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Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Apr 13, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

Home: acv, no cal

Breakfast: wrap 100, cream cheese 100, salami 100, coffee with maybe cream (ordered at work with coworker) 100, small banana 100: 500.

1850 - perfecto.

2060 6-day average.

Gym - was actually very GOOD - i felt really powerful and like I can accomplish my goals overall (NYPD) while i was at the gym i was thinking really positive and powerful thoughts <3 as I had a TON of challenges this week and got thru them :-D  I know I have it in me - to get where I WANT TO BE!


Bus home last night was good and Bus to work this morning was good. (actually 2 different busses each way lol).  worked out well. approx with the walking (not much like 10 min) 1hr 15min min each way.

Home: had trouble getting ready earlier...for bus because bus takes more than double my car commute...so didn't really leave too much earlier...but only got to work 20min late which is GREAT - it's a holiday week so far less traffic on the road thankfully!  Car repair should be done tonight.  If not, I can take bus but better to get car back as I planned to have it back....i'll pick it up and then go to gym probably. 

Legs are a bit sore / left ankle feeling a bit weak after lots of extra stress in general and also bc some extra walking while holding my bags. I'm so outta shape, it's pathetic. But I have faith I can change my ways. I did have a banana and am having potassium to counteract it - as well - i was drinking a lot of caffeine and that can add to my feeling sore. This has probably a LOT to do with it.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/13/2017:
How long until you get your car back? A commute twice as long would be annoying.

Hope your legs feel better. Hard to believe you're out of shape though.

I always weigh my almonds in 10 gram servings which are 60 calories - so just count them out as 6 cals each. Easy.

Donkey on 04/14/2017:
Be careful with your legs!!! Don't push it too hard if they are hurting or aching.

Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Apr 12, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

Home: ACV type of drink 40. I may buy one tonight after the bus as it drops me at that supermarket if i wish to get off and i will. I'm very emotional this week - just lots going on.

Breakfast: wrap (even though it's passover, i'm following the "no yeast/bread" rule only at work lunch.  It's what I can handle right now. So - wrap 80, cream cheese 80, salami with pepper 100, some way too creamy coffee 50, caffeine drink(s): 320.

11am Snack: Almonds 100

1pm Lunch: smallest orange ever 50, lots of sauteed veggies 300 at least, 1/2 turkey burger 60 most of a piece of matzah 100: 500 or so 550.

1050 after very healthy lunch :-D

Snack before going home: tasty granola bar to get me thru this commute by bus / walking

1150....maybe also a flavored drink from supermarket 50 more

Home: maybe healthy - mostly veggies...probably cook some turkey burgers too - yes - got the meat already at home :-D maybe 400 in veggies, then 100 in banana, 100 wrap, peanut butter 200, honey 40: 850 or so. fine. maybe less. eggs seemed spoiled somehow - sticky on outside so i threw the 4 hardboiled eggs out.

2050 today = good.

5-day average: 2100


10:30am Edit: Car is now dropped off, I've been back to work for 15 min...it totaled a half hour that i was out of work from past 9:45 till 10:15am for this car repair (he nicely drove me back to work)...i can leave 5pm today and not taken any extra time away from work.  Eating lunch at my desk.


Today I quickly leave work very shortly to drive my car to repair shop 5min away.  There, they will repair one of the passenger doors with horrible scratches in it. I spoke to father and will not be changing insurance companies or anything until the door is fixed. It'll take 2 days total, so tonight i'm taking the bus (2 busses) home and same for coming to work tomorrow - to come by bus. Some coworkers always take the bus and i never did - so it's good for me to experience how it is for them...really...and luckily i went to gym last night so that i don't need to go to gym while car is being repaired. I'll have the car back Thursday after work - just in time for going to the gym after i pick it up...life is really busy, as usual. I will NOT be wasting ANY vacation or sick days to do these types of errands - instead - i'll do them like i am during work times so that AT LEAST i CAN ENJOY the 10 vaca and 5 sick days that I am granted here.  There's just no way I am giving my TIME TO RELAX away for personal AGGRIVATING REASONS.  

I used to work tons & tons of overtime here. 12 & 13 hour days from 7am to even 8pm. I don't have any time left to give anyone - not even work.

To switch from here to NYPD career change - everything is needed to change. And even though everything (my life) is looking a mess at the moment, it works out really well for good people - my life will work out  in the end. Money isn't great now - but down the road it will be for me - or at least LIFE will be GOOD for me.  It is now - just a few obstacles going on. I'll get thru.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/12/2017:
Yikes! 12 or 13 hours a day!?

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/12/2017:
used to be, for approx 3-4 years i would work lots of OT...that was my max, more it was a usual of 2hrs OT a day...like 10hr days. but those 12-13hrs days did happen time to time and were extremely stressful (and without early notice - i'd find out that day..as the day progressed..). things are FAR better now. really hardly any OT at all now. I'm now in my 6th year here (7 in Feb but i hope to not be here by then).

Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Apr 11, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

2110 4-day average, good.

3am or so: banana 120  

6:30am: kombucha leftovers may buy more tonight to get me through this work week easier - decided not to take this day as I know the weekends are going to be relaxing this Month bc that's what I want right now - and i don't need to take another day off.

8am Breakfast at work: wrap 80, extra cream cheese up to 150 max, salami coated outside with pepper so tasty 100 330.

11am snack: nasty grossing me out protein bar 100

Healthy Lunch: cabbage with thai sauce leftover from previous order but my microwaved and seasoned cabbage 150?, turkey burger that i made 120 with garlic and cilantro mixed in, matzah 100 or so. 370-400. and some really awesome bitter melon that coworker gave me. 100 more let's say.

Snack before gym: 100 bar and caffeine (i am really upset that this ticket that i received for holding my phone has cost me this month alone $2,500. i was so happy to recieve an annual raise over this year of $10k but almost all of it will go to paying back my own savings that i used $1500 of earlier this month for several things, paying back all the $2,500 car stuff and approx $1,500 more for car in second half this year. so, this adds to $5,500 and i am planning to leave this job in January. No additional savings that means - so the raise is wiped out by all my mistakes...can u believe that just 2 cell phone tickets 11 months apart can wipe me out so much money...it's my fault but it's a CRAZY amount of cash to lose....plus, my insurance for my car is now over doulbe of what it used to be - so now when I leave this job and enter the NYPD and my insurance is $1500 lower than now - I will have to use my savings to pay the car insurance as $45k while in academy is not going to help me i don't think and i'm going to have to use some of my savings during the first 1-3 years in academy while salary is low.  This is all very sickening how little mistakes cost THOUSANDS in a period of even ONE MONTH. I don't have this amount of money to spend....i don't make a lot. It's really unreal.  I deserve a punishment, but this punishment is VERY STEEP. TOO STEEP for my wallet or paycheck.

Dinner: will eat some stuff probably a protein cookie 350 and then a banana in a wrap 200. then drive to my parents to pick up their title form for the car that i need tomorrow at DMV life is sucking right now. but i plan to relax a lot on weekends. life is not being kind to me - due to my own mistakes of course.

1800 total today, excellent.  GYM was good. Glad i didn't push it off until tomorrow.


Parents wanted me off their insurance so tonight i have to pick up my father's Title for the car which was his & tomorrow i need to leave work early to go to DMV and register my car and title it to myself....it was under him....i also had to pay more than a 100% - yes, you got that right - over a 100% increase in insurance from around $1200 annual to now $1500 per half year bc of the two cell phone tickets = DISASTER. It means that my raise i got this year is going pretty much COMPLETELY to the mistakes i made with my car....In this month alone, I am needing to pay $2500 for my car because of tickets, upcharge fees by NYS and this new insurance. Money that i don't make ... it's my savings.

In a horrible mood on drive to work as well as the start of work...i am not going to have any further problems at work bc i plan to not chat with hardly anyone. I learned a lot of lessons this month and i just can no longer take all the bull****.  I am def done with that old PT paul even thinking about him as right now I only have TIME in MY LIFE for people who are genuine.  If a person is in any way in my mind a bull**** artist, i am done.  Including facebook, someone on there i feel bull****ted me - defriending her right now.


It was mostly a nice night with parents and sister (her husband was away in Hungary).  So we celebrated and i got home around 9:30pm. Now getting ready for work as I decided not to take today off bc my laundry is done, i already went food shopping quickly yesterday after I left work, I already put $ on my laundry card yesterday after getting out of work early also...and really my legs are tired so i'm not gonna be walking anyways - so off to work I go. Tonight is also a night family gets together for a Passover dinner but my family does it 1x and so I'm going to gym since i'm already going to work...i don't enjoy skipping gym. 

It's turned into a busier week.  But since i'm awake and up - going to work.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 04/11/2017:
I'm convinced the insurance is the devil...OMG. Ouch what a big chunk of money at one time. Hope you enjoyed family time and you get everything worked out...at work too.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/11/2017:
Overall, family time was good.

But i cried pratically the whole day at work while at my desk.

The money stuff is really worse than i could have imagined regarding car and car insurance.

Of course though, everything works out in the end - and i'm starting to feel better.

thank you for your kindness. means a lot always.

grannyannie on 04/11/2017:
Money is the cause of the most headaches I think! I'm very selective about who I'm friends with on FB!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/11/2017:
Yes, i decided to not only "defriend" but also BLOCK this person i grew up with but haven't seen in almost 20 years and she lives on other coast of the US now - i do NOT need reminders of the past that are more negative than positive and i don't need people who are "curious" asking me why i do things - she did. I'm so done. She did bc she probably stays in touch with other gossipers who asked her to ask me things. NOT KIDDING.

so, she's been totally blocked. She can never contact me again on facebook. I am very happy about this.

I think I am too nice. For a long time i was thinking maybe she's not so nice after all...

i know i'm not really explaining anything and what i'm writing is vague but lately people's true colors (ugly ones) are shining thru. It's so sickening.

Why do people think it's OK to get a laugh out of other people's hardship - this is now in reference to work situations.

What is wrong with these types of people - who gossip and bully just to feel better about themselves? How could someone ever, ever feel good doing that!?

And people sure do....

Horn_of_plenty on 04/11/2017:
DECIDED BLOCKING WAS HARSH - SO JUST DEFRIENDED HER. I AM SICK OF LIARS, FAKES, AND PEOPLE WHO THINK I AM GOING TO ACTUALLY BELIEVE THEM! This girl is the WORST of all as i grew up with her and once played into a scheme of hers...she would lie and she would try to play me.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/12/2017:
Annie, i know i sound crazy here. But i also know that major changes in myself must continue to take place for me to jump between my desk job now and NYPD January. I'm doing it.

As i'm doing it, I'm facing some hostility / adversity. But i'll get thru this.

grannyannie on 04/12/2017:
You need to do whatever is good for you! Sometimes it takes a while to figure it out. Just keep going!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/12/2017:
doing just that thank you !!!

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Apr 10, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

To any Jewish people - tonight starts the 1st night of 8 nights of Passover :-D  To people of Christian faith - Happy Good Friday to come as well as Easter celebrations to start soon!


dinner trying to remember sorta sips of wine - not counting, 2 dessert macaroons 150, huge amounts salad 150?, matzah not much 50?, chicken soup with lots of root veggies and drank the liquid at least 200-250, 1 piece of meat smaller side 150, a mixture of maztah and mushrooms & leaks 200?, asparagus grilled 150 with oil...i think this is it but feeling i'm forgetting something? Possible total: 1100-1300 in case...

total on TUESDAY holiday meal and half a work day: 2250 will be my guess - quite excellent week.

6:30am Home kombucha with extra kombucha (ate very big dinner so of course a bit blocked up lol) lol 100 cal.

8am Breakfast: wrap 60, salami 100, avocado 160: 320.

9am and some coffee at work - lil extra milk too. 80.

11am snack: smoked almonds 100

(600 before filling mostly cabbage lunch on purpose bc dinner with family tonight...) tomorrow i don't have work so overeating volume-wise is perfectly wise...as tomorrow i'm not here at work so don't need to deal with being bloated at work ;-)

1pm Lunch: 1/2 package cooked cabbage in light sauce 100, 1 white meat only turkey burger 120 was good - next time i may incorporate avocado or something in a couple of them or maybe even play with cheese in them! that would be so good - a burger spiked with cheese on the inside lol...bc these white meat burgers are really dry but GREAT calories! and a 1/2 a pita 100: 320 nice & light lunch at planned. 350 tops.

after lunch... :-D good before early dinner tonight.  i will def come HOME after dinner so i can prob take sleeping pill possibly and then sleep in for Tuesday (i'm off from work) - on purpose to do errands and take care of myself this week.

1050 before dinner I don't know dinner calories and I don't want to write it all out. Tired and decided to go to work tomorrow as well bc I get stuff done today as I left at 2 and did 2 errands, stopped to bring food home for the week, walked 1.5mi at park all before arriving at my parents at 4:30. I will be at work bc it's too many days off and too soon.


if my legs feel ok, sorta sore and weak, i'll walk 1 mile only this afternoon by stopping at the park i used to walk at, right before i get to parents house. so i'm moving. i brought my leg brace.

also i brought a gift for my mom for today - it's a new nightgown from the Gap store.  To replace her very old one that has holes. It was on sale, and it's very nice.  It's stylish not an old-lady design in the least. It's from the Gap! I hope it fits / she likes it. It's gray stripes...like i said - not old lady type or lacy or anything like that...just a cotton one...with short sleeves that are sorta larger so her arms will feel thin in it....i hope it works out....! bc her other one was from disney when we went i was around 15 or so....so it's over 15 YEARS!

home tonight for holiday. may try to take a walk on way home at my favorite park since the weather is good - like a mile - before reaching my parents. It's a couple towns before i reach them...since i'm getting out early, i'm trying to schedule a short walk for later. my legs are still sore, but i'd like to walk 1 mile.

although the blonde is extra work, men like it, i like the attention = i might keep this blonde and keep working on it!!!!!!!!! i do LOVE it!!!!! i will touch up roots later on.  but must do these deep conditioning treatments or it'll get fried. as long as it's healthy enough, i'll keep this blonde, it's worth it!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/10/2017:
I was born blonde and when it changed I started dying it blonde. Did that for years and years. I don't dye it any more - I was becoming allergic. So now I'm all grey but it's okay.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/11/2017:

grannyannie on 04/12/2017:
Haha! Yes it is thick. I'm about to get it cut even shorter!

Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Apr 09, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

2 day average: 2200 fine.

although it's 2 high cal days - i was active Saturday walking around the university a lot on our visit and yesterday i did go to gym...so....i was active at least.


Bigger late Breakfast around 9am: honey 40, kombucha 70, oatmeal 150, protein powder & almond milk 150, dried goldenberries 80 (old in my apt but tasty yup), cinnamon, stevia, peanut butter 100. 600 total - great!

11:30am Snack ice cream bar 100

Noon Lunch: white meat turkey burger 120, wrap 120, avocado 160, small orange 50 - 450.

2:20pm Snack before gym: caffeine, 2 weight watchers velvet cakes 200.

1350 and tasty!!!!

Dinner: mayne subway...not really sure what i'll eat...i have a lot of food at home also....maybe some of the food i already have...turkey burgers, wraps, and some of the cabbage i cooked and i can add some leftover thai sauce that i didn't throw out from yesterday - YES.  thai veggie soup 100, thai veggies in garlic sauce 300 chips 200 bit of rice 100 and egg whites / tofu mix 150: 850.  MOSTLY HEALTHY, just bigger, again. will have to stop this habit from continuing by eating smaller dinners.

total today: 2200.

gym was great. i did a lil laundry also...and went to bank and picked up thai dinner. i do feel good and now gonna shower and do my hair (for the last time) i'm getting a pixie cut on TUESDAY. had enough!


Relaxing Day.

Only need to go to gym. not even picking up any food - no way - or doing any laundry although it's built up bc of the trip - no way. That'll be done Tuesday - if I even feel like it.  If not - I'll wait till the weekend - no biggie at all as I did it all basically Friday so even if it builds up - i have a lot of clean clothes also. 

Today i'll do my health reimbursement forms for my insurance later. Take off yellow nailpolish. and read. and gym later. nothing else. And really, only MANDATORY thing is gym - later.  I planned PURPOSELY to do less now. and relax - after my two-day overnight trip with my good friend Jen. The memories are lasting and worth it. I was a good girl, in the end. We went to a really funny comedy show and we also had a nice meal at the casino. No major gambling and we got to the parties too late after we ate it was 2am and the parties were just letting out!  But we enjoyed being there, the atmosphere, the food, the fun. 

These memories are good ones from this weekend. Lots of traffic heading home but all is good. Yale University was a pleasure to walk around - many buildings were open as it's Saturday before the Easter break! We were lucky!  We walked inside several and got to check out many places at Yale. The buildings are beautiful and the doors to all buildings are elaborately designed as well.  There's even a museaum on the campus - we didn't walk thru bc we didn't have time to go to it also - but we even visited the gift shop and i bought a pretty Yale Magnet and I also bought her a cute little Hippo made of a stone called Soapstone from Africa and also carved there....and then shipped to here for sale at the Yale Museaum. It's a nice desk paperweight - this cute little hippo - and it was a nice $6 piece from me to her as a gift and memory of this trip. Everlasting memories. With a good friend, my friend from work and also my friend, Jen.


Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 04/09/2017:
RYC from below: Hey, before you do the IRA at a bank, which may have higher expenses than other places like a brokerage, check out these articles or do a little more research. You definitely want to keep as much of your money working for you rather than taken up by expenses. Just a thought:-)

BTW, how much does your company match your 401K contribution? It's free money ya' know!!!

Sounds like a good time! Cheers!



Horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2017:
oh....i think company might match 100% actually...? gotta check.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2017:
thank you - i will def read all links before i go to bank...thank you!!! i may change where to open it, thanks again BB lady. I hope you are feeling better? :-) love to you.

grannyannie on 04/10/2017:
Doing well as usual. What did you get for your Thai dinner?

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/10/2017:
I usually like veggies (very assorted mix they have!) in the ginger sauce is my favorite bc they put lots of shredded long pieces of ginger which is not only tasty but anti-inflammatory so important for gym and training!...i also got a veggie soup and asked for no tofu but they put it anyways...and i asked for calamari (squid) in the veggies and they forgot it! usually they are so good - this time all screwed up! i also got the brown rice that they prepare really well - it's sticky and so moist and nice.

Doing pretty well - looking to get calories down a hair though once everything settles down :-D

grannyannie on 04/11/2017:
You know how much I love Thai food and eat it for most meals when we are there! So many veggies. Really healthy stuff. One restaurant we go to often puts in big chunks of ginger and you have to watch for it or else it's like getting a chunk of tree bark in your mouth! LOL.

Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Apr 08, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

Total Saturday = 2200. 


Breakfast tea with milk 50, corn muffin 200, English muffin 150, cream cheese 50, peanut butter 150 600..

bar 750

bar 150


chips x4 550, 1/2 egg 50, leftover thai rice 100, veg 250, calamari 150: 1100 

2000...and turkey burger 150.

2150, fine. strawberries. 50

i was overly hungry and sorta binged...at least on chips. it's ok. 

i'll probaably go to bed very soon, it's 6pm - but i'm extremely wiped out.

got home around 4:30pm. glad laundry was already done yesterday in the morning. planning on a lazy day tomorrow aside from gym.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/08/2017:
Hope you had a good time last night - enjoy a relaxing day today?

Horn_of_plenty on 04/08/2017:
we had a wonderful time yes! got back a lil late 4:30 bc traffic....i will relan now ang most of tomorrow - YES.

Donkey on 04/08/2017:
I think you did remarkably well today. Sometimes you have to have a chip. I would call this a "splurge" not a binge.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2017:
Thank you....I'm glad it stopped after the chips. everything else was reasonable and i was able to sleep extremely well which was good....

thank you for reminding me that i did well instead of looking at it as a fail :-)

grannyannie on 04/09/2017:
You're still okay with occasional mini binges.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2017:
yes....I am thinking this way. It was a mini splurge / binge that is within reason. Better not to have done it - have another big dinner Monday with family for holiday...but...reasonable. Thanks Annie for reminder to just relax it out.

Horn_of_plenty - Friday Apr 07, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

2010 Weekly Average = EXCELLENT.


Happy Friday :-)

 11am Oatmeal 150, with protein powder and cashew milk 150, cooked cranberries 30, a broiled 1/2 small plantain 100 (they are high calorie) stevia around 450, good!


Plantain 100...drink 100 wrap 60 peanut butter 160 plantain 100 500 or so 1000.... 2300....


Laundry is done.

I already broiled up some tasty plantains to eat throughout the weekend / next week.

I cooked up some turkey burgers for today, the weekend, into next week.  And still have more ground turkey in the fridge to make more for next week when i come home from this trip.

oh and cooked all the bags of shredded cabbage that i have in my fridge - 3 more - so that i really don't need to be stressed come next week at work! and also it's going to make THIS weekend a TON easier.  As I have already done all laundry, cooked & prepared for next week. 

Now, all i need to do on this weekend after Mohegan sun is relax :-) mostly and go to gym 1x...nice!

I am all prepared for tonight already with everything done.

I'm so GLAD i took today off to get prepared.

My plan is to finish this tasty breakfast, bring my laundry up & read my book that i'm enjoying. 

In afternoon, I only have to do ONE thing - go get my hair done professionally blown up and curled. Then my friend is picking me up hopefully around 3-4? And we are driving to Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT to enjoy the eve. We got a room 2mi away at a cheaper hotel. Hotel provides a shuttle and if no shuttle home back at so late in the night, we'll take an uber (still saving around $40 each for the night which we can use now on gambling / food hahaha.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

mylilsista on 04/07/2017:
Wow...you are definitely on the ball :)

Now, do some of that relaxing you just talked about. You surely deserve it!

Hope you enjoy your night away from adult responsibility!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2017:
am currently relaxing and it feels VERY GOOD!

It was really fun to "play dress up" at Mohegan Sun and have a nice adventure. This is the fun and adventure we need in life! :-) thank you!!! i loved it.

grannyannie on 04/09/2017:
Relaxing and having fun! Excellent!

Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Apr 06, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

1960 6-day.

Feeling very worn out....deciding i must try harder to think positively - but i am quite tired.

Was up from 1am-2:30am configuring my new modem that my cable company sent me to use - there were problems, obviously, and i'm not pleased so far with the new provider i am using (a company that took over the other company, so i didn't choose them).

Home: extra kombucha glad i bought it. 100 cal

Work: wrap 60, coffee 60, cream cheese 80, pepper salami 100: 300.

Snack: 150 cal almonds 

Lunch: bigger, totally  healthy though! fruit cantelope 100, cabbage 50, egg and egg white 100, sauteed cabbage / bitter melon 150 or so i don't think more, chips 100: 550 or so is my guess.

1100 after lunch & tasty....i may buy a no sugar monster energy drink tonight bc i'm SICK of my current caffiene choices here..but we'll see...very tired, but i'll get the gym in as I do have planned to sleep in tomorrow & Tuesday after the Jewish holiday.

snack #1 - choc chip granola bar 100 after too much caffeine....

Before gym: granola bar & caffeine :-D 100...

After gym: chips free at store 150, brown rice 200, squid 100?, thai veggies ginger sauce 300,  750....Healthy!!!!!!!!!!!

2050, good. and strawnerries 50 - 2100.



I forget to bring what i have at home, probably a protein cookie followed by me hitting the covers once i get home w. sleeping pill and having a nice, long sleep into Friday  because i took the day off to REST before trip that late afternoon to Mohegan. I am getting my hair done friday professionally (just washed and straightened and curled) because i do know how to do it...and want to learn in person. The price for this service is $22.  I will work on saving money after this weekend.  I already bought some clothes with a coupon for Spring / summer...i don't need to spend any more money for awhile.  In April, I'm taking the weekends low key at home.


Also taking Friday off tomorrow before the trip to sleep in...lol...i don't care if a day is being wasted.

Next Monday eve is Jewish Holiday...I'll be taking this coming Tuesday off (our vaca days reset in April so this is very good news!) after as I know I am wearing myself out....and the plan is not to get this way again...I feel I'm at a limit I can manage up to...and know that taking Tuesday off will be beneficial towards me and my efforts to keep my legs stronger and stronger....I will, weather permitting, be walking at the park - and I will be checking out a NEW PARK that day...since i'm on a vacation day!...that's a nice way to keep things new and intereting!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/06/2017:
Have a good long sleep!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/06/2017:
i will be working towards this, Annie <3

Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Apr 05, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0


5day = 1930, good.

Home: honey 30 and vinegar drink 30

Breakfast: wrap 60, cream cheese 100, lox 50, coffee with milk 50: 320..

Snack: almonds 100

Lunch: healthy....such a nice baked fish from supermarket with some oil 250?, so good!, veggies with some oil too 150, my cabbage 50, other veg with potato and oil 150: 600 or so...excellent.

4:30pm snack: s'mores granola bar 100

Fish 250 broccoli raab and garlic 150 tomato salad 100 potatoes 100 chips 200 strawberries 100




....other stuff to write later. my mind is very mixed up..went to a financial meeting this AM which was VERY important to attend...glad i did...it's nice my company offered this knowledge to us...just a nice service and good instructional service...i need to open a Roth account soon at my bank...

taking long lunch for a damn bikini wax (more waste of $30)- friend had an effect on me and advised i do it...before partying friday night...i wasn't gonna even bother....but i should...lol...please don't get offended anyone...but i should maintain myself nicely as i always did...LOL...don't ask.

and finally getting manicure tonight after work - i'll walk there from my apt, it's a few blocks away & i already made an appt so that i'm not told they are busy or i have to wait...last time i went they turned me away...! said they didn't have time!  Getting the manicure specifically for Mohegan Sun partying friday evening and night!!!!!!!

okay - anyway - point is i'll take an HOUR lunch which means i'll leave the later time at 5pm instead of 4:30 so i can get the darn wax which is two blocks from work and also get money out ot pay at the supermarket as well.  Luckily i got a raise which i will first pay back to myself the $1,300 in savings that I have spent over the past 2 months of MOSTLY necessary bills...but also some fun things like my hair. 

It's ok, i'm not in a pickle or need to pay back loans. I just need to repay my savings accout. Instead of repaying $1,300 - i'll let it go up to $1,000 repay and then I'm going to work on my 401k / Roth savings next...I don't need to pay back the exact $1,400...as long as I pay back $1,000 back into my savings, i'll be happy enough. the rest of the $400 is still part of tax return money so savings is still higher than it was before tax return so no worries. This is just me thinking out loud.

After i pay back the $1,000.- i'm not touching my savings again until at least NOVEMBER. no need. I usually don't touch savings. But really, this is all money from tax return...i'll be OK.


Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/05/2017:
Saving and investing is good stuff to know about! Then you can spend it all in retirement and have fun!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2017:
like you ;) you did it right!

Donkey on 04/05/2017:
Setting up a Roth IRA is something that I need to do too, but I'm about 10 years older than you :-( Let us know how that goes -- I need encouragement by example :-)

Horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2017:
Going to bank on Tuesday, day off, after Jewish holiday. Glad i took this day off, before this tax year ends, because i may invest money into a ROTH at my bank rather than thru paychecks weekly at work since i'll be leaving work anyways...god willing...this year...hopefully setting up a Roth Tuesday and adding money this year...and also money next year around the next tax season too....or anytime after this tax season ends, actually. perfect situation over here.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2017:
it's perfect bc i still am able to set one up this tax season and even in summer i can add money again since this tax season ends before summer! So i can actually add money in both years - but all this year...glad i have tuesday off. hope this makes sense!?

biscottibody59 on 04/05/2017:
If you're getting more than a few bucks--$50--as a tax return, you should go to your HR dept and get your deductions adjusted so that you get more in your paycheck. You're actually LOANING the govt money if you get a refund. And the govt pays you 0% INTEREST on that money.

Does your Father know where you're going on the weekend? Funny thing is it's probably less risk to your life and limb (and health) to go to Cuba:-)

Horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2017:
i did adjust already my 401k so that it's down to a meager 3% from paycheck instead of the 14% i was doing. Right now i've taken too much of my tax return and used it - for bills and expenses i don't normally have (like car breaks, hair lol...and some other things like a really bad ticket at court)...so right now i'm paying myself (my savings) back so it can be higher.

Next, i'll go to bank this Tuesday and i'm opening a Roth - that's my plan.

Yes my father knows....and he's just happy it isn't Cuba...so he's glad i'm not going anywhere outside country! LOL>..he didn't say this, but i can tell he's thinking it based on his texts lol....

only good thing about Cuba - i can save the rest of my money. I seriously need to build my savings up bc i took out $1300 of my darn tax return already...i got back $2500 lol....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! def won't happen next year as high a return bc i'm not dealing with a big 401k deduction again....i'll contribute independantly to a Roth at the bank...plan for Tuesday when i'm off.

Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Apr 04, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

2am sleep is all over the place, had some strawberries 50 and seltzer with stevia. good stuff. 

honey, also acv drink 50

Breakfast: coffee with milk and 1 splenda 50, wrap 80 with cream cheese 100, lox 50, later almonds as snack 100: 380...

.i am trying to relax, but i feel so busy...on Friday i will not be busy though...just sleeping in, putting some money on laundry card - like $50 - and only needing to actually leave my apt at 1pm...i can do it...and sunday is full relaxation aside from the gym...

Larger, tasty & filling lunch: turkey burger 200, sauteed cabbage 200, eggplant & potato mix 200, plum 50, chips 80: 750 or so.

1250 before snack before gym. I am very tired today...craving caffeine but waiting to have it till before the gym...staying away from the diet cokes...i am not feeling energized. reached for a diet coke. also had a small muffin that did hit the spot. will have a cookie also before gym i think.

tasty natural protein bar after gym.  250.

1700 today = excellent. happy for a lower total.

1888 4-day total....I will be indulging friday...i should try to keep cals lower this week for that...but it's not mandatory....giving myself a break....i am already stressed out.




On a side night, because i got two cell phone tickets, one a year ago and one like 11 months later after that, I got a really crazy bill in the mail from the DMV (in ADDITION to the $200 i paid per ticket each time)....it's a bill for $600!!!!!!!! And I must pay at least $200 a year. UGH. my gosh. Glad I have money in savings. What a disaster.

I must find the GPS holder and my cell phone holder....for when i use both those devices instead of keeping them on the seat next to me - i do not hold either one anymore when driving.

But i gotta say the extra $600 is sooooo expensive. no joke....

So, in this week alone, DMV has asked me for $200 for the cell phone ticket and now the $600 fee. I am debating to only pay the minimum at $400...because $600 is outrageous! And it's way too much of my savings to additional use right now. CRAZY HIGH BILL.  At home, tonight or so, I'll see if they take credit card - surely hope so - then i can pay it all now & slowly pay off the credit card.

No, i don't hold my cell or GPS anymore. Even before this bill. Holy Cow.



Feeling I gotta settle down.  I cannot pay any more extra fees or have any more problems in life, at work, etc. CRAZY.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

mylilsista on 04/04/2017:
I hope April IS more restful for you! You are definitely due for some down time girl :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/04/2017:
I am going to pointedly make the decision to do less after this coming party weekend...i am going to recharge my batteries during the next couple weekends in April...that should work out good for me :-D

Thanks ... I was just remind myself to make a few LESS plans so I can feel rested...since I decided only to take Friday off...and not next Tuesday after the Jewish holiday...was hoping that after having a dinner with my family on Monday eve...that i could take the next day off...not have to drive home to my apt and worry about getting up for work the next day...but i know it's better to just leave work Monday early (that's something no matter what that i can do...)...and i'll just get my booty to work Tuesday...

and this friday...I'll make sure to sleep in....and not even go walking or anything as i will be partying Friday eve so it doesn't really matter. I'll have to try to rest up and not overdo as much as possible overall this month...

sorry...thinking out loud now...realizing i do NOT have unlimited vaca time...and that i must be able to feel rested in general even not using the vaca...

...realizing i'm going to need less socialization in order to manage gym intense 3x sessions and work and sleep. good to realize.

grannyannie on 04/04/2017:
I don't touch my mobile when I drive, but I have bought a dash holder for it to use during a trip I'm taking next month alone. I like using it better than our GPS.

Get rested!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/04/2017:
yeah...life is too busy with no days off...feeling sorta stressed out.

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