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InnerPeace - Sunday Jul 04, 2021

Weight: 302.1

Awful ear pain Thursday night - I thought I would have to go to the ER, fortunately I fell asleep and when I woke up Friday - most of the ear pain was gone, but I still have the plugged up/filled with water feeling - I can deal with that as long as the pain doesn't return.

Thursday - work at the office - lots done. ESA brought me this awesome sub from Dibella's deli. I ate half took the other half home.

Friday - telework half the day. Not too productive and nothing remarkable. (Gave DH the other half of the sub for lunch).

Saturday - up early and went on a great walk with the doggos...as I was walking picture this...you are flying over one of the great deserts (Mohave, Gobi, Sahara) and look down and see the ruins of a forgotten city. You land and explore and find all of the ancient ruins and artifacts and become a millionaire!!! AS IF!


- spent most of the day doing yard work - what turned into a trimming bush project turned into the entire removal...our porch does look better. Errands and rest. DH took the girl to her grandma's house for the weekend. I didn't ask and I don't want to know. DH and I took off and to find the Moo Town Creamery Ice Cream (Berea, OH) place that supposedly won People's Choice awards but we beg to differ - I rated it a B+ and DH said C-. We get what we ate at DQ for 2/3 of the price and not as messy. Then because the sub from DiBella's (Strongsville, OH) was just about the best we've ever eaten we went to look for that deli...it is way better than Subway, Jimmy Johns and Jersy Mikes (which was in the lead). We'd drive the extra time to eat this sub....it's all about the bread.

Got home and went on a walk with the doggs..to the Royal Oaks park (used to be a golf course) They have extended these trails and added at least a mile to our little trek.

Got back home and ate the rest of our sandwiches for dinner...spent the evening on the porch enjoying our neighbors' fire works display.

Sunday - walk with the doggos this morning - a little hotter than has been. Started laundry and making some tomato sauce for my Cabrerarized ratatouille (no eggplant).

And a cute pic of one of my dogs (the younger one - Rocco) who jumped up in the chair - Dinner Please!!!

And my lost city in the desert was just a close up of a.....STUMP.


WIshing you all a very happy and patriotic 4th of July!! Have a great day! IP


Progress as of today: 35.8 lbs lost so far, only 92.1 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/05/2021:
I hope you had a Happy 4th! The pictures on your walk are lovely! Yes, even the "lost city" -- which just goes to show how important perspective is.

It's so hot here, but I hope to spend sometime outside as well. I could see fireworks from my bed last night. That's close enough for me. Had I not been so tired, I could have gotten a better view perhaps from the park in my backyard.

bearcountrygg on 07/05/2021:
Rocco...I want Rocco!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/05/2021:
Happy 4th to you, InnerP! thank you for serving as well :)

also, that is the cutest ever Rocco pic.

next, the trees / stump are also cool looking, thank you for sharing photos. i tend to get lazy here with adding photos. i should do more this time of year...and when i go on adventures!

also, AS IF! ha! i don't see myself getting rich off of forgotten land anytime soon! AS IF!

InnerPeace - Wednesday Jun 30, 2021

Weight: 302.1

June goal met and exceeded - 30 miles in 30 days turned out to be a total of 74.75 miles - so good about this.

Yesterday I tried to make a curry beef and potato dish - turned out only so - so

The girl and I had popcorn later in the night.

Blood sugar this a.m. 125

Was busy at work so took the doggos for a later morningn walk - here are a few pictures - They really wanted this cat....my lillies and just rain drops - have you ever just noticed one tiny raindrop?


Ear is still aching - put drops and Aleve - if not better tomorrow will go to our Urgent Care to get something stronger.

Girl to her grandma's house.

I put burritos and chili in the crockpot - hope this turns out.

Office tomorrow...and People!

Had a crazy dream about the Spiegel catalog...crazy and I looked and they are no longer in business.

Have a great evening! Baseball rained out yesterday - maybe tonight! IP

Progress as of today: 35.8 lbs lost so far, only 92.1 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/30/2021:
your dogs match! why did i think you only had the one dog, Steve. oops!?

curry beef and potatoes sounds AWESOME! you can always add some veggies to it...

popcorn is a great snack to share when you make the bigger size in microwave. everyone can have their only bowl :)

anyways, i'm so sorry about your ear. i'd be quite frustrated as well.

i can't wait to hear about your crockpot dish and how it came out. let us know how the burritos/chilli is. i'm a little confused though bc a burrito is a sandwich so are you saying you put a whole sandwich in the crockpot? or will you make the chilli into burritos?

I hope you will see some live baseball soon <3

Donkey on 07/01/2021:
Have you tried taking an OTC decongestant, like Sudafed? Most of MY inner ear problems are actually caused by the swelling of the sinuses putting pressure on the ear canal. I always thought it was wax build-up. Well, I do hope you feel better soon.

You know, July is a "longer" month with 31 days.... Just putting this out there: how about a 100-mile challenge?

Hope your day at the office today goes well!

InnerPeace - Tuesday Jun 29, 2021

Weight: 302.1

Just working and walking and trying to keep the blood sugar # s down for blood work next week.

Going through depression...seems to be hanging on longer than usual. Appointment on 7/15 maybe discuss new meds.

Battling an earache...again! OMG never had so many earaches than the last few years...blame OHIO!

Work = stress these days.

Here are a few photos I took the last few days and over the weekend.

Mushrooms/lichens facinate me for some reason.

Have a great evening....GO INDIANS!!

Progress as of today: 35.8 lbs lost so far, only 92.1 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 06/29/2021:
Hope you feel better soon.....those pink flowers are something i have never seen before....you are quite the photographer!

Donkey on 06/30/2021:
Working, walking, and focusing on blood sugar levels -- all very good goals. Sometimes focusing on the basic essentials is enough. No need for anything *extraordinary* or *spectacular* because achieving success with the basics is extraordinary and spectacular in itself. Goals don't need to be "fancy", sometimes. Hmm... I'm going to remember this for myself!

Oh depression.... I'm so sorry. Not only is depression emotional, but it also feels physical, like carrying around a sack of potatoes on your back, all day long. At least that's been my experience. Please do take extra good care of yourself in this time of darkness. Do check with your doctor. Do seek immediate intervention if you feel the need. (((hugs)))

horn_of_plenty on 06/30/2021:
the mushroom in the shape of a turkey tail is called a "turkey tail mushroom!"

those flowers are unreal! beautiful! thanks for sharing with us!

sorry about your earache that would cause depression on it's own a bit (lol). i hope you do feel better soon. I do well with taking escitalopram for anxiety / depression. used to take 10/15 mg but now on 30 for a long time (2 years?)

InnerPeace - Thursday Jun 24, 2021

Weight: 302.1

Very crabby yesterday - the girl's mom picked her up about 1:00 - very suprised.

DH got home and just started snacking. Texting back and forth all day about what did he have a taste for dinner. He replies nothing or leftovers...I'll find something.

He started with a breakfast sandwich, had some cheese and crackers and finished with a piece of grilled chicken.

I ate cheese and crackers and grilled chicken.

I walked the doggos - found a pear tree around a few blocks (I remember last year - they were just all on the ground - I doubt the owner even uses them) and then when I got home I saw a big lily - the stalk was just as tall as I am and then the day lilies - look so drab compared to the big one

and I forgot what this was...i planted it but don't remember the name.

DH has to pick the girl up from her grandmother's and I ordered food from McAlister's deli because I won't get home until almost 5:00 today.

I will have to mow the yard tonight so just a short walk with the dogs.

Went to bed with DH about 7:45 was feeling sleeping. Woke up at 9:15 and couldn't get back so sleep. Stayed up and watched TV and watched You tube videos got hungry and ate some chips and salsa. Finally went back to bed about 1:15.

Blood sugar this a.m. 117 - go figure.

B: vanilla iced latte, sausage, eggs

L: yogurt granola, cheese and crackers

D: 1/2 orange cranberry chicken sandwich 1/2 avocado salad

Have a great evening! IP

Progress as of today: 35.8 lbs lost so far, only 92.1 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 06/24/2021:
The flowers are beautiful...I would love to have a pear tree.

Donkey on 06/25/2021:
Those pears look delicious. Orange cranberry chicken sounds delicious. I think I'm hungry, LOL...

That's so odd about your blood sugar. I've noticed that happening to you several times. That is to say, you report a "good" day, and your numbers are in the upper 130's. You report a challenging day/meal/snack and your numbers are lower. What the heck, right?

Horn_of_plenty on 06/27/2021:
Sorry i didn't comment sooner. I always leave commenting for when i can actually think of a comment and i'm not too distracted, etc...

i was about to say, after glancing at your photos the other day, how beautiful the fruit tree is and how that wuold be a wonderful activity to do with a friend :)

were any of the pears worth taking (from the ground and/or tree!?) haha....i totally might have - IF it seemed like there were large quantities....

mowing the yard is exercise, so yes that makes sense you'll have a shorter walk:)

your cheese and crackers sounds good. i would enjoy it, a little bit, maybe with a sweetened (stevia) selzter or some veggies before eating those delicious cheese and crackers! :)

have a good week, INNERP! i enjoy reading every part of your entry!

InnerPeace - Wednesday Jun 23, 2021

Weight: 302.1

I made chicken alfredo for the girl for dinner, DH and I had quesadilla - can't say which is better or worse - but I always think pasta is evil

The girl and I went to explore the new quarry trail I found...not sure what we were looking for but DH said we found it. (Note: this was like NO quarry I had pictured in my mind - or had seen before in OKC - but there may be several kind of quarrys - whose to say?)


Quarry trail

Quarry grind stones - and why they just tossed away - I want one....

Overselpt this morning.

Took the doggos on a walk.

The girl's mom came and picked her up and supposedly taking her to lunch - I'm surprised.

Not sure about dinner.

I'm getting a fever blister/cold sore - I hate!

B: eggs, sausage, iced vanilla latte

L: left over stronganoff

Taking the doggos out again - and will get in bed early. Been having a headache most of the day.

Have a great night! IP

Progress as of today: 35.8 lbs lost so far, only 92.1 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 06/23/2021:
Those look like grind stones...we have a place here called grind stone city with the same things...all over the place...quite interesting.

Donkey on 06/24/2021:
The problem with pasta, in my opinion, is that it's far too easy to eat too much of it. Oh but it's so yummy and easy to make.

Beautiful pictures! That's so interesting about the remains of the quarry. The moss-covered wheels are beautiful.

I find that I get cold sores when my body is challenged. Very common right before TOM, when my body is physically more vulnerable. Good luck!

horn_of_plenty on 06/24/2021:
LOVE your photos especially the lower right. i guess that is what Bear is talking about :)

horn_of_plenty on 06/24/2021:
never heard of "quarry trail," love that you taught me something!

InnerPeace - Tuesday Jun 22, 2021

Weight: 302.1

Things, things and things.

Last week in OKC visiting with friends (they have two dogs) One dog Truman they just spent over $10K keeping him alive and healthy with various surgeries and illness. The second dog Sophie younger (she will be 9 - they are Boxers) was happy to see me. Both dogs jumped and played and seemed to be ok. Imagine my suprise today when I was told they had to put Sophie down this morning. My heart is breaking so much for my friends. They loved this dog like a child. So, so sad for me. I will dread the day I have to make this decision. I love my dogs so, so much!

Crazy day at work yesterday - its amazing what piles up in just a short week.

B: 1/2 cheese danish

L: pop tarts

D: beef stroganoff from left over steak, green beans and salad.

Didn't eat as well as I wanted, but this is PPP (P!ss poor planning) my own fault.

Didn't sleep very well and had crazy dreams.

Blood sugar this a.m. 137 -

Pretty busy this morning again, not so much this afternoon.

B: breakfast sandwhich (litte pan cake, sausage and scrambled eggs) DH bought from Sams

L: left over beef stroganoff

D: TBD - the girl wants Chicken al fredo - may make her a single portion. With the rest of the chicken I will make a chicken enchilada or something for myself and DH...no more pasta for me.

Took the doggos out this a.m. for a walk, will go again later, maybe to Indian Hollow we haven't been there in awhile - found a new trail.

Have a great evening! IP


Progress as of today: 35.8 lbs lost so far, only 92.1 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 06/22/2021:
Losing a pet is so hard.....they are such members of the family....yet we end up getting another.....

Jacky82020 on 06/22/2021:
I’m still not over having the vet come to the house to put down our big old girl about a year ago. She was 12, old for a large breed. A few months ago, her littermate passed. We found him dead on the living room floor. A terrible shock. We didn’t expect him to live much longer given his age. He fell asleep and never woke up. I never saw him dead. My husband found him and told me and then called the pet funeral place.

horn_of_plenty on 06/23/2021:
lol, you had quite the indulgent eats ;)

sometimes i do, too. we all do.

i'm sure you'll get back to planning when you are ready xoxo

love that you are walking, exercising, going to see new places!

Donkey on 06/23/2021:
Keep working on those blood sugar levels! :-)

InnerPeace - Monday Jun 21, 2021

Weight: 303.0

Back from my little vacation - things learned.

1. I was going to surprise my mom - this backfired and she was GONE! Went with cousins to visit other relatives so...always PLAN.

2. Never take a shower in a hotel with the door open. Took a hot shower with the door open and the steam set the smoke alarm off! Embarassing to say the least.

3. Most hotels/gas stations/rest stops only have singly ply toilet tissue - this is the worst. I never really paid attention to this until this trip.

4. Once I arrived - I never really missed my family as much as I thought I did - things never change.

5. Always get a weather report - for the third consecutive time I have driven from Effingham, Illinois to home in pouring, driving rain with every semi trailer truck on the same highway I'm using. Very difficult trip home.

6. Reset my current weight, no use lying to myself anymore.

7. Renewed my Lose It App subscription - so will start tracking food again.

8. Appointment 7/8/2021 for blood work - 7/15/2021 for well woman checkup

My cousins little dog kept me from missing my doggos so much...Miles.

The state capitol of the great state of Oklahoma

Broken seat that - Idefk....

Back on the wagon today try to get blood sugar down as much as possible - should have been trying all along - but willpower is lacking.

More walking, more exercise.


Progress as of today: 34.9 lbs lost so far, only 93 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 06/21/2021:
Did you eventually get to see your Mom? That must have been disappointing! Yup...families don't change...even when expectations do...Oh My at the hotel!!! Did they come into your room? I want Miles...really!!!

innerpeace on 06/21/2021:
Yes saw mom on Wednesday and Thursday - left Friday. Ate lunch with a friend and she said the same about family- you have moved on - your family has not!

When alarm went off - I called the front desk because I didn't want them to accuse me of smoking. I told them I was taking a shower with the door open, what did they want me to do. She told me to take the battery out of the smoke alarm. I was naked on top of the bed trying to get the stupid thing off the ceiling to take the battery out of it. And had just as much fun, though dressed, trying to put the stupid thing back...I'm pretty sure it was there for smokers, but it sure woke up my floor at 5:15 in the morning.

bearcountrygg on 06/21/2021:
That is quite an exciting life that you live....I'm glad you did get to see your Mom.

Jacky82020 on 06/21/2021:
Such an adorable dog! Looks like a doxie

Donkey on 06/21/2021:
Welcome back!!!!! I *love* your list of self-truths. The shower story - oh my! Well, you survived it. (((hugs)))

InnerPeace - Thursday Jun 10, 2021

Weight: 290.2

Got caught up in the women's softball world series the last week, tonight...my OU has the chance to win the Series...so excited for them.

It has been hot and sticky and getting out to walk I have to think more and more about. If it wasn't for the doggos giving me the stink eye, I probably wouldn't go. But then when I postpone or don't go I sit there and think about it - about why I didn't and how it's not helping anything.

We walked - found a few new mushrooms (oh because it rained again - office said it was supposed to dry out next week). Also saw this striped lawn - you can almost see where fertilizer was and was not applied - looked neat though and then my faviorite climbing plant the clematis - so pretty

DH took the girl to her grandmother's house and I cut up tomatos, cucumber and grilled chicken for dinner - something light and easy.

DH had another court meeting yesterday - the POS didn't show up again, so the judge said the next court date will be the last one and hopefully all of this will be over. - 7/21/21 is the date.

Decided to go to Oklahoma and will leave Saturday evening or Sunday morning and will be gone for the week. Mixed feeling about the trip.

Have a great night! IP

Progress as of today: 47.7 lbs lost so far, only 80.2 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 06/10/2021:
D has been watching the womens softball games too......OU is doing GREATT!! Those gals are amazing......the womrns games move so much faster than the mens...they do not mess around...there is always something going on and it's fun to watch. Sounds like you guys will get primary custody...I hope so...she needs better than she is getting from her mother. Have a great trip....

horn_of_plenty on 06/10/2021:
We are also getting the heat and rain but today it was finally really nice out. Just below 80 :)

Yea dogs are good in helping you exercise I know that ! I always think how if I got a dog, I’d be having to get out of my apt more and couldn’t just sit home the entire day!

I always thought lawns looked like that if they were mowed a certain way lol

I wish D good luck at the upcoming next month court date

Donkey on 06/11/2021:
I hope your court stuff is over next month. That would be a blessing. Somehow though... well, let's just say I remain skeptical... cautiously optimistic, at best.

Glad you decided to go to Oklahoma!

happy-1 on 06/12/2021:
Good job getting out for a walk no matter what. Makes you stronger, healthier and happier. It also makes me more comfortable in uncomfortable weather overall to be out in it a little at a time till I don't notice.

I hope you guys get primary custody.

Catching up on comments...

Th 6/3 - Good job seeing something delicious, having just one piece, tracking the calories, not beating yourself up for it, and just getting back on track. I dread the office treats when I go back to work... I'll probably have bags and bags of keto treats I can have instead.

Fri 6/7 - Niece sounds amazing and so does the Italian dinner! Life is made of moments like these!

Wed 6/9 - Shish-kebabs look awesome. If I was an ant, I'd invade too!

horn_of_plenty on 06/18/2021:
Have a nice weekend, InnerP!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/20/2021:
Happy Father's Day to your Hubs.

InnerPeace - Wednesday Jun 09, 2021

Weight: 290.2

So why make plans?

Monday there were plans but because there was a power outages at DH's shop...they all fell through. The niece stopped by and took the girl out to a nearby park...they hiked around. Since DH was late getting home (and wasn't able to cook - because he was supposed to stop at the store and get the things to cook) we instead ordered Chinese food. The niece brought the girl back home and I thought she was going to stay for dinner but didn't, so she gets back on the road (we may see her again in a month or two). DH, the girl and I ate the Chinese food...it was just OK, not really what I wanted.

Tuesday - again plans that just don't pan out. I went to the store to get the stuff we were supposed to eat yesterday (I had cherry tomatos). Brought it all home (vegetables for shish-k-bobs) and put it together, so when DH gets home he can grill them...and forget the cherry tomatos - oh well Bell peppers (red & yellow) and this weird cubanna pepper (similar to green bell pepper but sweeter), zucchini and squash and mushrooms. These turned out pretty good and I stuck my fingers a few times skewering everything on there...the girl helped a little.

So when DH gets home he says...i think I need propane and he takes off...is gone for over an hour and finally gets home...he said everyone was out of propane (i guess it was all used up for the holiday weekend) anyway...we eat later than usual about 5:30.

The girl went with me to walk the doggos after dinner...this is a first, not complaining but just surprised. Saw this shrub, bush, tree - whatever it is,...i think dogwood but it just bloomed and was so pretty.


And then when I get home I clean the kitchen - and saw this huge black army ant crawling on my counter. It was pretty big, I grabbed it with a papertowel and killed it.

This morning though...I saw another crawling on my bathroom ceiling...WTH the terminix man was just here two weeks ago for these big b@stards! This is seriously the size of it.

I am 22 miles in on my 30 miles in 30 days, so pretty sure I can meet this goal.

Still haven't decided if I am going to Oklahoma this next week or not - I have a few days to think about it. Oil change on Saturday and if I go I will hit the road then....

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 47.7 lbs lost so far, only 80.2 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 06/09/2021:
Your shish kebobs look wonderful!!! We had a bout with ants in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago but they were the tiny ones...carpenter ants can do a lot of damage.....since ours were in the kitchen...we noticed that if we sprayed one with the new Dawn Power wash Sprayer...that it killed them immediately and it seemed to keep the numbers down...haven't seen one in a few days now..

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2021:
wowwww nice eats! those shish kabobs look MARVELOUS!!!

sorry your plans were all up in the air. i can relate, as i do not like when my plans are suddenly ...off...i also like to plan and follow-thru.

there's someone running for a politcal office by me with your last name...i cannot stop thinking about you and your family! haha...whenever they say the name, on tv, i think of you! i think it's a woman running.

ugh carpenter ants? or whatever they are...yuck. when i lived with my parents as a child, we had them and had to get the whole house exterminated also. i think those ants are all over Long Island as well.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2021:
also that bush / those flowers are popping! very bright and crisp white flowers!

Donkey on 06/10/2021:
It does seem futile to make plans sometimes, doesn't it? But we still do it (make plans, that is) to give ourselves a sense of control in our lives. One of the most annoying things said to me at work (repeatedly) is, "So, do you have any weekend plans?" NOT REALLY. DON"T NEED THEM.

How long of a drive is it to Oklahoma, for you?

innerpeace on 06/10/2021:
It's a very long 15 1/2 to 16 hours.

InnerPeace - Monday Jun 07, 2021

Weight: 290.2

Friday was a slow day at work - good for teleworking....

DH grilled burgers and hotdogs for dinner.

Walked the doggos - just the same routine.

DH did take calls from his sister and she said they were going to drop by on Saturday.

Saturday - yard work and then the mad dash to make the house presentable. I always feel his sister judges the cleanliness of my house...and me as well. I try to be nice and accomodating but I always feel lacking.

However, after all the cleaning just DH's sister's daughter (the neice and grandneice) showed up. We visited awhie and met the grandmother (her dad's mother) at a BBQ restaurant. We talked and laughed and it was a nice change. The grand niece (Neely, 10) was a joy to be around. She was so complimentary and never complained about anything. She was helpful and walked  one of the dogs. She was just so positive and very eloquent with her words. She used happy and joyful words. She asked DH for his phone number and she said...thank you, I'm so happy to have it! She used words like amazing and impressive when talking about things or commenting. She just made me happy. They may stop by again Monday to see the girl, because she was at her grandmother's when they came over.

Sunday - up early and walked the dogs, it has been very steamy and a bit hotter than usual. I stay in the house. I did laundry. DH went to get the girl and pick a few things at the store. Here is a photo I took of some mushrooms. I wonder why mushrooms will be all over one lawn but not in others. This particular lawn was covered with these white mushrooms.

I did make a squash and zucchini layered dish with home made marinara sauce I had with some older tomatoes, it turned out delicious. I usually don't like the slimey goards.

Monday in the office - pretty busy in the morning, but things slowed down during the afternoon. I was able to take a litle walk before...it started raining AGAIN! So, So sick of it! But I did run across these sweet little wild flowers

DH is planning on making shish-k-bobs...maybe he might get rained out. He was also supposed to stop by the store and get some green peppers and mushrooms, we will see what happens.

I hope you all have a great evening! IP



Progress as of today: 47.7 lbs lost so far, only 80.2 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 06/07/2021:
Doesn't that make you uncomfortable when someone seems judgy???? I'm glad that person didn't show up and that you ended up having a good time. That little girl sounds like a gem. I wonder if the mushrooms are growing because of some fertilizer they are using...we have those little daisy like wildflowers here too.....they come up every year.

Donkey on 06/07/2021:
My family (mom, siblings) always judge my house when they come to visit. That's why they don't visit very often. They don't like cats, thinking they are dirty creatures. Which is why I think that I'll always have at least one cat around.

Unfortunately, this fear of being judged (by the cleanliness of my house) makes me adverse to having regular company (kids' friends, mainly) over too. I'm always apologizing for what a mess it is. It's improved greatly, and I know it's not as messy/dirty as other houses. But the feeling is still there.

Donkey on 06/07/2021:
My family (mom, siblings) always judge my house when they come to visit. That's why they don't visit very often. They don't like cats, thinking they are dirty creatures. Which is why I think that I'll always have at least one cat around.

Unfortunately, this fear of being judged (by the cleanliness of my house) makes me adverse to having regular company (kids' friends, mainly) over too. I'm always apologizing for what a mess it is. It's improved greatly, and I know it's not as messy/dirty as other houses. But the feeling is still there.

horn_of_plenty on 06/08/2021:
speaking of cleanliness of homes, my friend says she went to her coworker's house on the weekend and reported to me it was messy. dust on everything in the kitchen, for instance. no cleaning done. i always find dust in a kitchen nasty. i once stayed with a friend and there was dust even on the couch! i had such allergies sleeping on it!

haha, i know your kitchen is NOT dusty as you use everything all the time!

the 10yr old niece sounds like a pleasure. i enjoy also when kids have good manners. i feel it's up to the parents to either teach it; or not!

i think my sister is doing a pretty good job with my nephew. she actually whined the other day, my sister, and the nephew copied her! LOL. haha. at 2 1/2, kids copy everything lol.

Jacky82020 on 06/08/2021:
Thought those were eggs upon first glance!

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