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ItalianGirl - Wednesday Oct 01, 2003
(low calorie)
Weight: 227.0

Today is the official weight in day. I will only weigh in once a month. So far, so good. I had a bowl of special K with a banana and for lunch, I went to Whole Foods and bought some Italian Sparkling water and fruit. Pomegranits are in season! It's a wonderful place for organic and unusual fruits. Like honey apples, white flesh nectarines, gold gala apples and huge odd shaped harvest tomatoes. It's a blast! I had an gold apple for lunch with water and lemon. Tonight, I will probably have a Healthy Choice chicken parm and a dessert starbuck low fat treat!!! Tonight is my ceramic class, so no excercise. I was so looking forward to that too.. Yeah, right!! I hate exercise! My mom bought the gazelle, so my plan is to go to her house and use it 3 times a week.

I started back on my medications. After a month off, my bowels are alittle upset and they have to get used to it all over again.

Scruffy on 10/02/2003:
Been watching that gazelle thing, let me know what you think.

ItalianGirl - Monday Sep 29, 2003
(low calorie)
Weight: 225.0

October 1 I will start my new plan. I figured I better do something I can live with for the rest of my days. I have been eating horribly and I stopped taking any meds and vitamins. But October 1 is going to be a new change. Here is the meal plan I have been considering. I may change my mind by adding some things to it by then. Breakfast: Special K cereal with Skim milk 1 fruit (banana, blueberries, strawberries) Lunch Fruit (grapefuit, orange apple, grapes, etc) Dinner Healthy Choice entree Snack: Low fat/calorie dessert like Starbucks mocha pops or smart ones sundae.

This is alot more food than what I was doing for 3 months. I lost 50 lbs on that but I had to give myself cheat days and it was like giving a recovering drug addict heroine once a month. I couldn't keep it together and then after some struggle, fell completely off the plan. Now I have gained 1/2 of what I have lost. So, I know I need to increase my calories, eat 3-4 times a day and absolutely no cheat days until further notice. Also, I'm not positive that the weight above is correct. The official weigh in will be on the morning of October 1. Weights will be taken ONLY once a month. Because this is more about a lifestyle change. I'm figuring the menu is about 1000 calories a day. Perfect.

ThinLee on 09/29/2003:
Hi! Each person responds to various nutrition plans differently, but 1000 cals per day will most likely not be enough to be healthy and lose the appropriate type of weight. I say this for several reasons. 1. Such significant restrictions do not enable the body to function properly. Your body begins to look for fuel in other places, and typically it looks to your muscles first, not fat. 2. Restricting calories so low will more than likely cause your metabolism to go in to starvation mode. That means that it will slow down to prepare for less food and the possibility of no food. 3. With your metabolism in starvation mode and the volume of carbs you describe in your diet, your body may very well decide it needs to store the carbs (as fat) it receives to prepare for no food. 4. Significantly restrictive eating plans are not realistic and become increasingly more difficult to stick to. This results in lowered sense of achievement as "exceptions" enter into your diet.

You may want to think about trying something like Weight Watchers or the South Beach Diet. Even the revised Atkins has potential.

Be very careful with the yo yo dieting with restrictive calories because you could possibly end up with a myriad of health problems in the long run such as gall bladder complications and thyroid issues.

Good luck with your weight loss plan, and email me if you would like to discuss a different type of nutrition plan.

legcramp on 09/29/2003:
Ah, blah for cheat days. I hate those things!!! They shouldn't be around at all, really....

I can understand where you're coming from - I wanted to lose my weight fast and easy and THEN try to maintain it. The only problem with that is restrictions, for me, meant that when the restriction was finally lifted, I went psycho on the foods I hadn't eaten for months. And half the weight came back on, just like what happened to you!!!! Talk about frustrating!! I'm starting to realize now that I can't do this quickly - I need to take it slow. For my own sake. So be careful with whatever plan you choose, and make sure you're doing it for the right reasons!!!

Have a great day today!

legcramp ;)

breakaway on 09/30/2003:
SOunds like a great plan..and those smart ones sundaes are SOOO good. I can't buy them because I want to eat them all at once lol. I don't like the skinny cows as well so I buy those lol. Good luck to you come Oct 1st. Can't wait to see how you do.

ItalianGirl - Friday Aug 29, 2003
(VLCD - <500 cal a day)
Weight: 208.0

I'm doing great on my diet. I went out yesterday to buy more metabolife because I find that taking 1 before I leave work in the evening helps me stay in control once I get home and found that they have taken ephedra off the market!! I was shocked and then I got worried. So I got on ebay and ordered a 9 months supply (270 tabs) which should get me to my goal. I am 208 today (lost a pound!) and it's TTOM. I'm going to try exercising this morning before I go to work. I went to bed last night at 7 pm (not eating makes me cranky) and got up this morning at 4am! So as soon as my husband gets up, I am going to try the Tae Bo tape! I hope I like it so that I will do it again.

curly on 08/31/2003:
You are doing so well. I am just about to embark again on losing weight I lost alot and put it all back on again. So I want to do it once and for all, I have about 45lbs to lose maybe more. My scales aren't working at the moment.

Hope you had a great day.

What is Tae Bo by the way?

curly on 08/31/2003:
oh and by the way what is Metabolife?

I live in England you see.

Have a great week x

ItalianGirl - Wednesday Aug 27, 2003
(VLCD - <500 cal a day)
Weight: 209.0

The weight listed is the actual weight this morning. I have given away all the smores crackers to my co workers and have started my plan again (today). I wish I was more focused on my goal. I love food more than any normal person should. It's so hard for me to get my mind off it and not eat! This time off my diet has proven harder to start again. I simply cannot CANNOT have any more cheat days. They feed my addiction and encourage the use of food as a reward. I'm not a dog!

ItalianGirl - Tuesday Aug 26, 2003
(VLCD - <500 cal a day)
Weight: 211.0

I'm back at it today. I haven't gained too much, but I refuse to see how what the damage is on the scale. Today is a new day and I took my meds, I'm in a super mood, and I'm happy. I will eat right today and get back to my goal of 200 lbs!

ItalianGirl - Tuesday Aug 19, 2003
(VLCD - <500 cal a day)
Weight: 211.0

I fell off the wagon AGAIN! I only meant for it to be a cheat day on Saturday because I said I would give myself one every other Saturday but it is crystal clear to me that I can't handle that! I couldn't get back on my program Sunday or Monday and now I have gained 8 lbs. 8 LBS! I didn't even eat 8 lbs worth of food! No use in crying, I have to think of this as a lesson learned. No more cheat days, period. It's too easy for me to gain weight from it and I will never get to under 200!!! I promise, promise, promise I'll be good. I haven't given up yet!

"Every supposed pleasure in sin (eating) will furnish more than it's equivelent in pain"

breakaway on 08/19/2003:
That is exactly what happened to me. That's why I would vanish from here for weeks at a time...I was to busy stuffing my face. I would tell myself that I would take one day off...and boom I would be taking five or ten. I have a "have to have it all or I can't have any" kind of attitude. If I don't eat bad things at all I'm better. But if I tell myself just a little...nope doesn't work. I would rather have none then a little. I wish you luck, now that your back you can kick some butt. Show everyone you can do this! Carrie

nikechick on 08/19/2003:
You probably didn't gain 8 pounds worth of fat. That's physically impossible; it's most likely just fluid retention. That happens to me after I eat a lot. To gain one pound of fat, you have to eat 3,500 calories above and beyond what it takes to maintain your weight. And even if you did do that, you couldn't have gained 8 pounds in three days. So don't worry, just hop back on your program. After all, "you just can't beat the person who never gives up"! :) :) :)


Scruffy on 08/21/2003:
Hey you don't fail unless you decide to quit!

Tomorrow is a new day with new choice, just decide to make them better for your health.

You can do this, we're all behind you!

ItalianGirl - Friday Aug 15, 2003
(VLCD - <500 cal a day)
Weight: 203.0

Today is our HR manager's baby shower and the spread in the break room is unbelievably fattening! I brought in mac salad, as requested by the organizer, but I also brought in some strawberries. I ate some of those (4 large) and a plum this morning along with my morning coffee. Thank gooodness there's no chocolate cake, that's all I can say. I feel like I would be strong enough to resist but I hate being tempted. Wierd thing, I'm starting to not like coffee (the coffe at work anyway). I tastes bad to me. For years, I never had a problem with it and it's made the exact same way. I will have to make a batch of my own ice coffee and bring that in with me and stop drinking the crud here.

Yesterday: Healthy Choice Pep pizza. Diet cream soda. 2 samll bites of sausage & spaghetti from Brooklyn's Best

I'm not drinking enough water and I'm not exercising.... still. I feel like TTOM will visit soon. I have a bloated/crampy feeling already. I took 4 ibuprofin. In spite of that, I look dam good today. I really am a beautiful woman, I decided this morning. Watch out now, this is just the beginning of my molt. I convinced myself last night that I could be 120 lbs if I wanted to. So I got 83 to go.

"The real deprivation is never being thin."

ItalianGirl - Wednesday Aug 13, 2003
(VLCD - <500 cal a day)
Weight: 203.0

I had a good day yesterday. I bought a Tae-Bo exercise tape and a cute size 13/14 dress for inspiration. So I try to get the dress on last night and it is so unbelievably tight but I WAS able to put it on. It was unzipped in the back and could not have possible been any tighter. Then I panicked because I culdn't get it off! I figure, I will not try that again until I have lost at least 30 lbs and I don't think it will fit me until I am 150 lbs. I should have bought something in the way of a short term goal. I loved shopping and looking at the size 18's instead of the 22/24 size dresses. Still, size 18's are not nearly as nice as the 13/14's.

I pulled a muscle in my back in my sleep last night. Oh I hurts! It radiates to my chest. It is slightly better than this morning. :(

I'm now back on spirolactone for my PCOS symptoms. It's a diuretic so if I get to 200 with ease, it's because I have lost fluid taking it. That and my unfaltering determination!!

"The race goes neither to the swift nor to the strong, but to he who endures until the end."

starfish on 08/13/2003:
Hey, I just wanted to stop by to say you're doing great! Congratulations :)

ItalianGirl - Tuesday Aug 12, 2003
(VLCD - <500 cal a day)
Weight: 204.5

Something happened to me this morning that hasn't happened in a long long time. A man flirted with me! I'm sure of it. Of course, I had to flash my wedding ring just so he didn't do something stupid by asking me on a date. But still, I was flattered. I am extremely happy in my marriage and my husband is the ONLY one for me for the rest of my life. I'm so lucky that my husband always thought of me as attractive even as heavy as I got. Now that I'm losing, it has boosted our intimacy abit, but he still loves me just the same as when I was 250. But at 250, other men saw right through me which I never minded much because I wasn't interested in them anyway. The thought that I may have to turn down a few now tickles me.

Yesterday: 1 healthy choice french bread Pep pizza; a few bread & butter chips (pickles); a LG ice coffee. <500 calories for sure!

I am officially back down to 204 so now anything I lose will not be what I gained during binge week! Hoooray!!!! come on 200! I am so very close again!

superstarr on 08/12/2003:
No matter how married and committed we are, there is just something uplifting about being flirted with!! It reminds you that, yes, other people find you attractive!! It can be such a boost to the ego and self esteem. It never fails though that the instant some guy starts chatting me up, I get all red faced and shy like a little school girl!! LOL, I just don't know what thats all about!! Im happy that it happend to you though. It really is great your starting to lose weight and gain self esteem! Which always does wonders in the bedroom too =)

Good for you!

Have a great day! Superstarr

ItalianGirl - Monday Aug 11, 2003
(VLCD - <500 cal a day)
Weight: 207.0

Still losing! I even ate BBQ yesterday at my parents! A lg garden salad w/ FF Thousand Island dressing, 3 chicken strips (unbreaded), LARGE Hebrew National hotdog on a bun with mustard, cooked potatoes sprayed with FF butter and onions, a Low fat skinny cow chocolate ice cream sandwich and coffee with FF creamer. I was stuffed and I did not think that the scale would record a loss this morning but it did! It's all about making good choices. I passes on fudge cheescake because it had 500 cal a slice and drank only diet orange soda instead of coke. Sometimes, I will have my meal and not know if I am staying around 500 calories. But I figure, as long and I make the best choices I can during a meal, I am pretty safe in assuming it isn't more than 600 calories. I mean, I would have to go out and have a big mac for that to happen. My only regret yesterday is that I didn't do any laps in the pool!

When I hit 204 I will be at the weight I was before my relapse. That will be soon. My next goal is still 200! I hope I get there by next monday!

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