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Donkey - Monday Oct 29, 2007
(Calorie Counting & Exercise)
Weight: 131.0

Exercise: 65 min elliptical (intervals) + 35 stationary bicycling (6.43 miles); Weight training: Upper & Lower Body (machines); Calories: 1746

I did all my weight training today because tomorrow Husband has a follow-up doctor's appointment, and I think I'd like to go with him for that. Just to hear if it really is Crohn's disease or what. I plan to go to the gym early (like I did today) and then run outside after the doctor's appointment, probably the 4-mile route.

I also applied for a job today. It was painful, but it is for the best for my family. I cannot have my life centering around the gym. (Plus, maybe I can eventually get to the point where I'm saving up $ for some liposuction on my thighs, knees and hips. I am now convinced that surgery is the only way I will attain the body that I want.)

It looks like it will be a higher calorie day today, because I had chili for lunch (man, that has a lot of calories in it!). However, that is ok, and I will try my hardest not to go over my limit.

EVENING EDIT: Went 6 calories over my limit, but I was very active today, so I am totally ok with it. What put me over? Having a cup of coffee after dinner. I had a lot of salty things to eat today, so tomorrow I must focus on drinking plenty of water.

Progress as of today: 13 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

fritters on 10/29/2007:
You are really doing good with the exercise. Good luck with the job.

workingit2 on 10/29/2007:
Congrats on taking the first step towards getting a job. I can't relate to you with the staying home thing, I've always worked and the only time I've been able to stay home is for the six weeks after babies were born. Except for the few months when I lost my job and didn't have one. That was awful.

I think your nerves being jangled about getting a job is perfectly understandable...after all, you've been a SAHM and it isn't easy to jump back into the work (outside of the home) thing. Good luck with it! And given your motivation, you'll still find time for the gym LOL

rae_regenbogen on 10/29/2007:
I don't know what type of job you are looking for, but have you thought about getting a job at the gym? Maybe you could work towards becoming an aerobics/spinning instructor. I know you said that you don't want your life to revolve around the gym, but if you are going to be working out there anyway you might as well get paid for it.

Anyway, it was just a thought! Good luck on your job search! :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/30/2007:
hehe, lipo. I think it's fine if that's what you want. Perhaps I'd do it if i had the cash. I actually have a friend who's 25 who got it done! She was going for a breast reduction and ended up actually doing the lipo as well!!! and she's 25! it's amazing what people do these days! amazing, amazing. I support whatever makes a person happy! But you still better exercise afterwards!

Donkey - Sunday Oct 28, 2007
(Calorie Counting & Exercise)
Weight: 131.0


You would not believe how much crap I have eaten in the past 2 days. I'm totally stressing out about this job situation, and I'm sabotaging my diet. I think in the back of my mind, I'm thinking that if I still have weight to lose that I won't have to find a job or change my routine/life. How illogical is that?

Today I know will be better because I am going to the gym (I always do better on gym days). I just hope I didn't do too much damage. I can kiss my hopes of reaching goal by Halloween (Oct. 31) good-bye though. This I"m pretty sure of. :-(

EVENING EDIT: As I predicted, today was much better. For one thing, I erased all doubt about the job situation as I have made up my mind that this is what needs to come to pass. Tomorrow I am turning in my job application.

Also, I went to the gym and did the elliptical and ran on the treadmill. Cardio always makes me feel better, but I have to wonder if I"m not getting addicted. So another good thing about getting a job will be that it will put my gym time into better perspective.

I don't know if the job thing will work out but it sure will be exciting to see where it takes me. What doesn't kill Donkey only makes her stronger.

Progress as of today: 13 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 10/29/2007:
No so illogical, actually. Are you sure you aren't giving yourself something else to worry about so that you will concertrate on that worry (food/weight, etc.) instead of the fact that you have a big change in routine coming up? We play such funny games with ourselves sometimes. Your post before this one was very healthy souding, though. You know you have anxiety about the "unknown" and you don't like change. Sounds like a big opportunity for growth, but that's not always that much fun - huh? I'd bet whatever you choose will work out find.

Donkey - Friday Oct 26, 2007
(Calorie Counting & Exercise)
Weight: 131.0

Exercise: 65 min elliptical (double hill); Weight training: 15 min lower body (machines); Calories: TBD -- but they will be high today


What else can I say or do? Once again, my goal weight eludes me. This is what happened. I weighed myself this morning and the scale said 132.0. No loss. Then I weighed myself again and it went down to 131.0. WTF. So then I brushed out my hair and put it in a ponytail and weighed myself again: 131.0. So that's what I'm reporting.

BUT -- I was so hoping for 130.0. Ya know, for ONCE, I would just like to see that number (well, not just for once, because I want to keep it there, but...) and say "look at me, I reached my goal". Today that did not happen. Stupid ovulation....

I have also been stressing out about another issue. Now that I am coming to the end of my weight loss and focusing more on maintenance. And now that my family is moved and settled, I need to find a job. I have a couple of options, but I find that I do not really want to go back to work.

So you might think, "stay home if it makes you happy" but we could use the extra money right now (especially with the holidays coming up and my stupid cat needing a dental cleaning w/possible extractions). And there are things that I want to save up for too, items or services that I would like to save up for and purchase.

PLUS, I think some of my reluctance to return to work is linked to my fear or anxiety about the unknown. Change always scares me. So it's hard for me to know if I don't want to work, or if it's just the fear getting in the way.

And where do I get off not wanting to work and not doing it? I mean, this life ain't no free ride, right? Wouldn't most people rather have free time than to go to a job? Of course they would, so I know that my staying at home days need to come to an end soon. I just need a push out the door, ya know? Life isn't about going to the gym all day. It can't be. It shouldn't be.

Progress as of today: 13 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/26/2007:
haha...i had to laugh at your date remark! also, i don't think any of us like looking for a job. It's soooo much easier when a job finds you! haha. well, the unknown can be scary. but, i'd say its better to try new things...and simply leave them if you find its not what you are looking for. i'm not saying to quit everything. I'm saying you're at a point in your life where you can decide what you'd like to do and are capable of doing! its difficult to start a new job, but you'll be proud of yourself for doing it! :)

fritters on 10/26/2007:
I bet that pound is gone by this time next week. You are doing really good. Happy Job Hunting - it is stressful, but it can be a fun advernure too. I hope you find something that you really like.

Donkey - Thursday Oct 25, 2007
(Calorie Counting & Exercise)
Weight: 132.0

Exercise: 65 min elliptical (gluteal w/reduced ramp) + 69 min running (6.0 mi); Weight Training: None; Calories: 1520

Tomorrow is weigh-in!!! I don't hold high hopes. I gain weight about 2 weeks from AF/TOM. Damn uterus.

Progress as of today: 12 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

fritters on 10/25/2007:
OK - now I know - a date is like a fig!! Not ineraction with another person!! I have been out of the circuit for way to long!!!!!!

rae_regenbogen on 10/25/2007:
lol. I know how you feel. There are 13 times a year I wish I were a man.

Well, actually I'm always glad I'm not a man. They say that we're strange, but I think it's the other way around. Maybe I just wish Eve hadn't eaten that damned apple. ;)

workingit2 on 10/26/2007:
Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!

Donkey - Wednesday Oct 24, 2007
(Calorie Counting & Exercise)
Weight: 132.0

Exercise: 65 min elliptical (single hill); Weight training: 20 min upper body (machines); Calories: 1827 (I think)

Just setting this up for now. Had a snack of a go-gurt and a big honey crisp apple -- I have so much sugar going through me right now, it's almost intoxicating, and it probably would be if I didn't feel sick to my stomach! Oof! PMS has arrived! Stupid hormonal cravings. I hold no high hopes for weigh-in this week. So much for reaching my goal by Halloween. :-(

EVENING EDIT: I go over my calories if I have a Fiber One chocolate and oats bar. I don't go over if I have nothing. This is so hard. I've been looking forward to that bar all day, but I will go over by nearly 90 calories if I do. Oh what a dilemma....

Progress as of today: 12 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

toady on 10/24/2007:
I totally know what you mean about the PMS. I have terrible cravings this week also. But somehow I have resisted all the bad things. You are still doing well with the excercise. Keep up the good work.

fritters on 10/24/2007:
You do a really good job getting in a lot of exercise - good for you!!!!

hollybelle on 10/25/2007:
Great Exercise. I love those Fiber One Bars, too, but they don't love me - if you know what I mean.....

biscottibody59 on 10/25/2007:
Do the Fiber One bars have nutrasweet like the cereal or high-fructose corn syrup? Just curious--when I go to the store I see a sea of bars and usually end up passing them by.

Sandra aka Soul on 10/25/2007:

Thanks for the question. I use a vita-mix blender which is able to break up the green leafy vegetables to a nice smooth pulp. I make sure to not throw anything out, that way I get plenty of fiber....trust me there is no lack of fiber, lol.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/25/2007:
arg!!! the dilemnas! I'd stay away from it and plan it in to have tomorrow!

I am personally uncomfortable at this weight. It's killing me. Also, I refuse to buy bigger clothes so right now everything I wear is skin tight.

workingit2 on 10/25/2007:
OY! Hormonal cravings are horrible! I hope you are having a good day =)

Donkey - Tuesday Oct 23, 2007
(Calorie Counting & Exercise)
Weight: 132.0

Exercise: 35 min elliptical (resis. 14) + 40 min running on treadmill; Weight training: push-ups and crunches (hopefully); Calories: 1420

My Husband's colonoscopy was successful and we have some answers, but not the ones we thought we would hear. No polyps, no obstructions. So it was pretty good news. I think the doctor is leaning towards Crohn's. He took some samples and ordered some tests. Will know more in a week when Husband has follow-up appointment.

I did not realize how stressed out I was about the whole procedure until we got home from the hospital. I told the kids we would carve pumpkins tonight if we didn't go to Tae Kwon Do, but I am *tired*. Feel just wiped out.

Progress as of today: 12 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

fritters on 10/23/2007:
Chrons is better than cancer - right? Hopefully your husband will just get more good news.

workingit2 on 10/24/2007:
glad there weren't any polyps or obstructions..knowing someone is very sick and not knowing what is wrong is very trying. Take care of yourself!

Donkey - Monday Oct 22, 2007
(Calorie Counting & Exercise)
Weight: 132.0

Exercise: 65 min elliptical (intervals); Weight training: 20 min lower body (machines), push-ups & crunches tonight; Calories: 1490 (if I eat all of my preplanned snack tonight)

I'm sorry I don't have much time to comment on diaries tonight. I have been reading them though consistently.

Because he was sick, tonight is my son's testing in tae kwon do for his green belt. We are leaving soon. When we return, my Husband takes his first dose of laxative to purge his system for his colonoscopy tomorrow afternoon.

What amazes me is he gets to eat all the sherbert and ice cream he wants, and he's only had 2 bowls of sherbert. Me, I would be dipping into my second gallon of ice cream by now.

Progress as of today: 12 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/22/2007:
thanks for rooting for me!!! :) :) :)

I hope your husband has an easy day with the testing and that he feels better soon! Good luck to your son! Great exercise to you!

fritters on 10/23/2007:
The worst part of the colonoscopy is getting your body ready for it - YUK! I hope it all goes well. You are doing a really good job getting in a lot of exercise - GOOD JOOB!!!!

Donkey - Sunday Oct 21, 2007
(Calorie Counting & Exercise)
Weight: 132.0

Exercise: 65 min running on treadmill (included cooldown jog/walk); Weight trianing: push-ups, crunches; Calories: TBD

Oh my I sure learned a lesson the hard way today. For lunch I had roasted eggplant in marinara sauce, and an apple and a plum. 2 hours later I decided to go run on the treadmill at the gym. This was actually Husband's suggestion because I was rather crabby.

So I'm doing speed intervals of 5.2 mph and 6.0 mph (yeah, I'm slow), and about 20 minutes into the hour, I start experiencing the worst gas. Now I couldn't let myself become a gym legend (remember Gas Man, aka Fart Boy from my old gym?) so I toughed it out until the 35 min mark. Ended my workout, went to the ladies' room. Wouldn't you know it, but there's somebody in there doing her HAIR?!? Let's just say thank goodness for loud-flushing toilets. (I'm probably not fooling anyone, though.) Then I went back and finished the remainder of the hour run, and then did the cooldown. I still had some cramping but it was manageable.

Donkey has learned her lesson!

Progress as of today: 12 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

mylifechanges on 10/21/2007:
oh my- that happened to me on friday! :) only mine was a large chicken caesar salad, but it was so bad i had to escape to the restroom midworkout too. oy. i learned my lesson too. :)

alexa on 10/21/2007:
haha that's the thing about gyms. not a lot of freedom in that regard. but great job 65 minutes is a long time

fritters on 10/22/2007:
6 miles and hour sounds pretty fast too me!!!!

Donkey - Saturday Oct 20, 2007
(Calorie Counting & Exercise)
Weight: 132.0

Exercise: 65 min elliptical (single hill); Weight training: 20 min upper body (machines + push-ups ); Calories: 1745

I'm trying something new this weekend. Again, I exercised on what would normally be my rest day, but in the afternoon when I get bored or antsy, and it was fine. There high school cheerleaders at the gym today, and I don't know about what it was like when you were in high school, but these girls were so chubby. The cheerleaders when I was in high school (you know, the cool chicks, while I was a fat dumpy nerd) were so tiny little things. Or tall and lean. Where do these chicks get off having a muffin top gut and chubby round arms?

Of course, I said nothing.

EVENING EDIT: I went 5 calories over my limit. This is due to the fact that I decided to have air-popped popcorn instead of a Fiber One bar. It has been ages since I've had popcorn, so I think it was a fair trade. Good thing I'm not weighing in tomorrow though, with all those carbs!

Progress as of today: 12 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/20/2007:
LOL, this entry is sooo unlike the usual Donkey. I wasn't expecting this to come out of you! haha. you know, when i was in HS, the cheerleaders were also on the dumpy side. Actually, cheerleading was considered something that "wannabe's" or people that wanted to be cool did!!! I know that isn't the case everywhere, but it was in my high school! haha. Maybe it was the same thing for those girls.

fritters on 10/20/2007:
Yeah - in my highscool days, it was the cool, skinny popular girls that were the cheerleaders - now, where I live anyway they are chosen by the staff not the kids and it is totally on apility - not who you are. I was one of those skinny ones, but no cheerleader! Exercising on your off day is good - keeps you out of the kitchen!!!

workingit2 on 10/20/2007:
I give em credit for having the courage to go out and be something that is stereotypically a 'skinny girl' thing LOL

biscottibody59 on 10/21/2007:
I never could understand why ANYONE would have wanted to be a cheerleader, at least at my HS, which was a little odd even for its day in quite a few ways--haha!

legcramps on 10/21/2007:
It was a good exercise day for you! Way to go!

Donkey - Friday Oct 19, 2007
(Calorie Counting & Exercise)
Weight: 132.0

THURSDAY: Exercise: 65 min elliptical; Weight training: lower body (machines), push-ups and crunches; Calories: 1175

***So you would think with great exercise and low calories that I would have LOST weight this week, but I actually GAINED another pound. I just don't get it. AF is over and out of the way, been drinking lots of water, staying within my calorie range (although yesterday I was a little under), cardio, weight training --- only to get me gaining a pound. THIS SUCKS.

FRIDAY: Exercise: 35 min elliptical + 45 min running on treadmill (plus 5 min cooldown jog); Weight training: None; Calories: 1450

I ran on the treadmill today. Even though I was really upset about my weigh-in, I felt really good about running on the treadmill. So much easier on my knees and I got to watch stupid TV while running. I'm not saying that I'm giving up running outside, because I think it works the body differently and I need to challenge myself that way, but it's good to do it once in a while to keep it fresh.

Progress as of today: 12 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

jon'smom on 10/19/2007:
Are you sure that you are not just putting on muscle? Don't get discourage. Just wait and see how next week's weigh in turns out:)

fritters on 10/19/2007:
Maybe you need to eat a few more healthy calories. You are exercisint a lot - jon's mom may be on the right track. Keep up the hard work.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/20/2007:
that's odd about gaining another. Could it just be a fluke? did you have a lot of sodium?

also, is there a food that you may have miscounted the calories for that you had often? or, did you weigh in at a different time of day than usual?

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