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Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Nov 15, 2006
(still counting down 65 days...)
Weight: 112.6

edit: day 28, thursday.

my weight was down a bit today. 111 pounds. probably due to some water loss as well since calories have been at 1200. I was very hungry this morning. I will make today the normal 1500.

also, I think I may raise the weekends to above 1500, so I feel like I am not depriving myself. Weekends are when I go off the deep end. But it doesn't have to be that way!


day 29. Wednesday.

1200 calories. Dinner was a lot of food: 1/2 a package of light tofu, 100 calories. Lettuce. A Kashi Dinner, chicken and penne with some cheese flavoring and light sauce. It was good, but even though my stomach was full, my mind and body weren't satisfied. but, I stuck to it, because i wasn't about to go over 1200 after all the planning I did to stay at that number for today!

teaching is good. I was glad all the obligations I had after school today were more for me. I went to the Dermatologist and got there late. I knew I would be late, but didn't change the appointment because I know from going there twice that they don't keep track at all of when your appt is and when you are just getting a peel, they take you in right away no matter what! so, i was still in and out!

tomorrow is Thursday. I have an after school meeting, but band was moved to last Tuesday. This is good, because I'd prefer not to have another late night! Oops, but now I remember, I will be having a different rehearsal after the meeting. haha, there's always something... I'll be sad when I don't have this job anymore. Only about 1 month and 1 week left! Time goes soooo fast!

I exercised for 1/2 hour today and did weights. I hope to walk for a half hour tomorrow as well. It's far better than nothing, and really tones the lower body.

goodnight, all!

Progress as of today: 0.8 lbs lost so far, only 4.6 lbs to go!

monet0239 on 11/15/2006:
what a busy lady you are.. dont forget to take time for YOU !!.. hugs

weightlossyoyo on 11/15/2006:
1200 calories even! WOW! You did excellent today keep up the good work!

Moody on 11/15/2006:
Wow sounds like you had a great day!!! Look at your calories AND you got a workout in!! Woohoo!!!!

rjf on 11/15/2006:
<FONT COLOR="green"> It sounds like you are doing very well. BTW...I saw you mention fat free creamed cheese for veggies....try putting some dry Hidden Valley Ranch mix and some garlic *if you like garlic* in it......just a little....it's really good....if you whip it with just about a tbsp of skim milk...it makes a great dip. And yes...time goes fast when you are teaching. I can't wait for time to speed up for me.....*smiles*</FONT>

mattscat3295 on 11/16/2006:
Busy, busy, busy. You are just that. I am always glad when I am busy it keeps me on track better with my eating and workouts. I don't understand it but it seems to work for me and seems to work for you too. Take care of yourself and have a great day.

WorkingIt on 11/16/2006:
I am seriously going to have to try some tofu one of these days...so filling and so low-calorie and packed with good stuff.

You are an amazing person! I enjoy reading about your day and find that I agree with so much of what you say. Always a pleasure! Have a great day!

Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Nov 14, 2006
(still counting down 65 days...)
Weight: 112.8

day 30! TUESDAY. amazingly: 1210 calories.

I am proud of myself for not going over. there were parts of this day where I thought I was not getting by without some more food. I managed, though, gratefully! maybe I should have more confidence in myself? and not be so thankful, but rather strong? who knows.

the rehearsal went by pretty smoothly after I put myself in relaxation mode. what i do is just relax, breathing shallowly, almost like I'm sleeping. ha! yes, it's true. when you know you are at rehearsal for the long haul and you can't get out of it, and you have a lot of rests and not a lot of playing time, you just have to sit there and be patient. It's not easy, but I've accomplished that task. Many people talk a bit, but that's calling for trouble!

Teaching went well today.

My meeting during the other half was good. the director of arts who observed my band lesson told me she thought i did a great job last week.

now it's midnight and I have to wake up at 6. that is stinky. I'm gonna be tired and it's gonna be a long day. that makes me hungry. o well. maybe i should just do what i do during those band rehearsals. however, i want to exercise tomorrow, as i haven't been doing as well with that. today was a short 20 minutes on the treadmill.

i also get my second glycolic peel tomorrow. It takes literally 3 minutes to do, with no waiting time in the office. it's on the way home.

goodnight all!

Progress as of today: 0.6 lbs lost so far, only 2.8 lbs to go!

WorkingIt on 11/15/2006:
YAY for your calorie content! Be thankful or strong or whatever else it is that helps you stay motivated! The fact that you have patience to wait during your practice shows that you are very good at anything once you set your mind to it! YAY!!

maria777 on 11/15/2006:
Well, 20 minutes on the treadmill is good...that sounds like at least a mile or so! Good for you! Good for you on doing well with your teaching band!

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Nov 13, 2006
(still counting down 65 days...)
Weight: 113.2

Edit 2- this is gonna be a LOOOOOOOONG day. I'm gonna be up too many hours. I was gonna just have a 100 calorie balance bar for lunch, but that wasn't gonna help me get through the afternoon. I had a double meat subway wrap instead. If I really feel like my body wont allow 1200 today, I'll have to include an 8th day in this weeks total average calories. As long as the 8th day is between 1400-1500 calories, the total for 8 days should be just under 1800 per day.


edit: day 30, Tuesday. Gonna be a scary day. It'll be a challenge to sick to 1200 with such a late night, but i'll manage!..... weight was down to 112.8 today.

------------------------------------------------ day 31, monday, 1200 calories. doing ok.... two more days of 1200 and I'll be a tad bit below 1800 calories for the week.

I want to just skip band rehearsal tomorrow evening because I have parent-teacher conferences, but only during part of the evening. The conductor will get annoyed if I don't attend any. Maybe I'll just go to the rehearsal for the earlier band, leave to go to my school, and then go home and not go back to rehearsal after. that sounds like a plan! hopefully it'll work!

WorkingIt and BTC, thanks for the motivation. 1200 cal a day stinks!

anewvue, you asked me how I maintain. lol. yeah, lol. I lost weight about 3 years ago to get to about 8-10 pounds lower than I am now. I guess you can say I've been maintaining for that amount of time. I guess my lowest weight wasn't the healthiest, but right now I'm the heaviest I've been based on a morning weigh-in. Counting calories and moderate exercise are key for me!

Progress as of today: 0.2 lbs lost so far, only 3.2 lbs to go!

WorkingIt on 11/13/2006:
YAY You can do it! LOL I think 1200 calories a day is very difficult at first, that's for sure! I am reading a book called "thin for life" which is oriented around those who have been successful at weight loss and most of them say that they hit their lowest weight and then rebounded anywhere from 5 - 10lbs higher than the lowest point, and that is just where their bodies are happy and most comfortable. It is making me think about changing my final goal to 125 so as not to flip out if I get back up to 135 LOL. Have a great evening!

Scruffy on 11/13/2006:
Scruff was here :)

borntocry on 11/14/2006:
Good luck! When I have a long and/or stressful day ahead, I try to save a goodly amount of calories for later in the day, when I know I will probably need a bunch of snacks to keep me going. Yesterday that worked so well that I actually ended my day well under 1200 calories! I hadn't intended that at all but had saved a whole bunch of calories until the end of the day and then got so tired that I just went to bed!

greengirl on 11/14/2006:
Your schedule is so busy I dont know how you cope with it ans stay so good with the calories. Well done:)

Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Nov 12, 2006
(still counting down 65 days...)
Weight: 111.4

Monday - day 31 - tired, still feeling sick. My weight was up a lot today. 113.2 pounds.

day 32 - 1300 calories today.

the rest of my plan is 1200 the next 3 days and then back to the routine of 1400-1500 the rest of the week.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 1.4 lbs to go!

Runner on 11/12/2006:
I really admire you! You've done so well.

anewvue on 11/13/2006:
I was reading your other entry...and I see you are almost at your goal...you are awesome and very inspiring. How will you start to handle your mantainence? That is always my big challenge....but way to go! I bet you look great!

Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Nov 11, 2006
(still counting down 65 days...)
Weight: 111.8

edit: day 32, Sunday: As I looked back at all the days I have completed of this 65 day plan, 5 of the poor eating days, 6 in all, were done on the weekend. One was last Thursday, the day I would be obsesrved while teaching. This shows that when I have a lack of planning, everything goes to the wayside. On weekends when I was busier, I controlled my intake better simply because I was not in the kitchen!

I also realized that for the most part, I did pretty nicely on the "65 day plan." Most days, 27 out of 33 days, were at or below 1500 with the exception of one day that was in the 1700s. This shows I can accomplish things I want to, and there is not point in giving up now!


day 33 , saturday. 2885 calories.

the past 3 days calories are not so hot: 2956, 1765, 2885. I'm gonna need a few low cal days to balance those two big ones!

today started out great, but when I went to eat lunch at 11:45 I pigged out on 1500 calories. then, an hour or so later, I had more! I think this is because i didn't really plan my day or have something scheduled for myself to do after lunch.

why do I do this to myself?

the good thing is that I have planned my teaching stuff for next week. I still need to practice conducting tonight, and maybe the french horn.

exercise today consisted of bike riding for 25 minutes and weights for 25 minutes. I don't even usually exercise more on high cal days, i try to make up for them calorie-wise on the next few days.

I may go to yoga tomorrow morning, based on how I feel. I'm glad I did it the other day in case I feel too bloated in the morning.

I think I may try to stop eating when i am full, instead of scarfing everything on my plate down. I like and always finish everything because I count calories, but I cannot bear the fact that my stomach is probably so overstretched from all of these binges I've been having.

I used to have no problem eating small portions. Then, when I turned 17, everything suddenly changed. hmmmm...things to think about.

Progress as of today: 1.6 lbs lost so far, only 1.8 lbs to go!

borntocry on 11/11/2006:
Well you should probably be careful you don't get caught in a starve-binge cycle. That's what happened to me when I started counting calories. But I always had a huge appetite, ever since I was a kid.

WorkingIt on 11/11/2006:
I am just like you if I don't plan my meals, I get off track in a big way! Good luck bringing the binge/starve cycle to a halt, I know it is difficult!

WorkingIt on 11/12/2006:
That is great! Glad that you looked back on all your days and figured it out as a total instead of getting distressed at the individual...YAY for you!!!

Horn_of_plenty - Friday Nov 10, 2006
(My 65 day plan!!! 1400-1500 cals a day! Yeah!)
Weight: 111.4

edit: day 33, saturday...two good meals today breakfast and a snack. lunch ended up being 1500 calories, not good. then, i binged more. total so far: 2620 calories... I'm having such a problem controling my intake on the weekend, especially! I feel like I am a mess! I will take a walk later, outside, for about 1 hour. -__________________________________________________

day 34, friday, 1765 calories.

I had a lot of filling meals today. A Kashi meal with 2 whole peppers, a cucumber with vinegar and spices, and a large plum for lunch. Yeah, it was a bit much, but pretty low in calories for the amount of food I had. I would have liked a 1500 calorie day but it was a hungry day, especially after the Yoga. I have a bad habit of really stuffing myself up after Yoga. I had a day off today, that's why I went!

I also had two rehearsals today. I fell alseep after having another meal when I got home after the first rehearsal. I think I slept for 2 hours! Then, I had something else to eat, which tasted bad. I melted cheese on a rice cake and sprinkled it with pizza spices and put canned tuna on top. It tasted terrible! I don't think I really enjoy tuna anymore. I also had a yellow pepper with that. After rehearsal, I had a weight watchers ice cream with chocolate swirl. It's pretty good.

Tomorrow I'll work out in the morning and plan my lessons for next week and practice some conducting. I may even practice the french horn! I am worried about the conducting because I always wait till the last minute. I procrastinate because the conducting makes me nervous and that makes me more nervous. It's like an endless cycle.

Today, during my first rehearsal, there was a French horn professor there. He complimented my french horn playing! that felt real nice and its motivating me to practice harder!

alright all, goodnight!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 1.4 lbs to go!

mattscat3295 on 11/11/2006:
I don't seem to eat as much tuna anymore either. I think it just depends on what I am doing with it though. I have read up on your journal, I hope you are feeling a bit better today and I am glad that you were complimented on your playing of the french horn. I hope you have a wonderful day.

geevee on 11/11/2006:
Have you tried the high-priced gourmet tuna fillets BumbleBee sells? OUt of curiosity I did when there was a sale and like it even better than the white tuna. The tuna is denser and doesn't crumble and flake apart.

You really got through your observation with flying colors the other day! I would have been a total wreck if my AP arrived, video recorder in hand. I don't think I'd be able to handle it.

Moody on 11/11/2006:
I'm with mattscat and it depends on how the tuna is made..I don't like warm tuna but I love tuna sandwiches.

Yay for getting complimented on your french horn playing!! That has to feel great!

maria777 on 11/11/2006:
I guess we all overeat sometimes!

Congratulations on getting complimented on your french horn playing!

Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Nov 09, 2006
(My 65 day plan!!! 1400-1500 cals a day! Yeah!)
Weight: 110.4

edit: friday, day 34: I was feeling a little sick last night and I woke up feeling a bit under the weather. At first, I thought my throat last night was sore from talking a lot, all the food and poor digestion of it, and being up a lot.

However, I woke up with my throat feeling the same way and I might be under the weather. I'm doing pretty well though. I will go to yoga at 9:30am today as it is my day off.

I have a few engagements today like a rehearsal this afternoon and evening. I'm not going out after rehearsal tonight because I don't want to be out late and I will say I'm not feeling good. ------------------------------------------------------------------

day 35, thursday.

HAHA, it's not funny, but today was 2956 calories. (I weighed myself before breakfast, lol.) The excess calories were mostly in the form of carbs and some fat. LOTS of granola and some crackers at breakfast. Oh well, can't take it back now.

My observation went well today.

This short week was rather LONG. Monday I had a rehearsal after school and before that i went to get my nails done because I do it every week on the weekend, but didn't have time this weekend. I feel better about myself and how I look. I used to think that getting manicures was entirely too superficial for me, but I've changed. I also ran to the pharmacy on Monday. I was home around 6:30 and pretty tired.

Tuesday, my day OFF was entirely too much! I went to a full day of conferencing which was alright, nothing out of this world! Then, I had rehearsal all evening. I was home around 11pm.

Then, wednesday was quite busy. I gave a lesson to a student as soon as school ended. then, i drove to a teacher in-service course at the middle school. It ended at 5pm. then, i got a snack and drove back to my school to finish grades. then, i got home at around 8pm. I was too tired to do anything and shouldn't have even stayed up after eating. but, my sister had asked to use my computer since her's wasn't working. so, i used my energy to clean my room. haha. but, i did't even have enough energy i needed to finish preparing for today's oberservation. My brain was FRIED!!

I couldn't sleep and woke up before 5am this morning. I went down to have a substantial, filling breakfast. I ended up eating 5X more than I wanted to. I had 2066 calories just for breakfast, in less than an hour! I was videotaped while being observed teaching and I can see that my stomach was definitely bloated! haha.

this is what happens, especially when I'm not sleeping right! arg!!!

ok everyone, thanks for listening and for your comments! goodnight!

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 0.4 lbs to go!

Runner on 11/09/2006:
Even though you weighed yourself BEFORE breakfast, you're still losing weight with those high-calorie days! Amazing! Can I trade metabolisms with you? :)

borntocry on 11/10/2006:
I think your recent low-calorie days have really had an effect. You are almost at your goal! Maybe you should continue trying to incorporate a couple of 1200 calorie days into your week. Then, if you have a couple of high-calorie days, it won't matter so much. This is what I used to do last year and it worked very well for me. Then at some point I guess the high-calorie days became more and more frequent!

Thanks for the comment you left me. I shall try peas with my spaghetti squash next time. My husband was impressed, but he didn't try it! Oh well, I'll convert him to my eating ways some day!

smiley2 on 11/10/2006:
Im glad it went well with your video presentation! I also eat more when i stress before a big event, but whats nice is that the stress during the event usually burns off those extra cals! Have a nice weekend.

borntocry on 11/10/2006:
Hey, thanks for your comment. I also rarely cook with bean sprouts at home, which is a pity as they're very low-calorie, I think. You know once when I was fifteen (and just starting to take an interest in cooking) I actually tried growing them at home? I can't remember exactly how it's done, but it's pretty easy. You just get some whole mung beans and leave them in water in a dark place for three days or something. And mine actually sprouted! That was a lot of fun. Maybe I should try that again some time...

Moody on 11/10/2006:
Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling your best; be careful when doing yoga, don't over do anything.

Very glad to hear that your observation went well!!

Take care..and thanks for your comment!

WorkingIt on 11/10/2006:
Awwwww, I hope you feel better soon! Having a sore throat is awful! Poor you!! Take care of yourself and get some R&R! **HUGS**

greengirl on 11/10/2006:
If you are suffering with a sore throat you have all my sympathy. I've just got over one and it was awful. Make sure you take care of yourself and keep well wrapped up. It sounds like you did OK in your observation. Well done!!!!

WorkingIt on 11/10/2006:
Oh, about the bbq pork. I microwaved a 5oz potato and then scraped the insides out and saved the skin. Took 4 oz of shredded pork, mixed in 2tbsp bbq sauce, 1/4 cup of cheese, then added the potato and the skin, cooked it until everything was nice and hot, put it on a plate, topped it with FF sour cream..and YUMMY. I also added 1.5 cups of green beans on the side to help fill me up. Very tasty!

maria777 on 11/10/2006:
I hope you feel better! Try not to overdo! Looks like you have been VERY BUSY!!!!!

Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Nov 08, 2006
(My 65 day plan!!! 1400-1500 cals a day! Yeah!)
Weight: 112.4

Edit: Day 35 (thursday)...LARGE BINGE for breakfast: 2066 calories, lots of granola and stuff like that. I was nervous for my observation, which went nicely! But, I still had things I wanted to go over and stuffing my face and stomach until they are swollen with food somehow helps me do that...not really, but in my head that's how I think. Completely stupid!

Day 36...1275 calories!!! woot!

So, the veggie burger brand is called "Nature's Promise," and the flavor I bought was garlic and chedder, for 95 calories a burger. I find they taste best on rice cakes. Today I had small, satisfying portions during the school day and really didn't have enough time like I usually do to pick up a snack on the way to a meeting after school. So, I didn't have anything.

After the meeting, I picked up this awesome new drink at a 7/11 store. It was pretty small, but really good. It's by the new brand cocoavia. They also make chocolate "nutrition bars." The chocolate drink had 150 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and 6 grams of protein. Usually, I don't like to buy drinks (I prefer food), but it was late in the day and I had only 605 calories and it was around 5pm. I had it before I went back to my own school to enter the rest of the grades in. Then, I bought a small peanut protein bar for 110 calories on the way home to satsify me so I wouldn't walk in the door STARVING!

When I got home, it was 7:45. I ate a large dinner, but not for many calories. Two large tomatoes in balsamic vinegar with my new "Pizza spices." Then, a cup of egg whites with bran fiber mixed in and microwaved, it comes out like a big pancake. I put a ton of cinnamon and a little cream cheese on it. Then, I had two large plums and 6 tam tam crackers! LOL. big dinner. Actually, it comes out to about 410 calories. That's a lot of food for so little calories!

Tomorrow I get observed by the chairperson. She will also be videotaping me and commenting on it. We'll see how it goes, so far so good!

Thank you for all of your lovely comments, I will try to get to some of your journals now. It's a relaxer for me!


Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 2.4 lbs to go!

Scruffy on 11/08/2006:
Scruffy was here

WorkingIt on 11/09/2006:
Being observed would make me a little antsy as well! Great job!

moody on 11/09/2006:
It's always nervewracking to be observed on the job; glad to hear it went well!Yay!!

Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Nov 07, 2006
(My 65 day plan!!! 1400-1500 cals a day! Yeah!)
Weight: 111.0

day 37.... 1510 calories. not bad! I hope my guess is not too far off! I estimated 500 for all the chicken I had at lunch with some light sauce and really small diced mango pieces, just a few.

I had breakfast and a balance bar before the conference. I had a plate of chicken at the conference for lunch seasoned with a little sauce. I am guessing it was around 500 calories. My total so far today is 1250. I have a rehearsal tonight, instead of the usual Thursday evening, so I will have to eat more or I won't get through the rehearsal. this may be mental, but that's how I feel. I had two more 100 calorie balance bars after the convention today and then I came home and had two massive tomatoes along with two cut up cucumbers all dipped in vinegar with some spices that I added to it. I was so thankful for the veggies, because I wouldn't have had any all day if it wasn't for that!

I'll update calories later. weight was down, but I bet it may be up tomorrow. It was probably also low because of my extra low calorie day yesterday. Today I had wanted that, but with the food offered, I had to make do. Wednesday I will be more careful, enjoying the other two of my 95 calorie veggie burgers.

now, i just have to go vote and go to rehearsal.

bye for now.

Progress as of today: 2.4 lbs lost so far, only 1 lbs to go!

Moody on 11/07/2006:
I agree..Thank goodness for veggies!! I love cuc's and tomatoes also!! Sounds like a great day..hope the rehearsal goes well.

anewvue on 11/07/2006:
I love tomatoes and cucumbers....especially with vinegar...hmmm the thought makes me hungry!

mattscat3295 on 11/07/2006:
Love the veggies, I have to have them. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Take care and have a good rehearsal.

Maria7 on 11/07/2006:
OHHH...I LOVE what you wrote about the tomatoes...the 2 huge tomatoes and the cucumbers...I gotta remember and get me a SALAD tomorrow!!!!! Yummmmmm!!!!!!

smiley2 on 11/08/2006:
Wow 2 pounds gone! Congrats! Wish i had your balls to stick to my plan!

gte374f on 11/08/2006:
your menu yesterday sounds so good. Do you remember the name of the Veggie Burgers? I love them too..Congratulations on the two pounds!!

WorkingIt on 11/08/2006:
Great job! One day at a time!

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Nov 06, 2006
(My 65 day plan!!! 1400-1500 cals a day! Yeah!)
Weight: 113.0

edit: day 38 - 1060 calories!

so far, 900 calories. If I am really good, I can try to make it below 1100 calories for today. I did this by having a small breakfast of the smallest of apples and a HUGE amount, 4 tablespoons, of FF cream cheese on a rice cake with cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and nutmeg. I may even use more cream cheese in the future. It helps you have that "hit the spot" feeling. It's that satisfied feeling you get when you have something rich and decadent, lol. Fat free doesn't sound it, but it tastes it. Make sure you use the Philadelphia brand and not store brand. I've tried both.

I had a veggie burger that I never tried before. I think its called Nature's Promise. I was skeptical because they looked so plain. However, the box promised a good taste and it was!!! Plus, 4 grams of fiber. I'm not going downstairs to check what exactly it was, maybe i'll update about that either tonight or tomorrow. I will definitely buy them again, for 95 calories each!!!!

Tomorrow is some kind of conference, not at school. I am nervous about the food part. I have no idea what it's like. However, I'm bringing a few 100 calorie balance bars with me. I am hoping not to have a bad day tomorrow, but I can't go nutty with the food when I am around people that may impact me getting a future job!

thanks for all your comments. Today was an overall pretty good day. I am pleased with my face. It is far from perfect, but has improved GREATLY! its soo much clearer! Makes me feel good!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening! :)

Progress as of today: 0.4 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

maria777 on 11/06/2006:
In response to you comment, it is not my strength that keeps me going, but the Lord's strength in me! He gets all the credit!

You mentioned apples in your entry...I love apples. I think fruit is very low in calories and very good for you!

Scruffy on 11/06/2006:
Scruff was here

hollybelle on 11/07/2006:
Thanks for your comments. Yes, going in to the cake celebration late and leaving early definitely keeps me happier on cake day at work. I feed into all the "I shouldn't be eating this" and general talk about food and weight and stuff that it seems EVERYONE does. That is probably my biggest trigger. It's odd, too, because I love to talk about cooking, recipes and food. I just can't stand all the negative body and eating talk everyone does. Have a blessed day.

WorkingIt on 11/07/2006:
Now I need to go get some veggie burgers LOL GOOD LUCK!!

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