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InnerPeace - Wednesday Apr 08, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Almost let the day get by me without and entry.

Work was stupid, just because I don't have a lot to do. I was trying to find a popcorn machine all day. No luck. Boss will be gone for a week so I will have time to walk more. All in all it was a good day.

Steve was up twice last night, DH says he is barking at a rabbit running through the yard. Rabbits are fine, it's the skunks I get concerned about, poor little Steve was sprayed twice last year, and it was a huge mess.

B: brown sugar maple oatmeal

S: 1/2 peanut butter sanwich

L: turkey and swiss on whole grain bread. I bought the wrong time, this bread is spongy and I don't like it at all

D: pork roast, salad

S: dried pineapple.

DH and I took Steve for a walk in the neighborhood, I still can't believe we still are wearing our jackets. It was really foggy too at 6:30 at night, very eerie.

Day 10 journal challenge. If you had to live your life with only one food and one drink what would you choose? Hands down the drink would be water, as much as I love my diet Dr. Pepper, I know it would not be a good thing to just drink only DDP. The food would be chicken. I can do so many things with chicken.

I hope tomrrow turns out as good as today. Have a great night! IP

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

InnerPeace - Tuesday Apr 07, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Today is a dreary, rainy, chilly day. The rain however is making everything green which is pretty. I wish I could say the same for me. I just can't get motivated. I have all these good ideas but I can't make them work...I'll keep tryining.

B: maple brown sugar oatmeal

S: 1/2 peanut butter on whole grain bread

L: roasted turkey, colby jack cheese on whole grain bread, banana, yogurt

S: tropical trail mix - only ate the pineapples, cashews and coconut pieces.

D: steak, carrots and potato salad (if everything works out)

DH is taking the little girl to the library for a class she is signed up for "tweens at the table" she is supposed to learn more about nutrian. Once she gets back to our house we will do the reading and the homework and eat.

I emailed her mother and sent her some free camp information for this summer and suggested that the little girl might be interested in one or two of the interest groups and maybe even the stepsister over there. I then told her how upset I was about the little girl's hair over the weekend. She replied thanks for the camp info, she would look into it and she knows about the hair and could I help her talk the little girl into getting it cut. Excuse me? The little girl says you won't let her get it cut, what in the world, I don't know who to believe any more.

I paid $15.00 for a dog walk to happen on 4/26/15. I can't wait. We also have a free dog walk this weekend at a lakeview park.

DH fought with the heater/AC trying to change the air filter out, it was quiet comical but he finally got it out. He didn't take the measurements and went to get a replacement and got the wrong size. So he made two trips. After he sat outside and we played frisbee. It was kind of fun but the grass was still wet so we tracked mud in the house.

Day 9: What are your pet peeves? I have so many, just to list a few: driving too slow in the fast lane, cutting in line, chewing with your mouth open, rude people, people who interrupt you while you're talking, saggy pants, unflushed toilets, loud cell phone usage in public, animal cruelty, people who follow too close, people getting on the elevator before you get off, pushy sales people, obliviousness in general, bad grammar, missuse of homonyms are just a few. I have a bunch of others, which I will save for another day.

Hope you all have a great day!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 04/07/2015:
Hope your day has been a good one!

InnerPeace - Monday Apr 06, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Steve had a blast at the dog park.

DH was moody because it was three years almost to the day, or Easter, when his wife left, so he's not a big fan. I hate Easter just because I had appendicitis and no one believed I was in pain. The nurses didn't want to call in the surgeon because it was a holiday. What the eff, lady I'm in pain and NO for the 3rd time I'm not pregnant! I was traumatized to say the least, that pain was so much worse than labor. And then when my son was two he banged his head and got a goose egg on his forehead that became abcessed, he was in the hospital on Easter, and my mom wouldn't come up to the hospital and bring me birth control pills...it was a big mess, so Easter is not my favorite time of the year either, no religious reasons!

Because we were both moody, again we made unhealthy choices and stopped at Steak and Shake and ate hamburgers...again. This morning is a start of another day!

B: maple and brown sugar oatmeal

S: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich

L: turkey and provolone on whole wheat, banana

S: some trail mix, I didn't eat it all only a few cashews and the dried pineapple

I did get to walk this afternoon at work, I did get rained on but I found a new corridor through the music school and heard all kind of beautiful music walking by the practice rooms. It was very different and refreshing.

Day 8 of journaling challenge. What would you say to 3 different people?

To my husband...You have brought back the sunshine to my soul, the joy to my days, you have restored my broken heart, your smile has healed my pain and your caring spririt has rescued mine from dark places. I love you and will cherish you always!

To his exwife...you are the worst mother I have ever known in my life, you certainly have your priorities mixed up lady! You need to get your head out of your ass and take care of your daughter!

To my boss...I am bored and do not have enough to do at work, I know I've told you this before, but I thinki I need to reiterate the fact. I do not think you use me to my potential and I think you micromanage things thant don't necessarily need your undivided unattention. Evaulation time is coming up...Note to self, this will need repeating!

DH is grilling chicken, we will have salad and cranberry sauce for dinner.

Hopefully if the weather/rain  holds off I can get a dog walk in... hope you all have a great day.

I don't type so awful, but I think the keyboard needs new batteries, so I'm thinking faster than the keyboard will type.



Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

InnerPeace - Sunday Apr 05, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Went with DH and little girl to get new eyeglasses, afterwards we went to 5 guys burgers. Not the most healthiest choice, but ALAS we had burgers...without the bun! Once we got back home, we did the 30 minutes of reading and did multplication tables with the little girl. She was supposed to leave at 5:00 so she took a shower and I spent the next two hours getting the tangles and rats'  nests out of her hair. I was so pissed off. She was at home all week because of Spring Break and it amazes me how her mother cannot find time to brush it out! Oh well, I guess this is a battle I will have for the next eight years! Sometimes this really takes a toll on my patience. I guess I didn't think everything through when I actually got married.

The mother came to pick her up to go to Chuck E Cheese for a party, DH and I stayed in and he cooked what he called country ribs on the grill. They were pretty good..

DH was texting his exwife back and forth arguing about the little girl's hair, her excuse is she has a business to run and just can't stop and brush hair out....Oh yeah that is a good one.

The little girl got back about 8:30 and we watched Mirror, Mirror on TV the snow white with Julia Roberts, it was just OK.

I was up about 3:00 am with Steve, I stayed up about an hour and finally got back to sleep.

Woke up at 7:30, DH made breakfast scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and whole wheat toast. He also made a smoothie, but only drank half of it because I drank iced coffee earlier. Little girl is to go home early today because it is Easter, her mother is supposed to be here about 2:30. We are taking Steve to the dog park, it is finally supposed to get over 50 degrees to day...YAY!

Journal Challenge Day 7: What type of books do you read? I have favorite authoris: Suzanne Brochmann, Sandra Brown, Elizabeth Lowell, Nora Roberts and Janet Dailey to name a few. I am partial to mystery/romanctic/action books that Suzanne writes, and I hate waiting for new ones to come out. I have dreams of writing my own, I have so many ideas, if only I could figure out how to get them all on paper!

I'm off to get the laundry done and enjoy the Easter Holiday!!

Enjoy your day! He is risen....INDEED!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/06/2015:
Oh man, I love Five Guys! You've reminded me I need to get a couple of new books on my iPad for my upcoming trip. I like fantasy/sci-fi/adventure type stuff mostly. There's an older Chuck Palahniuk book I want to read since they're adapting it into a movie.

InnerPeace - Saturday Apr 04, 2015

Weight: 308.2

We literally bummed around the house all day! DH's friend called and invited us to lunch, we went to a pub and grill called Wolfey's. I had a pulled pork, black bean salsa with guacomole wrap, it was pretty good, but something in it was burning my mouth so DH ate the second half of it.

Dropped my car off to get the oil changed and then DH dropped me off to get my hair cut. Afterwards he went to pick up the little girl. We have eggs and small gifts for her Easter Basket, not candy! We got 20 one dollar bills to put in the eggs. She said she wasn't hungry when she came over and seemed to be in a bad mood. She told DH Wednesday night that she was invited to a birthday party at ChuckE. Cheese Saturday night and didn't want to go. She said she didn't care about it.

Now, her mother is picking her up at 5:00 pm to go to the Chuck E. Cheese birthday party, apparenlty the little girl didn't tell her mother she didn't want to go. Now DH is mad, because again, the mother always finds a reason to take take her away earlier than she should or for 'other' events that she needs to attend.  It is just frustrating. She is only staying until noon tomorrow and then she goes back for Easter! Just so emotionally driaining. AND THEN...she wakes up this morning and DH asks her if she combed her hair and she says yes, but DH looks at it and sees that it is full of knots and rats and he asks her why she didn't comb it...her reply...because my mom broke my brush. Yes OK, this same mom who accused us as sending her back with tangled hair...WTF EVER LADY!! DH made the comment that he would comb her hair when they came back from their Home Deport class. Oh yeah right, I will be combing the little girl's hair. OH MY GRAVY!! I want to cut that **** off! She doesn't take care of it and it is apparent her mother doesn't either, with all the repeat episodes of lice. What a freakin' nightmare! DH and little girl have eyeglasses appointments when they get back from the Home Depot class. We were supposed to go see the movie Home, but since she is leaving early we may have to wait another time for that!

Last night we did go to the glow in the dark easter egg hunt. It was nice. We were cold and wet because of the rain and our feet got wet but we all had a good time looking for the glow in the dark eggs.

Day 6: What musician or band do you like the most? Hard to answer, I love music lots of differnt kinds. I would say the artists who have the most songs that have actually said something to me: Tracey Lawrence, Mark Wills, Restless Heart, Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson. I do love Elvis, Dean Martin, Prince, Alexander O'Neal, Justin Timberlake, Imagine Dragons and other obscure artists, I think it depends on what kind of mood I'm in to what I'm listening to at any given moment.

I guess I will get around and prepare myself for the fight with the stringy hair and get ready for the eye doctor. I hope you all have a great easter and remember...The reason for the season! He has risen, He has risen indeed! Have a great evening all!

D: peanut butter on whole wheat

S: after the egg hunt beef patty on whole wheat

B: this morning...iced coffee so far

no plans for lunch yet

dinner....I don't know.

I think easter's buffett was scrapped because DH wanted to cook steak on the grill. I was thinking of making pototo salad or amish salad and some baked carrots, we will see how this turns out.


Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

InnerPeace - Friday Apr 03, 2015

Weight: 308.2

DH had dinner ready when I got home! I love that. We had baked teriaki chicken, corn on the cobb and some pasta dish. It was very good. I was doing a work week hustle challenge with my firend in Oklahoma, she is training for a half marathon so needless to say, I cannot catch her today. I will continue to walk though.

I took the day off today, I'm going to the hair solon and see what can be done with my hair.

Day 5 of journal: 5 places I would like to visit. -1. Santorini Greece. I watched an old movie I think the name of it was High Season and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. I was smitten with all the white and blue buldings. It was so very beautifl. I always tell my  DH that if I win the lottery that is where I'm going to live. He just says the economy is crap there. It's not about the economy its about the beauty and the ocean. He doesn't get it.   I would  also really love to see Ireland. I want to see the green and all the old castles and lore there. It fascinates me.

The other three plaes are in the US, and hopefully one day I will get to see them. Arch's National Park, Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon. Hopefully I can afford a nice vacation in the future.

B: two pieces of whole wheat toast

L: haven't decided

D: haven't decided

Tonight we have a glow in the dark easter egg hunt scheduled

Tomorrow DH and little girl are going to HOme Depot to build something and then they have eye glasses appontment and then we have the movie Home that evening.

Easter Sunday we are going to a brunch buffett and then little girl has to go to her mom's for the rest of the day....so says the divorce papers.

I'll see how much activiity I can get in...I hope you all have a great Easter....happy egg hunting!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

InnerPeace - Thursday Apr 02, 2015

Weight: 308.2

DH and I drove separately because he had to go get the little girl. He also brought dinner home. I had a chicken ranch wrap, it was pretty good. I read with the little girl until 6:00 then we had a craft class to go to. We drove ten miles out of the way, because I thought I knew where this library branch was, nope I didn't. The kids did a glue/paint craft. The instructor said to spread the glue all around, then put drops of paint and then use a toothpick and pull through the paint drops. This is not what the kids heard, they heard, cover your shape with glue and use as much paint as possible and mix all the colors together until you get a brown blob!  Kids are funny. Little girl showing her pink blob star!

when we returned home the little girl read a giant panda book and gathered up some clothes and her leftover food and headed out the door when her mother came to pick her up. DH and I took the dog for a walk and even jogged a little. We used to job a lot 28 years ago! When we got home I looked through a cook book and watched Survivor and the TLC 600 pound life, which is so sad to me.

Day 4 of journaling challenge: What is the significance of a user name/log in name. I have so many, but I chose InnerPeace. I was at work telling a cashier that I was not happy that I thought something was missing but I couldn't figure it out. I was trying church and everything and she told me I was looking for Inner Peace, so I adopted that name and though I am so much more happy than I was then, I feel like I have yet to accomplish this Inner Peace, ergo, I still search for it. I have taken different things to see if I can get where I want to be, but the search continues. I have been to several yoga classes, a guided meditation class and now zentangle, which has helped. A continuous journey as is weight loss...oh yeah and the girl scout cookies I forgot I ordered just shows up on my desk today! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!

B: maple brown sugar oatmeal

L: turkey pastrami sandwich on whole wheat

s: 1/2 peanut butter on whole wheat

D: I don't know yet. DH stayed home from work, he is shopping and getting a hair cut, so hopefully he will cook something great too.

I hope you all have a great evening!


Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 04/03/2015:
Oh no, a cookie trap! love reading your posts, have a good day.

InnerPeace - Wednesday Apr 01, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Day 3 of the 30 day challenge...Write about my day in detail. I will use Tuesday..and I'm not proud of this.
I hit the snooze button twice and did not get up early to walk. I took a shower, dried (which is lying on the bed for 20 minutes) played with my dog and waited for my husband to finish with the bathroom.
I brushed my teeth, dried my hair, shaved and put what little makeup I do wear on. I hung up my bathrobe and then got dressed.
I went downstairs and ate the cranberry almond oatmeal my husband made me, took my one pill and looked out the dining room window.
I reluctantly got up and put my shoes and coat on to drive to work. Traffic was not too bad, I dropped husband off at his work and then I made it to work at 7:20.
I am not busy at work, my work is in spurts. So I researched how to teach a 10 year old multiplication tables so she will be able to learn it better.
I reserved the atrium for a screening of a documentary and ordered food for the reception after.
I emptied out the dollar changer (coin machine) I emptied out the two copy machines and completed a deposit slip.
I looked on the internet for zentangle patterns...for a long time.
I walked through the library and talked to a few people.
I ate lunch which was a turkey pastrami sandwich on whole wheat with a slice of colby jack cheese with grapes. I talked to my boss to confirm the plan for the reception. The IT guy asked me questions about the reception to make sure he understood what I was asking for.
I walked to the main classroom building and made the deposit. I walked back through the main library and people watched basically. I then came back to my office.
I did some more zentangle looking and it was finally time to go home.
I drove to my husband's work to get him. I was listening to Garth Brooks' CD Man Against the Machine and started boohooing when I heard the song "Send'em on down the road" saying how you live and die for your kids but you have to let them go. I got all sad because I miss my kid, and he won't answer my texts....the 28 year old brat!
I stopped and picked up my husband from his work. We drove home, The traffic wasn't bad again, which I am glad. Once home, I spent time with my dog. Husband grilled pork roast on the grill and I roasted some carrots with a combination of (honey, brown sugar, tobasco, pineapple juice and raisins) turned out very good. After dinner, we walked the dog through the neighborhood and I wanted to drive to the Discount Drug store to get some candy to fill some easter eggs for work. I also won $20 off of the scratch tickets so I put a $1.00 tickets in three eggs to hide at work in the morning. I watched Jeorpardy and NCIS and then washed dishes and made lunch for work. I then watched an episode of chopped and finally called it a night. That was my day in a detailed nutshell.

B: cranberry almond oatmeal

s: 1/2 peanut butter on whole wheat

L:  turkey pastrami and colby jack on whole wheat and grapes

S: carrots and hummus

D: hamburger patty and soup (not sure yet)

We have the dear step daughter today, so we will do school work and read until our Easter craft class at the library which starts at 6:30.

I hope you all have a great day!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/01/2015:
Have a great day!

Umpqua on 04/01/2015:
Your foods sound really good. Interesting journal challenge, I hope it's beneficial for you when all is said and done!

InnerPeace - Tuesday Mar 31, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Day two of journal challenge - 10 likes & 10 dislikes
Likes should be relatively easy, because the likes totally encompasses the dislikes...
1. I not only like, but I love being with my husband. He makes me happy, he makes me laugh and most of all he makes me feel loved. I just like him as a person, he is my best friend.
2. Music, I like music. I listen to it all day, every day especially at work.
3. Family time. I like doing things with my husband. Trying new things and having new adventures.
4. I love lazy days. That could be just sitting and watching TV reruns and dozing in the recliner. I like knowing there are a million things that need to get accomplished, but instead just sit.
5. I like alone time. As much as I love my family and husband, there are times when I just like being alone, because during that time, I realize I would rather have my husband around than be without him.
6. I like my dog. I love his never ending loyalty and faithfulness. He is a solid companion.
7. I love Diet Dr. Pepper. This is my drink of choice.
8. I love reading. I prefer romantic drama/mystery, who done it books. I would love to write my own book. I have thoughts and ideas, if only to get them on paper.
9. I love powder. I like the silky smooth feel of it.
10. I like watching football and basketball, just because the athleticism is so amazing. I know I could never be able to accomplish the physical demands ever, watching those young people give it all they have is so inspiring...where does it come from?

10 dislikes....
1. I have issues with large amounts of people. I feel crowded like everywhere I want to go there are one million people waiting to get there as well.
2. I hate incompetent people who feel they are doing a good job but really are not.
3. I hate being politically correct! I hate the everyone gets a trophy for playing attitude! If you suck, i'ma gonna tell ya!!
4. I hate having to work for a living. To be independently wealthy, what a rush that would be.
5. I hate starting something and never finishing it, ergo, I am still fat! I have no will power or mind set or intestinal fortitude or whatever it is that gets in your mind and makes you stick to a decision, that makes you want to, above all else, accomplish a goal!! Whatever this is, I don't have it but continually search for it.
6. I hate the phrase 'if I can do it, you can do it' what the hell ever!! You don't know me or what I've been through, how something as stupid as forgetting to do something can totally screw up my day.
7. I hate liars. I hate how people will tell you anything just so they don't have to tell the truth, especially liars who lie just because if they didn't lie they would look like a failure or complete idiot in your eyes if they didn't. Hey, take your lasing and deal with it the first time, because when/if I find out about your lie, we are done!
8. I hate being fat. But again, I apparently don't hate it enough to do anything about it. Why? Lazy days, eating, pop, lazy!!
9. I hate driving to work, again with the people and traffic, the people and hustle and bustle of everyone trying to get to someplace!
10. I hate wanting things I can't have!

It's sad doing those lists, it was hard to recognize something you love or when the hate surely outnumbers the like! I would love to do so much, I dream about it, it just hurts to start, it hurts to take those first steps and I can't tolerate the pain. Even before the start, I have a rash under my large, disgusting breasts that burns and hurts so bad, how will sweating affect that rash? I'm thinking, it's not going to be a good thing.
Most people suck! How to get over this. Why do I let sucky people affect me? I do not like my job. I'm not getting any younger so I need to find something I like and stick with it! If only I could be my own boss...maybe, no! If I just didn't have to work at all, sounds good.
Neck hurts today. Boob rash hurts today! Rainy weather, cold, disgusting gray walls, it's going to be a great day!

B: cranberry almond oatmeal

S: 1/2 peanute butter sandwich on whole wheat bread

L: turkey pastrami on whole wheat bread

D: grilled honey musturd pork loin with sweet spicy carrots

S: frozen fruit smoothie. very good! Husband makes the best.


Total steps so far...over 10,000 very happy with steps today. Hope you all had a great day!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 03/31/2015:
Great lists.... Great sounding day all together...Congrats!

InnerPeace - Monday Mar 30, 2015

Weight: 308.2

It has been a month, my dog chewed up my fit bit so I was out of commission for a few weeks. I had to think long and hard on whether or not to get a new one. Then my friend in Oklahoma got one so that made the decision all the easier. We do the challenges which makes it a bit more fun. Had a trip to the Great Wolf water park, it was just OK. I like Kalahari better. We found the little girl had head lice again, what to do. We also found out she was failing school and some how the mother thinks this is our fault. So now we are spending time with the IXL program, multiplication tables and reading while she is at our house. It can be frustrating.

The weather is also flustrating, it is freaking March 30th and it is supposed to snow again tomorrow, a light dusting, but just the thought sucks. Come on spring, it really needs to warm up. We took Steve, the dog, to the dog park yesterday. He played and ran around with a few other dogs, but again it was just way to cold to stay out for any length of time.

I went shopping for two days in a row, wracking up those steps for the weekend warrior challenge which I won!! YAY Today starts the Work Week Hustle...we'll see how this one turns out.

DH wanted to try to do this 21 NO junk food challenge, so we started this today: NO fast food, white bread, chips, it's a meme been floating around. no biscuits or cookies, no cake, donuts or muffins, no candy, no pastries, no chocolate, no white bread, no ice cream, no fast food, no chips and no soda. I am a slave to a few on the list...namely soda, I love me some diet doctor pepper.

I also started a journaling challenge so here is Day 1:  write some basic things about yourself....
If you ask my opinion, ask me a question, or in any way engage with me, expect honesty. I do not sugar coat, play the politically correct game, or spin things to make you feel better. I will listen, empathize and offer advice, but don’t expect the nicey nice stuff from me. I am straightforward and often sarcastic. I don’t tolerate hate, violence or racism. I have strong opinions on politics which will piss you off and I will check my facts and yours before I comment. Above all do not try to sell me anything especially your religion. I am not interested. I will not buy anything from you. I will not go to your church, synagogue, temple, or whatever your place of worship is. I will not criticize your right to believe, when I gave up twenty years of my life for your right to do so.

I am a transplanted sooner who now resides in Ohio. I am still wondering if I like it here, it snows in March...so NO! I have a great husband who gets on my nerves once in awhile, but we're working on that. I'm also learning how to be a step-mom to a 10 year old. It's not fun. My son, is grown (28) is a member of the USAF and lives in Georgia with his wife, no grand kids yet!


B: cherry almond quaker oat meal

S: trail mix (minus the M&Ms) peanuts, cashews, filberts, raisons

L: salad with sliced turkery, grapes and a pear I couldn't finish because it was so bitter

S: carrots

d: left over steak, corn on the cob and salad with a frozen fruit smoothie for dessert.

I will walk today at work and then I will walk Steve tonight! Have a great evening!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 03/31/2015:
Good luck on your challenge!

thinnside40 on 03/31/2015:
I've bought 4 fitbits and taken them back each time. Something about them that bothers me as for the wireless, etc. 24/7. You have any reactions?

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