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Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Oct 16, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

Kombucha 70

Breakfast: 3 of my last pumpkin brownies since they are smallish and taste GREAT in the morning! 115 cal each - 350 and coffee 50

11am chocolate 100

Lunch: mix of Indian and a chicken burger with side of chedder goldfish crackers haha..or a side of almond crackers, we'll see what i'm in the mood for...chicken burger 150, eggplant indian sautee 100, indian creamed spinach 200, goldfish crackers 150: 600..

snack: TBD orange 50


Snacks before & during workout: sf Monster energy drink (after staying a half hour late and also just seeing how my schedule is & how i really prefer to work out close to when i get home - caffeine on way home seems to work - maybe i'll switch to a coffee on way home as it's more natural, we'll see), banana 120, granola bar 110, plum 70. 300...


after workout: one of my blondies 350

2100, excellent

4day 2140.


gonna start talking much less at work....as i realize i have opinions and it really doesn't matter anymore to share them...enough....because i may as well let others keep their opinions and not even try to explain my side ....

it's a weird discussion we had: MUSIC EDUCATION and when to give (free) lessons...when someone kindly offers to give your kid extra tips.

PERSONALLY, it's ME who offered.

and PERSONALLY, IF i were a parent and someone kindly offered to show my kid a few things because they have a background and can share extra knowledge with my kid, I"D TAKE THEM UP ON IT, NO DISCUSSION.

well, one of my coworkers, not the parent of the kid (that's more my boss) was ARGUING saying she'd wait till the kid has the instrument for a bit....well....i know how it works in schools....i've been involved BIG TIME in music education since i was 8 until i was 25. i'm sorry, but i know that it's good when you get that extra footing...

so, well, i couldn't agree with this parent. IT'S NOT like sports or like just trying cooking....it's a CLASS in school and it is always nice when someone offers...for FREE.

she got the mother of the girl thinking to wait also...not realizing that my offer is extremely generous of my time....

and my knowing how it works in the school system at the lessons...and all my background.

i'm sorry, i get that the kid should develop a liking or desire on their own...

BUT, i just don't agree with denying your kid some extra tips on playing the trumpet.

i just cannot agree with the coworker that talked my other one out of it. like, the other one (the mom) was showing me a video on her iphone of her daughter first starting to practice for the first time at home because she knows how i know a lot about it / she knows my past...


even if anyone here told me otherwise, i'm sorry, i cannot agree.

i offered something because i have the background, and the woman knows it, so i call b*ll**** that anyone would deny their kids something that many parents can't provide.

the reason for the other way of thinking - both coworkers (mother of the kid too) grew up rather poor and weren't given any extras...and actually the mother ended up being allowed to do some art...but the coworker against the lesson never got anything extra from her parents...and didn't grow up goiing to the kind of school or being in band like this kid is.....she speaks from inexperience. 

the kid is in 4th grade. in a good school system. i'm sorry, but, when you are given an offer, a generous and kind one, don't slap me in the face.

the mother was happy for me to do it...at first....then i was being lectured tooth and nail afterward for offering a lesson right when the kid started.

listen....i know how it works. please don't even try to sway me. i disagree wholeheartedly with them.

i learned clarinet first without lessons, in group form in school...and all the kids taking lessons were better - although i was very good.

and i learned french horn only with private lessons...and i got really good really fast and caught up easily.

we are talking about music. the more the merrier. come on!

honestly....i sorta pull back. i don't care as much anymore to share.

i forget sometimes of my EXCELLENT UPBRINGING and everything my parents offered me. i was lucky.

some people don't know when LUCKY HITS THEM IN THE FREAKING FACE.

let me pull back now.

i  need to concentrate on my fitness, my passion WAY MORE.

OH - AND I NEED TO LEAVE ON TIME...at 4:30, not 5pm, because i feel bad for someone without my upbringing. 

really, i don't think i should care so much anymore!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 10/16/2018:
I'm reading a lot about some nutrient in maple syrup...have you seen anything about that?

horn_of_plenty on 10/16/2018:
i know there's tons in honey :)

graindart on 10/16/2018:
Ate a large helping of roasted acorn squash last night. Sprinkled it with pumpkin pie seasoning and some fake sugar. Tasted decent. Might've temporarily kept me from falling off the wagon in pursuit of pumpkin pie flavored items.

horn_of_plenty on 10/16/2018:
yes, very nice...that sounds wonderful! to increase the volume, you can have sf jello and whipped cream after for even more food!

that's a great prep for your squash. yum.

Donkey on 10/16/2018:
Wow about work... Seeing as though you have both education, training, and experience in music education, I know that you are knowledgeable in this field. And yes, your offer was quite generous.

From your synopsis, it would appear that your coworker speaks from ignorance. Unfortunately, there seems to be an abundance of that lately, but I digress.

You made an offer, which was ultimately declined. You can't do more than that. Some folks just choose the path of ignorance because they're too dumb to know an opportunity to improve when it's offered. So sad.

I too have pulled back at work - would like to pull back more and more consistently - and am focusing most of my passion towards fitness. This has helped me, and maybe it can help you too. Remembering to shut up is where I fall into difficulties...

Horn_of_plenty on 10/17/2018:
Donkey...it's really almost funny...

I have no desire to even argue for a passion/issue part of myself practically anymore (like the one you commented on here)...

she started to raise her voice, the coworker, not the mother / boss of mine...and i realize, it's just not worth a steaming discussion. we still get along, just no agreements with that coworker on this issue.

she compared it to her sons and how they "played baseball in the backyard" with their dad growing up, so they were pretty good...but then they went on to soccer without past experience, and ended up being good at it too...

i couldn't grasp it was similar at all, because that music TO ME is a very different scenario...being it's PART of the school curriculum and that you need to have some skills to even learn it..it's just NOT the same as kicking a ball, sorry, and if she could have provided more, she would have to her sons.

one is on a travel team, and she hates it, due to the extra "work" involved of going to games, etc....she's a busy coworker and i think she cannot relate to my offer.

the mom of the child let her daughter call me and the daughter played the trumpet over the phone, video, for me yesterday.

the mom of the child is at least not ignorant of my offer and how generous and meaningful it is - i will keep my mouth shut that i can give her daughter a french horn so she can actually have the best of the music world...as i don't have the time to give her the lessons, lol. but for the trumpet, i still can give a lesson to her child whenever the chance permits :)

just the other coworker, totally ignorant on my offer.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/17/2018:
yes, i'm also reminded to shut up when running into difficulties. i do NOT have the gift of the gab or ability to appeal to men in the business who like a chat with a "ditzy , happy woman" so i'm on my own this year, i can tell. and exercise needs to get better - it is, slowly. i at least fit in walking.

happy-1 on 10/16/2018:
If anything... You would share your love of music and what it does for you and makes you stronger as a person. Shortsighted.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/17/2018:
VERY SHORTSIGHTED. thank you. i'm done with her - the ignorant coworker.

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Oct 15, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

Kombucha 60

pumpkin brownies 230, banana 120 - 350, coffee 40

snack: 250

11am really hungry so had another snack of Atkins bar choc and coconut :) 170

lunch: healthy, microwavable meal 500 Cal and side of veggie fried rice 100 cal

snack: chocolate - 100

Chocolate 50 

dinner: tbd - will be healthy - i don't have any cooked veggies at home, might pick up some Indian takout. yes. - to eat with tofu and crackers i'm thinking

Dinner tofu 150, indian saag around 200?, and eggplant dish 100, naan pieces 150, and whipped cream for dessert 150. 750, grrr.


3 day avg: 2150, good.

early to bed.

late to work, major bus delays. late by 15 min - so probably staying 15-30 min late tonight at work..NO other plans for this evening.

omg must NOT but this type of gym again....so much gas!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

graindart on 10/15/2018:
Hate being on a "diet" this time of year. Love tasting all of the pumpkin pie spiced foods. Especially love pumpkin bread with sweet cream cheese frosting. Also DQ pumpkin pie blizzard. I know that I could fit it into my calorie allowance, but don't want it to trigger an out of control day. Better for me to just keep the streak alive right now.

horn_of_plenty on 10/15/2018:
the brownies i had made and only include 3 ingredients: pumpkin, cocoa powder, peanut butter and hair of sf sweetener...so....they will not cause cravings...but...still having a "hungry day" at work after lots of eating all weekend at home! but not a sugar spike..

happy-1 on 10/15/2018:
Omg. Suddenly I so want Indian buffet for dinner. Maybe I will make something at home tomorrow.

horn_of_plenty on 10/15/2018:
Always soooo good :)

Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Oct 14, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

7am breakfast: keto dessert 250 with whipped cream 120 and kombucha 50..420

8:45am snack: Amy's brand spinach and pizza pocket 280

10am straight outta the oven, moist and seasoned with smoked sea salt, black pepper & cumin - chicken burger - just ate it by itself 160 :)

Lunch 11am:  the cauli jalepeno crust 200 & duck egg 100

fell back to sleep...an hour or so...

1pm plum and some leftover caffeine drink...50 before biking to gym..

2 small bananas throughout gym workout 250 & biked there :)

6pmdinner: large duck egg 100 and leftover cauli fried rice from last weekend still very good 200. 300

dessert butter pecan ice cream 300

2050 :)



not too many plans besides laundry (deciding to do it later afternoon) & gym (late morning to early afternoon - planning to ride my bike there despite it being in the 50's)...

I cooked up some hard boiled eggs and chicken burgers for the week so i have some convenient, healthy protein choices for work and i also have the low sugar desserts that i cooked to bring to work for breakfasts.

I also put another of the Cauli-flour pizza crusts in the oven so it's cooked to enjoy later...i have a bunch in my freezer and they are very tasty even on their own :) i have 3 varieties: plain, Italian, and Jalepeno. I ordered their plain crackers - not so good ..totally wishing i didn't order like 8 packages worth! they don't have enough flavor. but the crusts - delish!

i still don't have my garage back, so, i am tempted not to drive my car this entire weekend...so far i haven't moved it since Monday and i may as well just leave it where it is until next weekend :)...and pray the garage lot has been fully paved and that we can move our cars back!

I haven't had my garage since 9/10/18 when they said 2-3 weeks would be how long we'd go without it... lol...now we are beginning week 6 of no garage! it's a bit inconvenient as i cannot go to store and buy tons of stuff without my car. kombucha can wait also as i have a few bottles still in the fridge lol.

yep.....not moving my car.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 10/14/2018:
Isn't it nice to have a nice, calm weekend?

I understand not wanting to move your car. My first apartment had a similar situation, where on-the-street parking was a huge issue. I didn't have a car, so it wasn't a problem for ME, but I saw that the struggle was real for a lot of folks.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2018:
yeah, i anticipate the "finding a spot struggle," so best to leave my car where it is!

i cannot believe how tired i have felt all weekend. exercise should be good for me today.

happy-1 on 10/14/2018:
Sounds like it is time to order delivery!

horn_of_plenty on 10/15/2018:
haha, right!? yes, now would be the time to order delivery!!

Horn_of_plenty - Saturday Oct 13, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

10am Breakfast: plums 100, cauliflower pizza crust 300, crackers 200. 600, good. kombucha 50.

fell back to sleep 11:30-1:30pm...low key weekend / not leaving house today -  high possibility

2pm Lunch:plum 50, leftover brussel sprout salad from last Sunday still good with pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and light dressing with a chicken sausage 400.coffee 100

4:30 Snack strawberries and whipped cream large servings 250 1450 :)

Dinner: plum, 50, 2 filling pumpkin brownies that i cooked 230 and almond milk 30. around 300

and some of the blondies i made: 250 cal ;)

2050 total today, good!

I want to bake - got really tired after breakfast and ended up sleeping lol...so now trying it again after my late lunch!...still tired so looking to have some caffeine to wake myself up :)


Overall, a lovely wedding went on last night and happy to have dressed up and gone there as my friend's wedding date! I had some champagne and maybe one other alcoholic drink. the rest was water and diet coke to change it up. i indulged in lighter food options especially during cocktail hour and also enjoyed eating the Duck on the menu for dinner and eating a little bit of the richer foods like some tastes of sausage and other similar items at Cocktail hour. mostly though, i stuck to my usual eating habits since there were veggies galore, shrimp and calamari and other items of low calorie value which tasted very good. there were also a variety of salads at cocktail hour. so i was pleasantly happy.

R may have accidentally left me standing on the dance floor a couple times - sometimes - since he really is single anyways, he acts it from habit and forgets that he needs to think about the person he's with and not act so selfish...he raised his voice also at me a few times for speaking to him while dancing bc he couldn't hear...it wasn't like the best of his nights....it didn't go bad....but he acted a bit to "comfortable" rather than formal for this special occasion. 

Overall, i'm glad i could be his date and we danced and enjoyed ourselves (when he liked the music, lol)...

When i wanted to see if there was a decaf espresso on the way out...he got impatient and said like a 2 year old that he couldnt' wait and that he wanted to leave now! haha....i did make sure we stayed until the cake came. 

He is the brother of the mother of the bride. It was his niece getting married. and we were sitting at the 1 family table from his side since it's small. i knew, i KNEW, we needed to stay the full wedding. and we did. because overall it was a good night!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 10/13/2018:
CAKE is the important thing. Oh, OK, being there for your friend and his family (making him stay for the whole thing) was probably a good thing, too ;)

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2018:
yes! the cake was GREAT - i just had a small taste :)

And thank gosh i pushed him to stay the whole time :)

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2018:
thank you for the really nice compliments on fb!

BearCountryGG on 10/13/2018:
I just have to say that the pictures you put on facebook in that gorgeous dress were absolutely stunning!!!! You looked beautiful!!! I don't know who took the pictures but they were totally magazine /professional quality!!! The poses and the surroundings were the best! You made quite the stunning model!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2018:
OMG thank you SO MUCH!

I will forward your compliments to Ricky for his excellent photography (yes, he's very good always!).

thank you BCGG :) :) :)

Maria7 on 10/13/2018:
Hoping you are having a good day. A low key weekend sounds good.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2018:
a VERY nice day and relaxing weekend - just what the dr ordered!

happy-1 on 10/14/2018:
It's nice to have a friend to take as a date. It takes a lot to get there.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/15/2018:
yes yes :) glad to make it work for him, and pretty much enjoy myself all night :) and dress up!

Horn_of_plenty - Friday Oct 12, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0


kombucha 80

bar and coffee 220

glazed dunkin donut 250, candy 50

early lunch around noon: wrap 100, chicken sausage 150, avocado 100, tomatoes: 350.


leave work 1:30pm

snack before wedding - not sure...carbs? had a kombucha again on the way home, worked out, and a granola bar. total 200

1150 before wedding - good.


I have a wedding to go to today at 5pm so i chose to come in and leave at 1:30 since i worked multiple hours of OT last week as i do not plan to take any more days off this Winter until January when i go to Miami! 

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 10/13/2018:
I hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding! Did you have cake?

Horn_of_plenty on 10/13/2018:
i didn't take a PHOTO because i forgot.

yes, i made sure to try the cake which was AMAZING. the filling inside the cake was CANNOLI CREAM.

in general, the food at the wedding was GREAT. lots of choices, including veggies...everything was delicious. very nice wedding.

Horn_of_plenty - Thursday Oct 11, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0


Bar 220, coffee 50 (tempted to reach for a cookie, but will try to watch cals today / tomorrow leading into wedding after work...) and exercising tonight, so trying not to overdo, again, on snacks before going home!, cookies 120

Snack: wrap 100, avocado 100, egg 100, salt/garlic 300

lunch: fried riced cauliflower and an egg - 300

lunch: beef 300, roasted veg 200, tomatoes 50. 550

Snack 300 1650

9pm: turkey & premade but still need to oven cook for 10 min Cauliflower pizza crust 400 total.

2050, excellent

6day: 2090, excellent.


Tonight: exercise once i get home, snack on way home of some caffeine and a bar 150 - i brought them from home - so already set to go right home after work to exercise!

After exercise snack: thinking strawberries and higher fat yogurt, it can change though...

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 10/11/2018:
I responded to your comment to me... I keep forgetting that I have wraps here...….they are good on cals for sure and so versitile

horn_of_plenty on 10/11/2018:
yeah, these low cal wraps help a lot in keeping meals / calories in check...there are so many brands and options out there.

Horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Oct 10, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

5day 2110, good

Kombucha 80...

Breakfast: healthy pumpkin custard i baked! 220, coffee 50, banana 120

Snack 1: pistachios 110

Snack 2: coconut chocolate covered bar 170, couple candies 50

Lunch: more fried riced cauliflower today with a duck egg ...300... I Will save what i brought and go out to buy lunch today!! 2 Small meatballs 100, veggies sauteed 200, cabbage salad 50, goldfish crackers 150. 500-550 good. VERY HUNGRY today.

3:30pmSnack: someone didn't like the custard, so i had another and some chocolate. 150

4pm getting snacky: this small packaged strawberry crepe 150

Very snacky, not a tasty day. craving the keto brownies i made the other day..will make them again, just i do not think this week. will go to bed early.

Dinner: half leftovers of a pepper 50, and cold cuts smoked turkey breast on a wrap with spicy mustard 150. popcorn 150 total here:  :) and a clementine earlier 50.


LOTS of strawberries with stevia, with 5% fat yogurt...maybe some SF jello.


no exercise ended up with a nice half hour walk tonight :)

planned for tonight, another early bedtime i am thinking....feeling the need to rest up....as i have a wedding Friday night after work.

definitely in the mood to go to bed early tonight.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 10/10/2018:
Saw this article and thought of you. Apparently you are not alone in your frustrations... Statistically! https://www.payscale.com/career-news/2018/10/the-5-most-common-workplace-struggles-employees-face-in-2018?utm_source=Email+Newsletter&utm_campaign=c8ae4778a6-&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_cc02db4bff-c8ae4778a6-97043277

horn_of_plenty on 10/10/2018:
yes, couldn't agree more with this article...pretty much sums it all up huh?!

BearCountryGG on 10/10/2018:
Your pumpkin custard sounds good.

horn_of_plenty on 10/10/2018:
it worked out well...very light though...not a filling meal but a good side :)

graindart on 10/10/2018:
I've been thinking about pumpkin custard for awhile. Love the pumpkin pie / spice flavor and keep seeing it being introduced in different foods (Cheerios, yogurt, ice cream, granola bars, etc). Have been avoiding it right now because I don't have any desire to eat just a normal size serving.

horn_of_plenty on 10/11/2018:
my custard wasn't as sweet as i wanted it to be...need a BETTER recipe...i think i need to delve into baking with PROTEIN POWDER.

horn_of_plenty on 10/11/2018:
because it was too light, not filling...i need either full fatty desserts or a protein / fat mix.

BearCountryGG on 10/11/2018:
Any custards I have made in the past have been eggy...but not very sweet.….I believe that custards were really made back in the old days as baby food...because there was nothing for them in the stores...many of my old custard recipes were also referred to as nursery custard.

horn_of_plenty on 10/11/2018:
ohhhhhhhhhhh! well, that explains it!!!!!!!

yes it had a similiarity on the inside to a thicker baby food!

it was def healthy.

Horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Oct 09, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

8am Breakfast: some kombucha 50, 2 keto brownies 300,  coffee 50.

11am Banana 150

Healthy lunch i made at home yesterday: fried riced cauliflower 200 and a duck egg! 100..300 4  candies 40.

...good eats! will try to eat lighter a few days this week...early to bed tonight too :) 

clementines 100

6pm dinner: popcorn cool salsa flavor 150, wrap 100, rest of the leftover salmon smaller serving 200, mustard. 450

horrible tomato salad with wayyyy too much dressing and more lite butter flavor popcorn 200-250

1700 total

2115 4-day - good!

very thirsty, had a bit of salt today...want to sleep early really, but we'll see if i feel better later on in the night and want to bake the custard.

OK....time to make the custard!!!!!!!!!!!! :)....they are in fridge waiting to bring to work !!! it was a simple recipe. i'm glad i regained energy after dinner.


no plans to exercise,

maybe i'll bake another keto recipe...yup!...it's been my goal to start baking Keto and to use these baked items as breakfasts since they are not high in sugar but taste sweet they would mostly go perfect with a cup of coffee. tonight, i'm baking Pumpkin Pie Custard...

probably sleeping instead of baking....i'll get back to baking on a different day ;) i told my coworkers i'd be baking, but, i don't think so, or maybe i'll wake up early...



Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 10/09/2018:
Those brownies looked delish!!!

horn_of_plenty on 10/09/2018:
believe it or not, they were an overall success. i did good following directions and getting these ingredients!

happy-1 on 10/09/2018:
Kero brownies?

horn_of_plenty on 10/09/2018:
yup, i am so proud to say i baked them myself....recipe is here at the link....


BearCountryGG on 10/09/2018:
Do the duck eggs taste any different? Back when our boys were toddlers...we took them to buy shoes and the guy at the shoe store gave them two quails ( birds)...I still don't know how that happened...LOL...,anyway...we ate their eggs...they were super tiny...but tasted like chicken eggs.

horn_of_plenty on 10/09/2018:
yeah, i saw the quail eggs there at the supermarket too!

the duck eggs are slightly bigger, the egg shell slightly thinner, the white cooks up slightly harder, the yolk slightly smoother which was nice change of pace!

horn_of_plenty on 10/09/2018:
the taste is basically like you say, same as a chicken egg.

Horn_of_plenty - Monday Oct 08, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

Hi All! So glad to be back on DD to comment...the few days it was down i was using my email / phone to keep tally of my eats. I missed DD so much! The past couple days were busy as usually i am not online sometimes to comment, but today i want to spend time reading up on where you've all been at!

2250 3-day average, but believe it or not despite being a bit over in calories, i had a lot of good nutrition these 3 days !


It's a morning so happy i'm home! off for the Columbus Day holiday!

breakfast was "fast and easy" - plum 50, light ice cream 150, coconut chocolate bar 170: 370...and kombucha 50, coffee also later 50 with one taffy :) 50

snack banana 130

11:30am lunch best leftovers from yesterday: cedar wood bbqed salmon 250, roasted veggies 200, popcorn butter orviile mini bag 200. 650 and orange peppers big 50.

3pm early dinner: chicken brattworst sausage 150, wrap 100, avocado small amount 50, and goldfish crackers 150. 450, good

5-6pm eating keto (sugar free homemade by ME!)  brownie batter little bit then later strawberries 200

...bit high on calories overall today...it's OK! though ! :)

7:45pm Evening snack: fruit plum 50...

2050 and now working out and to eat something after also...very successful day today!

after workout: keto brownie 150, whipped cream 120, almond milk 50. total here: 320.

2350, decent. hungry day. back to normal tomorrow. 

I must say, the keto brownie knocks out my hunger fast! and you don't wanna rush eating it...cool. it is VERY dense and satisfying - very rich. just a hair too sweet.


There's a few things i have planned, but mostly very content with being HOME most of today.

Still work is being done to pave the blacktop concrete in my garage area, so i parked a few blocks away last night in front of school that is also closed today. I have to move my car today bc the spot is not good during school days!  i'll try to move it this morning when there might be a closer spot open...it's been a month of no garage but for most of it, i was totally using my friend's garage but i gave it back bc it's not nice to hog it when i hardly even am driving besides on the weekends now!  :) DONE!

decided on severall quick errands bc i had my car ...now i got a street spot and will not move it until next weekend! Paying my parking ticket for last week on Friday when i forgot i had to move my car.. DONE!

Laundry including bath mats :) DONE!

also must clean this smelly hamster cage :)...don't worry, it's not that bad! DONE!


Part of my plans today include cooking and baking! DONE!

- I'd like to cook up some cauliflower fried rice :) Done!

- and i bought the ingredients to make brownies :) but low sugar type made with erythritol instead of sugar! woohoo i have been wanting to make them forever!  Done!

- also cooking some chicken bratworst sausages yeah! Turkey burgers will still be fresh to make next weekend, so waiting on those :) Done !


My evening plan is to do a home workout, lighter though, as i have a lot going on, may as well cut down the cardio since i've done a lot of it the past few days....and to the other things i have been wanting to accomplish :) I'll not go too hard on legs, but want to work out my abs and arms and back :) Gearing up to do this, 8pm, it's GOOD to have this home gym, no need to leave my apt...wonderful! DONE!



Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 10/08/2018:
Wow, you got so much done! Good for you!!

I wish I had today off, but then I could not have gotten paid. Not much happened, so I would have preferred to spend the time at home. Oh well, having money is nice too, I guess...

Horn_of_plenty on 10/08/2018:
aww shucks...so sorry you didn't have off!

i guess the world of real estate is kinda like NYC, it never sleeps!

at least you were paid...i understand :(

graindart on 10/09/2018:
Influenced partly by seeing your coconut chocolate Atkins bars listed, I've been mildly craving chocolate lately and was doing the weekly food shopping. Instant packets of oatmeal were on my list and I came across a flavor I hadn't seen before "Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut". Sounded awesome. Tasted ok. Not rich enough, but do remind me of a no-bake drop cookie that my mom used to make us when we were kids. Might try adding some cocoa powder to the oatmeal mix in order to strengthen the chocolate flavor next time.

Good job on getting so much accomplished on your day "off".

horn_of_plenty on 10/09/2018:
the cocoa powder is NOT sweet. you will need to add some sort of sweetener. liquid stevia drops, no cals, are a great option. buy the unflavored type on amazon. ...cocoa powder is great and a healthy option, no sugar and low cals, but needs sweetening.

Horn_of_plenty - Sunday Oct 07, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

strawberries 100, yogurt 100, kombucha ..50 pretzels 100

Salad with nuts and some dressing 200 roasted brussels 200 whole grain bread 200 and fish big piece 400 and apple pie flavor drink of moonshine 100...1100

raspberries 100

pretzels 100
bar 200 coconut chocolate atkins, jello and whipped cream 150
total: 2000, good
walked 4 mi with parents :)
celebrated dad's 66th bday today...
and watched a movie together :)
good day!
2day 2200, decent again :)


Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

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