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Horn_of_plenty - Monday Jul 16, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.2

edit: total calories for today: 1520 hmmm. not bad. should have done it a healthier way, without a big binge, though!

breakfast 350 cal, AM binge: 960, total so far (10am) = 1310 calories.

exercise minutes: 54 treadmill.

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 8.2 lbs to go!

legcramps on 07/16/2007:
I think i'm going to steal your idea and start adding up my workout minutes for each month. Maybe for each week too. It's kind of neat to see how much you've done in a month.

I'm terrible with vegetables, but I have a pretty good excuse, really! In small amounts, it's okay, but when I start eating more than a serving a day it seriously makes me sick! One way or another, I usually end up not being able to do any exercising for the rest of the day because i'm in too much pain!

See - excuses for everything...

Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Jul 15, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.2

exercise: 40min walk

total July exercise: To be updated...

total calories: 1,000.

Goodnight. this is going to be a whirlwind of a week.

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 8.2 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Jul 14, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.2

calories: 3655 (I am VERY accurate, it's not a guess...) I can't wait till this class is over...its my last master's class and also the last time i will really have to take a class against my will! I think education and learning are fabulous...but this class, in my opinion, is NOT! it's completely terrorizing. i fear it.

exercise today: 100 min (yoga, bike, treadmill)

total exercise in JULY: 20 hrs, 55min

when this class is done...I am definitely conquering my life back!!! NO more excuses. I CANNOT take it anymore! This summer, so far and thank god it's not over, has royally STUNK. besides yoga and exercise, i have been so antisocial, it's not even funny. but, i didn't want to be social...with work on my mind...this course that starts tomorrow, it's honestly all i can think about. i'm soooo tired of it. so tired. i have been going to school for music for SEVEN years and i'm sooo over it. btw, 7 yrs meaning my undergrad and three yrs getting my masters part time. i seriously cannot take it AT ALL. I want OUT. NOW.

ummmm, MAJOR binge. i could care less right now. my class starts tomorrow.

calories so far: 3655

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 8.2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/15/2007:
What is the title of your new class? I empathize with you; I know how awful it feels to be at the very end of school and that last class just sucks the lifeblood right out of you.

You know when your class will be over. Perhaps you could start marking off the days on a calendar until it is over. I know this may sound ridiculous but I get great satisfaction from checking off a day, especially when it has been a hard day. Well, just an idea....

GG on 07/15/2007:
Talk about anti-social! That's me for sure!!! I live in the middle of no-where in Wyoming and the age groups here are 6-10 or 26-70.....Lovely right: I am 20 so....ya, no one to really socialize much with. Although I am not apposed to hanging out with the 20s-30s group: at time I just feel "young & childish" and since I cannot go to bars with them yet...yea, kinda puts a damper in the social life. No I do not have a fake-id...I dont drink, so I dont see the point! haha! I hope this summer turns "right side up" for you soon!! You need to have a tiny bit of "enjoyment" in there! Stop working so hard!!!! haha!

petaldew on 07/15/2007:
You are being strong in even taking the class, it will be worth it in the end!

Horn_of_plenty - Friday Jul 13, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.2

Saturday morning edit: I swear, I almost binged this morning. except, my stomach started to bother me since i had eaten plenty of fiberous foods! an apricot, one cup all bran, one cup milk, dannon yogurt. i went on to have two sugar free small fudge pops. all this for 330 calories. thankfully, nothing else. i need to keep up this mentality for the next week. my class starts tomorrow at 3pm.




total calories: 1500.

lunch was VERY, VERY big. it was just a little under 1,000 calories. I'm not meal planning...or sticking to meal plans!...very well at all!

total exercise: 2hrs, 20 min (60 yoga, 10 bike, 30 weights, 40 elliptical) yay.

total JULY exercise: 19 hrs, 15 min I have a goal of getting 50 hrs of working out this month! that will be a challenge, especially because of next week!

this upcoming week will probably turn out to be a lot less exercise for me because i'm taking a class....we'll see...it depends on the amount of work i will have to do to prepare each day. I'm NOT doing yoga this week because i think it'll take too much out of me, too early in the morning and the class ends late at night. I will probably still do weights, as long as i have time. i hope to still get in a walk/elliptical because i really have NO reason not to

i had a concert tonight. getting a job was on my mind...as well as my class which begins sunday. my mind was wondering, i didn't play my best.

i wish something good would happen to me.

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 8.2 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jul 12, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.2

ok, i went to yoga. saw a fellow music teacher..she was awfully nice and encouraging, saying she would let me know if any openings...

total July exercise: 16 hrs, 55 min

total exercise today: 1hr, 25 min (60 yoga, 10 bike, 15 walk)

total calories: 1810. eh, fine.

calories today: there was a binge in the afternoon on just two things: potato chips (3 servings equalling 460 total) and pretzels, 120 calories. however, if i watch my portions, the day will not be ruined in the end! it will be more than 1500, but not more than 2000.

i am so on and off with music. sometimes i feel that i could do it, sometimes i say "I'll never be able to rise to the level i want to be at, so why continue." it's so hard to decide what i want. in life and in general.

biscotti, i don't know if i would want to teach yoga. i enjoy doing it, but i don't think teaching it is for me. it would save some money....but to be certified you have to take a SIX WEEK course in california...but they may have moved it to Hawaii. I definitely can't afford being away from home right now for that long....however, if it don't have a job...lol, it could be worth it since i will have no other obligations. eh, teaching yoga is not for me...at least not right now.

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 8.2 lbs to go!

gerri on 07/12/2007:
total calories are what count ..everything in moderation. as for the music ... pratice pratice pratice ... everything get better with pratice.. i have faith in you

mcwoo40 on 07/13/2007:
Hi,just passing through ready to have another go at this healthy eating lark!!Just wanted to say you are doing brill with your exercise,I wish i had your motivation,I suppose that will come as and when i get back into it,catch up again,Julie

gerri on 07/13/2007:
now all i have to do is learn to spell... practice .. see i knew i could do it ...LOL

Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Jul 11, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.2


much better day today. it seems that when i have a least some kind of schedule, things go better. when i have a totally open day...but things on my mind and work to do (but no other planned activities) a binge is more likely to occur. i'm working on that!

exercise today: 145 minutes (60 yoga, 10 bike, 30 weights, 45 cardio)

total calories: 1520.

total exercise in July: 15 hrs, 25 min.

i had a concert tonight...since it was raining it was inside in an elementary school gym! haha! usually we play in parks in the evenings!

i performed "ok." sometimes, i think if i should GO BACK to school for something else. I'm still young, so it's feasable. I don't know. My dad supports me if i do make that decision. my mom probably wouldn't...but she'd have to if he does. I'd have to work though school if i go back, obviously. i'm seriously thinking about it. I'd go back to work in a health field...maybe a nurse practicioner (kinda like a doctor.) but, it may be too much schooling...and i do need to make a decent living soon! I can't just live on nothing and go to school forever.

so, i'm really trying to think what's best for me...and what i can handle financially. it's good i still live at home...even though i'd prefer it some other way.

basically, employment and if it happens will play a major role in my decision. my parents say that if i had a job right now, i wouldn't thinking about a career change. I say that i like music, i don't love it. if i had to stop playing horn tomorrow, i would. i would always enjoy going to concerts and hearing/seeing performances.

Basically, i want to be happy for the rest of my life....and not dissatisfied with myself or my choices. as i get older, i will have less of a chance to make changes and decisions in what i do. especially my occupation.

i'm a decent musician. i must practice A LOT in order to be that way. like most musicians...but some things don't come as naturally as others.

i frequently feel that i have been unable to take part in things i enjoy because of my involvement in community performance groups and whatnot. meaning, sometimes my exercise routine gets hampered...like during the year...not now, of course.

i don't want to make a wrong decision. to tell you the truth, i have a hard time making decisions and i've been completely indecisive since, well, forever! so, maybe it's a good thing for me to change careers now. meaning, partly why i went into it is because i was just following a path that was already decided by those around me...my mom certainly influenced my decision to go the music education route. it's a good route...but maybe not the route for me. basically, my decision will be made based on how getting a job progresses in the next couple months. in many ways, i would rather just switch career choices now. but of course, money plays a role in all of this...getting a whole different degree is not exactly cheap.

what do you think?

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 8.2 lbs to go!

harleygirl79 on 07/12/2007:
Nice to see someone else who loves the arts and school. My son is so interested in that. Keep it up!

stringbean on 07/12/2007:
RYC: All the exercise I've been doing comes from my local cable company's On Demand feature, but Leslie Sansone videos are available just about anywhere I think. I've been enjoying the On Demand feature because I can try new things without having to buy a video I may or may not like, or waste one of my Blockbuster movies (Total Access program) on a workout video.

Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Jul 10, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.2

total cal: 2140

exercise: 30 min cardio

total July: 13 hrs exercise

5:30pm: 1 pepper, 3 plum tomatoes: 1920 calories.

afternoon edit: 2 green peppers. current total: 1830.


ahhh: BINGE for breakfast.

breakfast = 1770 calories!

what i need to do is to keep reminding myself that my body is like a temple...not a trash yard. whenever i'm thinking down, i'll indulge, because i already think i'm garbage...but it's only making it worse. I had decided last night that i wouldn't go to yoga today...because i need to do much more work...and this is what happens!

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 8.2 lbs to go!

monet0239 on 07/10/2007:
hello.. :)..

gerri on 07/10/2007:
think of the pounds as butter , every pound you lose is equal to 1 pound of butter .. then imagine carrying around 10 pounds in a bag.... the power of the mind is a wonderful thing... ughhhhhh.. one day at a time g/f

hollybelle on 07/11/2007:
What's with the "think I'm garbage" stuff? God don't make no junk! *using slang here - but you get the idea - I hope*. Try to see yourself through God's eyes - you are on the right track when you talk about thinking of your body as a temple, not a junk yard! When you do that you are talkin about your physical self. Take it one more step and include your inside self - your mind and heart - not just your body! We are ALL precious in His sight! Hugs and Love, Holly

MyJuneWedding on 07/11/2007:
thank you for the comments. The picture is my oldest daughter Caroline, she was a ring bearer/junior bridesmaid in our wedding. =0)

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Jul 09, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.2

Total JULY minutes: 12 hrs, 30 min!

Today is turning into a 100% better day than yesterday. Even saying this helps!

exercise was great: 150 minutes (60 yoga, 10 bike, 30 weights, 50 elliptical) :) yay.

calories: to be updated.

I definitely have a lot of work to do before the night is done...so i'm off to comment and do some work!

Yoga was great...although my body was starting to be ultra sensitive and i was thinking it was because of "TOM" as lately I have been feeling this way. Probably a little under a week. My TOM is slightly irregular but getting better. so, anyway, i bike home...and when i enter the door practically, TOM finally arrives.

sorry if that was all too much info, but i was very happy about how that worked out....otherwise i might have been VERY embarrassed in yoga - i was wearing loose shorts! I'm glad nothing happened! LOL

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 8.2 lbs to go!

harleygirl79 on 07/10/2007:
LOL Your too funny. Glad it was a better day!

Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Jul 08, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.2

total july exercise: 10 hrs.

total cal: 1540

total exercise: bike ride, 45. pathetic, to say the least. not even an ounce of walking. no yoga.

i've been overeating lately, even though i am staying at 1500 per day. 800/900 calorie lunches. Today, i had 140 cal for breakfast, a snack of 360, snack of 10 cal, snack 140,lunch 585, snack 60, . This only leaves me 215 for dinner. arg.

i tried on clothes today...it seems that i've gone up "1/2" a size. I'm now inbetween sizes, nothing looked that good...I'm going to have to deal with it. i have class in a week. its my goal to try to keep up with the exercise...move around always, quit acting so lazy at home.

i know i'm focussing a lot on phyiscal fitness...i'm obsessing thinking about it because i'm nervous about my class....alright...back to work...

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 8.2 lbs to go!

changeofheart on 07/08/2007:
Your doing great! Keep up the good work.

monet0239 on 07/08/2007:
hello.. try not to obsess hun.. you will be fine :)

harleygirl79 on 07/09/2007:
Like monet said, don't sweat the small stuff. You'll get there.

Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Jul 07, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 113.2

evening edit:

No cardio today. :( I wasted some time in the afternoon and now i'm just doing my work tonight! Next summer....no classes...haha, unless i choose to take something on my own....but it'll be less stress no matter what! Nothing compares to the class i'm taking now! Once its done and my term paper for another class is done...it's on to a better committment to exercise!!! :)

Exercise today: 70 min (10 bike, 60 yoga)


Total July exercise: 9 hrs, 25 min


Good afternoon!

I went to yoga this morning and did really well! Because the weather was nice, I biked there since it's pretty close.

I had a good breakfast and had a small coconut drink during practice. When i came home, I had a large lunch, 820 calories. I didn't think i was going to eat that much...and, once again, it was a "controlled binge." I stopped so that I had at least 300 calories to spare for the rest of the day (dinner). I ate lunch around 12:30. so, my calories are now 1160. This leaves me about 340 till the end of the evening so that the grand total is 1500.

more updating to come.

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 8.2 lbs to go!

gerri on 07/07/2007:
i wish i had you energy for excerise ... you rock. im lucky if i get 8 mins a month. keep up the good work

gerri on 07/07/2007:
p.s thanks for the comments it sure helps ...

weightlossyoyo on 07/08/2007:
Your doing great!

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