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Donkey - Thursday Nov 22, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 126.5

Happy Thanksgiving!!  And to those who do not celebrate American Thanksgiving, please know that I am truly grateful for your support and friendship here every day.

The brisket is in the oven and it smells so good!  I've made the whole-cranberry jellies (one with sugar, one sugar-free).  My keto baking ambitions have once again been thwarted because I do not have any granual Swerve (sugar substitute); I thought when I ordered confectioners, that I also ordered granular, but alas, my memory has failed me again.  Ha ha, you should have seen me looking around for a bag of Swerve that I don't have.  So the gingerbread cookies will have to wait again, but I'm thinking... maybe it just wasn't meant to be, at least for today.  

So for dessert, I will probably have the sugar-free cranberries with whipped cream, rather than pie.  Not that I can't have a bite of pumpkin - which I might - but it's more of making a conscious decision of where to spend my calories.  That's all. 

Now that the jellies are cooling off, I'm going to go for a walk outside to clear my head a bit, so that I can focus on the positive things in my life today, right now.

EVENING EDIT:  I was amazed that even though my husband ate so much more than I did at noon that he was ready to eat again at 5pm!  I said "OK, maybe a little later" which to him meant 5:15p - LOL! 

I wasn't full but I wasn't hungry, but did that stop me from having a full plate?  Of course not!  Granted, most of my plate - for noon and supper - was vegetables, but still!  Oh hard it is to resist!

Progress as of today: 60 lbs lost so far, only -10 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/22/2018:
Thappy Thanksgiving to you and yours today........Maybe just maybe things do happen for a reason....cranberries are good for you anyway....THANKFULLY!!!!

horn_of_plenty on 11/22/2018:
We are thankful for you too!

I totally forgot all about cranberries this year not buying even one bag yet ! Great idea to make it two ways ! Do they taste vet different ?

Did you use confectioners for the sugar free ?

I will hopefully bake a pumpkin cheesecake soon :)

Nice job on your baking and eating :)

I may have indulged but really watched my eating today and am happy overall with my ability to not binge on the holidays as much as I had in the past !

graindart on 11/23/2018:
I made a small portion of the cranberries for myself with stevia instead of sugar. Didn't really taste all that great. Maybe it's not really the cranberries that I normally enjoy. Maybe it's just the cranberry flavored giant bowl of sugar sauce that I enjoy.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/23/2018:
let us know how your day at work goes! :) i hope it's going ok!

Donkey - Wednesday Nov 21, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 126.5

Survived the class...  Actually, it wasn't too bad.  Most of the subjects were at least a little interesting, and I did learn something that I can use at work.  I don't really use my license at work, because my job is different, but what I learn helps me be better at my job.

I fell short of getting 250 steps for 2 of the hours during the Webinar; thank you FitBit, for keeping track.  I always try to get 12 hours of sufficient steps, every day, but oh well, sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.  Once I knew that my step streak had been broken at around 3pm, I was able to relax, mentally, about it.  I *was* pretty much glued to my home desk while watching the webinar.  I didn't have enough confidence in my WiFi or my logged in status with Adobe Connect to disconnect the internet cable and roam around the house.  So, in order to compensate, I ended up doing several sets of lunges, sitting on my yoga ball on and off, doing a lot of squats, etc.  My legs are only *slightly* feeling that this morning.  

I anticipate that today will be a full day, even though the lady co-worker was checking on my emails.  I think she doesn't have a lot to do... so she might choose to keep the files moving forward, hard to tell.  I really left it up to her, since I'm going in on Friday to catch up.  I might end up doing Sudoko most of the day, and that would be fine with me too. 

Oh, and I'm not throwing out any romaine lettuce.  I'll take my chances.

Progress as of today: 60 lbs lost so far, only -10 lbs to go!

graindart on 11/21/2018:
Glad to hear the webinar didn't put you in a coma. The only thing I liked about the old "live" courses was that there weren't any tests. As long as you were alive at the end of the day, you passed.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/23/2018:
yeah, it's hard to throw out good looking veggies right!? despite the warnings as of late due to the contaminations!

also, nice job getting thru your class and you couldn't have known exactly what to expect in regards to getting in your steps...but, you did what you could in the moment and this is what matters most! nice job to you, this is a positive and well thought out entry! i'm glad you got to work from home :)

Donkey - Tuesday Nov 20, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 126.5

So here I am at home getting ready for the webinar.  I should have emailed the PDF course "book" to myself at work to print out there.  It's 159 pages!  Yikes!  So I'll be bouncing between webinar screen and PDF booklet screen, I guess...  

I'm trying to stick to my regular eating schedule though, and holding off on breakfast until 9am.  Since I am at home, I will have eggs, rather than a protein bar, though.  Perhaps my daughter will go for a lunchtime walk with me. The webinar lunch break is from 12:45p-2pm.  Oh my...  I'd rather have a shorter lunch break and get out earlier, but folks attending the actual class have to have enough time to drive somewhere (and back) for lunch.  I have plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, and gum if I get munchy, just like at work.  And my FitBit will make sure that I take at least 250 steps every hour.

My husband started rattling off the menu for Thanksgiving and I realized that I need to coordinate with him the vegetable side dishes I would prefer.  I do plan to make my keto low-carb gingerbread, but I am allowing pumpkin pie and one other pie of the kids' choice in the house.  I am strong enough to resist pie, I think. 

I'm actually looking forward to going into work on Friday. It should be quiet, except for emails.  My boss said that I don't have to work the whole day.  Yeah, what he doesn't realize is that because I'm hourly, if I don't work the whole day, I don't get paid the whole day.  That's kind of important.

Progress as of today: 60 lbs lost so far, only -10 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 11/20/2018:
you know that "Ctrl f" by pressing those two keys, you can jump around the PDF and FIND any type of word / phrase you search for (by pressing CTRL f)

horn_of_plenty on 11/20/2018:
always nice to go into work when most people are not there...i prefer it also. but for my company, we are given friday off...in exchange for Election Day :)

happy-1 on 11/20/2018:
yum... ginger bread

happy-1 on 11/20/2018:
yum... ginger bread

Donkey - Monday Nov 19, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 126.5

Making a little time for myself this morning and logging in.  Regardless of what happens at work this week, I will be saying "GOOD-BYE" to a couple of very difficult transactions that have made my days miserable.  They are closing today and out of my hair for good. 

Also, tomorrow I will be working from home to attend the online live webinar for my licensing.  As boring as the webinar will be, I'm looking forward to being home.  The kids are home too, so that will be very nice.  To be away from the office, away from Queen Bee, the phones... To be able to look out a real window as the day progresses... Yes, I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow, but first I have to get through today, LOL... 

Progress as of today: 60 lbs lost so far, only -10 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 11/19/2018:
awwwww, this is nice! take care of yourself tomorrrow...prepare some nice coffee and drinks while you do the webinar...have veggies and all ready to enjoy :) i sure would :)

enjoy the change of pace tomorrow...well deserved for you!

Donkey - Sunday Nov 18, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 126.5

Nothing too much to mention today.  Making it a lightly active day rather than a restful day.  I've done well with food and water. 

I ordered myself a Christmas gift.  Is that bad?  It was a fundraiser for a small animal shelter that rescues cats and horses.  They were selling "Snap It" jewelry, which is like interchangeable gems/pendants or "snaps" (some are metalic, some are made out of glass).  So I bought a necklace and some fancy, shiny snaps to dress up my work wardrobe.  This past Spring, on the very first really nice day, all these office workers were out walking on their lunch break and I saw a cute little petite lady who  was wearing black capris and an orange sweater with 3/4 sleaves - and had a necklace, and I was like, "What a nice touch to her cute little outfit!"  So now I can be like her, at least with the necklace.  The "cute little petite" thing...  maybe not so much.

Progress as of today: 60 lbs lost so far, only -10 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/18/2018:
At 126 pounds I do think you are a cute little petite thing!!! The new jewelry sounds interesting...I will have to look that up!

horn_of_plenty on 11/19/2018:
awwww, how cute!!!! yes, i'm smiling you got it for yourself :) way to go to doing something nice for yourself!!

Donkey - Saturday Nov 17, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 126.5

As anticipated, numbers were up.  My fancy scale says that I gained a pound of muscle...  It also registered a 1 pound gain rather than a 2 pound game as my cheap, but favorable scale.  So whatever this number is, it's temporary.

Your comments to me on my last entry were so helpful - thank you!!!  I really thought about what you all said.  

My weigh-ins can be around this number for the holiday(s). I think a slightly higher weigh-in will help me more with maintaining sensible portion control & food choices than depriving myself and suffering the consequences (crabby, sad, tired, aches & pains, no energy, etc.).  Moderation will be the most forefront goal, rather than restriction.

Still intending to reduce weigh-ins in 2019.  This is a definite goal of mine this year.  

I've reached and surpassed my goal number, although, like Gains said, I'm not even sure what number my body is happy at.  But it is worth a couple of extra pounds or pound-fluctuation range, if it means feeling better, having more energy, and being of good cheer.  I might need reminding of this, but I know it is true.

I realized this morning that I am at the weight where I was when I was in 7th grade.  I'm also pretty much at the same height that I was when I was 12.  I distinctly remember this, because I struggled to fit into my size 7 blue jeans that had this very pretty vine/flower embrodery pattern on the back pockets.  And I was "fat" back then.

Well, here I am at the same the numbers... am I still "fat"?  Here I am, lately thinking I'm at "goal", victory achieved!  Other people have acknowledged my weight-loss and call it successful..... And then it really hit me, Wow, I'm pretty much back where I started!  Why was it not OK then but now it's OK 36 years later?

I'm so confused...



Progress as of today: 60 lbs lost so far, only -10 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/17/2018:
I remember "thinking " I was fat in 11th grade...lost a few pounds...and was too thin for years........I wasn't FAT...I was normal...but to teenagers who are going through all kinds of changes....their body image is pretty confusing. I can say for sure..that I never want to be stick thin again......women are supposed to have curves, womens fat distribution is different from mens and that is no mistake....viva la difference!

Donkey on 11/18/2018:
Ironically, at age 12, at this weight and height, I struggled to fit into a size 7. Now, my pants are size 8 (and stretchy, because of my back issues, I can't have a ridged waist-band), and they fit fine. I thought about your comment and my comment, and why on earth am I using clothing sizes to gauge anything? We all know that vanity sizing

Donkey on 11/18/2018:
... lies to us.

(My computer or DD is acting up... sorry for the disjointed response.)

horn_of_plenty on 11/19/2018:
I'm sure your body has changed a lot, hips-wise and all, since 7th grade...even if you were totally developed then, i am sure you have changed a bit.

also, for sure, your metabolism is prob slower than it used to be...

also, your muscle mass will be different i'm guessing.

Donkey - Friday Nov 16, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 124.5

Yesterday's hope for cheerfulness before I logged off to go to work quickly vanished, as almost all of my co-workers and myself brought a sour mood to our office. The boss - serious but in a good natured way - said that we all had to reconsider our attitudes and cheer up a bit.  LOL...  Once I got in another large cup of coffee and the Aleve kicked in to help with back pain, I felt much better.  It was a good day, I think.

Last night, as I was riding the bike (for 25 minutes), it dawned on me how much energy I had.  My legs didn't ache, I pushed myself to pedal faster, it felt good.  Then it hit me that it's probably because I'm eating more food this week.  I've mentioned here a couple of times that I feel like I'm eating too much. Healthy foods but too much. 

So thus is the struggle I have.  I really love the lower numbers on the scale, but staying there on a long-term basis is hard.  HARD.  


Progress as of today: 62 lbs lost so far, only -12 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/16/2018:
Is staying there necessary? Are you naturally at a weight that your body is happy with?.......The weight you feel best at may be very different than the number you chose........I mean that you don't want to let it get out of hand and have a food fest or anything...but maybe you have recently provided some nutrients that you have been missing........NICE that you had energy!!!!!

graindart on 11/16/2018:
There are other metrics that I've used to try to figure out where I'd ideally like my body to end up. Bodyfat %, amount of strength, size of clothing, etc. It usually all comes back to the scale number for me though. Not because the number actually matters, but just because it's so simple to step on and off the scale each morning as part of my routine.

I don't know what my ideal weight number is right now. It's changed so many times and I'm sure it'll change in the future too. When I weighed 283 last year, I thought my ideal weight would be just getting out of the 200's. I thought 195-199 would be awesome. And it was initially, but then I found I didn't really like what that felt like. So figured high 180's, but still had more tummy fat than I wanted. Sat in the 170's for most of this Spring and it felt good, but still had some belly fat I wasn't happy with. So now think dropping into the 160's might allow me to get to a place I'd like to stay. I'm determined to make it to my goal of dropping into the 160's, but don't know if that's where I'll end up being comfortable maintaining at. Once I'm there, I'm hoping that I'll be able to transition to daily maintenance and hoping that it will be do-able without all that much effort. If it turns into a constant struggle trying to maintain that number, I'll probably decide to go back into the 170's to see if that's a more easily sustained number.

All of that to say: If I get to my "goal number" and it's way too hard to maintain, I'm going to change my goal number. Losing the weight is hard and mentally taxing. I can deal with that on a temporary basis, but can't live the rest of my life like this. I hope to learn to maintain at a weight that allows me to relax, feel good, look decent, and just "live". Don't know what that feels like and don't know what I'll weigh when that goal is accomplished, but hope to find that happy number someday......

horn_of_plenty on 11/16/2018:
Well to bring in the logic, not ever day is going to be a "great day!"

like you, eating more over the past 3 weeks has done something really remarkable with my body and just like everyone here saying their goal is to Maintain during the holiday season, my goal is very similar. I noticed HUGE definition in my upper body...and it's due to looking "swole" which happens to me when i'm fully hydrated / not thinning out / eating a bit more.

and i had thought about it last night briefly, how now my most important goal is NOT to be the thinnist / lightest. it's not to look "perfect" in a bathing suit.

my goal now is changed. I was the strength. i don't want necessarily to gain weight or gain a size, no. but, it's def not to lose at all.

in order to be a court officer, i need to still gain the strength and muscle still. and that's the only goal :) I actually hope to raise my metabolism still where i will be burning even more calories per day in the future :)

try to think of ways to change that last few sentences you wrote!

you MUST find ways to make it SIMPLER and EASIER to keep the #s on the scale.

for me, it's paying exorbitant prices sometimes on all the health items i like...

and it's also keeping up with exercise.

but you have great ways too...your munching on fresh veggies...you may want to experiment with adding a piece of salami or two with the veggies, for a fatty / more satisfying snack. for just 50 cals more...

try to make changes always...improve upon yourself.

if you are bored...or depressed over the difficulty, your creative mind needs to think of "new"...

take my advice.

and def let your coworkers be negative all they want...try to see the positive.

horn_of_plenty on 11/16/2018:
also think about what BCGG said.

i would prefer to weigh / look a hair lighter, except, my body prefers where i'm at now. seems like a comfortable point for me.

***but no doubt i count my calories and stay in check to remain here since i love food and eating***

legcramps on 11/16/2018:
I don't know, what would you prefer? Long term?

Having the energy to do the things you love to do?

Or struggling to keep a number on the scale and being unhappy and perhaps not getting in all the nutrition your body requires?

I don't like playing Devil's Advocate (ok, maybe I do), but I really think you should reconsider what part of your life should be HARD, and what part should be reasonably controlled and maintained without having to struggle every single day.

I bet you anything (because I know for a fact) you would enjoy those bike rides so much more and for so much longer if you actually had the energy to motivate yourself to keep going.

BearCountryGG on 11/16/2018:
I think feeling good is a lot more important than the numbers on the scale...fact is...no one but you sees the scale....but everyone notices if you feel good and are happy.

Donkey - Thursday Nov 15, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 124.5

This day already seems difficult...  Feeling bloated...  Work has been a battlefield every day, usually with lenders or other attorneys...  Holiday stress is already getting to me with all this Black Friday talk...  I received a larger medical bill from when I hurt my back in summer 2017!  Insurance had appealed this, I guess, and so the $600 balance that I end up owing is DUE NOW.  I'm going to have to dip into savings to pay for that, because right now, my checking account has a little over $500 in it.  My back is tight -- probably from the stress -- and it's supposed to snow again today.  I had hoped that my son would mow the backyard today to mulch up all the fallen leaves.  

It just seems to all be piling up on me at once, and it feels overwhelming.

Well, a grumpy disposition will do nothing to solve that, so I might as well be cheerful and take one task at a time.  And all I can do is try to make the best food decisions for myself today.  The weekend, next week's class, the holidays, all of that will wait...  Right now, my focus is getting through today, as kindly and as cheerful as possible.

Progress as of today: 62 lbs lost so far, only -12 lbs to go!

legcramps on 11/15/2018:
You got this, don't they say that if you do a kindness, it will make you feel just as good as the person you helped?

I do hear you about difficult days though, and wanting to wallow in the misery of it, even for a little while!

horn_of_plenty on 11/16/2018:
yes, it seems some things are piling up on you.

but trust me, Jdonk, please try to be thankful for the positive things. look for them. smile.

your end sentences here are good...that you will get thru and try your best. that is all we can do.... <3

Donkey - Wednesday Nov 14, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 124.5

I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but I wanted to talk about this now, so that I can plan.  Having a plan is essential to weight-loss and/or maintenance ("After-Land").

Next week, with American Thanksgiving, starts about a month (a little bit more) of holiday eating:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Office holiday party - eating out (ugly Christmas Sweater Contest)
  • Office holiday party - ordering in (give the boss his gift occassion)
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Anniversary
  • New Years Eve
  • New Years Day

The year I got married, there were at least  additional 2 engagement shower-parties thrown into the mix, and by the end of the year, I was so sick of eating out.

My husband has already declared that holidays should not be Whole 30 or restrictive, but I don't agree with that, especially, since this has essentially become a lifestyle change for me.  My plan is to make the best choices possible, and whenever possible, have healthy or low-carb or keto side dishes.  My concern is that I may just decide to "pitch it" and throw abandon to the wind.  That happened a few years ago, and I gained back all the weight I had lost.  Oh my no, I cannot let that happen again.

Progress as of today: 62 lbs lost so far, only -12 lbs to go!

graindart on 11/14/2018:
Haven't made any solid decisions on what I'm going to do about the holidays yet (food wise). Right now, I'm thinking I might be ok at staying on-plan for Thanksgiving. But I always think that right up until the day of the celebration comes around and I suddenly decide that I don't care about being thinner, I just want to eat all of that delicious food!

Christmas will be the major challenge for me. We're always on the road visiting family. Road trips at Christmas always make me want to constantly snack / eat just to stave off the boredom / monotony of driving 20+ hours each way. Then when we visit various family members, they all have the best holiday food / snacks set out. Then we always have a few select restaurants that we miss the rest of the year, so try to hit each and every one during our stay.

BearCountryGG on 11/14/2018:
I'm mulling it over myself. I don't want to go backwards but at the same time....this is LIFE....and the holidays are stressfull enough that I have already pretty well figured that I would not post pictures starting on Thanksgiving and running through the end of the year. I love the feeling of being where I am calorie wise, I know that I can and can't get away with...and I want to have some happy holidays. I'm thinking that I may...starting on Thanksgiving...just start getting on the scales daily.....and monitoring myself so I don't get too far out of line...I really don't want to count anything at all....just basically maintain.......But....this is all subject to change....at any rate...one the first of the year starts...it's smooth sailing until Easter...LOL

BearCountryGG on 11/14/2018:
Well...I guess it just happened....friends are heading our way as I speak....so we will be very busy for a few days....and then Thanksgiving...so I'm going to work on maintaining until the new year.....I refuse to take pictures of my food in front of guests...LOL.....Luckily I feel like I have a handle on things now anyway......so I plan to just weigh in daily to keep inline and manage maintain/ loss that way...

Horn_of_plenty on 11/15/2018:
totally with you! lately at work, already desserts are coming around more and more...

but back to you, i do not think it's a good idea to throw abandon to the wind! no!!!!

if you eat in ways that you have practiced and that help you to feel good, why would you want to TOTALLY forget it for a long period of time.

even the holiday meals, you can try without taking seconds.

there are things we can do to make our choices less detrimental to the maintenance process.

I, for one, do not plan to gain weight back on a larger level at all this season...the struggle to getting it off is not fun...

however, even with a few indulgences and then eating our normal ways, we wouldn't gain much...so that's food for thought.

however, if you can enjoy those holiday meals and eat as you usually do all the other days, there will be no major catastrophe.

your husband's mindset, being so new to the "whole 30", is so different than yours which is a lifestyle change.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/15/2018:
some people, i always notice a few folks at work, are OK being "yoyo dieters" but i for one cannot handle that kind of inconsistency in lifestyle choices.

Donkey - Tuesday Nov 13, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 124.5

EVENING UPDATE:  Today, I had just had it with the back-stabbing in my office, so I took out the mail and just kept on walking, walked around the block to clear my head.  It really helped bring my mind to a joyful place, to be outside in the morning, walking.

I still feel like I am eating too much during the day.  I know that part of this is because I am struggling to drink water like I did in the leaner, summer months.  I can do this with more focus; but, this week, it's been easier to reach for another snack than it is to drink.  PLUS, I am having some bathroom issues that need to resolve themselves soon.  That could be part of what is causing discomfort.

Queen Bee will be out of the office for most of the day tomorrow, doing marketing at real estate offices.  PRO:  the office will be so much quieter without her around.  CON:  she's taking The Girl who Makes a Million Mistakes with her, so I'll be the one answering phones, which makes it harder to get my own work done.  However, if I don't have much work to do, then it's OK because it will keep me busy.

Last thing tonight, I am happy Donkey tonight because The Great British Baking Show has uploaded a new season on Netflix, and I watched episode 1 with my daughter.  I look forward to watching the show with her.... and fantasizing over the food, LOL.

I ended up eating a lot more than I had planned yesterday.  Queen Bee made an announcement that the little fridge in our upstairs office would be cleaned out at 5pm, so I had to move my food to the large refrigerator downstairs, and making re-arrangements with what I ate.  I ended up eating 2 cheese sticks and no cottage cheese.  And, unrelated, I ended up eating the entire can of garbanzo beans - it was so yummy!  But way too many carbs.  I also ate the banana - which upon peeling, decided it was a LARGE banana, not a MEDIUM one - AND ALL of the grapes - again, way too many carbs and sugars.

So with all this extra eating, I hoped I would have more energy for my morning bike-ride, but alas, I still found myself having to push myself a little bit.  The performance was there, but the motivation was a little weak.  Still, got the job done.

Adjusted my evening de-stressing bike ride so that I accomplish my goals.  I think a 25 minute ride does the trick, and it's just long enough to get in most any episode of Golden Girls or any other sitcom or game show.

I am hoping to schedule the closing for a couple of really troublesome files today.  Also, next Tuesday, I will be home all day because I am taking an online state-required continuing education class for one of the licenses I hold.  Thanks to WiFi, I plan to view this seminar and still walk on the treadmill or ride my bike or chill out in my bedroom.  It's from 9am to 6pm.  Can you imagine sitting the whole time???  YIKES.


Progress as of today: 62 lbs lost so far, only -12 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/13/2018:
That is a super long time to sit through a class....i HOPE THEY GIVE SOME DECENT BREAKS! You probably already know that I'm all for changing things around with the diet......I suspect it probably was good for you......and at least you got prior notice that the fridge was getting cleaned out......on to plan B and it was completed successfully by you...GOOD JOB!!!

Donkey on 11/13/2018:
I plan to unplug the laptop and move around to any room during the course of the day. I can take it into the family room and walk on the treadmill. Or downstairs to the basement and ride the bike. Or upstairs to the bedroom and knit.

graindart on 11/13/2018:
I miss beans. I've been avoiding them because the portion size I like to eat ends up being more calories than I'm willing to expend. Looking forward to adding them back to my menu when I get down to maintenance mode, like you and HOP.

End up having continuing-ed every couple years for my job and it's always mind-numbingly boring. Used to have to sit through the real in-person class with 20-30 others. Couldn't believe some of the questions asked by some of the people. These were very basic concepts that should've been learned prior to even obtaining a license. Some of the questions they asked made me wonder how exactly they were supposedly doing their jobs at all. Thankfully now everything's transitioned to on-line and I can sit there in my jammies.....

Donkey on 11/13/2018:
Mind-numbing is right. I had to attend a live 2-day class to get my license, originally... The 2-hour drive there alone was enough to cause me a nervous breakdown.

Now it's either live webinar or self-study. If you do the webinar, like I've signed up for,there's no final exam. I did the self-study last year because it was cheaper (and because I ran out of time to attend a webinar) and I was ready to pull my hair out. An 8 hour class took me over 16 hours to complete. And then I had to take the final exam! NOT THIS YEAR!

graindart on 11/13/2018:
The nice thing about the online continuing-ed classes I have to take is that they're pretty easy to knock out in much less time than they count for. I'll usually get all 28 hours of continuing-ed done in one 8-10 hour work day. It still irritates me that I feel like I'm wasting time and money on it, but at least it's not also killing 4 work days like it would if I had to physically show up somewhere.

Donkey on 11/14/2018:
I spent $120 on the online course and then I have to pay $186 to the state for their processing fee. There is a strong possibility that I will let my license lapse after 2019.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/14/2018:
maybe drink herbal tea also instead of just cold water at work? they offer decaf green tea keurig cup option at my work, so sometimes in the afternoon mostly i'll grab one to hold me over or warm me up or just to enjoy!

Like you, i'm having many experiences at my office lately where i can hardly believe the words / ideas / opinions / crap coming out of coworkers' mouths...

FOR INSTANCE, there's a nice woman a work with. She's opinionated but her opinions, after you remove her tone of voice she says them in because she DOES speak with confidence so she could easily fool you to thinking what she says is a "majority" opinion...she's in the minority comparatively in politics of NYC. i'll write more later, but, let me leave it with this: She is first generation Italian born here. She's 45 - so similar to you. and grew up here her whole life. Her parents both from from Italy countryside...

Well, I made a comment about Columbus Day perhaps being a "white man's initiated holiday" saying that those were the people in the Colonies at the time...just saying WHO was here...

and she said, bc she does like to say the complete opposite, without even realizing what she's saying, but this time she had thought about this statement...

She said, in response to COlumbus Day and Thanksgiving (which is not a white holiday, i corrected myself - at that point slaves were being freed and african americans were able to celebrate it too - initiated by President Lincoln who African Americans credit for helping greatly with freeing them)


I googled it, and considered it...

Her comment is so old, so NOT a current statement it really turns my stomach to hear her say that....BECAUSE...

JEWS, like myself, were once also thought not to be White.

but now, European Descent is considered WHITE!

Is Italy not in EUROPE!

so....there you go.

there's my coworker.

she literally feels she's not part of any group...tho she does identify with Christianity and feels her pastor would never guide people to support any candidate?

when i went to temple, they did mention politics.

is she sleeping during her Church services? i find it hard to believe that the church would not help unify and guide it's participants toward certain causes / politicians. in fact, i can't even consider it not to be the case! __________________________________________

About all your carbs with the beans and fruit, at least they are natural and healthy. this is an important thing to realize. maybe the servings too much, but way better than other options of indulgent eating...

i hope you plan something nice to eat / relax to some tv or something small anything small...on the day you are home :) maybe an extra decaf coffee ;)

i hope you have a great day. keep your head up. some people are just "crazy and deranged" haha. jk.

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