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Horn_of_plenty - Friday Jul 31, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

9:30am breakfast: honeycomb cereal 160, almond milk 40, craisins 150, kombucha 50. 400.

fell back to sleep and lazy morning today until noon, I admit.

Noon-1:30  2 apricots 50. maybe some iced coffee 50, gummies 100

2:30pm lunch: roll 300, cheese 50, small piece balsamic chicken 200. 

5:45 dinner: healthy - sweet potato chips 160, balsamic grilled chicken 250?, very small amount of fresh veggies 50 tops(couple slices carrot and same with green pepper - wanting to get out and bike ride before it's too late!) 450 -500



surprised - my grades from the paralegal assignments due last sunday are still not up on the site today....and i noticed the instructor wasn't online the whole day yesterday...it shows when everyone logs on! hopefully he's ok, he's back today...and hopefully i get the grades soon lol...i worry about things that don't matter (grades that don't matter)


Today's goal to get me started, working on this already at noon today:

fix up the mobile site display, add rest of the content today  review the entire website: so it looks right; for myself

- COOK a cauliflower fried rice, defrost any old food in freezer that i am not eating / throw away things i am not eating. maybe not today...slow going, still working on site.

go OUT to supermarket  when i am done with the website work & cooking is done, for more bread, fruit, veggies, chips, cookies.

- Bike ride AFTER supermarket (hopefully outside if it isn't rainy as we are having a chance of rain as well as nice, cooler, temps today.

- speak with nurse renee tonight at 8pm when she logs on and adds her answers in the nurse's category on my site!!! :) she agreed to help me tonight!

Progress as of today: -5 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/31/2020:
Looking forward to visiting your site...and participating.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/31/2020:
thank you...i will appreciate it so much. I may just be DONE with the site by Monday :) that's nice of you, i thank you so much!

Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jul 30, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

10am Late breakfast: kombucha 50, honeycomb cereal 160 with almond milk 40 and craisins 150. 400

12:30 snacking  - 2 packs gummies and one hershey kiss 200, small coffee - iced. 50

2:30 lunch: roll 300, cheese 50, turkey 50. 400. small amount spiked seltzer grapefruit with stevia 50

5pm start of class - part of a sandwich from earlier, clementine 50., 3 chocolates? 50

7pm during class the keebler cheese crackers with pb 200


snack 1: ? hershey kisses 110

2am snack: pretzels (thunderstorm, having trouble sleeping)



watched the church service for John Lewis held in Atlanta at a baptist church since it's being featured on Channel 1 local news. 3 former presidents were there (bush, clinton, obama)...and house speaker. there has been songs and poetry throughout the service. good to see (although i am not being very productive beyone that!).  

of course though, it was good to see the service, hear these excellent speakers...and vocalist performers. something very different and meaningful to be a part of from my living room couch. 


DONE! I have weights to do...and get them done PRIOR to my 5-8pm class tonight...I will certainly not wait to do weights for after 8pm! that wouldn't be too smart, would it!? DID weights extremely FAST...and had to quickly finish DURING the start of class when we were working (i'm ahead of the class a bit, so, i figured i'd just finish up my weights for 10 minutes during the 3 hours class (nobody knew).


so It's now 12:40pm.  I've cleaned up dirty dishes and my mind is now working clearly not like i just woke up! I'm still waiting for my course grades from paralegal to come back (the project managment course is pass/fail not graded like paralegal at all). I really want these grades from assignments that were due this past Sunday already...they have to give them before friday (before the weekend i think as i don't think they work on weekends?)  i'd think! so, let me be patient! 

DONE! like i said, i have the class today 5-8. and

DONE! i DO have to fix up an assingment now so it's ready to be submitted again with the class today..

NOT DONE.and I SHOULD work on the website (ricky advised me it doesn't look right when it's viewed on a mobile device so i may have to change a few things...)  I will NOT skip out on my website tomorrow, but, I will only do it after I do a nice bike ride in the morning.  I could also use some fruit and veggies, to get tomorrow.

I am not planning to go out for cardio unless Ricky wants to take a short walk tonight after my class. It's hot and i walked a good amount yesterday.  I have the indoor bike and my weights to keep me company today...

DONE! not skipping, do a short walk, after class.


that's about it.  :)

As for cooking, still no need as i have leftovers of chicken from my parents...i still have a lot of salad ingredients for both myself and the piggies. I will possibly cook a "cauliflower fried rice" today or very soon - time to use my frozen foods before i shop more!


Progress as of today: -5 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/30/2020:
I see amazon has tiny harnesses to walk guinnea pigs now...and I thought of your little guys!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/30/2020:
yes i have spotted them! believe it or not, guinea pig owners are advised against using them due to the delicate and easily injured structure of guinea pigs :( otherwise, i'd get one!

happy-1 on 07/30/2020:
If I can walk a fat, lazy, obnoxious, persnickety tom cat... You can definitely walk a guinea pig.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/31/2020:

grannyannie on 07/31/2020:
I watched nearly the entire service on CNN-US which we get via a VPN. I love Obama!!! He had me in tears and so did Clinton.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/31/2020:
All their speeches were AMAZING :)

Donkey on 07/31/2020:
So glad you got to see the funeral. I feel like I missed something really good.

And like you, I did weights last night!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/31/2020:
so glad you did the weights too! i would look SO DIFFERENT if i didn't spend time on them :)

yesterday, i got them done in record time - like 45 min, maybe less!

Donkey on 07/31/2020:
Happy's comment - ha ha ha ha!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/31/2020:
she's right ;)

legcramps on 07/31/2020:
Haha, I like these comments about your guinea pigs and happy's persnickity cat :) :)

Hopefully you get your grades back today so that you don't have to think about it over the weekend!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/31/2020:
i hope so too!!! :)

Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Jul 29, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

 Breakfast kombucha 100

cereal 160, almond milk 40, craisins 150


clementines big 100


lunch roll 300, cheese 100, turkey 50...450


dinner salad 100, dressing 100, meat 350, roll 200, veggies 50...800..

1800....very full :-)



Progress as of today: -5 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/29/2020:
Have a good one!

horn_of_plenty on 07/29/2020:
You too :-)

Donkey on 07/30/2020:
A good, clean eating day!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/30/2020:

Donkey on 07/30/2020:
Everything ok?

Horn_of_plenty on 07/30/2020:
yes, it was a busy day and a full day at the beach got me typing just food in the entry yesterday! ...

i am not used to the routine of being so active lol at the beach. it's good for me to go just to move around more :)

yesterday i was quite tired and didn't want to write much when i got home in the evening! ha!

legcramps on 07/30/2020:
Hope your week is going well!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/30/2020:
it is, but i need to push myself to being more productive and to do more cardio (within reason).

Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Jul 28, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

kombucha 100 followed by a nice long phone call for 3 hours with French friend...

12pm lunch: challah roll 200, honey 50, pb 150, chips 200...600, (not sure this roll has only 200 cal...)

2pm iced black coffee later as snack.

3pm chocolate 100

5pm dinner at the start of class: roll 300, cheese 100, turkey 50. 450. (def cravings still during class...will have fruit tonight and go to bed early...)

after class and short walk outside 9:30pm - pint of blueberries 250


 exercise today was biking while on the phone with a friend as well as the therapist (indoor biking)

I may take a walk outside (SHORT WALK) after my class ends at 8pm followed by relaxation LOL and bed early.


I have class tonight 5-8pm online (PM Proj Management)

and i totally forgot - i have telehealth therapy at 4pm :( would rather not have that planned into the day...ah well! 

it's now 3:15pm...i'll have worked on website for around 1 hour today if i move it along :).  I am not working hard like i was for the paralegal. It does seem i do not have to devote as much to any readings.  The assignments don't take too long either. The PM course is overall a lot less work so far than the Paralegal, thankfully.  (still not enough work on my website - need to enter Nurse's questions...on THURSDAY.)

Progress as of today: -5 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/28/2020:
Always nice to catch up with a friend.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/28/2020:
very and she challenges me to be better :)

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Jul 27, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

8:30am Breakfast: honeycomb cereal 140, craisins 160, banana 120, almond milk 30. 450. later kombucha 100. 550.

12:45pm lunch: last of my tasty flatbreads 260, slice turkey and cheese 140. 400.

3:30 snacking plum and tortilla chips 200.

6pm plum 50, apricot 50; and a couple servings pretzels bc i guess i am hungry and didn't want to not eat at 6pm and wait till after workout to eat!? 250

9pm chocolate 100

1900 total :)




1. showering, then i should head out early to pick up a bike that my relative wants me to sell for them on facebook marketplace for $500!  It's a refurbished 1967 bicycle. he is disabled and wants me to sell it for him and i actually was the one who offered that to him! so i will list it today on fb and see what happens. DONE.

2. I will be biking this morning outside, which i may do before picking up the bike from him as it's cooler now and i should go out while it's not 90F. DONE.

so i'll go pick up the  bike sometime after biking.


Put my clean clothes away (will do this tonight) - tomorrow LOL.

then, i need to finish up some things on my website (Will spend an hour today on this) - spent some time on phone with friend brainstorming :) but not really done on my own...tomorrow.

I know i'm really "bad," but i may get some takeout again today...not sure what.

Oh, WEIGHTS...i have weights to do this afternoon, i'll try for early during the court show times....will do this around 5:30-5:45pm... 6:15pm starting time. DONE.



Progress as of today: -5 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/27/2020:
You always keep up your cardio and weights! Well done.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/27/2020:
i'm trying Annie, i did slack yesterday though and a few days back when my toe was hurting...thanks for reminding me to do better and keep going!

bearcountrygg on 07/27/2020:
It was nice of you to offer to sell the bike for him.....Hopefully it sells quickly......

Horn_of_plenty on 07/27/2020:
Me too, due to the price he wants, i am not so sure LOL

innerpeace on 07/28/2020:
i watched your video of your park walk/hike! You sound like I always imagined!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/28/2020:
really IP!? awww thank you!

I may try to do another video to post on my website i'm doing for my project management class :)

Donkey on 07/28/2020:
You did quite well yesterday! Ticked all the boxes in your to-do list!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/28/2020:
somewhat hahaa....the website i can work on more now! thank you for reminding me xoxoxoxo

but yes to the most important things as of yesterday: exercise cardio, weights :)

legcramps on 07/28/2020:
Sounds like you had a really good day yesterday! How was the bike ride?

Horn_of_plenty on 07/28/2020:
The bike ride was FANTASTIC! it's very hot, around 90F during the ride...so i lasted 45min and instead of doing a little more, i went home to get out of the heat and to use the bathroom! LOL.

Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Jul 26, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

8:15am breakfast  honeycomb cereal 160, almond milk 40, small banana 100, craisins 150 450..kombucha 50.

Noon snack: pb on cheese crackers.  love this snack. 200, coffee.50...time to do my work, been lounging around all morning (glad i cleaned the piggie cage and did all my laundry yesterday!!!!)

1:30-2:30 rest of an opened spiked seltzer 80, later i also had another spiked wine thing 70, chocolates and gummies 150 together.

3pm cheese 100, salty honey wheat pretzels 250

5pm strawberries and seltzer 50

5:45 chocolates, hangry....lol


dinner was healthy, veggies, salad, cooked veggies, flatbread with turkey, chips.



I decided to stay home today, catch up on some work I need  to do including both Paralegal and PM.  

2:15pm Paralegal - updated my Memo 1, now just need to update the test by removing the charts, and just listing my answers without the chart form...i should be done by 3pm.

after 3pm, i may take a break and use my indoor bike for 20-60 minutes depending how i feel. then a shower except for my hair since i'm sure i'll be a little bit sweaty.

Ricky and I were thinking about an early morning bike ride but it will get fast and yesterday was enough physical activity for this weekend as my legs are slightly tired today after yesterday's movement :)


weights i'm doing mon/thurs/sat this week. legs i'll do tues/thurs possibly..

Wednesday i'm possibly going to beach assuming the weather is ok. so cannot plan much on that day in terms of exercise....to review as the week and weather can be confirmed.


Progress as of today: -5 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/26/2020:
Sounds like a good Sunday.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/26/2020:
yeah, totally an easy day here, no cardio or exercise plans really....

....and i must work on my hw now :)

Donkey on 07/26/2020:
I think it's a good idea to rest up the legs today, just to be sure that they are fully recovered from yesterday's activities.

Not sure about your weather but it is H.O.T. here today, so maybe it's a better day to stay inside and read and such, too.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/26/2020:
yes, very hot here so i may also decided to basically / mostly be inside all day. we have it higher than 90 as well today! :)

enjoy your books!

Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Jul 25, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

 9am croissant 300, butter by accident on there 100, bacon 200?, iced coffee 50, kombucha 50, saved some for later 

Snack cheese and pb crackers 200

Raisins 100

Bigger, early dinner around 5:30pm: rice/beans 250, bite of a fried plantain 50, salad with some light dressing 150, avocado 100 (trying not to miss anything lol, was a lot of food), half a chicken breast 200 with the skin, healthy grilled asparagus 150, feeling like i am forgetting something - yup - small amount fries and pieces of sausage 150?, i think that is it....1050...

9pm chocolate and spiked seltzer as i attempt to make my paralegal Memo a little better than it was, so perhaps i do better on it than if i never worked on it again...200




Road trip is out East an hour drive for the morning until early afternoon  with ricky to park for walking / fishing.....

then we are coming home to do some cleaning / work
in the evening possibly we will ride our bikes 

Progress as of today: -5 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/25/2020:
Hope you take pictures :-D

I think a nice road trip will do you quite well. So nice just to be outside, calm, relaxing. I don't care for fishing, but it would still be nice to be by the water while someone else fishes.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/25/2020:
EXACTLY! i didn't fish but RESTED MY LEGS haha while he fished as it was after our long hike! :) and dipped my feet into the lake :)

bearcountrygg on 07/25/2020:
Loved the hiking trail vid on FB.....looks like you guys were having fun!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/25/2020:
It was a lot of fun and perfect for this sunny day!

we hiked a lot more than we usually do and it felt good to get out and see what i can do - and want to do more (be able to do these longer walks again!)

thanks for watching my video!

Horn_of_plenty - Friday Jul 24, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

10am breakfast oats 150, craisins 150, almond milk 50, kombucha 50.  400

12:45 lunch  leftover salmon small serving 200, rice 200, veggies in sauce 150 ..550

3:30 clementine 50, strawberries 50. 100, kombucha 50

4:30 in a most snacky mood (really wanted cookies after lunch so now i'm getting them) the pb and cheese crackers by keebler. 200 with some iced coffee. 


8pm salmon smallish piece 250?, rice 200, veggies 100 550-600




walked slow on stepper 15 min, already late into the morning...found myself just checking on websites in the morning, not really focusing on anything in particular. it's also that time of the month (finally!) but i'm really just wanting to relax and not rush with my work (of which it IS piling up for this class...but not near as much work as the paralegal - of which i might take some time on the weekend to slightly modify an assignment that's due sunday night so i can receive a better score than if i don't modify it..., we'll see what i have time for...)

couldn't get focused to do my work today at home. so i decided to go out after lunch to take a walk, and it was quite long, over an hour, at the end stopping at a nearby supermarket which happened to have some sales on cereals and snacks. i aso picked up one thing of importance - lettuce - mostly for my pigs though!

weights in later afternoon / evening


Progress as of today: -5 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 07/24/2020:
Your walk sounds so nice...I Miss not being able to walk to stores.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/24/2020:
yes, around here, a 10-15 minute walk gets me to the supermarket. others live a lot closer, but that's how close i live :)...if just to pick up a few things, it can be a good way to get exercise!

Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jul 23, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

Good Morning, Happy Thursday :)

 8:30/9am breakfast: oats 150, light granola 100, almond milk 50. 300. kombucha 100. 400

11:30 snacks after errandss: bit more kombucha (calories included above) and gummies 100.

i admit i haven't done any real work for my class other than try to make my website more "searchable" using the Wix settings up to lunch...so after lunch i'm getting onwards to work on my website..

2pm lunch: THAI - veggies (good amount!) in basil sauce 200, cup of rice 200, few pieces of fried tofu 200. 600, and a light drink 660 total. (bought some extra food to have tomorrow or so..even tonight).

5pm banana 100

 6:45pm during online class - nachos - 2 servings - 300 cals

9pm edamame 250



 made plans with a good friend of mine that i do adventures with.  i am a little nervous, but she seems to be taking care of herself. nervous bc i don't want to catch anything from anyone or anywhere. we are going to take a road trip next friday to an island off of Rhode Island. It's approx 4 hours away. so, we'll spend most of the day sitting in the car...lol...i am not sure this will happen....


Today, after i got up and had breakfast, I decided to take care of a few bills / letters. One, I had to renew my notary license and pay $60 renewal fee (every four years), so i filled out the paperwork and took it to a nearby liquor store with a notory (not friendly!) to notorize my form (yup, a notary has to notorize my notary renewal!) and i put it in the mailbox...i also paid my car insurance for the next 6 months and did that on my phone app for Geico!....lastly, I paid my housing maintenance.  so that's all done.  glad i have some extra $ in my checking account from the unemployment not to have a problem with these extra bills or need to use any of my savings at the moment. This is also how I paid for the paralegal class. It wasn't savings, but income specifially from unemployment that i've been using on everything. I am lucky my rent bill / maintenance is so low that i do have money left over each month for those extras. we'll see what the next round of NYS unemployment will include as i doubt it will be as high as the past 4 months...


I'm just glad to have had it, been able to be productive and take classes.  As for the paralegal, we are beginning to get out grades for week 3 this week. I'm not really satisfied with how they are grading.  The instructor seems to be VERY strict with how he grades and I have done well on some other assignments, but as for the tests in particular, my grades have been an 80, 82, and 72.  Especially with the 72 (which is passing), I feel he is taking points off just for minor things and all these minor deviations are adding up to a low grade. I was so annoyed actually, that I emailed him because I do not believe a 72 reflects the time i put in.  Yes, there were mistakes, but minor! and, he didn't want me to rewrite charts, instead just listing answers in sentences but not as the book shows it...except he told me this after week 1, after i did all the work! if he didn't want us to rewrite the questions in chart form as they look in the book, he should have made this known at the beginning of class, not after i did the work.  and my charts have the right answers which is why i am angry that i am not getting full credit on answers where i am right! i have no problem losing points for things i didn't do right, but if my answer is there and clear and right, don't take off for the look / display when you didn't give me advance knowledge that you prefer my answers written out and not in the original chart! just terrible...we'll see what he says. 

the PM course is what i'm mostly doing now. I just have to make sure i am passing the paraglegal course and don't have to hopefully do any work over again...the course has stated that everyone will pass, as long as we receive an overall grade of a 70.  I will do far better, i think!  But, right now i'm not so pleased with my asignments and really don't want to do any again that have not been graded or fix...i may if i have time...not so sure. something to think about as i'm really not connected to the paralegal while doing a Project Management course at the moment...blah blah blah.

So the PM course is ok.  I spend a lot of time yesterday getting used to managing / formating the website. I will be needing to do much more work on it. so i plan to start that soon, again today.


I might go out to buy / pick up Thai food today to have to eat for a few days at home as leftovers - lots of cooked veggies. YES, i should learn to cook it as GrannyAnnie suggested...but not right now...perhaps a little later if i am still not working (probably will be the case)...when this PM course is over, i'd consider working on cooking some thai food on my own...veggies mostly in particular - getting the sauces down pat!

If i go out for thai food, i need to do it early in the afternoon beccause i have the class from 5-8pm tonight.  So it'd be best if i go out to get it for a late lunch or so...we'll see. i think they have lunch specials which could be a good deal.


Somehow i've been PMSing with some minor pain since like Saturday. any hour now...i'm waiting for that time of the month to finally show up!

Progress as of today: -5 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/24/2020:
You are keeping up incredibly well on everything.

That stinks about the professor's grading. But the important thing - and you know this - is to pass the coursework and to learn the material.

You are a good writer. In some jobs I've applied for, I had to submit a writing sample (business letter). But I don't think anyone ever asked about grades.

I know no one wants a bad grade but I encourage you to keep your eye on the prize, in getting the certificate. See how you do with WESTLAW. That in itself is a valuable skillset, one that I've never mastered... but probably could with more practice.

I feel your concerns about the road trip. I'm kind of in the same boat.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/24/2020:

bearcountrygg on 07/24/2020:
Yup...road trip with someone that you haven't been living with is a bit scary. Maybe best to take the next tests after the teacher instructs you too...sounds like he will be somewhat different directions than the book....I agree with donkey....the main thing is to learn and pass the class. Don't let him rile you....when you are done...you never need to deal with him again.....but he does have the final say...so best to follow his directions to the T. You can do it!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/24/2020:

grannyannie on 07/24/2020:
It does take quite a bit of time to homecook Thai food with all the sauces to make and spices to grind up. Maybe in the future when you've got a lot more time.

Agree don't worry too much about grades.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/24/2020:
i will learn the thai way in the future :)

Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Jul 22, 2020
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

9am? Breakfast: small corn muffin 120 with butter 30, peanut butter 100. 250. kombucha 50. 300.

nice, long bike ride from around 10:30-11:30 to get some cardio in before working on my homework..

snacking around noon, not hungry for a meal: gummies x2 200, maybe iced coffee too 50.

1pm lunch piece of salmon with skin small 200? On a big flatbread 260, 450-500. Later a clementine 50.

5pm-5:30 clementine 50

6pm dinner: rest of the leftovers of indian veggies okra bindhi masala 150?, other veggies small amount, restaurant style tortilla chips 250...400-450, seltzer and stevia (and a snack later...)

7:30 big thunderstorm very dark, no visibility, just glad i am home and safe tonight! 2 chocolates 50, more chocolate 50.

few more chocolates late at night, near midnight. 100

1800 tops....I will be ordering thai food for lunch tomorrow & to have leftovers for the rest of this week....

Changed my mind - will lift weights now at 8:30pm to get them done today and not need to do them tomorrow morning, when instead i can walk tomorrow morning!

 i am honestly not sure if i will lift weights today...i may do them tomorrow morning because i have not finished the hw for my course yet...


I have work to do for my class, a lot of it actually, but will begin today with a bike ride before coming back to do my work. later in the afternoon, i'll do some weights. weights around 5 or 6pm i think....8:30pm i will get my upper body weights in...then sleep in like i've been doing...everyday!

Progress as of today: -5 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/22/2020:
Great workout plans!

horn_of_plenty on 07/22/2020:
Wish I could work out more or move more but this is actually enough right now bc of the classes I am taking I have a pretty good flow and use time more wisely than if I were not taking a class and not needing to be productive. The classes are sort of helping me be productive as if I were working.

bearcountrygg on 07/22/2020:
I'm back on the PB again......probably my biggest craving!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/22/2020:
i also go thru phases with it. i love the whipped one by Jif.

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