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Donkey - Wednesday Oct 07, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 144.0

Got all my goals done last night. I finished the chapter I was reading and started into the next one before I got too sleepy to continue.

Every day this week, my goal will be to leave work before 5:30pm. Yesterday, Mistakes Girl left at 4:53p!  And sure enough, someone called at 5:05pm wanting to talk to the Boss, who left at 4:30pm.

I did not go to the gym last night.  I thought about it, but then decided to stay home, so that I could accomplish weights and outdoors walk.  This is our last week of beautiful, perfect weather, so I need to grab these days while I can.  

  • Tonight is the VP debate, so I will not go to the gym.  I may not do much else tonight.  Bike ride or walk, perhaps, before showering & getting ready for bed, before watching the debate.
  • Tomorrow night, I have a Zoom meeting with 2 of the other volunteers from the legal clinic, to talk about whether or not we are ready to re-open.  This led to a brief but interesting conversation with Husband.  No answers, but it was nice to hear his thoughts. 


Progress as of today: 42.5 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 10/07/2020:
I'm looking forward to the debate as well......Sounds like everyone likes to escape early....UGH

Maria7 on 10/07/2020:
I'm not thrilled about watching this debate if it is anything like the one we watched recently.

grannyannie on 10/07/2020:
VP debate is wrong time zone for me but CNN will likely replay it at 8am my time. Anxious to see it!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/07/2020:
I also have some MAJOR problems reading if/when sleepy and I have a BIG tendency to fall asleep reading if i'm not too interested in matter i'm reading about. i don't think it happened much with paralegal...but it's happening so much studying project management. i'm just not as invested...maybe because i invested nothing into it, none of my money, and i know the test is hard, it's hard to stay motivated....eh, not good reasoning here!

anyways, let me get back to you. YOU on the other hand, sound really productive the past couple weeks on doing things for YOU (yes!) and for work.

def grab the days while you can outdoors. There was someone on TV today from Chicago (guest on a tv show!) and the producers said to that person how they give that person a lot of credit because they certainly can get some bad weather mix in the Winters! I thought of you!

Donkey - Tuesday Oct 06, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 144.0

Unfortunately, I ran out of time to write this morning.  I woke up at 4:18am and I should have gotten out of bed then, but husband was in the bathroom already, getting his day started (shower), so I decided to stay in bed.  Then it because SUPER hard to get up.  Lesson learned.

I managed to get 1.5 of my goals completed.  I did leave work almost at 5pm!  This works, to have this as a goal :-)  I read my book, but did not finish the chapter I wanted to complete, because I got too tired.  I did not walk outside in the evening, for some reason, even though it was a nice night.

One lesson I learned from Monday:  So I'm not sure I mentioned it but on Friday, I stayed at work until AFTER 6:30PM trying to deal with a file that blew up at around 4:50p.  Then, as I'm working on the file that's on fire, I'm getting other emails from annoying clients who aren't reading what I sent them.  UGH!

Well, it turns out that EVERYTHING I worked late for on Friday was for NOTHING.  The file wasn't on fire, and it was able to close on Monday afternoon as scheduled.  Whoa... It's gonna be a while before I let THAT happen to me again.  Another lesson learned.

Goals for tonight:

  • Leave work before 5:30pm - DONE
  • Walk outside - DONE
  • Finish reading chapter - NEXT
  • Weights - DONE

Progress as of today: 42.5 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 10/06/2020:
That must be frustrating.....why do people wait for the last minute to make calls to offices?

Donkey on 10/06/2020:
I don't have a good answer for that. I know that I send out emails after 5pm because I don't want to have to deal with them on Monday (or the next work day). My boss would be OK if I left them for later, but eventually, they'd catch up to me... or I'd walk in and have 108 emails waiting for me.

A bad start is anything over 25 emails in the morning, to start the day.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/06/2020:
don't feel bad about not walking...i skipped weights tonight...i'll do it tomorrow ;)

lately, i feel that doing weights TWO or 3 days a week could become regular for me...especially if i need to start a new job...i may actually drop down to 2 days a week once a month or so...and the rest of the weeks of the month keep it around 3...as best i can. looking to "cut corners" in terms of exercise once i start working again...i think i'll have to...

back to you - good job leaving on time.

one thing i learned at work - in order to avoid some overtime, i'd have to stop in the middle of a task and come back to it the next time...i couldn't always finish a task and leave on time..

Donkey on 10/06/2020:
Actually, I'm kind of glad you talked about your plans for weight training. That's helpful to hear.

If my desk wasn't in the middle of every walk-way, I'd consider leaving things on my desk half-way done. Male Co-Worker does it all the time.

Maria7 on 10/07/2020:
You are very work-oriented, which can be a good thing if you are still taking good care of yourself. Hope you have a good day today.

grannyannie on 10/07/2020:
Work stress is awful! Take care of yourself.

Jacky82020 on 10/07/2020:
What a busy schedule you have!!! But you handle it so well.

Donkey - Monday Oct 05, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 144.0

Note:  I finally did read last night, but I started much later than I had anticipated.  

I've been trying to make a plan for myself this week, as far as gym, weights, etc., but I'm finding that there are too many variables for me, mainly because one never knows how long I'll need to stay at work. I'm going to make it a goal of mine to leave as close to 5pm as possible.

  • Leave work before 5:30p
  • Evening walk outdoors
  • Finish chapter in book

These are good goals.  I do want to go to the gym tonight, but from 8p-9p, there is some TV I want to watch.  So not tonight.  And although I'm finding it difficult to make goals this week, I know already that there won't be any gym on Wednesday night.

No weights today, it's a rest day.  I'm feeling a little soreness in my shoulders this morning, but gladly, it's more of a "hey, I worked this muscle" ache than it is a "oh I strained my shoulders" or "oh my aching shoulder joint" pain.

One of the reasons I'm not sure what will happen this week, is because Son called me yesterday, wanting to meet up in North Dakota so that we can give him his computer, headphones, and winter boots.  This was an unexpected request.  I was afraid that perhaps he was wanting us to visit, and this would not really be a proper visit, since we're just making a delivery.  So I called him last night, and he assured me that he was not needing a visit, but really wanted his computer and will need his snowboots.  

I remembered seeing the work calendar before I left on Friday -- AFTER 6:30PM, did I mention that ??? --- and realized that this is going to be another busy week, with daily tasks.  So I told him that this weekend is unlikely but perhaps next week.   We promised to let each other know what happens Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, to see if the trip would work.  Otherwise, we'll mail him his boots and headphones.  IDK about the computer....

Progress as of today: 42.5 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/05/2020:
It's hard to make a schedule when you have to be so flexible - and very frustrating!

bearcountrygg on 10/05/2020:
Good goals.....How long would it take you to get to North Dakota?

Donkey on 10/06/2020:
16 hours? It would need to be an overnight thing.

My back prevents me from riding longer than 3 hours straight. After that, even with a stretch and a walk, it's all pain after that.

legcramps on 10/05/2020:
Is that a long trip to make to see son? If it is not too long, I would welcome the change of pace and scenery :)

I hope you are still focusing on getting enough rest.

Donkey on 10/06/2020:
Incredibly long drive and painful. Not an easy endeavor.

Maria7 on 10/05/2020:
Hubby and I had our walk outdoors this morning. Refreshing!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/05/2020:
there was a time, quite a long time ago, between 5-9 years ago, when i was working lots of overtime. and like you and the others say, it becomes hard to plan anything after work.

do you get paid for your overtime?

Maria7 on 10/06/2020:
Hope you are having a good day.

Donkey - Sunday Oct 04, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 144.0

Good morning!  The morning gray sky has cleared up a bit and now it is sunny with blue sky and puffy white clouds.  Perfect for a nature walk, once my daughter wakes up and is ready.

I updated my list from yesterday and accomplished most of what I wanted to do.  Today's goals:

  • Nature walk with daughter - DONE
  • Gym
  • Fold & put away laundry - DONE
  • Weights (at home) - back, chest, legs - DONE
  • Read (Lewis & Clark book) - later tonight, this WILL get DONE
  • Stop off at the office and cover Boss' outdoor potted plant (frost advisory tonight) - DONE
  • organize plastic containers cabinet - DONE

I have fat in unusual places.  As you may recall, I've complained a LOT about my fat knees.  Well, last night, after my shower, I fluff up my thinning hair with my hands lifted above my head - sort of in the position you would have them if you were doing a sit up - and as I'm shaking my fingers through my hair, I see a wobble in my lower arms.  Well, I've been keeping an eye on this area, and doing tricep exercises, and I had noticed this "wobble" flab before.  

So I lowered my arms and doing some pinching, I've come to realize that I have fat arm pits.  Great.  Fat knees, fat pits.  That's just great.

 AFTERNOON EDIT:  One of the most important tasks for this entire weekend was omitted from my lists yesterday and today, but today I got it DONE, so I put it on the list.  This is an area of the house that needs regular organizing.  It's too easy to throw the clean containers haphazardly into the cabinet.  Eventually, someone opens the cabinet door and they all fall out.  Inspired by Happy, I made it my mission to keep this area organized, focusing on it on a frequent basis.

I had a lovely nature walk with my daughter.  It was almost a little too busy for my liking.  It is not a large conservation area, so we kept crossing paths with the same few groups.  This would be a path that I could do on my own, which was one of my goals today, to see if it were something I could do independently.  Also, most of it would be something that husband could probably handle if he were up to it.

There is another hiking area that I'd like to take daughter to, to see if I can manage that alone.  It is larger, so maybe not.  She has a larger area to share with me, that she thinks I might like too.  Both of those are larger, though, so I don't know if I'd want to ever do those alone.

I may or may not make it to the gym.  I usually go Sunday afternoons.  I think the hike may have been fulfillment enough.


Progress as of today: 42.5 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 10/04/2020:
You are way too hard on yourself! I hope you have a great nature hike.

Donkey on 10/04/2020:
Thank you for pointing this out. Yes, I am often quite unforgiving of myself.

Hiking was good! I will write more about this.

grannyannie on 10/04/2020:
Sounds like a nice day.

Some of us call that jiggly flab under your arms 'batwings'. I tried and tried to build the triceps but after you hit a certain age you might as well give up. The flab won't go away. You can still work on triceps of course, but it won't 'suck up' the flab. Having bulging biceps could distract from it though. :)

Donkey on 10/04/2020:
LOL, yep, I'm afraid you're right about the flab - and under the arms seems to be particularly difficult. Once it's there, it's very, very difficult to banish - even if one loses more weight.

That's right about a big bicep though. Thanks, I'll definitely keep that in mind. More motivation to pick up those weights!

Maria7 on 10/04/2020:
A gift to us all as we age, even if we are active. Just have to accept it and know you are beautiful, regardless! Smile!

Donkey on 10/04/2020:
So true, so true. I just need to keep reminding myself of this.

bearcountrygg on 10/04/2020:
I would say that is just about right for normal healthy women Donk!!! It's OK..OUR arms still work....and so we have lots to be thankful for....And our fat legs still keep us moving around ...we have lots to be thankful for.....!!

Donkey on 10/04/2020:
AMEN! You are so right!

Maria7 on 10/04/2020:
Sounds like you had a very nice walk with your Daughter.

Coffee&Calories on 10/05/2020:
I understand the frustration of seeing our bodies change as the years pass! But at least we all go through it - you're not alone :)

Donkey - Saturday Oct 03, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 144.0

 Well.... this is NOT how I wanted to start off October, with a 2-pound gain.  Yesterday's eating was completely atypical for me, with the birthday party we had at work for the Boss.  Lots of carbs, an then a cake.  Also, my body seems to be trying to make up its mind if TOM is here or not.  It's not due to start for another week or so, but this week, I felt like it was starting.  For me, it starts off slow and then kicks in.  Well, I've had a whole WEEK of "starting slow" but I'm thinking maybe the hormones are causing some bloat.  

It's not painful, per se, but just a bit uncomfortable and a lot unnerving.  Last month was a difficult month.  We'll see how this month goes before I start thinking about calling the doctor.  Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but with COVID, it's not as easy to make a doctor's appointment these days.

There is so much I want to do today, and I'm afraid I won't have enough time to get it all done:

  • Laundry - DONE
  • Early voting - did not happen
  • Gym - DONE
  • Yardwork - DONE
  • Weights (at home) - DONE
  • Walk cornfield route neighborhood loop - DONE

Some good news for our family unit:  Daughter is getting a promotion and her days off are changing, at least temporarily.  So now I will have someone to go hiking with on Sunday, if she is willing.  She usually is, because she likes to hike too. I desperately need to be out in nature, so I'm hoping she'll go with me tomorrow, to a smaller nature preserve for a shorter walk.

Also I NEED her to show me how to use the weight machines at the gym.  I don't like to impose my needs on her, but I think for this, I'm going to push this a little bit. I know she's quite willing to do this, because we've talked about it.  It's just finding the time to be with her to do this.  Perhaps now we will have that opportunity.  Once she shows me, I'll be good to go on my own, so it would be only a minor "obligation" on her.  Well, I suppose if it doesn't happen, then so be it, but I am going to try to make this happen sooner rather than later.

Of course, there are other many  more signficant benefits to her promotion, but I only described these 2 benefits, as they affect me, for the purposes of DD.

OK, time to get those things on my list started!

Progress as of today: 42.5 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/03/2020:
Hang in there you'll lose it. I love the resistance machines at the gym. I really miss that.

Maria7 on 10/03/2020:
Congrats on your Daughter's promotion.

bearcountrygg on 10/03/2020:
That store is making all kinds of changes...Son T is in the same situation...restructuring and moving things around......but he also will be staying with the company in a new position...he's happy with that.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/03/2020:
I want to say a big congratulations to your daughter. I am so happy to hear the good news for your family. I hope you can learn a few thigns from her at the gym. Of course, you can also google what to do for certain muscles you want to work and what gym equipment is good...but it'd be more fun with your daughter i'm sure!! :)

next, it is VERY hard to make doctor's appointments! for a dermatologist, i had to wait over a month.

i had a gynocologist appt cancelled last March and she isn't back yet to the office i do not think. ... glad i at least got my glasses/opthomologist appt last March and regular checkup. :)

coffee&calories on 10/04/2020:
Congrats to your daughter! I hear you on the doctors appts

thinkpositive on 10/05/2020:
Carbs are my downfall. Nature is important to me as well. Good plan to go hiking with your daughter.

Donkey - Friday Oct 02, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 142.0

 I'm running out of time to write this morning.  DRAT.

Thank goodness today is Friday. And the Boss turns 70 on Sunday,  so we're having a lunch party for him today.  Means I don't have to fix a lunch. But also means the menu will be most unfriendly:  tacos, tamales, rice.  I'm bringing fruit. 

I rode my bike (the one I don't like) last night for a little bit,  did some light weights,  and then went for a walk in search of Halloween decorations in the neighborhood,  with no success. 

Yesterday,  New Guy brought in the most beautiful box of donuts to work.  I kept catching myself trying to work out ways to eat one. Then I remembered,  "hard work and dedication" so I decided to take one of the donuts that I really wanted,  too freeze at home. And when I reach my goal weight,  then I can eat it if I still want it. 

Husband is leaning towards NOT going to Chair Yoga tonight because it's outdoors and it's cold outside. I told him, I'm up for whatever he wants to do. 

Progress as of today: 44.5 lbs lost so far, only 7 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 10/02/2020:
Good idea with the doughnut!

innerpeace on 10/02/2020:
I have noticed a lot of Halloween decorations too. I see a lot of blow ups and they are cute if you like that sort of thing. When that donut thaws won't it be soggy/mushy...eww! When you make goal weight, go out and buy a fresh one and enjoy the hell out of it! Have a great weekend!

Donkey on 10/03/2020:
Just between you and me, I don't even care about the donut. I just want to scrape all the icing off the top, and that should survive any kind of freezing and thawing.

grannyannie on 10/02/2020:
Doughnuts are so hard to resist. When I worked in an office in TN sometimes one of the staff would bring in a box of warm Krispy Kremes and when we ate them our eyes would roll back in our heads with pleasure!

horn_of_plenty on 10/02/2020:
Well, that’s the best idea I ever heard with regards to the donut ! Good idea seems when you really limit the sweets, you do very very well. May as well stick to your goals and reach them!

Nice job exercising and getting these activities in after resting last night :)

KathyBlue on 10/03/2020:
Hard work and dedication! YESSS!!! Nice job on the exercising. Cold outside is not an excuse, exercise means body will warm up in a short time and that cold feeling will be anyways gone! Remember - it's always difficult to START something, but it gets easier when you're on the way. Then it becomes a habit and a need! Have a nice weekend :)

Donkey - Thursday Oct 01, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 142.0

I sleep with a box fan on during the night, for white noise.  At 4am, the fan started making a flapping sound.  I think the fan was blowing on the curtain - too cold to blow on us directly - and that what was making the noise.  So I finally got up at 4:30a to move the fan, and decided I would just start my day then.

Since it was still too dark outside when I finished my morning bike ride, I decided to log in here on my laptop.  I will go outside to water plants and fill up the bird baths after I'm done writing here.

I'm not sure what to do with my extra time this morning.  How nice to have this!

This week has been a long week.  Even my co-workers are feeling it.  We were all hoping yesterday was Thursday.  Alas, no, only Wednesday.  But today is Thursday, which means that the weekend will soon be here.

Veterans Chair Yoga is this Friday, but if it's held outdoors, Husband is saying he doesn't want to go.  I'm trying to encourage him to go, letting him know that I'm up for it if he is.  So we'll see.  I do not anticipate having any other plans for the weekend.

FOLLOW UP:  If you noticed my response to Horn on yesterday's entry, my car repairs are much more than what my husband thought they would be.  I'm not too surprised.  The car was running very rough - felt like the wheels could pop off at any minute.  And the brakes would squeak.  Plus the oil change and tire lights were on... so yeah.  The car needs work.

I had a FB friend ask if it was possible to lose 80 pounds in 9 months (without having a baby).  She received a couple of replies that said that it can be done, but requires dedication and hard work.  So, I've been catching myself a few times, since this post, reminding myself that this takes dedication and hard work. It's helped me resist a few snacks that I was craving. So that is my focus this month:  dedication to doing the hard work.

I've come to realize that I don't really like exercising on the newer bike that we have (that we bought for Husband and he hasn't used ONCE).  So I'm taking a break.  Last night, I hopped on my older bike, which has less effective resistance, just to loosen up my legs and hips, and that was better.  No weights.  I did take a walk last night around the block, to look at Halloween decorations. Outside of our cul de sac, nobody else seems to have much up yet.  I have another route planned for the next evening walk, when that happens.

I'm having problems taking first steps:

  • Want to sign up for Zoom yoga again, with my old instructor.  I should be able to do that now, with work slowing down a little bit.  Just gotta sign up and pay.  Having problems doing this - procrastination.
  • Want to go to the gym at night during the week.  It doesn't even have to be every night - just 1-2 extra nights in addition to the weekend.  Having problems doing this, because it means leaving the house in the dark.

I know that getting started is the hardest part.  It seems to be unusually difficult for me this time around.

Progress as of today: 44.5 lbs lost so far, only 7 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 10/01/2020:
I’ve tried all kinds of white noises, not to mention surf & rain sounds etc. Nothing much worked for me. The noise was from railroad tracks a mile away. This year they completed an overhead train track, eliminating those whistles. My god! They drove me nuts.

Seems it would be possible but difficult to lose 10 pds a month. But all depends on how heavy a person is to begin with. Always thought I’d get gastric bypass etc if I were really fat, but never got that bad.

grannyannie on 10/01/2020:
Car repairs are such a pain!

It's nice to get up really early and have a quiet morning to yourself.

80 lbs in 9 months is pushing it I think. I think 2 lbs a week is the maximum one should lose.

Husband said my gym membership fee was taken out today but I thought they wouldn't do it until December. Anyway I'm not going back until either Covid is gone or there is a safe effective vaccine. I emailed them to cancel my membership.

legcramps on 10/01/2020:
The hardest parts are the beginning, and then being consistent. You can do it; keep those mantras going!

bearcountrygg on 10/01/2020:
I don't like to go anywhere at night in the dark either...mornings are ok with me....somehow they feel safer...but night...no.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/01/2020:
sorry about the car repairs! ugh! my care is just a bit higher in mileage and it's given me a lot of luck in the 11 years i have had it :) a 2009 ponitac vibe. it's gotten oil changes and new tires and it seems to hold up so well, knock wood...

i have also changed an air filter at least once. be careful what they suck you into changing...

just want to congratulate you on your hard work (at work) and doing it consistently. a consistent paycheck is a good thing...a VERY good thing.

lastly, i really like your main goal of "doing the hard work" and dedication for this month in terms of diet and health.

it's easy to forget how hard we worked when we initially lost the weight. i think for you, that you love your desserts, to def not "do away" with them...

i have a friend, my french friend that i went to visit...

she loves desserts and although she isn't as stressed as you bc she isn't working, so there's other factors involved that i cannot compare at all as you lead very different lives (she single, you married..), but, she eats her fair share of desserts but only has ONE bigger meal a day. it works for her.

she has a disability so there's that. and the extra weight, if she had any, would be another disadvantage for her. so, she begins her day with just fruit and tea, then snacks if she's out working, then lunch, then a bigger meal at home...and that's about it. and if she isn't in the mood for the bigger meal at home, she'll just have cake and tea! lol. she's really good with her weight and when she does eat a meal, she eats really well (even more than i might!).

anyways, what am i trying to say? !

well, for one, my French friend may look like it's just easy for her to control her weight, but actually, she works hard at it too. she enjoys her baked goods, but, that's the treat...and it's not an all-day treatfest.

anyways, it's interesting to see her in action. I couldn't ever follow her diet plan, that's for sure.

so keep doing what works for you...

and sweets can def be a part of it.

Donkey - Wednesday Sep 30, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 142.0

No exercise of any kind last night. Had extra dessert too.  I was so tired.  The break did me well. I know I could have done WITHOUT  the extra sugar calories.  Oh well,  keep trying. 

Not much time to write this morning,  as I have to drop off my car   at the shop before work. 

Last day of September.  Wish it was Friday.  Even Thursday would give me hope.  Alas,  it's only Wednesday.  Just have to get through this. 

Progress as of today: 44.5 lbs lost so far, only 7 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/30/2020:
Sometimes you just need a treat and a lazy day or night. Hope the rest of the week goes by quickly for you.

Donkey on 10/01/2020:
I agree with you on the lazy night. I'm making some changes this month, in that regard.

I'll write about the rest of the week in today's entry :-)

Horn_of_plenty on 09/30/2020:
hope everything goes well with your car and work today :) it's HUMP day! so by the end of today, you are already halfway thru the week :)

rest is important - i think more than exercise actually. because rest allows you to do more the next day, heal, recover.

Donkey on 10/01/2020:
Oh my the car is gonna be expensive! I kept telling my husband that it's not running right. The oil change light was on, the tire light was on, and it's time for the 100,000 mile maintenance, even though I'm only at 94,000-ish.

I think I get the car back today, and then it goes back in soon for new brakes - a good thing for winter.

legcramps on 09/30/2020:
That's right, there are going to be weeks where we struggle and weeks that seem like they go by so smoothly...that will always be...you are doing great getting through this one, so just keep on going Donkey. And remember to keep resting. That's what you need right now.

Donkey on 10/01/2020:
This is true. AND I don't rest enough and I don't stretch enough (now that yoga is on hold). Looking to make some changes this new month.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/30/2020:
plus, your last few months on your weight chart are looking GREAT! downward progression since May!

Donkey on 10/01/2020:
Thank you for noticing! I hadn't, but I see that you're right. I shouldn't discount my efforts, even if they haven't been 100% lately.

Donkey - Tuesday Sep 29, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 142.0

 No weights since last Thursday,  but then I realized that I usually take the last week off the month off,  to prepare for the next month's goals.  Ok,  that excuse works, as long as I realize it's just an excuse. 

Male Co-Worker returned to work,  after a week off,  and I feel like the balance has been restored. As I explained to him, not so much the work, but more so the sanity. 

He was very busy. It sucks to have to come back to crazy busy. He said he was surprised that we're still so busy.  Yeah, welcome to my life!  I am starting to see a slight slowdown. I stayed late to catch up,  but spent so much time correcting Mistakes Girl that I didn't make much progress. 

I don't have much to add or mention. I'm feeling incredibly burned out.

Progress as of today: 44.5 lbs lost so far, only 7 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/29/2020:
Sorry for the work stress. Are you still thinking about finding a new job?

Donkey on 09/30/2020:
The only new job I'm considering would be at Walmart. Otherwise, I might as well stay where I'm at.

bearcountrygg on 09/29/2020:
Glad that the coworker returned...hopefully it will get better.

Donkey on 09/30/2020:
At least he understands a lot of my frustrations. So that helps. I'm always very careful to qualify what I'm venting to him about.

legcramps on 09/29/2020:
Hopefully now that your co-worker has returned, things won't be so busy for you. I understand the burn-out. Try to get some rest.

Donkey on 09/30/2020:
I rested from any workouts last night and I felt really good, physically, this morning. I might be burning out.

That is to say, I may need more rest.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/29/2020:
keep your head up. i'm so proud of you.

If so burned out, perhaps you can take a couple days off soon ? next month?

you have been going on with work for awhile :)

sometimes downtime is good to rest (you say you took some time of weights)...i am freaked to go back to work full-time! the days of late wakeups and great sleep are over! not sure when going back to work or where, just thought i'd mention that!

Donkey on 09/30/2020:
I need to take some time off but can't do that until we're less busy. This is why I resent my job so much.

innerpeace on 09/30/2020:
Can mistakes girl not learn? Or does she just not care? I think I would get irritated with her real fast. Your patience is admirable.

Donkey - Monday Sep 28, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 142.0

 The pumpkin cookies are gone,  and I'm ok with that. 

Looking back in my diary, this last 10 pounds was gained because I was eating too many cookies.  Struepwaffles, too be specific. So this stops now. 

I did not do weights.  I started feeling a lot of joint pain,  and then lower back pain during dinner.  I attribute this to hormones, and not my workout at the gym.  It was a completely different feeling than overexertion. Also,  TOM is due in about 10 days,  so that's about right. I took Aleve, but then had to take Tylenol,  and then had to take 2 more Tylenol. Then I went to bed. 

Now that I have found Endeavor,  I also found Grandchester and Inspector Lewis to watch -- all these Masterpiece Theater shows. And THEN I found out that Great British Baking Show has released season 8.  

So now that I'm determined to go to the gym at night more often,  I have all this TV to watch at home.  Oh the irony!

I'm just praying that work is less busy for me this week. 

Progress as of today: 44.5 lbs lost so far, only 7 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/28/2020:
Be careful with joint pain! Good to avoid aggravating them.

I love British cop and other programmes. If you have it, watch Happy Valley - a cop series from a few years ago. Also Inspector George Gently and Foyle's War.

bearcountrygg on 09/28/2020:
I think seeing how high those things are calorie wise...has been an eye opener for me...yesterday i also had dessert..and the numbers were a bit of a shock after I had eaten it......it's funny how that stuff is so enticing...yet so diet busting and I can see why I originally gained. I'm still drawn to it in the store...that is where ordering grocery pickup at Walmart is better for me...I have a lot more control at the computer than I do when i come eye to eye with that stuff.....I will never avoid it totally...but will limit it coming into the house.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/28/2020:
been there with TOM pain!

those TV shows are great to bike to / exercise along with.

i used to love to go to the gym but 2yrs ago when i started to workout at home, i was able to watch more TV which was nice

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