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Donkey - Sunday Jul 17, 2022
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 145.5


Progress as of today: 41 lbs lost so far, only 12.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/17/2022:
This is my ponytail palm on the left and the new sago palm (Gladys) on the right.

The yellow Yoda is a sticky trap to catch gnats that like moist soil.

bearcountrygg on 07/17/2022:
Nice looking plants!!!

Donkey on 07/18/2022:
Thank you! The sago palm on the right will be a challenge. I don't have too many areas in the house that get bright sunlight.

horn_of_plenty on 07/17/2022:
OMG the ponytail palm is adorable! love!

Donkey on 07/18/2022:
It should be longer but someone decided she would try to eat it. So for quite some time, it was a "crew-cut" palm. It's getting new growth -- some of which I did not notice. However, I hope I did not lose too many roots when repotting her.

horn_of_plenty on 07/18/2022:
re yesterday - i do better with water at work. at home, i'm tempting by seltzer which i drink a lot of; but also other drinks like spiked seltzer/kombucha - things that aren't as hydrating. and less liquids at home, usually, than work.

re haircut, i've been also thinking how easy it would be to chop my hair again - only reason i don't is because it takes forever then to grow it out again and also it would be less feminine. but i got to say, having long hair isn't my 1st choice. i do it because i do think that once in awhile it's nice to style is straight and polished, as you say.

i'm thinking one day i'll need a wig, not a joke.

your plants look great. :)

i was also on a weight gain cycle, tho less weight compared to you, but i did do something about it slightly and i'm really trying to have less calories on some days...just to hold back...it helps on the days i'm home on weekend and sleeping in...

also, some of my meals are more treats than meals. i figure as long as i can get some health in, the rest can be a mix of things. then i get the sweets i want and can skimp a little on calories.

what helps me is smaller servings of things, i tend to stay away from cheesecake and cake bc the portions are too small. however, if the mini cheesecakes go on sale, i'm sure i'd buy one (single servings of junior's cheesecake under 400cal). but they are also not even on sale...so i opt for greek yogurts with jelly on the bottom (fruit on bottom) and milano cookies...things of smaller servings that i wouldnt' want to overeat just due to wanting them to last

lately with the price increases, i'm less prone to overeat much on food/snack items because of the cost of it all..

Donkey on 07/18/2022:
You make some excellent points above! I've been trying with smaller portions, but it doesn't always work out that way (like last night... *sigh*)

Donkey - Sunday Jul 17, 2022
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 145.5

Trying to keep grief at bay today...

I had a lovely Saturday.  I feel that I did well with food, OK with water (good with room for improvement), made it to the gym, had over 12,000 steps.  I changed my mind about a haircut, but haven't ruled it out. 

IDK - is it the long hair that I don't want or is it really the gray hair that I don't want?  In the prospect of having people come into the office to interview, I was thinking that I should make more of an effort to look a little more polished. Who am I trying to impress?  Husband pointed out that getting a haircut for others is not the best reason.  I had a free hour where I could have gotten a haircut, but instead opted to chop up some large branches in the backyard (from previous storms) with an axe. 

Local Grief Group was online yesterday because the leaders were exposed to someone with COVID, so they weren't taking any chances. I'm starting to wonder if I should go back to wearing a mask at the gym and in big box stores....  It was a good group, though.  I'm a newbie there, and it's a very small group, so I get and feel comfortable talking about things.  I wonder how it seems to these other people who have been grieving the loss of their sons for years, to talk with someone who is just starting out.  I told them that it feels like a million years, even though it's only been about 5 months.

I woke up early this morning, because Daughter had to start work at 7am, and I wanted to be sure she got off on time and OK.  So maybe there will be a nap in my future this afternoon.  I also will do the last load of laundry, some re-potting of plants, gym...  I hope to update here this afternoon.

Progress as of today: 41 lbs lost so far, only 12.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/17/2022:
12,000 steps is wonderful......You gsls that count yours made me want to count mone.......hopefully tomorrow when i get this smart watch set up......I'm curious....I cannot imagine that I would get anywhere near 10,000......I don't think I have that kind of energy anymore. From what I'm hearing around here is that the covid that is the new one is highly contageous but rarely as serious as the first couple of them.........D and I have had red bloodshot eyes for the last 10 days or so....so I took a home test the other day and it was negative. Now I'm congested....not really unusual for me......but it does bring covid to mind.......I am cutting back even more on being in public..........It is likely just something we will have to continue to deal with....as far back as I can remember there has always been flu's and colds.....I figure this ine is just going be part of that now.

bearcountrygg on 07/17/2022:

Donkey - Saturday Jul 16, 2022
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 145.5

Up and down... up and down....  This was a difficult week, starting with last weekend, and kind of just carrying into this week.  So I will give myself some grace here.  I mentioned to Maria that it's very easy to maintain at 145 - and be a little lax with eating choices - but it's not an ideal weight for me physically, which is why I do not wish to remain at this number for too long.  I ask myself, Is it worth the battle?  Is it worth the struggle?  And I think the answer is YES.

I have much to do this weekend, and I can make more work for myself if I choose to clean carpets, but I'd rather not.  I've started 1 of 3 loads of laundry.  I have (Not So) Local Grief Group starting soon (on Zoom).  Husband is running errands with his mom, so he won't be attending this month's meeting.  But I know some month soon, we will go in person, and then go to a local memorial park to walk and relax.

I got into a disagreement last night with Husband, and then I realized that I just don't have time/room in my life for that kind of negativity any more.  (This is something I've only recently learned, which I feel is a result of Son's death.)  So I just let it go and decided that instead, I will get a haircut.  I have some tending to my plants as well.  

I would also like to go to the gym, but that may be superceded by going to Home Depot with my Husband.  (This was part of last night's disagreement was about.)  As it turns out, I would like to get 1-2 more terra cotta pots of a certain size for some of my plants.  Some plants are OK in plastic pots, and some do much better in clay.  So maybe the disagreement will turn into something positive in the end.  Well, I don't have much choice, so I might as well make the best of it.

I also have to drop off 8-9 bags of aluminum cans at the animal shelter.  Why do I mention this mundane task here?  Because all of these little trips - gym,  Home Depot, animal shelter - require time and gas.  Gas prices have started to come down here, but still -- it's all about how we allocate our resources.  Waste not, want not.

Coming up:  I major reorganization of my plant room, with shelving and lighting, so that the plants are placed optimally and in a more organized manner.  This will definitely be a weekend project, but probably not this weekend.  Something to look forward to, I think :-)

Progress as of today: 41 lbs lost so far, only 12.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/16/2022:
I know exactly what you are talking about concerning negativity with the hubby.........He is competetive and on the other hand I am so laid back that you would think we would always get along...but not so......his competetiveness...harshes my mellow...LOL.......I find it disturbing....It is not something new...he was like that from day one......and I know it will never go away.......and where in the past I would often tell him to calm down....it really just irritated us both.......I'm learning to basically leave the room..( took me over 50 years to do it though)..sometimes he gets it.......and will end up coming to where I am and trying to be calmer. I don't know if it's a guy thing in his case or not........but I got an early warning......when he said.....( we were 16 and 17).....That we would get married, have kids, he would be a carpenter and go to college nights, he would hunt and track and I told him that sounded good.......I would finish high school ( only needed 2 or 3 classes to graduate)....I would raise kids until they were old enough for me to go to work...and would be taking care of my parents in their old age..........HAHA...We had it all figured out....and the funny thing is we followed that pattern almost to the T.......( I added college and then foster parenting later).....because we wanted more kids but it was to dangerous for me to have more..............It does kind of shock me that we were so certain that young........and the one thing he added that still kinds of irritates me is that....he said...."It will be you and me against the world"....and that is still not and never will be me.......he sees life as us against the world.............still. I'm not the Bonnie and Clyde type.....LOL......BUT...He is and always has been in competition in everything he does........too much stress for me.

Donkey on 07/16/2022:
Usually, my husband is the calmer, more pragmatic one. However, I think we're all a little more edgy here lately. In fact, I find myself being the calmer one lately.

It does amaze me how you both were when starting out, but some folks have more sense at 16 than others do at 30.

bearcountrygg on 07/16/2022:
I am also working on lumping tasks togeter to save gas....weather interruped that earlier in the week......our gas yesterday was $4.69.....You are getting so much enjoyment with your plants...I really wish I had your green thumb.....I really unfortunately need things that can talk out loud and tell me they are hungry.....LOL.....

Donkey on 07/16/2022:
And here I am celebrating $5.09 a gallon - LOL.

My journey with plants is evolving, but I am enjoying the journey. My goal is to have my plant room set up by the time the colder, indoor months come along, so that I have an oasis for yoga, reading, sitting, meditation, prayer. Tired of seeing the gray blah winter of the Midwest? Welcome to my green Plant Room!

horn_of_plenty on 07/16/2022:
For Thurs. entry re "Josefa," i love your idea to say "Hi, Josie!" I have a friend who is a "josie" bc of a longer name as well, i call her "jo!"..but that developed over time.

Donkey on 07/16/2022:
LOL - I also like "Jo" -- she was not the Ideal Candidate though. However, if we don't get a call-back, they may end up contacting her.

horn_of_plenty on 07/16/2022:
Good for you yesterday for continuing to workout despite TOM.

kind of good replacement kid leaving, he wasn't great anyways. soon he will be gone in just under a month! :)

i hope a better candidate comes along!...

Donkey on 07/16/2022:
I try really hard not to let TOM stop my activities. OK, maybe not weights, because of the fatigue that settles into the muscle on day 1 and or 2, but even a little cardio helps the lower back and cramps.

I'll be 1000% honest with y'all here: it's a VERY good thing Replacement Kid will be gone. Nothing personal, but his work product was kind of driving everyone nuts.

So far, our Ideal Candidate has not responded to phone messages. The email address Male Co-Worker used bounces back, but it's very well that MCW made a typo because he's dyslexic.

horn_of_plenty on 07/16/2022:
yeah, gas...crazy!

i hope you get what you want to do done. if it can wait, maybe wait on it.

catch up again soon!

Donkey on 07/16/2022:
So far, so good but it's sad that most of today is already over. Time goes by far too quickly.

horn_of_plenty on 07/16/2022:
time flew by here today too....always does when i sleep in but i enjoyed that!

Donkey on 07/17/2022:
Saturday was a good day for me. I got a lot done - things that I wanted to get done.

But yes - weekends go by far too quickly.

Donkey - Friday Jul 15, 2022
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 143.5

Ate too much crap yesterday.  TOM arrived a bit unexpectedly. Oh well, not every day is going to be a winner.  Had TWO packets of trail mix at work (540 calories right there).  After dinner, had peanut butter, and then some ice cream.  Oddly enough though, the trail mix was more of a "food fit" than the peanut butter and ice cream.

I feel that all of this is inexcusable.  Oh sure TOM, grief, office drama, blah blah blah --- NO.  I need to take care of ME, and reaching for this stuff is so self-defeating, and I don't need that in my life right now.  

The local Grief Group sent out an email yesterday that it will be Zoom only - so now I don't have to think about whether or not we'll attend in person.  I will attend online.  I'm not sure if Husband will attend on his own computer (has no camera) - I'm guessing not.

More changes at work.  Replacement Kid is leaving us August 12th.  Good luck to him.  The Boss DID place a new online ad, and we have a good candidate.  Unfortunately, he lives farther away than is ideal.  And salary will probably be an issue.  Benefits might matter too, maybe.  But he should be OK.  I'm holding my breath.  If he is hired, it might make my future more clearer.

Had a nice bike ride this morning and did leg weights, even through cramps and fatigue and discouragement.  I am off to a good start.


Progress as of today: 43 lbs lost so far, only 10.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/15/2022:
UGH...Food...the stress reliever that causes more stress!!!! The grief group will be so much easier now.......maybe hubbt=y will sit with you on your computer....but it will be a lot quicker now....Is covid the reason they are stopping the in person meetings?

Donkey on 07/16/2022:
"The stress reliever that causes more stress" --- THIS 100%. I must remind myself of this at work. Maybe I will write this down on a sticky note and put it in front of my keyboard. Yes, I think I will do this every day.

I don't think that COVID is the reason, but I'll find out soon. This was rather last-minute. There's no registration ahead of time, so it's not like the numbers are down. It's hosted by a church, so maybe the church has something going on. (It's not church affiliated, but this church has donated the use of its community room for these meetings.)

Maria7 on 07/15/2022:
Yes, food is a stress reliever when eating it...but when get on the scale, it is a stress inducer!!! Smile!

Donkey on 07/16/2022:
Right??? And yet, why does this not stop me? I'm going to try what I wrote up above to Bear, writing it down every day and sticking it in front of my face.

Donkey - Thursday Jul 14, 2022
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 143.5

I'm kind of a jumble of thoughts and feelings this morning, with no obvious cause other than the lingering fall-out from the recent days.  I managed to get up on time, and because no weights this morning, I rode my bike for an hour.  I may do leg weights tonight, but I'm 100% OK with having today be a no-weights day.

I think I caught the Boss looking at job applicants - YAY!!!!  He asked me how to pronounce the name "Josefa" and I told him to just call her up and say, "Hey Josie" - that would work, right?  Also, Replacement Kid was out yesterday, taking care of his business, so hopefully now we will know what his plans are for Fall, if he decides to go back to school to get his Bachlor's degree.

No Queen Bee for the rest of the week, until Tuesday - AMEN and THANK YOU!!!

Because I don't have enough plants at home, I brought home one of the plants I had taken to work, where it has been living for quite a few years.  I noticed it looked a little neglected, so I gave it a trim and some fresh potting soil.  It will stay here at my home to recover, and then we'll decide if she goes back to work or just stays home with me.  When I leave, I'm taking all my plants with me. 

Progress as of today: 43 lbs lost so far, only 10.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/14/2022:
Somehow I have the feeling that you may have one foot out the door at work......Taking that plant home I suspect was a subconscious move...in order to gather your things........I did that too...when I decided that I was about ready to retire....I wanted things out of my desk and off my shelf....and they began to to leave with me......day by day..because somehow I felt they belonged at home and not in a place that I was about ready to leave. I wouldn't blame you if you did leave that job......it seems to have a lot of stress going on in that place...and no one needs that....it does not do a body or mond good.

Donkey on 07/15/2022:
Oh my goodness... you wouldn't believe how everyone asked, What happened to the plant in the bathroom? Ha ha ha ha - that thing was so neglected and ignored, I didn't think she'd be missed at all.

But yes, it did occur to me that perhaps this was me trying to see how it feels to start detaching from this office. Mistakes Girl told me that she did the same thing, too.

bearcountrygg on 07/14/2022:

Donkey on 07/15/2022:
LOL - I knew what you meant. My fingers don't always cooperate either. And Lord help all y'all if I'm writing on my phone - which is why I don't - because between my fat fingers and auto-correct, who knows what I'm trying to say!

Maria7 on 07/14/2022:
Hope you have a peaceful week with less stress in the office. All jobs are stressful to some degree. I've gone through some things when I was working, too. I almost quit my job one time, but Hubby persuaded me to keeping working there and in time, when I did leave, it was the right time for me to leave.

Donkey on 07/15/2022:
Yes, all jobs have some degree of stress. This place, while crazy and dysfunctional, is at least very local (no commute) and has some redeeming qualities. It could definitely be worse, which is why I think I stay.

Another thing is that change is difficult. Our office is changing. My co-workers have changed. I've changed. The market has changed. COVID changed everything and everyone. That's probably another reason why I stay.

Maria7 on 07/15/2022:
You sure said it...Covid changed a lot of people's lives...some for the good and some for not the good. Sigh...I won't go into the 2 years nursing home lockdown...that will set me to tears...but anyway, you are doing really well, hanging on in a less that optimal work environment. Hope you have a good day.

Donkey - Wednesday Jul 13, 2022
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 143.5

I was not able to log into DD this morning - my browser just kept spinning, unable to connect - and then I lost some time reposting comments that were deleted with an error message.  Hang on, Diet Diaries - we're not ready to lose you yet!

Yesterday was just a hard day.  It was never presented as this but Queen Bee is showing up at the office 2x a week now on a regular basis.  I thought this was all theoretical and dependent on Male Co-Worker going part time, but apparently not.  I seriously felt like crying when she told me that she'd be coming in now.

My lunchtime walk was cut short because I went to visit Mistakes Girl and see her new baby!   Oh my he's a wee little thing, but a healthy full-term nice sized baby!  Almost 8 pounds!  I was so happy to meet him and visit with her, and see her husband (a really nice guy), but afterwards, and since then, I've just had this sadness with me regarding my own loss. 

I'm not sure how I'm going to get through today.  The sadness is just under the surface.  It will be hard to keep this shoved down for the next 8 hours.

The remainder of the day was very hard after that, and then I came home to more sad news that we received notice from the military that the investigation into Son's death was complete.  The procedure is to file a FOIA request, and they provided instructions and numbers to call if we needed help with the filing, etc. 

While she didn't know about the investigation report being available, Daughter was having a sad day too, and that kind of multiplied my sadness as well.

So no weight training last night, and that's OK.  I did manage to get in over 10,000 steps, and I'm very satisfied with that.  No food fits, but dinner was very carby with pasta.   

This morning, I did chest and triceps, with lighter weights, but more reps.  I should be able to get in a nice walk at lunch today.  I plan to do some repotting this evening.

Progress as of today: 43 lbs lost so far, only 10.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/13/2022:
I hope you get to take your walk today and then pamper your plants...( I wish I had a green thumb like you do!!!.....I seem to either overwater or under water).......They always look better when I first get them home.....BUT...You have the knack for that......I'm glad that someone does!!!!

Donkey on 07/14/2022:
It's funny how I can make a plan, but the course of the day makes plans for me. I DID get in a nice 1.5 mile walk, but I had to take it at a certain time, so that I could get back to help with phones, because Queen Bee was leaving early. (She hasn't changed one bit - coming in early, leaving late.)

Also the route I took was determined by the fact that I had UPS envelopes to drop off. So that made it necessary to walk by one of the 2 boxes near by.

horn_of_plenty on 07/13/2022:
i also had the log in issues and server challenge this morning. it lasted a very little while thankfully.

I so agree, i hope DD will be here for quite awhile longer...and if not, i hope the webmaster will let us know beforehand ! hi, Webmaster!

that's really generous and thoughtful to go visit mistakes girl! i'm sure she was very happy to have you visiting and saying hello! I am sorry about the sadness after, but it is very understandable and i would say a normal thing to feel that way. it is hard to just just look past it still so early on. but you are getting stronger and facing life's challenges. you motivate me and the rest here with your strength!

that's so wonderful you were able to get in over 10k steps yesterday. that's amazing on top of a desk job. ugh...time for me to get off the couch & onto my bike!

Donkey on 07/14/2022:
I must not be so very busy, because when I'm not overwhelmed with emails and phone calls, I am able to get up and move more - and hence, meet my step goal.

horn_of_plenty on 07/13/2022:
after turning 40, in september, i'm seriously thinking to start using the lighter weights...and maybe sell some of my heavier ones after some time...in order to do the full movements and not my crappy half-motions when i lift weights...to get the full degree o the motion in order to work the complete muscle with better form.

i am thinking this is going to happen in just a couple months and the changes i make to my workouts will gradually take place. this is to make my workouts a bit more enjoyable and do-able. so i can be more efficient / effective.

Donkey on 07/14/2022:
I'm of both ways about heavier versus lighter weights. I think that if you can do it, to keep lifting heavier - maybe not EVERY workout, but at least a little bit.

On the other hand, I can completely understand the reasoning(s) on selling the heavier weights - on many levels.

Donkey - Tuesday Jul 12, 2022
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 143.5

It's been a while since I had trouble falling asleep but last night was one of them -- and a doozy.  I didn't drop off until after 11pm.  So I made sure that I didn't sleep in this morning, so that I would stay with my sleep schedule and be regularly tired tonight.

Zoom Grief Group was OK.  There were new folks that joined, more men this time, but I'm not sure I heard anything that I haven't either heard before or experienced myself.  I spoke a little bit this time, about having to put in an effort to still celebrate with our surviving child even when we're deeply grieving the child we've lost.  With my own experience, I was "forced" to do this several times after Son's death:  Daughter's birthday, Son's birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day - boom boom boom - with barely time to catch my breath!

I'm not sure if it was because of Grief Group that I had problems sleeping or if it was because I repotted 3 plants afterwards.  I think in the future, it's better to just stay low/calm after Grief Group, rather than to engage in activities that push those feelings aside.

I did not have a chance to drop off our gift for Mistakes Girl.  She wasn't responding to my texts, and I thought maybe she was out of town.  She did get back to me later, and shared the professional photos of her baby they had spent the day taking.  I should be able to stop by her  house today, if she's up to it.  But at least I know I can drop off the gift today.

Male Co-Worker came back from vacation, more bitter than ever.  He says that he cannot afford to work part-time and maintain his current lifestyle -- TOO MUCH DEBT, some of which is actually his daughter's debt that he has taken on.  So he will not be pulling back any time soon.  I was REALLY disappointed to hear this.

And so...  so much for the Boss' idea of him job sharing with Queen Bee.  I'm not sure why there's this big push to bring Queen Bee BACK to the office.  She is not the answer to our problems.

In the meantime, I am going to focus - or try to, anyway - on my own well-being, focusing on balance & making choices that are right for me.

Progress as of today: 43 lbs lost so far, only 10.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/12/2022:
YES YES YES....While everyone else is thinking only of themselves.....definitely think of yourself!!!!! Do what you need to do to leave work in the best frame of mind that you can. Don't worry about what tomorrow brings.......it will bring it...good or not so good...and you will deal with it then. You can do this!!!

horn_of_plenty on 07/12/2022:
i commented under your comment on Maria's entry for yesterday regarding choices. really liked your response bc, again, it comes down to a choice we made that became habit which became an "automatic choice."

Maria7 on 07/12/2022:
One day at at time...With our good Lord's help, we will make it. I hope you get to drop off your gift to Mistakes Girl today...I know it will mean a lot to her.

Donkey - Monday Jul 11, 2022
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 143.5

So I ended up calling my mom last night instead of logging back here.  I had a quiet time in the evening, and I thought I'd better see if she was available for a chat, because she'll be away from her home next weekend (so no phone call).  Also, she knew that we were moving Son's furniture yesterday, so I wanted to let her know that we all survived that.

Actually, the logistics of moving the furniture went pretty smoothly.  Nobody got hurt, we all worked together, no problems with the rental truck, no accidents.  But oh so hearbreaking.  Nobody wanted to do this.  We all dreaded it.  We were all sad afterwards.

So I was glad when my Daughter was able to reach out to a friend, and they went to the local village festival (that you can walk to from our house) to buy dinner.  She brought home ribs for us, so Husband did not have to cook, which was great for him!  Very little clean-up afterwards, which was great for me! (lol)  Husband went to take a nap, and I went to Walmart to buy coffee creamer.  I want you to know that - while sorely tempted - I did not bring home any rescue plants.  I pushed my cart down an empty aisle, took a couple of deep breaths, and told myself that if I still felt an urgent need to rescue these plants, that I could go back Wednesday night after dinner.

It seems as though Walmart is not discounting their houseplant section, with the rare exception. This means that they are probably throwing out plants that don't sell.

When I got home, Daughter and her friend were back, and more cheerful.  I had run into Daughter's boyfriend at Walmart, so I felt better.  Husband had rested, so he felt better...  I think it was a better evening for us all. 

Male Co-Worker returns from vacation today.  And I have a gift to drop off at Mistake's Girl's house (near work).  I hope to goodness that it's not very busy today.  I have Zoom Grief Group tonight, so I definitely need to leave work on time, if not a little early. 

PS  I got up with my 1st alarm, so I had sufficient time to ride my bike for 50 minutes and work on biceps and shoulders for weight training.  Still using the lighter weights because of the cut on my left hand, but that is healing quite nicely.  I figure another week -- maybe 2 at the very most (if it's still a little tender) -- and I should be back to lifting heavier.  YAY DONKEY!!!

Progress as of today: 43 lbs lost so far, only 10.5 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 07/11/2022:
I know your work friend will be happy over her gift. So thoughtful of you.

bearcountrygg on 07/11/2022:
Hoping today goes well for you.

horn_of_plenty on 07/11/2022:
that would be really a horrible thing if Walmart threw out plants....i would hope they'd donate them....we'll never know but it breaks my heart to think they'd throw them out (but could be!)

i'm glad everything has been moved to storage.

I'm so glad you got up with time to do some weights and work out. It's nice to be efficient like that and also great for your body no doubt!!!!

I did really horrible sleeping in...and i went to bed before 9p....ah well. i knew the time seemed off this AM...bc it was so bright in my room...as it was an hour later! lol

Donkey - Sunday Jul 10, 2022
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 143.5

Leaving to get the moving truck.  I do not want to do any of this... 

I will update here later today.  I just have to get over this most difficult part. 

Progress as of today: 43 lbs lost so far, only 10.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/10/2022:
Thinking of you today........I'm sure it won't be easy.

horn_of_plenty on 07/10/2022:
My thoughts are with you and your family as well xo

Donkey - Saturday Jul 09, 2022
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 143.5

Glad to see the number on the scale coming down, and I am going to give it the most I can to keep that trend going.  For comfort if nothing else.  Forget vanity - it's hard carrying around the extra weight. 

This is a difficult weekend, as we're putting Son's bedroom furniture into storage.  Of course, with my cut hand, I am not able to help much, and the headboard is HEAVY.  So we had rented the U-Haul truck for today, but rescheduled it for tomorow when Daughter can help. I hate having to rely on Daughter to help us.  She has her own life to live, but I guess she's OK with taking up some of her day off to do this, and especially this.  IDK if this task is bothering her, but I am very sad? troubled? by having to do this.  I mean, it's all part of the grieving process, and it doesn't help that it's so physically taxing at a vulnerable time (my hand) too.  Oh well, once it's over, tomorrow, I think we'll all be much more relieved.

And I'm glad this is happening Sunday and not today, because I really need my Saturdays to decompress from the work week.  I REALLY realized that last night, when we decided to reschedule the rental truck.  Having this day free for catching up at home is essential to my well-being.  I'm going to mention this to Husband, for scheduling things in the future.  

So I ended up covering Male Co-Worker's desk, in addition to my own desk, yesterday.  When I checked my body batterry at about 4:45p, it was already down to 15.  This was quite alarming because I usually start nodding off to sleep when it gets down to 13.  All I could think was that I was running on adreneline or something, because I ended up working another hour, then coming home, dinner, chores, Son's furniture drama, etc., until I finally was able to turn off the light shortly after 10pm.  

I'm glad that MCW will be back next week, because on Monday, I will be busy enough with my own tasks to do.  I'm quite worried, because this lack of coverage will happen again in August, and not just 1 day but 2 days.  I mentioned this to the Boss, and he gave me an answer that has nothing to do with coverage.  Earlier this week, I had kind of thought about just staying at this job, indefinitely for now, because it's the easier thing to do.  Kind of like "going through the motions" .  But this is becoming ridiculous.  I don't want to leave this job under unpleasant circumstances, but I feel like I'm really being pushed into unpleasant territory.

OK, enough work talk for today - it's the weekend!  

Progress as of today: 43 lbs lost so far, only 10.5 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 07/09/2022:
please read my comments on your previous entry, i wrote several. you don't have to reply there; i may miss your replies. but they are basically some advice and my relating to some of your situations at work.

bearcountrygg on 07/09/2022:
Congras on your numbers coming down......I totally agree....you always feel it and it makes moving a round so much nicer/easier.

Maria7 on 07/09/2022:
I've had work situations very similar, too...going through the motions...I think you are doing well for all you are dealing with...hang in there.

Maria7 on 07/09/2022:
Congrats on lower number! Good for you!

horn_of_plenty on 07/09/2022:
i also needed today to decompress from the week. i hear you on that. i hope the moving of your son's furniture goes ok tomorrow..

it is certainly convenient to remain at a job as long as you can for the paycheck. it is essentially what i'm trying to do and have done as well.

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