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Donkey - Saturday Sep 28, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 133.5

 Okay, I've been wanting to discuss something with you all, but either I do not have enough time or something else comes up.  Today, something else came up, so I will write about this other thing separately - probably tomorrow.

Day 7: Today I will try new things.  Mantra:  I am not afraid to try new things.

Donkey Yoga Adventures, Chapter 2

I am not afraid to try new things, right?  Today is a day to try new things, right?  So I thought I'd try Restorative Yoga at the New Yoga Studio.  They are promoting a free lavendar neck/shoulder massage at the end of the session. What a nice thing after such a stressful week at work.  Right?


But I thought, first, I want to sign up for the 5-class "Love Yourself Yoga" in October, before I leave for the session.  Well, they take PayPal. OK... well, I'm not afraid, so I'll do it.  I have to create an account, get a verification number texted to my phone, log in, indicate my payee, put in my card information -- I do all that, and I'm ready to pay and... the SEND MONEY button won't activate.  When I put my cursor over the SEND button, I can't send.  

Repeat the above 5 times.  Yes, 5 freakin' times.  Still doesn't work.  Now I'm getting really stressed.

I message the new yoga studio, and they said that they were working on getting a friendlier online pay system set up, but that I could come to the studio and pay there. OK, well, maybe I'll do that... 

I ask my husband for help.  I walk him through it.  I try to pay through PayPal 2 MORE times -- still doesn't work.  He cannot help me.  (At least it's not just me, 'cuz I thought I was goingicray-cray.)

By now, I'm completely stressed out by New Yoga Studio.  No, I don't want to go to Restorative Yoga today.  No, I don't want a relaxing massage.  Just leave Donkey alone.

I do a little more research and now I'm GLAD that Pay Pal didn't work.  Why?

  • I thought if I bought all 5 classes, that it would be $60, but turns out that I read it wrong, and it would be $50 -- so I almost sent them too much money!
  • Also, the class is being taught by "Becky" and I don't LIKE Becky. 

How can I not like someone that I haven't even met yet?  I don't know but that's just how this Donkey rolls.  (This was the same excuse  reason -- one of them, anyway -- that I didn't sign up for Yoga Hike --- because I don't LIKE the teacher "Bree".  And I'm sure that these 2 ladies are perfectly lovely.  I just don't like them, I'm pretty sure.)

Needless to say, today was kind of a disaster - and this was all before 11am.  I'm going think think twice the next time I try to be brave.  Um, no.

EPILOGUE EDIT:  The New Yoga person IM'ed me back,  sing she fixed the online registration if I wanted to check it out,  or that I could still pay by check.  I thought that was really nice.  Okay, I'll think about it,  Becky.

Progress as of today: 53 lbs lost so far, only -3 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 09/28/2019:
Maybe take that as a sign?????? I know how you feel about attending new things with new people...I'm the same way. It's hard for me to step out of the box sometimes too.

Donkey on 09/29/2019:
That's kind of how I was thinking about it, at the end: maybe this is a sign from Above that this just wasn't meant to be.

One of my biggest downfalls in life is pushing too hard to make things happen that aren't or weren't meant to be.

So maybe this is one of those circumstances.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/29/2019:
Great mantra.

I think you are telling yourself you don't like the teachers as, like you said, an excuse to not do it.

if you try these things, i urge you to realize that everyone is there for the same reason and to not worry how you seem in the class (like if you are new, beginner) and not to worry about other people's perceptions of you. you do these things for you.

i do understand your anxiety to try these new things, alone.

Donkey on 09/29/2019:
Yes, you are right. And thank you for calling me out on this... although I think we both already know that this was me making excuses :-)

I love your reminder that everyone is there for the same reason, and therefore, not to worry.

Not only that, but I also think that perhaps these particular teachers are there for me to learn - not just yoga, but what they also bring to the class or event. Everything is an opportunity to learn.

innerpeace on 09/30/2019:
I get it! Passion and Ivante, were names of people I knew I wouldn't like...and I didn't.

Donkey - Friday Sep 27, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 133.5

Day 6:  Intention:  Today is devoted to my personal peace.  Mantra:  Peace be with you. 

I realized that with all of the chaos at work and at home, I've rather lost focus of my 100-day challenge.  I've done better with food.  Did pick up weights a day or 2.  But not really intent or focused on any particular achievement relating to weight loss or exercise.

However, I do think that working on my stress levels has been moderately successful so far.  I see-sawed between "peace" and "gotta get through it" for today's focus, and I'm glad that I chose peace.  The problem with an internal goal like stress reduction is that the results aren't really measureable, other than what I perceive in myself.  I guess that's all that matters, though.  Right?

With all of this craziness, I do not see how I will have the time or energy to attend the free Library Yin Yoga on Monday.  This is what I resent about my job the most:  that it takes so much out of me during the day, that I don't even get my free time to myself. 

I had a nice dinner with mom, husband, and daughter last night.  I will see mom again in December, hopefully.

The Yoga Hike has been rescheduled due to weather, so there's still an opportunity to sign up.  Also, this yoga studio is changing up their schedule and offering some other things that I might want to try.

One of the BEST changes is that the Chair Yoga they offer is changing to just Tuesdays only -- but with a day and night session, so I can go with Mr. Donkey on Tuesday nights - at least to get him started.

Progress as of today: 53 lbs lost so far, only -3 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 09/27/2019:
Love the mantra...( "And with you") I know I've had 900 cal days but the next day always seems to counteract that thankfully....I know when I had my hysterectomy...I ate very little if anything in the hosp for the first 3 days...and the dr got after me....day 4 I ate breakfast.....when I went home..all I could handle was 1 Tablespoon of oatmeal for breakfast and 2 bites of chicken pot pie for days (lunch and dinner)....so i know I was super low for that time...but it was related to the surgery...my I.V. was leaking and they couldn't get it back in so I promised I would drink a lot of water and I did do that. I did lose a few pounds after that.....

BearCountryGG on 09/27/2019:
Whoops....put my response to you from mine here by mistake...but will leave it....started with cat bo and jumped right into low cal...LOL

Donkey on 09/28/2019:
I got it ;-) No worries! It's kind of how conversations in person go - hopping from topic to topic and back again, which is great. :-)

grannyannie on 09/27/2019:
Your post about yoga are making me anxious to start classes.

Maria7 on 09/27/2019:
Glad you enjoyed a good dinner with your Mama and family. That is wonderful. As for peace, nothing can top it, cause if we do not have peace, we do not have joy. Not saying it is easy to keep a spirit of peacefulness as it is something we each have to work on daily but being mindful of staying peaceful and not giving in to the current stressors is a huge step forward. For me, this means keeping my trust in the Lord no matter what. Believing that He really cares about every aspect in my life and not giving in to allowing my peace to be taken no matter what.

Donkey on 09/28/2019:
I found it so hard to stay focused on peace. After I would hang up the phone, I would remember that I should have said "peace be with you" BEFORE picking up the conversation.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/29/2019:
about the yoga and not being able to do it bc you are tired - i do think that all jobs can be wearing and tiring and sometimes you should just forget you are tired and go to yoga anyways (treat it as like a reward for all the work you do and go anyways). that's what i did with this friday concert and it worked out pretty well after a long week.

i'm glad there's another opportunity to do chair yoga at nights. it sounds good, sounds better than being home on a couch. it is exercise and good for you no matter what.

Donkey - Thursday Sep 26, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 133.5

 Day 5.  No intention,  no mantra.   Just gotta get through it. 

Insanely busy at work.  I do not understand WHY we are so busy this late in the year.  The busy season is in the spring and summer.  (This was a question Inner Peace asked; she is right.  This is crazy. )  I'm hoping that after this week things will even out.  I'll still be busy,  because of all the new contracts we got over last weekend, but at least it won't all be due at the same time!

In fact,  I went to sleep at 830 pm last night so that I could wake up at 4:30 am today, so that I can get to work as early as possible.  Ridiculous!

This is because we're meeting up with my mom for dinner,  so I have to leave work early.  Tonight is the only chance to meet up with her.

Anyway,  husband doesn't seem to understand how time sensitive my schedule was yesterday for today,  and when I tried to squeeze in one more thing before dinner,  he got mad at me and started yelling.  Well,  that was the end of that.  Not going to eat while angry,  with an angry person. I wasn't hungry anyway. 

Progress as of today: 53 lbs lost so far, only -3 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 09/26/2019:
That is the worst, here's hoping nothing else is added to your plate on this day. I hate having angry people around me...when I see DH is cranky I just don't even try to talk to him. I just let him sit there alone and brood. I guess men get cranky/moody too. Enjoy your dinner with your mom.

BearCountryGG on 09/26/2019:
You mean I'm not the only one with an angry/surly/grumpy husband? What a relief...I thought I was the only one!!!

BearCountryGG on 09/26/2019:
I think they call it testosterone poisoning!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/26/2019:
serves him right - glad you didn't fall for it and eat dinner with an angry man ;)...good to see you getting up again early in the morning. i'm back to getting up earlier too.

Donkey - Wednesday Sep 25, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 133.5

Day 5:  Intention:  Today I will take care of myself.  Mantra:  Not every day can be 100%.

 It's going to be a rough day, physically, so my focus is pretty much just to get through it.  Bad sleep, hormones, cramps, aches, pains, fatigue.

By acknowledging to myself that I am not functioning at 100%, this will help me set my expectations for myself.

As I mentioned in my reply to Bear this morning, my main goal is to get into bed as soon as possible.  If I can do lights out before 9pm, that would be great.

Progress as of today: 53 lbs lost so far, only -3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/25/2019:
Sorry. Hope you feel better and have a better day.

legcramps on 09/25/2019:
I'm sorry you're having some tough days lately. I think it's a great idea that you acknowledge you're not at 100% today, but it's also a good idea to tell the negative thoughts to bugger off and have a great day in spite of it all. Either way, give it your best and leave the rest!

Sleep! We both could use some sleep this week.

BearCountryGG on 09/26/2019:
Rarely will there be a 100% day....but there is always plan B.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/26/2019:
good point to not keep your epectations at 100 ...and realize that it's OK.

Donkey - Tuesday Sep 24, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 133.5

Day 3:  Devotional:  I will honor my limits today.  Mantra:  Everything in its own time.

 Very busy at work.  Going in early, actually, to try to catch up. Hopefully this is the last busy week for the year.  Everyone wants to close on Rosh Hashanah.  What the heck...

And on top of this, when my time is so limited, my husband goes and has another GI flare-up, so I have to come home at lunch to help him.  I told him last night that while it's really difficult to take the extra time, it's probably a good thing, because otherwise, I'd get no lunch!

Progress as of today: 53 lbs lost so far, only -3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/24/2019:
Sigh. Hope your hubby feels better.

innerpeace on 09/24/2019:
Are more house closing in the summer while school is out - to move during summer vacation? just wondering.

I hope your husband feels better...and you do need a lunch break.

BearCountryGG on 09/24/2019:
It's a good day for that "Everything in it's own time".....

Horn_of_plenty on 09/26/2019:
hope hubby feels better. he's SO LUCKY to have you!

Donkey - Monday Sep 23, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 133.5

Day 2:  I devote today to a state of peace and serenity. 

Mantra:  I release all things that no longer work for me... 

I started feeling anxious late yesterday evening, over work, of all things.  I know that my boss would not be happy that I worry about work on my time off.

We have a client who is a self-made millionaire, and good for him.  But that doesn't give him license to think less of me and the work that I do.  Did I tell him to schedule his closing day so that the only time he has available is 9am?  I don't think so.  He was so awful about the seller POSSIBLY needing extra time (days) to close, and now it seems as though our buyer will not be able to close on time.

I promise myself that I will not devote more negative energy to this person.  "What goes around, comes around" and eventually, this will come around.





Progress as of today: 53 lbs lost so far, only -3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/23/2019:
Work on peace and don't let idiots get to you!

BearCountryGG on 09/23/2019:
He can bear his own cross.....let him!!! Good attitude!

Donkey - Sunday Sep 22, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 133.5

Day 1 of 100:  A goal is not always meant to be reached.  It often serves simply as something to aim at.  (Bruce Lee)

I dedicate this time to my overall well-being, mental and physical health.  

A few semi-fluid goals:

  • To incorporate weight-bearing exercises in my weekly routine, to help maintain muscle and bone.
  • Mindful choices and portion awareness in eating, including conscious evaluation of my hunger status.
  • To begin a regular practice of yoga, not as a routine, but as a soul-searching tool.  More of an art, than an exercise.
  • To work on becoming more consistent in letting go of many things that I allow to bother, anger, or worry me -- not letting things get to me. 
  • To embrace and appreciate the changes in the seasons.

It was forecasted that we'd have storms all day.  However, we've had a break for about 2 hours, and now it looks like the sun is coming out.  I *do* anticiapte storms around noon, though.  Today will be a slower day, to recharge for the week ahead.

I signed the husband and I for October's Library Chair Yoga, and I am signed up for Yin Yoga (at the same library) for next Monday, September 30th.  I was going to sign up for October's Yin Yoga (free), too, but on the same night, the same library is having a seminar on "Zero Waste Mindset" - providing tips on reduicing waste, saving money, and improving health.  Well, I'm all about all three of those things!  So I might sign up for that instead.  There will be other opportunities for Yin Yoga (free or paid) at other times.

Yesterday, on my walk, I was sorely tempted to jog, but I had this odd feeling under my left knee cap that reminded me that my running days are over. I had a little of that same feeling this morning, but then it dissipated and I feel fine now.  With today's rain, I probably won't get in a walk today, and that's fine.  Best not to tempt fate.

My daughter says I'm making excuses for not attending next Sunday's Yoga Hike.  Yes.

Progress as of today: 53 lbs lost so far, only -3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/22/2019:
Good goals! Seems like everyone is getting rain/thunderstorms. Same here.

BearCountryGG on 09/22/2019:
WEll.....that pouring rain has passed you and is hitting us right now...quite the downpour. I love it though...kind of like a cleansing......of the earth and trees....yup...like a bath for the earth and everything on it....Love your goals.....

Donkey - Saturday Sep 21, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 134.0

I know I said I would not try to post things in the past tense.  However, I wanted to mention that yesterday's intention:  Today is devoted to my health -- really helped me stay focused.  Title Company Man came by to drop off treats at the office, and I had no problem resisting. I just kept reminding myself, Today is devoted to my health.

I am trying to decided if I should sign up for a Yoga Nature Hike for next Sunday (September 29th) morning.  Several things holding me back:

  • $40 "investement" fee
  • Not sure the weather will cooperate
  • New situation: new people, new drive
  • The instructor seems like she'd be annoying.

Believe it or not, I think it's the "new drive" part that's holding me back.  I never go that direction.

The "investment" fee might be better applied to some classes or different yoga event.

Contemplating adding even more vegetables to my meals.  Although high in carbs, might be thinking about adding 1/2 beans to lunch and/or dinner. 

AFTERNOON EDIT:  I'm really struggling with making sane nutritional choices for myself right now.  With the exception of adding more vegetables, I'm all over the place.... Not a happy place to be.


Progress as of today: 52.5 lbs lost so far, only -2.5 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 09/21/2019:
I've never heard of the yoga nature hike...do they stop and do poses?

Donkey on 09/21/2019:
Yes, I think that's exactly what they do. I have 99% decided I am not going to go, for all of the reasons listed above.

grannyannie on 09/22/2019:
Sounds interesting!

Donkey - Friday Sep 20, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 134.0

Lately,  I've been finding myself writing in the past tense.  I'm not so sure that is a healthy perspective or what I want for my diary here. 

Of course,  juicy work stories are the exception (lol).  I do a lot of venting about work here,  too. It's nice to have a safe place to unload,  but again,  should this be my focus? 

Food for thought...

I've decided to focus on the guidance of the Zen Teen book and return the other stress book written for adults.  I'm looking for tools,  not analysis. 

Today's intention is dedicated to my health.  As I mentioned earlier this week,  this Sunday starts the 100 day countdown to the end of the year.  I want to make the most of what's left of 2019.

Progress as of today: 52.5 lbs lost so far, only -2.5 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/20/2019:
Yes, some Zen Buddhism is always helpful!

innerpeace on 09/20/2019:
I and intrigued with the 100 days left in the year...i will have to find me something to strive for.

I too search for stress relieving activities and exercises.

BearCountryGG on 09/20/2019:
We do head for what we are thinking about...a good test is to walk with your eyes straight ahead on some object...and you will walk a straight line to it. Now walk watching your feet...and you will zig zag all over the place and when you look up where you wanted to go will be all off. It's a good place to vent for sure....s long as you can let it go after.....kind of getting it off your shoulders....but for you...if it makes you think about it more it may not be helping. I agree...don't keep books that don't appeal to you.....no need to waste time on those.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/21/2019:
woohoo for a GOOD 100 days till the end of the year...that's serious food for thought on my end - to make it a good end, right?

Donkey - Thursday Sep 19, 2019
(Lazy/dirty keto & recumbent biking (indoor))
Weight: 134.0

Not much time to post today.  My husband is having a flare-up with his symptoms, so that took a lot of my extra time today.  And there wasn't all THAT much extra time because I couldn't get my butt out of bed.  I actually lay in bed for over 30  minutes contemplating whether I should get up or not.

Yesterday was not as successful, with my intention and mantra, as I was feeling the stress manifest itself in my neck at around 1pm.  I think the intention:  "I extend kindess and mercy to myself and others" wasn't the right one for yesterday.  And I did not return to my mantra enough throughout the day. 

Also, I have decided not to participate in the remainder of the free yoga sessions at that yoga studio I tried earlier this month.  It's not the right place for me at this time, where I am in my yoga journey.  I am going to continue with the free chair yogas, I am still signed up for free Yin Yoga at the public library.  And I really do want to try the local yoga studio nearby (the one I can ride my bike to, it's so close).  The anxiety over spending the money is what is holding me back right now --- or is it the social anxiety?  Hmmm.... I hadn't considered that.

Progress as of today: 52.5 lbs lost so far, only -2.5 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/19/2019:
I keep thinking about taking yoga. Might try a private lesson when we go to Thailand, then if I think it's for me I'll join in the easier classes.

Donkey on 09/20/2019:
That's a good idea!!! Ah yoga in Thailand... sounds so relaxing!

BearCountryGG on 09/19/2019:
I have used yoga CD's and now you tube for yoga.......not as agile as I used to be, and I'm more at ease just doing that at home....somewhere in all the moving I guess i got rid of my yoga mat...so i haven't been doing any floor poses...in fact my blocks and belt are gone too....hmmm...

Donkey on 09/20/2019:
I just can't seem to get myself to use my yoga DVD. I just learned last week that I can watch YouTube on the tv we have in the living room! I'll have to have my daughter show me how to do that.

grannyannie on 09/19/2019:
I'm very flexible but I don't have good balance and also have low blood pressure so if I get up too quickly I get dizzy.

Donkey on 09/20/2019:
I have balance issues too. I feel that the yoga is helping with that, but I sometimes have to modify the moves, which is ok. In fact, with the exception of that disaster yoga class, most instructors encourage us to move within our limitations.

legcramps on 09/19/2019:
Anxiety can manifest in so many ways, can't it? I hope you are able to work through it as you need to!

Donkey on 09/20/2019:
Awareness is hugely important. If I can catch it early, I can do things to bring it down and dissipate the tension.

I'm learning that awareness is huge. Most of us go through life, not being fully aware. At least that is what these meditation books are saying.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2019:
you can always try one new session, you don't have to go to all of them :)

Donkey on 09/20/2019:
This is so true. Kind of like breaking away from the Clean Plate Club... same thing, different scene.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2019:
maybe one day you'd teach yoga ?! teach chair yoga!?

Donkey on 09/20/2019:

grannyannie on 09/20/2019:
I had a hard time finding out about yoga classes and private instruction. Most of the yoga is for several days at some spa and costs a bundle! I chickened out last winter but I will definitely give it a try this winter. I do have orthostatic hypotension (when I get up too quickly all the blood leaves my head and my bp drops a lot leaving me dizzy and have to sit or hold on to something). So I'll mention this in my first private lesson.

grannyannie on 09/20/2019:
(in Thailand)

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