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Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Apr 22, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

9am breakfast oatmeal and almond milk 200 gummies 50, coffee 50, craisins 150

Lunch: wine spritzer 150, wrap and butter 150, burger 200. 500

Dinner taste of a quesadilla 150, lobster bisque 300, tofu 50, crackers 50...550


 2 large choc chip cookies from coworker sorta tasted like a plastic bag :( but I still ate them lol from my freezer 200


today I'm reading my textbook and will go out later with ricky to the lobster restaurant food truck. I don't see myself ordering it but will go with him and also to walk around the area of course with masks.

will call French friend and try to call Christine again but tonight bc I want to read this textbook now and I was on the phone with her over an hour yesterday...maybe talk with Christine tomorrow instead f today ? We'll see. 

decided to wash only the guinea pig fleeces today and not other laundry. :-) gunnies should be happy now as well as myself bc they always smell good when they are laying on a clean fleece :)

Progress as of today: -3 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/22/2020:
I've been craving burgers.......your food today sounds so good. Do you wash the guinea pigs fleece in a washer?

Horn_of_plenty on 04/22/2020:
It was good to have some beef burgers around for iron and health :) very satisfying and they lasted awhile in my fridge :-)

I share a laundry room which is Downstairs for all tenants. I shake off the fleece but it’s still full of hair and pee....so kinda gross but YES I wash it in the washer with detergent and most comes off - some hair usually remains. I then put it in dryer which helps remove additional hair. Sometimes the dryer may have a FAINT scent but nothing terrible after . I just can’t see using constant disposable items and prefer the washable fleece which is popular in the Guniea pig owner community :)

Donkey on 04/23/2020:
I hope you had some good conversations with your friends! Did it feel good to connect?

I wash fleece blankets for Sick Kitty pretty much every day, doesn't have complete bladder control. I use a fragrance free detergent because she was getting sores on her skin, but now I'm thinking maybe the sores were her and not the detergent. Still, no harm in using a more gentle detergent, I think.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/23/2020:
It felt really good to talk to French friend bc we only talk at much as 1x per week and sometimes less so we always have a lot to catch up on. Sometimes when I talk too often to other friends it gets old lol - but French friend was a really good conversation :)

Yes I was told to not use any fabric softeners which I don’t for the fleece but I do use regular detergent and luckily nothing has affected my pigs. I also clean their cage and hideouts with vinegar :) I’m so lucky my pigs adapted really well to handling :) they are out of the cage multiple times a day meaning they are snuggled with me on the couch a lot! They don’t free roam bc I have too many things laying around / unsafe apt for them to roam.

Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Apr 21, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

 Sleeping I have been waking up time to time throughout night but because I am not busy, I try to stay in bed for many hours still...

4am chocolates 100

9:30am quick banana before short walk outside with Ricky 120

10:30 breakfast dried craisins 150, oatmeal with almond milk gummy vitamins 200, iced coffee 50

lunch - prob fried egg wrap 200 with little butter 30 and chips 260 will call Christine after lunch ?1 pc lettuce  Then weights 

Wine / kombucha 150..before exercise .later chocolates 150 ...aminos drinks fruit 50

6:45 dinner salad with dressing 150, wrap with butter 150, half burger 200...500

 Ended up splurging late at night on a little too much chocolate 270 cal  

2120 cal. Did weights, bike, and 30min walk 

had a short nurse service call , free with insurance, today for 15min to check in with me was short and sweet which I preferred ! 

I have therapy phone call tonight at 8pm. And weights will happen this afternoon as I watch people's court and judge Judy 

Progress as of today: -3 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/21/2020:
Was the chocolate a result of the therapy, or just an extra treat? Sometimes, one needs just a little extra treat.

I like that you took a morning walk!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/22/2020:
I was hungry / had appetite and instead of sticking to one type of chocolate I had two different ones and didn’t stick to a normal serving - a lack of care on my part to be moderate .... but it won’t kill me. Just a night where I let my boundaries down more than anything.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/22/2020:
The morning walk was fantastic - maybe I should do that now or in a little bit :-)

Horn_of_plenty on 04/22/2020:
No, not a result of the therapy.

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Apr 20, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

 6-6:30am was up early life cereal 2 servings and almond milk 350, gummy vitamins 50, iced coffee 50

10am snack wine 150 with seltzer while I read the book not textbook taking textbook breather 

noon snack stacys pita chips and kombucha 200

2pm more kombucha 50

3:30 light meal fried egg / egg white 100, toasted wrap with butter 150, a few light cookies vanilla wafer 100


dinner microwave pizza 450, plum 50

1800 tops 

 Back to bed for an hour after breakfast lol

may stay inside today. Overcast. I will use bike / stepper. I will take a break from leg strengthening.


food truck below was skipped as ricky thought it was today but it wasn't 

oh, but going out with ricky to see about a food truck as he wants to get a lobster roll in the adjacent town. I may or may not - but will go .

Progress as of today: -3 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/20/2020:
I'm impressed that you got up early! It was all I could do to drag myself out of bed today. Zero enthusiasm.

Overcast isn't so bad if it's warm out. Not sure what your temperatures will be today...

Horn_of_plenty on 04/21/2020:
We’ve had it chilly with overcast but today in the morning there was a breeze but it was strangely warm before a storm and I actually took a short half hour walk this morning when ricky offered we go out bc it was nice out :)

Donkey on 04/21/2020:
Not sure what I think about going to a food truck, with Ricky. Hmmm...

Horn_of_plenty on 04/21/2020:
Yeah I am going to warn him that food trucks don’t usually have bathrooms or cleanest conditions .... I’d go just to walk around a new neighborhood though if he decides to go...

legcramps on 04/21/2020:
Hi HoP! How're things going with you? Are you working through your textbook? Is that the project management one? I managed to get through my Mental Toughness course while I was off, and level 1 of my Battle Ropes course. There's still a lot more to do, but we'll get there!

I agree with Donkey, how the heck do you guys still have food trucks out and about?! That seems bizarre, given the circumstances.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/21/2020:
Yes the project management textbook is a slow read bc I have to actually think about wtf I am reading lol !!! I’m not necessarily studying it to remember it all, just trying to actually finish the book which I may have to actually count how many pages are left and do some math so I can actually finish it based on reading a specific number of pages per day....than going into it blind like I currently am :)

Congrats on being successful at home as well !

Yeah food is open for takeout and food trucks are takeout. It’s actually a nationwide business called Cousins Maine Lobster but I agree it may not be the healthiest option quarantine wise.... I will mention this warning to ricky later .since we didn’t go yet

Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Apr 19, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

 Happy Sunday :-) a beautiful weather day here in nyc! Slept 11 hours !

breakfast Life cereal 320, almond milk 30, iced coffee 50, multivitamin 20

noon lunch half large burger 200, chips 260, orange 50 500

snack gummies new flavor not the best 120 and plum 200

wine and seltzer 150, nut butter 100

strawberries 150 during weights 

dinner squash frozen soufflé 200. Fried chicken 300


currently reading and cuddling my piggies 

later a walk at park done 

Evening upper body weights 

im actually not a fan of the new SmartSweets mixed flavor package of strawberry watermelon and mango. They aren't as good as the others in the collection!


Progress as of today: -3 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/19/2020:
Beautiful weather here too! Ironically, it's about the same temperature, but no wind, so it feels so much warmer.

You would be proud of me - I already completed my lower body weights for the day. Yay! And I may or may not do more, such as squats or certain yoga poses later today, but just for fun and movement.

I forgot to ask on yesterday's entry: what is your new flavor of gummies?

I may sit outside today - I think it will be warm enough to do that, if I wear a fleece jacket.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/20/2020:
Yes we were lucky yesterday with sun. I don’t think we are getting that today so I may still inside with my stepper and bike :)

I am very proud of you for keeping up with the weights and movement ! It is so important to shape your body :-) and the yoga too for body shaping - I may look into it but not right now

The new flavor is a mixed bag from smart sweets Of chews that look like starbursts-I didn’t like them that much but have many bags left - flavors are mix of strawberry, mango, watermelon. I feel these flavors are not as good as any of the other options.

I love it when the sun warms everything up!

abdab74 on 04/19/2020:
I wanted to thank you for your comment on my last post, and you’re definitely right...above anything else it’s important that I be kind to myself. I’m glad you’re enjoying some nice weather in NYC. Stay safe!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/20/2020:
Yes be kind to yourself bc we can’t change the past. Look you, I have def judged myself on past failures or even current stuff but it usually doesn’t help me

I hope you stick around awhile here !

Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Apr 18, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

 2am Rice Krispie treat 100

10am breakfast life cereal 2 cups 320, almond milk 30. 350.

noon snack before reading / choosing a storybook to read chocolate 70, wine spritzer 130

12:45 lunch a warmed wrap with butter 200, half a large burger 200. 400

3pm new gummies delivered 120 lol new flavor and it's actually not great but I have 11 more bags 

drip of wine 30, chocolates 100

big dinner half large burger 200, pita chips large amount 450, salad with dressing 150 800.


did 25 min at two sep times of stepper 

half hour slow bike 


less is planned today - now reading textbook chapter 5 which is 50 pages. May choose a new book on Amazon to also read. Just relaxing today and will do 15min stepper and some bike indoors later but in the mood really just to relax with Guinea pigs and read both textbook and a new book. 

ricky was going to come over to help me with some lighting but I told him maybe we do this another day bc I am liking being alone right now :)

Progress as of today: -3 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/18/2020:
Ooo, let us know which storybook you went with!

It's fine to have a quieter day at home. Reading is such a joy. I want to try to read the yoga book again today or tomorrow.

"A warmed wrap with butter" -- like a buttered pita? I'm having a hard time visualizing this.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/19/2020:
Lol it’s an easy romance novel called Baby Makes A Match !!!!

You know how they sell like a thousand types of flat wraps at the grocery store? So I heated a flat, round wrap in a pan for a toasted taste and then smeared a little bit of butter in it so it’s more satisfying / savory before adding in half a burger for protein :) it’s more satisfying with butter than just a dry burger on a wrap or even with ketchup. Then, I do wrap it up which is easy bc it doesn’t have too many ingredients inside :) wraps have been my go-to for years now and I prefer them to traditional bread.

Donkey on 04/19/2020:
^Ah I see - and I agree that having just the wrap is a bit dry. I love having peanut butter on a wrap for breakfast. This is my usual breakfast, every day. I prefer wraps to bread now too. That's a grand idea to toast one up on the stovetop. I should try that - thanks!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/19/2020:
I got the idea of toasting the pitas from my sister and her husband who were having tacos with my family and her picky husband insisted in the soft pitas he brought which are very good and healthy indeed and they were toasting them on the stove that night ! It’s soo nice that way

Horn_of_plenty - Friday Apr 17, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

5am after lying awake for hours, reached for more chocolate 160. Not very satisfying but hope to go back to sleep soon.

10am breakfast Life cereal 2 servings 320, vitamins and almond milk 50, iced coffee 50450

noon chocolate 100

1pm lunch very large beef burger high quality I bought and cooked stove top and in oven to cook the inside more 450 cal! Also a tea / wine mix 200 will drink the wine slow and pita chips 150

4:30 tea drink 50, 2 chocolate 50

i see a higher cal day today maybe 

dinner mashed potatoes 250 and burger meat 250 and a pepper 

Couple small choc 50

2150 very good 

finally finished the 70 page chapter 4! I will choose a short next chapter to read :)


did weights and hour walk with ricky 

 A sleepless night but we all know that normally I sleep tons so maybe I'm just not going to need the typical 10-11 hours a night anymore going forward!

i will be cooking up really good quality beef burgers that I bought at supermarket yesterday to enjoy!

will do weights after lunch after finishing this chapter 4! Enough of THis procrastinating only less than 10 pages left and then I also want to study the legal terms again :) plus I still have another small batch of legal terms that I didn't start up with either 

Progress as of today: -3 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/17/2020:
Sleepless nights can be a torment. I don't see this as a new pattern - at least for now. More like a bump in the road.

Chocolate has caffeine in it. That may not have been the wisest choice, although certainly the tastiest!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/17/2020:
Yeah I agree with you about the chocolate !!!!

Yesterday I was able to last 3 weeks inbetween supermarket visits and I hope to hold out Even longer past three weeks for the next time :)

bearcountrygg on 04/17/2020:
I don't know if this would help you or not....but I'm really sleeping well at night...and lately I have been doing one thing different...I'm eating a regular meal ( not sweets) at around 7 or 7:30 at night along with either coffee or hot tea.....then I'm going to bed at around 10:30 or 11.......I'm getting up at around 5:30 or 6...I think the solid meal and the hot beverage at 7 is helping a lot......I'm going to keep it up and see if it continues.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/17/2020:
Yes I am sure eating well is best and yesterday my eating was actually the worst it’s been in awhile and maybe that’s why too!

Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Apr 16, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

 Slept well. 

10am breakfast cereal cold oats with dried craisins and almond milk 350. Kombucha 50.

3pm snacking: good amount of Stacys pita chips 350 and then a mix of a low calorie drink and a rose wine 200. 550. Need some protein but we'll see :)

5-6pm dinner salad with dressing 150, oven baked chicken nuggets these were good frozen ones ! 250-300, vanilla wafer cookies 200. . 650 total 

8pm Icelandic yogurt peach 150

10pm in bed decided to have chocolates and a higher amount 250

2000 tasty day ! ...


will do weights tonight - no - skipped and doing them tomorrow morning instead :)

 Was out shopping a TON and picking up rx from 12-2:30pm finally eating something again at 3!

i picked up a good amount of food for Ricky including a cooked hot whole chicken which I thought he'd like and he did. A bought him more food than he prob every buys in one trip lol to the supermarket and I also bought a ton for myself. Lots of temptations too so I don't feel deprived lol! Bought chocolates and cookies (not too heavy a version) and pita chips. I won't get another food delivery to cook until next Friday as the date changed so I assume I will not need to do any more food shopping now for 2.5 weeks at least because I really bought a ton. Also bought Life cereal can't wait to have some.   stopped by the wine store also - bought things on the cheaper side as I am not a big drinker and don't have fancy tastes for alcohol. I'm set. Bought beef burgers to cook. Frozen chicken nuggets...etc. extra veggies for guinea pigs that will also last 2 weeks at least.



I am shortly off on a huge supermarket run to last me a couple weeks or so. I will also pick a few things up for Ricky. Hopefully lines will not be a problem.

Progress as of today: -3 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/16/2020:
Good idea to stock up a bit...less trips the better. Do you have to carry everything to your apartment...or do you have a cart?

Horn_of_plenty on 04/16/2020:
Yes, I have a cart :-)

Horn_of_plenty on 04/16/2020:
Thank gosh I have a cart or it would have sucked so bad bringing everything upstairs !!! It’s not the biggest cart so some things I left in my car like laundry detergent and seltzer

Donkey on 04/17/2020:
Doesn't it feel good to be stocked up?

I'll be doing Wright's on Saturday: biceps and triceps for sure!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/17/2020:
Yes! I looked back at my credit cards and I had not gone to the supermarket for 3 weeks before yesterday ! Hoping to go even longer this time !!!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/17/2020:
Have a safe shopping trip - wear a mask or face covering If you can - it’s now mandatory in nyc

Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Apr 15, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

 Oh good morning!

last night was the first night I was up really late and not in a sleep mood. I read online and was in Facebook till around 2am. It's ok though as I slept till almost 10am!

breakfast gummy vitamins 2 servings lol 50, oatmeal with craisins and almond milk 350, iced coffee 50. 450.

And laundry is DONE :) food shopping is for tomorrow early in the day :)

snack of kombucha mixed with wine (last of the wine until I find something tomorrow lol) 200

1pm lunch leftover chicken 250, mashed potatoes 200. 450-500

3pm snack dove milk chocolate 100

4:45 pb on cracker 100, oranges 150, ricky gave me walnuts 50

dinner of leftovers turkey meatballs just 2 100, cabbage and peppers 100, chips 350.

2100....2 more chocolates before bed, 

2200 total still decent.

hour walk and did leg strength exercises 

talked with a couple friends tonight :-)


reading textbook - this chapter 4 is all done but also the most boring chapter !

glad I did weights late last night bc they are now done :)

will prob do a leg workout while watching people's court / judge Judy with afternoon on tv 

gives me a broad open schedule for today - laundry is being done, guinea page has been cleaned. I may go to supermarket later this afternoon or wait to go early in the morning tomorrow which is probably the better scenario, actually. So yeah, I will go food shopping tomorrow morning and not this afternoon !

today I will read my textbook and yes it will be a very simple day. I will walk a little with Ricky I am sure. Maybe some bike.

Progress as of today: -3 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/15/2020:
I've never taken more than one dose of vitamins a day because they are so strong...is it okay to take more?

Horn_of_plenty on 04/15/2020:
I am just hooked on this new flavor at the moment which are very sugary and very soft. No it’s not worth taking extra I am just a little too hooked on them and they are high calorie compared to most so I am counting them with my calories

Donkey on 04/15/2020:
Unlike myself, lol, you seem to be eating less during the shelter-down!

Good for you for getting through a boring chapter! I hope the next chapters are better reads. It's not easy to get through dull reading.

And you got all that cleaning done! Whoopee!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/16/2020:
I’m trying to make good choices with the eating. Also, since I am home and waking up late, I’m eating more carbs for breakfast and relaxing a bit on having any protein with breakfast. I am going for what tastes I like as well as using up some things I have found around the apt.

I’m still on that chapter but almost done - finishing today !!!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/16/2020:
Finishing tomorrow ;/

Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Apr 14, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

 10am breakfast cold oats with almond milk and craisins 350, 2 servings sugary vitamins 50, iced coffee 50. 450.

1pm Lunch: leftover chicken and mashed potatoes smaller servings. Chicken150, mashed potatoes 200. 350. Orange 50. Kombucha and wine mix 150.

6pm Dinner Mac and cheese 450, cabbage and peppers 50, orange 50. 550-600

9pm snack of aminos in water with stevia and Rice Krispie treat 150

10:30 chocolate 100

2am rice Krispie treat and pb 200 can't sleep finally :)


both laundry and food shopping will not be done yet. Laundry is downstairs and I'm not eager to do it for another few days or less depending how messy the Guniea pig cage is! Food shopping will prob happen Thursday or Friday.  

I have therapy phone call tonight and weights / abs / pushups today along with a shorter walk with ricky around neighborhood.

1pm was lunch

2:30 went on a walk instead so will prob do weights tonight late after therapy call, otherwise tomorrow morning. Walked all the way till 4:30

5pm I'm walking with ricky - cancelled 

dinner was at 6:30

8pm phone call with therapist , weights went on from 9pm till 10:30pm :) 

Progress as of today: -3 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/14/2020:
Are you making overnight oats?

Horn_of_plenty on 04/14/2020:
No I’m just eating it cold and adding the ingredients together right before I make it in the morning ! I wanted it to be more crunchy than the typical oatmeal

Donkey on 04/15/2020:
I'm sorry your walk was canceled.

I didn't get to weights last night; you're doing better than me!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/15/2020:
It was canceled at 5, but I am met him around 2:30pm and then went on a walk by myself around 2 hours :) not canceled :)

And yes I’m REALLY working to keep the weights in as I worked very very hard in the past to get to where I am :)

Keep on, J!

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Apr 13, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

 9:30 am breakfast cold oatmeal with almond milk 200, craisins 150, iced coffee 50.

 Almost noon - wine / kombucha 150

1pm lunch: leftover Taco Bell chicken chalupa 400 approx and dried fruit not the low sugar kind jackfruit 150 very fresh and delicious ...

3pm chocolates and aminos drink 100

big dinner 750. Mashed potatoes, chicken, roasted asparagus.

2000. Happy.

The weather was all clear by 7pm so after dinner I went for a half hour walk around the neighborhood.

also did leg exercises today and reading my textbook.


very bad weather here too with a rainstorm all day and also high winds here. Will be inside for the day, possibly doing laundry today but most prob waiting until Thursday to do it. Possibly cooking a meal again tonight - chicken. But thinking to wait on the meal as well.

edit - will cook the chicken meal tonight since I have a lot of time to do it and I could use fresh, healthy meal options these next few days until I go to supermarket either Wednesday or Thursday or even Friday.

Progress as of today: -3 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/13/2020:
Good day for cooking the chicken meal....delish!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/13/2020:
I’m glad I did it today with the ample free time I had at home :)

Donkey on 04/14/2020:
I'm so glad you were able to go for a walk. Doesn't that really make a difference? :-)

You seem to be holding up well. Are you? Sometimes I feel like slowly sliding back into slug status, but then I try to switch gears. The struggle is real, at least for me. Maybe you have a secret to making this work for you!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/14/2020:
The walking is making a big difference I am so thankful not to be stuck inside.

Yeah I am holding up well because our unemployment is raised to $1100 per week during this time from the usual $504.

I am trying to do my typical routine for physical exercise because I am not working and have little distraction in my home at al! I’m now back to trying to read my textbook as well. I have a simple life here at home and enough friends/ family contact to be totally ok , yes I am.

If I were working I would probably be more stressed with everything going on for sure .

I’m also delving into more cooking which is comforting me to know i am capable of preparing these meals myself !

Time away from work is being used decently although I admit to lots of relaxing on couch :)

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