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Donkey - Saturday Apr 04, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 140.0

Happy Saturday!!!  I'm so happy to be home!

And while I'm glad not to be at work today, I am grateful that I have a job.  I will be productive at work as long as my purchase files (buyers) can keep their jobs.  We don't have many sales coming in, so Male Co-Worker won't be very busy.  As long as we keep getting phone calls and new contracts, Mistakes Girl will be busy enough.  Nice Lady went home early yesterday, because if she had stayed, then she wouldn't have work to do on Monday.

Male Co-Worker will be back at work on Monday.  They are trying to see if he can heal without surgery; he'll be re-evaluated in May, unless he takes a turn for the worse.  He has inspired me to increase my fiber intake.  In the meantime, his wife just found out yesterday (Friday) that she lost her customer service job.  She is one of those people that, although she CAN retire, she's intent on working until she's dead.  Well, maybe this is the universe's way of telling her to retire now. 

 I rode my bike last night and did my push-ups, but could not motivate myself to do any weight-training.  My rationalization was that I can do weights today, while I watch my Saturday afternoon shows, so that I'm not wasting 2 hours of TV, just sitting there.  Today will be biceps and triceps.

The Yoga Studio is offering classes that I can take this coming up week, including my usual fast-slow class, so I think I will sign up.  Yay!

The outdoor weather today is kind of gloomy.  There was rain overnight, so the ground is still rather wet.  If the sun comes out, I may be inclined to take a walk outside.  Otherwise, I'll probably stay indoors, although... I've been thinking about taking a chair out to the backyard and just sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy the fresh air.  

I may walk on the treadmill this evening, as I have no other plans tonight as I have an exciting night of British season premier TV shows to watch!


Progress as of today: 46.5 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/04/2020:

will write more later, but, attached you'll find the crusts. and calories and nutrition. i think when i bought them they used a different recipe that had like 5 ingredients? now online it says it has only 3 ingredients. it was rather new when i bought them, this product, so i'm sure they have made changes. i also tried their lighter version of the crusts, but i do like the regular ones better. mine in my freezer aren't even labeled so i'm not even sure what i'm eating anymore. when i ordered them in bulk, they were packaged in clear wrap and not labeled...i had ordered a bunch of different types...! nice to have these with all the fiber and stuff as an alternative in my fridge now.

Donkey on 04/04/2020:
^ Thank you for the link - those look delicious!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/04/2020:
That’s so true that his wife may just retire now bc it will maybe be tough to get a job again once the markets / economy start hiring again. I know a couple people myself that love to work and don’t want to sit home !

Nice nice nice on all the exercise last night and also being able to sign up for yoga this week !!!!

I def support sitting outside and enjoying the spring air !!!!

Donkey - Friday Apr 03, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 140.0

 Not much new to post here but I wanted to stay accountable. 

Last night was a rest day for weights,  so I did an extended bike ride.  Also did my push-ups.  Eating was in check.  Not stellar but in check. 

Work is still busy enough for me because we have a lot of purchase files whose buyers are still employed.  However,  Mistakes Girl and Male Co-Worker will soon run out of work to do because the sales are drying up quickly.  So it's a good time for Male Co-Worker to be out for his surgery, if that happens.  We find out today.  Mistakes Girl will always have a job because she speaks Spanish.  Some day,  she may replace me. 

I've been thinking about reaching out to the yoga studio to ask them if there is another way I can help support their business,  since their class schedule doesn't work for me (since I still work).  What do you think?

Progress as of today: 46.5 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/03/2020:
I know a few people who have taken their houses off the market because they don't want strangers walking through and touching things and I totally agree......I sold real estate back in the early 80's...and it's true...THEY TOUCH EVERYTHING...plus....every cough, sneeze, etc.....just contaminates the place for owners and buyers.......The business coming through now was probably mostly before all the quarantines began. I hope you get to have some time off soon.....

Horn_of_plenty on 04/04/2020:
Personally I don’t think she can replace you bc she makes a lot of mistakes :-)

Donkey - Thursday Apr 02, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 140.0

 I had written a post yesterday but could not submit it because the site was down...  pretty much the whole day!

Keeping in the spirit of my 30-day challenge,  I weighed in yesterday.  I was surprised that the number wasn't higher with all the stress eating I was doing.  It is what it is,  now moving forward. 

I could not help hearing my doctor's voice (in my head), quite like my appointment in February:  "You've gained some weight.  Why do you think that happened?"  Ha ha ha...

Male Co-Worker is going to be out of the office,  we think,  presuming he gets the essential surgery on his large intestine.  We'll know for sure tomorrow, after his appointment with the surgeon.

So no time off for Donkey this month.   NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT.  On the other hand,  work is rather light, and will probably get lighter before it gets busier. 

Back and chest weights last night.  3 sets of 20 push-ups.  No yoga. Did better with eating. 

I'd better submit this before the site crashes!

Progress as of today: 46.5 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/02/2020:
You sound great! Although a lot of us have it easy, it’s not the worst situation to keep your job assuming that you stay healthy. ...

Keep up the good work and remember to try to take it easy if you can throughout the month and if you do feel run down, take a day off. Well that’s my opinion :)

Donkey on 04/04/2020:
Yes, I am going to give myself some grace and take a day off if I need it :)

bearcountrygg on 04/02/2020:
Your doctor...LOL...Now how do you think this happened....well I don't know doctor....I only drink water...I gave up food a long time ago...what do you think?...LOL Wish you could have some time off.....:( And I answered your questions on yesterdays post....my first response was a lot longer and in more detail...but couldn't get it to post...so I answered it quicker this morning.

Donkey - Tuesday Mar 31, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 138.5

 Only 2 contracts yesterday,  and both clients are awful people,  so of course they'd be out and about,  buying and selling. 

I managed to keep busy all day at work. However,  Male Co-Worker is out for the rest of the week.  He's been dealing with a GI issue,  trying to avoid surgery and stay out of the hospital,  so he's at home to rest and heal, hopefully.  He has lost 15+ pounds, because he's unable to eat much. 

I, on the other hand, have been eating way too much.  I do ok until the evenings.  Last night,  ate 5 chocolates,  done brownies,  and 3 chocolate chip cookies.   This must STOP!

Oddly enough,  Sunday evening,  I felt very motivated by the 30 day shelter down extension. It made me think,  Wow, what could I achieve within 30 days?

  • I'm going to start another push-ups challenge.
  • I've GOT to get the eating under control!  
  • Weights,  weights,  weights!
  • Getting back into my yoga practice,  even if it's on YouTube.  

I found a yoga YT I want to do.  Should have done it last night instead of eating all that sugar junk!

I did yoga Sunday night. It was ok,  but again,  realized house far behind I've fallen.  Last night,  after eating all that sugar,  I did weights (biceps,  triceps,  shoulders).  I'm seeing progress in my arms!

Trying to do my best.  Things are not ok, but trying to find the "ok" in this stressful time.

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only 11.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/31/2020:
The eating...yup...join the club. Good idea getting back into yoga.....and weights....keep it up...you are doing great!

Donkey on 04/01/2020:
I did better last night. Just gotta keep on trying!

legcramps on 03/31/2020:
Your 30 day shelter down challenges sound awesome! I empathize with all of you who are in the US and starting to see your numbers increase so much every day.

P.S. I think your boss is an a$$

Donkey on 04/01/2020:
We've got cases in my little community, and that's kind of scary. And sad.

Yep, my boss has some redeeming qualities, which makes everything more bearable, but I feel like this situation has revealed his true character.

Horn_of_plenty on 03/31/2020:
After eating the sugar last night, it's GREAT you did weights. I am SURE you had a good amount of energy for weights !

When i was having the MOST trouble with my eating, and when i had rejoined a gym/starting working out again, it helped to binge/overeat but then STILL go out to gym.,,it was a time when i was struggling with ALL good habits, and it helped me to keep the gym habit going.

If you like and enjoy yoga, that's all that matters. i do admit i find it VERY hard to balance fitness activities like balancing weight training with then cardio and even balancing upper body with continuing lower body weights :( even out of work, i didn't really have the habits in place for how much i did cardio / lower body so i'm just trying my best to keep the habits in place :) which i am doing!

lol now that my sf gummies were delivered, i've really delved into them today :) not a total calorie blow.

back to you, keep on! i'm totally impressed by you!

Donkey on 04/01/2020:
I must remember your recommendation to workout out anyway, even if eating is not good. Absolutely! YES!

Donkey - Sunday Mar 29, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 138.5

I did a few things today with my computer and smart TV to see if I can do streaming yoga from the Yoga Studio on the bigger TV.  My results:

  • I signed up for Zoom, so now I can sign up for a live Yoga Studio class.  Unfortunately, the only class they are offering in the evenings is "Gentle Yoga" at 8pm on Tuesday.  My thinking is that Gentle Yoga won't be challenging enough.  I suppose I could rationalize paying for the class by saying that I'm supporting a local business...  IDK I haven't made up my mind yet.
  • Fancy Gym has those free yoga classes on YouTube, so now I don't need the internet, because my TV has a YouTube channel on it.  I will write more about this below.
  • I won't be able to stream my laptop onto the TV.  I think that it is possible, per Horn's (or R's, lol) instruction, but I just didn't want to get my husband that involved with my laptop.  He gets very frustrated with my laptop and starts swearing... so just better to work with what I have been able to manage on my own.  I'm OK with that.

 Since I found the You Tube channel for Fancy Gym, I decided I would do a Flow Yoga (fast) 30 minute session.  I get started, and the class is too fast for me, and sad to say, my lack of practice is quite obvious to me.  I could not keep up.  Then I got my left side mixed up with my right side, so my sequencing was wrong.  So I just stood for a minute, and then I saw that my lovely new mat had litter dust on it and a scratch-tear!  Wahhhhhh!

I don't know if it was my toenail, or perhaps more likely a cat paw that made the scratch, but my beautiful sky blue mat now had a small hole in it.  So I abandoned the yoga routine and got a disinfectant wipe and wiped down my mat.  (Wayyy overdue on a cleaning)  Then I got some clear glue and tried to mend my mat.  The glue is still drying as I type this.

Then I went on to mop the floors.  I never went back to the yoga class.  When I came back, there was some kind of weights/sculpting class on, so I turned off the YouTube.

But oh how disappointed I am!  How far I have fallen in my yoga practice!  Or maybe... just maybe.. I was never that good to begin with.  I have suspected that my Fast-Slow teacher at the Yoga Studio has slowed down the pace of her class so that I can keep up.  (I also get my right and left cues confused a LOT, which is probably another reason why she doens't flow as fast as she probably should.)  My shoulder started to hurt, I was clumsy.  Just one big ol' fatty on her yoga mat. :-(

I have often suspected that the "encouragement" that the teacher says during class is not objective.  When she says, "Good job!" -- I don't think it's objectively a good job.  She's just trying to get me to keep going and keep coming to class.  Not being lied to, but then again, not completely honest, either.

Not sure where to go next.  

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only 11.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/29/2020:
Well.....cat owner problems...I find kitty litter in odd places too...hopefully the glue works.......Sampson continually...multiple times daily...likes to reach out to my face...( and this guy has claws that are super long)....he tries to be gentle ( I think he is actually being sweet but the claws ruin it)......he almost always heads for my mouth......and one day...I found ( gag)...a piece of kitty litter stuck to my bottom lip....but I also find it on window sills, the bed, the countertop in the morning ( proving he was up there at night).....there can't anything clean about that....but it is a cat owner problem for all I guess.....

Horn_of_plenty on 03/30/2020:
Maybe when she said good job it’s because she thought that based on your practice, it was a good job ? Not comparing you to anyone else ? Then again, it’s the job of a coach to stay optimistic and push you even when you aren’t as optimistic yourself :)

Personally I think you loved yoga and I also think you were getting better and better at it based on your entries. I was reading today an article from my union newspaper and in my own words it was saying that to become better at anything, you have to practice it regularly. Article was talking about voting and practicing our right so we don’t lost our voices....Other examples it gave I didn’t care for - like bike riding ! It was discussing that since we are kids we practice and we get better.

Don’t judge your yoga so harshly lol because it’s best you keep practicing than give up ! Unless you don’t like yoga anymore, then I’d say it’s worth giving up :)

Horn_of_plenty on 03/30/2020:
That’s a funny joke at the top about it being his suggestion - R lol.

I should use my own smart tv much much more !

I should use YouTube :) we’ll see - I’m not motivated on that front just yet!

Donkey - Saturday Mar 28, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 138.5

It is so nice to be home today!  It rained all night and we're getting severe storms this afternoon, so I am anticipating an indoor day for the most part, although I've been outside already to fill the birdfeeders and put the extension hose back on the sump pump ejection pipe.  The ground by the base of the house was getting flooded because the extension hose had fallen off.  We need a new clamp to fasten the extension hose to the sump pump hose.  I can tell you though that the LAST thing I need to be dealing with on my day off is a flooded basement.  Fingers crossed and prayin' hard...

I have several options for today:  read, knit, weights, bike, puzzle -- I hope I don't watch too much TV.   Then there's the never-endling laundry, cat clean-up, floors.  

One of my goals, though is to do some yoga from home.  Not sure if I want to do videos from the Fancy Gym or from the Yoga Studio.  

Yesterday at work, we had a small-group meeting with the Boss, myself, Mistakes Girl, and Male Co-Worker.  The Boss was saying how we should be grateful that because of him, he's saving us from being confined within 4 walls with our spouse.  I said, "Um, you mean for yourself." and Male Co-Worker said, "Yes, we're all here so that you don't have to be at home with your wife."  Mistakes Girl said, kind of quietly, "I agree with (Donkey)."  He thought that was funny.  The sad thing is that it's really true, because every other real estate law firm is working from home during the shelter-down. 

If one of us gets this virus, then there is a high probability that we will ALL get sick, because I've seen that time and time with colds and sinus infections.  In fact, in October, there was a nasty cold that went from Mistakes Girl to Male Co-Worker to Nice Lady to myself.  While it wasn't a bad cold for myself, I had to be very careful that I didn't get my husband sick.  I can't remember if he got sick from that round.

I can already feel that this may be a challenging day when it comes to eating.  So I'm starting to put together a list of healthy alternatives, including Smart-Pop popcorn (100 calorie bags), Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, maybe a ricotta cheese chocolate dessert.  That might be nice to have anyway.

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only 11.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/28/2020:
It's apparently common knowledge about the boss and his wife...I have to wonder if he got the joke! Maybe he's the problem...LOL......And you sure do not need a flooded basement right now...I been raining all night here too....we had some mud yesterday as well and water laying around...at least it's getting rid of the snow. Real estate companies here are phone only but I don't think they are doing many if any showings.....buying a house isn't on too many peoples minds right now. Eating.......I've been into cookies...nuff said.

Donkey on 03/29/2020:
I am very curious to see if we got any contracts over the weekend. I don't know how agents are handling the shelter-down situation right now. I haven't really had the time to ask them.

Horn_of_plenty on 03/29/2020:
you have a lot of good options for an indoor day! i see you wrote about endless laundry :) here, i share a laundry room to which i have to leave my apartment. if i had laundry machines here, i'd have done so much more now. but, in attempts to limit myself from constantly being downstairs in the communal laundry room, i am waiting :)

yes, it's def not the time to be going to work. perhaps you all should wear masks? that is soooo uncomfortable though! def stay at your desks and don't be talkking to one another if you can help it! i suggest to call each other's desk phones rather than being too close to each other in the office...

i've been doing that too with healthy alternatives. i have my iced coffee, my kombucha, some veggies...and things that work together to help with keeping calories in check. i've been doing a decent job at it except for yesterday.

i find that all the microwavable foods i used to like are really not the same for me anymore. i'm way more into natural food i guess than i used to be....and it feels good to know that the microwavable, frozen foods just don't satiate me the way they did before (which also wasn't that much) and that i am craving them less and less the more i eat them hahaha.

it's good you have the healthy options...i have a lot of fruit now, too.

my sister feeds her 1.5yr old son only the best foods...and i decided that i will indulge in shopping for enough things for me to stay on track too :) extra fruit it is!

keep up the good work :) i will watch your honeycomb video today and thanks for thinking of me to send it! much appreciated. will write you back :)

Donkey on 03/29/2020:
Finally Friday, the boss brought each one of us latex gloves from the title company. Male Co-Worker has painters' masks from when he was refinishing some furniture as a project. Those are the right kind of mask, but something may be better than nothing. He offered one to me, but I passed. The gloves, though, are a good idea.

The main thing we did was to lock our front door so that nobody off the street - including UPS and clients - can come in. We spend more time with each other at work than we do with our own families at home anyway.... I guess.

Seriously, I'm just *waiting* for one of us to get it.

Donkey - Friday Mar 27, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 138.5

 Feeling uplifted this morning.  Maybe it's because it's Friday,  but I think it's because I treated myself better.  I ate more reasonably,  exercised WITH WEIGHTS (lol), slept well.

Ironically,  now that the gym is closed,  I'm doing more weights.  So my exercise stuff is in the basement.  Husband decided he wanted to listen to a rerun broadcast of an old baseball game on the radio.  (YUCK)  So I got my dumbbells and took them upstairs so that I could watch tv and do weights.   PRIORITIES!  I could have chosen to just watch tv, but I'm feeling a lot more motivated to make some upper body gains, in this time of isolation.  I'm itching for another monthly push up challenge!

Last night was biceps, triceps, and a little shoulder work. 

I just realized that maybe the reason why I'm not practicing yoga is because I've always felt it was a social thing for me,  not a solitary activity.  Hmm... I'm going to ponder this.  I really do miss yoga. 

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only 11.5 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 03/27/2020:
I am SO GLAD you are feeling better today and that the weekend is here for you, too!

Yes, i can totally see how you'd be doing more weights since you are exercising at home....THANK GOSH we paid and planned and have our home fitness equipment!!!!! oh how lucky we are (to have indoor weights / bikes / equip) at this crazy time! of course it's a time nobody should have to experience, but, we can be thankful we have our home resources.

no reason why you can't do a ShORT yoga session at home. if you limit it to a smaller, more manageable amount, it may be easier. even like 10 minutes or 15 minutes is better than nothing...i know it's hard to instill new activities / habits at home.

also, you are working, so compared to myself, i'm guessing your time was pretty limited this week!

Donkey on 03/28/2020:
You are 100% correct - there is no reason why I cannot do a short yoga session at home. Why am I so resistant to doing this?

bearcountrygg on 03/27/2020:
You sound motivated to me.......!!! Good!!

Donkey on 03/28/2020:
Thank you :-) I'm not sure if it's actual motivation or more like resignation. This is how things are going to be, probably for another month.... maybe longer...

However, this feeling sure does beat being down in the dumps, that's for sure!

Donkey - Thursday Mar 26, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 138.5

I would invite anyone - including myself,  if I'm reading this entry retrospectively some time in the future - to read my replies to yesterday's comments.  Your comments really helped me realize what was bothering me:  distraction,  lack of focus,  loneliness.  I appreciate all support.  I cannot thank you enough for your help.   I am ready to move forward,  wiser, carefully.


I come to the realization that I need help with my eating.  I've become terribly unbalanced.  Last night,  we had take-out ,  to support a local business,  and it was like I could not eat enough.  Not a binge but just really poor choices and lack of restraint & self-discipline .    Then I had too many chocolates. Again, lack of focus, lack of balance.

Needless to say,  my whole digestive system is upset this morning.  Not the best way to start a day.  And because I wasn't feeling too good,  my day got off to a late start,  so now I'm scrambling .   Oh well. ..

Part of the problem is that I missed my noon walk so that I could leave at 4p.   I need to get out of the office in the middle of the day.  Take a break. A REAL break.  Also,  I did not make good use of the extra hour I had at home.  So that whole idea backfired on me.   Again,  if I'm leaving early,  it needs to be EARLY, like midday, and I'm too busy at work to do that right now  unfortunately.  

The better lesson is that my time of must be *intentional* and not just trying to squeeze in time off. 

Did chest and back weights last night -  YES!!!  That is a positive. Let's leave on this positive note :-)


Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only 11.5 lbs to go!

Innerpeace on 03/26/2020:
I can relate to unbalanced eating! My husband is terribly angry right now, so much so, I think he makes himself sick with upset stomach and diarrhea. Is it anger or worry, I can't tell.

I hope you have a better day and can find time for your breaks and walk and just enjoy some of the day.

Donkey on 03/27/2020:
Thank you! I had a lovely walk yesterday. What a difference!

Donkey on 03/27/2020:
I empathize with your husband. I doubt think I'm experiencing anger... This situation sure does reveal people's true colors though.

I have a quiet dislike for some people, now.

bearcountrygg on 03/26/2020:
D seems to be frustrated now too.......i suspect it's because we really can't do what we want to do....we feel trapped.....I'm hearing a lot of people eating differently right now...most...are overeating....you aren't alone.

Donkey on 03/27/2020:
Logged into my laptop to respond :-)

I've heard a lot of people struggling with eating lately too. I think it's a natural response - stress, boredom, change in routine, etc. So I know I'm not alone - and in a weird sort of way, that's nice to know. Kind of like, we're all in this together.

"Frustrated" is a good word for what I'm feeling lately -- maybe what a lot of us are feeling. For myself, I'm not sure it's feeling trapped - although I can certainly understand other people feeling trapped, indeed. For me, I think it's more about the uncertainty -- which is why it's even more important now to remain calm.

I'm an introvert and a homebody, so this shelter-down has not changed my life too much. On the other hand, a extrovert go-getter like my boss is really struggling with staying at home on weekends with his wife. And, as I'm sure you can relate, our weather is not really conducive to being outside. If it were warmer, he could work out in the yard. I would like to do that too.

My backyard has these large willow trees - and I have a TON of branches that I would like to gather up to be hauled away. If it were warmer and not raining, I could start working on that. Unfortunately, we're expecting really bad storms over the weekend... *sigh*

Horn_of_plenty on 03/26/2020:
try to stick with your walk, even if other people aren't taking theirs.

i TOTALLY get you about leaving work earlier and how early is early enough in order to actually accomplish something extra when you get home....TOTALLY get you 100%.

try to stick with what is good for you and try not to feel bad about it. continue to take care of yourself during this crisis.

one day of poor eating isn't a whole totally unbalanced thing. you can get back on your wagon :)

also, i'm glad you did the weights :)

Donkey on 03/27/2020:
I'm trying, gotta keep on tryin'! I'm seeing each day, moving forward, as an opportunity to try. Try what? To stay focused, calm, positive, quiet, content.

I'll write about weights in today's entry :-)

Donkey - Wednesday Mar 25, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 138.5

After today,  the next 4 days are going to be rainy and cloudy,  so I hope to get outside as much as possible to enjoy the sun and warmer temperatures today.   I did not get to leave early yesterday - too busy.  I will try again, but my task list today is longer than it was yesterday so I'm not too hopeful about that. 

As I thought,  my husband did not work on my laptop /TV yesterday . I hope he will today.  I would really like to try the Fancy Gym yoga classes online...  I'm not doing any yoga, other than working on balancing on one leg. 

OMG I have to tell you about the work drama.  So ALL last week ,  Nice Lady was pitching a fit about how she wanted to work from home.  That's all I heard about - that's all everyone heard about.  Associate Attorney even went to the boss on her behalf to ask him if she could take the computer home.  On Friday,  the boss finally agreed.  She came and got her computer on Saturday.  Monday was so nice and quiet,  I could actually get my work done. 

She comes into the office yesterday  (stayed 10a-4p with no computer ) because she needed an ethernet cable and her son was putting together her desk.  By the end of the day,  though,  she decided she wasn't going to work from home any more because she's too depressed working from home. 

WHAT THE HECK ??? All that drama, all that "noise"... For NOTHING.  

Male Co-Worker said he's at the point where he's just going to have to tune her out. Unfortunately I can't do that because my desk is in the middle everything  and she stops by mdesk  all the time on her way to the rest of the office. And I'm BUSY.  Did I mention that???

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only 11.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/25/2020:
AWWWW...(((HUGS)))I feel bad for you.....can you put a set of earphones on? Maybe she would get the message.

Donkey on 03/26/2020:
It may come down to this. I just kept to myself and she got the hint. Didn't stop her from walking across my area to talk to Mistakes Girl all day long.

Donkey on 03/26/2020:

innerpeace on 03/25/2020:
Though crazy and distracting to you...I can almost guarantee she will be depressed working from home.

Donkey on 03/26/2020:
I'm more angry at myself for falling for another one of her self-made dramas. I just have to step back.

I need yoga.

legcramps on 03/25/2020:
Oh my God she made it literally ONE DAY before deciding to come back to work LOL. That's too much.

Donkey on 03/26/2020:
Yep. I am trying to keep this in perspective and hope that when I'm old and lonely, others endure me as well.

Horn_of_plenty on 03/25/2020:
I do agree with the others, very very strange reactions / actions on the part of Nice Lady. she must be VERY anxious a type of person to cause such commotion in the office. yes, it would have bothered me also!

i hope that you do get to do some yoga soon and take advantage of sunny days for walking outside!!!!!!

Donkey on 03/26/2020:
I think she's lonely. I'm sure she is. It's just too bad that she puts so much of her energy into drama rather than something else.

I feel conned.

Maria7 on 03/25/2020:
Hoping you are having a better day today.

Donkey on 03/26/2020:
Thank you, Maria. I feel that I need to refocus. That whole office drama was a huge distraction. I'm going to do my best to not let that happen again.

Donkey - Tuesday Mar 24, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 138.5

 I have run out of time to write a full entry this morning,  but wanted to say that yesterday,  I was crazy busy at work.  What is WRONG with people?  Phones were ringing off the hook yesterday until around 3p.

Got 4 new contracts yesterday.  What??? People, now is not the time to be moving!

Thinking about leaving work early today but might just wait until tomorrow when we'll have a warm day before the rain comes in for a dreary Thursday and Friday. 

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only 11.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/24/2020:
I definately would not want to be moving right now......apparently boredom meant they went online searching for entertainment and found REALTORS.COM? Hope your day goes better...but one thing...a busy day goes by faster......hope it goes by really fast for you!

Donkey on 03/25/2020:
It was another insane day... I wouldn't want to be moving now either.

bearcountrygg on 03/24/2020:
Could people be remortgaging? Do you handle those?

Donkey on 03/25/2020:
We don't get involved with refinancing. Mortgage rates are up around 5%, now, so it isn't the big bargain it was a few months ago when we refinanced at 3.62%.

Horn_of_plenty on 03/24/2020:
thanks for checking in with us, J Donk! :-D

Is it because people are panicking and just want to sell homes and downgrade!? that is weird. i guess they are home, have more time, are starting to actually make the calls!? that's soooo weird yes! wow 4 new contracts? i guess they figure this is all passing over so quickly they will be able to show their homes in the later spring!?!?

Did you end up leaving early? i hope you can manage some walks in :)

Donkey on 03/25/2020:
I'm just surprised that more buyers aren't worried about losing their jobs to make their mortgage payments. If I were a buyer, that would be my main concern right now.

No, I was unable to leave early. Not happy about that.

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