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Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Oct 20, 2011
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 128.0

woke up in middle of the night and had a banana - was hungry! so more like 1900. good.

around 1760. perfect.

no cardio :-( (oh well, can't do it all if i work 2 hrs overtime).

1.5 hours weights.

i am promising myself i will eat nothing else - just had a sorta large protein bar after exercise, which is already accounted for in my calories - i am excited to weigh myself tomorrow - i should be around 128....maybe less in the AM! gonna go to bed EARLY now!!

Looking at my weight chart, i'm reminded that i'm doing well!  I need to keep up the good work, that's all! I am happy with this progress, even if slow. Slow is always better, so i've learned in my journey of life.

I want that weight chart to keep going down each month - and I know it's possible.  I'd like to first and foremost weight in the low/mid 120's which is so possible for someone of my height. Healthy weight for me is actually in the teens. like 115. but that is one heck of a lofty goal right now and i'm not even interested of thinking about it.

Right now, getting to around 124 will be a major success in itself!

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

KayBee on 10/21/2011:
You're doing great, HOP! :) Get your beauty sleeps, they are important!!! xoxo have a great weekend

Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Oct 19, 2011
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 128.0

400 cal breakfast. 2 icelandic yogurts, wheat cereal w. milk. yup - all that!

only 50 calorie snack. - candies.

late lunch 500 cal. egg white sandwich, chips, fiber bar. many carbs, yes. but not too much.

dinner: 1/2 turkey sandwich, a lot of meat in the sandwich, chips 100 cal, tomato/fruit 100? :400.

big snack after gym bc i wanted it: 2 yogurts, huge yellow pepper, huge apple, small plum: 400 total.

total: 1750-1800. good. i don't like to stay too low bc it backfires anyway, so this total is probably perfect even if it sounds high, i don't believe it really is.

and lots of gum, finished the pack finally, so still i think around 1800. good.

splurge on carrot chips! 260 more, but yum.

2050 today. still good!

exercise: hour of cardio.

gonna get up at a more normal hour tomorrow, around 5:45 lol, instead of 4:45! anyways, and make sure i have a nice breakfast like i've been doing!


Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

KayBee on 10/20/2011:
an HOUR of cardio ... brutal. I wouldn't be able to make it, it's too boring! :) Was it the stair machine, your new love? :D

glycrina on 10/20/2011:
Have a nice sleep in day. LOL! Although anytime before 7am is way tooooo early for me!

~WI~ on 10/20/2011:
Keep up the good work!

shams on 10/20/2011:
good menu and good exe. have a nice day

Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Oct 18, 2011
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 128.0

breakfast: oatmeal 200 made with milk, yogurts (2) siggi's icelandic (thicker than greek!) yogurts 200, 400 total. lots of volume and very filling.

calories including dinner: 1450

after gym: 4 small plums 150 probably not any more, yogurt 100, yellow pepper 80? huge, and too much gum 70? total: 400 or so.

total: 1850. good.

worked 7am till 5:45pm. left house around 6am, came home a little bit after 9pm. exercise: weights, one hour. pushups.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 10/18/2011:
I've seen those Icelandic yogurts, I'll have to try one. You're doing great!

grannyannie on 10/18/2011:
You're doing great. Great workout yesterday. Have a great day.

hollybelle on 10/18/2011:
Wonderful "string" of days here, HOP!

KayBee on 10/19/2011:
how's music going?

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Oct 17, 2011
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 128.0

I worked from 7am-6:45pm. Long A$$ day!

breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner....you know, was obviously good because of so many hours not being allowed to really overeat lol. calories: 1500...and i'm gonna have a snack of fruit bc i want to right now....so 1600 or so. good.

i ate breakfast at home, snack at work in AM, lunch at work, dinner in car on the way to the gym to save time.

gym: 20 min elliptical, 20 min stairmaster, 3 or 4 sets of pushups, i forget.


Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Oct 17, 2011
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 128.0

I worked from 7am-6:45pm. Long A$$ day!

breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner....you know, was obviously good because of so many hours not being allowed to really overeat lol. calories: 1500...and i'm gonna have a snack of fruit bc i want to right now....so 1600 or so. good.

i ate breakfast at home, snack at work in AM, lunch at work, dinner in car on the way to the gym to save time.

gym: 20 min elliptical, 20 min stairmaster, 3 or 4 sets of pushups, i forget.


Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Oct 16, 2011
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 128.0

2150 calories today, good.

exercise: a bunch of walking, some running!, and weights for an hour. nice day.

weightloss inner thoughts and commentary:

 I am going to NEED to make some changes in my current lifestyle in order to meet my next goal of getting into the mid 120's.  I am definitely happy with my gradual progress so far and I am excited to continue.  This month - October through November Thanksgiving time -  is a good time for weightloss. Not too many holidays or tempting things.  I already eat what I want, chips often, but luckily no other crazy temptations. On weekends, I will not try to rush and do everything. I will rather try to relax.

( In terms of working, I will still work a lot (of course), but try harder to exercise my lower body. I am nervous that so much sitting is going to further DESTROY my lower body (I don't have a strong lower body and I sit for, recently anyways, 11 hour workdays at the computer. too much.)


1- Try much harder not too binge by breathing, trying to relax, trying to slow those thoughts in my mind when I think that the only thing I need and want to satisfy me is food. I can function without these binges.

2- I may start to do weights almost everyday by adding in 2-3 days of leg weight machine workouts at the gym.  by everday, I mean lower body weights on the days where I currently wouldn't go to the gym. I will start off with just a few exercies, but I need to do it. I think it will make my hips more toned and less flabby. So, I'll do a little cardio at the gym and also add in at first maybe 4-6 different leg weight exercise machines on days when I used to only do cardio.  On the other days, I'll continue with a little cardio and my upper body/arm routines. Basically, on my cardio days I will add in a little weights for the lower body. I have to, only way.  Upper body/arms I do 2-3 days of weights also. So now I'd be going to the gym 5 days a week for weights. not happy about this, but with so much sitting at work, I may have to.

 3- Keep in mind that in order to lose weight, my calorie averages for each day should be around 1700, not 2000.  After binges, my weekly averages turn into 2,000 per day instead of a more healthy 1700-1900 for weightloss.  I do not need to have really low averages, like 1400-1500 everyday because it is too little for me and I do not like the feeling - at least right now - of eating so few calories when i don't have to, yet!

4- This is just commentary and inner dialogue.  Things can change with my outlook.  I do not want to do lower body weights because really I don't have the patience or time so much! But, if I do want to look better, I may have to.



snack: fruit 120. before short bike ride to pick up the newspaper.

breakfast: fiber one with milk: 300 good ones! love a big bowl of fiber one.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

KayBee on 10/16/2011:
that new love of yours, the Stair Machine, will be perfect for training your lower body! Don't get obsessed with exercising vs. calories,be aware that it makes part of the binge eating disorder and you have to avoid developing that at all cost. Try to LOVE your workouts, don't do it because of weight/calories.

KayBee on 10/16/2011:
I'm with you, Girl!!!!!!

hollybelle on 10/17/2011:
I especially like the part about trying to relax and breathe in order not to overeat. I know I am eating too much lately because of higher anxiety. Need to stay conscience of that and avoid the pitfall. I can usually combat it with keeping healthy choices around, but I havaen't been doing so well on that....so two pronged approach this week.

KayBee on 10/17/2011:
HOP, this is from the book of Self-Help Binge and Bulimia Nervosa: "How do you think and feel about your body? You might be aware that your perception of your body varies somewhat, even over the course of a day. You might start off the day feeling thin and in shape, and then in response to overeating, eating anything at all, seeing numbers on the scale that you think are higher than they should be, or finding that your clothes are tighter, you might begin to feel "fat" or less positive about your body. Negative feelings about your body also might come about in response to other stressors, such as disagreements with people, job frustrations, or daily hassles of one type or another. Alternatively, after a long session at the gym, you might feel differently about your body; you may view yourself as relatively strong, thinner, on the road to fitness, and in control of your food intake and your body. Concerns about your body shape usually lead to some form of checking, such as often looking in mirrors, windows, or other reflective surfaces; pinching various areas of your body, such as the upper arms, forearms, or thighs; and trying on various items of clothing to see how they fit. If you are actively and regularly engaging in any of these behaviors, it is quite likely you have never given much thought to how such checking affects your thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors. Well, now is the time! As you do so, you will probably begin to notice that this type of checking has a negative effect on your state of mind. You will likely notice some negative effects on your self-perceptions, mood, and actions (including decisions you might make to eat to excess, to purge, or to over-exercise)."

legcramps on 10/17/2011:
Have a good day today!

Supercheese on 10/17/2011:
i like your goals!! i need to think about those too!

Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Oct 15, 2011
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 128.0

weight: 128....i'm gonna get there...for the weekend, calories will be higher though...it's the weekend!

wow, only slept till around 7am but i think that's bc my dad was getting ready early and he woke me...anyways, i will probably just have breakfast and read of a little. there are so many sales in the stores, i may go to buy some more pants from LOFT and clothing from Old Navy also. I have bday gift certificates too!

7:30am breakfast: fiber one and milk 250, big nature valley granola bar w. protein but not a ton of fiber (but very tasty - and i hadn't realized, the first ingredient is corn syrup, yuck-o!) 200: total 550 = perfecto.

11am snack/early lunch: fruit: 100, pretzels 120, butternut squash soufflee 280 = 500.

1050 - nice! so far (it's saturday, giving myself a break!!!!)

snack at mall: 2 aunt annie's pretzel sticks 200?, coffee 50, and a fiber one small bar 100.

big dinner: soup 100 at most, seaweed salad maybe 300 at most, large shrimp and veggies 250 or so, brown rice 100 or so. pineapple 100. let's just say around 900-100.ooooh, and some of my friend's fried rice w. chicken, lol. 200 at least more. we ate really late, i was really hungry, but i am content with all this because i was eating low cal all week - sometimes the body needs this.

exercise: 1/2 hour bike ride, walking/shopping at the mall for at least a couple hours.

so today is around 2300-2500 or so. in my book, it's a success.  nothing crazy....and dinner was actually healthy.


Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/15/2011:
Ohhh...shopping! Have fun! I'll be clothes shopping in 5 more pounds!

grannyannie on 10/15/2011:
Thanks for the comment! I do often get hungry by 4pm so that's when I eat my salad. Around 10pm I sometimes get hungry but never give in!

V on 10/15/2011:
Have fun shopping! Yea my workouts are mandatory ;)

hollybelle on 10/15/2011:
I wish you were here or vice versa so you could shop with me and tell me what to buy - I need a fresh eye on my fashions! LOL I need to shop so badly. I am practically naked! Well, wearing the same old things all the time and they aren't that fashionable. I need to upgrade so much. Have a good time whatever you do today!

KayBee on 10/16/2011:
so, did your dad like the idea of the massage? :D BTW I wrote about the session at the shrink because of binge eating. Details on my recently created "binge blog": http://troubled-princess.blogspot.com/

Horn_of_plenty - Friday Oct 14, 2011
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 128.0

weight: 128....yes!

breakfast: yogurt/oatmeal: 260.

rough day at work. i worked an hour less, but i still worked today 8am-6pm. that's a long day even with an hour less.

snacks: 90. two candies, some of a protein shake.

lunch: 550 or so...with black coffee, chips 150 , small microwave meal 300, extra tofu 100.

dinner:  rest of lunch, fruit, chips, TONS of coffee with milk: medium iced from dunkin and then large from starbucks all on my way to the gym after lunch...finally woke up at the gym, sorta! haha.

snacking: 200? chips, small package, and fruit. rest of protein shake form earlier today.

anyways, it's about 1550 calories, i know i'm forgetting to list something, but i did the  math throughout the day....and fancy bread/muffin yummy, . 1750 :-)

exercise: 20 min cardio, yup that's it, and hour and a little extra of weights, back, pushups. i don't do abs currently.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/14/2011:
Good for you! Have a great day!

V on 10/14/2011:
That is great news..have a good weekend

hollybelle on 10/14/2011:

Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Oct 13, 2011
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 128.0

weight this morning: 129....not bad. I'm really gonna do it, gonna lose the weight this year! I'm totally on my way! :-)

update: dad liked the massage gift...now just need to schedule it when he can go!

ummm, good morning?!

woke up today at 4:30am. I went to bed around midnight so it may be a rough day but i'll try to make it work.....definitely need coffee today!

lots on my mind, like how to enjoy the weekend despite a feeling that i'll be exhausted when it arrives. i guess that's life...

got my dad a massage for his bday and put it on the kitchen table for him to see inside a card for him this morning...we'll see how he responds to this type of gift. I got him a massage once before but it was done by another male who removed the towel and walked all over his butt....soooooo, hopeuflly this massage won't freak him out, it's at a reccomended place and i once had a massage by the same female massage therapist. he'll be able to choose even just an hour back massage if that's all he wants. i even scheduled it for my dad...for this saturday morning. we'll see what happens!

at 4:30 i had a banana that i included in yesterday's calories. i woke up hungry and tired and my muscles were slightly fatigued, the postassium in the banana should help me.

breakfast: oatmeal 160, yogurt 80, banana 120: 360.

snack: pb crackers 190

lunch: microwave noodle dish with added in sauteed peppers and tofu. plum, definitely gonna need coffee. only around 300 for lunch. no noodles, just some pretzels.

dinner: 450...and lots of caffeine, all in my car on the way to the gym. the light egg sandwich, fruits, iced coffee, diet mountain dew.

snack: two tomatoes: 80 or so, large peach 90, two plums around 100: around 300.

total: 1550. really perfect cannot get better.

exercise: better, 20 min elliptical, 20 min stairs!!! i'm actually happy with this and the stairs left me literally soaked, so hard! such a cool machine. it's like an actual staircase that moves, not a step machine. so totally awesome and fantastic workout. it's my new fave cardio machine at the gym.


Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

KayBee on 10/13/2011:
LOL, men are rather sensitive when it comes to their "manhood" :) but let's hope he'll get luckier this time and get a nice strong girl :)

grannyannie on 10/13/2011:
A massage sounds fantastic. For some reason my hub says he's not interested in getting one.

V on 10/13/2011:
LOL!! That would freak me out too! I hope this time he will enjoy the massage!

Umpqua on 10/13/2011:
I love getting a massage as a gift, but I know some people are weird about it. I hope he appreciates and enjoys it!

KayBee on 10/14/2011:
wow, that stair machine sounds CREEPY :) I've never seen such thing, now I'm curious.

KayBee on 10/14/2011:
BTW HOP, here are some books you can download and read. The first one is very good, I'm reading it right now. Only 100+ pages and very useful.: http://ifile.it/gcd041/ebooksclub.org__Overcoming_Your_Eating_Disorder__A_Cognitive_Behavioral_Therapy_Approach_for_Bulimia_Nervosa_and_Binge_Eating_Disorder__Guided_Self_Help_Workbook__Tre.l_57x0x67xt.pdf http://ifile.it/lw6st7/ebooksclub.org__Goodbye_Ed__Hello_Me__Recover_from_Your_Eating_Disorder_and_Fall_in_Love_with_Life.l_57x0x67xt.pdf http://ifile.it/davysn/ebooksclub.org__Managing_Intense_Emotions_and_Overcoming_Self_Destructive_Habits__A_Self_Help_Manual.l_57x0x67xt.pdf

KayBee on 10/14/2011:
Now with ENTERS: http://ifile.it/gcd041/ebooksclub.org__Overcoming_Your_Eating_Disorder__A_Cognitive_Behavioral_Therapy_Approach_for_Bulimia_Nervosa_and_Binge_Eating_Disorder__Guided_Self_Help_Workbook__Tre.l_57x0x67xt.pdf



Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Oct 12, 2011
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 128.0

breakfast: fruit and yogurt: 200.

(BLACK coffee during morning...been doing this for months but not proud of it.)

snack: protein shake 230

lunch: healthy fruit, brown rice, sauteed veggies and tofu! wahoo...so happy. and BLACK coffee...total = 450. great.

world's most disgusting dinner ever (leftover junk i had at work and put in my bag for the ride home before going to the gym straight from work and getting there finally at 8pm: pretty decent type of protein bar 210, fiber one bar 140, two plums i brought for after work 80 at most - they were small, diet mountain dew from store, medium iced coffee from dunkin donuts also on the way home - needed so much damn caffeine to make the gym happen tonight 60. total = around 500 - good.

healthy snack at 9:30pm at home after the gym: tomato 40, big peach 80. total approx 120

total: 1500. perfecto calories....4:30am banana when i woke up hungry...total 1600 = great.

exercise: NO DAMN CARDIO at all = pisses me off to the core.  I'm gonna have a nice round ass by the end of this and wide ass hips ... grrrrr!

anyways, weights for an hour was my workout. I was exhausted and I have more enjoyment, much more, doing weights. So I chose the weights, as I did them Monday and they needed to be done either today or tomorrow...tomorrow I must do some cardio!  Maybe if it's nice, and I get out of work ON TIME, I'll get my a$$ to the park and walk at least 3 nice miles. i hate not doing any cardio.


Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

KayBee on 10/12/2011:
You're doing soooo good lately! You're my hero. I've been doing good also but then things go berserk from time to time with chocolates, biscuits and any food, overall... I'm going to the shrink on Friday, it's for a psycotherapic program called "Paparocas com Medida" (in English: Nibbling in Moderation) and basically it's for binge eaters and people suffering from bulemia....

KayBee on 10/13/2011:
I just hope they won't come up with those "wait 20 minutes after eating to understand if you're still hungry or not" because binge is so uncontrollable... On the clinic's website says they use the following two books as base: Christopher Fairburn, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Enhanced, and Debra Safer & co. Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Binge Eating and Bulimia

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