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InnerPeace - Monday Aug 14, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Just my last four days...

Thursday - I woke up and went to my doctor's appointment. I was aggravated but heard the same story before. I understand my numbers are high (pre-diabetic), I understand I have to lose weight. I understand I have to take in less calories and expend more. I understand this. I do. I've been to the dietician, I've been to WW, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, I've done Hebalife, SlimFAst, Dexatrim, Hydroxycut, Lots off and other bottled miracle cures. I like food. I like the texture and taste of food. I like salty and sweet, crunchy and sweet, smooth and creamy and all of it. I like dipping and dunking, spritzing and squeezing, tossing and stirring it all in my mouth! It is not that I don't know how or what to eat, I find pleasure and indugence in food and over eat. It's a lack of willpower and portion control and most of the times I don't think of either of those things. How can I change this relationship with food? Food is my drug of choice! My doctor then asked me if I would be interested in the Move program. It is a version of weight watchers. Oh yeah, sure, when is it>? Oh it meets Wednesday at 10:00 or Thursday at 2:00. Oh so, it is set and or designed to be more convenient for retired personnel who don't work anymore? Because do you think it is realistic that I leave my job once a week for 1 1/2 to two hours to attend this meeting? I mean do you think that is something my employer would be willing to allow me to do? I mean I still work and I'm healthy and I just don't think my employer would be ok with me leaving the same time everyweek to attend a weight loss meeting. I can just hear him say now...can't you do this on your own time. Oh, sure go ahead use your vacation leave (because hey, I'm sure you'll have fun) or hey use your sick leave because it is health related...but god forbid you need that for a real emergency one day!! Seriously!!!

She then told me there is a TeleMove and that I can do this program over the telephone. So Friday afternoon, I got a call from my Move Coach who is supposed to call me back tomorrow (Tuesday) and talk about my enrollment. He even asked if I was surprised? Surprised how? Suprised that your doctor recommended you for the program. Me? Oh, heck no, we talked about it. He said, Oh, great, most clients don't even know why I'm calling. So anyway, I guess I will have a weekly meeting with Craig, my weight loss coach, who's in another town. He is sending me a journal, a scall and a pedometer and I must set goals, which I am already having trouble with. Goals.....goals? Calories, exercise, sleep......I must provide two goals........will revisit this later!

Friday I take the girl to get her eyebrows threaded...big mistake. She was willing, however, this apparently is painful and not very pleasant. Well we can't leave with just one eyebrow done!! Oh, I laughted, but feel bad for her now. She is only 12 but holy moly she has two catepillars for eyebrows. And though she fought through the pain and her eyebrows did look great, I will just let her handle that in the future. Step mom is out!!

But then, OMG, the spawn of Satan was released in the exam room when it was time for back-to-school shots! She delared...NO, I'm not getting shots. I don't want them and I ain't getting them. She needed two just to go back to school and then we elected the new HPV one, so there were three. And she howled and moaned, hissed and through fit after fit. The nurse poor thing tried to intimated her with the costs of the shots...yeah, well she wasn't hearing this. Didn't care anything about money or the cost of it. She instead grabbed her sleeve and held it down, don't touch me, I hate needles, it hurts and OMG. Finally there comes a time in one's life, or the proverbial straw that the step-mom cannot take anymore. I told her. Stop IT!! You are 12 years old. If you do not get these shots...fine. We'll go home and you can pack your stuff and take it all back to your mother's house when she comes and gets you, because....you can't go to school without the shots and if you don't go to school, I don't even want you over at my house. I hated to do it, but I mean it and I meant it!! So she sucked it up and took the shots! The first and second ones we given and I said...wow and you didn't even die! The 3rd one wasn't so bad. Little brat!! Needless to say, I was more than happy at 5:30 whenever her mother came to pick her up!!

And then on a side-note. Her mother and step-father moved across town and she would have to change schools. However, her great mother said she wasn't changing schools that she would drive her to school and pick her up each day. Well if this doesn't happen, or the mother has other priorities than school transporation we will have to legally step in. She cannot try to home school this kid either, because it didn't work out too well with the YA now did it?? And she is dumber than a rock, how is she supposed to help with homework or learning? Better days I tell ya!!

So Saturday I was completely exhausted and DH and I stayed home. I did run out and get my hair cut shorter. Other than that, I walked my dog twice. First hair cut (4 inches off) with girl at the baseball game

Second hair cut (another 2 inches off) with DH on the hike.


Sunday, DH and I went on a hike with the dog and stayed home. I did laundry and mowed the front yard and some of the back. And then the YA called and asked us to buy him some contact lenses until he can get some money! Oh and how do you see yourself accomplishing this? I asked to no one in particular! With NO HS diploma or GED and you are the smartest person in the world, so I'm all ears! I can see that you have tons of people calling asking for all your infinite knowledge about everything! UGH!

So I will be back tomorrow with my goals after my first session with Craig! Can't wait for all the great insight I will get over the phone! Have a great night - I apologize for my snarky attitude! Hopefully tomorrow I will have goals and a new plan for the new me!



Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 08/14/2017:
Hugs. Good for you for standing up to her. Sounds like if she yowls she gets her way.

InnerPeace - Tuesday Aug 08, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Been agitated the last few days because of OPKs - (other people's kids) LOL. I love them but OMG they drive me insane. When I sold my car to the YA I told him not to drive the he11 out of it, it already had 140K miles on it. It was good and reliable to get to work and back. This witless young man wants to hot rod it and spin the tires and do everything else young men want to do with a car. So know it needs a repair and because he has no job and/or income flow he seriously has the nerve to ask his dad to pay for it. WTH? uh...NO! because he will not go and find a job, he will not take classes and/or try to get back in school. He does absolutely nothing for himself, ergo...I will NOT do anything for him either! And then his girlfriend, doesn't do anything but eat! Seriously, when I was in high school I worked a part-time job, why can't kids these days? She says she is in beauty school - OK, take your @ss over to the salon and be a receptionist or wash hair or something for a few hours a day, DO NOT bring you lazy butt over and sit on my sofa all afternoon and wash your laundry for free!! OMG So SO sick of these kids!!

And then I spent a full day buying school supplies for the other, which I don't mind, except for the fact, that the perfectly good colored pencils I have from last year are not good enough, so she needs a new set. DH is like yeah, whatever she needs!! She doesn't need them, she wants them! Oh heavens...this, this is why I try to run - to get away from the madness!

Got my blood work back, A1C dropped from 6.3 to 5.9 which I am very happy about. However, cholesterol is up at 193 and triglicerides were also up, so after tonight's baseball game, I will be back on the wagon for eating better.

Looking forward to the Cleveland Indians game tonight, GO TRIBE!

I will be back on the straight and narrow path tomorrow, everyone have a good night!


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 08/08/2017:
Sounds like you are getting mean girled for pencils. Maybe dad needs to teach the value of a dollar. If I had wanted extra pencils I would have had to do extra chores. My mom wrote the chores she'd pay for and the dollar amount on slips of paper and put them in a jar. If I wanted money, I had to pick the ones I wanted to do and then bring them to her for reimbursement. If it was something that was on sale and I was worried it wouldn't be there when I came back, she would buy it but it went into the locked gift cabinet until I could pay for it. I was working as soon as I turned 13.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/09/2017:
Hiya IP!

Does the YA have a HS diploma? If not, he seriously needs a talk that he should get one. Next, sorry so sorry about the car stuff involving YA. Speaking from my own experiences and past, I also did NOT take care of my first car, given to me no cost by my father. He has actually given to me, without cost, at least THREE cars – all were his previously. When I had the money to spend, as a teacher, I had once leased my own brand new car. And I loved the car – it was a 2 door sporty Honda Civic! They were only out a short while and looked so cool on the road! How I loved that car! I had it 3 years. The lease was quite cheap during that time and I made a good amount of money at the time so it wasn’t hard to pay for it while living home. That was the only time I could afford to lease a car, in my entire life. Now I could also afford a car to lease, but, it would be stupid as it would mean that I wouldn’t be able to save as much money as I do for my 401k!

I know I am very lucky. My father gives me more than I could ever ask for. Without him, I would have had little help and would be DEFINITELY taking the bus. My dad has made my life easier…and once in awhile I realize that maybe life has been slightly too easy…and that has caused some of my laziness in the past and lack of desire to strive for more. Ah well. I am working now. I am discovering my way now…sorta late, but not too late. I’m 35 September 9th…

So going back to the car stuff, involving the YA…I am not so sure it’s so terrible what he did to the car….but had he been experienced with how to handle cars from his PAST EXPERIENCES, of which he has none or very little, then he would have probably been much more careful with the car.

I do agree 100% with you about the beauty school. She can also work at a salon part time as you mention – at least washing hair. It’s good experience for creating good relationships with people and developing a necessary rapport with customers. As well as just perfecting her skills. AGREE. She just eats bc she has too much time. Man, she can get out and walk at the park or jog too….sounds they are both really young and not yet grounded into any kind of routine. As you and I know, this can’t continue through adulthood because it just doesn’t work as a lifestyle that’ll get them anywhere. Hopefully they’ll grow out of it. As least, she is in school.

In terms of the laundry…I have a slightly skewed view…pardon me! My sister, who earns 100K per year!!!!...and her husband, who earns OVER 100K per year, bring their laundry over to my parents’ house whenever they visit and do it for free…..! LOL. They live in Manhattan and have a laundry room there…but I think most laundry is done by the hotel her husband manages! And my parents have big machines…so my sister figures it’s a convenient time to wash just about every item that ever needed a good washing! She does like 2-3 HUGE loads when she goes to my parents…they’ll drive so it’s easy to transport the stuff (they don’t take the railroad in)!

On the other hand, I never do my laundry at my parents. Mostly because I find it more convenient to do my laundry at my own apartment in our public laundry room! I do not fold clothes. I simply hang up every shirt I wear. Even pajamas. I have enough closet space to just hang them…so they don’t wrinkle. But if I did laundry back at my parents’, well, it’d be wrinkled when I got home! Wrinkled even from folding! Also, I once ruined a shirt bc it got caught on a wheel of the cart I was transporting my clothes in from my car back up to my apartment after washing them at my parents’! that’s why I do not like doing this almost ever.!!!

I do understand you not wanting to buy new colored pencils. At least they aren’t a huge expense. Putting myself in girlie’s situation, I think I would be OK with the old ones. But can’t be sure?

I am glad your bloodwork is basically ok. Sorry about the cholesterol, BUT, you can google which foods are bad for cholesterol and simply try to eliminate them ! Like egg yolks – just don’t eat the yoke and have some avocado with egg whites instead…as long as avocado doesn’t contribute to any cholesterol problems! I think the cholesterol thing should be manageable…

Keep up the jogging. I keep forgetting to time my mile! I even looked down at my watch yesterday for the starting time, but forgot to check it after a mile of almost complete running with almost no short break (took one break to stretch). And then ran an extra ¼ mile lap…which is why I was so forgetful to check my watch…I had run something different than a mile! Then I was walking / jogging until I got up to 2.5miles. Lately I am able to plan 2mi-2.5mi workouts. What do you typically do for your distances when you are jogging?

innerpeace on 08/14/2017:
No he doesn't have a HS diploma, because he is the smartest person in the world and knows everything already and going back or getting a GED is just stupid! His words not mine! This is another reason why I could kick his mother in the ass for not making him go! I don't care if he does laundry all day at my house, I just want him to try to find a job.

He worked with his step-dad and was paid under the table. Then when he asked his step-dad and mother for a regular salary/check they go off on him, tell him he's a no-good-for-nothing son and kick him out of the house. So for the last two/three years he was working for them instead of going to school. And then when he got kicked out of his mom's house he went to live with the grandma...he started working for a friend of his step-dad's, also under the table.

I am paying his insurance. I told him I would pay it for a year...after that, I will NOT pay it anymore unless he is taking GED classes or going to school.

His GF is supposedly in cosmetology school and she isn't working any kind of job at all. I know when I had my driver license I wanted to work to get my own money.

Last night he text asking us to get him some more contact lenses and he will pay us back. How? He doesn't have a job. I sent him a resume I made for him and told him to look it over and that I would add or take off anything that wasn't right. Do you think he has answered or replied to my email. Heck NO!! Anyway, I'm just fed up with them, because you would think that since he knows everything already, he wouldn't be in this kind of situation.

And then the girl made a comment over the weekend that made me a little mad. She said that if she needed anything else for school she would tell me because she knew she would get it. WTF?? I said that was a really bratty thing to say. And then she started back pedaling saying, well, I could tell my mom, but I don't know when I would ever get it.

Whatever I'm so not happy with the OPKs!

InnerPeace - Friday Aug 04, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Tried to relax last night, however, there were cherries that were going to go to waste, so I boiled them down and made a cobbler thing with them. I also started having this weird burning sensation/pain in my lower left abdomen down to my groin area and it hurt to walk. It was still kinda going on this morning, so i did not get up to run.

Currently it is pouring down rain so I can't see myself doing it after work either. Tomorrow the rain is supposed to be gone so maybe I will get it down then.

Tonight we get the girl for the next week. This will be the last whole week for the summer. I am so glad I get so drained taking care of her - or entertaining her or making sure she stays out of trouble, whatever it is called these days.

I have a few things I wanted to do this weekend. May go on a volksmarch near the lake and a few rummage sales.

Tuesday night we are going to another Cleveland Indians game...very excited about this and can't wait. I love watching them play.

Thursday and Friday I am taking off work to get the girl to the doctor to get her a shot for school, my doctor's appointment and to go school supplies shopping...also there is a wagon/hay ride at a metro park one night.

So in between all of this I will try to eat better. I also scored three tickets to the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert the 18th of the month from a veteran's organization. Love these opportunities.

So, If I don't check back over the weekend...have a great weekend!

Cheers IP

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 08/04/2017:
Sounds like a busy few days...have fun!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/04/2017:
Hello IP!

You may have pulled something which is hopefully the only reason you have pain. My mom once pulled something straight in her groin and it hurt her VERY much…the worst pain she was in!

We’ve been getting a bit of rain again too. It def hasn’t been a summer of drought! Seems like a good balance if you ask me!

Yeah, I can understand that it can be draining with a girl all week. Can you try to get her to read? Or at least watch a movie together…that’s more enjoyable for both!

Wagon hayride sounds fun…haven’t been on one of those in AGES! That sounds like a really good concert coming up! What’s the price by you for your seats? Does it say on the ticket! Ohhhh and you won them! Congrats!!!!!!!!

Donkey on 08/05/2017:
Sounds like an exciting weekend!

InnerPeace - Thursday Aug 03, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Can't say as I have been working a program. I will!! Got back to work and was slammed with work - everyone wants something right this very minute and then I have deadlines to submit next fiscal year stuff, so I have been very busy. This busy I like - busy with no stress.

I have been trying different food though. Last night DH made a casserole with zucchini and potatos, ham and cheese. I could have done without the potatoes. It was ok.

I could not make it up this morning to run. I was so tired and after blood work today I plan on taking a nap.

Tomorrow I will run again with my new shoes!

Everyone have a great evening! IP

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/03/2017:
Good Afternoon IP!

I love the type of busy you are talking about. When you have work, but it’s not all due right away! I like that kind of busy also!

Casserole sounds nice…I have actually been trying to eat more potatoes now and then bc they have potassium which is good for me as well as healthy carbs – way more healthier than chips. And they are a good mix with other fibrous veggies and aid in digestion (but yes they are higher calorie!).

Yeah, sleep is so important. When I miss an hour, I get so cranky and so overtired the next days if I cannot make it up…I tend to be able to always make it up at least on weekends, thankfully!

Enjoy your NEW SHOES while you run! Good shoes are DEFINITELY very important!

InnerPeace - Tuesday Aug 01, 2017

Weight: 306.0

I'm back! I survived the road trip. We had a good time.

We visited the weather forecast office in Buffalo, nice people, got good information! We ate at Anchor Bar, where the Buffalo Wild Wings were first invented  it was OK. Loved, Loved, Loved Niagara Falls! We walked all over that place, road the Maid in the Mist and I was just fascinated!

We had Mighty Taco for dinner - this place was recommended as a local favorite - It was OK - better than Taco Bell though.

Sideways pictures of April the Giraffe and baby Taj! We had fun here. This place is way smaller than I thought it would be.

We went to see the movie Valardian - it was just OK too but the seats were comfortable. First time in a recliner movie theater.

Thursday the girl and I drove home. Friday I was up and finished the couch to 5K program. I still didn't get the 3.1 miles in. I think it was 2.44, guess I'm a little slower than anticipated, however, I did jog the whole 35 minutes. I will continue to do this...maybe I will reach the 3.1 miles before too long.

Friday we took the girl to see the Emoji movie...no lie...I thought it was pretty bad and caught myself nodding off a few times and I chopped off about 4 inches of my hair.

Happy August people! I started off eating not one but two bagels, I was extremely hungry this morning for some reason.

DH made me a chicken, bacon, avocado salad last night that was delicious, I could eat it everyday.

Blood work scheduled for Thursday - not looking forward to it.

Have a great night! IP


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Donkey on 08/01/2017:
Welcome home! Lovely pictures - looks like it was a lot of fun!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/02/2017:
Welcome Back IP! I also had a little adventure (staycation) of my own this past long weekend from Sunday till Tuesday I was adventuring around with a male friend of mine! It was the best time EVER! We did SO MUCH!

Isn’t the maiden in the midst fun!? I also rode it! So fun and you do get sprayed a little bit from the falls, right? I hope you had nice weather while you were at the falls. When I went, it was one really nice sunny day, another I think drizzly day, and the ride back to my friends was soaking rain….but we were thankful we didn’t get soaked while walking around!

Thank you for notifying me that the baby’s name is Taj LOL! ….All we have is recliner movie theaters by me!

WOWWWWW! Good for you jogging a whole 35 min – NO, I cannot do this yet in any comfortable fashion. I haven’t yet. YOU WIN! Hahaha

So now you have short, chin length hair, right?

Good luck with your blood work…I’m sure it’s improved from the original! Keep up the good work, Lady!

happy-1 on 08/03/2017:
Great trip!

InnerPeace - Friday Jul 21, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Failed to get up this morning. It was 72 degrees. That is a little warm for me. I will not fail tomorrow. I will get up and get it done. Another thing is when I get too hot, it takes me forever to cool down and then I get sweaty again when I blow dry my hair and then I don't even feel clean any more! Tomorrow I don't have work, so I can cool down as long as I need!

I will do the second run on Monday morning - again off from work and do the final run on Friday when I return from the mini vacation! That was my goal to do it by my birthday and  turning the big 5-0! Next I will actually register to run in a race and I have two in mind. We will see have the next three runs go!

DH worked until noon today, so he put in 12 hours at his work. I will never understand why he does this. So now he is working and sleeping. This is all. He wants Jersy Mike subs for dinner tonight. I

We don't get the girl until Sunday afternoon because of the vacation thing. We are going to the Irish festival on Sunday and Monday will be the pack and get ready to go. The girl has a therapy appointment and then we leave on Tuesday.

I will post pics if I can, if not it will wait until we get back.

Have a great weekend! IP

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/21/2017:
Hi IP!

LOL….I guess 72 in the AM can be warm? It’s sorta at least that temp if not higher everyday here in NYC area. It’s ok to take a break some mornings. It happens to me every so often. Maybe you needed more sleep today?? Yep..hair….that’s why I love my hair right now this summer….air dry only and it’s short! Yes, agreed again – exercising when I don’t have work is SO MUCH EASIER lol….

Wow I didn’t know you were approaching this milestone bday! What a great time you choose to become healthier and do better for yourself!!! Good for you, IP! I hope to be like you when I’m turning 50 – active, caring about myself and hopefully somebody else (lately I just wish for a boyfriend , someone who gets me & I get them…they don’t seem anywhere out there….it makes me sorta sad at the moment)…anyways, I hope to be like you and I already am a bit….i like to go to the community festivals and take advantage of most weekends to enjoy and see new activities and performances and places. The weekend I’m taking a break though….I yearn to be mostly home. Craving a lot of me-time….again!

You’ll def need to keep up updated on your runs…!!!!!! You are doing better than me! But I’m getting better!!! haha….and so are you!

Is girl coming with you on vaca? I don’t think so but I forget if you told us? Vaca is coming close, so nice!

BearCountryGG on 07/21/2017:
I admire you both for running, those days are over for me.....when I tried to run I got an ingrunial hernia that stopped that as quick as it started........I was more of a stationary bike rider.....but as of lately just moving around at home seems to be the extent of my exercise....sore hips get you when you are old......

thinnside40 on 07/21/2017:
I put a fan in our bathroom. I'm an easy sweater and hate feeling icky after getting out of the shower. Not to mention the difficulty to put make-up on if need be.

Donkey on 07/22/2017:
The humidity is what's the killer! We've had lower temps here in the Chicagoland area but with the high humidity levels, I've had to keep the AC on because it feels awfully hot and uncomfortable otherwise.

I'm so impressed with your running! And now you're ready to start racing... So far, this is only a dream or a wish for me. YOU'RE actually making it happen and doing it! :-)

Have fun on vacation!

InnerPeace - Thursday Jul 20, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Crazy day at work leaves me no time to post! I try to stay off the computer at home.  I hate it and the ipad is hard to type on.

Anyway, the last two mornings I have woken up with pounding headaches. This again! I thought these were over. I rescheduled my blood work and dr. appointments. I just didn't feel like being stressed during my next week mini vacation. I will deal with this all upon my return.

The girl was over last night and she had a dental appointment to get a couple of fillings..yes brushing your teeth does prevent this from happening, how to convince the 12 year old of this?

The YA came over with his GF last night and brought some home made cinammon roles and dinner roles - well because they don't work and have nothing else to do. I don't like cinammon anyway, DH can eat this. And then, and then...I think of other disgusting things like did they lick the spoon and then stick it back in the bowl. SO thanks, but I will pass this time. I am starting to have these thought eating out too. Did you wash your hands? I'm becoming a germaphobe! Thanks Chipolte!! You did this! LOL

Hoping I can get up and get my 28 minute job in before work tomorrow. Need to tie up a lot of ends before taking off for a week.

DH asked me why I wouldn't accept his dad's friend request on FB. Well because...he is friends with your exwife and I don't want her in my business - friends of friends! And besides why is he friends with your ex-wife and her husband anyway??? This is weird to me. And come to think of it DH's sister and neice are also friends with the ex-wife. What ever happend to family loyalty? No thank you! I think I hate FB.

Anyway had subway for dinner yesterday because of the girl's appointment. Didn't count the calories. I will start this again soon.

Have a great evening!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/20/2017:
Hello IP Lady!

Me too…I enjoy posting at work more than at home. At work it’s a nice distraction & even very relaxing habit for me to break away from work and give myself a mind break. I enjoy leaving you all comments while at work also. At home it sometimes feels like a chore…even myself writing the entries is sometimes not enjoyable at home – unless I’m relaxed LOL at home & do NOT have much going on…but even then….I feel you…I feel the same!

Do you think you are slightly anxious about your upcoming vacation? Maybe this can be a reason for your headaches? Make sure you are drinking water…maybe you are dehydrated? Or maybe it is stress. Make sure to do some relaxation things…or stretch…or get up every so often at work? Only suggestions…

Convince her yeah to freaking brush teeth. Frequent brushing, for sure, helps. I had no cavities throughout my childhood. And hardly any as an adult. Once a dentist use this device that beeped whenever I had a cavity…I think this dentist was a liar and thief! And a stinking friend of the family…but the only dentist who is seriously cheap…they would take fruits from hotels where they stayed with buffet breakfasts (they had like whole grapefruits and oranges) and bring the whole fruits home in their luggage! That’s how cheap they are…a dentist! They live in a real nice area, very ritzy, and his wife never worked…so maybe he did need to be a cheapo….it’s just funny…I’d like to take whole fruits home too, why not.!?

Listen…Chipotle is too good to pass up! I LOVE chipotle! WAYYYYY better than subway. I always get a salad, with TONS OF SAUTEED onions & peppers on it…a meat…a little rice (not much) or chips (chips or rice not both!) and nice amount of the tomato thing…salsa? No…what’s it called…the chopped tomatoes….and sometimes a little guac. It is def more calories than a plain 6” deli meat sub, but, it’s way more filling and healthier!

I am so proud of you on this running….remember I said I’d check if I can do a mile….YES, but not YET have a tried. I keep stopping bc I’d rather not injure myself. I could do it, but for now I KNOW I& have tried and completed .75miles. ¾ of a mile I have done…so I’m almost there ! You rock, lady…..you seriously rock! I can’t wait to run 28min straight!

That’s a good reason not to accept a friend request. Or, accept him and block him from most anything using the privacy settings…you can put him in a group all of his own and you can mostly exclude him from everything you post. ???? you can….but you have to remember to set every post to all friends except his dad LOL.

BearCountryGG on 07/20/2017:
Don't blame you at all about the father in law thing...I wouldn't either. And being a germaphobe hits home with me too...had a few incidents ourselves.

InnerPeace - Tuesday Jul 18, 2017

Weight: 306.0

I haven't seen so many people post in one day before! So great!

This morning I was up at 4:45. I did my 25 minute run. I was so happy I finished. The weather was perfect, a cool 60 degrees. Thursday I have an appointment for blood work...hopefully this will be better than last time.

Dinner last night was pork chops, baked carrots with parmasean and garlic and a big salad. Ended the day with 1682 calories.

Tonight DH and I are going our for an anniversary, which is tomorrow actually, but since we have the girl we decided to go tonight. We are going to Red Lobster so I need to steer clear of the cheddar biscuits, I do htink I want a mixed drink that is pretty though or a beer. I haven't had one in a long, long time, I guess I'll wait on this because of the blood work on Thursday.

Work is crap today; I have to sit through a seminar and hope I don't fall asleep.

Have a great evening! IP

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 07/18/2017:
Having a plan is half the battle! You're doing GREAT!!!!

thinnside40 on 07/18/2017:
Best wishes for your blood work.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/19/2017:
Isn't it great....our community used to be more like this on the regular like 10 years back it was like this and i'd spend like at least 30min each night on the site writing here and commenting back...yes really that long ago!

InnerPeace - Monday Jul 17, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Friday I left work early just because I wanted to lay in bed with DH and snuggle. I miss him. I can't even remember what we had for dinner. DH left at 10:30 and I was alone.

I did make it up at 6:00 and went for my run, Note to Self: Do not wait four days between runs. OMG I thought I would die. I did finish though. I usually run Sunday morning, glad I didn't wait the extra day or I might not have. Tomorrow it will be the 25 minute run and then I should be finished next Tuesday. I have decided to take the girl on a short road trip with a work thing added in. We will leave next Tuesday morning drive to Buffalo visit the weather office there and then go to Niagara Falls. I've never been and looking forward to it. Wednesday we are driving to Binghamton, NY to visit another weather office and going to visit April the Giraffe at the Animal Adventure Park. I watched this giraffe for over a month. On the way home we are stopping at State College, PA and visiting another weather office and then coming home. Maybe stop in Pittsburge too, depending on time, if not come home. DH has to work and has already been to Niagara Falls and didn't care about seeing the giraffe so we are going to try to go by ourself. We got a room at the Air Reserve Center in Niagara so that is a lesser cost than expected.

work is crap this week making it longer than it should be, especially since I have vacation next week.

Saturday - DH and I went to a Cheese festival - I was almost talked into getting a replacement knife for my Cutco set, but DH said no. Afterwards he went to bed and I watched TV. Sunday about the same - DH went shopping I stayed home and washed clothes and did the house cleaning. It is still not clean enough.

today is, well Monday and I would rather be home. So here's to my 25 minute run tomorrow and hoping it isn't raining again.

Have a good night! IP

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/17/2017:
Hiiii IP!,

Awwww you very bad girl to leave work just to be with your man….HOW CUTE! How I wish to do this with the man that I really like….he’s been running like there’s a huge fire away from me…but I have no cares bc I really do believe that one day he will see me again :-P I really do. Don’t mind me…enough about me. But one thing – whenever I am with my current “friends with benefits man who is nearly twice my age almost! – who I am not completely attracted to but is a nice balance to my personality I’d say – I think of the man I truly like….and hate that I cannot be with him. but perhaps one day as right now I’m learning a lot being with this particular man :-P and even though we’re not meant to be together in the long run, I’m learning a bit about relationships and communication from this guy as also this guy shows me around all of our neighborhood and surrounding nyc areas….i’ve learned so much and been to so many places bc of my current “man in my life” it works out SO WELL. so well right now. but he’s a smoker and money is a bit too tight for him – and he has some anger issues but not towards me – but these are reasons it cannot work for long run. But good for now….ok I’m done about me now!...

Really it wasn’t good to wait some extra time between runs? Lately if I’ve been training well and not skipping, when I take time off gym (not anymore bc now I always skip a day so it’s very difficult) but when I was very structured and then took a day or two more off, I’d come back with more energy and stronger! I think it may have been a mental block you were batting – a mental obstacle with doing this run…don’t worry. You CAN get thru these…you’ve been training!

Are you going to both sides of the Niagara falls? I’ve only been to the Canadian side bc I was visiting someone from Toronto and HE didn’t have a passport to join me on the NY side so I didn’t go alone duh! No more time anyways on that trip! The views are totally different but I hope you get to see the falls from the Canadian side bc that’s the better view!

Oh wow….you are going to see the Giraffe that gave birth!? Haha…better you than me! I am also uninterested in the giraffe. Why are you going to the weather stations??...that’s your work right??

I’m SO GLAD you didn’t get the knife at the cheese show! OMG thank gosh I wasn’t there….all I need is ample servings of cheese lol. it’s so bad but so good….so I simply stay away almost always.

Go enjoy your run…I do not run again until Wednesday assuming it doesn’t rain! And if it does, I’ll go to the gym…no more days can be skipped anymore for me….2x a week for the rest of the summer! In September I may move to 3x and take a month off the gym. For the academy, I need to run. Hopefully I can get by actually with just 2x a week training? What’s your training?

innerpeace on 07/18/2017:
I know exactly what you are talking about. I pined for a guy and basically waited 15 years for a guy. It took four years of therapy to quit hoping this relationship would work out. Apparently it was all one sided. To this day I still think of the would've, could've and should've. It took me a long, long time to get it through my head that this person just did not want to make sacrifices in his life to be with me. He could say he loved me everyday all day, but when it came right down to it...actions speak louder than words. The straw that broke the camel's back is...we were scheduled to go on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas - leaving from Charleston, SC. Two days before the cruise was to leave, he calls me to say he can't go! Seriously? He tells me that his daughter was raped and he had to stay back and tend to things. I never got confirmation if that story was true or not. But anyway, that is not the first time he left me hanging...may be like the 3rd. The first time I flew from Hawaii to drop my son off to his dad and told him I would be in the area...he says I have to drive to Michigan and do something. Again..seriously you couldn't have seen your son on a weekend I wasn't coming....Anyway I'm telling you - don't waste anymore of your time on your PT man! He doesn't want to be with you. If he did, he would.

That is how I got to be in Ohio. This man wants to be with me every day, all day and stops by my work each morning on the way home because he didn't get to fix my breakfast. This man will bend over backwards and go out of his way to get me things and ensure I'm happy and/or comfortable. He tells me all the time, I am the the greatest thing in his life. THIS...this is what you need! Find a man who cherishes you and loves you and wants to take care of you.

I'm not saying don't have fun, do that, but look for someone who deserves you and makes you happy!

I am using the couch to 5K training app on my phone. I started off running 1 minute and walking one minute for six intervals. That increased to eight intervals and then the time started increases to longer run and walk intervals. I am finished with the intervals and now I am at the 25 minute run. I have no more walk intervals. This morning I ran/jogged for 25 minutes straight! I was so proud of myself. I am not the fasted, but I kept going for 25 minutes straight! Now the app just increases for the next week the times are 28, 30 and 35 minutes of running and then I will be finished. I should be able to run a 5K, but I think I am just really super slow. Hopefully the speed with eventually catch up and/or I will lose some weight and get speedier.

I was pleased nothing on my body hurt hurt this morning and the weather was I think 60 degrees which was the idea weather for me. Sorry to rant on. Have a great day! IP

innerpeace on 07/18/2017:
Oh and yes that is the giraffe that gave birth. I am a fan of giraffes and have collected them for years. I just love them.

BearCountryGG on 07/17/2017:
My parents took me to niagara falls when I was 4 and I grabbed hold of a railing and swung out over some deep cement 50 foot drop....ruined the trip for them....and add to the excitement on the way to the car I got a nosebleed that wouldn't stop so we had to go to the dr and get my nose packed....I was a barrel of laughs...lucky that they ever took me o another vacation after that one...LOL

thinnside40 on 07/17/2017:

InnerPeace - Wednesday Jul 12, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Tuesday didn't jog because it was raining. So for the weirdest story ever!

I am paranoid, I trust no one! I have mentioned this before several times. I would get up and be outside running by 4:50 a.m. I would encounter a person once in a great while. I would say good morning and move on. i was OK with this.

Last night DH and I made chicken alfreado with brocoli and cauliflower (this is what the girl wanted). After dinner we chit chatted. the YA and his GF came over. Soon the girl left, DH went to bed and then the YA and GF left. As usual I woke DH up at 10:45 and he was gone by 11:15 and I went to bed.

I was alseep! sound asleep and sleeping good when my phone rang. It was my DH telling me to unlock the door for YA because there was an armed robber outside in my neighborhood. What? you don't tell me this at 12:45 in the morning. He kept asking me if I was there? Are you there? Yes I'm here. I am shaking with terror and I couldn't figure out what to do or where to go. My heart was pounding, I was breathing hard like I just ran a mile sprint (which is funny because I can't even do that...but still). I try to find my glasses and then go down stairs and turn on the porch light and ensure the drapes are closed so no one can see inside. I wait. And then I think - oh great the robber is now probably in the tent that is still up in the back yard.

I still have no clue what is going on and my DH calls again and tells me to open the door because YA is outside. I look and he is standing on the porch and I let him in. He tells me that it is a police chase. Two people robbed someone and stole a car and was heading our way. But before they got to our neighbor hood they wrecked the car and was now on foot. The police were using dogs and helicoptors with heat seeking instruments to find them. They were considered armed and dangerous and everyone should stay in their house and let the police do their jobs! OK well...I was asleep!

DH said YA called and said he was concerned about me, because my house is in the direction they were running on foot, so he took it upon himself to drive over and spend the night with me. Which I am so very greatful....but now I'm afraid to leave my house again! OMG I just can't function. I was doing so well and now this!

DH had a hard time putting on his work pants last night!! He said he would quit eating sweets now, he doesn't want a bigger pair of pants.

YA is concerned he is having side affects from his medication.I told him to call the nurseline I do not even know what to tell him. He is seeing a therapist HOP, I think every other week. The therapist cannot prescribe the medication. The YA left shortly before I did this morning to go back to his GMa's house. I said thank you for coming over.

So this morning I did not get up to run/jog because A. I was terrified,  B. It was raining, C. A combination of both A and B or D. I was just being lazy....The answer is.....C.

I will see how tomorrow goes! I have heard on the radio that one of the men was apprehended and that helps. The sad thing, the radio said they were just 19 year old boys. Boys? ok whatever!

B: toast, iced coffee

L: left over alfredo noodles, cheezits, balanced breaks, pop tarts

D: I dont' know, DH said he was making roast, carrots and salad.

Have a great night! IP


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/12/2017:
Well Hello, IP!

I might as well write to you more since I have still 10 minutes left at this job today and that would DEFINITELY be the MOST PRODUCTIVE and BEST use of my time! ….i hope no offense is taken lol….I obviously enjoy DD enough to want to come here in my free time, especially at work ! So…I’ll make a second comment to you today!

Just take your phone with you when you go running. Don’t stop.

As for YA, make sure he takes the medicine so his anxiety level goes down. If he doesn’t take it, he’ll not get back on an even keel towards feeling better. TRUST me. The medication will make him think straighter and help him towards getting back on a better path. And he must talk to the therapist too – good.

bearcountrygg on 07/14/2017:
It sure is a scary world out there these days, we are all feeling it, I also let those kinds of things affect rather or not I want to go out, I guess food is always there and it seems innocent enough but NOt really....we hurt ourselves with it too. It's important for us to keep our eyes on the prize.

Donkey on 07/14/2017:
Wow, that is very scary! I'm glad you are OK.

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