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InnerPeace - Sunday Jan 22, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Up at 8:00 - crossword puzzle and iced vanilla latte. Piddled around the house until about 10:30 when I started laundry.

DH made a monkey bread with canned biscuits for breakfast.

Lunch I made a chicken and broccoli crescent roll ring and then for dinner we had left over chicken chili and char sui pork I had marinating most is the morning. Finished the night with some yogurt and1453 calories.

I tried to walk Steve but he is still abit sore and turned around after four houses. Poor little guy. A relaxing day - not looking forward to tomorrow.

DH and I have been contemplating getting a new car the last couple of months and now DHs son is saying he wants my car to drive to work. But he wants it today! Uh that's really not what I had planned and now I'm the evil stepmother! Oh well I'm not the one who let him drop out of school! Brat!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2017:
yeah, don't go blaming yourself for not wanting to lend out your own car. kid needs limits for sure!

great eating....i bet that monkey bread was irrestistible glad i wasn't in your house! haha.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2017:
I hope Steve feels extra good soon and that his soreness from the shots clears up!

Horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2017:
Your calories and food choices have been great. You have developed a healthier lifestyle in the short time i've known you. way to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 01/23/2017:
it's amazing how better food choices make us feel and look better. my skin is becoming actually radiant and the pimples are going away. so nice. i'm gonna work to keep it this way. So it's not only about calories, but our food choices...i'm working on the latter now.

keep up the good work. it's always learning experience for life!

InnerPeace - Saturday Jan 21, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Made it home and made my turkey meatballs in the air fryer. Turned out amazing! Ended the night with 1037 - a good number. Thanks to Zumba!

Sleep was so-so kept getting out and the girl's ceiling fan was making strange noises so I snuck in her room about 2:00 and turned it off.

Awake at 6:00 to get DH out of bed and to work. Went back to sleep and was up about 8:00. Left at 9:15 to take Steve to vet. He is super mad at me tonight! And his shoulder is sore where he got two shots. He goes back on Thursday for the third.

Shopped a little came home cleaned a little...

B: toast, peanut butter, iced vanilla latte

L: left over turkey meatballs and noodles

D: white chicken chili, Fritos, sour cream and some cheese

S: apple, yogurt

We took the girl to see Monster Trucks - very cute. I was very proud of them. DH had a water, the girl ate an orange and ME an apple. Usually they hog down a large buttered popcorn and large soda. So great win! Finished with 1477 calories. Happy with that.

Have a great night!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

InnerPeace - Friday Jan 20, 2017

Weight: 306.0

I get home and we have the quinoa crunch patties and avocado - I do not eat bread with mine. I have a yogurt afterwards. I ended the day with 1441 calories. I walked me dog and collected a poop sample for his vet apointment on Saturday monring, usually I can never get one the day of or day before, because dogs just don't poop on command.

Conversation last night - Me: what do you want for dinner tomorrow? (Remember DH is trying to clean out the freezer)

DH: There is that fish still in there (it is a bag of frozen fish)

Me: Oh I didn't realize we still had some.

DH: yes, there is one and 1/2 bags still in the freezer.

That was the end of the conversation. He falls asleep in the recliner and I watch Project Runway. We go to bed.

On the way to work DH asks me a bizaare question...again - ha asked me this question about two days ago...who do I think killed JFK?

Everyday I wake up and tell myself not to be mean, but when I've had the same conversation with my DH and he can't remember what I've said this is NOT my fault! He says I don't remember! I just think to myself...maybe if he cared enough he would remember. I truly think people only remember what they want to,, or seriously could people's memories really be that bad?

Anyway, I didn't answer and said exactly that - I told you this before! So anyway, at work I text DH and tell him I am leaving to go and get my blood drawn for a doctor's appointment next week. Did he want anything from the store. He said we are eating fish tonight! My reply was tonight? I don't eat fish on Friday's (no offense to Catholics) and we used to go out on Friday's but since we are saving money on dining out....

After I get my blood drawn I go home and watch the inauguration and set out ground turkey. I have decided to make the Hawaiian meat balls for dinner - no fish for me today! Then I get a text from the little girl saying she tripped over a leg chair at school and went home early with a twisted ankle. I asked if she wanted to go to the doctor - as I was just down the street, she said no! I asked if she still wanted to come over, she said yes...

Anyway, I did get up this morning at 4:35 and did about 40 minutes of zumba. After DH put my strip of carpet in the family room, it was much better.

B: maple & french toast flavoried granola, green tea (I bought this green tea at Burlington coat factory it says that it contains carcinia combogia to help with cravings. I drank this and will not drink it again. I swear it tasted just like I was drinking tea straight out of an ashtray! Back in the day when people smoked in diners, I would bus tables and have to wipe these ashtrays out and it smells just like that! Disgusting!

S: sweet and salty protein breakfast bar

L: lean cuisine spinach and artichoke panini, apple, baby bell cheese

D: ground turkey meatballs, egg noodles, green beans

Not many plans this weekend. I would like to declutter some areas, we'll see how that works out.

Have a great evening! IP


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/20/2017:
Well done on the calories.

Donkey on 01/21/2017:
Catholics are not required to eat fish on Fridays any more except during Lent.

InnerPeace - Thursday Jan 19, 2017

Weight: 306.0

So the good thing is I've lost weight, however, since my weight is higher than 306 I can't change anything! Bummer, Oh well I will change it when I finally get back to 306 and below.

Drama and more drama surround my life! Parenting sucks...kids sucks! I am so relieved my son made it into adulthood. I have severe doubts for my husband's son. I wrote hm a letter giving him four examples how other young men in my life have failed in life because they have no education and stress my family out trying to support them and keep them out of jail and out of trouble. I believe this stems from not spanking their a$$es when they were little! Spanking and discipline is so much different than abuse! And I hope there is a special place in H3ll for parents who let their children drop out of school.

DH and I picked up the girl and she told us of the weekend drama that had to do with keys being taken away, phones being shut off and the police being called. I hate that this girl stays in a home like this. There are just no words to describe sufficiently how I feel. How about I just had my hair colored on Sunday, I can already feel the gray coming back through.

We had grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for dinner. I think mine was sirloin and vegetable, but the sirloin smelled like dogfood so I gave it to Steve, he didn't like it either. He liked the grilled cheese better. I had a yogurt afterwards and ended the night with 1461 calories.

I spent most of the evening looking for pictures from a job I had when I first started DD back in 2001. The bank was reorganized and most lost our jobs, but anyway, they are having a reunion and I wanted to submit some pictures that I took of fun times. I also wrote a letter to a hopeful pen pal.

Then because the internet was down at work yesterday, I have crazy paranoia about clouds and banking and after tomorrow I hope nothing all of a sudden crashes because of the wackos who are antiTrump. I'm stressing myself out about this. I was freaking out at 6:45 when someone pulled into my driveway. I had so many thoughts going through my head...is this my DH's son coming to ask to stay here? Has something happened to someone and they couldn't get in contact with us? Some many morose thoughts...I may be making an appointment to talk to someone next week as well.

I slept pretty well, however, I did not get up and do my zumba, because my legs are sore. I will give them a day of rest and get back up tomorrow. I know it's making a different. I even feel better during the day.

B: yogurt; iced vanilla latte (milk and latte mix)

S: breakfast granola bar

L: lean cuisine salisbury steak and mac & cheese (270 calories) and orange - only three more left - they will all be out of the freezer - this is from DH cleaning it out. I think we bought 5 meals for $10 on sale a few months ago.

S: balanced breaks

D: I think is quinoa vegetable crunch burgers with avocado - again with the frozen stuff in the freezer (but I like these)

I came to work today...to get away from stress LOL. Have a great evening!


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/19/2017:
Congrats you are doing a great job with your food choices and it is paying off.

grannyannie on 01/20/2017:
Congrats on losing!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/20/2017:
Hi InnerP!

I’m so glad that you are losing weight as you should be because you are eating really well! I’m so glad that your decision to attend to what you eat and be more mindful or at least choosing healthier options has given you the reward of weight loss! And probably feeling better too! Happy for you!

Yes I am nervous for your hubby’s son but what about your son who has done well…hold old is he? What does your son do? I’m glad things have worked out for your son. I am sure you gave him just as much if not more than you give little girl. You are an extremely caring and giving person….and always remember (as you are doing more of now) to take care of yourself also ! ;)

It’s sad how some kids don’t have people looking after them and all sorts of strange situations with not enough parenting or any parenting and kids are left behind or to fend for themselves which doesn’t always work out.

Yes, I agree that’s not the right household situation for this girl at all. It’s unfortunate when things cannot be taken care of within the house and within the family and cops need to be called. It is sad when adults cannot manage the household, etc. But then again, there’s a lot of disconnect and hardship and stress and unfortunate situations out in our country and the world. But back to your situation, I’m sorry about the girl. She is not deserving of all the bad influences that she unfortunately witnesses too often..at least that’s not the case at your place! You can only control so much – and InnerP I’m glad you give the girl a good situation and good care when she stays with you! Be proud of yourself!

Grilled Cheese can be healthy if it’s a small sandwich yes…I never liked cheese but lots of people eat it…and it’s a change from eating meat…and mixed with soup is a good idea – sorry the soup tasted bad! I actually ordered a grilled sandwich for lunch today…can’t wait!

Try not to let everyone else’s stress (anti trump stuff, your husband’s son) bring you down too much to the point where you are getting anxious so much…some things are not in your control (like the anti trump stuff)…I look at the girl who’s birthday is today at my work…and…she’s just so happy…nothing gets in the way of her happiness almost EVER! It amazes me sooo much. I couldn’t be like her if I tried…but it’s worth it to try to learn some of her principles! She’s a wonderful person she’s 29…parents are gone..but despite it all, she’s lead a very happy life.

innerpeace on 01/20/2017:
My son is 30 - he is active duty air force stationed in Georgia, USA.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/20/2017:
oh wow...what an honorable job...!!!

InnerPeace - Wednesday Jan 18, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Air fried chicken and steamed Brussels sprouts for dinner. A yogurt afterwards ended the evening with 1349 calories. I walked the dog and watched the movie Gone Girl. DH and I were very disappointed with the ending. Both of us had better scenarios than how it ended. I'm glad I didn't pay to watch it.

DH and Steve felt I had to be woken at 12:30 - Steve woke DH up and in turn DH wakes me up flopping around on the bed. I was able to get up at 4:50 and get Zumba in. I have to make a few changes in the family room but thinking I can stick with it for awhile. Afterwards had a cup of green tea and the showered.

Worst thing at work EVER...no internet today! Thanks to careless city worker cutting the fiber optic cable. Makes for long afternoon and I missed a webinar I was scheduled to do at 1:00 pm.

DH nixed the yoga tonight - he forgot the mats and we won't have time to get them and get to class - maybe I can do it at home. Oh and we have the girl tonight...ugh!

B: yogurt, iced vanilla latte

S: baby bell cheese

L: lean cuisine pizza - DH cleaning out freezer - apple, orange

S: balanced breaks

D:??? Thinking soup and grilled turkey and Swiss

Have a great evening.... more to say but not a fan of pecking it On my phone keypad.

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 01/18/2017:
Maybe i should buy myself Netflix and watch more movies about relationships so i can learn something...

I am so impressed with your eating and nutrition. Dinner sounds amazing.

Are you tracking if you have lost weight? I hope you don't mind my asking?

innerpeace on 01/19/2017:
Yes I am using the LoseIt App to track my calories. I have lost weight about six pounds, but I never updated my starting weight...so I will just change it when I get below what I have posted for now.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/19/2017:
no internet at work does suck....i am on there QUITE A BIT! And i don't regret that decision ever!

jayhawkjen on 01/19/2017:
How do you like your air fryer? Someone at my office just bought one, I had never heard of this appliance.

innerpeace on 01/19/2017:
we absolutely love it. It does a great job. The only thing is sometimes depending on the size of the chicken, we have to cook it separately and then the first one gets cold. But the food we have cooked in it always has tasted good. We have cooked chicken, beef and pork, frozen snacks (stuffed wonton, stuffed doritos, jalopeno poppers, etc) and I even roasted potatoes and carrots to accompany my crockpot roast. Very happy with this purchase.

InnerPeace - Tuesday Jan 17, 2017

Weight: 306.0

DH got home and found the soy sauce for me. I didn't know I would have to climb half-way deep into the food cabinet to find it. I got the tofu bacon recipe from a meatless friend. He said it was very good for making meatless BLTs. Here is the recipe should you be so brave.

Firm tofu sliced

1 tsp onion powder

1 Tbsp nutrian yeast (optional)

2 Tbsps soy sauce

1 1/2 Tbsps maple syrup

1 Tbsp oil

1 1/2 tsp liquid smoke

Dip tofu in marinade and then bake for 15 minutes on 375F. He said it should be crispy, depending on your slices. He had about 16 pieces slided from his firm tofu.

I was wide awake at 4:30. I got up and went downstairs; did some zumba drank a cup of green tea and relazed for about 20 minutes before taking a shower. Feeling pretty good in the early afternoon...I hope I don't fade away as the day passes. - And then my stupid fitbit was out of life. I usually get an email and/or text letting me know the battery is low, but I didn't get that text or email - so missed some steps - bummed!

It has been raining all day - the sun is out right this minute but more rain coming. I would prefer it be cold and snowy now instead of in March and April...oh weather!

B: yogurt, iced vanilla latte

S: banana

L: left over avocado and walnut pesto penne with chicken, apple, carrots and cherry tomatos

S: balanced breaks

D: TBD - chicken is thawed but I wanted to keep that for chicken chili


Have a great evening!


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/17/2017:
even though you missed the steps, i can tell you were active :) and that's the important part...

excellent eating...how did your tofu turn out? i am a horrible chef so i don't see myself trying that recipe any time soon lol...but it looks tasty!

Donkey on 01/17/2017:
...I wish I could wake wide awake at 4:30am... Isn't it incredible how much you can get done when you wake up early? I get up around 5am every day, but don't mentally "wake up" until about 6:30a, so I pretty much waste 1.5 hours each morning just trying to convince myself to get started. Yep.

grannyannie on 01/17/2017:
Sounds good! I eat tofu about 3 or 4 times a week, but never had it as bacon.

InnerPeace - Monday Jan 16, 2017

Weight: 306.0

I thought I had all the ingredients for dinner but shopping for four hours yesterday was just not enough. Stores do not have zucchini. I went to Walmart and picked up some tofu for an experiment.

Then came home and watched the Librarians marathon because that's why I do!

B: cheesecake m&ms

L: bread and rotisserie chicken piece

D: pesto with avocado and walnuts with penne and rotisserie chicken. Cucumbers and tomato salad with mozzarella and Italian dressing.

S: yogurt

Was trying to make tofu bacon but couldn't find the soy sauce and we had no oil so I will try this again another day.

Walked the dog, did laundry and some Zumba. I could get usd to three day weekends! Ended the day with 1107 very happy with this!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/16/2017:
Tofu bacon? Interesting.

innerpeace on 01/17/2017:
I got the recipe from a meatless friend. I'll post it on my entry.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/17/2017:
tofu bacon sounds very cool....

tell us more!

also, what's the librarians marathon!?

innerpeace on 01/17/2017:
I'll post the tofu bacon on my entry. The Librarian's is a series on TNT. Noah Wylie from ER and Falling Skies is a librarian with three trainees and they save the world from historical relics and artifacts either recovering them or keeping them safe from thieves. It is humorous most times.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/17/2017:
sounds cool ! :) i have only basic cable lol....i miss out! but i'm ok with missing out...i might buy netflix.

InnerPeace - Sunday Jan 15, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Emotional night. DH's son was texting him and apparently was thrown out of his mother's and step dad's house. He was at the grandmothers. DH picked him up and brought him over; he was upset his GF broke up with holiness and was asking DH to help him get a job. DH was suggesting he finish school. All the kid wanted was a way to get money and wasn't interested in school. Poor thing is so angry and confused and knows EVERYTHING! Finally he tells DH he doesn't feel comfortable here so DH takes him back to his grandmas.

Today I gave DH a few options to talk to his son about the local community-tech or even Job Corp but again this almost 19 Year old knows it all. I wish I was so smart at that age /sarcasm/.

I was up at 8:00 and took a shower. Went shopping with DH left at 10:00 and was back about 2:00. I hate shopping! And I need to go pick up two things we forgot even with a list!

Thinking about getting my hair colored on my day off if I get the laundry finished.

B: toast iced tea

L: cheeese pizza slice

D: hamburger string cheese salad

S: yogurt , tried a handful of cheesecake m&ms (they are ok- won't even a problem)

Ended with 1263 calories

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 01/16/2017:
GREAT calories - you have gotten the hack of this! I'm really proud of you!!!

Sorry about the boy he sounds pretty troubled. maybe DH can try one more time - explaining that if he doesn't have any training, he'll always be making the lowest about compared to everybody else and not have any extra money other than pay bills...and not be able to enjoy life at all...he won't be able to get a place of his own...etc...i don't know. sorry....but...stay positive InnerP, I see you are doing REALLY WELL in this New Year!!!

InnerPeace - Saturday Jan 14, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Super lazy day. I did not get out of bed until 9:45. And then I just sat around not doing a lot. Finally about 11:30 I washed dishes and put a pork roast in the crockpot.

B: balanced breaks

L: toast, peanut butter

S: yogurt

D: pork roast with potatoes and carrots

S: pieces of monkey bread

Ended the day with 1477 calories and an earache.

Hope it doesn't escalate into sickness.

Have a great evening!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/15/2017:
Ouch. Hope it's not an infection.

InnerPeace - Friday Jan 13, 2017

Weight: 306.0

So got the girl and I swear sometimes she gets on my very last nerve. DH had to leave to go his doctor's appointment. So the girl takes a shower and comes down with a big huge bow in her hair. She has said several times, she doesn't like this bow and it's killing me to ask why she has it on, but I mind my own business. Why we are eating she tells me her step-sister called and told her that her mother wanted her to bring the bow home. So the little girl tells me she is wearing the bow so she won't forget it! I just roll my eyes and say whatever!

I don't care about the bow and if the bow was digging into my head and was uncomfortable, there would be no way in hell I would wear the bow...anyway. Then she says, my mom wants me to bring the bow home. Again, I don't care! I say, well take it home then. I hate that bow!

I didn't feel like eating the pork so we had the quinoa vegetable patties - or I did, the girl had chicken nuggets because she didn't like the quinoa patties. I also had 1/2 avocado and some rice. I also had a yogurt for dessert. I ended the night with 1492 calories.

I guess I had a good sleep, but it seemed as soon as I laid down the alarm clock was going off. It took everything I had to get into the shower, I'm so glad I don't have to work on Monday. It will be a nice break, for some reason this was an extra long week.

B: yogurt; iced vanilla latte

S: apple

L: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, humus, carrots & cheese crackers

S: balanced breaks

D: I guess I will break down and cook the pork - air fryer sounds like a great possibility.

Feeling extremely tired and wonder how I am going to make it 3 more hours AND work is slow, so not fun!

A few plans for the weekend, some depend on weather, and I seriously need to find some sleep.

Have a great evening!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/13/2017:
Excellent eating and calorie counting. Healthy eats as well...it's important to make good choices or you'll wind up with facial skin that's on it's deathbed like mine! LOL...

also, my work is just like yours - so thankful for Monday off!

My work is slow, but i'm more thankful this way than when it's too busy and i'm stressed...

for me, the slow work is Perfect for these months working on my fitness and getting into NYPD...this can be a GREAT thing :)

Donkey on 01/14/2017:
I think the girl wanted a comment out of you regarding the bow. Picking a fight? Maybe... Complicated.

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