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InnerPeace - Saturday Feb 20, 2016

Weight: 314.1

Just about let the day get away without journaling. Slept until 8:30 which was good. I was up at 6:00 but went back to bed. Hung around the house until 10:00 went on a hike the weather was great low 60s. Afterwards we ran around looking for st. Patrick's day stuff but didn't find what I wanted. Will look a few more places tomorrow.

Got home and cooked a early dinner of teriyaki chicken and stir fry vegetables. Then I walked the dog. It was a good day.

B: blueberry scone, iced coffee D: teriyaki chicken rice stir fry vegetables S; not proud but I did eat a cheese Danish

Calories today 1398.

It was a good day.

Progress as of today: 7.5 lbs lost so far, only 104.1 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/21/2016:
Well done on the menu!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/21/2016:
yum....cheese Danish. lately i'm craving some carbs...especially last night & this morning. must be because I had more carbs than normal and my body is still leveling itself out!!

InnerPeace - Friday Feb 19, 2016

Weight: 314.1

...and still I cough! I feel OK, but this is a lingering cough that needs to go ahead and skedaddle!

I didn't get to bed until almost 11:45 and then DH and Steve (Steve is the dog) come to bed about 1:30 and want to start playing. Seriously, with this, I have to work.

DH had his follow up appointment today from his surgery. They are recommending he stay out of work an additional two weeks. WHAT?? ACK! My DH just started his job last July so he has no leave and they don't have sick leave there, which really blows, so he isn't getting paid. This sucks!  He told them he will stay out one more week and reevaluate. We can make it the month of March, but he needs to get his ass back to work! We are using our savings account for the mortgage and after March it will be gone, but we will get our tax return so we will be OK, I just want him to get back to work, he makes for an awful house husband.

Wednesday case in point. We had taco salad for dinner. In my head, because he is at home and is doing....nothing! He could have chopped up the vegetables and gotten everything ready (the chicken was in the crock pot) and would have been finished when I got home after picking up the little girl. OK this is my way of thinking.  Not his, he thinks let me go get the little girl and then JoAnn can chop everything up when she gets home and then we'll eat. What the hell!! So any way, that's what happened and instead of eating at 4:30, we eat at 5:30. Not a tragedy, but instead of having quality time with the little girl, we are in the kitchen getting dinner fixed..

I told him last night I didn't like the Special K Red Velvet Crisp he put in my lunch. I said I don't like this, you can eat them. Last night he tells me, I made your lunch. And today, I have a Special K Red Velvet Crisp in my lunch! OMG! Thanks for making my lunch, but...grumble, grumble!

I'm so glad it is Friday, because of the coughing I didn't sleep very good this week and am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. It is supposed to get up to almost 50 so I am hoping to get a hike in or two - depending on the wind. My eyes are super sensitve and I have to be careful out in the wind. I see house cleaning in my future!

B: blueberry bagel, cream cheese

S: quaker yogurt bar

L: ham, swiss on three cheese bread, yogurt

D: planned, teriaki chicken with rice and stir fry vegetables.

Still in the back of my mind. Running. I dream about this. I was in the military and used to run everyday, it has been hard getting back into it, but I can plan for it. My friend wants to meet in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in November. I have plenty of time to train and get ready....it is hard knowing what you used to do and wondering if you could ever do it again! I will contemplate this over the weekend.

Progress as of today: 7.5 lbs lost so far, only 104.1 lbs to go!

OldMaid on 02/19/2016:
Running is freeing. I remember loving to run to... Not being heard is stressful. I wish I could say I have an answer.On the brightside someone thinks enough of you to make your lunch =)

grannyannie on 02/20/2016:
Hope you feel better and shake that cough.

InnerPeace - Thursday Feb 18, 2016

Weight: 314.1

Rough day at the office...annual inventory is sucking! Went to conference at the little girll's school she is doing ok, we are glad. Didn't do good with food today. B: bagel with cream cheese L: turkey, Swiss on honey oat Honey wheat pretzels Special K red velvet crisp (yuck) Getting home we decided to go play bingo - didn't win! Boo Ate one slice of pizza at the bingo hall After bingo we were starving so we drive thru rally's...dumb decisions some times. I are a rally burger and a small shake. Now I have nasty taste in my mouth. Ended the day with 2154 calories, kinda pissed with myself and it is so late!

I will Start again tomorrow!

Progress as of today: 7.5 lbs lost so far, only 104.1 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/19/2016:
Even though you feel you didn't do well eating, it doesn't sound like it was "excessive." not everyday will be "perfect" but days like these where we are more relaxed with food help us really make good choices later on! :) keep up the great work.

glad to hear little girlie is doing good in school :) it's thanks to you.

InnerPeace - Wednesday Feb 17, 2016

Weight: 314.1

I had 1543 calories last night after eating dinner, which was the brocolli croissant ring. It turned out pretty good.

I spent the evening looking for a letter telling me I had to work at the next election at the polling place. I don't want to, and  now I can't find the letter to tell someone. I don't want to take annual leave to go work for 12 hours at a polling place. Not my kind of fun.

Today was much better, I can say I am 95%, tomorrow I will be great! I was pretty busy at work which made the day fly by, those kind of days I love.

B: blueberry bagel; cream cheese (DH gave me this heading out the door) it has been so long, I enjoyed it so.

L: ham, swiss on 12 grain bread, yogurt

S: string cheese,

D: taco salad with chicken DH was cooking the chicken in a crock pot, so I will see if this can be made.

We have the little girl tonight, not sure what is in store.

Everyone have a great evening. PEACE OUT!

Progress as of today: 7.5 lbs lost so far, only 104.1 lbs to go!

puddles on 02/17/2016:
Glad to hear you are feeling better. Have a great evening.

Awesome50 on 02/17/2016:
Enjoy your evening.

InnerPeace - Tuesday Feb 16, 2016

Weight: 314.1

Yeah 4 day work week. but...it's Tuesday and man how Tuesday seems to just takes it's sweet time ending. I feel like I've been at  work for 12 hours and I still have two to go!

Took some alka seltzer plus last night before bed, but I still coughed way into the night. So much coughing my neck hurts. The good thing is...I am better today,  I can feel it. Tomorrow I will be good as new...hoping.

My town had volunteers knit and/or crochet hats, mittens, gloves for the homeless or destitute. People also donated hats, gloves, coats, mittens. Anyway, the Invest Elyria group took all these donated, made items and hung them up in the trees downtown where I live and then sent a facebook - social media announcement and told anyone if they needed something to stay warm to come out and pick it off the trees. This was just so nice. I wish I had know I would have donated, as my crocheting skills are lacking indeed. This made me happy.

DH is home again this week, he has a follow-up appointment on Friday and he will probably be released to go back to work on the following Monday. He is getting around better. He made it to his PT appointment, went to pick up the title to his truck, dropped off the taxes and made it home. He said he felt good and was attempting to snow blow, because....snow and more snow to come. I told him to be careful! He worries me. He over does it and then he will be in pain this evening.

B: quaker chewy bluberry yogurt bar; orange

L: ham, swiss on asiago bread, salted caramel pretzel pieces,

S: fiber one lemon bar

D: brocolli, chicken croissant with a salad

I will forever be searching for inner peace!

Progress as of today: 7.5 lbs lost so far, only 104.1 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/16/2016:
I am VERY glad to hear that everyone is doing better & on the mend!

I love those fiber one bars! tasty!

everyone is searching forever for inner peace, or that is anyone that believes in growth and renewal.

InnerPeace - Monday Feb 15, 2016

Weight: 314.1

Last night calories totaled 1189 which was low but I never felt hungry so I'm ok with this. I think it was missing lunch and eating dinner at 3:30.

I was up at 3:30 coughing. I have taken everything OTC. It is subsiding but still really annoying. I stayed up until 5:00, went back to bed and was up again at 7:30. Took a shower and DH and I was out of the house by 9:00 grocery shopping. Hit the stores, DH had to ride the scooter at Walmart but we made it.

After shopping we went to eat brunch at a diner. I had two eggs, three pieces of bacon and toast. It was good and kept me full. The only thing bad DH picked up some hostess donettes that we shared. Calories today 1689.

Dinner I had naan with ham and Swiss. Coughing is better and I soothed it with some home salted Carmel tea...still raspy and scratchy a little better each day.

Laundry is done but not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

Dress my dog up in his booties and jacket and took him outside for awhile. He doesn't like his booties and he doesn't like cold feet; he tolerated the booties. He's so cute.

I'm so hoping for a great week!

Progress as of today: 7.5 lbs lost so far, only 104.1 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/16/2016:
Sorry you are still sick...if you have to, go to the doctor for something stronger so that you can get better. My cough is pretty much gone now...took 2 weeks.

InnerPeace - Sunday Feb 14, 2016

Weight: 314.5

It was -10 this morning so DH and I ditched the brunch. Probably a good thing since we like to eat. Drama free which I like. DH even texted his ex about the medical bill situation, due to the divorce decree out of pocket expenses should be 50/50. She doesn't have her 50% so she told DH to claim one of the kids on the taxes. I told him to keep it hat text...just in case.

Pretty relaxed day am hoping my cough will be minimal tomorrow. My body is sore from coughing so much.

Didn't play on phone the entire day so I didn't calculate calories yet.

B- toast two pieces of potatoe bread

Late lunch early dinner: porkchop, quinoa wild rice mix and kale salad. I are 4 golden Oreos and 1/2 cup of milk

Not too bad but I drank 4 DDPs which is over my limit!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Progress as of today: 7.1 lbs lost so far, only 104.5 lbs to go!

Duaa123. on 02/15/2016:
Have nice day ...

Awesome50 on 02/15/2016:
I'm the same way with diet cola. I really need to work on that too. I set a limit but don't always stick to it. Hoping your cough feels better today.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/15/2016:
at least it's diet DP's!! :-) kale salad sounds so good! nice job today. I love the taste of Potato Bread! Morton's is my favorite brand....

I hope your Valentine's was nice & that it's warmed up by you! have a very nice day & wishing you continued healing with the coughing. Mine has gone away 90%. Thankful for the extra rest at home this weekend & time to recooperate.

InnerPeace - Saturday Feb 13, 2016

Weight: 314.5

Still with a nasty cough. My hobbling DH and I snow shoveled and snow blowed the driveway and sidewalks. Brutal cold at 11 degrees. We were outside about 45 minutes. I went and got y hair cut and then DH and I went to dinner. I are a pulled pork sandwich and a salad. Finished the day with 1641. I am ok with this and the drama free day.

Progress as of today: 7.1 lbs lost so far, only 104.5 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/13/2016:
I love pulled pork....so tasty. It's good by itself over cooked veggies or even cabbage! I'll have to experiment more with meats I think in the next few months or after I reach my goal weight. I want to add more variety of meat into my diet & maybe start cooking more of it myself!

Good calories, nice job!

Oh man, that is cold! Tonight it'll be 3 degrees and in the teens today! But we haven't seen 11 during the day since last year! I hope it warms up soon for all of us.!

Drama free here too. I hope you enjoyed & like your new cut!

My cough is on the mend, doing SO MUCH BETTER over here! If you get more of a chance to continue to relax, I am sure you will begin to feel better too!

grannyannie on 02/13/2016:
Sounds like a good day!

cybermom4 on 02/14/2016:
pulled pork is tasty. I have gotten into the habit of eating the pork and leaving the bread. They have a great pulled pork packet at Costco I think. It has been a while since I have been there. It may be BJ"s.

InnerPeace - Friday Feb 12, 2016

Weight: 314.5

Perfect example of what not to do. Finished the day with 2500 calories. Had to do with Krispy Kreme donuts. Went to the drug store for more meds and DH picked up a box. I was mad but dang those are delicious evil things.

Little girl was over I was trying to ask her about everyone in the hospital. She said the step dad had cataracts, an abscess tooth and swollen feet from being diabetic. Needless to say he should be fine, I think over dramatic comes to mind. The grandma was cold, couldn't breathe and her heart was beating too fast so they called the ambulance to come and take her, not sure if her prognosis. The nephew came and got the little girl and took her I don't know where. We have her again next Wednesday.

I still felt bad today and stayed home from work. I slept most of the day. Feeling much better still have an awful cough. Tomorrow I just might feel normal again...hopefully.

B. Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, toast L. Ham, Swiss sandwich D. A piece of ham not really hungry S. Peanut butter Chex mix (another mistake) but it was tasty. Finished the day with 1689 calories.

Will hopefully move around tomorrow.

Progress as of today: 7.1 lbs lost so far, only 104.5 lbs to go!

Duaa123. on 02/13/2016:
You know.. I think you should think about your username (inner peace ) .. we only can change from outside after changing form inside ... you can begin again and again many times ... hope you have great day

grannyannie on 02/13/2016:
Krispy Kreme is like crack! Best avoided!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/13/2016:
believe it or not, 2500 is not a terrible number and will probably NOT cause you to gain weight. just keep doing what you are doing the other days - and you will still see great progress!!!

so sorry to hear all the drama going on surrounding little girl :( wishing everyone health and healing.

InnerPeace - Thursday Feb 11, 2016

Weight: 314.5

We did do Chipoltle for dinner. I had blackbeans, corn and vegetables with the chicken. I ended the day with 1681 calories.

Still not feeling my best. Head stuffy. I have taken OTC meds since it's onset and I guess I will have to make the dreaded doctor's appointment to get relief. A texted converation with my

DH.Leaving for PT do you want me to pick us some meds for you?

ME: OK. I don't know what else to take I told you.

DH: Maybe some day quil for your cough. You were coughing loud last night

ME: I'm sorry I haven't mastered the art of quiet coughing.

DH: It's OK just want you to feel better. Just want you to sleep good so you can feel better.

ME: I wasn't really apologizing I was being sarcastic. I slept fine and could hardly get up thanks to Nyquil.

I guess I have low tolerance, because I was knocked out. Woke up with dried slobber and snot all over my face and my eyes were glued shut with dried goop. This really sucks. Good thing today though the head pressure is not there and I have only coughed a litle, so this is good news!

Earlier today DH called me at work to ask, Guess who else is in the hospital? uh...I have no clue. He told me that his ex texted him that her mother was now in the ICU and that Maddie and/or Mickey would pick up the little girl tonight. What the hell? Who are these people. He tells me that Maddie and Mickey are the neice and nephew of his exwife.

It's a terrible thing this, but I truly believe Karma is a ****. And why wouldn't this mean ass lady who never takes care of her daughter anyway, not let the dad keep her while everyone is in the hopital and she said herself she spends every hour up there? This is selfishness in a nut shell! Well what comes around goes around., just saying. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday, I'm ready for a three day weekend, eventhough it is supposed to be a big ole, hot freaking 1 degree on Saturday!

I scheduled DH and I a sweetheart brunch at a hotel a few towns over,  I hope he feels up to getting out and doing something. He said his knee hurt after physical therapy!

B: chocolate chip and oat protein bar

L: baked chicken on three cheese bread, 29 pringles, apple

S: chocolate chip and oat protein bar; string cheese - I got a noee on my Lose I! app that reads - We've noticed on day s you have cheese, you tend to keep you calories lower!  That's cool.

I have no idea about dinner yet, DH said he took out pork chops. We will see. I am doing the shopping this weekend. ACK! But I was even planning a menu, to get this accomplished. Hope it works out like I want.

I was thinking crazy things this morning. What ifs and stuff that usually just piss me off. What if...the exwife's husband does pass away, will she want her old husband back? Would he go? This is crazy stuff I think about, I know it's not good and I'm usually not so insecure, but I've never had to deal with a husband with an exwife before. I'll shut up!




Progress as of today: 7.1 lbs lost so far, only 104.5 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/12/2016:
Good calories. Hope you feel better soon!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/12/2016:
Chipotle is awesome & tasty. I should go there more when I can!

Me too, I’m relying on OTC meds. They are doing the drink but I have this darn dry cough. It comes back every few hours to remind me that I need to take more medicine. And coughing during the night as well. I seem to be getting better though, it’s just going to take like 2 weeks & more rest…

Lol, I took the Nyquil too!!!! And yes, I didn’t want to wake up either! LOL…we are living parallel lives!

Sorry about the stress revolving around your little girl! So sad that all the adults in her life (aside from your side) are such selfish inconsiderate people. She totally doesn’t deserve it – no kid does…

Yeah, it’s cold here as well, though not as cold as by you! wowzers! Can’t wait for Spring & the warmer weather to come in just a couple months.

What brand is the chocolate chip & oat protein bar? Cliff Bar?

Lunch sounds like it hit the spot for sure!

So I guess the cheese is working out if you are having lower calories on those days! Maybe it’s because you are also more prepared on those days with a low cal snack which is the cheese...

Don’t let the ex’s stress you too much….their problems are mostly theirs – not yours. That’s why they are ex’s, right?

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