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Donkey - Monday Jun 17, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Dumbbells Lady on Facebook never got back to me with an address to pick up the 20lbs weights,  so I'm done with that. 

Felt some ache in my lower body from yesterday's workout. So I'm pleased with that. 

Dealing with some serious sugar cravings,  trying to resist and work past them.  Had some ice cream Friday night,  which I believe has set these cravings afire. 

Trying to start the week on a positive note,  but already feeling the workweek dread.  Cat Yoga on Thursday,  though...

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 06/17/2019:
Good way to begin the week.....it does make it easier. Darn sugar is like that......I hope the day comes when I will have finally ridded trhis place of sugar....it surely will help.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/17/2019:
sorry the weights didn't work out! but now you can look into the bands.

always nice to have a little ache telling you that you did some work!

totally hear you on cravings. this happens to me too after an indulgence, i just want to have more, always.

CAT YOGA. you gotta let us know how this goes!

i also am trying for positive :) i am going to cook tonight and try to get it all done not too late :) would be nice to eat my home cooked food tomorrow for lunch! i have SO MANY VEGGIES to make! and a GREAT recipe!

you sound more positive...how's your son!

Donkey - Sunday Jun 16, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Happy Father's Day....   Mr. Donkey was going to grill outside today with his brand new grill but since the weather's been kind of wet and rainy, now he's not so enthusiastic. I hope he changes his mind.  This reminds me that he did not buy any corn on the cob to cook on the grill for our daughter, so maybe he was never intending to cookout today.  Hmmm....

I am waiting for the lady selling her dumbbells on Facebook to contact me for a time and place for pick-up.  Let's see if this one ever comes to fruition.  I'm starting to think that rather than buying heavier weights, to invest my money in some resistance bands.  They are a lot cheaper and take up way less space.  I think if Dumbbells Lady doesn't come through today, I'm not going to pursue them any further.  Today or that's it.

I realized this morning that when I worked out with weights yesterday, I did a full upper body routine.  So today, I will do legs and more ab work - if my back will permit it. I woke up to a really sore hip/back (as usual).  My morning bike ride seems to have helped immensely with that.  I will also do some floor stretches here in a little bit to realign my hips to my back.  *sigh* gettin' old...

I've also noticed that I'm getting tired of meat.  This past week, I was to the point where I cannot eat any more bacon for a while.  I wasn't eating a lot of it, but while eating it, realized, I've had enough, I don't want any more.  I have some summer sausage in the refrigerator that I've also "had enough" of.  I'm not sure if it's the high fat or the flavor or what.  

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 06/16/2019:
I've been using resistance bands...and they are something that D had to use at Physical therapy too.....i'm likeing them alot...watching TV and using them seems to make the time fly by! My hip got worse with the exercycle...how I wish it helped mine...I will continue with it...but it's stirring up issues again...UGH!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/17/2019:
Sometimes i need a break from certain foods, too..

Did you guys bbq? I took home steak for R but he told me he cannot chew it so i now will freeze it in the corned beef extra liquid i have...

Those dumbbells are a GREAT price! what a great idea. i should have looked into more options when i was purchasing mine! did you end up picking them up?

also exercise bands, using them slow and with resistance, i know can be just as effective as weights. so that would be a great option too of course!

I am reading something interesting, my book on success that i forgot at my parents' house boohooo...and well your routine on your bike is really nice bc you are moving and doing something very positive at the start of your day.

Donkey - Saturday Jun 15, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Did not weigh in today and that's fine.  I did think about weighing in and then decided that now was not a good time.

Friday was a better day for me at work.  Nice Lady is starting to talk to me again.  I decided that I cannot live my life trying to manage the feelings of other people.  If she is mad at me, then that's on her, and how she chooses to act or react is her decision.  By the way -- I caught her AGAIN, yesterday, trying to work on one of my files.  Do I do that to her files?  No. I didn't call her out on it, but just kind of finished the task she started.  I complained to my husband that said I need to find another job, because this is driving me nuts.

Overall though, it was a good day though - and this is bad - because we're not so busy.  That's not good because I should still be busy until the end of June.  Then real estate slows down a little for the 4th of July week, picks up again until the beginning of August when people start thinking about going back to school.  So that there is a lull NOW is not a good sign.  But I don't care, because I realize that I have to look out for my OWN well-being, and being less stressed out is what is important to me, personally.  In fact, I started thinking yesterday afternoon about taking shorter hours when the work is less, rather than trying to find things to do, to work a full 8 hours.  On the other hand, I did put in 3.75 hours of overtime this week overall....

I would like to get flowers for all of my flower pots today.  I do not know if I will do that.  I also have to get to the bank today as well.  Heavy weights for shoulders/chest/triceps today.  Already not looking forward to it, but I have a TV show at noon to watch, so that's some incentive there.

My husband sprang a couple of surprises on me today:  wants to go grocery shopping (no thanks) and the hardware store (no thanks).  Plus we're having a "money talk" sometime today, while my daughter is at work because these talks can get kind of loud.  

I hope to update this post later on today...

EVENING UPDATE:  If you read my comments to Horn below, you will see that I ended up running errands with Mr. Donkey.  It was a good time. It had started to rain, and I think he (and me) got afraid that he might slip and fall again.  That changed his mind from "I'll do it myself" to "OK, let's go when you're ready."  

I bought some impatience flowers for my flower pots.  I'm hoping that it will stop raining long enough for me to be able to pot them tomorrow.

Did heavy weights but different exercises.Afterwards, I really felt it - in a good way.  I don't feel any pain now.  Also, to my daily push-ups, I'm adding sit-ups in some form.  We were all talking about this at work, and I think working on my front (abs) will help with my back.  I realize that I don't do nearly enough to improve my posture.  I'm starting to think about spinal disc compression or degration as we get older.  Trying to avoid that.

Oh and some good news -- an inquiry I put in on FB Marketplace for 20lb dumbbells finally answered me this evening.  I hope to pick them up tomorrow.  40lbs total for only $10! 

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 06/15/2019:
I'm noticing lots of properties going on the market here right now...back in the day when I sold real estate ( the 80's) this was boom time.....but over the years I've seen it slowly just get quieter. When we lister our house down state...it took a year to sell......it was so different from the past 2 houses which sold in a week and the other on the day 1. It's just so much harder for people to qualify for mortgages these days...It was good that you got some overtime though....!!!

Donkey on 06/15/2019:
This is a strange real estate market this year. The winter weather carried on a little bit longer than usual, so the Spring "rush" started later. Also, finding "starter homes" under $250,000 is VERY difficult. Plus a LOT of young adults are still living at home much later.

Add to this mix that a lot of my boss' top producing realtors have either retired or are retiring out of state, seriously sick (cancer), or have died. My boss will be 69 this year in October, and he has not done too much to gather young realtors into using our office.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/15/2019:
Why is nice lady working on your files? Does she have no other work to do? maybe just tell her that you prefer to do certain parts on your own?

Maybe go with the flow the rest of June at work until it seems busier? Is this a good thing if work is steady but not necessarily busy?

I hope you get some of your to-do list activities if not all of them accomplished today! Let us know what you did!

I think your hubby tends to surprise you a LOT with things he wants to do. Perhaps you can tell him you'd like to plan it in advance with him - bc there's some things you also want to do? I think it's alright for you not to accept everything he's asking to do bc he's got to give you some notice or discuss as a team? no? that's my opinion anyways!

Donkey on 06/15/2019:
I think Nice Lady may not have much else to do.... I really am trying hard to let this go, to be more flexible. I will continue to keep trying.

Also, with my husband, I tried to turn it around, so that rather than thinking he's being so rude by not taking my time into consideration, that perhaps he wants something to do together. I told him after my TV show (and weight training!!!) ends at 1:30p, I would be happy to go with him wherever. At first he resisted but when it started to rain, he changed his mind. We had a fun time.

Donkey - Friday Jun 14, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Amen, it's Friday!!!

Stuck to my plan and did light weights yesterday.  Want feeling particularly motivated,  so I had to dig deep. 

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/14/2019:
Well - it's great you dug deep because in doing so you were successful in getting the weights workout in and you will feel better and look better based on your decision to work out!!!!! xo


do you have a nice plan on the weekend?

Donkey on 06/15/2019:
Went out for ice cream with the husband on Friday night. No plans over the weekend which is FINE by me :)

legcramps on 06/14/2019:
LOL, Amen, it's Friday :) :)

Donkey on 06/15/2019:
I think all of us here really need a weekend!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/14/2019:
how did the rest of your Friday go? Are you having nice weather in Chi?

Donkey on 06/15/2019:
It was ok - not bad. I'll comment more about it in my entry. It's been kind of rainy here and I'm ok with that. It seems as though it only rains on weekends here lately - LOL...

Donkey - Thursday Jun 13, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Yesterday ended up being a better day,  I think,  because I was able to leave work at 5p and because my daughter was home for dinner. 

My husband fell yesterday,  going to the doctor's office to get his blood tested.  It was raining, his cane slipped on a wet surface, and down he went.  Thank goodness Daughter was with him,  but she needed help from a man passing by to lift my heavy husband up on his feet.  He landed on his elbow.  I'm waiting to see how he feels today. 

So it was a quiet evening last night.  Daughter had a staff meeting at work at 7p, so I did my bike and legs workout.  Happy with that.  Tonight is light weights. Got some good shows to watch while I do this.  I love working out with the lighter weights,  high reps .  

I'm finding myself more and more resentful of work taking up my time.   Rather than feeling like I'm helping make people's real estate dreams come true,  I feel like I'm walking into a boxing ring or firing range, and each day has become a battle to survive.  That's not the right mind-set!  

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

legcramps on 06/13/2019:
I hope hubby is feeling ok today! A fall is never fun, and almost always has aftershocks of some kind.

I'm sorry you're feeling resentful of work right now; I hope this is just a passing phase for you and that things will get better soon. If not, it's never too late for change...

Donkey on 06/14/2019:
True! The most immediate solution is to change my frame of mind. I'm working on this.

My husband is doing much better today. He/We dodged a bullet on this one!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/13/2019:
Work is work and you can't always sugar coat it.

Trust me, at my job there's politics and all kinds of nutty things going on, especially as of late.

Try to change your mindset - write a list at the end of the day for yourself of 3 positive things that happened at work - try something to see the other side of the coin.

I'm really sorry to hear about your husband and i do hope he will be OK. i'm glad there was help nearby when he fell. now he will have to be much more careful going forward.

it's good that you know what kind of weights workouts you like to do. when you enjoy your workout, that's a wonderful thing that helps you keep your momentum.

Donkey on 06/14/2019:
You hit the nail on the head: as I mentioned to Legs, the quickest change I can make is to my own personal mindset.

Donkey - Wednesday Jun 12, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Posting on my phone which I HATE DOING...


Yesterday was supposed to be lower body weights,  but my husband surprised me by taking the van to the mechanic's to recharge the AC. So I drove there with him after our evening walk,  he dropped off the van and then we drove back home together.  Then I rode my bike. Stayed up too late watching TV, but got to see my daughter when she got home from work.   I really miss seeing her during the week. 


Having written this down,  I can see that I wasted a lot of time last night where I could have done weights.  So needless to say,  leg day was NOT a priority for me.   On the other hand,  the are better TV shows tonight to watch while doing weights. Trying to be flexible and open minded. 


At work, had another conflict with Nice Lady. Called her out on it, she was not happy.  Told my boss,  he asked if I said something,  I said yes and she wasn't happy about it.  He just shook his head.  Went home at 5p. Just DONE with rude ass people. 

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

legcramps on 06/12/2019:
I hear you; I had a bad day at work this week too. I don't get how people just take and take and take and think that you'll be ok!

I hope your workday is better today.

Donkey on 06/13/2019:
I just gotta get through this week. Wednesday was a little better, I admit :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/12/2019:
Yes - flexibility! you can do the weights tonight if you plan it in. Hey - last night wasn't really all your fault at all...hubby surprised you with change of plans. like and probably most people, a change of plans can really do a number on our own perceived plans...gah!

conflicts happen. best advice i can say is from my experience with the best and nicest people here at work - they are extra nice following any conflict - and not for dramatic reasons..especially my one coworker Linda. Linda is extra nice following any ruffles in the office i have witnessed BECAUSE SHE WANTS A DRAMA FREE place where she is. she likes to get along with people. she has time and time again proven to me how to live life in a HAPPY way. her life is busier and more stressful involving family and relationships than mine, but she is generally much more "care free,happy" than me. just because that's her mindset.

so - what i'm trying to say, is conflicts happen. try hard to not take them home with you. still enjoy your night. your time. so you can come back to work fresh the next day.

the other way - thinking about work at home - is a bad habit. i'm saying thinking only about the negative at work when home is a bad habit because it's emotionally draining.

ever since i left the main office around 1.5 years ago, i eventually stopped stressing about work while i was home because the conflicts stopped. now there may be small ones, but, i generally leave most of work at work...

i realize that some things i have said relate to your post more than others.

regarding staying up too late, i'm getting more and more needy for sleep and when i stay up late, i almost crave to be in bed early the next night!

Donkey on 06/13/2019:
I want to be more like Linda...

Maria7 on 06/12/2019:
Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Donkey on 06/13/2019:
Thank you! Wednesday was a little better, not great, but not bad, and I'll take that!

Donkey - Monday Jun 10, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Not particularly inspired this morning, but trying to get through my morning bike workout and getting bored.  This is the first time in a long time that I find myself bored on the bike.  I'm almost done.

Going to try hard to focus on stress levels at work. 

Will focus on getting enough sleep. 

That's all for now. 

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/10/2019:
i'd say cheers to being bored with bike...you can cut down on it if you get bored! maybe do something in place of it like walk if you ever find the desire? but, i'd rather not bash your bike workout as it's a nice amount of distance on the bike to cover in the morning and does def count as exercise of course! and what i mean by that is, you are burning calories and more than at rest when on the bike.

i forgot what you said about the morning bike - did you say you watch the news while you are on it? i feel like you said you have it while doing something else?

also, i feel you. when you feel better and get more sleep, i know you will feel better!

Donkey on 06/10/2019:
I drink coffee and read on my phone while on the bike.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/11/2019:
i didn't wanna guess that you were drinking coffee....that's amazing! lol, so it IS your morning routine on the bike!

Donkey - Sunday Jun 09, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Yesterday afternoon was full of errands and then the evening was swallowed up by weight training.  Glad I did the weights, but I could tell that I strained my right shoulder. It's not hurting me this morning, but we'll see how weight training goes later today with back and biceps.

We bought a nice, used patio set yesterday.  The folks we bought it from wanted something heavier because of the Illinois prairie winds that still blow through these neighborhoods.  That's all great, but we need something that is lighter weight because neither husband nor I can lift heavy.  So this set was perfect!  It looks so nice on our deck.  Unfortunately, it was drizzling today, so I could not sit outside with my cup of coffee.  Maybe later this afternoon, though, to read.

This is what happens when you get old and realize it:  So I went to the library to pick up my books.  One is a light read on yoga, but the other one is historical WW2.  Oh my the print in the World War 2 book is so small.  And it's a paperback from the 1970's -- the smell of the paper kind of tickles my lungs which are still trying to recover from the infection last week.  I definitely need readers to read this book, but I only have readers for when I wear my contacts.  My glasses don't have bifocals, because when I bought this pair, they were so expensive  - $600 WITH insurance - and I didn't need bifocals at the time.

Had a heavier breakfast and I'm waiting for the TV show I missed on Wednesday to rerun again today at 11am (Masterpiece Theater).  I was going to sit in my bedroom and fold laundry while I watch it, but now I'm thinking I'll go downstairs into the basement and work out!

LATE AFTERNOON EDIT:  I did all of my workouts instead of folding laundry.  Maybe I'll get to that tonight.  Did some organizing/decluttering in the backyard.

I'm proud of myself for this accomplishment this weekend.  I signed up for 2 yoga events.  One is a fundraiser with our local animal shelter, called "Cat Yoga".  For $15, I'll join a class of 16, in a yoga session in the main cat room - water bottle and "light snack" included, mat provided.  I will pass on the water and snack.  I don't mind paying this price for a fundraiser for cats.  That is next Thursday.

The last Thursday in June, my church is having a free beginner's yoga, except that it's not "yoga" but "Pietra Fitness".  (Google it)  I won't expound on my opinion from this flagarant plagerism, but it's free.  [ I would SO not be doing this if I had to pay for it.  It's this hair-splitting, judgmental overthinking that has really turned me off to the Church, but that's a separat post.]  I was going to invite a lady or some ladies I know from other church activities I've done, but then decided that I really want to do this on my own.  If I meet up with anyone I know, great - and if not, that's fine too.

But at least I've taken the initiative to step out of my comfort zone.  

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 06/09/2019:
Look at you! Bold adventurer!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2019:
Congrats on your new patio set! how perfect for the late spring and summer weather.

$600 with insurance is seriously such a crime!

I'm also into the WW2 books lately. right now reading a really good one if you want to read it - called The Japanese Lover and is a very creative fictional take on history and also the lives of the japanese and even the jewish during ww2 both abroad and in the US. it's very interesting.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2019:
like you, i'm learning to prioritize differently at home. now, workouts do not wait anymore until evening. i'm starting to have to prioritize differently and it is def working out way better that way. for example, i'm not staying up late to get in a weights workout tonight bc i got it done before lunchtime. we gotta get creative with how and when we do our workouts.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2019:
I'm happy to hear you signed up for those 2 yoga classes, especially the one that's free of charge but the fundraiser is awesome too knowing your love for animals. i think you will enjoy those classes. thanks for all your comments this week and keep getting your rest so you can feel better !

Donkey - Saturday Jun 08, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

Oh dear... So where to start....

Chair yoga last night was OK.  My heart wasn't really in it, so I felt more like I was going through the motions rather than truly enjoying it, but that's OK, because something is better than nothing, and I have to think that the stretching had some benefit, even if it didn't feel 100% relaxing.

Part of the problem is that yoga involves a lot of deep breathing, and I'm still struggling with this sinus infection.  It seems to have settled in my chest, and I cannot get rid of this annoying, unproductive cough.  So things like breathing deeply, talking in a loud restaurant (and this interfered with our dinner date afterwards a bit), a lot of talking on the phone -- those are not so easy to do.  Last night I started thinking that maybe this cold/sinus thing has evolved into bronchitis or possibly walking pneumonia.  Everything else has pretty much resolved itself except this chest thing.  If I do not feel better by Monday, I will call the doctor.

Feeling so tired and drained last night, when we got home, I just went up to get ready for bed.  Didn't get to bed as early as I would have liked, but didn't stay up late either.  Did NOT ride my bike but did my push-ups.

I did not weigh in today.  IDK, with not feeling good, and then having the dinner out last night (keto pizza and salad), I just didn't want to drag out the scale today.  I did notice last night that I AM getting some bulk in my arms - exactly what I want -- but didn't want to feel "punished" for this bulk with a higher number on the scale.  So now I'm thinking I'll weigh in at the end of June, maybe...

My weight training schedule - the way I have it adjusted now, will work well for me.  Saturday and Sunday, I work with heavier weights, extensively on upper body muscle groups.  Tuesday is lower body.  Thursday is total body overall, but with high reps, light weights.  I shouldn't have to readjust my morning routine at all.

It is a beautiful day here today, but tomorrow promises rain, which is fine, because I have 2 books waiting for me at the  library - I'm so excited!  I love to read, and I didn't have anything that I really wanted to read this week, which I think was part of the reason why my bedtime routine was so messed up -- which ended up with not very good sleep times.  Library, laundry, walking, weights, reading and relaxing.

My priority for next week is getting more sleep.  This HAS to happen. 


Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 06/08/2019:
Not getting on the scale can be very effective for me.....especially if you think you might not be totally happy with it...muscle does play that trick on the scales.....body looks better...scales...not so much.....definately the look is way more important.....Sounds like you will have a nice weekend!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2019:
Well, when you are sick, it's best to rest. taking off from the bike was prob the best decision. and i'm sure you'll enjoy the yoga far more when you are feeling better. it's good you did keep the pushups as they don't take that long and the muscle definition works out so much better without missing sessions. so that's good too!

where did you get a keto pizza!? and speaking of which, i had that same thing for dinner tonight! 1/2 a caulipower pizza, shared with Ricky! it was AMAZINGLY GREAT.

Along with you getting more sleep, that's a goal of mine too because now i cannot be "shot" come Saturday since i have a class most of the day...so i'll have to really make good use of rest time when i can here and there and make good use of the rest of the weekends.

i have a book waiting for me at the library too ;)

happy-1 on 06/09/2019:
Sleep is super essential! I feel you on that.

I thought the rule for workouts and rest was anything below the neck you have to rest? Like a cold and breathing?

Donkey - Thursday Jun 06, 2019
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 135.5

 Really struggling this week, but strangely enough not with food.   My stress levels are through the roof at work.   Too many time sensitive things,  too many people wasting my time.   

Had it out with my boss about the never-ending struggle to get communications from Associate and Nice Lady.  He gives out his email address instead of mine. Associate never reads his email,  so I have to wait for Nice Lady to forward everything to me.   There's many other examples of how I'm being excluded from information from these 2 as well.  Finally exploded at my boss,  saying information sharing is a two-way street.  I can't do my job if I'm cut out of the loop. 

The real problem is that Associate is not that good of an attorney and relies heavily on Nice Lady to help him figure it out 

I keep telling myself that I just have to let this go.  If it means an inferior work product,  then that's on them (boss, Associate,  Nice Lady).  I have a good life and I should NOT allow their misery and mediocrity poison that. 


So woke up too stressed to change my routine this morning.  I need my morning routine.  Therefore,  I will make revisions to my weight training plan tonight:  short bike ride w resistance and then light weights, high reps on upper and lower body.  

I think this version will work for me.  Heavier weights 3 days a week as originally planned on days I have more time and less stress,  i.e. Sat., Sun., and Tues , rest days,  then one weekday evening with light weights.  My schedule and stress levels should be able to work with this. 

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only -1 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 06/06/2019:
Yup....just let it go......if the office isn't running to the best of it's ability...then the only way the bosses will ever figure it out is by experiencing it themselves......Do what you can do with whatever you have to work with....and if they confront you about something tell them the truth......and let them fix it. It's really all the office managers job. Office politics are a thing.....and the squeaky wheel just get talked about....sad but true......and above and before everything else....if you don't own the business then leave the business there when you leave everyday...let the owners worry after hours....because they don't pay you to store their junk in your head after hours. This is coming from a prior business owner and also a medical secretary who worked for someone else. It's frustrating in both situations......but it's the business owner or office manager that gets paid to take it all home in their head.

Donkey on 06/08/2019:
100% correct. I did better with this on Friday. A situation came up -- again with Nice Lady -- and then just let it go, saying to myself, "He knows what he's doing. This is actually a good thing for me." And I think so -- he said to me, "you don't want this client; he'll be very difficult."

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/06/2019:
was your boss doing it intentionally not to include you as a way to hurt you or he hadn't thought of the effect it had on your work? either way, it's good you spoke to your boss. lol maybe next time do it before you get to the point of exploding!? bc it sounds like you did the right thing to speak to him to add you on emails..

of course let the rest of it go - speaking to your boss to help yourself to get work done is needed though. everyone else is trivial.

yes, you decide the right "plan" for workouts for you.

i also change my plans at times, as i mentioned to you yesterday i think. i am also changing today's plan and not working out tonight in order to feel more rested tomorrow. and also to eat better tonight.

Donkey on 06/08/2019:
My boss does what he wants to do, and doesn't let anyone's opinion sway him. I knew that's why I could just vent and then let it go. I think he knew it too, as we talked about it later on in a calm and quiet manner. I tried to end the week on a very "up" beat -- everything closed or is scheduled. And that's good.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/08/2019:
I hope you feel better soon, pretty woman!

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