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Donkey - Sunday Feb 25, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.5

Not particularly inspired this morning.  Changing up my routine to exercise later this morning, after breakfast, rather than first thing -- one of the privileges of a weekend.  

Did not get all of my shopping done yesterday, so I went to one store to get fresh produce yesterday afternoon, and today, I will go to the other store to get meat, packaged groceries, etc.  I like to be active during the day, so having a task helps me.  What I should really do though is organize a closet or 2...   Things on that list don't ever seem to get done.

Went shopping with Mr. Donkey yesterday to get a replacement medicine cabinet and kitchen lighting fixture, for the handyman to install.  I feel that we should probably get these little fixes done now, even if we're going to stay here for another year or so.  Everything is on hold until we can determine our income versus expenses, since things are changing right now, but it seems as though it might be cheaper to stay here rather than move and rent, until we know where we're going to end up, which will probably be either closer to daughter or closer to Mom.

EVENING EDIT:  It was not a very good day eating-wise.  I only ate until I was full, and cleaned up some leftovers.  Still, it felt like all I did was eat all morning, and food was on my mind for most of the afternoon (going grocery shopping).

This past week, too, it felt  like all I was doing was eating all day, even though I did not eat everything that I brought to work.  (I bring some "emergency" snack food, in case I start having a carb craving or a stress breakdown, where I gotta have something sweet/salty ASAP.  

 Perhaps with the inclusion of more carbs in my meals during the week, e.g. oatmeal for breakfast, this will not be such a bothersome issue to me this week.

Progress as of today: 55 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 02/25/2018:
We were in that limbo too for years...we ended up keeping the small up north cabin ( 800 sq ft)...selling the bigger house....D moved to the cabin...and we got an apartment a few minutes from my Mom so I could take care of her....D and I lived apart for 7 years...and one of us drove 3 to 4 hours every 2 weeks to see the other for a couple of nights...it was rough...but my Mom refused to live with us....we did unload the cost of the big house and that gave us the finances to get an apartment......When my Mom passed away I came up here and we put on an addition to make it more comfortable for both of us...and now have 1,300 sq ft......I will say..that while renting is maintenance free...there are issues....you can count on the rent going up every year....if you go month to month after your lease is up.....and it felt so temporary. But...home ownership has plenty of costs too...but the feeling of security is better. D and I have talked about what we will do when one of us passes away...I would sell this and move closer to a son...probably a condo.....he would stay here as long as he could if I go first....neither of us want to live with our kids either...but I would want to make it easier on them and not do what my Mother did.....D figures he will live till he dies here unless someone moves him out against his will. But I will say...this place is about half the size of our bigger house and that is a big help.

Donkey on 02/25/2018:
I feel that we need to downsize soon, although maybe not as soon, depending on what happens to Daughter after she graduates high school. If her job promotes her, then she should consider staying here, at least until she has her Associate's Degree completed.

In addition to downsizing, there is the effort/cost of maintaining the property. My boss pointed out though that paying association dues (for a condo) cost just as much as hiring a lawn service or snow service.

I have to wait to see how our finances settle, which should play out this year, I hope. I do worry about my mom; she really misses my step-father. Fortunately, my brother and his large family are out there, to ease the pain. Also, she lives in an active senior community (55+), so she's putting her association dues to good use by joining some groups.

horn_of_plenty on 02/26/2018:
i have those times at work also where i simply crave the carbs. i've been giving in right now as i'm at a new job...so i am being more lenient right now...but also i'm working on my lunches ...because there's a healthy place across the street, i make sure it's a healthy meal. i've been meaning to also include healthy carbs in this meal, but today i already ate lots of carbs during the morning, so i laid off as my calories were very high for the day already...nice to have so many good lunch choices in one store across the street - a huge buffet that i plan to eat at for at least the next 2 weeks. and when i say huge, i mean huge.

Donkey on 02/26/2018:
That is nice that it's right across the street. I mean, can't much better than that.

horn_of_plenty on 02/26/2018:
sounds like your daughter may get lucky when getting her associates if she can stay with you and retain her job there...

Donkey - Saturday Feb 24, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.5

 OK, I promise that I am happy today, BUT...

Gained half a pound!!!  I'm so beyond frustrated.  This is not where I belong, this is not where I should be.  What is going on with my *&^% body???

Then, on top of that, I forgot to put on my FitBit until I was over halfway done with my cardio -- so all of those steps won't count.  I just wasn't focused this morning.  I did sleep in until 7am, which I think I really needed.  But then the disappointing weigh-in.. and then the disappointing workout -- well the workout was good, but the messed up step count sucks.

I don't think I can do the Whole 30.  I end up way too hungry and tired from lack of carbs.  The level of fatigue this week was just overwhelming, too.  So I'm going back to having oatmeal for breakfast; I seem to do better with that.  This morning I had diet toast with Nutella.  Whole 30 works for my husband because he cannot workout due to his health issues, but for me, who does workout, I need something that will sustain me a little more evenly.

I'm wondering if I should go back to protein shakes in the morning.  I liked those, but I dislike the throught of artificial food.  Plus, the powder is kind of expensive.

Much needs to be replenished in this house:  groceries (fress foods only), home improvement items for handyman, and I need a trip to the drugstore for the vitamins I like.

I hope to watch the Wonder Woman movie with my husband tonight.   It's kind of nice getting to spend more time with just him, although I miss my son a lot, and I wish my daughter were home for dinner more often.  

Speaking of my son, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers this week. He starts "Beast Week" which is a week-long exercise in defending a post.  It is very difficult work, and it's 24/7 for a week.  I cannot even imagine...

Progress as of today: 55 lbs lost so far, only -5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 02/24/2018:
Glad to hear you are happy too...even with the disappointments....a half pound could be anything...don't dwell on it....glad you and Hubby are enjoying your alone time...and will keep your son in my prayers....

Donkey on 02/25/2018:
Thank you for your prayers - that means so much to me.

I'd rather see numbers in the 120's... IDK, maybe it's just meant to be THIS way instead.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/24/2018:
the important thing is that you got the steps in - even if they weren't counted!

....i am not sure whether to quit practicing...i failed the beep test miserably. I have time to improve...i can try to improve by starting up my cardio again.

Donkey on 02/25/2018:
True! I would have had something closer to 17K steps if I had done everything correctly. This SNAFU motivated me to get 250+ steps every hour for 12 hours. (Another FitBit goal that can be difficult to achieve.) DID IT.

I was reading more about the BEEP test. To be honest, I'm not sure I could get past step 1 successfully. I'm a slow runner, although you'd think with these big legs, I'd be a sprinter.

Donkey - Monday Feb 19, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.0

I've been easing into the Whole 30 program with my husband.  I can definitely tell that I'm "detoxing" from having more carbs than I'm having on this plan.  I don't follow it strictly (me so bad) because I will have a little cheese.  I attribute my "blue" feeling today to the decrease in carbs.  It was very hard.  In the afternoon, I felt better, as though I had turned the corner...  I do think it was the carbs - lack thereof - but it could have been just all of the change and stress catching up with me.

Whole 30 is only meant to be done for a month, and then I think you get 2 weeks of incorporating some carbs back into the meals.  My plan is to follow this through until we leave to see my son in March, which is not quite 30 days, but almost.

I would really like to start re-incorporating strength training into my weeks, whether that be daily push-ups or lifting weights a couple of times a week.  I don't know how that would go being on this eating plan.

As you may recall, I volunteer at a legal clinic once a month.  One of my co-volunteers said that last month, she almost said something to me about losing too much weight, but this month, she said that she was glad that she didn't feel that way any more.  As I pretty much weigh the same now as I did last month, I think it was either the choice of clothes, or the stress I was under coming through in my facial expression, or both.

Still very dissatisfied with the shape of my thighs...  Very bulky.

Progress as of today: 55.5 lbs lost so far, only -5.5 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 02/19/2018:
I just looked up Whole 30... wow!!! No added sugar or substitutes or lightened up treats? Oy vey!!!! That's some strict stuff but super healthy!!!

happy-1 on 02/19/2018:
Also... don't you hate comments on how you look when you are just trying to be healthy and happy?

bearcountrygg on 02/20/2018:
IT is quite irritating when people think they have the right to critique your weight....if they are doctors...or you hired them as a trainer..ok...otherwise they really should keep their thoughts to themselves......you are at a healthy weight and you worked hard to get there.....maybe she is jealous?

horn_of_plenty on 02/20/2018:
love yourself and do what you can to work on your thighs...but don't hate things that take a long time to change...maybe squats will help you - they help so much in general. there are many types of squats (and i totally skipped the more challenging ones yesterday at the gym bc my legs weren't ready after the walk...lol...but i'm happy with my overall progress in general).

happy-1 on 02/20/2018:
Could have been worse... she could have told you you look like someone she knows and then shown you a photo and the woman was hideous.

happy-1 on 02/20/2018:
Could have been worse... she could have told you you look like someone she knows and then shown you a photo and the woman was hideous.

Maria7 on 02/21/2018:
Hope you are having a good day.

Donkey - Saturday Feb 17, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.0

My weight did not change.  Trying to be accepting of this.  

My husband is getting back on track with Whole 30.  He originally asked me to join with him, but then today, he was saying that I didn't have to.  Today is my "relax" day, as far as foods, and there were some leftovers that I wasn't about to throw away.  So today will be my "relax" day and then I would be happy to join him in Whole 30.  Since we have dinner together, I will definitely do Whole 30 the best I can.  Breakfast and lunch at work, though... that might be another story.

I do not know why this is such a struggle for me.  


Progress as of today: 55.5 lbs lost so far, only -5.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 02/17/2018:
oh man...you didn't get a 3 day weekend? Well that is a bit of a bummer. How did you husbands hip surgery go? Is he feeling good now? D needs a knee replacement...and was scheduled 2 years ago...until he got shingles and they had to cancel it...he still hasn't set it up again. There is a lot to be said about keeping certain things out of the house...that is for sure.

Donkey on 02/18/2018:
He has recovered from his surgery, but it was a very difficult 2-3 weeks afterwards, mostly because he had both hips done at once, which is not the norm.

He said that he'd rather have hip surgery than knee replacement. The knee replacement patients in PT seemed to really be having a hard time with pain, especially in the beginning.

happy-1 on 02/17/2018:
Aaaaaw sounds like a good co-support system.

Donkey on 02/18/2018:
It's easier to do when everyone's on board, that's for sure.

For example, I brought home leftover donuts from the legal clinic that I volunteer at every 3rd Saturday of the month. When my husband saw the box, he was like, "Really?" He gets very upset when temptations are around, like that.

happy-1 on 02/18/2018:
OMG... A box of donuts would ruin me...

Maria7 on 02/19/2018:
Hope you are having a good day.

horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2018:
Do what's right for you :) you can take parts of the whole 30 with your hubby or make dinners together or whatever that work for the both of you !!

Weight may not change in 1 week it might take longer to reflect the progress - I realize that I've done damage and I think it's take me at least a month to lose a pound or even 3 months to lose 2 lbs.

horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2018:
I don't plan to change much - just drop some calories here and there and have weekly averages around 20000 - honestly if I could do that for a month I'd be ok.

Donkey - Sunday Feb 11, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.0

Got through a difficult day.  Had only 1 brownie... Kept up with a great water  intake.  Got up early this morning and worked out at the hotel gym.  Then went for a quick swim with my niece and nephews.  The heaters just couldn't keep up with the cold, I think, and the room and the water were just a little too chilly for my preference.  The hotel took out the hot tub unfortunately.  THAT would have been SO nice.  But it was still a pleasant stay under unpleasant circumstances.

Ate out for lunch on Saturday and then for lunch today, too.  Ordered different sandwiches, which came with a bowl of soup and fruit (yesterday) or fries (today).  Ate the soups and half the sandwiches.  Ate all of the fruit, and I would say half of the fries....  Maybe a little more...  I did not take any of the cookies home but I did take a bunch of cheese sticks home, which will be great for snacks at work to go with vegetables or an apple.

When we got home this afternoon, there was about 6 inches of snow on the driveway, so my daughter and I had to shovel.  Then I did a load of laundry.

I'm very tired and dozed off a little, but I don't want to take a nap, so that I will sleep well tonight.  At least I know I won't have to get up early to SHOVEL any more snow. 

So my next "big event" is going to see my son graduate boot camp - if he can hang in there. 

Progress as of today: 55.5 lbs lost so far, only -5.5 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 02/12/2018:
He will hang in there, but i'm afraid you MUST help him with your letters.

when's the graduation?

also, i'm really proud of you making the best of dealing with an unfortunate event!

and remember, a small amount of fries is fine...it's serving sizes that matter, rather than only the food choice. it's not about denial but moderate choices...more good and less heavy...but not no heavy!

proud of you.

horn_of_plenty on 02/12/2018:
lately i've been adding in some cheese also to my diet, more than usual. not sure why it's all of a sudden become appetizing?

bearcountrygg on 02/12/2018:
Saw on TV that you guys and lower Michigan really got dumped on......thankfully March goes out like a lamb!

Maria7 on 02/14/2018:
Hope you are having a good day. :-)

happy-1 on 02/19/2018:
Yay!!! Good job for him on graduating bootcamp! He gets his tough from you!

happy-1 on 02/19/2018:
Yay!!! Good job for him on graduating bootcamp! He gets his tough from you!

Donkey - Saturday Feb 10, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 131.0

So frustrated with the number on the scale.   Extra shoveling workouts, plenty of water, extra sleep, no desserts,  bathroom matters in check, stayed on track with food... 3 pound gain, gained 1% fat.  Why must this be a neverending battle?  When is the war won?  

Today is my step-father's memorial service.  The weather is snowy, so I'm not looking forward to the ride down to the suburbs.  Staying the night in a hotel, to visit with family, but it's going to snow overnight, so I'm not looking forward to coming home to a lot of shoveling.  Food and exercise will be a challenge.

Work is starting to get busy, but I'm keeping my stress levels in check so far.  This is the calm before the storm, LOL.

Progress as of today: 55.5 lbs lost so far, only -5.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 02/10/2018:
I have always heard that is normal to have a 4 pound up and down difference.....Hugs!

horn_of_plenty on 02/12/2018:
i think bc you are stressing, you are trying to calm yourself using the scale - if you weigh everyday, you cannot go by that number...best to do an avg like i do with calories...

or just step on it weekly....you know our bodies aren't going to display the same exact number everyday!

Donkey - Thursday Feb 08, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 128.5

Major snow for the Chicago area tonight and all day tomorrow.  My daughter does not have school tomorrow, so I will let her know that I expect her to keep up with the shoveling while I'm at work - presuming I can get the car out of the garage and the roads aren't too bad.  I am going to bed early tonight, because I anticipate heavy shoveling tomorrow morning.

I've been doing well food -wise and exercise wise.  However, I am not expecting a loss on the scale this week.

Progress as of today: 58 lbs lost so far, only -8 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 02/09/2018:
The snow...it plagues us all in the Midwest and East.....but I wouldn't change that at all...I'm sure I would get bored if the weather was like summer all of the time.......Snow here too....snow plow already has been down the road today and it is still dark....Hope you can get to work today...( or maybe you hope you can't get out of the driveway?)...either way...hope you have a good day.

Donkey on 02/10/2018:
I've been of the opinion that I would miss the change in seasons if we moved. Let's just say I *REALLY* re-evaluate this statement when I'm shoveling.

horn_of_plenty on 02/09/2018:
Smart choice to go to bed early! Good job getting your daughter to help you with the shoveling :)

i hope the snow is not too bad in the AM :)

you sound happy. Not every week is a loss in weight...I think i'm up a hair so i'll be working on doing better than i did this week for next week.

keep up the good work, you are definitely more on track than when your son first went to training...keep sending him positive letters in the mail, motivate and support him...tell him he can do it, to keep on, to rise above the rest by continuing on even if it's very challenging out there in basic training. he needs your support. just like you like support also :)

Donkey - Monday Feb 05, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 128.5

Oh how I would like to take a shower and get ready for bed, but I have to shovel one more time right before Daughter comes home from work tonight at 9pm.  Oh well, more steps for the FitBit, more exercise for me.

I left work at 4pm today because the snow coming down had all the promises of an awful evening commute.  SO GLAD I DID THIS.  I had come in a half an hour early, and I can do that tomorrow too.  I was all caught up when I left.  I'll probably be busier tomorrow, since I'll have an extra hour of emails to plow through but it was worth it.

Received a letter from my son today.  It may be the only one I get while he's in boot camp.  He's having a hard time coping.  So my letters have been more newsy about what's going on at home, but I think my focus will change to more encouraging and tips for keeping his head in the game.  I'm worried about him.  If you pray, could you please send a prayer his way?  If you don't pray, could you please channel some positive energy his direction?  Think Texas.

Had a food hangover this morning from the Superbowl.  After we were done eating, it hit me that I had eaten something REALLY salty.  I could not get enough water in me.  Woke up this morning feeling all gross. I'm guessing it was the 1.5 slices of pepperoni pizza.  It sure was fun though.

Progress as of today: 58 lbs lost so far, only -8 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 02/06/2018:
When I was in 7 grade and my Dad was returning to work after being off with blood clots for several months...of course we had a snow storm on his first day back to work...he couldn't drive...so a coworker came in the storm to pick him up...but couldn't get down our street...and had called to have him meet him at the highway...that was about 250 to 300 feet from our house...I had my Mom wake me up at 4 A.M. so I could shovel him a path to the highway.....I had never done that before....and was happy to do it...it was truly a labor of love......( and I watched him walk that not very straight path to the highway and get into that guys car...he never forgot that..and brought it up for the next 40 years....).....You labor of love for your daughter, brought back that memory for me. Sending prayers to your son...that he can handle his new endeavor....it is a big change in lifestyle and I'm sure he will adjust, but it's hard on everyone in the meantime. And yup....pizza equals lots of water later on....

Donkey on 02/08/2018:
That's a wonderful memory! Yes, shoveling is a labor of love.

Maria7 on 02/06/2018:
Yes, I will pray for him. I believe he will adjust and it get easier for him. Have a good day.

Donkey on 02/08/2018:
I hope he adjusts as well. Thank you for your prayers.

horn_of_plenty on 02/06/2018:
encourage him! bootcamp is a mind game!

people quit more to negative thinking than the actual physical aspect...i have read this.

tell him this.

Donkey on 02/08/2018:
I will tell him this. Thank you :-)

happy-1 on 02/06/2018:
Why isn't your daughter shoveling?

Donkey on 02/08/2018:
Yeah, that's a good question -- the answer I got last night is that by the time she gets up in the morning, it's already done. By the time she gets home from work, it's already done...

Not always.

happy-1 on 02/06/2018:
And will send up payers for your son.

Donkey on 02/08/2018:
Thank you!

Donkey - Sunday Feb 04, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 128.5

Snowing and cold here today.  I had a protein packed breakfast, so I'm full, but I just came in from shoveling, and I want to eat, even though I know I'm not hungry.  I'm going to try to wait until after my noon show to have a later lunch.

Our daughter has to work this afternoon, so it's just me and Mr. Donkey for Superbowl dinner.  Neither one of us has much invested in either team, though.  Usually I buy a bunch of finger foods, and we have an hors d'ouevers menu for dinner.  But with son and daughter gone, I thought we'd have a treat of pizza for dinner, with tortilla & raw vegetables to go with guacamole, hummus, and fres salsa (more like a pico de gallo if you ask me). 

A month ago, I dyed my hair a dark brown, and as the color was starting to fade, I went with "soft black" this weekend.  While not a complete disaster, I do not like it as much as much.  The brown has warm undertones which suit my skintone better than the cool undertones of the black, which make me look wane and washed out (read: old & tired).  Maybe I'll get used to it, but if not, I'm not too worried as it will wash out in about 4-6 weeks.

My boss comes back to work at the end of the week.  Not really looking forward to his return.  He will want to talk about his fabulous vacation and what he missed here at the office, and I'd rather just be left alone to do my work, since I can't trust anyone with anything that is said any more.  Also, Superbowl weekend kicks off the real estate season (believe it or not), and even with the cold and snow, things will start to get busier, unfortunately. 

Progress as of today: 58 lbs lost so far, only -8 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 02/04/2018:
No superbowl for us this year....if they can't stand for the anthem we can't turn on their game....first year in a long time we will miss...but we are fine with it.....e have the major winter here too...and it is actually beautiful...next month that will probably start to change....I love living where there are season changes.

Donkey on 02/05/2018:
I've come to realize that I would really miss the change in seasons, too, which makes picking out our next destination rather difficult.

Then I look out the window and see a ton of snow, and think, FLORIDA. ;-) (not really)

horn_of_plenty on 02/05/2018:
glad you and Mr. Donkey have some time to unwind tonight.

I'd planned on gym, but ended up being too tired so was left to lay on couch, but didn't turn on the superbowl. was so weird without the gym and plans for last night LOL.

yeah, i think brown on you is also nicer, but black can be a change of pace...your skin isn't as light as mine, thankfully, so i'm sure it looks better than most white women who dye their hair black....your skin has a little olive so that can help.

Donkey on 02/05/2018:
Definitely not doing the black any more. Just not my thing. So dark brown or going light again...

horn_of_plenty on 02/05/2018:
yes, def better to stay drama free by being quiet at work. that's what i do & it's going to work for me...as it has been as of late...

also, good for you on getting back to the weight you want...scale is only day to day and our bodies naturally aren't going to give you the same read out everyday. ...ok, you know this, keep on doing the good things.

myself - i'm going to also be working on getting back to a healthier routine - especially getting away from some of the carbs - ESPECIALLY with breakfast. i'm going to try to be eating meat (egg/turkey/etc) as my breakfast - and be leaving the peanut butter on bread for awhile, i think, as i feel i need something more filling..

Donkey on 02/05/2018:
I like to switch it up, but find myself going back to the oatmeal with walnuts... with almond milk if I have it, otherwise, water is fine. I change it up with dark cocoa powder, pumpkin pie spice, or a TBSP of dried cranberries (not that option too often).

horn_of_plenty on 02/05/2018:
oh and i'm glad you had the raw veggies with the dinner treats. i think i might do this tomorrow with the office pizza...perhaps i will have a slice!!!!!! denying myself just hurts me in the end and i'll binge..so i might just take part...learning moderation still myself. :)

Donkey on 02/05/2018:
Not sure what it was but I woke up with a food hangover this morning...

Donkey - Saturday Feb 03, 2018
(Reduction of processed carbs & wishful exercise)
Weight: 128.5

Right where I belong at 128.5, and it's been a productive week as far as goals and putting things into their proper perspective.  

I adjusted my "goal weight" on my FitBit tracker to a maintenance mode of 125.  I started the year at 128.5 and seem to be maintaining that number plus or minus (mostly plus) 2 pounds.  That's maintenance.  I haven't changed my goal weight here, though, because I do want to see the progress that I made this time around in losing (the same) weight.

Also, I'm playing with the idea of limiting my steps/activity from week to week.  One week, I will aim to have a step goal of 15,000 steps a day, and then the next week, lower the goal to 10,000.  That will serve 2 purposes:

  1. Keep my body guessing, which hopefully would result in lower numbers (Is that really what I want?)
  2. Give my body rest

Had a revelation from one of my comments earlier this week:  the scale does not always reward healthy choices.  The scale(s) really messed with my mind this week.  I had that big sweet potato for lunch (a healthy choice but lots of carbs), but the scale showed I lost 2 pounds, and yet, the body fat scale said that I GAINED 1% body fat.  WHAT????  So what does that mean?:

  1. Made high carb choice, but still lost weight
  2. Lost weight, but gained fat.

This is just crazy.

 PS  BEST ACCOMPLISHMENT THIS WEEK:  Loads of work drama, and I pretty much stayed out of it.  YES!

Progress as of today: 58 lbs lost so far, only -8 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 02/03/2018:
I used to hear the same things at WW over the years....people would be shocked when they lost after a off program week...and would not lose the weeks they were on program...I've also heard that the results on the scale really reflect about 4 weeks ago...instead of recent days...I don't know about that...but I do know for myself that I have to continually shake things up...I can never let myself get into a diet routine where I eat the same things over and over and never vary the daily calories.......my metabolism slows right down to nothing and then I start gaining because of that...I have to continually shake things up to keep moving down...now maintenance is something else though.....I can get out of hand with that real fast....I love the idea that you have maintained for the last year....that can be very difficult.

bearcountrygg on 02/03/2018:
Congrats on ignoring the work problems...it makes being there so much easier I'm sure.

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