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Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Sep 19, 2010
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 136.0

exercise: AM bike ride for like 20-30 min, afternoon elliptical for 31 minutes haha, night walk for a little over a half hour :-) yes, great exercise!

edit: 1900....late dinner: big salad and dressinig, veggie burger, pretzels, big peach: 500 or so.

total around 2400. not a binge, that's really all that matters. :-)


update on hot gym guy in the previous entry :-)

Breakfast: fresh, sorta, fig 40, large peach 90, oatmeal 150, milk 50, chocolate powder 50: 380..oops, i had a yogurt too which i didn't calculate! ... 480

snack: FRUIT 120 or so.


snack: hot coffee?

lunch: starbucks egg wrap and coffee!...since i will be teaching right next door and i have a big break at lunchtime, for TWO hours. then some reading, I think. right now I will get out and do some bike riding...  bar of some sort...maybe from starbucks! haha.

....depending how i feel, i was thinking of heading to the gym during that lunch break, possibly not going to starbucks at that time, and doing cardio....i really should!...we'll see how i feel after this morning's bike ride!



Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

breakaway on 09/19/2010:
Hope your able to make it to the gym :D Have a great Sunday!

Umpqua on 09/19/2010:
I hope you have a great day and a good ride!

V on 09/19/2010:
If you don't make it to the gym just do a few exercises at home! Have a good day!

KathyBlue on 09/19/2010:
ahh careful with Brazilians, ehehehehe :)

moogy on 09/19/2010:
I am really enjoying seeing all the planning you are putting into your food. You know what you are having, or a least planning to have and working it in to a good programe. You have come a long way in a couple of weeks HOP. I am so pleased for you and you are right you do have a great start now and can move on to losing some weight. Maybe we could swop houses and you could have my summer!!!

V on 09/19/2010:
Did someone say Starbucks???? LOL You didn't binge and your meals were healthy,we all sometimes overshoot our caloric goals but sometimes the body might need a little more fuel....Still think you should at least say hello to Brazil Boy LOL!

just42day on 09/20/2010:
Great job w/no binges! Congrats. Congrats, too, on all your great exercise! You're doing so well. :)

Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Sep 18, 2010
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 136.0

It seems my weight has at least stabalized and I'm still at around 136 in the morning, empty stomach. Hopefully I can break into under 135 really soon. Progress hasn't been bad, but it's gonna take time....and I am prepared for it this time around. I know once I can get the ball rolling, the weightloss will definitely become EASIER. I am not yet in a full weightloss mode, it seems my body is hanging on, seeing if I will binge again. I haven't binged and don't plan on it.

I cannot even believe that September is almost over. Time goes by sooo quickly! Well, I do still have about a week and a half of September left. In this time, my goal is to get below 135.

too all who celebrated and fasted today, i hope you had an easy fast. i stayed home, practically in bed all day, as fasting really was difficult to do, as it is for so many people.  it felt good after all was said and done, to purge my body and start fresh on this Yom Kippur day.

dinner was spent with friends of our family: nothing too crazy. i ate really well for dinner, splurged a little on dessert. either way, i don't think i ate more than 1500-1600. all in all, a good day.

no exercise, wasn't feeling up to it today.

Update on the gym dude: i saw him Friday night. I didn't talk to him. He gave me a serious look, perhaps he thinks i'm staring at him...although i really don't. i made sure not to even workout anywhere near him.  He comes in and does his workout really intensely and quickly and runs out. I don't think he's there to meet girls, at all. I think he's hot, but this guy is off limits to me. Also, i was told he doens't speak English well? He looks like he's a white American, apparently he's brazilian? lol. who knew!

he's nice to glance at every now and again. but that's gonna be all. there'll be others. and i'll be sure to update if anything changes.

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

moogy on 09/18/2010:
It was lovely to read that you enjoed your dinner with family and friends after your fast. I am so pleased that you are feeling stronger and more in control. I am sure that your weight will go down as soon as you are ready to lower your intake. You just need to do what you need to do for now. I have no doubt that you can succeed. Have a good evening, I will catch up with you tomorrow.

V on 09/18/2010:
You should feel proud that you are doing so well, the pounds will drop soon, patience ;) have a good day HOP

breakaway on 09/19/2010:
And we all know, when you least expect it, what you are looking for always shows up ;) Hope you hit 135 very soon :D Have a great day today!

breakaway on 09/19/2010:
And we all know, when you least expect it, what you are looking for always shows up ;) Hope you hit 135 very soon :D Have a great day today!

Horn_of_plenty - Friday Sep 17, 2010
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 136.0

2350, total cal. not really low, not really high. i am doing good. no real weightloss, and lately my weight has been a little over 136. but that is just due to normal fluctuations :-)

breakfast: one fresh fig! 40, apple 90, oatmeal with milk and chocolate powder 250, pineapple cottage cheese 140: 520.

early lunch: eggwhite on biscuit, bran, coffee: 430

snack: rice cakes, sorta like them anyways, and a peach: 200

early dinner?: yogurts w. a little granola and ovaltine 300, tofu sandwich 200

tsf: 1650, ok.

snack: tofu sandwich...not very hungry...but tired....but really felt i needed energy for the gym...who knows. 200, feeling i did have the calories to blow on a snack anyway.

dinner protein BARS: 500...a bit much, almost leading to a binge, but being that it's a fasting holiday, i just couldn't do it anymore...i will NOT binge again, i can do this! :-) and i am doing this.


Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

liza36 on 09/17/2010:
Figs are delicious! I should eat them more.

legcramps on 09/17/2010:

KathyBlue on 09/17/2010:
ok, figs are cool but how're things w the gym dude?!

loveray on 09/17/2010:
congrats on the no binging!!! i hope you have a wonderful weekend and an easy fast if you are fasting. xo

breakaway on 09/17/2010:
Great looking menu :D Have a great day today!

moogy on 09/17/2010:
I know that you struggle with not getting out of control. I just wanted you to know how proud I have been of you over these past two weeks. I know that is hasn't been easy, but it is totally worth the effort because of the feeling that you have when you feel good about yourself. Well done. I hope you finish out your day really well and have a good weekend.:)

V on 09/17/2010:
Bravo HOP!!!!!! Take a bow :) Wonderful job your mini goal is around the corner!!!! :)

breakaway on 09/18/2010:
Mini goal...coming up! Great job and have a wonderful day today :D

Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Sep 16, 2010
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 136.0

Thanks for all of your "GUY advice" you are awesome, ladies!

Had a great day yesterday in upstate NY...not that far upstate, but enough.  Dutchess County.  I went to visit a friend of 10 years who i originally met in an orchestra i played in.

anyways, lots of biking and walking :-) on wednesday.

today, lots of driving home! I also drove her into NYC on my way home, which added probably 45 mintues onto my drive. Thankfully, I wasn't late for work at 4:30pm.

eating yesterday was probably around 2200.

eating today is around 1600. I've been snacking this evening, and it's almost midnight and i'm hungry. but i've given up and i'm just gonna go to bed. because i just had food...and really don't need anymore.

I have not binged in a long time now...let's calculate...but i have now been tempted to binge MANY times and it's getting a bit harder...i CAN do this!..

last binge was still Friday, Sept 3.  So I'm doing good. It's been 13 days, almost 2 weeks. :-)

calories are not always very low, but not binging is much more important to me right now. and i'm doing good and I am feeling better.

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

V on 09/16/2010:
I am happy that you are really thinking out your actions in determining the difference between hunger and binging :) You are doing a great job :) BRAVO!!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU :)

moogy on 09/16/2010:
Yes, you can overcome bad habits. You have done really well and it was an unusual circumstance today. I have often seen scenery of upstate NY and it looks so green and inviting. I was just picturing you biking and walking on pathways through lovely scenery. Don't tell me if I am not right, I like the picture I have of you!!!:) I agree with you that you have been doing really well for a couple of weeks now. I am really pleased for you and proud of your determination. I am so glad that you are feeling better.

panda22 on 09/17/2010:
I'm so proud of you for going 2 weeks without binging! It's so hard to break patterns and develop healthy ones, and you've reached a major milestone! Keep it up and keep fighting...you can do it! I also love your attitude about the calories and not setting a limit and just focusing on not binging. I know that will get you far!

Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Sep 14, 2010
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 136.0

Hot Gym Dude: here's an update...

So I did end up running into him last night. It seems he does go at the same time, possibly even EVERY day.   Next time I will be at the gym is Wednesday night. But, in some ways, I don't even want to see him there on Wednesday!...

He does notice me there. But he always has such a serious face that it's imtimidating for me to even make eye contact with him. I did yesterday though, but he didn't break a smile in the least!

I find him so attractive, even down to the clothes he works out in! haha. I like his attitude and enthusiasm....I just wish I could talk to him.

But, it seems he isn't interested in talking. I think he just be eager to come in and get out in the fastest time possible at the gym...considering he may even go EVERY day...

If I did talk to him, I would tell him that he's in great shape! And ask how long he's been working out or something. I asked a woman yesterday at the gym and I even felt weird asking her about her routine. So I really don't know...it will be hard to approach him, really hard.  But he really did at least look my way yesterday....but it was almost like an evil??? face he gave me...it was so serious, it almost upset me...

I felt bad bc I didn't go for it yesterday. I should have at least complimented him. For some reason, I don't want him to think I'm swooning over him...

He is very good looking, and may be out of my league. But, for some reason, I still logically think that it could work?

What are your tips/advice? Do you think I should just keep him as a crush that motivates me to look good and workout?

I actually did my hair, blow dry and straightened with iron and nicely put together, JUST TO WORKOUT at the gym yesterday!!!!!!!!


Breakfast: apple 100, yogurt 130, oatmeal and milk 250, some jello 30: 510 ok.

early lunch: biscuit w. egg white, bran, coffee: 400

snack: salad 100, fruit, bran w. lots of deli chicken breast: hopefully all not more than 400

tsf: 1310, good.

snack: coffee

dinner: peach, lots of cereal/milk: around 350

1760 or so.

exercise: 3 mi walk.


Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

breakaway on 09/14/2010:
I love it! I think this is awesome that you have a good reason to want to keep going to the gym. My advice to you is to just walk up and talk to him. I'm guessing he's shy and he probably would LOVE the attention...what man doesn't! My hubby says YES go up to him. My hubby never called me or even really looked my way (met at church) and then I just asked for his number and called him. He said he would have never thought I would be into him so he wasn't even going to ask me out because he was too scared to. Just walk up to him and tell him you noticed how 'in shape' he was and wondered what his routine was. Women are always nosy so he won't think anything weird by that ;) Good luck!

breakaway on 09/14/2010:
BTW I got his number from his friend not by asking him...forgot to add that lol

getmebackto150 on 09/14/2010:
I agree... Go up to him and talk to him! What do you have to lose... if he doesn't seem at ALL interested in talking then at least you will know... I think you should go for it!!

V on 09/14/2010:
Okay if you say that out of your league again i will personally strangle you! LOL!!! Well I wasn't even kidding about at least saying hello and walking away without looking love sick,and DO NOT comment on how he looks or his workout routine!!!! I def think you should continue to use him as motivation to keep you amped for the gym, dammit I must go but we will talk later, I have weigh in soon,BUT I will be back!!!!LOL BTW you never told me what your type is? tall tan and evil?????

V on 09/14/2010:
NO girls, as a professional flirt I must say the only thing i want her to do is say hello and walk away!!!!!

V on 09/14/2010:
You can delete your fb info I just sent you a request! Now I must go! Don't go talking to Chest Rockwell while I am gone okay!!!!! LOL

skinnygrlwithin on 09/14/2010:
I'm going to be honest I probably wouldn't talk to him at the gym... I'd go with just a smile or a nod at least for awhile. Then based on that reaction I would go from there. If he's such a serious gym buff someone starting a convo with him is probably the last thing he wants at the gym...but a simple smile/nod doesn't really interupt his workout...but you can get a lot out of his reaction.

I've been in a similar situation... REALLY REALLY hot guy working out at the gym... and like you said right down to his clothes... but I just smiled even though I wanted to walk up to him and give him my number and he smiled back.... but I never saw him again... I dunno I'm all about making the first move, and being brave and introducing myself, but for some reason I think the gym is the worst place to do it if they are REALLY into working out...unless you can catch him on his way out

tangalyn on 09/14/2010:
i think u should sneak in ur camera and take a picture of him working out so we can see him too... and if he catches u doing it, surely that would start up a convo lol... hope u have a great day :)

KathyBlue on 09/14/2010:
AWWWW, such a cute story :) Well, I know how you feel... and you really SHOULD talk to him, it'll be such a relief! V's advice to say hello and walk away sounds fun... :D I'm dying out of curiosity, and envy, I'd loooove to have a bf exercising w/ me... OK, he's not your bf... but.. but... one never knows what future brings! I'm on FB, add me, too! I'm Katalin, probably the only Katalin between V's contacts... :)

just42day on 09/14/2010:
Maybe you can tell the gym guy that you noticed he's there quite frequently and ask him how he stays so motivated? I think that's a harmless, non-threatening entry...

legcramps on 09/14/2010:
I would probably just smile or nod, and try to catch him on the way out or hanging out at the water cooler or something, LOL. Start a conversation then, instead of when he's in the middle of a workout. Either way, sounds like fun and WE WANT UPDATES!!!!

skinnygrlwithin on 09/14/2010:
I will definitely post pictures of my red sweaty face hahaha!!

Umpqua on 09/14/2010:
I like the idea of just saying hello to him or making a comment about seeing him there a lot. You'll know soon enough if he's a jerk based on his reaction. At least you have an additional motivation to get to the gym now!

loveray on 09/14/2010:
Saying hello is always a good idea- you can just say you notice him a lot and ask him if he lives nearby- or how long he has been going to the gym. Its fun to have someone to look forward to seeing:) I used to have a crush at the gym too. He found out about a year into it and he told me he was GAY!! haha. oh well. xoxo

moogy on 09/14/2010:
I am getting nervous for you just reading your entry. People often ask me what is wrong when there is nothing wrong. It is just that my resting face looks angry. I would make face contact and smile, say good morning or whatever quite loudly so he can hear over the machine. Pretend he is just another guy and relax, your confidence will be higher that way. You know the saying " Nothing ventured, nothing gained", just keep smiling and saying hi. If nothing happens you won't have lost anything. Good luck.

panda22 on 09/14/2010:
LOL about getting "dolled" up for the gym! Oh man crushes are soooo exciting! Guys get those "looks" on their faces all the time during workouts...my husband does it too, they get serious and into it. I would say hi sometime or at least make eye contact with a smile if you still don't feel comfortable approaching him. Good luck girl!

V on 09/14/2010:
Good job on your meals girly :) You are doing such an awesome job!!!!!

V on 09/15/2010:
Happy Wednesday!!!!! I am headed out to work so if you see you know who good luck and remember, smile, say hello, walk away without a care :) LOL Have a good day my friend

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Sep 13, 2010
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 136.0

Breakfast: apple 90, yogurt 130, oatmeal w. milk and chocolate powder 200: 420.

snack: banana on piece of wheat bread 240

lunch: iced coffee and protein bar 200

snack: croissant with egg white, bran, salad, and a peach: 500 or so.

tsf: 1360, good.

snack: fruit 100

dinner: tofu sandwich 200


snack: around 300

total around 1950...well, it's ok for sure. not sure if it will induce weightloss. but i did exercise a lot today. and i will walk a lot tomorrow, too.

exercise: AM for elliptical...PM for weights :-)  Maybe I'll see Mr. Hottie there.

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

legcramps on 09/13/2010:
:-) Have FUN at the gym!!!

Umpqua on 09/13/2010:
Congrats on the new weight and I hope you have fun at the gym :)

moogy on 09/13/2010:
I see another good day is store for you HOP. I always smile when I read that you have had a good day. I hope you see Mr. Hottie there, that would be encouragement to keep going on this great program.

V on 09/13/2010:
Yes!!!!! HOP you have to do what I suggested, It is way more effective than the bend and snap!!! LOL!!! Keep me posted :)

Breakaway on 09/13/2010:
HUH never thought of eating a banana on bread. But I guess it could work lol. Your menu looks great :D have a wonderful day!

Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Sep 12, 2010
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 136.0

edit: dinner was really healthy and free...tilapia and veggies with grandma at her place...they serve REAL good food!

day and dinner: calories 1700...then dessert, i just gave in at home. not a binge, tho!

dessert: apple and protein bar 200, ice cream 300, 150 pudding = 650

2350...this is good. ..good day.

exercise: moderate, just some biking in the morning, about 30 or 45 min :-)....will make more exercise tomorrow for sure. feeling good :-)


Snack: large apple 110, pineapple 40

breakfast: oatmeal w. chocolate mix and milk, yogurt: 330

480 :-)

snack: coffee? bar? 200?


Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

just42day on 09/12/2010:
1 lb till goal. tick tick. You CAN do it! :)

panda22 on 09/12/2010:
I love your last entry update and your determination not to give in and to reach your goals. You can and WILL get there!

V on 09/12/2010:
You are doing really well today! Keep it up and it will be on to your next mini goal :) I know you can do it my friend

moogy on 09/12/2010:
I am so pleased that you are feeling good about your eating. That is what we (I say we because I feel like I am on the journey with you - hope you don't mind) are aiming for at the moment. That's good. One day at a time.

Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Sep 11, 2010
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 136.0

Thanks for all of your bday wishes to me! :-)

last binge was fri, sept 3. i don't want to jinx myself, but i'm doing well. no binge in over one week. I will not binge this week. I am going to reach my goals this month for sure.

next mini goal will be 130 lbs. but for now, i'm set on reaching 135 and staying there!

edit: total cal around 1750-1800. nice day. i must say, as of late i'm a bit more tired than usual. usually, this leads to a binge. but i have nothing stressful going on in my life right now, i've taken a little break from job hunting and will probably begin a desk job that pays fine for the time being in the next 3 weeks or so. right now, i hvae lessons that i'm living off of, music lessons that is.  oh, and visiting grandma 1 or 2 times per week and my dad actually compensates for gas...minimal compensation but everything helps.

exercise: minimal. 1.5 mile walk, 30 min bike ride (i almost didn't do this and i'm so glad i got the extra exercise in!)


sorry i haven't been commenting lately on your diaries :-(  I will be on top of that soon!

I woke up this morning feeling extra light :-)  It may just be water weight since i had a lot of caffiene yesterday which is a diuretic...but we'll see! :-) yay.

wow, if i could keep my weight around this number, soon i'll be at my FIRST goal. someone on here advised me to make an easier, closer, 5 lb goal. and yes, that was a great idea!

breakfast: grapes 100, yogurt w. cocoa mix 180, oatmeal w. light milk if you can believe that one! 200: 480. yum.




not sure of today's plans. but i will be getting together with one of my best friend so it should be a lovely day!

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 09/11/2010:
sounds like a great day... Congrats on the loss!!!!!

moogy on 09/11/2010:
Three pounds is a great loss. I have my fingers crossed it will stick, it'a a great incentive to keep up with the good choices for your eating. Have a great day HOP.

panda22 on 09/11/2010:
Congrats on the loss! Fantastic! LOL @ your oatmeal comment as I pretty much have that every day as well ;)

V on 09/11/2010:
:) :) :) YAY!!!!!!! backflip's in the middle of the room...AWESOME job HOP

V on 09/11/2010:
So the next time you see him and if you make eye contact DEF say hi very non chalantly, walk away and put a little extra bounce in it! Works like a charm for me :)

V on 09/11/2010:
So what is your type anyways????

moogy on 09/11/2010:
Thank you so much for your comment, you are right, some clothes are just keepers. If fact I use old clothes as templates for new ones, just so I get them the right size and shape.

just42day on 09/12/2010:
Glad things are going well! :)

Horn_of_plenty - Friday Sep 10, 2010
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 139.0

thank you all for the bday wishes...and thanks to loveray for letting everyone know it was my bday!!! :-) So sweet and thoughtful!!

breakfast: lots of fruit: 140, oatmeal and almond milk 190, yogurt 130: 460.

lunch: cereal 200, yogurt 200: 400

snack: fruit and veggies...total so far - 1,000

snack: protein bar, energy drink, decaf iced coffee: 250 or so.

late dinner: grapes 150?, tofu 200, beans and almonds 140: around 500

total cal: 1750, good!

exercise: weights at the gym. lots of them. i have a crush on a guy there and i did extra bc i saw him there and it was motivating to watch him work out too...lol.

Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 09/10/2010:
Belated Birthday Wishes to you!!

just42day on 09/10/2010:
Sorry I missed your special day yesterday! Hope it was a great one and that this 2nd day into your new year is a fabulous one! :)

Umpqua on 09/10/2010:
A belated happy birthday! I hope you have a great weekend.

legcramps on 09/10/2010:
Have a good weekend HoP!

moogy on 09/10/2010:
I hope that you have a wonderful weekend HOP, full of enjoyable stuff and healthy eating. That would be nice:)

V on 09/10/2010:
Ha HA!!!!! If only he worked out shirtless you might not ever leave! So have you exchanged words yet????

panda22 on 09/11/2010:
Happy belated Birthday! Hope you have a great weekend! You are doing great, keep it up!

Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Sep 09, 2010
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 138.0

breakfast: tofu and fruit: 180


today i ate a healthy 1,000 calories up till dinner.

I'm guessing dinner was probably around 700? and then desserts definitely at least 500.

if i'm lucky, i ate 2200-2300. could be a little over. don't really know. but i'm  happy with today!


exercise: 1.5 miles in the AM. i was so pooped today from all my walking yesterday!


Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

loveray on 09/09/2010:
HAPPY BDAY LOVE! what are your plans for celebration?

legcramps on 09/09/2010:
:-) Happy Birthday!

balloonlady on 09/09/2010:
Happy Birthday : )

moogy on 09/09/2010:
Hope you have a wonderful celebration for you special day HOP. I hope it turn out to be a wonderful day.

V on 09/09/2010:
I hope your birthday is full of fun and laughter! And maybe a super cute boy ;)

moogy on 09/09/2010:
You only have one birthday a year and you have to celebrate, I hope you enjoyed yourself:)

V on 09/10/2010:
well it was your birthday after all! have a good workout today and it should balance out :)

hollybelle on 09/10/2010:
Happy Birthday!

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