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Donkey - Sunday Mar 08, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 138.5

I did not make it to any yoga this weekend.  It *almost* worked out to go to Yin Yoga at the Fancy Gym tonight, but due to a series of unfortunate events on my husband's part, dinner was delayed, and thus, the 7pm class  just never happened.  So I will keep trying.

One nice development is that the Yoga Studio has started to offer a yoga class that can be chair OR mat, depending on what your need is.  So both my husband and myself could go, with me on the mat and him in a chair.  Even though it's "gentle" yoga - meaning not hard at all - this would be something that we could do together, after hours (unlike Library Chair Yoga, which I have to take a 1.5 hour lunch break) at a place that I really like to be.  So as long as he feels up to it, I would like to try going to this class, this week.  The only problem is, THIS week IS Library Chair Yoga, also on Wednesday.  I'm not sure he would feel like going to both classes, and I know he really likes going to the Library Chair Yoga because one of his Veteran friends from Veterans Chair Yoga goes there too.

That's a lot of yoga classes to keep straight - sorry!  I have:

  • Yoga Studio -  Fast-Slow (Thursdays), Yin (Sundays and Fridays), and Mat-Chair (only as a "together" thing)
  • Fancy Gym Yoga - trying!
  • Library Yin Yoga - 1x or 2x a month, just me
  • Library Chair Yoga - 1x a month w husband
  • Veterans Chair Yoga - 1x a month w husband

I have 5 classes left on my yoga pass ticket.  I'm thinking of getting a montly pass, for unlimited yoga (this is at the studio).  That way, I could take Friday night yoga, Sunday morning yoga, and Wednesday night yoga (the new class I was talking about), along with my Thursday night class and not feel like I have to be sparing of the classes that I take.

Regardless, I do still want to challenge myself with taking yoga classes at the Fancy Gym.  

Today, I said to myself, If I'm going to chuck the scale and not worry about numbers, I might as well go ahead with weight training, because who cares if I gain weight by doing weights?  It won't matter because there's no scale to discourage me on this.

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only 11.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/08/2020:
So many choices for yoga..how lucky are you!!!!! I agree....forget the scale and do things that you think will be better for you. The scale can be my worst enemy.....and it really is not always a good gauge of health!

bearcountrygg on 03/08/2020:
About your kitty.....maybe when she does use her litter box...don't be in too big of a hurry to clean it out.......that way she will recognize it....also...if she goes on the floor....put it in her litterbox...so that may give her some ideas.

Donkey on 03/10/2020:
Hmm... that's a good idea. Can't do that with #1, of course, but I like the idea.

bearcountrygg on 03/08/2020:
When I moved Sampsons litter boxes yesterday...I didn't clean them out....and i took him over to show him where I moved them too......he showed interest.......and as soon as i walked away...he jumped in one....but when he saw me noticing that.... he jumped back out.....he does like his privacy. lol

Donkey on 03/10/2020:
Ha ha, yes, my cats like their privacy too.

Donkey on 03/10/2020:
Part of the problem we've had with New Kitty and Old Kitty is the lack of respect of box usage. Do not attack your fellow kitty when she is using the box!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/09/2020:
yes, if you are gaining from yoga/weights and it's muscle, that's good!

next, that would be wonderful for you and hubby to work out together! and even if it's gentle, it's exercise and better than being on the couch (because when i'm home, i'm mostly on the couch!)

Donkey on 03/10/2020:
I know what you are saying, but to be honest, I'd rather be thinner, smaller and less bulky, more than anything else. I'm not really into the whole muscle thing.

Donkey - Saturday Mar 07, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 138.5

So after weighing in today... I do not know what to say.  Up 3.5 pounds.  No major food fits.  No real changes to exercise.  Not happy, not good.

I'm kind of a jumble of thoughts today, but I think that I need to step away from the scale for a while.  Perhaps focus on my yoga journey a little more.  I was still very much out of balance in one-legged positions.  Ever since that client screamed at me at work, I've been struggling with balance.  While I still attend the Thursday night Fast-Slow class, I am not feeling very connected to the yoga experience.  Kind of like "doing it but not really feeling it", if that makes sense.

This coming up Monday is Library Yin Yoga, my favorite class.  I love the instructor, her method, the music she chooses, the readings.  However, I get a very hostile feeling amongst all of the participants.  I think maybe we're all in our little worlds, not really connecting with one another?  It's very odd.

I still have this weekend to try any yoga class at the Fancy Gym.  

Progress as of today: 48 lbs lost so far, only 11.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/07/2020:
Staying away from the scale is how i keep my sanity...( if in fact I still have it...LOL).....The scale often just does not show an accurate picture...there are so many variables....I totally agree...avoid it when you need to. You are lucky in that you have a lot of yoga options to choose from....Just go where you are the happiest.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/09/2020:
that is a weird feeling to get from the participants. if the scale is up, also go by how your clothes fit.

you may have gained also a little muscle, if your clothes fit well still.

otherwise, you will i guess have to watch it until you feel like yourself again in terms of weight. right now, i am sorta in an up phase as well.

Donkey - Wednesday Mar 04, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 135.0

 Yesterday ended up being a huge drama,  but in the end (ha ha), my husband was able to completely the lower half of his procedure.

Because my husband's spine is completely fused,  the anesthesiologist would not sedate him at the outpatient office we were at, because he could not intubate if necessary.  So then we tried to get us scheduled into the hospital.  Each step of approval took about 30 minutes.  Is the doctor available? Yes.  Half hour later,  is there a surgical room available? Yes. Half hour later,  will insurance approve the procedure in the hospital?  THREE DAY WAIT FOR APPROVAL.

At this point,  we thought it was not going to happen but my husband opted to try with just a local numbing agent, rather than full blown anesthesia.  And he was able to endure it. 

But seriously,  what should have been 2 hours took half a day.  We came home and ate lunch - I hadn't eaten since dinner the night before and had 2 workouts since my last meal!

I was tired after everything but pushed myself to go to work for 3 hours.   *Daughter did not take me. 

Had Subway sandwiches for dinner,  then I went to the gym for cardio,  since I spent most of the morning sitting and waiting. 

I woke up very tired today,  so I may just ride my bike at home tonight, rather than going to the gym.  I usually take Thursday and Friday off from the gym but I'd like to get to bed earlier tonight. 

Progress as of today: 51.5 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/05/2020:
I'm glad that it all went thru. sorry for the change of scenery with the procedure changes!

it's good you were at least able to get the appointment done and the procedure finished.

whenever i have a change from the regular day, it also tires me out. it could also be mentally draining.

i'm glad you are keeping up with your activity.

i think i'm partially more tired because i'm trying to be more active and my body is a little unused to it.

Donkey - Tuesday Mar 03, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 135.0

 So.... I know I said I would take today off,  completely,  but I'm thinking about going in from 2p to 5p.  My daughter would drop me off on her way to class and then pick me up on the way home.   We're just too busy right now,  and I want to be sure that deadlines get met.   Normally,  this would not be an issue,  but Mistakes Girl is just now coming back from being on vacation for 4 days.  So... I'm not sure I can count on her checking my stuff correctly AND her working on catching up on her stuff.  We will see.  A lot will depend on how Husband does with his scopes.

Yesterday was a Hungry Day, where all I wanted to do  was eat.  Thank goodness the Title Company Guy stopped by with a fruit platter.  I had 4 bowls!  To be honest,  it was more stress eating than actual hunger. 

Picked up a new yoga schedule at the gym.  I'm going to try again to attend ONE class this week,  to overcome my fear and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Progress as of today: 51.5 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/03/2020:
Hope all goes well with the hubby's scope today.....It's a shame that coworkers are so undependable...been there and experienced it firsthand. The hungries have been hitting home here too......and it's carbs!!! Comfort food I guess. Stressful times these days and that usually makes me want to eat. If you want to overcome a fear then it may help to give yourself a pep talk beforehand. It's a free country and you are as entitled to be there as much as any other person.....and besides.....you've done yoga a lot lore than some others so at least you have experience with it.......sometimes when we think we are not worthy...we don't realize that others may be looking up to us......don't let those people or yourself down! You can do it Donk!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/03/2020:
i'm glad you are so into this yoga because i'm sure it's having wonderful effects on your body and strength!

also, do what you can, the work will be here for you if you go in today or tomorrow. I'd like to hear what you did and how your hubby did too!

bearcountrygg on 03/03/2020:
How did the hubby do??? Did you go back to work???

Donkey - Sunday Mar 01, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 135.0

I thought today might be the day that I be brave enough to try yoga at the Fancy Gym.  However,  I was very comfortable working out at home to be prompted to step out.  I used my weights and weight bench this morning.  No yoga at all. 

Son called this morning too,  which was nice.  He is getting transferred this week to a new station to begin training for a new job (Air Force).  So I'm excited for him.  I hope he does well. 

I plan to go to the gym today. The weather outside is supposed to be nice and warmer (50F) so I'm hoping the gym will not be crowded. 

My husband is having a full GI scope on  Tuesday,  so I'm taking the whole day off.  Yes,  we could try to have daughter drive him there and home,  but she needs sleep, since she works 2nd shift and this appointment is early in the morning. 

I could go to work in the afternoon,  but I'd like to spend some time with Daughter.  And frankly,  I need time away from the office. 

Progress as of today: 51.5 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/01/2020:
It seems like a good time to take the day off anyway...besides...you hubby may be groggy all day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/02/2020:
The point is you exercised! doesn't matter how, just that you did it!

Good luck to your hubby on Tuesday, he'll appreciate you being by his side!

It's good you are making a good work-life balance Tuesday. Sounds that way to me.

legcramps on 03/02/2020:
Good luck to your husband on Tuesday! And it's very nice to hear that you are taking the whole day off - HoP hit the nail on the head when she said it's a good work-life balance.

Donkey - Saturday Feb 29, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 135.0

 Oh the weight is so much harder to come off this time...  Overall, I think I'm doing ok with eating less,  mindfully and intentionally.  The last 2 dinners (shrimp) have been harder to limit.  Plus,  retaining water,  as my rings are a little tight. 

I went to Yin yoga last night,  and the joke is on me.   There were 5 of us in the class!  So no need to feel guilty about not attending.  Looks like other people appreciate a Friday evening yoga session to start the weekend!

This class time actually might work better for me,  because I can go straight from work, if I stay late, which I often do!  (That's the key!  Otherwise,  it won't  work.)  Much better for my schedule than rushing on Sunday morning to make the 8 am class. 

My daughter's work schedule is changing again so I won't have our Family Gym time on Sunday any more.  It's ok.  I plan to go to the gym anyway,  today and tomorrow, either with Husband or alone. 

I have nothing else planned for this weekend 

Progress as of today: 51.5 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 03/01/2020:
weight may be diff to lose but just be happy that you don't have much to take off this time around :)

also, i agree that going from one activity straight to another (like work straight to yoga) is best. when i was driving my car to and from work, that's why i'd go to gym. worked out perfectly. now, not so much with the public trans commute!

sorry daughter and you will not go to gym but hopefully she'll continue like you do at other times. maybe talk to her about it. :)

enjoy the gym, it's easier to be more productive there. do they have any back exercise equipment?

Donkey on 03/01/2020:
Other than free weights and your standard weight machines, I'm not sure that they do.

Donkey - Friday Feb 28, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 135.5

 I know there is still today,  but I cannot believe I got through yet another incredibly difficult week.  I have a lot of deadlines today,  so it's not over yet. 

Much chaos going on outside of work too,  with mother in law deciding she needs to move out of assisted living into something more independent (even though she is both deaf and blind), daughter completely overwhelmed,  overworked,  and freaking out,  husband freaking out over all of this....  

Fast yoga last night was fun,  although I wasn't particularly very good at balancing.  Plus,  I felt it was too short,  even though it wasn't. 

Guilt will prompt me to try hard to attend Yin yoga tonight.  I had suggested a Friday evening class to the owner,  so she set one up,  but I  have had a hard time attending it.  The class starts at 6 pm and it's hard to make this time    because often on Friday,  I stay late at work to finish up things before the weekend.  I don't know that anyone else goes to this class either. The one time I made it,  I was the only one. 

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only 8.5 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/28/2020:
You are doing good, keep your head up Jdonk!

your 6pm yoga class reminds me of the library event at 6:30pm i went to last night. It was mostly all seniors in attendance, not many younger people since 6:30pm can be a challenge to go to after work. But the event was still good and i'm glad i went. i think it will be the same for you, if you go to yoga.

you motivate me with your stick-with-it attitude towards yoga!!!

legcramps on 02/28/2020:
Sounds like you're being pulled a lot of different ways lately. I hope you can attend the yoga class tonight; it will likely bring you some relief from your everyday stress.

Deep breaths.

Donkey - Tuesday Feb 25, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 135.5

So yesterday was awful,  still feeling the effects of that client who screamed at me last week.  My boss is aware but remains neutral.  I think that's how he remains calm and happy.   Maybe he's on to something there. :-)

I was so done after work that I stayed home and rode my bike.  I had  intended to do weights too but that didn't happen.  Husband and daughter went to the gym and said it was REALLY busy, so I'm kind of glad I didn't go. Maybe tonight,  if the weather cooperates. 

We were supposed to get this big snow over 3 days, starting today,  but now it looks like it will just be a  dusting overnight, so the gym might be a possibility. 

My next personal challenge is to attend yoga classes at the gym.  Although I'm not exactly a beginner, I think that's where I will start. 

Still trying to eat less and have been doing ok with that.  I've essentially cut out my afternoon snack. 

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only 8.5 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 02/25/2020:
I can relate. I think about incidents that happen way after the fact too. It seems to affect me more than most. I That reminds me of the Officer and Gentleman scene where Sid tells Zach that he can't just sh!t on people and sleep like a baby at night. hope you have a better day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/25/2020:
He may choose also to remain calm on the outside ;) bosses sometimes just know how to manage that emotional aspect better, maybe, not that i'm saying YOU can't be a boss! not at all! just saying. also he may be used to this even more than you ;)

remember that you can eat less, but "MORE" you can always substitute a different snack for a piece of fruit and tea or something, very low cal. or, one single chocolate and a drink can go far too, i find.

Donkey - Saturday Feb 22, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 135.5

 Remembered to weigh in this morning.  The weight is slowly coming back down.  I might have had a lower number but ate mindlessly at dinner and had a whole chicken breast!

I had an epiphany last week that the reason my weight is up is because I've been eating too much!  So if I want results,  I have to do the hard work,  and most of the struggle is on my plate. 

With the exception of last night's dinner,  I've been working hard to be very mindful of what I'm eating .

I plan to go to the Fancy Gym this weekend.  Had yoga Thursday and last night,  so I couldn't go. 

Progress as of today: 51 lbs lost so far, only 8.5 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 02/22/2020:
Great progress !

The struggle is real :)

Remember when you only worked out at home ?! What an awesome change ....

It’s 3:30pm and I’m home on couch eating a snack thinking to work out at home ?! Lol gym may have to wait till next week ..

Donkey on 02/22/2020:
It's almost dinner time, and all I've done is workout at home. I'm still aiming to go to the Fancy Gym tonight, when it's less busy. Trying to work my way up to it...

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/24/2020:
I totally agree with you, she did wrong in yelling at you :( maybe she needs anger management! :)

it's hard not to take it personally i know. i'm SURE you weren't the first to be yelled at!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/24/2020:
i def see that going to the gym this past weekend used more of my energy / time.

one good thing about GOING out to the gym, is you aren't distracted by everything at home!!!! my workout was a lot stronger and dedicated. and i hopped on elliptical for 20 min. as well, i made sure to use the back exercise machine and do some stretching. i was reminded to do some moves i don't do at home.

it's nice to go to gym, but, i see my arms have benefited from my home workout. the gym did help me stretch and do some cardio...

all in all, i have figured that i need to devote a little more time to strenthen / stretch my back at home and keep doing more walking as i'm able to...

once at the gym, it's a wonderful, easy environment to get things done.

Donkey - Friday Feb 21, 2020
(Low carb eating w recumbent bike, yoga, weights)
Weight: 136.0

 So yesterday,  a client SCREAMED at me on the phone because I wouldn't apologize for the other party's attorney's mistake.  We're the Buyer and the Seller's attorney made the mistake. 

I was so taken aback that I was physically shaking.  I developed a headache and could not see nor think clearly.  So I went home early.

I've been trying to shake this off but was completely off balance at Fast-Slow yoga last night.  I also did not sleep very well last night,  with waking up at 12:13am and unable to go back to sleep until over an hour later. 

So I'm sure you can imagine how much I do NOT want to go to work today.  But all I can hope is to reset myself mentally over the weekend. 

To help in this reset,  I am attending a yoga restorative workshop tonight,  taught by last night's instructor.   It will be a larger group of 9 or possibly 10.  I signed up for this in January,  but who knew how much I would need this now. 

Progress as of today: 50.5 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 02/21/2020:
Sorry you were screamed at. One important thing to remember is you cannot control other people’s actions and you never know the full history behind this person who acted that way towards you!

I’m glad you have yoga to help you thru this :)

Donkey on 02/22/2020:
I appreciate your comment, but whatever that client is going through, that is no excuse for her verbally assaulting me like that.

After the call, my legs were shaking uncontrollably. I had problems with my eyes focusing, and I had a shooting headache. I felt sore all over and was very out of balance at yoga.

The next morning I woke up feeling sore all over as if I had been physically hit.

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