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Donkey - Tuesday Mar 06, 2007
(Portion control)
Weight: 136.0

I can just tell that it's going to be one of those days where I fight tooth and nail to keep the calories under control....

Today is Husband's day off and he's driving me nuts already. Great guy, but he totally messes up my usual routine. But I'm glad he's home. We are going to the old house to work today. I hope to get in some "exercise" with cleaning. That house must get SOLD!

He said he was going to get himself a gym membership. Yep, ok, fine, go ahead. We'll see....

EVENING UPDATE: Had a totally self-defeating day. I only got to one bathroom today in the old house. It was so hard getting those hard water stains off the surface of the shower. Really the only thing to do is to get into the shower while it's running and clean it. So tomorrow I am going back to the old house and take a few showers until that damn shower is clean.

And then I have to start on the shower/bath in the master bedroom, which is nearly as dirty as the one I did today.

Met up with a contractor and the realtor to get the house on the market. The contractor will be replacing some flooring. The set-up of the kitchen is awkward and frankly, wrong (impractical) and so we will probably do some remodeling as well. This has me all in knots, so my eating was very out of control today.

Final calorie count: 2570 calories. A huge lunch, a huge dinner. And still no exercising. This is going nowhere.

Oh..... and I forgot to add: It's snowing again. I'm ready to jump off the edge of the earth.

Progress as of today: 2.5 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

jon'smom on 03/06/2007:
I sure do understand your husband situation. I love my husband but he drives me nuts on his day off. LoL. I bet it is cold there in Illinois. The best advice I can give you about walking is wear a comfortable sweatshirt and pants, bundle up real good, keep your head down and go for it. Once you get started it is easier to do, plus you start to warm up. I keep myself motivated by thinking about all the cute spring and summer clothes out there that I want to wear. Good luck to you and keep your husband in line. Us girls have to stick together, LOL.

borntocry on 03/07/2007:
If you've been scrubbing away at shower stains, it's no wonder you've been hungry and find it hard to keep the calories down. Cleaning is hard work, and you're stressed out on top of it. Hang in there... this will all be over soon.

Donkey - Monday Mar 05, 2007
(Portion control)
Weight: 136.0


(Let me clarify yesterday's entry: Donkey does NOT eat pizza rolls whatsoever.)

***Is any of this worth it?***

Is passing up desserts and second helpings worth it if I see no results on the scale? I weighed in this morning at a disappointing 136.0. Earlier last week, I weighed in at 135.5. I thought I'd be even lower than that by now. I skipped dessert, I passed on the cupcakes my daughter made yesterday, I've passed up on second helpings even though I was still hungry. I'm falling within a 1400-1680 calorie range every day, so I'm eating enough. And I am not eating any junk food (except for my allotted dessert of 150-170 calories). Yet the scale only goes up.

If it would only warm up a bit, so that I could be active outside. Oh well, I suppose I should be GRATEFUL that it's not SNOWING outside, as it is expected to do tomorrow. WAH!!!!!! I'm a Depressed Donkey.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: I'm trying to pull myself up from this discouraged frame of mind, and get myself back on track with some positive thinking. I've made some revisions, some changes.

One thing I've decided to do is to log in my calories here (quite like BTC and HOP and many others do). I won't bore or tempt some of you with lists of food that I eat (I remember Biscotti saying that she finds food lists to be boring, or something to that effect). Besides, my breakfast is nearly always the same thing. But I think it sufficient to show how much I'm eating.

I need to consider whether to list my exercise here too. This would be easier and more exciting if I worked out at a gym, but I'm hoping it will give me incentive to get my butt out the door and do something. For example, today I have done basically nothing.

I contacted my old gym buddy (my pal that I used to workout with). She recently moved out to this area that I did and I want to ask her where she's working out. She had a free month's membership at the "la-dee-da" mega gym I'm checking out tomorrow, but she did not think she could afford to purchase a membership herself. So I'm wondering where she's at now. Hopefully it will give me an idea of what to do myself.

EVENING UPDATE: Calories consumed: 1407, which is a little low for me but I did not exercise beyond the few cleaning chores and some toning.

My exercise buddy did call me back. It seems as though she is working at the "la-dee-da" gym, so now she gets to workout for free. I am happy for her, because she has gone through some really tough times personally and financially. I'm glad that not only does she get a fancy place to workout for free AND she gets paid for it. Not much, but something.

However, the call was extremely disappointing for me. I felt when I spoke to her that she kept trying to sell me a membership (even though she's not in sales, so it's not like she gets a commission). She went and spoke to a staff person in sales and she calls me back and said that I had to make an appointment with this person and I'd get a $25 gift card. Initiation is $159 and it's $59 per month for one person.

OK, that's good to know but I just turned sick at the thought of making an appointment. I didn't WANT to make an appointment!!! I just wanted to walk in and hear what they have to say and get a tour and take the literature and go home and think about it.

So I guess I'm not going to the gym tomorrow.

Husband and kids have vacation the end of March, so I guess that is when I will go by myself and see. I will go on a day that my friend is not working there, so I can be as anonymous as possible. And so I have another month of being gymless.

I like how Husband turns to me and says, "Well, if you don't sign up there, then I'll find a gym where I can go workout, because I'm going to workout." Yeah, right. This from the guy who said, "Well, we can join but I won't go every day to workout." You do that, Dear.

This has been one of the worst Donkey Days I've had in a long time.

Progress as of today: 2.5 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

WorkingIt2 on 03/05/2007:
I'm sorry that you are seeing a climb on the scale, any idea on how your measurements are doing? Do your clothes fit any better or anything? I KNOW how frustrating it is because I hit that damned setpoint on my weight loss and it hasn't budged in two months. I am hoping that this zig zag calorie plan is going to help push me out of that 'comfort zone' that my body seems to love, and kickstart my weight loss again. I think it is worth it because if I got off the wagon, I know I'd gain everything I've worked so hard to lose, and then some. Not to mention that I'd likely feel like crap physically and mentally. Hang in there...and I'll let you know if the zig zag works!

borntocry on 03/05/2007:
Gosh, that sucks. Could it be a lack of exercise? Last fall, I was averaging 1500 calories a day and trying to walk as much as possible but doing no other exercise because of a knee injury. I maintained my weight but didn't lose any. It was very aggravating, because I felt like I was trying as hard as I could. Now I've come to the conclusion that in order to lose weight I have to stick to 1500 calories a day if I'm exercising regularly or 1200 if not. (This seems insanely low to me but there you go...)

If you're really feeling hungry, though, I think you will see a loss soon. Hunger is generally your body's way of telling you that you need to eat. If you ignore that signal, you should lose weight.

greengirl on 03/05/2007:
Keep your chin up. You are doing all the right things. The horrible weather cant last forever and when you get out in the open again you will see a difference, i'm sure. Dont lose heart :0)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/05/2007:
remember, we tend to "under-report" our calories...meaning, you may be eating more than you think...but i think you need to include more exercise...is a gym membership something you could do right now? it might really help you!

sharklover on 03/05/2007:
I think that staying positive and keeping your head in the game is a huge advantage to weightloss. We all hit those walls every now and then but if you don't let it get you down for too long then you might pass them quicker. At the very least you wont fall backwards very far. :-)

You're doing great. Try to switch things up and see if that helps.

sharklover on 03/05/2007:
aw, poor donkey. I'm sorry your day has been a bad one. That sucks that your friend just tried to sell you a membership. That must have been a slightly odd phone conversation. And ouch! $59 a month! That better be a fancy gym for those prices!

I hope tomorrow is a lot better for you! Sleep it off. :-)

WorkingIt2 on 03/05/2007:
Your friend is probably just excited to be able to do something for you, knowing how much you like the gym and how wonderful this particular gym is. But, when you are feeling down..it is very easy to get the wrong idea because basically it seems like everything is conspiring against your best interests. I'd cut her some slack, if anything, to give yourself a break from the mental assault that seems to be hitting you right now. Hang in there!! You have been through some mega stress lately and it will smooth out soon! =)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/05/2007:
thanks for the comments...i agree, it's all about doing well on the interview...and all those other obligations this week. but, especially this interview.

biscottibody59 on 03/05/2007:
Beware the high-pressure sales pitch (and everything that goes along with it) once you make it to the place. I think Hollybelle used to be in that business, maybe she can give you a few pointers to avoid doing anything but what you planned.

Hang in there otherwise, the weather for one has to get better eventually and I hope everything else falls into place real soon!

borntocry on 03/06/2007:
Oh, poor Donkey!! I know how you feel... you must be a girl after my own heart because I have the same shyness and desire for anonymity. I also freaked out last month when I signed up for a free trial session at a gym nearby only to have them call me to arrange an "appointment"! What's up with these appointments? I just wanted to check the place out! I actually cancelled it in the end.

Maybe you should just go ahead and sign up with the basic gym nearby. Do these places not have short-term memberships? Over here one can join for a month or even just get a pass for a dozen sessions. That could tide you over until you decide what to do in the long run.

Hope you feel better soon!

Donkey - Sunday Mar 04, 2007
(Portion control)
Weight: 137.0

I got all excited last night because the weather forecast said 40 degree weather all this week, with a high of 50 on Friday. Then I check Weather Channel online this morning and we won't reach even low 40s until Wednesday (after more snowing on Tuesday). And no 50 degrees on Friday either.

On my way to church, I notice that the walking trails need to be cleared of snow AGAIN. And with the forecasted snow on Tuesday, I doubt my running will re-commence any time soon.

Saturday, I was determined to keep my calories under 1500, which I did by not having dessert. So I weighed myself this morning, as sort of a "sneak peek" for Monday's weight-in (when I will update my Progress Bar here). Not only did I deprive myself of dessert but I also had to keep dinner small too. I would have expected some change in the scale this morning, but I was met with disappointing, familiar numbers instead.

To summarize this weekend: disappointment at every turn. (With the exception of church, which I actually felt more at home, even though it's huge and new and different.)

I emailed with Husband at work today and we are going on one of his days off (Tuesday or Wednesday) to the la-dee-dah gym (the one that costs $90 a month for a family) for a tour, a sales pitch, free passes for a day (for both of us) and accurate pricing information.

I discovered this morning that he bought 2 bags of pizza rolls (which are like fried egg rolls with pizza topping inside) last night and had some, in addition to the dish of ice cream that he had. I told him that if he continues to eat like that, I will just get a single membership at a basic gym, because I don't need all the bells and whistles that come with the comprehensive $ gym. I just need a place to do basic cardio and lift weights.

I want to see if he will use his free pass, if and when (time of day) and how it works for him, before signing up for anything. I remain skeptical, although I really do wish he'd take better care of his health. He's got about 30 extra pounds on his belly that need to come off.

Progress as of today: 1.5 lbs lost so far, only 12 lbs to go!

greengirl on 03/04/2007:
I'm sorry your weather is so bad. Roll on summer. It seems to have been a long hard winter this year!! I agree with you about the gym. Best have a look at the flash gym first before you decide :0)

borntocry on 03/04/2007:
Hmm... well, if you're anything like me, you have to wait a while to see the result of your efforts. My weight is NEVER down after a low-calorie day. In fact, it usually takes a string of low-calorie days and then maybe one medium-to-high-calorie day for my weight to suddenly take a downward turn.

Man, those pizza rolls sound good. I've never heard of them before, but I feel like I could eat several dozen of them right now!

My husband also eats very badly - he'll eat a whole two-person pepperoni pizza and then several slices of mine, wash it down with two litres of pop and round it off with half a pint of ice-cream. And then throw in a couple of bowls of cereal just to make me suffer, haha! I wonder how we can get them to improve their eating habits before it's too late?!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/04/2007:
maybe there was a lot of sodium in your dinner...the cheese in the pizza rolls/processed foods

girliegirl6486 on 03/04/2007:
I think you and I will be stuck with the same numbers for awhile (not to be pessimistic or anything...haha). We need SPRING AND SUMMER to get here! Then you and I will start our outdoor running and BAM! that will help us tremendously.

Donkey - Saturday Mar 03, 2007
(Portion control)
Weight: 137.0

Not much new today. More snow, therefore, more shoveling. Oh well, at least I'm getting my cardio in. And I'm sure that there will be something to shovel up at the Old House, which I will probably go to on Monday for more cleaning.

I am actually looking forward to Monday's weigh-in. I went back into my records and found that on Jan. 1, I weighed 136.4. I think I might actually weigh less than that now, so that would be good. The important thing though is that I feel more in control of my eating, of portions and caloric intake. Of course, it gets somewhat tedious to have to measure everything. *sigh*

Today I signed my daughter up for summer softball. She's 6 yr old but already quite a socialite. It's funny how some people just NEED to be around other people. Right now she is craving a playmate but with winter, nobody is outside playing. This will change but it will take some decent weather. (Another reason why I'm really sick of winter!!!) At any rate, even if she is a social butterfly -- and good for her that she's not a shy loner like me -- I'm glad that she likes to be active. I love to watch live sporting events, and I even volunteered The Husband to be an umpire.

I should probably mention NOW that one of the drawbacks is the fundraising that comes along with this event. Selling candy bars.

It's a never-ending battle.

Progress as of today: 1.5 lbs lost so far, only 12 lbs to go!

sharklover on 03/03/2007:
Thanks for pointing out that calorieking has restaurants as well as the basic foods! I found that yo be really helpful.

Come the end of this winter I bet if you never see another shovel again it will be too soon! hahaha. It seems like you've always got a driveway or walkway to shovel.

You're right, it is a never ending battle but you are winning so far! I bet it gets easier as it goes along too. :-)

WorkingIt2 on 03/04/2007:
Your daughter sounds like mine and my little nephew..they both love to socialize and enjoy having lots to do. Sorry you are getting so much snow...I am SICK of snow and cold and I don't have to shovel anything! Good luck with your weigh in!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/04/2007:
that's really interesting how you are "opposites" with your daughter!!! sometimes its also good to want to be alone...as she gets older, it'll be interesting for you both to share and learn things from each other!

Donkey - Friday Mar 02, 2007
(Portion control)
Weight: 137.0

I weighed in today at 135.5, but I am not changing the Progress Bar until Monday's "official" weigh-in.

I am feeling very unmotivated today. I am not going up to the old house because of the blowing snow. This wind is just out of this world. And Weather Channel says that although it's 28F outside it "feels like 12F". Well, who the **** wants to go walking when it feels like 12 degrees out?!? And even that's not so bad, but the wind is just impossible.

I jokingly said to myself at the kids' bus stop this morning, that Born To Cry would go running in this wind. I doubt she would go with the cold and snow and ice though. The sidewalks are totally impossible with thick sheets of ice on them. I nearly fell on my butt walking home and had to switch to walking in the street.

So I don't know what to do today. I do not feel like unpacking more toys. I suppose I will try to wash floors here by hand in the bathrooms. Yay. < Today would be a great day to sit in front of the TV and eat all day. I cannot let that happen!

UPDATE#1: It is a GOOD THING I did not go to the old house to do cleaning. There is a HUGE multi-car pile-up accident on Highway A en route to the house. So either that might have been me! OR I would have no way to come back home. Now the radio says that they are thinking of closing Highway B to Highway A (with the accident) because of blowing snow and white-out conditions. So even if I got past the accident, I still might not make it home! So far, I have been able to ward off the "snackies" with carrot sticks and a cup of coffee and lots of water. So far so good.

Progress as of today: 1.5 lbs lost so far, only 12 lbs to go!

Justine6Robert3 on 03/02/2007:
Good job on loosing 1.5 lbs! I know what you mean, it usually takes my body a few days of bouncing up and down a pound before it sticks! We also have sheets of ice all over outside. We had freezing rain last night, nasty weather! I think everybody here at DD will be so much more motivated when spring hits and we can all get some sunshine and fresh air!! That is for those of us who aren't living in sunny warm places right now, I'm so envious of all the girls in the with cozy warm weather right now!! If only I wasn't so broke I would want to jump on a plane and escape all of this cold!!

My daughter's bus was cancelled again today (it was also cancelled yesturday because of this storm) and I have to admit I was a little relieved that I didn't have to go outside in the cold this morning to walk Taylor to the bus!!

Donkey, stay away from that kitchen, you can do it!! I hope your in better spirits as the day goes on. Take Care!

borntocry on 03/02/2007:
I actually did try running on ice once. It wasn't a good idea. I was running so slowly that I probably would have gotten a better workout raiding the refrigerator. I must say, it is pretty cold where you are right now, though. It's nowhere near that cold over here. Hope it warms up for you soon. Oh, and I'm glad you were nowhere near that multi-car pile-up on the highway! See, sometimes it pays to be lazy - at least that's what I always tell myself. No, seriously, you did the right thing staying home in such conditions!

borntocry on 03/02/2007:
P.S. I wouldn't have gone running today if it weren't for you! But your view of me was so flattering, I felt I had to live up to it! Thank you for that!

WorkingIt2 on 03/03/2007:
I am so OVER winter LOL. Have a good day today! =)

Saturday, March 3, 2007 The courage to be you You are unique, with your own special beauty and value to give to life. What a terrible shame it would be if you were to let that beauty be hidden behind your fears. When you worry that you're not good enough, you allow others to control you, and their domination will soon make you miserable. Or when you fool yourself into thinking you're superior to everyone else, you deny yourself the exquisite joy of offering your own special gifts to life.

It takes courage and faith, effort and initiative to be who you are. And it is so very much worth the effort.

Though no one else can do it for you, you have what it takes to be magnificently successful at being you. From the deepest secrets of your soul to the face you put forward to the world, every bit of you is meant to be the authentic and original person you are.

Listen to that quiet, persistent voice inside that you know is always right. This is your opportunity to fulfill and express the real and lasting joy of being you.

Let the beautiful person inside of you come more fully to life as each moment passes. Let yourself, and the world around you, know the joy and fulfillment that is meant just for you to express.

-- Ralph Marston

Donkey - Thursday Mar 01, 2007
(Portion control)
Weight: 137.0

Notice I changed my "Current Weight". Yes, it's higher than the 135.0 I was a week ago, but I've made adjustments after having 2 evenings of excessive eating of desserts. I figure in the long run, who cares if my weight is higher March 1st, because if I stay on track, my weight will be going down, down, down. (Confidentially, I was up to 140.2 several days ago but that will be just between us friends. I still consider 138.5 my starting weight.)

I had very little shoveling to do today, in comparison. With all the rain, the snow is melting, so I spent about 15 minutes clearing away some slush, for my "cardio" today. Last I heard we are supposed to be getting more snow this weekend. This is one time I hope the weather-people are WRONG. Perhaps they are. It was almost 40F outside today. (My apologies to my metric friends. I'm not very good with temperature conversions.)

I spent most of my "free time" when the kids are in school, at the old house. I cleaned the refrigerator (what a MESS) and the top of the cupboards. After trying several household cleaners, I resorted to using "Goo Gone" to clean them. Goo Gone isn't really a cleaner but more for removing lipstick stains or crayon on the wall, etc. All that is left is the bathroom tubs and floors to clean upstairs. Then my part for putting the house on the market is done.... unless Husband wants me to do some painting.

My eating has gone very well today too. I finally feel like I've got a handle on portion control and moderation, the whole intake versus output. I signed up for an online diet tracker website -- you know, the kind where you put down what you've eaten and what you've exercised and it calculates the calories, fat, carbs, etc. for you -- and it has helped me tremendously. I was even able to have Girl Scout cookies last night and feel satisfied without resorting to eating the whole box.

I really feel like I'm back to the motivational point I was when I first started to lose weight (in 2002, when I weighed 180lb). This is a good place to be.

Progress as of today: 1.5 lbs lost so far, only 12 lbs to go!

greengirl on 03/01/2007:
You sound much more content and in control today. Well done!! That is a good place to be :0)

girliegirl6486 on 03/01/2007:
OH PLEASE NO MORE SNOW! Good job on eating today. I haven't been doing too well the last two days with eating either.

sharklover on 03/01/2007:
That's great that you are feeling very motivated!!

I love Goo Gone, that stuff works miracles! haha

And great job on eating well, especially with the girl scout cookies! I'm afraid to have some because I'm not sure I have that much control yet. They are just so good! :-)

You're doing great! Keep up the good work!

borntocry on 03/02/2007:
Oh, I did not realise you had lost so much weight. That is very impressive! And you have been maintaining this weight for quite a while now?

Thanks for the comment you left me. Maybe from now on I just shouldn't time myself on windy days. I should just look at it as resistance training, as you suggested. Kind of like hill running, which I don't do at all (although maybe I will start to do some after my race)!

Donkey - Wednesday Feb 28, 2007
(Portion control)
Weight: 135.0

Today, I jogged home from my daughter's bus stop. It got me to thinking that I could easily do this (jog) in my neighborhood -- ONCE IT STOPS SNOWING!!! -- every other day or so. Sure I'd be the crazy lady running in her winter coat, but who cares?

Then I went back to the Old House today to do some cleaning and shoveling. Well, the snow was so packed and frozen and DEEP that I spent literally 2 hours -- yes, I timed it -- clearing off the driveway and the entrance of the driveway (where the snow plows packed 3 feet of snow). It is NOT a long driveway, my friends. So now there is enough space for one car to get into the 2-car driveway and the driveway is cleared.

Except that it is now snowing again. And I mean, really snowing.

UGH. So tomorrow, when I should be doing more cleaning on the inside (didn't have time to do much inside the house today), I will be outside, shoveling yet AGAIN.

I managed to clean the insides of the cupboards and the outside of the refrigerator. Tomorrow, I plan to clean the tops of the cupboards (which are caked with dust/cat hair/grease and the inside of the refrigerator and hopefully the freezer too.

That is, after I get done shoveling.

After that, the kitchen is pretty much finished, cleaning-wise. So then I have 2 bathtubs and 2 bathroom floors to clean (on my hands and knees).

I have to figure that all of this activity HAS to count for SOME kind of exercise. Well, it beats sitting in front of the TV eating. I think looking for a gym will have to wait until next week. I got another offer in the mail today, no long term contract, pay month-to-month and the coupon says no initiation fee (with the coupon). Child care is $5 a month per child, so that I would pay. I have no idea how much it costs per month either! So that might not be such a good deal.

My Husband asked his co-worker that belongs to the fancy gym ($90/month for the family) how much she pays for just herself and that is $49/month. I know my daughter (6yrs old) and I would use the gym. My son would probably not but might give some of the classes a try; he would use the pool in the summer for sure. So what I tried to find out today is when Husband would use the gym. Because I'm not really going to pay for 3 people if he's not going to use the gym. I'll just get a single membership for myself.

Well, he interviewed for a promotion today, so if he gets the promotion, then his hours would change. So I will have to wait to see if he gets the job. He would probably only use the gym 3 days a week though. So I'm not any closer to solving that issue right now.

Progress as of today: 3.5 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

girliegirl6486 on 02/28/2007:
I feel the same as you! Snow is driving me crazy and I can't wait to get outside and run!

Hope you find some other alternatives to the gym problem...I know I am lucky to have my campus gym included with my student fees, when I graduate next year I'll have to pay at a new gym!

Justine6Robert3 on 02/28/2007:
I am also sick of the snow, go away all ready!! Yuck, by the sounds of your cupboards the people who lived there before you didn't like to clean much!!!

If it makes you feel any better, according to "Fitday.com" 2 hrs of shovelling snow burns 559 calories, thats definetly exercise! I also don't enjoy shovelling snow but my kids love to get out there with their little shovels and help. Well, at least they think they are helping, its very cute anyway!!!

Good luck with the gym dilema!!

sharklover on 02/28/2007:
Wow, you've been doing a lot of activity, and still have some to do. Who needs a gym when you can shovel snow and clean a house? :-P

weightlossyoyo on 02/28/2007:
Gyms are soooo fun...GOOD LUCK!

WorkingIt2 on 03/01/2007:
Happy March 1st!


borntocry on 03/01/2007:
Three days a week isn't bad. It sounds like your whole family would make at least occasional use of the gym, which is more than most families! I think you could justify going for the more expensive gym.

Thanks for the comment you left me. It made me feel a lot better. You're right, it was silly of me to think about wanting to die - like that would solve the problem! I was just moping and feeling sorry for myself, I guess. But I'm done with that now!

Oh, and don't worry about what people will think of you jogging in your winter coat. I used to worry about how I looked while jogging all the time. I feel really cold so I tend to dress quite warmly compared to most runners. So I constantly worried that people were staring at me and thinking that I wasn't a "real" runner. Then one day I saw a guy running at the track, under the blazing sun, in a dress shirt and slacks!! I never again questioned my running attire.

Donkey - Tuesday Feb 27, 2007
(Portion control)
Weight: 135.0

Today I went back to the old house to clean. Since I am short, I cleaned everything in the kitchen that was low: stove, oven, lower cupboards and drawers. Tomorrow I will bring the step ladder and clean cabinets. Hopefully I will also get to the refrigerator too. It did not help matters that when we arrived at the old house, there was about 2 feet of snow in the driveway, and much of it had iced up.

I met up with a mom at the bus stop this morning. She lives 3 doors down. I found out that she goes to the gym after she drops off the kids. She was very enthusiastic about the gym, as are most people I've talked to about this place. It's really a nice place. This was one of the places I was seriously considering getting a gym membership at. In fact, although I intended to shop around, this one was probably going to be the place I'd sign up. My husband wants to go, and he thinks we should get a family membership so the kids can take classes if they want (e.g. cheerleading, karate, yoga) or get free child care.

Well, my neighbor told me that it's $90 a month to go. And that's not with the initiation fee, which I'm guessing is around $200 (standard). And a lot of places have a processing fee of around $50 (which is total donkey-doo, really just a way to get more money out of you). OK, fees aside, because I knew that there would be fees, I think $90 a month is kind of steep. Does that seem high to you? Of course, for a single person, it's around $60 a month ( a similar gym in the town next door is $68 per month). So getting a family membership isn't all that much of a stretch. Essentially, you get the spouse at half-price and the kids are free.

Now at the other gym I was considering, monthly dues are $20 a month. Initiation fee is $100-ish and I don't know about a processing fee.

The husband at first said no way, but then said, well we could probably manage it. But that's my Husband for ya, he spends first and kind of thinks about it later. I know it's hard to put a price on good health. I suppose it depends on how often Husband and the kids would use the gym. But I was disappointed and frustrated. It does not help matters that my jeans are very tight around my thighs today.

And of course, Girl Scout cookies came in today. So I have something to eat out my emotions. Sad Donkey.

Progress as of today: 3.5 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

Donkey on 02/27/2007:
I know I don't have to post on comments, but I did want to add that last night, I indulged on like 18 chocolate graham crackers (1170 calories). And each glass of cranberry juice I drink has 130 calories in it. Granted, I dilute each glass with 3 glasses of water, but I go through my 1 Liter (4 cups) water bottle 3 times a day. So there's an additional 390 calories right there too!!!


biscottibody59 on 02/27/2007:
If you look around at older people around you--60-80--and maybe even talk to them about their health--paying ANYTHING right now if it motivates and makes you feel better and if you actually use it makes any amount look like a total no-brainer. I mean you could be smoking and drinking those $$$ away. RIGHT?

I'm just trying to help you justify the cost. I see too many old/sick and old/sick/recovering (and recovered/doing better) people I guess.

Good luck in your gym-quest!

Justine6Robert3 on 02/27/2007:
Well, you do sound like you could use an umbrella drink right now. I'm sorry your having a bad time of it. We all have those frustrating days, I think that you just need to put it in the past and start fresh, you can do this!!

I don't know what the typical gym fee is where you are but I don't think $90.00 is that bad if it is for the whole family and it will include activities for the kids such as karate and cheerleading. Ofcourse it depends if you can afford that kind of a monthly payment. I think you really need to get back into your gym routine and you would start feeling better. I pay $42.00 a month just for my membership. It does include daycare for my kids but not activities for them. If your worried that you can't afford it maybe just see if you can find a gym that accomidates you for a lower fee. I do agree with biscotti that your health is worth the cost but you don't want to take on a payment that doesn't fit your budget either, that would just be another headache!!

I think your just in a bit of a rutt but don't get discouraged, you can get back into your exercise routine when things settle down. You sound like you need a hug, so HUGS:)

Take care of yourself hon, don't get so down on yourself your stronger than that and I know you can get those couple of pounds back off!!!

girliegirl6486 on 02/27/2007:
Thanks for the comment you left! I think it would be a great idea to partner up since we are basically in the same position right now. I think it would help to try to set calorie/fat intake goals and I DEFINITELY need help with understanding how to mix in more lean protein...any thoughts???

WorkingIt2 on 02/27/2007:
If you are going to be happier at a gym where it is a little more expensive, but you'll use it more often, and if you can afford it...I'd go for the higher end. Kind of like buying shoes..sure, you can buy workout shoes for $15...but... You will be ok! You are just busy and soon that will be over!

borntocry on 02/28/2007:
Do your kids actually want to take fitness classes? Or are you just hoping that they'll become interested later? Could they not join the cheaper gym if they do? Or would that work out to be more expensive than the family membership? And what's this "free child care" thing? Is that something you would actually use? And if so how much money would it save you?

Since you asked, $90 seems a little steep to me, but that's assuming it would be mainly just you using the gym. If the whole family will actually use it, $90 isn't a lot. I would probably go for the cheaper one myself but I feel like you're leaning towards the other one so I don't want to dissuade you from it!

Thanks for the comment you left me. I feel like my cousin does deliberately try to sabotage me. But I'm sure it's just my imagination - I'm just jealous. She naturally eats a lot less than me so she doesn't need to count calories or diet or anything. I try to tell myself that she is thinner than I would like to be, it's better to be athletic than just skinny, etc. But it's hard to make myself believe it.

And I wish my problems could be due to PMS but there's been no sign of that since I went off the pill! No such luck. I will try the green tea, though. Thanks!

hollybelle on 02/28/2007:
To join or not to join - that is the question! I can't tell you how many memberships the gym I worked in sold and then the members NEVER came after the first 2-3 months. IF you will USE it it's a great buy - HEALTH and FITNESS for $90 a month. But if you won't use it - it's a high cost. Kind of time the pair of pants we have all bought on sale that seemed like a good deal at the time and them we never wore them - times 10!

Donkey - Monday Feb 26, 2007
(Portion control)
Weight: 135.0

OK, so I got on the scale today.... And it shows me at 138.5. So I am right back where I started. *sigh*

Again, it is snowing and it is cold(er), so I do not want to be outside at all. I did make the effort to pick up the kids at the bus stop (walking & waiting), and I did a little more unpacking. But the Husband is home today and so everything is kind of off the routine.

Since I am not exercising per se, I have decided to focus most of my efforts on eating - or rather, NOT eating. I don't think I'll lose any weight that way but at least if it can keep me from gaining....

I hope to go gym shopping next week. There is a "basic" gym nearby but Husband says, Why would you join there? If you go a little further down the road, you can belong to a gym that has everything. Yes, and I'm sure it comes with an "everything" type of price tag too. But I do know that the Everything Gym has a family membership, and then the kids can take fitness classes too. So that might be worth considering....

I just wish it would warm up already. And STOP SNOWING!!!!

Progress as of today: 3.5 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

candance on 02/26/2007:

sharklover on 02/26/2007:
I agree with candace, its really important to teach children healthy habits.

and I agree with you on the cold weather! I do love the snow, but there are so many activities to do in warmer weather!

borntocry on 02/27/2007:
I guess you should ask yourself whether you tend to use mostly the basic gym equipment or the fancier stuff? And are you the type of person who would be more likely to put off going to the gym if it's a little further away? I know I tend to choose convenience over quality. I still prefer my old running track because I have to walk an extra ten minutes to get to the new Olympic-sized one!

Donkey - Sunday Feb 25, 2007
(You on a Diet)
Weight: 135.0

I never got to the computer on Saturday. I did manage a weigh-in but I was so distressed by what the scale said to me. Even with no dinner on Thursday and all the trauma of the kidney infection, I weighed in at 141.0! This bothered me ALL DAY.

Logically, I am sure that some of that is fluid retention from the hospital, as they put 2 bags of fluid through me to flush out my system. But part of me is angry at my body for packing on weight at the first opportunity of inactivity. That is to say, I *need* to exercise in order to lose weight. Restriction of calories is not enough. Heaven help me if I ever injure my back permanently (I have a disc in my back that flares up occasionally) and I can't move or workout at all. I would balloon up to 200lbs before the end of the month, I am sure.

So this incident has emphasized to me even more so the urgency that I find a gym. Because I doubt I will ever reach my goal weight otherwise.

And I might add that this weigh-in was totally self-defeating, as I chose to console myself by the end of the day Saturday with a bowl of ice cream and 2 small sugar cookies from the Italian bakery. So now my 141 will be truly 141 and not just fluid retention.

Needless to say, I was too afraid to weigh myself this morning. Ergh, I am totally discouraged.

Progress as of today: 3.5 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

girliegirl6486 on 02/25/2007:
I feel EXACTLY the same way you do! Low calories and low fat is not enough for my body. I get angry about it and it bothers me until I get to the gym. I also consoled myself with food - on Thursday night I was just so happy the week was over for me that I pigged out all night. : ( Planning to get back on track better than ever this week.

I feel distressed this morning too because my weight didn't STAY at 140 on the scale this morning. I bought myself a scale over the weekend because the one at the gym is always messed up and people always reset it and stuff so you cannot count on it. I'm the type who has to weigh themselves each morning to keep eating in check even though I know weight fluctuates from day to day.

Sorry this message is so long! I just can sympathize with you 100 percent right now!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/25/2007:
Feel better! Your health comes first! I'd stay away from all scales until you are in 100% health!

borntocry on 02/26/2007:
I do that all the time, too. Turn what could have been a mere "fluctuation" on the scale into reality by turning to food for comfort. Although honestly I doubt a bowl of ice-cream and two small sugar cookies will make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things.

I also wonder what would happen to me if I were ever immobilised for some reason. There was a girl on this website who was just getting started with the whole weight loss process when she fell down the stairs and broke her leg in two places. It was quite bad and she was stuck in a wheelchair for quite some time. She became extremely depressed and left the site. When she returned, I fully expected her to have gained back all her weight and then some, but unbelievably, she had lost almost 100 lb! I don't know how she did it, but I shall have to use that story for inspiration if ever anything like that happens to me.

Thanks for the comment you left me. I love falafel too, so I've made it at home and sadly, know only too well the calorie count (about 100 per falafel - they are deep-fried, you know!). My low weight was probably just due to dehydration after running for over two hours in the middle of the day. Oh, my goal weight is 114, by the way, so I guess I am under that right now, which is good because I always need a little leeway!

Justine6Robert3 on 02/26/2007:
Sorry that you haven't been well, I hope your feeling better soon. I do think you should take care of yourself and maybe stay away from the scale until you are feeling up to exercising.

I know how frustrating that must be for you to gain weight the minute you stop exercising. I know that they say 70% of weight loss is your diet and 30% is exercise but I also need to exercise in order to lose weight. It doesn't seem to matter how well I eat or how low my calories are, if I miss one day of exercise I will usually gain half a pound or ever 1 whole pound. I guess all of our bodies respond differently, but my body is similiar to yours and requires daily exercise!!

Don't beat yourself up to much about indulging in some icecream and cookies! we have to treat ourselves every now and then to some "unhealthy" but very tasty treats!!

Don't be discouraged, you can do this! Today is a new day and you can start fresh!

Take care of that Kidney infection, how unpleasant for you:( I hope your feeling better soon!!

Oh, and to answer your question about how I fold laundry while riding my bike, its a recumbant bike not stationary so my hands are free while I'm peddling. It can be a little challenging but I make it work. I usually pull my bike over beside the coffee table and then I can take the laundry out of the basket on one side and fold it on the coffee table beside me!! This is also good for my arms while I'm riding!! I hope that makes sense in writing!

Take care!

biscottibody59 on 02/26/2007:
Maybe this will be a good time to go gym-hunting--the new year types have probably all abandoned their plans, etc.

I have been able to stay very active and I would probably be completely lost without exercise as well--the diarist BTC was referring to was chickie_maui--her diary is quite inspirational.

Have a good one!

WorkingIt2 on 02/26/2007:
I hope you find a gym that you enjoy or find a way to do some working out at home or walking/running until you do!

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