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Donkey - Thursday Nov 21, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 53:  Intention:  Today I will remain focused in a quiet calmness.  Mantra:  Let it roll.

 The boss is back at work today - a day early - so that will change the office dynamics for sure.  He popped in yesterday afternoon.  I tried to seem interested in his trip to Italy, which I am and was, but after Chair Yoga, I was kind of tired, and he wanted to get stuff done, too.  I'm sure there will be more chatter about it today.

In a way, this is a good thing that he's back early, because there are 3 files that need immediate attention and frankly, Associate Attorney just didn't manage his time wisely enough to get it done.  So at least my boss can determine if he wants to address these 3 files today OR let Associate Attorney finish it up this afternoon.  That is to say, at least **I** am not the one making that determination - either way is fine by me, because I'm letting it roll.

I keep choosing this mantra because there is a song by the old band Wings (Paul McCartney after the Beatles) called "Let It Roll", so I sing this to myself throughout the day, and it helps keep me focused on just letting things go...  I thought about changing the mantra to "Roll With It" but the music cue helps me more, I think.  And I love that song.  

Library Chair Yoga was good - challenging in some respects.  At one point, the teacher had us standing for a few poses - some of them requiring balancing on one foot, which I thought was VERY challenging for chair yoga.  Anyway, we're standing up and all I could think about is how much I wanted to sit down.  I think I'm battling off getting sick, because yet another co-worker (Mortgage Guy) is sick.  We're all taking turns getting sick, and so far, I've been pretty lucky.  So maybe that's why I was feeling "tired"???

So, I was rather surprised at myself for wanting to sit down so badly because normally, at work, that's all I do is sit, and I'm eager to get up and walk around.  (Fitbit reminds me to do this every hour.)  I'm not sure where that feeling of fatigue was coming from...

My husband commented to me that out of all 3 chair yogas that we do, the library one is his least favorite.  It's more exercise - focusing on posture and body dynamics (e.g. how to get up off a chair correctly) - rather than focusing on the principles of yoga (breathing, dissolving into the stretches, etc. - NOT in a religious aspect at all).  But I think that's why I like this teacher (Allison); it's DIFFERENT.  She's about 15 years older than I am.  I want to be like her when I grow up.  Not that I disagree with my husband, but just saying that it's good to have a different perspective.

Misc. Random Thoughts:

  • Tonight, I'm going to do my very best to make it to New Yoga Studio for Vinyasa Flow.  I will let you know!
  • Husband has encouraged me to sign up for a yoga retreat at New Yoga Studio.  He says that he'll pay for daughter to come with me, if she wants.  So nice to have his support!  I'm still thinking about this.
  • Remember my "Donkey's Yoga Disaster" adventure in September?  That yoga studio sent me a coupon for 10% off of my next purchase.  They have a newbie pass that is cheaper than their regular passes, and with the additional discount, it would be very cheap.  Why would I even consider going back there?  Because on Fridays, after work, they have a relaxing yin yoga that would be very nice to indulge in.  I'm thinking about this.  I have a little mad money saved away that I could use for this.  I have to make a decision within the next 2 weeks though.
  • My husband went to New Yoga Studio for Chair Yoga (discounted for veterans, and it gets him out of the house).  He said he met the owner, and she "knows" me.  Wow!  That's kind of cool to know, that she knows me, and I'm not just another face coming through the door!  Maybe this is meant to be my yoga home 

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 11/21/2019:
Sounds like you are handling everything in a positive way and enjoying the benefits from not allowing your thoughts to be dominated by negative things! Good for you!

Maria7 on 11/22/2019:
Re: My above comment...I am doing the same. Wishing you a happy day today!

Horn_of_plenty on 11/23/2019:
I never got to do the chair yoga :( (no everyone was interested in my group and the teachers weren't motivated to do it with us)...but i guess i can look online for a demo and do it at home if i really want to !! :)

it's good your boss is being efficient and coming into the office to see how everything's going...

i like your mantra and def the extra song association. very creative of you and GREAT to sing to yourself the lyrics! how constructive and motivating is that!?

whenever i'm about to get sick, i recognize the "tired" feeling also - when my body just wants to sleep and sleep. right now my dad has a sore throat which i hope he'll get over soon. i think he got run down a little bit.

all your yoga plans are thoughtful of course...perhaps the yin yoga would be cool to try. can you just go one time to see if you like it?

Donkey - Wednesday Nov 20, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

 Day 52:  Intention:  Today,  I choose  to relax and chill.  Mantra:  Let it roll.

The boss is back in town but not coming in until Friday, discovering,  although there is the strong possibility that he'll pop in before then.  I hope not. 

Yesterday,  Male Co-Worker took Mistakes Girl and Queen Bee out for lunch.  I seized that opportunity to go shopping during my lunch hour.  When I shop,  it usually takes a little more than an hour, so I got my treat too!  And I consider it an extra treat because this is something I can do while the boss it out. Who the h*** wants to go out to eat with those people? I truly got the better deal. 

Today is Library Chair Yoga with the husband at 2 pm.  Rather than work a short day,  I will go on my lunch hour and meet him there.   Looking forward to this,  in hopes that it makes me FEEL the urge (or craving) for more yoga. 

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

legcramps on 11/20/2019:
Love that you got a little extra time yesterday to so something just for you! I agree that you got the better deal, especially when going out for lunch with coworkers. I often feel like "hey, I spend all day with you, can I at least have my lunch to myself?!" LOL. I go home for lunch, but I am really close to my workplace so it's not a big deal.

Donkey on 11/21/2019:

I could go home for lunch but I would only have 20 minutes of the hour to do anything.

BearCountryGG on 11/20/2019:
Sounds like a nice lunch hour you had......nothing like getting away from the office for awhile....Hopefully yoga will work out for you.

Donkey on 11/21/2019:
Spending my lunch hour with coworkers brings me no joy. There's a vicious story behind that, but since December 2017, I vowed I would never eat with my boss and coworkers again unless it was mandatory.

Maria7 on 11/20/2019:
Yayyy! You did something to make you feel good! Now...what did you get???

Donkey on 11/21/2019:
I got things that bring me joy: several kinds of coffee, birdseed, and corn for my squirrel friends.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/21/2019:
that totally makes sense what you wrote back to me below about yoga! i totally get it and have felt that way, too.

you totally DID get a better lunch hour! you also go to move around rather than sit out to eat. if i were in your place, i'd choose what you did too ;)

Let us know about the chair yoga. I've been asking for it, at the group therapy i'm attending, but, it hasn't been implemented yet. Meaning, they are trained, but they need to add it into the schedule as i do not think it's a "regular" item...so, it's sorta up to them if we get to do it!!

Donkey - Tuesday Nov 19, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 52:  Intention:  Today I devote to focusing on my own well-being.  Mantra:  Take care of yourself. 

I am repeating my intention and mantra today in order to re-enforce my efforts to rebalance myself.  My weekend was whack, but yesterday (Monday) was better.  I put forth more mental energy into remaining calm, staying on task, getting back my sense of balance and well-being.  I do not see this as selfish but rather necessary, as I cannot take care of others or deal with others with kindness and patience if I myself am all over the place.  So please do understand that my thought/focus is not a selfish endeavor but as charitable as I can be.  After all, nobody wants to work with a crabby or deal with a mom/spouse who is unpleasant.

I am trying to remain serene and positive, but last night, when I was in bed, I realized that someone had decided to pee on the bed.  Oh my word...  And at 9pm and very tired already, I was not going to be able to stay up for another 2 hours to clean and dry the bedding.  So I just flipped everything over, so that the top of the blankets,etc. - where the odor was eminating from - to the bottom of the bed.  Right now, I've got my weighted blanket washed and air drying, and the comforter is in the washing machine.  The sheets and pillowcases - not affected but need to be washed anyway - and probably a good idea to do that, just in case - will have to be done by my husband or daughter, I guess.  

Stress Reduction Yoga is canceled for tonight because the instructor is out of town.  For where I'm at today, that's just fine.  I miss yoga, I need yoga, but I'm also OK with being home on Tuesday night.  My daughter has Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off - that is the only time I get to see her, and that's if she's not out with friends, or I'm out at work or sleeping.  If she decides to keep this schedule, I may not sign up for the next Tuesday night yoga series.

Next week my son comes home for Thanksgiving leave!

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

legcramps on 11/19/2019:
You know, even if repeating your intention and mantra WAS for selfish reasons, that would be ok too :)

Glad to hear you will be seeing your son soon!

Horn_of_plenty on 11/19/2019:
wooohoooo!!! i cannot wait for your son to be home either!

sorry your yoga anticipations have all been cancelled / not completed. when this happens to me, i start to CRAVE the thing i haven't done! do you feel this way now? are you craving yoga?

i do think it's totally ok to take care of yourself. we discussed this a little too at my therapy today too.

Donkey on 11/20/2019:
I'm not so sure that I'm feeling the craving FOR yoga. What I'm feeling is the absence, but not quite feeling the urge. I believe this is because my practice is not strongly established. So it's like, I know something is missing, and logically, I know what's missing, but emotionally, I'm not making the connection yet.

Donkey - Monday Nov 18, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

 Day 51:  Intention:  today I devote to my health and well-being.  Mantra:  Take care of yourself. 

Looking back over the weekend,  finding or feeling a balance was definitely a struggle.

I could not get myself to do yoga at home.  This is a mental block that I have to work through.  My practice is suffering, and I can feel this suffering my well-being, mentally and physically.  This weekend was evident of this.

I struggled all weekend with eating.  Sunday was peanut butter (again) and cheese.  Not feeling 100% because I wasn't eating 100%.  Also, not resting enough.  Just overall not taking care of myself.

On the plus side, I found 2 TV shows to watch while exercising in the evenings.  For bike riding in the basement, The Crown seems like it will fit the bill.  For using the treadmill in the living room, Superstore will work quite well.  

I relate so well to Superstore. It's like The Office for retail workplaces.   I've never worked retail,  but since daughter fights and shares her stories, the show really hits well. 

It's nice to have something to look forward to at the end of the day.  I'm not so sure that it should be TV shows that are my only glimmer of hope,  but for now,  I'll take it. 

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/18/2019:
I love your INTENT and MANTRA.....they work for me today too. I also will be using the exercycle today.....I set an alarm because I never did hook up the screen on the bike...so I ride for a set amount of time ( wish I could find the directions...LOL)...and i watch youtube on my phone...that makes the time go by so much faster. I love superstore.....My oldest son also works retail, after years of being in construction and he likes that show himself.

legcramps on 11/18/2019:
Yes, I love the mantra for today!

Maria7 on 11/19/2019:
Yes, we should take care of ourselves. Taking care of others/everything else is good, but we also need to take care of ourselves, too, which simply means, do things that make 'us' feel good... It is so easy to get 'caught up' in everything else/everybody else, doing for them all the time. Have a good day.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/19/2019:
There's nothing wrong with looking forward to TV shows! One day i will, too. I find it hard to concentrate on the TV or even find things i like but once i'm home exercising, i'm going to try again to exercise and watch some TV. there's things you can learn in the show and vocabulary / speech to listen to. i do not think it's all that bad. and to see human interaction.

sorry about the eating. we spoke a bit about eating in my therapy group. some people struggling more than i ever had, but they are young and i think will be better someday - just like me and you have seriously learned tons about managing our eating, we def have!

Donkey - Sunday Nov 17, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 50: 

 Today I am going to try the Downward Dog yoga app on my phone, because I didn't make it to Yin Yoga at the New Yoga studio this morning.  I need to return to my yoga practice, although this week, Mr. Donkey and I have Chair Yoga on Wednesday, and then I'm going to try a new yoga class (vinyasa) at the New Yoga studio. 

I also want to return books to the library this afternoon. I'm torn as to whether I should go to the store to get yogurt and creamer for my workweek breakfasts/coffees.  Nice to get it out of the way and be all set, but I tell ya a trip to Walmart can test one's hopes for humanity. Just sayin'...  I could save this for a lunchtime trip on Monday, too, so there are options.  

Volunteering at the legal clinic was interesting, and although I didn't have much to do, because the new people were being introduced and trained, I still found some joy in it.  The main thing was that the other established co-volunteer has been feeling the same way as me.  EXACTLY the same way - and we didn't even know this of each other!

She needs a volunteer activity in order to maintain her ministry certification with her chruch, and while I don't need to volunteer for anything mandatory, volunteering is something that I feel I need to do as a good citizen (for myself).  So if it's not the legal clinic, I would have to find something else, which I'm OK with doing.  Long story short, I told my co-volunteer that with prayer and thought, I've decided to ride these changes out, to see where they go.  The changes may or may not be permanent, and I value my friendship with Co-Volunteer and Leader Lady (also a volunteer, but she's our leader) that I'm willing to ride this wave, at least for now.

So while I realize that legal clinic has become more of a "sixth workday", I'm not quite at the point where I'm ready to leave.  Plus, I really like the new people!  So why not partake in this opportunity to become friends with these people too?

Went out to dinner last night with my husband.  I did alright, except that he couldn't finish his dessert, so I helped him out with that.  With all the talk about salmon, I had a beautiful salad with broiled salmon on top.  Overall, it was very nice, but kind of expensive.  

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 11/17/2019:
From another comment... I'm dying to get a ninja foodi too... I have an instant pot but the Ninja foodi would be so so so much better.

Donkey on 11/18/2019:
I appreciate your insight. So many times it's dinner time and it's like, what to make?

Also I love fried food but being keto or low carb, trying to avoid breading.

happy-1 on 11/17/2019:
Is th legal clinic a good way to network to a job you might like better?

Donkey on 11/18/2019:
In the beginning, I had hoped so, but sadly that is not the case. However, it's wonderful on a resume and also a great place to make friends.

If I should leave my job and find employment outside of the legal field, this would be even more appreciated.

happy-1 on 11/17/2019:
Or it's a good opportunity to buy Laird's creamer on Amazon...

Donkey on 11/18/2019:

Horn_of_plenty on 11/17/2019:
Boy yes it can get so busy on the weekend at a store like Walmart! And regarding the library, i was with my parents this afternoon and we went to the library by them. I thought it was smaller, but in fact it's larger than i remember and they even redesigned it to add more computers. all nice things in the slight renovations.

thanks for your comments regarding that i'm never alone, i appreciate it!

That's a wonderful idea to get a yoga app for when you do not have time to go to yoga. For busy working people, it really seems (to me) that the only way to really get things done is to have something at home to help you for the times i'd rather not head out...ever since changing from driving to work to taking public transport, i have totally ended my gym membership as you know. it was too much for me to come home only to leave again (and a waste of time during the week) to get to the gym! So your app for yoga must be very helpful to you. i think it's great. let us know!

.....let me send this before it gets deleted!...

Donkey on 11/18/2019:
Sadly, at home yoga did not happen. Will comment more on my own entry.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/17/2019:
well, that's GREAT that you like the new folks at the volunteer clinic. it's good when something new happens and it's not just all just like another chore.

Donkey - Saturday Nov 16, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

 Day 49:  today I choose to focus on things that bring me joy.  

Posting on my phone, which I hate doing, but seeing as I have legal clinic this morning, this is probably the only time I'll have to post until later today, if even...

I love volunteering at this legal aid clinic, but even though it's only once a month, lately I've been feeling like it's more of a burden than a blessing.  It may be time to move on soon.  I'm just tired.

It's odd that I feel this way, since it was a short work week for me.  Why am I feeling so dragged out and stressed after a vacation?  Not sure what this is about.

Slipped up a bit last night after dinner. I think I was craving sugar...  Diverted myself with other activities, but ended up indulging in some peanut butter.... and then some whipped heavy cream (out of the can - real cream, though, not that yucky Cool Whip).

Felt somewhat satisfied after that, not stuffed, not disgusted.  But my tongue feels a little funny today.

Baby Kitty is ok, and the vet bill was manageable.   She's had some trauma to her eye, whether from a fight or if she scratched herself.  She got a shot, and then we have to put ointment in her eye twice a day.  She will be ok, but we may not survive having to get this stuff in her tiny eye.

To reduce the overall cat stress in our house,  we've gone back to keeping New Kitty segregated in his own room.  Kind of sad because he's so friendly to us.

I'm finding myself floating away from my yoga practice.  Can't go this morning, obviously because of legal clinic, and kind of grateful that I don't have to make that decision.  There's yoga tomorrow morning, but not sure I want to take that class, with the owner.

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 11/16/2019:
Glad your kitty is going to be okay. Yes, sounds like you've done your time with the legal clinic. A blessing, indeed, and you will find something else you are happier to to in place of it.

Donkey on 11/17/2019:
Thank you for this acknowledgement. It helps me to hear it from someone else. It is a good feeling knowing that I have "put in my time" with this organization.

I've done some praying over this and have come to a slightly altered conclusion on my next step. I will discuss this in my entry today, but I feel that your support has helped me arrive at the point where I'm at.

BearCountryGG on 11/16/2019:
Glad to hear your kitten is going to be okay...when we went to the shelter to get Sampson there had been a fight among the cats that morning and on had an eye injury....looking at the claws of this guy here,....they can sure do a lot of damage. Sampson is systematically ruining all of my clothes with his claws....holes in everything it seems.

Donkey on 11/17/2019:
Oh my goodness, I just got done trimming everyone's nails, and last night, I noticed that I have to start the rotation again! I guess that's the one thing about having 3 cats.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/16/2019:
LOL i had to laugh when you said "not that yucky cool whip"...the real deal is much better, i'd agree with that! and i still have a few more tubs of cool whip in my freezer too! haha

Sometimes that dragging feeling (as in my case) can be a sign of anxiety or depression. try to be on top of yourself and push yourself to feel better. if not, then maybe it is time to drop things that aren't giving you any happiness.

I do think it's wonderful you volunteer and i do think it gives you extra experience outside of your day job.

Keep us up to date with your yoga explorations. I hope i get to try chair yoga at some point, at this group therapy program i am attending. i think i have just over a week left of it.

Donkey on 11/17/2019:
My mother LOVES Cool Whip! She keeps a tub frozen, and then, for a treat, she'll take a spoonful of it for her dessert. It does the trick for me. I used to like it but ever since I went for the real deal, it's not the same.

Some day, I shall expound on my thoughts on Miracle Whip versus mayonnaise.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/16/2019:
I want to thank you for all your comments on my entry. I was working by responding to the oldest entries up to the most recent DD'er entries. You were i guess writing a lot of entries, so i got to commenting on your journal last since you were at the very top of the list when i finally got to you, if you can understand what i am saying!

But finally, i caught up and have responded and commented on all DDer journals! woohoo!

Anyways, i appreciate your comments and they have helped me greatly, so thank you!

Donkey on 11/17/2019:
You are most welcome! And thank you for following up. I was feeling rather uncertain, because as I tried to make clear, some of my comments to you may have been influenced by my own frustration.

One thing this yoga journey has taught me - or shown me - is that I am not alone in how I feel. And I assure you, that whatever you may be feeling at any given time - negative and positive, too, - you are not alone. Ever.

happy-1 on 11/17/2019:
I was thinking about getting this on Amazon to make giving this cat a bath a little easier. Might also be good for giving meds... https://www.amazon.com/Faith-Force-Multifunctional-Anti-Scratch-Clean%EF%BC%88Blue%EF%BC%89/dp/B07Y9MDY5X/ref=pd_sbs_199_2/136-3955738-3519540?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07Y9MDY5X&pd_rd_r=ff8b6f9d-3a1c-41e2-b391-d4532a3a2d68&pd_rd_w=av9n0&pd_rd_wg=NfaHl&pf_rd_p=52b7592c-2dc9-4ac6-84d4-4bda6360045e&pf_rd_r=YEZANR47VZ0GQMHS14S6&psc=1&refRID=YEZANR47VZ0GQMHS14S6

Donkey - Friday Nov 15, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

 Day 48:  Intention: Letting things roll off my back.  Mantra:  Just trying to be a blessing.

 I thought I'd have enough time to finish my entry on my laptop, but sadly time is slipping away.

Today's Challenges:

  • Everyone in my house is on 2nd shift schedule, and I am on 1st shift (I'm awake at 5am), but I have things that I have to ask my husband or daughter to do, and everyone is asleep!
  • Baby kitty has an eye infection.  Need husband to make an appointment.  Need to know when that is - I guess that will be my lunch hour today.
  • Friend's husband's wake is today with funeral tomorrow.  I need to know if my husband ordered the flowers.  He is sleeping.
  • Old Kitty and Baby Kitty are not getting along with New Kitty.  There is a fight every day.  I am wondering if Baby Kitty's eye infection is a result of one of these fights or just one of those things.
  • Worried about the cost of taking care of these cats.  Old Kitty needs expensive dental work, which I'm hoping can wait until January. 
  • One of the toilets broke, so the plumber is coming out today to fix it.  $$$

I really wanted to go to yoga last night, but talked myself out of it.  Next week, the teacher for the Stress Reduction Yoga series is out of town, so no yoga on Tuesday.  I thought that next week Thursday, then, would be a good time to try this new yoga class (& teacher).  I have a 10-class pass and felt that this would be a better use of it.

Trying to be a blessing, just trying to be a blessing....  and not eat my weight in food.


Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

legcramps on 11/15/2019:
Have a good day today!

Donkey on 11/16/2019:
I was so stressed out for most of it, but managed to have a productive day nonetheless. So, I guess that means it was a good day.

Maria7 on 11/15/2019:
Hope your kitty is okay.

Donkey on 11/16/2019:
Her eye will be ok. A week's worth of ointment. I was afraid that she might lose her eye!

Horn_of_plenty on 11/16/2019:
so sorry to hear of the events in your house causing you stress like the toilet and kitty's eye. sorry to hear of these financial things that you hadn't previously accounted for.

although there is some stress, your journal entry still sounds healthy and good. you sound good especially with your mantra and countdowns. Up to how many days will you do it for, i'm thinking it was until the end of the year, 100 days total for you?

with questions for the family and the fact they are sleeping, could you leave them handwritten notes on like post it's at the kitchen table that they see and then they can text you?

or of course, you could also text them ?

i like the handwritten notes idea if you had time...

Donkey - Thursday Nov 14, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 47:

Logging in from my phone which I hate doing, but I refuse to use my work computer,  and I just ran out of time this morning.  It was either DD or shovel. 

Cat knocked over my breakfast yogurt onto the floor,  and the  keto lunch I had planned to take has been ruined by dinnertime who added rice to it. 

So not the best way to start my day. 

I'm not sure I will continue my 100 day countdown to self enrichment.  I can't seem to prevent life from imploding  my well-being or serenity. 

Might try to go to yoga tonight.  It would be a new class, new teacher that I haven't tried before.  

Just something to get me out of this little funk I'm in today. 

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

legcramps on 11/14/2019:
Maybe your 100 day countdown should include the little oopsies or tangents life takes you on, rather than trying to control each day? For example, a mantra to "live positively through the obstacles in my day" or "resolve to allow imperfection in my day today". Gaining well-being is a lot about learning to deal or cope with the everyday crap that keeps beating us down, and still be able to - somehow - come out on top at the end of the day. Doing your best each day isn't about how perfectly you're able to stick to a plan. It's more about how well you can roll with the punches.

Donkey on 11/15/2019:
The "live positively" is great - I will use this.

BearCountryGG on 11/14/2019:
I think any of us would be hard put to find any 100 days that went perfectly......sometimes ya just have to go on to plan b...or c...etc.

Donkey on 11/15/2019:
It's not that I expect every day to be perfect, but rather that I've felt that I've lost my focus.

For where I'm at, I must be intentional with being positive - or if not positive, at least not crabby or negative or down.

I find myself being pulled down, meaning I've lost my focus on being intentionally positive in thinking. That is to say, I find myself switching back to "glass half empty" thinking.

It's a work in progress. Ok I won't give up yet.

Donkey - Tuesday Nov 12, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 45: 

 Came back from an interesting little vacation with my daughter.  It was so very cold to go hiking, but we dressed appropriately.  I did not feel much cold at all.  My daughter did not dress as well as I, but did pretty well, and only felt a little cold towards the end.  It was lovely to be near the lake and in nature, walking.  Spent time in the hot tub each night, and I swam in the pool the last night.  Aside from the outdoors and the pool area, we hung out watching ridiculous "realty" shows on TV (90 Day Fiance, Say Yes to the Dress - OK, that's not ridiculous) and cartoons (Family Guy).

Tried to stay low carb as best as I could, but the cold weather just brings out the carb cravings.  I did my best, and that's all I can do.

Tonight is Stress Reducing Yoga.  Looking forward to that, I guess, but not looking forward to going out in the cold and dark.  And I mean COLD.  "Feels like 2F" - that's cold.  I've officially switched to my long winter coat, which can withstand temperatures of -40F.

Mistakes Girl took over my desk because Nice Lady said she wasn't going to do it any more, because she makes mistakes and then gets in trouble.  Well, yes, Nice Lady.  The last time you worked at my desk, I was paying for one mistake you made for about a week.  And while you complained to my boss, believe me sweetie, he already knew about it because I complained to him about you too.

Just gonna let it roll off my back.  >>> I think that's going to be my mantra for the rest of the year.  AMEN.

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

questforthebest on 11/12/2019:
Sho, they;s crazy cold! wow

Enjoy yoga x

Maria7 on 11/12/2019:
Sounds like you and your Daughter had a delightful time on your weekend vacation...FUN! As for what you said at the end of your entry...let it roll off your back...amen to that! Imagine how much happier we could all be if we did that every day! A very positive attitude indeed.

legcramps on 11/13/2019:
Ugh, I had a day at work yesterday too. I didn't quite get it to roll off my back, but hopefully I will get there soon. It's no use holding on to the frustration. Sometimes I wonder if it's actually just me that can't seem to get along with anyone else!

Donkey - Saturday Nov 09, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 132.5

Day 42: 

 I picked the best time to go on a long weekend away from work, because Mistakes Girl is getting sick, and I do not need to be around that.  My husband's medicine lowers his immune system, so he's very vulnerable to getting sick.  When he gets a cold, he'll have it for weeks on end.  So it's very important that I do not get sick or bring home sickness to him.

On the other hand, I picked the worst time to go on a long weekend away from work, because that file with the awful agent who was so rude to me is closing on Wednesday, so I won't be able to prepare the file for closing.  Oh well.... maybe that's just as well.

Yoga classes were canceled this morning at the New Yoga Studio, which is a little disappointing, but in a major way, probably better for me, because I didn't have to feel conflicted about going or not.  I may try to go to the Yin Yoga class taught by the owner, tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure I like her teaching style much.

Also, I downloaded the Downward Dog app on my phone, and set up the settings, so that I can practice at home.  I might give that a go today.  There is a 30-day series on YouTube (Yoga with Adrienne) that sounds tempting, but more so because it's a 30-day challenge, more than the yoga itself.  Adrienne is a non-annoying YouTube Yoga teacher.  So there's home options.

I hope to update this entry later today...

Progress as of today: 54 lbs lost so far, only -4 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 11/09/2019:
Good job on unhooking from work, avoiding germs, finding options for yoga at home, and getting some brainspace back.

BearCountryGG on 11/09/2019:
It sounds like NOT preparing that file may be a very good thing!!! I like yoga at home....you tube makes it so easy..

Maria7 on 11/12/2019:
Hope you have had a good weekend away.

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