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Horn_Of_Plenty - Monday Jan 29, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

well, thank you all for your comments and support. It seems that you agree with most of what I said and do support my plan. that's a good sign for me to continue with it.

my internet is all screwy and now its too late to leave a long journal entry or comment this evening. It'll have to wait until tomorrow!

eating today was healthy. also, i was pretty busy, so calories were quite low.

goodnight all!

slipstream on 01/29/2007:
So, on Sunday, was that a pound of pickled peppers? Oh my - I am so relieved to hear that you, this tiny thing, can eat so much in a binge. I feel so much better! Thank you!! I don't know about this food or that carb causing my binges. I only have them on Fridays, regardless of what I start out with. It does seem that once I eat too much of anything with calories, it's so much easier to psychologically justify the eating of everything in sight. Can you relate to that? I see it as a need for something pleasurable. I think I haven't been getting enough sex - that's what i think. Either that or the food is providing something even the sex doesn't. It's filling some gap. What causes addictive gambling? Or compulsive shopping? I think there must be a similar root. What do you think? I'm rooting for you! Oh - and I love pickled peppers!

Horn_Of_Plenty - Sunday Jan 28, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

WorkingIt Points today: 2 exercise, 2 water, 1 for fruit/veg. total 5

I am thinking of going on the unprocessed, unrefined eating style again. what are your feelings on that? I enjoy vegetables a lot, so that is not an issue for me. I think sugar addiction is my issue, and once i had a little, it was all downhill. I believe that i can allow myself all sugars still, like at parties and any kind of occasion that allows for them. meaning, those foods are not off limits, like i considered them from after thanksgiving until the new year.

I just want to say that i am not happy with my current eating. I went food shopping and bought lots of healthy vegetables and things. I will strive to eat a lot of whole foods from now on. They are what make me feel best. I ate terribly last week and came down with a stomach virus friday. do you think the sickness and poor eating were related? hmmm.

i'm struggling right now. I don't believe i'm looking for a fast fix really. I'm looking for a fix!

Let me know your input on my decisions! ---------------------------------------------------------------

Here's a good article I read on nurtrition and food substitues today:


-------------------------------------------------------------- donkey, i think someone in my house might have thrown the calorie info away on purpose. usually, i won't touch food that doesn't have its caloric information taped to it!!!!!

hi. my stomach was definitely not all better this morning. but, i woke up around 4am with an appetite. I kinda slept it off. then, around 5, i made some cereal, fiber one, two cups and one cup soy milk. soon after, i fell back to sleep.

I woke up around 8am and had an apple and then a yogurt.

shortly after, i had two pieces of bread with 2 tablespoons of pb and one tablespoon tahini.

i snacked on a pound of peppers at 11am and at noon I had eggplant and two eggs.

calories up to that point weren't even too bad for all that food: 1225.

then, i binged!!! yeah, and my stomach isn't even fully better. I don't know, but i'm having a really tough time. it hasn't gotten better, yet!

my dad had brought home a box of "godiva biscuits" which are all types of cookies with chocolate and nuts and stuff on them. I had two of one thing, 3 of another cookie, and 6 of a third type. then, I had 9 crackers in my house. I followed that by 4 mini butterfingers that i found. then, i followed that by a powerbar. don't ask!

ugh. what is my problem!?

total calories so far: 2900. and, i hope it's not more! i had to guess the calories in the godiva biscuits cookies because it didn't list them, not even online!


Donkey on 01/28/2007:
Did you take apart the Godiva box? Usually the calories are on a small square of paper, floating around in the box.

Moody on 01/28/2007:
Just catching up on you..do you think your binge today had anything to do with starting the day out with cereal? Although it was a healthy cereal it's still high in carbs I would imagine...and I know for me that when I eat carbs with nothing else, I end up bingeing..

I hope that you get to feeling better...take care of yourself!

have you been to yoga lately??

WorkingIt2 on 01/28/2007:
That godiva chocolate is so tasty and so addictive. It definately had an unfair advantage over you =) Scratch this day and head to the next. All is not lost! Hope you feel better soon.

girliegirl6486 on 01/28/2007:
I think its a good idea to avoid processed foods for awhile. I did for this past week and felt GREAT. Last night I ate terribly processed foods and I feel soooooo sick today. I just wish I liked veggies as much as you do - I love fruit but that's lots of sugars!

WorkingIt2 on 01/28/2007:
Whatever you know would work best for you is what is most important. And there isn't a darned thing wrong with eating whole foods =)

borntocry on 01/29/2007:
Same here - I think sugars spark off a lot of my binges. Cereal and cookies are probably my biggest killers. If I were you I would just try to include some starches in my diet, like oatmeal, potatoes, whole grain bread, etc. to stave off the deprived feelings and cravings. But avoid the highly-processed refined sugars because those don't really fill us up and always leave us wanting more. And the calories add up really quickly too. Good luck!

Donkey on 01/29/2007:
I can tell you certifiably that refined sugars totally set off binges for me. Talk about a trigger! Very dangerous! I'm not so sure about the whole foods approach. I'm starting to think that the vegetarian thing is what is setting me up for binges. However, I cannot possibly entertain the idea of ingesting the DNA of over 1000 cows (ground beef) at this point in time. I'm going to give vegetarianism a little more time and re-evaluate after I'm done moving. But you seemed to be more in control when you had the whole foods approach. Don't you agree? Thats what I would look at, what was I eating when I felt the most in control? Because this bingeing thing has got to stop. Trust me, before it becomes something that needs an outside intervention to quit.

Jmarie60 on 01/29/2007:
The best I ever felt was when I went on a detox. I gradually took things away for one week. I started with refined sugars. I'm a vegetarian so I didn't have to wean off the meat. then I stopped eating eggs. Then I stopped eating dairy. Then when the weekend came, I would drink water and organic, freshly squeezed juices. I also had organic vegetable broth. I had some wonderful teas as well. I exfoliated my skin, and did a deep herbal cleansing of my body and skin. After the weekend I slowly incorporated whole vegetables and then egg and dairy back into my diet. I ate whole foods and treated myself better. I only do this once a year and am very careful. I don't want to give my body a shock. I fell out of the routine because I was living with my boyfriend (now ex) and he wasn't very supportive of the idea and joked about it. So I went back to my old ways.

I don't know if you got anything out of that rambling, but if it's something you're interested in, maybe I could do it again and we can do it together via DD.

sasyredneckgirl on 01/29/2007:
Hey horn.. ya know i cut out my white bread and no rice and no potatoes and it has helped me out tremendously opps and sugar as well.. and noooo diet drinks the aspertame and such is suppose to make your body crave things.. now thats not to say if something like spaghetti sauce has sugar in it i still will fix that i just dont eat much of it.. but it has stopped my cravings for chocolate so much and for other foods.. its not a total sugarbusters diet or a atkins diet just one my dr has made up... but i can tell such a difference i dont seem to crave those bad goods as much ...

Horn_Of_Plenty - Saturday Jan 27, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

edit: workingit points for today: 4 exercise, (water/tea). i went on to have 4 pepperidge farm cookies after the banana. those cookies combined were 560 calories. my total for today so far is 1650...plus an apple: 1730 total.


Friday workingit points: none for calories, none for fruits/veg, none for exercise. I'll give myself 2 water points.

Saturday workingit points: calories, none. fruit/veg: 2, water: 2, exercise: we'll see...I'll update later this evening!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments yesterday. I felt better this morning, but still not myself. I've been eating very processed, dense foods today. For breakfast, I started with cereal. I haven't made myself a bowl of cereal first thing in the morning in months!

Breakfast: The first thing i ate this morning was a chocolate truffle. boy did it taste rich! I almost thought i couldn't put another thing in my mouth...

then i had the cereal: cup of soymilk from a container that lists the expiration date as the middle of november 06 but that tastes and smells fine (maybe that's how i got sick, lol), one cup of raisin bran, one cup of fiber one (i'm not sure why this is in my house, because i sure didn't buy it!). so it took me awhile to finish the cereal.

then, i had the second chocolate truffle. after a little bit, i had two chocolates with cherry and cream inside.

LOL. It was a big breakfast. 650 calories. but, with my stomach feeling the way it did, i didn't know when i'd want to eat again! I knew i'd be teaching a music lesson this morning and posible one after that, for an hour. however, that person cancelled again this week because he was sick with fever!

I got home around 4 and had a seaweed salad. i didn't know if i could ingest any vegetables; and it took awhile to eat. However, i felt good after. I stopped by the health food store by me; and i was talking to a different woman who was telling me all about raw foods. she kinda made me believe that raw foods can definitely sustain a person and that's whats gonna get me better. However, i will not become a raw foodist any time soon!

after the seaweed salad, i had canned chicken noodle soup from the generous supply in my house. then, i kept thinking about having more chocolate, but went to have a banana. It was good; and now i'm having an apple. my stomach feels very bloated, but my mind is wanting some more to eat. so, i'm going with that right now!

thanks for all your kind comments, i'm definitely better than yesterday. hopefully i'll be 100% soon!

i also bought some echinacea tea, good for the immune system. It says to have 5-6 cups a day! I have a lot to go on that!

lastly, i bought a really interesting drink at the natural food store. i thought it was going to taste fruity, because it was colorful and packaged so nicely. however, it tastes like VINEGAR! It's called "Synergy," and its organic and raw. It's made from raw kombucha, which is a type of chinese tea cultured for 30 days. It also includes raspberry juice, lemon juice, and ginger juice. that's all. It contains 30 calories per 8oz, for a total of 60 calories per bottle. It also has a trace amount of alcohol, from fermentation (i guess because it's cultured for 30 days), lol.

Kombucha is said to support: digestion, metabolism, immune system, appetite control, weight control, liver function, body alkalnity, anti-aging, cell integrity, and healthy skin/hair. LOL, i guess the company can claim whatever it wants. I'm going to finish this bottle, even though the taste is something to be aquired, which i haven't done.

one more update tonight.

borntocry on 01/27/2007:
Interesting drink - the juice sounds good, but the vinegary taste... not so much.

I am also never sure what to do with things which taste and smell fine long after the expiration date. Like I've noticed yogurt tends to last a couple of weeks past the date, which is strange for a dairy product, but I guess maybe it's because it's already sour. The big question is what to do with the barely-touched packet of oat bran in the refrigerator. It supposedly expired about three years ago, but doesn't smell rancid at all. Seems a shame to throw it out...

Glad you're feeling better. You're right, I think these bizarre temperature fluctuations aren't doing anyone any good!

maria777 on 01/27/2007:
Looks like you've had a good day!

WorkingIt2 on 01/28/2007:
I had a big breakfast yesterday myself! Truffles are soooooooo tasty. Have a great day, Horn!

Horn_Of_Plenty - Friday Jan 26, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

Turns out I felt like I was gonna vomit since I got up this morning. I practically forced an apple down my throat for breakfast. I almost couldn't even finish it. I didn't feel any better at school. We took the bus from the elementary school to the middle school for day 2 of the district band rehearsal.

At times, I walked away from the auditorium thinking i was too nauseaus and in need of a restroom.

we arrived back at the elementary school where I think I can finally do some paperwork and relax. NO! The asst. principal wonders why I have cancelled the one afternoon lesson (I cancelled because the other band teachers told me to yesterday, saying I had fulfilled my teaching requirements for the day at rehearsal.) well, i can understand if the asst principal did want me to teach the one afternoon lesson, since i was in the building. However, then she asked me to teach another extra lesson in the afternoon that had to be cancelled from the morning. well, its my first full week there, so i did it. I had to end up staying late at school; and i'm still not done with my work. I felt like I was gonna throw up while teaching the lessons. ugh.

I think that I caused myself this virus, from whatever I ingested last night. I ate too much. and, whoever warned me that i'd feel sick, i feel sicker than you could imagine!

I ate 360 calories until dinner. It consisted of an apple, some bread, and two eggs. and, i forced that food down my throat. If i wasn't so obsessed with food, i probably wouldn't have even tried to eat all that!

when i got home, i took a nap. then, i had bravo crackers and soup. total: 450. It was difficult to get the solid parts of the soup down and i began to get nauseous again. I hope i'm not making any of you readers sick! sorry if i did.

ugh. i've simply had enough.

borntocry on 01/26/2007:
Listen, if you're feeling that sick, don't eat! Wait until you feel better. I hope you do feel better soon. For people as obsessed with food as we are, it sucks to be unable to enjoy it!

WorkingIt2 on 01/26/2007:
(((((((((Horn)))))))))))) awww I hope you feel better soon! No fun to be sick!

Justine6Robert3 on 01/26/2007:
Sorry your feeling sick, what an awful day you must have had trying to function and teach all day (and then stay late, nice!!) when you had such an upset stomach. I think you need to snuggle up in your bed. You should maybe avoid eating right now if its upsetting your stomach so much! Maybe your coming down with the flu, its that lovely time of year.

I hope you feel better, take care of yourself!

Donkey on 01/27/2007:
I hope you feel better soon. I hope it doesn't develop into stomach flu or something like that. I agree, don't eat if you feel sick to your stomach!

Horn_Of_Plenty - Thursday Jan 25, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 111.8

WorkingIt points: 6. everything except the calorie points.

I binged, but stopped when my stomach actually felt VERY full and solid. weird feeling, usually I don't get that feeling so soon. Maybe it's because I ate good things all day and a major afternoon binge wasn't necessary. who knows.


Breakfast: 1 cup hi fiber bran, 1/2 cup soy milk, one apple, one egg, two chocolates. total: 420.

No Snack in the midmorning.

Lunch: carrots, lc bread, bbq chicken. total: 250.

Snack: Protein advantage chocolate chip granola bar. yes, it hit the spot. 220 calories, lots of fiber. I don't know if I should have had this or something with some more carbs in it and no sugar alcohols. i don't want to start eating lots of sugar alcohols again!

Dinner: Microwave veggies and tofu. (I didn't even heat the tofu up...and I had the entire block, just cut it into bite size pieces. I don't really flavor my tofu, sometimes I'll sprinkle it with papricka or spices. but, i just heat it in the microwave if i want it warm). calories: 420.

Dinner lead into a binge: more high fiber cereal and 1 cup soy milk: 200

Total so far: 1510.... However, I continued to binge:

Two chocolates....1620, Bread and sf jelly.....1720, Peanut butter, bread and jelly...1990, 2 slices of bread and peanut butter....2230.

well, i was feeling emotions of "not being good enough" and "not living up to my potential" this afternoon. In the end, I am not conducting the elementary band district festival because the chairperson felt that the teachers who have been around in the district for awhile should stand up to the plate! yeah, she told me it wasn't at all about how good a teacher I am and not based on any dissatisfaction at all. just that she wanted the other teachers to participate. also, there are only 3 songs, but 6 teachers. therefore, there isn't a song for me to conduct. i'm fine with that. however, if i did have to do it, i'd be a nervous wreck. I just hope that I can do it as well as the other teachers there today. I probably could. I feel i'm not giving my all to my job. I think this lead into the binge.

Tomorrow's another day.

ok. I need to get a little more sleep. It's not that i'm necessarily tired during the day, but I can tell my energy is a little sluggish; and i come home and vegged out after work when i should exercise right away so that I can do some other productive things later in the evening. I haven't been productive this week after work.

Progress as of today: 1.6 lbs lost so far, only 8.8 lbs to go!

gina7400 on 01/25/2007:
you go!!

lafemme_loca on 01/25/2007:
You are doing so well... even with the small 'binge'... Emotional and Stress eating are my speciality. Isn't it amazing how we find comfort in eating even when we are not hungry. I heard someone say "don't let a lapse turn into a collapse." It is nice to see that you have the good attitude about tomorrow. :-) Take care of yourself !

Donkey on 01/25/2007:
I can understand why the incident with the band festival led to the binge. I often deal with feelings of inadequacy and untapped potential. However, no good comes of dwelling on such negativity. I agree, tomorrow is a new day and we will strive to give what we can. I personally really admire you for making a career out of your passion for music. My cousin graduated last year, majoring in music education. He was unable to find a school to teach (band director), so he has had to supplement his degree with classes that will qualify him to teach math. Last I heard, he had applied for a bank teller position at a nearby bank. So what you have managed to accomplish is definitely worthy of admiration.

Be forewarned: You may find that you regretted bingeing on high fiber bran cereal and peanut butter tomorrow...

Justine6Robert3 on 01/25/2007:
Your way to tough on yourself! You are going to feel a little "sluggish" until your body gets back into the routine of going to work everyday. I'm sure if you were hired to be a band teacher that you are very qualified and I'm sure you would do a great job if they need you to stand in.

I agree with Donkey, you have done very well for yourself turning your love for music into your career. So many people get up and go to work everyday and hate what they do for a living.

I do love your positive outlook, tomorrow is another day and it will be better! Have a good night and enjoy your work day tomorrow. Hope you sleep well tonight, it can make all the difference.

WorkingIt2 on 01/25/2007:
Awwww, I think you are a wonderful person with a kind heart and a very understanding and nurturing soul. I bet you are a wonderful teacher!

borntocry on 01/26/2007:
I often binge due to stress over my job or fights with my husband or whatever, so what I've started trying to do is identify the cause of the problem and then ask myself, "Will I feel better after another 2000 calories? Will the stress be gone? Will all my problems be solved?" I think we all know the answer to that one - I'll be left feeling even more stressed out and miserable than before. Simple as it seems, I think this method really does work for me from time to time. (Other times, it seems nothing will stop me!)

greengirl on 01/26/2007:
I think they were mean not to let you conduct one of the songs. No wonder you were a trifle emotional. I would have been p****d myself!!!! At least it is no reflection on your teaching ability!! Anyway keep your chin up and carry on regardless :)

Horn_Of_Plenty - Wednesday Jan 24, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.4

....I think i'd like cereal tomorrow morning. High fiber bran...

WorkingIt points: 8 calories 1500 on the dot!

the bbq shredded chicken i've been having is from Trader Joe's. all it is is shredded chicken in a slightly sweet BBQ sauce.

Edit: dinner changed a little. dinner: lox, pound of peppers, an apple (instead of a yogurt). 300 cal.


my weight is all over the place! lol. I didn't think it would be this high today!

So, I arrive at school at 8:50am today because i don't teach early on Wednesdays. I teach starting at 9:30am, compared to the usual 8:25am every other day of the week. LOL, and someone comes in telling me I must be at school at 7:30am every day, even today! How much does that stink!? oh well. I guess it'll be a "catch-up" time or just time to get work done!


Breakfast: I splurged. I don't know what my issue was. However, I didn't go into a major high cal binge. Probably bc I know that my weight is pretty high at the moment. ok, so breakfast is an emergen-c, 1/2 tofu, one egg, and an apple. 310 cal.

No snacks before lunch. I don't know how much I like this. It's doable, but I do feel a little tired.

Lunch: bbq chicken salad on lc bread, carrots, tomato: 230 cal.

Snack #1 on way home: Subway dbl meat chicken wrap with sweet peppers.

Snack #2 when I got home: one chocolate 55 cal.

Snack #3: tomato

total so far: 1200 I'll update after dinner!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 10.4 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 01/24/2007:
You are doing fine! Thanks for the comments on my diary. About the Squash Mac & Cheese.....It is butternut squash that I peel, cube and boil until just tender, drain and mash. Then I put some skim milk, reduced fat ricotta cheese, some sharp cheddar and some monterey jack and fresh parmesan cheeses with a little ground dry mustand, one whole minced onion, a little salt and white pepper. On the cheeses it's about 8 oz of ricotta and about 1/2 cup each of everything but the sharp cheddar - about 1 Cup of the sharp cheddar is needed. Hope you enjoy it if you make it. I LOVE it.

bikinikill on 01/24/2007:
I tried to decrease the size of the photo (the same thing I'm trying to do with my body!) I can't figure out how to post my entry in color or add that little Goal Graph (like on your diary) How do you do that?

bikinikill on 01/24/2007:
Nevermind! just found out I will have to reveal my actual weight if I want to use the goal graph. Not ready to do that yet.

Justine6Robert3 on 01/24/2007:
Your doing good! You still ate alot of good healthy food today. Yes, I do well with milk but its easy for me because I love milk, always have. My problem is making sure I don't over do it and drink to much milk, that's why I switched to 1%.

I wish I could eat the large variety of vegetables you do! I have a hard time getting veggies into my diet, I just don't like many of them. I also need more fibre in my diet. I'm going to buy some brown rice to have with chicken etc.

Hope your dinner is good and you have a great evening!

Runner on 01/25/2007:
I've given up my everyday cereal addiction...but I still have it at least 2-3 days a week...especially the high-fiber stuff (with a little bit of Cinnamon LIFE mixed in)! I love it! :)

Great job on your calorie intake!

smiley2 on 01/25/2007:
Looks like you are doing well! That BBQ chicken sounds so delic!

Donkey on 01/25/2007:
Curious to know how you prepare your tofu. I see tofu at the supermarket, but I'm not sure what to do with that big block of stuff. Great job, by the way! You are so inspirational to me!

WorkingIt2 on 01/25/2007:
You eat the most interesting food combo's! I just love reading your journal!

Jmarie60 on 01/25/2007:
Everyone I know raves about Trade Joes's. I'm about an hour south west of Columbus. I think there's one there.

You asked me about anemia...When I feel like my iron is low, I get really tired and I hve headaches. Sometimes I feel dizzy.

Ask your doctor about it the next time you see him/her. My gyno is the one who's always concerned about my anemia.

Horn_Of_Plenty - Tuesday Jan 23, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 112.6

WorkingIt points: 7. food calories were a little higher than I wanted. 1595, instead of 1500.

anyone have advice for sore legs? i'm gonna have to buy some muscle pain soother. they are hurting. I walked on the treadmill for an hour and didn't even get in 3 miles! LOL. tired legs!

Dinner: Lox, 120. 4 small/medium peppers: 90. 7 nori sheets, 70.one cucumber, 25. total: 305.

I have been enjoying the larger than normal afternoon snack i've been having. I'm gonna think about it tonight what I want to get for tomorrow. something convenience, something sweet! lol.


Hi all! I made a mistake yesterday. When I was at my heighest weight a few days ago, I had gained about 8.8 lbs since New Years! Not as bad as 13 pounds!

This morning I almost ate too much for breakfast, but then I stopped that behavior by having more tea. It was also getting late and I had to leave the house soon. I actually did have lunch in school today. However, without a morning snack, I felt my energy slipping a little. The teacher I'm replacing doesn't even really have lunch in school, he said, because his schedule ends so early in the afternoon. I guess he just goes home for lunch around 2pm. I wouldn't like that schedule very much at all!


Breakfast: 1egg, emergen-c, apple, tofu. 310 cal

Lunch: lo cal bread, 1/2 cup chicken salad...i'll post the recipe later this evening, carrots, tomato. 300 cal.

Snack on the way home: tea, fruit salad 120

Snack at home: 9 ritz-like crackers, microwavable eggplant parm, plain strained yogurt. 500 cal.

Snack about 2 1/2 hours later: tomato...and then a cucumber...55 total

Total so far: 1285...which only leaves 215 for dinner. ugh. at least it'll be a late dinner close to bedtime...I might go over by a few calories I've been thinking about and eating food all afternoon!


good evening all!

Tomorrow starts my journey alone with the elementary band.

Progress as of today: 0.8 lbs lost so far, only 9.6 lbs to go!

slipstream on 01/23/2007:
Hi HOP - Wow, you want to weight 103? Are you missing a leg? I'm just under 5'3' and when I get to 117 people get worried about how thin I look. I've weighed 114 as an adult and that's as thin as I need to be to look great in a bikini. Are you thin-boned? The old graphs suggesting "normal" weight for people were pretty off, but I remember hearing a more contemporary rule - for women - 100 lbs for 5 feet, and 5 lbs for every inch after that. I have known other women as low in weight, same height...and they look fine. I guess there are just differences among us that are hard to define! Thatnks for the comment you left me, for calling me on it . Caused me to look more closely at my yo yo habits rgarding calories. Gotta go - American Idol is on! :o)

borntocry on 01/24/2007:
Your legs may just be getting used to the exercise. Where are they hurting? Calves, shins, thighs, front, back? Or all over? You might want to try stretching your muscles before, and especially after, you exercise. If you do it before exercise, be gentle, as your muscles will be cold and more prone to injury. But it is more important to do it afterwards. Just a few seconds of stretching can save you a lot of pain! Take it from someone who knows.

borntocry on 01/24/2007:
<br>Hi HoP,

Thanks for your comment. You're right, I guess my binge last night did provide some fibre! Trust you to find the positive aspects of a splurge, haha! I do feel better about it now, though!

The back of your thighs are not your quads - they're your hamstrings. That's a muscle that's very often tight, and it's the easiest one to stretch. All you have to do is bend over and try to touch your toes. Don't force it (especially if it's already hurting), do it slowly and try to hold your position for 8-12 seconds. Do this a few times before and after you exercise.

Horn_Of_Plenty - Monday Jan 22, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.6

Update: WorkingIt Points: 7. LOL, because I was under my calories by 105, and not 100 calories, I am giving myself 7 points and not 8. I am proud of myself for walking for an hour, although it was only at about 3.0 mph! My legs are still hurting and tired!

Snack before dinner and my walk: tomato

Dinner: 4 orange peppers, 120; brussels, 125; greek strained yogurt, 80; and then I had some strawberries, 45.

Total Calories: 1395

I will probably add more protein to tomorrow's breakfast also because I know I may not be having lunch at lunchtime!


Lol, I've gained 13 pounds since New Years!! hahahahaha! Must go in the other direction soon!

Today was a good, planned eating day. However, I was working today with the teacher I will be replacing while he has surgery and will be absent for a few months starting Wednesday.

Obviously, eating wasn't on his mind. Luckily, he let me teach and that got my mind off of food a lot! Well, I went with him to get his lunch, Dunkin Donut's muffin and coffee, which he didn't have time to eat and I obviously didn't have time to eat mine, either. I brought lunch and a midmorning snack, all of which were eaten on my car on the way home; and I added a stop at Dunkin Donuts to fulfill my craving and got a bavarian cream donut how good! i was satisfied after.

Breakfast: 1 egg, one apple, emergen-c (total 170) and then I had something a little unplanned, more protein: half a package of tofu (140 cal) total 310

Midmorning snack that got eaten after school: 1 egg

Lunch that got eaten after school: Carrots (80), bbq chicken salad on lt bread (220).

Snack that got eaten right after lunch: Dunkin Donuts' Bavarian cream donut: I looked it up and it says 210. I simply do not believe it. I'm recording it as 310. way too much creme and powdered sugar to only be 210.

Totals so far: 990

Progress as of today: -0.2 lbs lost so far, only 10.6 lbs to go!

WorkingIt2 on 01/22/2007:
Once I get a craving for a donut, I have to eat one or I'll eat two or three lol. Hope you are having a wonderful day, it looks like you are doing great!

WorkingIt2 on 01/22/2007:
LOL thanks for the entry on my journal! Made me laugh!

lafemme_loca on 01/22/2007:
:-) I so know the feeling about 'too good to be true' ... thanks for the comments on my entry :-) I will let you know the outcome from Nestl´┐Ż on my 5g issue from their website...

Donkey on 01/22/2007:
Wow, I think you did very well today. Being busy is a good thing! Keeps a person away from the food! (speaking more for myself, but I see you were busy today too!) Great food choices! BBQ chicken salad sounds wonderful. (recipe?)

lafemme_loca on 01/22/2007:
Ooh I forgot to mention... yes the liquid stevia is very good. I like the Vanilla and then I just bought some non-flavoured liquid and added almond extract to it to make Almond flavour for tea... it is tastey, too.

monet0239 on 01/22/2007:
just a hello..

man I wish I could go have a donut and not have to worry about it.. lucky you..have a great tomorrow.. :)

Justine6Robert3 on 01/22/2007:
Sounds like you had a busy day. Yummy, the donut sounds tasty! I caved today and had a bowl of chips. A very small bowl but enough to send my calories over 1500. Oh well, tomorrow's another day and I figured if I didn't just have a few I'd end up eating them all. I felt satisfied after my little bowl, wich I ate very slowly so I could really enjoy it:)

Keeping busy is a good distraction from food for sure!

missingsmokes on 01/22/2007:
the 13 lbs is probably muscle...lol thats what i always tell myself! ;)

borntocry on 01/23/2007:
You have gained 13 lb since New Year's? How is that possible? Did you weigh 100 lb then?!

That must have been some workout you had if it left your legs hurting and tired afterwards. That's always a good feeling, I think!

Thanks for the comment you left me. Funny you should mention how great it is that my husband and I can eat together without eating the same things. If only it were so easy! That has been an uphill struggle all the way. When I first started counting calories a couple of years ago, I had to make sure he didn't see my plate at dinner because he would complain about how little I was eating. Then when we moved into our new apartment we had a bigger kitchen so I started preparing more low-calorie food for myself so that I could eat as much of it as I wanted. At the same time I try to make stuff that my husband will like too, so that he isn't just living off McDonald's and Pizza Hut. But the problem is that he feels guilty when I make something just for him, so I generally have to eat at least a little bit of it too. Sometimes I make enough for two days, so we eat together on the first day but on the second day he has the leftovers while I have something else. Other times, I just pretend to eat the same thing as him but put it in a bowl so that he can't see that I'm only having a couple of bites of it! I know, it probably sounds like I have an eating disorder and I'm quite embarrassed to admit it, but I can't think of any other way around it. I don't like to make the same stuff day after day but my husband is not as experimental as I am.

Horn_Of_Plenty - Sunday Jan 21, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.8

monday's weight 113.6.


Update:WorkingIt points: 7

yeah, I actually had a bigger dinner than planned, 155 calories over what I planned. Total calories for today are 1655, instead of 1500. Dinner was lox and baked brussel sprouts in 6 nori wraps. then, i had 9 ritz crackers, which is what put me over in calories.



WorkingIt points: all 8! Today's calories will be around 1500. I haven't had dinner, but I know I will not be going over, or that they'll be pretty close if i do!

I forgot to weight myself today before having breakfast! I was hoping it would be a little lower than yesterday!

I did some errands this morning, food shopping, got the newspaper. I did 4 music teaching applications from the posted jobs that I found! Some laundy, 45 minutes walking on the treadmill. my legs have been very tired lately, anyone else get that? spurts of tired leg syndrome every once in awhile?!

Today's menu: Breakfast: I decided to make my snack my breakfast and add some fruit, too: 1/2 package of tofu, cup of strawberries, 2 tbsp PB on one slice of bread. 430 calories

Snack: 1 egg, pound! of frozen pepper slices!, 1 apple 250 calories

Snack: 2 chocolates, 110 calories...yes, a normal serving!

Snack: seaweed salad, 40 calories

Lunch: microwable package of seasoned carrots and broccoli, 1/2 cup of bbq shredded chicken on 2 slices of low cal bread, tomato 340 calories

Total so far: 1180 calories.

320 left for dinner.

probably lox, veggies, nori sheets.

Progress as of today: -0.4 lbs lost so far, only 10.8 lbs to go!

ginger72 on 01/21/2007:
great menu today....I am going to bopil some eggs tonight for salads this week, my legs get tired after about 20 minutes....i have not built up my endurance yet.

keep up the good work!!

Justine6Robert3 on 01/21/2007:
Yes I know what you mean, My legs are feeling very tired the last couple of days! I think its because of the exercise. Today I had a hard time getting going at the gym my legs just didn't want to co-operate with me at first. I was working out at my regular level on the eliptical trainer that I can usually go rather fast on and today it felt like there was so much tension and my legs were moving to slow!

I had a tuna sandwich and a glass of milk before I went and I didn't feel hungry at all though, thanks for the feedback on what to eat before I went so I wouldn't feel hungry half way through.

I wish I could stomach all the veggies you eat, their so good for you and you actually seem to enjoy them!!

sasyredneckgirl on 01/22/2007:
Horn.. my legs have been KILLINGGGG me this week one night i slept in the tub for 2 hours cause thats the only way i could get comfy.. I am on medicine for restless leg syndrome but it was unbearable.. have heard a lot of people around here complaining.. perhaps the weather has something to do with it..

tourguidebarbie on 01/22/2007:
lately i've been running 20 mins and then feeling like i'm going to die... haha.

Horn_Of_Plenty - Saturday Jan 20, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.8

Hey everyone.

3rd edit: WorkingIt points: 5. I did no minutes of walking...my legs got really tired after yoga, no points for exercise. also, i'm subtracting a point from today bc I gave myself one extra yesterday.

Total calories today: 1495.

-------------------------------------------------------------- Food so far today: Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 apricots, 1 packet emergen'c, . then, since it was late already in the morning, i decided to snack on an entire package of very light tofu. The entire thing was 200 calories. I thought i was gonna vomit at times this morning because I drank a lot of water and tea and was not even hungry the whole time I had the tofu. In my head, I just didn't want to make it like I was not allowing myself to eat the day after a close to 5,000 calorie binge.

ok, enough on that subject.

AFter breakfast and some internet searching, I went to teach a music lesson. Sadly my second lesson, an hour lesson, was cancelled because the father was home from work today. I would have made $50 at that lesson!

I then went to use some gift cards at the mall; and bought a 100 calorie balance bar.

when I got home, I had Lunch: an apple, a cucumber, seaweed salad, a frozen package of brussel sprouts that I finally microwaved enough so they tasted exactly how I like them to, and a piece of teryaki salmon in a pouch I bought in the canned food isle. It's made by bumblebee. It wasn't that great, but not bad either. Then, I decided to go along and have 4 truffles. without the truffles, lunch was 435. with the truffles, 655 calories.

I figured I'd be in yoga the rest of the late afternoon and then just have dinner when I get home. I was actually full in between finishing lunch, but decided to finish it. I have yet to be able to just throw or put the food away. I'm not even concerned with that right now.

Total calories so far: 1095.

I'll update tonight with dinner and whatever else happens today!


When I do my points for today, I have to substract one because yesterday I recorded one extra point. I never ended up going on the treadmill like I thought I would.

Today has been a strange day. I woke up around 8:30 with a very full stomach all the way from my noon binge yesterday. I actually didn't end up eating again last evening...my stomach was majorly full. During rehearsal, I had a hard time breathing deeply because of all the food. As you can see, I weigh 3.6 lbs more today!

Some people were asking how I go about figuring out the calories i need in order to balance a binge. well, its not a specific calculation. I just take one day's calories and then plan how many calories i will be having for a few days in advance and add the calories of all those days together. then, i divide by all the days to get an average for each day. for instance:

1st day, binge day: 4000 calories 2nd day: 1500 3rd day 1500 4th day 1500 5th day 1500 6th day 1500

Total calories for 6 days: 11500

then, i divide 11500 by 6 to get an equal average for calories per day for the 6 days. so, 11500 divided by 6 is 1916 calories.

therefore, even though a person eats 4000 calories one day, if they eat 1500 for the next 5 days after, it will balance out to 1916 per day.

I only do these kind of calculations after a binge. I used to plan more 1200 calorie days after a binge, but I am not always able to stick to calories that low and it ends up leading to another binge.

Progress as of today: -0.4 lbs lost so far, only 10.8 lbs to go!

greengirl on 01/20/2007:
Hey Horn of Plenty, just like to thank you for all your recent comments and support. They are much appreciated. You are so good with your support for everyone. Oh by the way, when I said that my posts had become red, I meant that the actual text had turned to the colour red, and I have no idea why or how or when it happened!!!

WorkingIt2 on 01/20/2007:
Hey ((((((((((Horn))))))))) thank you very, very much for being so wonderful. I truly appreciate it! I do the same thing at the end of the week, figure out my calories in vs. out and average my calories per day. So I know what you mean. It does work sometimes to have that one day binge and then ease up the rest of the week. Which is exactly what that 'cheat' meal does to me lol. I like in your entry from yesterday that you said you "decided to binge"!! I think it is great that you are talking in terms that allow you to take control of when you binge. That is a HUGE success! YAY!! Thanks again, I really enjoy the company =)

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