to the drama -- but didn't address anything with me.  My boss seemed to think I wasn't mad at the associate at all -- which I think I was more hurt than anything.  Only "mad" in the sense that I was like, Is this guy trying to get me fired so his assistant gets more work?

So this afternoon, the associate attorney and his assistant (who does bankruptcy) were talking about something relating to the drama from last week, and it got really awkward. I was getting some strange vibes from the assistant, like she thought I was mad at her, so I confronted her and just let her know, It's OK that this matter has been resolved this way, and I really am fine with you handling these files... and then I went further -- even though in my head, I'm hearing Horn of Plenty say STOP THIS (LOL) -- and said it feels like your boss is trying to get me fired so you have more work to do, and that's what's really bothering me.

Wow, after I got that off my chest, I felt so much better!  And things were better between the 2 of us after that.  But she likes to stir up things at the office, right?  So she went and talked to the associate, who then approached me and said, "do you have time to talk?"

And after we talked, I felt so much better and I think he did too.   

Progress as of today: 57.5 lbs lost so far, only -7.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 05/21/2018:
Have a great day....And you deserve some cake....just sayin!

horn_of_plenty on 05/21/2018:
fine decision to go in late...extra sleep is always nice after a productive, exciting weekend!

horn_of_plenty on 05/21/2018:
Well hey maybe what you said needed to be said :) I'm just so thankful that it all worked out postively ! Thank gosh!

As I was reading all of it you had me on the edge of my seat!

Donkey - Sunday May 20, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 129.0

Today is the Wedding Day!!!   I'm so excited!  I know I wrote how much I was dreading this, but now that it's here - and having watched the royal wedding yesterday - I'm just so excited to be a part of this couple's happiness.

So I did a naughty thing this morning and weighed in again.  I'm not sure why, perhaps because I was feeling hungry and lighter, and I'm quite pleased to say that it was the same number as I had yesterday.  What bothers me so much about my weigh-ins is how much my body's weight seems to fluctuate.  That is why I've limited myself to weekly weigh-ins only.  Otherwise ths scale drives me nuts, and nobody needs that kind of additional stress and negativity in their lives.

While I did not reach any of my "looking fabulous" goals that I had for this wedding initially -- before I went to the bridal shower and came back feeling quite sad that we're all getting older and family members are struggling with their own health issues -- I think I did quite well losing a few very difficult pounds.  OK, so maybe it was just 2 pounds, but like Gains says, weighing 129 feels so much lighter than weighing 130 or 131 - LOL!

Finally, I'm debating whether to go in late to work tomorrow.  I have on the calendar that I'm coming in at 10am -- which I usually reserve the option to do after busy weekends.  Last weekend with the band competition, even though I was very tired, I still came in on time -- or early.  I will have to see how I feel this evening and, more importantly, tomorrow morning.  Even though I do want to earn as much money as possible, I may just need that extra hour tomorrow morning.  Plus, coming in at 10am eliminates the opportunity for a lot of bull**** chatter, like "how was your weekend?" "what did you do?", etc., which I really don't want to participate in, especially with last week's drama.  The less personal, the better, really.  

Lastly, as I continue to heal and resolve my own conflict about the work drama, I realized this morning, that this is probably the only job I've had where people are actually rewarded for bad behavior.  So I should totally take advantage of that, and continue to earn and save as much money as I possibly can now for the future.  I'd like to talk to my husband about maybe having a 5-year plan for us.

Progress as of today: 57.5 lbs lost so far, only -7.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 05/20/2018:
Good job!!!! Have fun today at the wedding...and it's never too early or too late to plan for retirement!!!!

Donkey on 05/21/2018:
For myself, it's not necessarily actual retirement, since I'm 9 years younger than my husband, and I have about 20 more years to work before I should collect Social Security (if there's anything left, for my generation), but Mr. Donkey is for all intents and purposes, retired, and with the kids gone within the next 5 years, we'll definitely need to downsize and all that good stuff.

bearcountrygg on 05/20/2018:
I also commented on your post from yesterday. Sorry...it's long!

Donkey on 05/21/2018:
No, I'm so glad that you shared your story. I appreciate the lessons learned.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/20/2018:
I'd say you've been super successful during the time of the bridal shower until now! Two lbs lower is awesome on the scale and shows that your water habits and other methods from the bridal shower until today have paid off!

I was also stepping on the scale too much lately and it's doing me no good at all. Scales don't change overnight and that i know and realized once again that by weighing like every couple days wasn't cutting it...and that i know what to do to make it go down :) or make it not change.

you are doing an awesome maintenance job and 2lbs lower is great at the moment on wedding day. i love going to a wedding and actually wanting to be there and so happy for the couple :) you must have a good relationship with this pair getting married today?

See how you feel. Personally it's nice to wake up a little later after festivities the night before and i'd say it helps with the whole work week...but this is up to you !

i like your plans with work and the hurtful guy and how you are healing. I read BCGG's thoughts and agree completely and like that slogan. I'll try to think of it also when i'm tempted to say something not professional or do something risky at work...i am a pro at saying the wrong things by accident or just without thinking enough if i'm possibly saying something that could put me in jeopardy in any way..once again i do think it's great to let it slide as keeping a job is most important.

5yr plan is a good idea...

happy-1 on 05/20/2018:
If you weigh yourself every day and track it like a graph you'll see that you'll go up higher right before you go down lower.

Donkey on 05/21/2018:
Hmm... that would be interesting to see. Good idea!

horn_of_plenty on 05/21/2018:
oh...and donkey...i'm super excited to see any photos you share of the wedding!

lol...this reminds me to also say i am not forcing you lol and not demanding though i know you may just post some :)

Donkey on 05/21/2018:
I know what you meant ;-)

Donkey - Saturday May 19, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 129.0

 So just a little lower today, but still in maintenance range.  

The drama at work yesterday is still trying to infect my day, so I am consciously having to remind myself that this is a day off, home is what is really important to me, and to let the past stay in the past.

Seriously, I've been debating about whether to talk this out with the other attorney, but the more I think about it, I'm going to just let it go, if I can.  If I find that I still hold a resentment that I can't let go of, then I will ask to meet with him.  But otherwise, I don't think it's worth my time and energy to even go there.  That's what he and his assistant do, they "go there" and try to stir up things.  Well, the "punishment" has already been decided, and it actually works out better for me, so I think least said, soonest mended.  There.  Enough about that.

The kids and the Boyfriend are all out doing their own things this afternoon, so it's nice to have the house to ourselves this afternoon, nice and quiet.  My plan for this evening is watching some public television -- Father Brown or highlights of this morning's wedding -- and then an early bedtime for me. 

Progress as of today: 57.5 lbs lost so far, only -7.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 05/19/2018:
Back in the day when I sold real estate....we had to go to a seminar which was nothing but pure brain washing.....and every time we had a break...before and after...we had to chant....!!!! And the chant was....HE HAS MY MONEY IN HIS POCKET AND I WANT IT!!!!...( we were supposed to think about that when ever we took a client out to look at houses.)....and as much as I really disliked the chant...it actually has served me at times with other jobs....when I was, for some reason unhappy at work...I thought of it...and just settled down immediately...because...that company had my money in their pocket and I wanted it....

Donkey on 05/20/2018:
I want to thank you for this. And I hope I can express what I'm feeling - and the help that this insight story gave me appropriately:

That slogan is so not who I am, and when I read it, I actually thought of this realtor that's giving me trouble (in this most current work drama) saying this. This is exactly who SHE is. She is a snake and a backstabber and truly does not work in the best interest of her clients, much less her "team" which includes the attorney & his paralegal (me).

But then you say that you used this slogan to help you in different job/work situations for yourself. And turning that perspective around to apply to my own self is what really, really helped.

BTW, even though I find the slogan to be distasteful, it is entirely appropriate for any successful sales approach! So perhaps the slogan in itself is not bad, but just how one applies it to her/his own life & moral standards.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/20/2018:
Personally, i'd advise you to try to let it go as much as possible. drama is NOT welcome in the workplace...i have had very poor experiences letting any drama move out of my mouth...lately i actually have to work to keep my mouth shut again...

even if he is so wrong, i do not feel it's worth your energies.

i'm watching the movie today :)

Donkey on 05/20/2018:
THANK YOU -- I'm still struggling a little bit with this conflict within me to stand up for myself, but you're absolutely 100% right. Least said, soonest mended.

And each day, the conflict within me gets resolved and healed a bit more, so this is progress. I'm definitely going to let this one go.

bearcountrygg on 05/20/2018:
My oldest son is an assistant manager of a major department store....and he gets very agitated with what is going on in the store he works for....and I'm afraid his verbal disagreements with those higher than him...and even employees that work under him will at some point cause him to lose his job. Like all jobs...( and I mean ALL JOBS)...get frustrating at times.....and unless we actually own the company...we really don't have any control over how the business is run....basically they own employees during wok hours...so giving them a good days work while we are there earns our pay......but the minute we walk out that door....our lives become our own again.....and all I can say is try to leave work at that door.....because while you are outside of their employment...you aren't getting paid to worry about that place. Basically I always tried to see work as a head game. I watched D run multimillion dollar jobs in Detroit...for 32 years....and when we went on vacation...he got an ulcer....and ended up in the hospital....because he worried the whole time about what was going on there while he was away. Getting an ulcer about a job that was owned by someone elses company...is seriously not worth it.....while he was in intensive care....I had a 5 year old foster child, a trailer in a campground and a truck that I could not drive because it was a stick.....the hosp was kind enough to help me get the truck to a dealership for a oil change ( fake) and gave me a loaner that I could drive...and after spending the first day at the hospital with him in intensive care...the 5 year old and I went to the campground....and things continued to fall apart....the septic tank needed to be dumped, the water tank needed to be filled...and the lock on the door broke...( I tied the door shut with a shoelace...and slept very little until he was released from the hospital)...we carried water, we used a bucket, we could not lock the door.....Life is funny that way...it's full of lessons...we survived.....he still continued to worry about his work until he retired......and now...so many years later...he still dreams or maybe I should say...he has nightmares....about work...about pits caving in...about walls falling down and building collapsing...but he never dreams about getting sick or hurt....yet that is how he really suffered.

Donkey on 05/21/2018:
This is a powerful story. I think I'll come back to this from time to time, to help me keep a better perspective of my own life and duties. You're right - it's not worth it, to run yourself into the ground, for someone else's company.

Donkey - Friday May 18, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 129.5

So I'm not sure how my weigh-in will go tomorrow, since I have a big ol' knife stuck in my back AGAIN from a co-worker (our associate attorney).  

The family wanted take-out, so I tried to do the best I could. I was/am upset, so I wasn't very hungry, ate about half of my sandwich and some raw vegetables.

It was so bad at work today that I took TWO walks, one at around 11am and then a LONG one for lunch.

What helped me was that after everyone left, I vented to one of my co-workers - the only non-attorney male at the office, who yes, is two-faced, but he's been there for over 20 years, so he's seen it all -- and this happened to him many times.  It's temporary.  What really bothers me isn't the "punishment" but rather that the attorney didn't come to me first, because there's a whole lot more to the story.  Oh well, this will be a blessing in disguise.  It will, I just have to be patient and control myself.

Progress as of today: 57 lbs lost so far, only -7 lbs to go!

Donkey on 05/18/2018:
Too upset to do the drinking-water-during-dinner thing. I just drank from my current water bottle, as much as I could.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/18/2018:
Sorry about work :(

But the jerks usually get themselves caught in the end...so keep your patience and control and try not to get too angry...because that person will end up doing more harm later and get in trouble somehow someday like they all do!

Donkey on 05/19/2018:
Yep - it actually would mean less work for me to do, which I am absolutely fine with. Like I said, I'm OK with the "punishment".

graindart on 05/19/2018:
Stress - just one of the 50 reasons I want to overeat all of the time.

Donkey on 05/19/2018:
I don't work alone, but I think I will follow your lead and approach work as if I did.

Maria7 on 05/19/2018:
Try to think of something calm and enjoyable to do today to help de-stress. We all have stress but the good Lord helps us all to deal with it. :-)

Donkey on 05/19/2018:
Definitely trying to focus more on being home, having time to myself, and focusing on my family. Plus, watching the royal wedding was very uplifting to me. Excellent sermon. And the happy couple really show us what's important in life - each other.

bearcountrygg on 05/19/2018:
When the co workers start being jerks....go on vacation in your head.

Donkey on 05/19/2018:
LOL - YES! This is what I need to do.

Donkey - Thursday May 17, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 129.5

Today was a Hungry Day for me -- I hate those.  I don't that I overate, but I felt hungry all day long.  I know I've been eating less this week, but today was quite like my "normal" eating days.  I had oatmeal for breakfast, the grapefruit for Second Breakfast, the rest of my chicken salad for lunch, then the very large apple and mozarella cheese stick that's been sitting in the refrigerator all week.  The only extra fresh food I have left is my protein shake, which either has to get consumed tomorrow or tossed.

Drinking-water-during-dinner did not go so well.  I had one (1) glass of ice water, and that was it.  Tonight my daughter was able to join us for dinner, so it was the 4 of us -- which is so rare.  I was hungry, so I had second helpings --  GASP! -- of zucchini  noodles, with pesto sauce & parmesean chees, and 1/4 additional Italian sausage --- instead of drinking another glass of water.

I'm wondering if I damaged all of the progress I made earlier this week with just today.

Very late tonight/early tomorrow morning, the Boyfriend arrives to stay with us for 10 days  13 days!  Kind of dreading the invasion of personal space - and yet, I really like this guy.  I really do.  I feel bad he has to go to this stupid wedding on Sunday, LOL...

Progress as of today: 57 lbs lost so far, only -7 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 05/18/2018:
did you cook your zucchini noodles??? i bought them in the store, didn't make them but i will attempt this weekend since i do have a spiralizer :)

anyways, i bought them raw and been eating them raw..they taste so good with whatever sauce i put on them!

wow a 2 week stay !

nice to have dinner with the whole family!

Donkey on 05/18/2018:
Zucchini noodles = spiralizer. I steam them for less than a minute. I don't do raw zucchini -- too many bad memories from my toxic grandmother.

graindart on 05/18/2018:
Except for my wife and 2 daughters, my tolerance for other people runs thin on day 3. I can't imagine dealing civilly with someone for 13 days straight. Even if they're the nicest person in the world, I need a break after the 3rd day straight.

Donkey on 05/18/2018:
Oh yes, and today at work proved that point all too well to me.

Donkey - Wednesday May 16, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 129.5

 I missed my lunchtime walk today because of the "lunch date" I had with Title Lady --- which took 2 freakin' hours on a really busy day where EVERYTHING was time-sensitive.  Apparently, everyone wants to close on their transactions next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday -- regardless of what the contract says.  Ridiculous.

Anyway, so I opted for something called "Mediterranean Chicken Salad". It's not "chicken salad" but salad with 2 skewers of marinated and blackened chicken.... Except now that I think of it, mine wasn't blackened, just grilled.  Which is fine. It was delicious -- I ate maybe a third of it.  I did not eat any of the big loaf of sourdough bread on the table, BUT -- and here's where I fell short -- I did indulge in a cup of cream of chicken & rice soup ahead of time.  Oh my, that was SO GOOD.  Drank lots of water.  DID NOT order a diet Coke, although I was sorely tempted to do so.

Today - and lately, now that I come to think of it - I have been skipping my "second breakfast" and my "afternoon snack", which Hobbits would call "tea", I suppose, at around 3:30p.  I catch myself wanting something and then asking "Am I really hungry or is it stress?"  "Can I wait until lunch/dinner to eat, rather than eating now?"   Very conscious of eating and not eating.  I have a grapefruit, large apple, cheese stick, and meal shake in the refrigerator at work that haven't been touched, because of this.

I worked overtime to get caught up on all my emails and files, which I did.  Had an odd dinner. The conversation between myself and my husband was rather testy, but then died down.  I had a large hamburger patty w/steak sauce and salad.  Then I went for a walk, to make up for what I missed at lunch --- and to get in my steps for the day.  Now I am enjoying a cup of decaf with flavored creamer, and then up to bed to read, while my husband watches the Cubs on TV.


Progress as of today: 57 lbs lost so far, only -7 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 05/16/2018:
Your meals sound good...it was hamburger day here too...Mine is watching baseball also.....

horn_of_plenty on 05/17/2018:
your meals sound healthy as do any snacks you reach for...good job on not reaching for the diet coke, i was staying away from diet drinks for a long time and my skin cleared up...then on the weekend i drank the worst stuff and broke out...chemicals are no good. i don't have the same problems when drinking stevia sweetened things, just the aspartame type of drinks.

good job walking after work...it's important to get some moving in during the day :) dinner sounds satisfying!

Donkey - Tuesday May 15, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 129.5

Today was a trying day at work:  the coffee machine is breaking.  So in addition to all the work I had to do, I also tried to clean the Keurig and then rinse it.  This involves making multiple cups of vinegar solution, and then multiple cups of just water (to rinse).  And it's still not working properly.  Listen, people, I AM DANGEROUS WHEN I NEED COFFEE AND CAN'T GET TO IT.  Fair warning.  Just sayin'...

I keep forgetting that I made a "lunch date" with the lady from a title company that we don't use -- and as far as my boss is concerned, we'll never use them.  Title Lady used to work for my boss, but I guess she wasn't very good, from the stories of olde that are told from time to time at the lunch table (which I no longer attend).  The first time she invited me, I said I was too busy -- and that is 100% true at the time:  It was a crazy busy week.  I said, "how about some time in October?"  Since I couldn't go out to lunch with her, she said she would bring lunch to me!  It so happens that the day before she made this offer, I wasn't so busy, and thought, "Gee, if it's like this, I could go out to lunch with Title Lady."  So I'm glad that she asked again :-)  I'm checking out the menu ahead of time to see what I'll order.  I usually try to have 2-3 choices and then wait to see what I feel like at the time of ordering.  Right now, I'm thinking spinach salad or French dip sandwich.

Last laugh to leave you with today:  We had a visit (today) from a realtor who had cancer last year.  We thought he'd lose his voice, which, for a realtor, can be career-ending.  Anyway, he stopped by the office today and he had lost so much weight.  After he left, I mentioned my observation to one of my co-workers, and Queen Bee says, "Actually he's gained weight from the last time I saw him."  And then she says to me, "So don't lose any more weight, (Donkey), or people will think you're sick."  WHAT?????

Progress as of today: 57 lbs lost so far, only -7 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 05/15/2018:
Well...Queen Bee is in rare form again, isn't she??? She has more ways to jab people than I have ever seen!!!! She must be a very unhappy woman.

So.....What did you decide to have for lunch????

Donkey on 05/15/2018:
I know, right?

The lunch is tomorrow (Wednesday). Right now, I'm leaning towards the salad, but this could certainly change :-)

Donkey on 05/15/2018:
I will be updating tomorrow for sure!

horn_of_plenty on 05/16/2018:
that hurts that the work coffee is not available right now! no good! agreed. it's something we rely on to be there as a comfort :) i feel bad for people who do not have coffee in their offices!..it helps the day move...if it's not working maybe you can ship it back or next time make sure to save the box and fill out the warranty. seems they all break as did ours at work.

that's cool you look at the menu and give yourself choices...a good idea i never really thought so much about...i'm sure i do it, but never thought about it your way.

Queen Bee is off her rocker. Remember that everything she says is not everything right to say! She says too much and doesn't get in trouble for it. She's lucky. Don't take offense or take it to heart. She isn't so nice, we know. Don't listen to her...take her thoughts with several grains of salt. she's jealous. keep on being happy and keep your head up bc at your workplace they rely on you heavily to get the work done...you have a lot going for you. keep it so! next time, say to her something like, oh, you mean you don't think i look sick now!? lol...you gotta joke back...somehow...and show it rolls off your shoulders. or just let her have her way with you as long as it keeps your job? idk...

..your advice to me is always good.

lately i feel my advice is really biased to everyone here. too biased. i'm afraid my opinions are all coming thru...especially to Grains, bless him. Honestly, i knew his approach was a major challenge and i've done what he does, for as long as he did it (not one meal a day, but the low carb), and i've experienced what it's like to finally let go of all those restrictions and then the indulgence that comes along with it...i was biased feeling that it was bound to happen to him...ah well. i hope i haven't offended him here.

Donkey on 05/16/2018:
I find that a lot of my replies -- like this one, LOL -- are based on what I think or what I've done. But then... and I'm sure you're this way too -- you can only speak from what you've experienced and learned from it.

What I'm trying to say is that I hope that my fellow DD'ers learn from my mistakes -- to save them the pain and grief and frustration that I have had to go through.

happy-1 on 05/16/2018:
Starbucks via packets are the best instant I have found. Also those $2 colapsible silicone drip funnels work like a dream if you have hot water.

Donkey on 05/16/2018:
I have 2 and they're both decaf, but I think that's a great idea. I tried something different today, and it worked but Via would be much more convenient.

happy-1 on 05/16/2018:
Queen Bee is seriously disturbed.

Donkey on 05/16/2018:
#truth Yep.

Donkey - Monday May 14, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 129.5

One day down, 6 more to go...  Just have to get over the wedding on Sunday.  Then I think I'll be fine for Daughter's graduation the following weekend -- but at least it's a long weekend because of the Memorial Day weekend.

On Sunday, after I posted, I realized that I hadn't made much of my goal to look fantastic at the wedding.  I didn't even get the time to go get a (second-hand) new dress for the occassion. I have some good stand-bys in my closet that will do just fine - and they're free because I already own them, LOL.

I had hoped, though, that I would have been motivated to build up my arms, or tone up the legs -- heck even a lower number on the scale (beyond the maintenance +/- 5 pounds), and then show it off with a new (used) dress.  None of that happened.,

IDK... too tired... too busy at work... too discouraged.

Progress as of today: 57 lbs lost so far, only -7 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 05/14/2018:
Meh. Just let your daughter dress you.

Donkey on 05/15/2018:
LOL - right? I should see if she has any dresses she doesn't wear any more. Or maybe I'll wear her old prom dress from last year! HA!

bearcountrygg on 05/14/2018:
You will do just fine......more than likely they all gained weight...LOL

Donkey on 05/15/2018:
ROFL! I know that my sister-in-law, the bride (of course), and her sister (niece-in-law) are all trying to lose weight for the wedding. I got a sneak peak of the bride's dress and unless she's changed her mind between the shower and the wedding, she will be so beautiful.

Regardless, I know that their weight-loss is most likely to be only temporary. Mine could be too, now that I think about it....

Horn_of_plenty on 05/14/2018:
Donkey...remember how far you have come and maintained! Remember that you do look good and you do work on yourself! Do not be negative...be your best at the wedding!

also, good job with all the events as of late. try to use them as opportunities right now to present your best self. truly proud of you, lady...come on....show everyone who's boss.

Donkey on 05/15/2018:
Yes, you are right (of course).

Donkey - Sunday May 13, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 129.5

Happy Mother's Day --- whether you're a mom-mom, a foster mom, a dog mom, a cat mom -- have a wonderful day!

I hurt my back this morning.  I was twisting around to see the fat on the back of my knees and I heard a little *pop* and then some dull pain.  It wasn't as bad as, say, a knuckle pop, but more like an old-age crick, but whatever it was, now my back is so sore... very achy.  I took 2 Aleve (anti-inflammatory) about an hour ago and that hasn't helped one bit.  I have to be really careful today with what I do.  But of course, I want to do everything, right?  I think after writing this, I will go upstairs and lie down flat on my back for a while.  That often helps.  I was going to ride the newer execise bike later on, to get in exercise with some resistance, to work my legs (the ones I was looking at fat on), but I think I'd better pass on that.  I still might be able to walk with my daughter this afternoon... things are still kind of wet outside.  Walking is usually OK to do as it helps stretch things out.

Oh what a dumb thing to do, for a very dumb reason...

This week is incredibly busy and WAY out of my routine -- which translates to STRESS in Donkey's little world. 

  • My daughter's boyfriend arrives very early Friday morning and will be with us for 10 days. He's a good kid, but having a long-term house guest always takes some adjustment.  
  • After what promises to be another very busy, stressful week at work...
  • Saturday I have legal clinic, but before that, I want to get up early and watch The Wedding --- Harry and Meaghan -- if I can... Legal clinic will be short-handed, which makes things a little busier.  So it will be a long day, but fun.
  • The hard work comes on Sunday, when - except for my son, because we weren't expecting his return -- will be attending the wedding for my husband's niece.  She's alright, and so is her sister, but the rest of my inlaws are just AWFUL.  And my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are divorced and don't get along.  Throw in there the groom's HUGE Italian family -- happy and loud - and it's just WAY too much for this quiet Donkey.  (NOTE:  We could have gotten a seating for my son, but he said he didn't want to go and have to explain to everyone, multiple times, why he's home and no longer in the Air Force.  I don't blame him. I said I'd give him my seat and stay home, but then my daughter said that if I didn't go, she and Boyfriend weren't going to go... My husband was like, "I'm not going to this alone!")


EVENING EDIT:  Kind of took a day off from the drinking-water-during-dinner challenge.  We had take-out Mexican for my Mother's Day meal, and while I had only 1 taco (double corn-tortilla -  delicious, but not good on the carb count), and filled up on raw vegetables, I did have too many tortilla chips with guacamole.  I can tell by the way my stomach is feeling right now.... Way too many carbs tonight.

However, on the bright side, I have no desire for dessert.

I think I'll go for a walk around the neighborhood to help ease the fullness feeling.

Progress as of today: 57 lbs lost so far, only -7 lbs to go!

graindart on 05/13/2018:
I hope to hear in a week about the "feats of strength" competition after a group of relatives gets liquoured-up at the wedding.

Stay on plan and don't stress-eat.

Has the son continued working on his exercises so that he can re-apply?

Donkey on 05/13/2018:
Good advice for the wedding - and the week.

Son joined a gym and is working out 6 days a week for about 1-1.5 hours. He says he's keeping up with his running and doing upper body weights, but hasn't been doing push-ups, nor has he been working on his sit-ups. The sit-ups will help him with his push-ups (core muscles) because -- and I just learned this -- the push-ups must be done with a straight & rigid back. If your back sags, the push-up doesn't count.

I advised that he start up again with the sit-ups. I should mention that he should test himself with push-ups at least once a week, too, as a way of monitoring his progress.

bearcountrygg on 05/13/2018:
To begin with you do not have fat on the back of your knees...it is fluff!!!!!! And...you were not supposed to look at said fluff...and your back let you know that. Maybe if you turn the other way and look at said fluff...things will go back to where they were......did you learn anything....do NOT LOOK AT FLUFF!!!!

Donkey on 05/13/2018:
Yes, I learned my lessons. Of all reasons to hurt my back, this one was the most vain and foolish.

happy-1 on 05/13/2018:
Sounds like you need cbd oil.

Donkey on 05/13/2018:
LOL - I agree!

happy-1 on 05/13/2018:
Maybe bring some knitting or crochet so you can keep your hands busy and maintain sanity.

Donkey on 05/13/2018:
That's actually a pretty good idea. Thank you! I'm going to do some planning. This hadn't occurred to me -- and I'd better have a plan, because when I'm caught off-guard, that's when things tend to go south real quick. Especially when there's cake involved...

happy-1 on 05/13/2018:
Yeah, I hate arts and crafts but I make friendship bracelets and lanyards when I need to let my brain go. I give them away as camping gifts. I'd like to learn needlepoint.

happy-1 on 05/13/2018:
Helps w the anxiety/depression spin cycle. Plus there's bound to be kids there and I bet they'd have fun doing it w you

Donkey on 05/14/2018:
Um, no. Not hanging out with any kids except my own. This isn't my family. It's my inlaws. All the real kids are from the groom's side.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/13/2018:
i hope your back feels better....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! !!!!

i will write much more soon! :)

Donkey on 05/14/2018:
I think it does, although this morning, the crookedness of my stature was so obvious. Everything slopes to one side.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/14/2018:
Happy Mother's Day J donk! I'm going to comment on all your entries that i missed today!

Firstly, remember not to be too hard on yourself. I am sure you see your legs differently than the rest of the world :) Like Maria was saying, be happy with your progress! Is your goal now to maintain and/or improve on your fitness now? That is my goal..except at this point i also need to lose a little or my maintanence will become a gain...grrr!

10 days is quite a long visit from your daughter's boyfriend. Try to remember that it's your house and that he must be a hair out of his element (perhaps) too. I say this because there's a few people that don't really get uncomfortable socially or with new experiences. Oh, how i wish i were one of those folks! But try to remember it's new for all, and even if you feel some expectations, it's ok to also be yourself and do your own workouts and have some of your own space even with guests...i remembered that this weekend when i luckily had an hour of free time to exercise while away, thank gosh! it meant i didn't have to skip a workout....i felt much better after completing it :) and i recommend the same for you, to do for you also...don't totally put your needs on the wayside...

Donkey on 05/14/2018:
I'm not sure that it's me being hard on myself but rather being completely dissatisfied with the body I was given. I sometimes think that if I had plastic surgery, would that solve my issues or would something else crop up?

I too wish I could be more socially adept. I'm too much of an introvert, I'm afraid. The older I get, the more I'm OK with that, especially as I become more disappointed with the behaviors, actions and words, of my fellow human beings.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/14/2018:
i hope you had a nice walk, J donk!

Donkey on 05/14/2018:
I did -- thank you!

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