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Horn_of_plenty - Monday Nov 10, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

Calories till I got home from work were around 1350. Dinner was completely overdone and I am actually as stuffed as a person feels on thanksgiving! I don't regret it because it all tasted good.

Chips 100, sautéed veggies in sauce 750 or so - yes it was a ton of veggies and oil and sauce - cheese 250, and a dessert of cooked bran with stevia and cinnamon, squash souflee, and lots of peanut butter total dessert is 400. Shoot around 1500 cals no wonder I am stuffed.

Total cals are 2850. I wasn't keeping track at dinner and kept eating. I didn't really want such a high total.

Now I need to think about tomorrow which is a planned IF day. But, if I am going to overeat, IF will only be good for maintaining work and that is not my plan at all with IF.

Overall, tomorrow's IF will not contribute to weight loss, just maintenance bc i overate too much tonight. Lesson learned to be a little more focussed and not buy so much prepared food lol.

thinkpositive on 11/10/2014:
Tomorrow is another day!

Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Nov 09, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

today was a slightly fancy brunch with a few girlfriends...followed by an errand with two of the girls (we all needed to go to Target so we went together after the brunch bc it was right across the street!).  then I drove home with my best friend and we got dinner together to eat at my apt before she drove home. nice.

too much food out this weekend tho...lol...or at the restaurants I mean. but it was good & fun and now this week is starting fresh :)

todays calories: Brunch: salad, grilled veggies 200 at most, egg white & veggie omelette around 300-400 I guess at most, coffee with lots of milk and lots of coffee 150?, small bites of cake / muffin 300?...that's about it...1050 at most.

dinner: veggies 200, veggie soup and shirataki noodles 150, some of my friend's spring roll 100 at most, some chicken 150-200..then I decided to have a dessert fruit and yogurt 200 at most...and then some nuts 200. 1050.

total: 2100. eh. well, not terrible, right? no exercise though. all is good, calories are fine. off to a good start for the week. no calorie deficit this weekend, but fun times with friends :)

thinkpositive on 11/09/2014:
No, not terrible. And sounds like a really nice day with friends.

biscottibody59 on 11/10/2014:
RYC: Once I get those other pesky things under control, I'm sure my vanity motivation will kick in:-)

Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Nov 08, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

wish I could wash my hair but I can't...until Monday morning! ...and then I will rejoice in the wonderful feeling of once again having a Keratin hair treatment! :)

Happy Saturday...feeling excited for intermittent fasting today until dinner...going to a party tonight for a friends bday at a restaurant, sushi. I don't like sushi but the have other options as well. Sooo looking forward to seeing these friends bc I have been laying low since the beginning of October trying to stay home and rest my legs much more on weekends. Will be resting most of the day today too. So I am gonna intermittent fast till dinner tonight. Tomorrow strangely enough I have a brunch to go to that another friend planned. It's weird having a brunch the next day after going out to dinner late, but it should be fun.

On Sunday, the brunch at noon will be my first meal, no early breakfast. That is also considered intermittent fasting. I only like to do IF when home and on days off from work. A pro to IF is that you can eat slightly more calories than your body may need on normal eating days bc on IF days u try to make a huge deficit. Moreover, by continuing to eat normally on the other days, your body and metabolism stay in more of a normal, fast state - rather than what happens when day in and day out you diet at 1200 cals a day.

With the type of IF I do, I will loose between 1-4 lbs per month depending how often I am doing IF. During the month of November I will be doing it a couple extra days like Veterans Day, Thanksgiving (maybe will turn into a high cal day despite a fast which will be OK - my mom cooks really well and I will not deny myself on this holiday - but at least I will have fasted all day before the big meal!).

IF will help me lose extra calories this month. In December, I will IF either Christmas or the day after (I don't celebrate the holiday) also in November and December I am working to IF 1 day each weekend - dinner only. For the rest of November, I should be able to lose around 1.5lbs. Same for December maybe more maybe less. Probably around 2.5 lbs by end of December :)

Of all the fasting IF days I've done so far, today has been the easiest. not sure why or how....maybe knowing I'm going out to eat & that there's some healthy & filling food to enjoy there! so excited for teriyaki vegetables...can't wait to dig in...too bad it'll be around 4 hours from now.  fasting seems pretty easy when the day doesn't have too much going on.  nothing to stress about and make me hungry because of anxiety. so happy I am able to do this fasting. never thought I could. sunday will be a normal day, first meal at noon because I'm going to a brunch. honestly, my plan is to keep calories low today and enjoy tomorrow's brunch, allowing extra calories sunday...but I worked so hard on this fast, I might as well try to keep the calories low today and not overindulge tonight...otherwise, what the freak is the point of fasting!? Tuesday will be one more fast day till evening because I have off from work. still need to rest my legs, exercise is not on the agenda yet...so this works.

Dinner ended up being high calorie - around 2300-2400!!!! Dinner: big seaweed salad, miso soup so good!, a huge half of broiled eggplant with tons of oil atop it (so, so, so good!) and lately I eat a lot more fat so I would say this is probably the healthiest thing from dinner, a few samples of the sushi pieces my friends ordered, a few edamame beans, and a huge plate (I was annoyed how it came because I wanted to be able to eat a lot of vegetables) of chicken teriyaki. I specifically told the waiter to include extra vegetables instead of rice but instead she gave me tons of chicken lol. it's ok. but seriously, it was like 3-4 chicken filets on my plate and I ate most of it. why? well, it was really, really tasty white meat and so moist. It was the best chicken I have eaten in MONTHS. and it was fresh, just cooked. so, I enjoyed dinner. and before I went, I had about 1.5 tablespoons of coconut butter. too much food, but at least I had fasted, so the calories weren't huge on top of more calories I would have eaten throughout the day...

anyways, the folks I went to dinner with, most of them, do not care about calories / weight or health. that's the one thing that I do not like from them to rub off on me. they kept ordering more and more bc it was all you can eat, so I kept eating more and more of my meal and sampling their sushi.  If I had gone to eat with someone else, somewhere else, I may have made better choices. but in the end, i did nothing wrong - it was good food...and I am glad to have eaten more protein and healthy fresh food last night!  This particular group of friends - they love fatty & high carb dishes. Nothing healthy. and they love desserts even more. ice cream galore...at the end of the meal, there was tons of ice cream. that is one thing I didn't eat. why do that if I knew I had already eaten a days worth of calories? and I fasted so well the whole day!? I do not eat dessert. It doesn't ever make me feel good, I have realized.  I almost never partake in baked goods or ice cream after a meal. maybe coffee or fruit or a baked apple, but that's it :)

was at a sushi restaurant and ordered too mani items and ate too much, some food being high fat and calorie.,..but a great diversion thankfully from the normal food I eat. I had wayyyy too much chicken, but at least the teryaki white meat was flavorful and moist. I probably had almost 1000 cals in just the chicken. Portions too big. I am not that annoyed since tge food was great, but, I also wasted a fast / weight loss day. Tuesday will still remain a fast day :)

museumgirl on 11/08/2014:
Sounds like a plan, good luck!

puddles on 11/08/2014:
Sounds good different things work for different people. Have a great weekend.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/09/2014:
thanks puddy!

museumgirl on 11/09/2014:
Sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed your meal and your friends :)

biscottibody59 on 11/09/2014:
It's tough to eat normally around some people who just don't think twice. You'll bounce back okay I'm sure!

Horn_of_plenty - Friday Nov 07, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0


1150 at most after lunch. 100 Apple on the way home.

Big dinner of eggplant rolletes by celentano foods 350, extra veggies 150 at most, lots of peanut butter mixed with warm wheat bran and stevia for dessert. So good! Dessert 500 at most.

2250 at most. Good.

Intermittent fast tomorrow. Out to dinner for friends bday :)

Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Nov 06, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

No exercise but got a great haircut. Now can't get it wet for 3 days :)

Calories till dinner: 1350 Dinner: around 500-600 Stupid snack: chips 200 2150, decent.

No exercise. Signing up for the pool as soon as my legs feel a lil bit better. I am waiting till they have less pain :( so sad.

museumgirl on 11/07/2014:
Glad you got a great haircut! Yesterday was my haircut day, too. I always feel a little glamorous afterward... Hope your legs feel better. Sounds like swimming would be good.

puddles on 11/07/2014:
I got a hair cut also yesterday. We must all me on the same wave length. Have a great day.

museumgirl on 11/07/2014:
wave length...haha, I see what you did there.... :)

Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Nov 05, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

Prob around 2100/2200 all healthy. No exercise. I forgot, I did a 15 minute abbs workout in the morning before breakfast!

puddles on 11/06/2014:
Take care of yourself and have a great day.

Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Nov 04, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

Snack: 2 lemons in hot water, turmeric mix, stevia, raw Apple cider vinegar 50 Breakfast: wheat bran 60 with 2 tbsp peanut butter 200, 2 tablespoons coconut butter 200, cinnamon, stevia, and cooked cranberries 60. 520 :) huge serving. Some protein, low carbs, lots of fat :)

Snack: probably nuts bc I forgot to buy yogurt and cottage cheese. Supermarket after work.

Breakfast today was amazing...will do it again tomorrow for sure! loved the bran with the cranberries and the fats. it was pretty satisfying till around 11am-12am when I got hungry. I am loving the sweet breakfast :)  lately I will be using more stevia. I stopped for awhile because I thought it was very bad for me, but now I do not think so, at all.

calories till end of workday: around 1400.

calories after work 100 for an apple.

dinner: LOADS of veggies, cooked by a restaurant (takeout Italian) sauteed in butter/oil with garlic: mushrooms 100 at least, broccoli raab 100, broccoli 200, some leftover chicken sausage 100, small container of raspberries 120?...so...around 600...oh, and a collard greens soup with two small bite size pieces of fatty bacon! didn't know they had that in the soup....not more than 100 there. total: 700 yuck.

2200. all healthy at least. no exercise.

skinnygrlwithin on 11/04/2014:
Food sounds good to me!!

OhioRaven on 11/04/2014:
Yogurt and CottageCheese. Yummm !

museumgirl on 11/05/2014:
All sounds delicious, and healthy too.

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Nov 03, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

I wrote about the dr appt in yesterday's entry...I go back to the dr in a couple Wednesdays from now...2.5 weeks. I am still resting and not exercising at all.

5am: 2 tablespoons coconut butter and 4 tablespoons peanut butter. 600 cals. Fasting till tonight when I will eat a lot of cooked veggies followed up with s simililar low carb dessert to yesterday - hot wheat bran, tons of cranberries, stevia, high fat either oil or some type of butter / peanut butter. Or, I may just add flax and/ almonds in.

Around 1200-1300....actually around 1450 had some almonds. Success. No exercise and I meant to be home even more but did do a couple errands and got a massage. Back to work tomorrow and will try to keep resting my legs and using the heating pads.

puddles on 11/03/2014:
I have been reading your blogs for a long time and your leg problems have persisted and everytime you go back to your exercises your legs get worst. Maybe the Dr.'s limited exercise schedule is right until it clears up. I had a knee injury and every time I thought I was feeling better and I pushed it too far I got worst. That resulted in me finally ending up on my A S S for 9 months for my leg up and ice and 80 pds later of doing nothing I am here. That was four years ago now my knee if better no pain but I now accept my limitations because the pain is not worth the good feeling of saying I can do anything I want. If I do that their is a price to pay and I am no loner willing to pay with pain. This is just me and I am just putting it out there.

skinnygrlwithin on 11/03/2014:
I agree with puddles. I've never personally experienced an injury like this but a good friend of mine is struggling with shoulder issues. We is a crazy gym nut (I say that in a good way) and right now he's on 6 weeks of completely from the gym in an attempt to let his body recover.

Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Nov 02, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

Broke my fast at 3:30 with huge servings of cooked cabbage and other veggies as well as a tomato broth based vegetable soup. Followed up with a huge sweet treat I made of: cooked wheat bran made by putting wheat bran crackers in a bowl, submerging them in water, cooking for around 1.5-2 minutes in the microwave, then pouring all water out, using a spoon to mash up the wheat bran into an oatmeal / warm cereal consistency. Add stevia to sweeten. Then pouring some refrigerated cranberries on top (like a cup of them). Put it all back in the microwave and cook for another 2 minutes. Take out and be careful it's hot! Stir everything together. Add sweetener if not sweet enough - stevia. And wow!!!! Hardly any calories and u can make it really big! A full bowl (over 2 cups of this cereal and cranberry mixture) can be around 250 calories. And that is for a monster sized portion! A great dessert. I also added some coconut butter on top to make it tastier and more satisfying from the richness of the butter. So dessert was around 300 cal and way bigger than a small slice of cake! The veggies (mostly cbbage) and huge soup along with this dessert were only around 550 cal. I will eat again a bit later. Planning on 850 cal today.

....had mire veggies, had a bottled sweetened tea, and had a nice wrap with peanut butter and some stevia. Sweet and rich and soooo tasty! Great way to end the evening.

900 cals. Success.

And, 2 day average cals of yesterday's 3300 with today's 900 is 2100 per day. Much better. No exercise. Praying for legs to stop bothering me.

I am off tomorrow. Will be fasting again till afternoon.

puddles on 11/02/2014:
That sounds good Horn. Have a good evening.

Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Nov 01, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

The rheumatologist had me buy new supportive $160 sneakers by new balance. They were from a specialty shop and I wasn't gonna try to order them for less because I needed them asap. The dr gave me anti inflammatory meds. I go back to him 3 weeks from this past Wednesday.

Today I wanted to do an intermittent fast till diner but got off track. Around 10am I had a ton of stevia in both water and tea. I made the drinks very sweet and the sweetness probably tricked my body that I was eating. I started getting very cold and dizzy and gave in. I had a big meal around 1200. All healthy, just big portions. I may try to fast tomorrow till dinner but even writing that is making me wanna eat even more now. No more stevia when fasting.

Snack corn flour / egg white chips with a black pepper flavor and an ice pop. 200 cal.

1400. So tired! Was gonna drive and join the pool but I would rather relax for the rest of the afternoon!

Calories after dinner: 2300??

Bingeing: peanut butter 400, almonds 260, pb&j and two flour tortillas 350: 1010

3300 total cal. No exercise at all.

I have not returned to weights at the gym. Dr suggested to use the pool but I tried that when I was first injured and it still bothered my legs. My boss actually told me to take Monday off and relax bc he and another boss will not be in! So I am grateful. I will be home resting my legs. And fasting till dinner both days.

Doing a successful fast from Saturday night till 6pm today Sunday. Planning to break my fast with tons of veggies and a big peanut butter I will have 1/4 cup or more of it - on a wrap sandwich with some stevia and maybe cooked squash.

puddles on 11/01/2014:
Sweet always does that for me also. A lesson learned. Have a great day.

horn_of_plenty on 11/02/2014:
Thanks for asking about the dr. This dr said to go to a pool but I still have too much pain so I am relaxing and staying off my legs as much as I can hear. Next week I plan to try to be more active, maybe, depending on how my body feels. Already 3 weeks of no exercise but I feel my body needs this rest more than anything.

Jezebel on 11/01/2014:
I was fascinated by the snack corn flour egg white chips you mentioned. I went on line and found some - brand name IPS. I think they sound really good. I called the only retailer in my area listed on their website, and they said they're out of stock. Before I order some on line, I want your opinion. Do you like them? Do they taste good? Have you tried any of the other flavors? Thanks.

horn_of_plenty on 11/02/2014:
Yes those are the chips...I replied I your entry!

museumgirl on 11/02/2014:
Yes, those do sound tasty. Yesterday I saw falafel chips. Anyone tried those?

horn_of_plenty on 11/02/2014:
Never tried the falafel chips :)

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