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Donkey - Sunday Apr 08, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.5

Argh I forgot to weigh in again today!  I realized it after I was mid-way into my workout, already having had a fully cup of coffee and halfway through my 24 ounce water bottle (3 cups, 750 mL), so no weigh-in this week.  I'm OK with that.

Yesterday.... I finally took a step forward and bought some pants for work that actually fit me.  Before yesterday, I have the sport-knit jersey pants with elastic waist from Lands End that are now way too baggy.   My co-workers have commented several times --- especially the Queen Bee who feels that she needs to voice her opinion about everything -- that my clothes don't fit any more.

So I dragged my dear daughter to Goodwill to help me discern if the pants I chose actually fit or not.  I truly cannot be objective about this any more, especially in fitting rooms where the mirrors and lights play tricks on my perception.  She was sort of laughing at me because she could see that my judgment is impaired when it comes to clothing on myself.

I am short, so petite sizes are best length-wise, but I am not small, so I have wide hips and thick thighs.  Petite clothing is cut for a short AND smaller frame.  I think I need to start a line of sizes called "Petite Plus" for us solid shorties.  Also, because my pelvis is misaligned, I cannot wear anything that isn't flexible, so like the stiff waists that you find in jeans are totally out, because the constriction causes the misalignment to affect my back.  

I pulled 5 pairs of  "stretch" petite 8's, 2 black, 2 grey, and 1 beige (for warmer weather).  I THINK they all fit -- so hard to tell because they are form fitting around the thighs and seat, but I think that's how work slacks are supposed to be.  HOWEVER, I just could not bring myself to buy the beige pants...   Too revealing, I think.  I have completely mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, I'm proud that I did not spend money on something that would most likely sit in my closet unworn.  On the other hand, I feel like I lost a little of the battle of body-image.  IDK -- my daughter said, There will always be a pair of beige pants you can buy at a later date.  Honestly, I know she just wanted to get out of there, but she's so right.  I raised a smart, wise girl.

And the whole time, I'm thinking of Queen Bee at work making comments -- and she always talks SO LOUD:  "OH ARE THOSE NEW PANTS?"  "WOW WEARING PANTS THAT FIT!" etc., etc.  I mean, how do I answer that?  What am I supposed to say to that?

Anyway... on to today.  I am leaving soon to attend a bridal shower for my husband's niece, so another food challenge.  I had a volunteer appreciation breakfast yesterday, which I think I did pretty well at, choosing protein and fresh fruit, stayed away from pastries - but I've been there before, so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect and planned appropriately.  I'm compeltely out of my element with this party though.  I won't know many people, and those that I do know, I don't like and they don't like me.  I'm rather fascinated by my niece.  While she is beautiful, she is quite overweight.  And yet, the extra weight didn't impare her from finding a nice, handsome man to marry.  I will write more when I return from the party, as I have several thoughts about how this will relate to food, goals, exercise, and overall mental well-being.

Progress as of today: 55 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/08/2018:
PS Wedding ring with engagement ring is still a little tight, so I'm just wearing the engagement ring. It's not a big stone, but I do like to admire its sparkle :-)

Maria7 on 04/08/2018:
Hope you have a good day today.

Donkey on 04/08/2018:
It was nice, if not a little tiring and overwhelming. I really treasure my quiet time, and today was not quiet, but it's good to mix it up with family, so I'm grateful.... Just wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow, LOL.

bearcountrygg on 04/08/2018:
Sounds like an interesting day....and I say good for you...on leaving the beige pants behind...from a distance women look like they are naked when they are wearing beige pants!!!Just my opinion! And talk about revealing...when I wore scrubs to work I occasionally wore white ones.......then many wearings in....I caught two co workers with their heads together saying...YUP...you can see right through those white pants! Well...guess who never wore white scrub pants again. LOL Your coworker sounds like a big mouth jerk......I've worked with people like that too...I guess there are plenty of them out there unfortunately. And finally...on your husbands overweight niece and finding a nice man...when it all comes down to it...looks fade...and the personality remains...marry the personality that you can live with...because years down the road...the body will be different...count on it.

Donkey on 04/08/2018:
LOL on the white scrub pants story! Oh I'm so sorry that happened to you, but it was kind of a funny story.

That's so true about bodies changing over the years. The young couple is very lucky to have found each other -- they both seem so nice.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/08/2018:
I'm happy your daughter was able to go with you to get the pants. To make you feel better, i don't generally wear beige either. but if you did buy them, just wear them like a QUEEN that YOU ARE!

As for the queen bee, she reminds me a little of my sister's husband. He's a big man, literally he's prob around 6'2" and a decent build muscularly. he just has a big ego and thinks he does no wrong. he'll say things to people and not really care what effect he has on them or their feelings. he can act like a little kid and somehow people take him like a man. it doesn't really matter what he says or does - people listen.

Well, regarding him, he recently pissed me off (well he always does) but this week i was thinking a bit too much how i'm not friends with my sister's husband on facebook! and when i go to take pictures of the family sometimes just to have because we do not take photos together too often, he says "don't take any of me." and i have to listen of course! but i do not like mostly that he will not consider being my friend on facebook. i think i was friended him, i am not sure, and he didn't accept! for a long time, i was so annoyed i blocked him. he's friends with other people...but me - i just have to be the one not on his list and i'm the sister of his wife. Ricky told me to just turn my head to it. but my coworker, who i shouldn't speak to but of course i do (he's 70 and retiring and it's only us working together in a small room)...well i told my coworker who said it's this simple: your brother in law just doesn't like you! so my brother in law, by not wanting photos taken by me or posted by me and not wanting to be my friend on facebook - means he doesn't like me which made sense once my coworker put it that way....

what i'm saying is, i let the stupid things get to me. and shouldn't have. next time he tells me not to take photos..or of him, what i should do is act like a big guy myself and say - "i'll take photos when i want to."

he tried to actually get me in trouble at a dinner recently one week ago. when i was taking extra veggies that my mom didn't want me to take, when parents weren't looking - he called me out on it! he tried to get my parents to actually notice and get annoyed! i couldn't believe it! I should have said quietly to him later, "I can eat what i want when i come here, whether you like it or not, Peter..."

so, with your pants and the coworker....

i'm not saying pick a fight, oh no...and i'm not saying to be rude to her.

if she comments...just say, i'm glad you noticed i bought new pants. ??????

or i guess you can say...you've gotta say something that shows you just don't care what she thinks or feels about what you do.

you can't let her see or know that what she says bothers you. and it should also try to put her in her place...but i doubt it will bc people like her don't get phased...

I'd just say something like, yes, nice you noticed! and just go back to work. just end it. like, a short reply a smile and just move on....

don't worry so much.

some people are just J*erks.

Donkey on 04/08/2018:
I'm going with "Thanks for noticing - yes, these are new!" and then walking away. Taking the high road, here.

PS I'm sorry about your BIL... I would just ignore what he says and do what you want when you are with your family. If it helps, my BIL completely ignores me. Not one word in over 10 years.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/08/2018:
honestly, i think it would do her some justice if you wore the beige pants haha...

some people are so nasty. no care in the world. it's like they think they are gods.

but those people, they don't seem honest to me. I think they are the fake ones.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/08/2018:
i think as the Spring arrives we all around here on DD will be feeling a bit better and going out more. keep on.

remember that a lot of people don't realize their affects they have on your feelings.

Donkey on 04/08/2018:
THIS. TRUE. 100%.

trishpiglet3 on 04/08/2018:
Ouch! Co-worker! ...hmmmm I have encountered similar persons in my life and have (with increasing success, starting from not very much success) tried a different number of ways of tackling, depending upon the person. Sometimes, perfecting a smile, a laugh, and an eyeroll, can do wonders. In other cases, taking the person aside and asking them to please not comment on your appearance can be helpful. I once had a co-worker who said to me, loudly, across the office "What happened to you? you've got really FAT!" to which I replied, not quite so loudly but audibly to everyone who'd heard what she said "I've had a recent bereavement so I haven't been keeping up with my exercising" (this was true btw). Co-worker then tried to turn into concerned and caring person to which I eyerolled and walked away. I don't think anyone is naturally evil, excepting psychopaths, but I think people lose their way/have bad influences, and sometimes those people like to try to pull themselves up by dragging other people down. You are the better person because you *don't* do things like that.

Donkey on 04/08/2018:
For dealing with this co-worker, because she's just a nasty person, it's better to just laugh it off or answer positively so that she can't use it against me in the future, as she's done with others in the past.

Actually, one thing I do appreciate about her is that what she usually says IS true. It's just not always kind, and most of the time it's hurtful on some level. So I know though that if I ever need the truth about something, she is the person to go to. Maybe I should have taken HER pants shopping with me - HA HA HA! ;-)

happy-1 on 04/12/2018:
What a bitch! Who is she to make personal comments? If she was a nice person she'd have said you look nice today is that a new outfit or did you do something to your hair?

Kohl's has a line of petite plus wear, but why waste money on retail?

You should look for pictures of what you want to look like and make a vision board. Then whatever you see out there you will gravitate to and have a goal for and not be stressed by human pigeons.

Donkey - Saturday Apr 07, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.5

I FORGOT TO WEIGH IN TODAY --- I think this is a good thing, too.  I mean, I really wanted to know what my number was, but I love that the numbers, the ritual, isn't so enmeshed in my brain that it's compulsatory.

As I was getting dressed, though, I could hardly put on my wedding band.  Decided to take off the rings, and couldn't get them off without soap and water.  So only wearing the engagement ring with the thin band.  Ah, so maybe weighing in today wouldn't have been a good idea, anyway.

I'm kind of in dangerous territory today, because I don't have anything that I MUST do.  I'm fighting the compulsion to see if I've gotten in my 250+ steps every hour -- NOPE, not gonna do it, not gonna sync the FitBit until the end of the day.  Yesterday, even though my stepcount was lower (but still over goal), I managed to reach the 250+ steps every hour for 12 hours.  

My daughter says now I have to start bulking up, by eating more, lifting weights, and doing squats.  Lower body exercises are a hard one for me because of my back/hip/knee/feet issues, but also because I tend to bulk up instead of slim down in the legs.  

And then, if I gain weight because of the extra muscle, that's not very positive or morale boosting either.

EVENING EDIT:  I didn't throw away any of the remaining pastries at work because I was not the last one to leave the office -- at 6pm! -- and didn't want to be blamed for anything.

The co-worker that I bought the air fresheners for seems very thankful for my gift, LOL!  I think she's being sincere, but she was so pleased with the one scent that she was telling everyone what I had did.  (Now I'm wondering if she was being sarcastic, but that would be mean, and she is a very nice person.... so hopefully not.)  I'm looking forward to her trying out the other scents when she gets to them, personally speaking.

I did buy a nail buffer yesterday and a nice nail strengthener polish (clear).  I'm not impressed with the buffer, because its shape makes it hard to use.  Also, it seems like I'll go through the buffer's usefulness quickly, but it did do the job.  My nails are almost all the same length.  I'm not sure if I will apply a color or not.

Too bad my fingers are too swollen to wear my rings, though -- oh the irony!


Progress as of today: 55 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/07/2018:
Does bulking up mean muscle? I guess if it defined muscles...but it would be my luck to just make my legs bigger...LOL

Donkey on 04/07/2018:
Yes, that's what she means, but my body seldom cooperates. Then again, apparently thick legs and round butts are in style...

bearcountrygg on 04/07/2018:
BaDonkADonk!!! ???????

Donkey on 04/07/2018:

happy-1 on 04/12/2018:
Muscle always looks better. Strong is sexy. Plus it burns fat... so build that muscle!

Donkey - Friday Apr 06, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.5

I love it on days when I wake up early on my own and can get my butt out of bed without debating for 45 minutes on whether or not I have the strength to face another day... 

I'm in a funk.  I don't know if it's hormonal, or seasonal/weather related, or the stress with my son, or what...  We're supposed to have warmer weather at the end of next week, and by then, we'll know our son's fate, so that will just leave hormonal, which also might work itself out by the end of next week.  So I think I can hang in there for one more week :-)  Otherwise, once my card for new crappy health insurance comes in, I'll make an appointment to see a doctor. 

Yesterday afternoon, I was getting really frustrated with my co-workers.  I was sitting with the gal who makes a million mistakes on each file, to watch how she orders title.  I don't think she knows how to type, because she's constantly making a bunch of mistakes and going back to correct what she's typed out.  Considering how many mistakes when she's entering in data, it's amazing the number of errors that she DOES catch and correct.  But that's why there's a million mistakes on each file --- everything she types has errors that she has to go back and correct.  What a waste of time...  But she speaks Spanish, and that's why we hired her, so oh well.  Not my place, so let it go...

Anyway, that's not why I was frustrated.  I was frustrated because this gal's desk is by all the snacks, and I swear, what's not gone today is getting tossed.  Seriously.  Nobody at work needs this ****, and I'm sick of seeing it every time I go by the fax/scanner, which is a million times a day -- helps me get in my FitBit steps, but it's counterproductive to keep walking by all the pastries to do so.  

At least it's Friday.  I'm going to reward my successful bid at no nail biting by purchasing a nail buffer this weekend and maybe a bottle of clear coat nail polish.



Progress as of today: 55 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 04/06/2018:
i was thinking of you...lately i've been messing up my nails more than usual. i have been constantly picking the cuticles a bit...so i'll lay off. It makes me almost want to go get a manicure too, once my nails get longer. they are too short as well due to constant cutting and filing...i guess i haven't even realized i'm doing it?

Oh, nail buffer is the best to give them the shine. My male fried just bought one, his nails looked GREAT when i saw them.

It's difficult to always stay motivated - i have that same wavering pattern as you. But, you will have to keep motivation to keep the weight down - same as me right now - and not cave into everyone's temptations...Ricky last night was angry i didn't order a whole heavy meal from Applebee's and in the end i luckily ordered what i wanted but did end up trying a few bites of his appetizers. Luckily not too much damage. no regrets. It's good i stuck to my plan basically. otherwise things get so out of hand. I think being an adult includes making decisions that are best for us, not to always please others! As well as finding lower cal solutions so we can indulge with far less consequnences.

I'm praying for your son so hard...i think he needs a mental shift in the game. They would have tossed him by now if he couldn't pass. He needs to change his vision...tell him to "Just do it" like Nike. that he will have a safe future if he does!

bearcountrygg on 04/06/2018:
Sounds like you have a plan...and I agree...you have a lot of stress...and while I'm not sure of your age.....I hate to say it...but menopause is right around the corner. That comes with it's own crap!!! At first I thought it was funny when D asked my dad how long menopause took...and my dad said "about 10 years"...everyone laughed...and I thought it was funny...until I looked it up...he was RIGHT!!!! I thought it happened in a month or 2...NOPE...it's a long process. Then at 48..I had a total hysterectomy...and went into full blown surgically induced menopause and the hot flashes went on for years...it was no fun at all. What a relief when that stopped...I had no idea. Now 20 years later I can look back and see it all so clearly......unfortunately health and strength and body beautiful is wasted on the young...they have no clue...I had no clue....I thought I would be the exception I guess...well...that didn't happen...but life did.....at 48 I was in good physical shape as far as my weight went..( I did have a heart attack at 29, and I had hashimotos thyroiditis, fibroids and endometriosis) plus.....but weight wise...I was right on.....your weight is great...if you can keep from gaining a lot...and letting it get out of hand ( which I did)...you will be far better off for the rest of your life....safe, regular exercise without going over the top ( joints)...will definitely be your friend. You are really in a good place....you have the ability to be active...and not really have to work on losing...but maintaining.....

Maria7 on 04/06/2018:
Sometimes I say it is better to toss those nearby temptation foods than to WEAR them! :-)

happy-1 on 04/06/2018:
YAY FOR THE NAIL BUFFING! Look for a pink tinted clear polish so it doesn't yellow as the week goes on.

happy-1 on 04/06/2018:

Donkey - Wednesday Apr 04, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.5

Really rough day.  

Started out real bad by waking up to more ******* snow.  WTF it's freakin' April already.  And I know what's going to happen, just like Keri from another title company told me today: we're going to go straight from winter -- which is what we have here, essentially -- to summer, with maybe a week for Spring if we're lucky.  

Back still sore, but not as bad as it had been. A couple of Aleve helped a lot.  Hormones are still not right, out of balance.

It did not help one ******* bit that my co-workers are bringing in desserts for breakfast!  Monday, Lyn brought in Italian cookies (my weakness),  Tuesday my boss brings in giant muffins, today Terry brought in leftover carrot cake/cheesecake combo (bottom layer is carrot cake, the top layer is cheesecake, and then iced with cream cheese frosting and topped with walnuts), and then Dave from the title company brought in 2 boxes of cookies, a cherry kringle (Google:  Racine kringle to know what I'm talking about), and yogurt smoothies (shakes, really).  So I had a very thin slice of the carrot cheesecake thing, and only ate the cheesecake part. 

Then I got the really disappointing news that my son did not pass the Air Force push-up test AGAIN....

So he has one more chance next Wednesday to pass.  If he does not pass, he will be deemed physically unfit for service and discharged.  While I miss him immensely, he cannot come home.  There is nothing for him here for his future.  He is not an academic, not very motivated career-wise, as we thought this would be his path.... I'm not sure what he will do if he has to leave. 

After that, I had an Italian cookie (110), hot chocolate (80), and whole fat vanilla  yogurt (180).  Felt gross, but came home and had dinner anyway, which was BLT's.

Oh well, at least I know that after this week, it's over, one way or the other.  He either moves on or comes home.  Nothing else to do or say about that.

Progress as of today: 55 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/05/2018:
Praying that your son passes this time, it does sound like the service will be a good thing for him. Food wise...what a tempting array of sugar! You did well...holding it just some...that was hard I'm sure....but the uncomfortable feeling after says a lot doesn't it...I wonder why we never seem to think of that in the moment...been there...done that...too many times to count.

Donkey on 04/06/2018:
Praying HARD over here...

innerpeace on 04/05/2018:
I hope your son passes his pushups.

Donkey on 04/06/2018:
Thank you - me too... I just don't see good things ahead for him if he isn't able to stay. But like my mom says, everything happens for a reason, so I'm trusting in the Good Lord to watch over my son. There's nothing I can do from here.

horn_of_plenty on 04/05/2018:
Sometimes with the pushups, a day of rest can help immensely. with weights in general, a day or two off can give him the strength he needs...also, he needs to do supersets...like, less than he can do, rest a little, then go right back...like 3 times in a row. the supersets should add up to more than he can do currently in one set...this always helps me improve.

YOu need to talk him into just getting it done and working through the pain. but i think he also needs a day or two off. ???

and that sucks with all the sugar at work. no good.

Donkey on 04/06/2018:
We're not able to communicate with him except on the days he's tested and failed. He calls my husband, since he's at home, and I'm at work. So I can't give him any pep talks. I haven't even been able to write to him in the past 3 weeks. Finally husband told him that if he's injured he needs to tell someone.

horn_of_plenty on 04/05/2018:
cold here too, 34F.

sorry about the snow...there's still time for a Spring - it's only April...I wonder what May will bring??

happy-1 on 04/06/2018:
You need to stockpile snacks that you like better in your desk drawer even if they are on the expensive side. Like cashews or pemmican or some dark chocolate. If you have something you really really like you will stay out of the cheap crap. Besides, your coworkers are all about sabotaging each other and snarkiness anyway. They carry bad karma.

Donkey - Wednesday Apr 04, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.5

Very unmotivated today... waking up to fresh snow covering the ground just... no words. I guess it's pretty, but just so discouraging especially regarding my we weight loss journey.

I know that the weather should not have that much influence on my ability to ... reach my goals.

You know, I don't even know what my goals are any more. I'm just blah.

At least the jelly beans are gone now. *sigh*

Progress as of today: 55 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/04/2018:
I hear you....I'm not motivated right now either...although I do have a time in mind where I will get back at it...somehow right now feels like a free for all ( I'm not eating badly really...just not caring so much)...and my pants were tighter this morning.......the snow definitely set me off....plus we have had to eat out more lately and that won't stop for a couple of weeks so...I'm just going with it...and planning a restart UGH....we need spring! Today I am sorting through things and taking out everything that doesn't help...and I'm boxing it up to make it harder to access...That usually helps me....I refuse to give everything up...I just want to limit it better.

bearcountrygg on 04/04/2018:
Funny how I have to keep...boxing things up......when one of us gets things from a box...they end up staying out....we are our own worst enemies here!!! UGH

horn_of_plenty on 04/04/2018:
did you sleep enough? bc i'm telling you - by having poor sleep...i'm craving just about everything today. i'm hungry and it's not for any reason other than being tired and irritable. it could be sleep...


graindart on 04/04/2018:
I've been feeling on the verge of a binge-fest lately. Haven't screwed up yet lately and am hoping that the feeling will go away before I give in. Also my daily 3 mile walk has been tedious the past few days. I was doing so well with it for the past several weeks and the time seemed to pass fairly quickly. But now I find myself checking my progress every 1/4 mile, which makes it feel like forever.

Donkey - Monday Apr 02, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.5

A bunch of things, with no theme to them:

When I woke up this morning, I wished I could have a "non-participation day" and go back to bed.  I fought this feeling until I got to work, only to discover that I was the only one there at 9am to take phone calls and answer the attorneys and get the office started.  So I had to participate.  Wow, was I busy!  7 contracts --- on a holiday weekend!  

I've decided that at least for a while, I have to stop updating my FitBit during the day, because I become way too obsessed with getting 250+ steps every hour to make the "12-hour active day" goal.  I said I wasn't going to do that this weekend, and I did - even though I had a sore back Saturday morning.  I wasn't exhausted this morning, like I was last week after doing the same thing over the weekend, but my back is still sore, and I would have been better served had I just RESTED.

So yes, still dealing with a sore back.  When I go upstairs for bedtime, I will take Aleve... and maybe one of my husband's pills.  I hate to do that, because those zonk me out.  I'm not sure the pain is that bad -- it's just persistent. I think the soreness might be hormonally related.  Best to just manage the pain if I can.

In celebration of Easter, I bought myself a bag of jelly beans.  I know, what was I thinking, right?  Anyway, I had a hankering and wanted to celebrate the holiday.  As far as candy goes, jelly beans are manageable for me -- especially since I bought the "spicy" beans, not the regular flavors, so I can only eat so many.  I've been having 10, to cap off a meal, to satisfy my dessert need.  Except that tonight I had 15.  So I moved the bag upstairs in a drawer, rather than on my desk, because it gets far too easy to eat candy while online.  And it's completely contradictory to be eating jelly beans while writing to you all.  Say it again:  What was I thinking???

Doing relatively well on the nail biting.  I had a couple of lapses with my pinkie fingers, so I painted them with color.  I'm just waiting for all the nails to even out, so that their relatively the same short length, and then buff them smooth and maybe put on a nice neutral color or Heavy Metal Green.

Tomorrow night, my daughter (if she doesn't back out) and I are attending a seminar at the public library about recycling.  I'm looking forward to this and to spending time with her.  And I decided to bite the $ bullet and keep my dentist appointment even though I no longer have dental insurance.

Progress as of today: 55 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/03/2018:
I didn't know that heavy metal green was neutral....LOL Totally agree with putting the candy out of sight...it does make a difference.

horn_of_plenty on 04/03/2018:
if it makes you happy to do your nails every so often, i would get them done. they do look so nice when people get manicures. i just can't stand to spend the cash...as i spend it in other areas of my life.

usually i cut my nails when they get long, i also have files. lately, i've had to do some assignments / work where i've caught myself lately playing with my nails when i'm stressed...they are extra short lately but still i'm so glad i no longer pick my nails...i used to do that in hs...they looked bad and embarassing and i quit so they'd look better :) it helps to have a nail scissor or clipper handy so you are only tempted to care for them when you get the urge...and files. and also a cuticle clipper for any skin that is needing a quick snip. i keep these things also in my bag now so i can take them out wherever i am if something on my nails is bothering me...instead of having to pick / pull.

horn_of_plenty on 04/03/2018:
you have a nice smile...sorry you will have to pay for the dentist ...should be free for all :)

Donkey - Sunday Apr 01, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.5

 Happy Easter!!  

Hip still a little sore today...  It's been a busy morning with little chores here and there.  My daughter had to work this morning, so I had her Easter gifts waiting for her this morning. It was so nice to see that even at age 17.9, she can still be surprised with a gift :-)  It wasn't much really -- two Lindt chocolate bunnies, Burt's Bees chapstick, and a bottle of mango Snapple for her enjoyment.  

I've been remembering whistfully the Easter mornings we used to have when the kids were little.  My husband would almost always have to work, so I would take the kids up to Wisconsin with my folks.  I'd bring the plastic eggs, get up super early, and hide them outisde in their big country backyard.  The real eggs that we dyed with Grandma-Nana and Papa would be hidden in the family room.  Then we'd have a nice midday meal before the kids and I would have to head on back to Illinois.  These memories made me miss Papa...  My mom (Grandma-Nana) will be spending Easter with my brother and his family -- the kids are still young enough for this stuff, at 11 and 6.  Gotta grab these memories while you can, because kids grow up too fast....

Once my daughter returns from work, we'll have Italian beef sandwiches for dinner.  We are all hammed out, I would say for the next year at least, maybe 2 before we need to be seeing another ham in this household.  

Speaking of gift-giving, I did think of something to give my co-worker who covered my desk.  She suffers from IBD, and even though we have 2 wax warmers in the small bathroom at work, I think she gets very embarrassed if she has a flare-up at work, which can sometimes run all day (no pun intended).  So I bought her 4 spray air fresheners to use at work.  She's mentioned several times that we're out of spray, and we've both discussed how we "keep forgetting" to bring spray.  So this weekend, I was determined that this would not be a problem for her any more, at least for a while. Maybe not as usefull as a gas card would have been, but I think a little more appropriate on the price range, perhaps.



Progress as of today: 55 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/01/2018:
Your dinner sounds good...we had beef too. It's nice that your daughter still enjoys easter....it's too bad we can't keep them young longer!

horn_of_plenty on 04/01/2018:
Happy Easter to you and your whole family !!!!

I will be writing more tomorrow :) ty for your extra sweet Christmas moments <3 I hope you are enjoying this day and even the weather is cooperating here - I think it is by you too?

Donkey on 04/01/2018:
It was a nice, quiet day. It would have been better had it been warmer out, but it will just be appreciated all the more when it finally does arrive.

horn_of_plenty on 04/02/2018:
LOL, i had to laugh that you got her air freshener :) too funny...maybe also you can say it's for all...but you know she wanted it!? too funny!

Lately i poop all the time at work...and pray nobody comes in when i'm in...bc if they do come in, i can't go...lol. usually, my kombucha early in the AM and then coffee later at work, does the trick. today though, due to hormones, it may not be the case...lol.

horn_of_plenty on 04/02/2018:
i think bathrooms should all be private at work and well ventilated...and away from public work areas lol...so we can seriously have privacy! with sound protection! haha

horn_of_plenty on 04/02/2018:
oh, and also that was really a nice thoughtful action to leave the gifts out for your daughter!

Donkey - Saturday Mar 31, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.5

Logged on last night because I was feeling anxious & edgy -- the whole dessert wars thing again -- but couldn't think of anything inspiring to write.  So I commented on entries instead...

Maintained my weight this week.  I guess that's OK.  I'd love to be 10 pounds lighter, but I don't think that's ever going to happen.  Maybe it shouldn't ever happen at a healthy level.  Please bear with me as I try to work my mind around maintenance issues...

Today is rainy and then temperatures will drop so that we have the coldest Easter in Chicagoland in the past 10 years.  Great.  Next week, there are several days where snow is forecasted.  Double great.  One thing this weather has shown me is that moving to Wyoming probably isn't what I'm looking for - at least weatherwise.  So Wyoming is in the cards only if Daughter ends up moving to Colorado. 

Like yesterday, for the most part (except for dinner, which it felt like I ate a lot of), I'm not real hungry this morning.  This is how I prefer to be.  One of the drawbacks being more active has is that I do get more hungry (DUH).  Then that's when sugar levels and food intake get a little shaky for me.  I find that I also go through phases where there are Hungry Days and then Not-So-Hungry Days.  As part of maintenance, I have to learn to ride these waves out.

Unlike last weekend, my plan is to get my errands out of the way and then relax for the rest of the day.  I pushed myself too hard last week, so that by the time Monday morning came around, I was exhausted.  FitBit has this tracker where I can achieve 12 hours of 250+ steps.  I tried that last weekend, making 11 of 12 hours so I missed the goal, and then was wiped out.  So not this weekend.  It's off my radar.  I've done my morning exercise, so I will require nothing else of myself.  If I want to do weights, great.  If I want to walk, great.  If I want another stationary bike ride in the afternoon, great.  But I'm not pushing anything else other than my usual weekend errands.

EVENING EDIT:  I changed the range of active hours on my FitBit from 8a-8p to 7a-7p and that seems to be a much better fit for my reality.  

Started having some back issues this morning in the parking lot of the grocery store.  This was AFTER taking Aleve for my achy hip after my morning workout.  I will be monitoring this carefully.

Progress as of today: 55 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/31/2018:
The ups and the downs....the ying and the yang.. Do you watch Dr Phil? He always says we do things because of the payoff. If we know that we should exercise for a certain amt of time...but when we do we feel lousy afterwards.....the payoff is not good and we quit or hate it...and continue to be miserable. We get mad at ourselves for not doing it...we wonder why we feel that way...buy WHY? There was a bad payoff......and we only want to do things and continue to do things with a good payoff. The magic happens when we get a good payoff...so we need to each find something that we love...that gets us where we want to go....it may not be perfect in others eyes...but if it makes US HAPPY...and gets us to where we want to go...then that is OUR PERFECTION!!!!! Dr Phil said he used to come in the back door after tennis and grab some cookies and snoop around the kitchen...he wanted to break that habit...so he started coming in the front door and went right upstairs to the shower. It was as simple as that...and served his purpose. We each need to search out our own thing to love...that gets us where we want to go....don't be tough on yourself.....you are searching...and I believe you and all of us...will find what we are looking for.

Donkey on 03/31/2018:
I've had it recommended to me MORE than once that water therapy - a nice, relaxing shower - is a great way to take the edge off of that anxious, edgy feeling. Simple enough, and yet, I never seem to follow through on that.

Once the weather WARMS UP, my after dinner habit will be to go for a nice walk. It is just taking forever to get to that point.

I'm going to explore other things to do after dinner to avoid future dessert wars. The decaf coffee was a step in the right direction, but I think I can probably do better than that.

graindart on 03/31/2018:
Like your fitness tracker, I've got an app for my watch that alerts me hourly to get off my butt if I don't have enough "steps" in also. I've got it set to go weekdays 8am - 5pm and has caused me to get off my butt a little more often. Whenever it goes off I go up and down the one level of stairs 10 times before going back to work in front of the computer. I don't use it on the weekends to give myself a bit of a break.

It's been a long winter here too. Record snowfall and we finally got a 1 week reprieve, but now just got more snow yesterday. Hard to stay motivated here when the weather has been crappy for so long this winter.

Donkey on 03/31/2018:
Some FitBits have an alert function to remind their user to get up and move. Mine either doesn't have it or I haven't figured out how to activate it. I went so far as to program alarms on my cell phone, but never put that to good use.

I think I'm going to adjust my activity range from 7a-7p, rather than 8a-8p. I think that will be more conducive to my schedule, especially if I elect to go to bed earlier.

bearcountrygg on 03/31/2018:
I just use a kitchen type timer somedays...and carry it around with me.

Donkey on 03/31/2018:
That would work - those are very inexpensive.

I'll tell you a secret though: I would really love to upgrade to the FitBit Blaze, which looks like an Apple watch. It definitely has the reminders.

What's stopping me? For one, it has a heft price, especially since I already have a FitBit that works. For two, and more sentimentally, Mr. Donkey and the kids got me the FitBit I have now as a birthday gift. So there's an emotional attachment to it as well.

What can I say? I'm a softie at heart.

Maria7 on 03/31/2018:
Even tho you and I would def like to be slimmer, you are right...would it be best for us healthwise? Maybe we are stronger a little heavier.

Donkey on 03/31/2018:
100% correct -- I think Biscotti Body would agree with this.

I know that I have to get to the point where I'm done with the scale and embrace the body I'm given.

happy-1 on 03/31/2018:
99cent atore here had protein ice cream. Equivalent of a shake. Delicious! Guilt free dessert!

happy-1 on 03/31/2018:
What Fitbit do you have?

Donkey on 04/01/2018:
I have the Charge HR -- I don't think it's the Charge 2 HR, because mine has an very small screen.

happy-1 on 03/31/2018:
And the Apple watch is crap. I bought the second one and should sell it because I like my Fitbit better... but I am developing apps and need to test. Less distractions, longer battery life. My apple watch didn't do a good mirror of the iphone and didn't last a full day on a charge.

Donkey on 04/01/2018:
I'm not an Apple person, but I've seen people who DO own an Apple watch use their fitness tracker, with the different colored circles. Interesting, but I think I'm more of a linear person.

Donkey - Thursday Mar 29, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.5

I lost the chocolate war today. But I feel only comfortably full and not stuffed. This may be hormonal or in response to getting sick again, possibly. Well... hopefully I'll have lots of energy for tomorrow.

Progress as of today: 55 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

graindart on 03/29/2018:
Just gone done watching some Youtube videos where they're comparing different candies / chocolates. Would really like to devour a couple bags myself.....

graindart on 03/29/2018:
I just read your other entry from yesterday, so now I know about your big chocolate box. If it were me, I'd throw the rest in the garbage can and take it out to the dumpster. But that's because once I get started, I don't stop until it's gone. If I were able to stop halfway through, I'd need to throw the rest away or else I'd finish it later that night or the next day.

I don't like being wasteful and throwing stuff away, but I know my own weaknesses and throwing it away would be the lesser of the evils for me.

Donkey on 03/30/2018:
Fortunately (?), it wasn't the box of chocolate... It started in the afternoon with the office candy dish with 2 dark chocolates, and ended with an entire thick bar of "cacao & coffee" dark chocolate bar which had 475 calories. I had my next treat in line, but then my husband woke up, so I spent time with him instead.

horn_of_plenty on 03/30/2018:
Keep on, Jdonk! I'm glad it wasn't totally overdone. be proud!

bearcountrygg on 03/30/2018:
It called you, you answered and satisfied that chocolate urge....it's ok!

Donkey - Thursday Mar 29, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.5

I wanted to mention a couple of positive things that happened yesterday...

I felt really good yesterday and had little problem waking up & getting started on my morning workout.  I finished cardio early, so I decided to do a little upper body weight training instead!  Usually I reserve weight training for the evening, but it felt so good to feel healthy again, I could not resist. 

Heard from my/our son yesterday!  He did not test yesterday because his dorm had to be evacuated due to the really bad weather in Texas, so he has a whole extra week to keep training to pass the push-up test!  However, he said that he was able to do 34 push-ups earlier in the week, so now he is confident that he can pass the test.  So he has mastered the mental part of the challenge, because once you know you can do it, it becomes easier to do it again.  We're really hopeful for next week's testing. 

Progress as of today: 55 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/29/2018:
Nice to hear...congrats to both of you!!

horn_of_plenty on 03/29/2018:
That's awesome your son has an extra week to practice more :) and it's true - once you know you can do it, that works for you mentally too.

I am so happy to hear you are doing better. i think the reason my definition in my shoulders is bigger now is due to planks...these are a really good exercise to hold as long as you can for 3 rounds of them. They are one of the new exercises i do. now you got all your exercise in...that's good too!

Maria7 on 03/29/2018:
Wow, 34 push-up are a LOT! :-) Happy for him and for you.

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