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Jelly Belly - Friday Mar 21, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Conversation between me (m)and my daughter (d):

D: You should put on a bra. M: Why do you say that? D: Because, yours are hanging down and pointing out. M: I have one on, but thanks Ms. Perky Breasts for pointing it out.

Sigh, old age. Know the quickest way to get a face lift? Take off your bra! Ha, ha! Old joke. I'm with Oprah. I call mine The Girls. I'd love to weigh mine and deduct it from my weight. Wouldn't that be nice?

Ok, just a little smile about boobs to brighten your day.

Soon2BThin on 03/21/2003:
Don't get me started on boobs!! I've always thought that once you're done using them, for babies, they should fall off in your older years. They're pretty useless and just get in your way when sleeping on your stomach! Of course, the guys wouldn't buy into that one. After all, look what they have to live with, haha! If we could just make them wear a bra for one day.....

Jelly Belly - Thursday Mar 20, 2003

Weight: 0.0

I was flipping through the channels on t.v. this morning and you know what I noticed? Every other channel was an exercise/weight loss infomercial. Guess who it was targeted at? Women. Is this because women make up most of the television viewership? like to shop? have the most trouble losing weight? Probably all of the above. I thought about all of the past equipment being hawked on t.v. The bun and thigh master, the gazelle, the abslide. Some were good, some were not so good. Now, there's the bun and thigh max. Pretty much all of them give us the reward we're looking for--a quick fix--lose up to 12 inches in two weeks- go from a size 18 to a size 4 without being a bit hungry! We fall for it every time.

We all know the answer. Eat less, move more. Have you ever seen a man undertake losing weight. The first thing they start doing is exercising--maybe because it is most effective for them. Men change fat to muscle a lot quicker than we do. They cut out the junk and usually you notice a big difference in a few weeks. Then, when they lose what they want, their ego soars, and unlike us, they stick with the thing that works best. They continue to exercise. They pick up the weights and keep at it.

Some women stick with it too. I'm just generalizing, not picking. I know that when I lose ten pounds and like what I see, I think--good job, now go back to eating what you want. Anyone else like this? It's so easy to put on and so hard to take off. So before you wait for another 20 pounds to add up, take charge now. Get up. Move. Don't worry about the Atkins plan, Sugar Busters, so on and so on. Eat less move more. Scientific. Burn more than you take in and you lose. We make something so simple so complex. We spend millions of dollars a year as a country and in the back of our heads, we already know the answer. It's not a quick fix or quick results. It's scientific fact.

cynthie on 03/20/2003:
Guess you wrapped that up in a nutshell! You are absolutely right! Thanks for a dose of common sense!

God bless cynthia

Golightly on 03/20/2003:
Thanks for the reminder, JellyBelly. I must admit, I've always been jealous that men seem to have a more efficient "gut". Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize we women have gotten the wrong end of the stick. In this day and age, being a woman means being subject to impossible expectations. We are supposed to look perfect, create lovely homes, be sex kittens, be nuturing, bear children, and have careers. I never feel like I measure up!

But for now, I will just focus on one problem at a time. Like you said with such precision, it's time to EAT LESS AND MOVE MORE.

(I never should have spent the money on that Thigh Master, though...)

Lainey on 03/20/2003:
I think you're right, those infomercials selling "quick fixes" are just so alluring. It would be nice if they worked on their own... ah well.

I think you came up with a nice slogan there, "Eat less, move more." Catchy..

Soon2BThin on 03/20/2003:
So simple--eat less, move more! Why is it so hard then? We want to add things like counting calories, carbs and fat grams, and how many calories does a certain exercise burn off. And the water thing--I know you should drink a certain minimum each day but does all that water actually make you lose weight faster?! I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for myself but it still takes up a lot of my thinking time! Heaven knows, there are much more important things to think about and worry about! But we love those infomercials, don't we?

MM on 03/20/2003:
You are absolutely right. We need to keep going even after our first 10 pound loss! It didn't take you a week to put all this weight on, and it's not going to take you a week to take it off. One day at a time, but keep going for the rest of your life. This is not a diet, this is a life style change! You are a strong person! You can do this!

Jelly Belly - Friday Mar 14, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Today is my son's fifth birthday--Happy Birthday Parker!-- I can't sleep and am on here in the middle of the night because my pillow is soaked with tears. I thought about calling my best friend, but I didn't want to wake him. He's heard it a thousand times anyway. It's as if my soul is groaning in inutterable words.

Parker is my gift straight from God. I prayed for him and I had faith and not one grain of doubt that God heard me and would answer and give me a son. I had tried for five years to have a baby. When I was pregnant, my then hubby said that he would quit drinking when the baby was born, then it was New Years, then birthdays and anniversaries........you know. It just got progressively worse. At the end, it was leave and give my girls a life they deserved and I deserve or stay. I couldn't stay. Even my "little gift" was yelling at me the way he heard his daddy yell at me. Kids only know what they see.

I could never, ever go back. You see, you can have a life free from cuss words, free from smoke, free from disrespect. If a customer comes in and I just smell alcohol or tobacco, my stomach turns and the alcohol makes me physically sick.

Why am I here? Because I miss looking out and seeing my little boy playing, ever so comfortable in his big, nice, backyard. I miss seeing him ride around the yard on the mower with his dad. I miss days on end with him. I miss out on so much of his life because I have to work and can't have him as much as I want. I can't talk about it (except to my friend). It's always there, like a cloud. When my mom mentions things, I just skip over it because I can't talk. If I talk, I cry. I cry probably three nights a week or more. I cry myself to sleep and I cry in the arms of my friend.

I'm his mommy and he's my baby and I want to tuck him in every night. I want to hear all the funny, cute things he says. I could totally have a friendly relationship with his dad and think nothing of it. I wouldn't care if he came over for birthdays and Christmas, but, no, he can't do that. The last time he dropped him off here, he hollars out the window, "It's all your mom's fault, Parker." Now what kind of parent is that? Why wouldn't you want to help your child adjust and be the most confident kid they could be. I don't understand people.

My head hurts and I'm tired. I have to take him back today at 2:30 because I have to work tonight and open in the morning. I could have him Sat. from 4:30 to Tues. at 2:30, but no, I can never have him on Sundays because that is his dad's only day off--even though he takes him to work with him. Either I can't have him or Parker doesn't want to come because he has more fun at daddy's.

When he comes here, he is so tired and has dark circles under his eyes. He sleeps until 10 or 11 in the afternoon and after that is fine. Poor little fellow. Please do me a favor and don't comment on just this one entry. I love the comments usually, but I just don't want the sympathy. Just pray for me, ok? That means the world.

Golightly on 03/14/2003:
Jelly Belly, my prayers are with you. ~Golightly

Soon2BThin on 03/14/2003:
I'll include you in my prayers, I promise. I hope it helps. I can't imagine why your little boy isn't with you, considering what you have told us about your ex. But it's none of my business. And I can't imagine how you must feel without him so much. I hope your situation gets better. And you can talk about anything here at DD. We care.

SoccerMom on 03/20/2003:
Prayin', hon, I'm prayin. God bless.

Jelly Belly - Wednesday Mar 12, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Ok, can someone give me the address to the Diet Diaries pictures? I lost it when I changed email subscribers. Also, how do I change my password on here?

Today's topic, Is Your Past Influencing Your Future? Last night, after unconciously trying to sabatoge my relationship by saying the wrong thing, I did some serious thinking and comptemplating. First, why did I say that? I am usually so down on myself that I don't think I deserve anything good. And, I have something good now, so I definitely don't want to lose it, so why am I acting the way I'm acting? Do you ever try to hurt someone first before they hurt you? Do you ever feel as if you don't deserve something so you try to prove why you don't deserve it? Ok, maybe I'm losing everyone, but I think there will be a few out there that can relate.

I am and HAVE let my past dictate my future. I have made bad relationship mistakes in the past because of it. I didn't feel as if I "deserved" to be treated with respect or else I wouldn't have let the people I loved get by with treating me with disrespect. It was all up to me. I needed to stand up for myself and say "No, you will not treat me this way because I won't stand for it." Instead I by tolerating their behavior, I made it clear to them that it was ok for them to treat me that way and get away with it.

Now, let's relate it to food. You've made BIG mistakes in the past. (Maybe in the past 3 minutes) Are you going to let that dictate your future or are you going to learn from it and forgive yourself and go on? Are you worth putting down the whole pizza and only eating two slices? Knowing the problem and identifying it puts you on the path to discovering the solution. Why are you abusing your body? Why don't you feel like you're worth it? Has the world always beat up on you so you feel like you have to too? Are you lonely/depressed and your best friend is food? It makes you feel better for the moment, but hate yourself later.

I just threw you the key. Take time today and figure out the problem which will lead you to unlocking the solution.

HootersWannabe on 03/12/2003:
Love your entries! I'ma newbie on here - and I'm loving all this support - it's great! Regarding my screen name - I told the guy at the gym who was working up my fitness regimen that I want to look like a Hooters waitress when I'm done. So, every time I whined about something hurting, he said, "Hooters style ain't easy!"

Smartchick on 03/12/2003:
I have so TOTALLY been where you are - it's easier to push people away than to wait for them to leave. You end up creating the very thing you're afraid of! Sounds like you figured it out tho - introspection is a good thing.

inmorning on 03/12/2003:
I have been wondering the same about the pictures. It sounds as though you have your head on pretty straight. :~)

Jelly Belly - Tuesday Mar 11, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Goodmorning! I have already moved today. I started by sweating, moved my legs, heart racing, pumped my arms and filled my lungs with refreshing air. And.....I can now add that this is my second entry today!

Every school day, I make my middle child breakfast, get her up and go back to bed. She makes sure the 15 yr. old gets up. Then, they get me up when they're about ready, or if they need something, like hair braided or something. Well, this morning, I go back to bed and a while later, I start sweating. I thought, well, can't sleep, I might as well get up and make sure the oldest is up. I get up and pass the thermostat and IT IS ON 80 DEGREES! Turns out the child I have yet to see, but has lived with us forever.....named Ididn't.......did it. Then, I go back to bed and I hear, boom....boom...thump, my heart starts racing. Music....I stand on my bed and pound on the ceiling. Lay back down, just drifting off.....I hear it again! I get up, take a deep breath and proceed to wake the neighborhood with something that ended in "throwing that thing out the window!!!"

As if that weren't enough to start my morning, I was on here making this entry (first one was much better, btw) and the oldest decides that she hasn't tortured me enough and comes down to get the boombox so she can plug it in in the bathroom. Just as she goes to unplug it.......poof! She unplugs the computer instead and I lose the whole entry!

I was wondering about what to write about last night. Thank God for kids, I wouldn't have had a thing to talk about. Now I must go pray for all the things that came out of my mouth when my computer turned off. Have a blessed day!

SummerGoal on 03/11/2003:
LOL! Sounds like you got an unintentional work-out in. :) Hope the rest of your day goes a little quieter, if not- you know what they say, "someday you'll miss it when they're gone!" ;)

biscottibody59 on 03/11/2003:
Sorry about the entry you lost--I guess we lost out too:-) You got in your exercise--good for you!

Have a good day and keep up the good work!

Crittermama on 03/11/2003:
Aren't kids wonderful!! I have days like that too and my kids aren't teens yet!

inmorning on 03/11/2003:
Wow, growing up, my parents never fell for that. Unfortunately I was an only child. It sounds like your days are never dull.

Jelly Belly - Monday Mar 10, 2003

Weight: 155.0

C'mon. Tweet, tweet. Hear that? Yep, the birdies are back and ......c'mon. C'mon and what? C'mon and move with me. Please! (in a whining tone) Please, I was going to ask for 15 min., but it's Monday, so I'll just ask for 10. 10 little minutes. Move with me. Walk for 10 minutes. Heck, stretch for 10 minutes. I bet the 10 minutes turns into 15 anyway. I am pushing up the hill, right at the top, getting ready to go over. I figure the ole saying, "Move it or lose it is about right" I need to move it, or surrender to looking older and mostly FEELING older. C'mon, let's go.

You should have seen me yesterday. I really moved it. I still have the bruises to prove it. This house has a "cellar" Well, actually, I'm pretty sure it's where the "Silence of the Lambs" was filmed. You know, where he threw the fat chicks in the hole he had dug? My boyfriend said, "You still haven't showed me what's down there." (Was that a challenge?) So, we open the dungeon up and get a flash light. He's looking around and said, "Here, hold my coffee." All the sudden, I hear something moving in the far corner. I think it's running towards us. I turned and screamed and starting running up the steps. Well, the psycho that built the dungeon made one of the steps much larger than the others and I tripped. Coffee went everywhere, making the stone/dirt steps a muddy mess. I was filthy and sat down and started laughing. "Did you hear that? What was it?" Turns out, he had thrown dirt behind us when I wasn't looking to scare me. Can you say payback? Hmmmmm. Just gotta plot how.

Friday, I started God's diet. What's that, you say? Well, I figure, if God didn't make it, I'm not eating it. He made fruits, veggies, meat, whole wheat, He didn't make Little Debbie's. If man interferred with it, I don't want it. Well, sounds good, huh? It lasted 12 hours until we went to a basketball game and they sold Lemon Head candies. *sigh*

Went to see "Bringing Down the House" It was really good and funny. Walmart, my second home, is selling the Leslie Sansone (sp?) walking tapes in a set with a bungie type cord for your arms for $24.87. So, c'mon. Move. Go to Walmart and walk for 10 min. and buy the tapes on the way out! C'mon!

kyrin on 03/10/2003:
Hi, JB!

I have the Leslie Sansone 1-, 2-, and 3-mile WAP for abs tapes. If you can get them with the belt for $25, go for it. I've been doing the tapes and am really enjoying them--without the belt. I got a set of four (also included the 1-mile super challenge), but the sale didn't include the belt. Still am getting a great workout.

It's great to see you back here.



kyrin on 03/10/2003:
Re: the three day challenge... I divide my week into a three-day and a four-day challenge. (Sometimes I have a three-day weekend, sometimes four-day weekend.) And then I decide what I want to accomplish during that challenge time frame.

I'm working on the theory that I can do <i>anything</i> for a short period of time, whereas if I know that I have to commit to doing something for seven days, 14 days, or 30 days, ...there is little chance that I will make it through all of the days.

So far, it's working. I especially like the weigh-in and measurements at the beginning of each challenge, so that I can see how I did with the previous challenge block. ...It's also getting easier now that the muscle that I've added seems to be helping me with calorie burning. For a while there, all I was seeing when I got on the scale was increasing pounds. I knew it was muscle mass that was being added, but still...

Anyway, If you want to jump on board with a challenge, decide what you want to accomplish during the time period, and then go for it.



biscottibody59 on 03/10/2003:
You're so right to push 10 little minutes--does that make you a "pusher" hahahaha! Really, I so didn't want to pick up weights and do my usual ride bike 1:30 min then do a weight exercise then 1:30 min bike. This is my usual routine and I feel good after, but yesterday I didn't have the patience for the bike part, so I just did the weights, and it only took about 10-15 min--I couldn't believe how goofy I am about this.

Get your tape and just commit to your 10 min--for a week! Hope you're okay today after your "trip" . . . See ya' and keep up the good work!

bab825 on 03/10/2003:
I really enjoyed reading your diary. Are you always this wound up? I envy your energy. Keep it up. Can't wait to read some of your future entries

SoccerMom on 03/10/2003:
OMG! You are <i>tooooo</i> funny! I can just picture you bolting up the stairs (and I noticed you were leaving him there to fend for himself??) hahaha

I moved today, for a whole half hour...and have been trying to get the sawdust out of my cabinets, pots, pans, etc, ever since. Remodelling has a way of making the whole house a mess. ~sigh~

Sounds like you've got a great sense of humor, and a good attitude, too. I like the "God's Diet" idea. I just avoid the processed foods and sugars, too. Hope you've enjoyed your day.

inmorning on 03/10/2003:
I am a WalMart shopper too. Sometimes I think my husband's boss ought to pay him in Wal Mart gift certificates. Hehehe. Diet plan sounds good. I hope it works for you. I admire your strength.

Jelly Belly - Friday Mar 07, 2003

Weight: 155.0

I was getting ready for work and checking out the package in the full length mirror. I turned side-ways and "AAAAARRGGGHHH!!!" "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" No joke. From the side I look 5 months pregnant. It's all in my stomach, with a splattering of ripples running down my inner thighs. Very attractive, let me tell you. Why did I have to go get so dern happy?

More importantly, why didn't anyone tell me? I can understand my boyfriend not saying anything, "UM, hon......you're kinda chunking up" followed by sobbing on my part and refusing to talk to him. But what about my friends? Who am I kidding? They let me walk around with mascara like an Indian warrior smeared across my face and a boogar fluttering in and out of my nose with every breath I take. Ok, what about my kids? Oh, yeah, right, let's make mom grumpier! What about my ex husband? Oh, as if he'd tell me! "Ha, ha, she's as big as a house!" Ok, so that just leaves me. Were your pants getting tighter? Well, yeah, but I am getting ready to start, full moon rotation, water retention, been taking steroids that were prescribed, Iraqis sending fat gas over. *sigh* The mirror tells it all. "Hey!" I smile. "I know, maybe I am pregnant!" But I know better. Isn't that awful? Hoping you are pregnant and there's an excuse why you look five months pregnant. Nope, no excuse. Face facts. Start now or wait until your 12 months pregnant and need a wheelbarrow.

"POW!!!" The sound of the starting gun.......and I'm off!......

emilyjohnson on 03/07/2003:
I know the exact feeling!!!! my stomach looks like i'm six months pregnant. I am so glad that I can relate with someone. I thought wow, is this really my belly because all of a sudden It looks huge. I'll be reading your diary, hope you feel better. emilyjohnson

biscottibody59 on 03/07/2003:
Gosh, there's an awful lot of "false" pregnancy going on around here:-) You, Soonie and Golightly--and I saw a Jenny Craig (I think it was) commercial where the same thing was mentioned.

Best of luck in your "unchunking progress"--don't be such a stranger around here JB!

See ya and keep up the good work!

Jelly Belly - Thursday Feb 13, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Thanks so much for your comments and support. Yes, I feel the same way. In the end, my little one will know that I love him and see what's what. It's just hard.

So many people at work are on the Atkin's diet and they swear they are never hungry and don't crave anything. The biggest complaint I have heard is that they're getting tired of the same ole things. I still haven't jumped aboard yet, but am still thinking.

Lord help me, I got my gas bill and it is $240!!! I didn't get on the budget, nor do I want to because this should be the last big one of the year. Normally, my gas bill has been around $100/month all year. Break out the thermals and coats, kids!

Oh, well, we'll tap into our fat stores to keep warm if I keep the thermostat down! Gotta keep looking on the bright side!

kyrin on 02/14/2003:
Nope...Not me on the high-protein plan. I tried Atkin's for about a week and had to quit. I'm such a fresh fruits and veggies gal. What was I thinking? I felt as if I was being punished while I was on it. Figured I would rather eat less and exercise.

My sister (soccermom) is doing a modified version of the Atkin's diet...low carber.

Wow! (re: the gas bill) Bet that put a big ole dent in the budget. Ahhhh, well. Coats, warm socks, mittens (?), and lotsa hot soup or tea. It'll be spring before you know it!



Jelly Belly - Monday Feb 10, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Nope! I didn't leave ya again. I've just been having some major life upheavals! The main one being my ex threatening to take custody of my little boy. He owns a car lot and can take him to work with him. I can't take him to work with me. While I'm at work, my mom can watch him though, but my ex has put it into his head that if he doesn't want to go to grandma's he can call daddy and then I don't get him back that day. Or, if I call, my ex tells me no I can't have him, or my little boy says he doesn't want to come because he has more fun at daddy's. Well, of course he does, daddy bought him a four wheeler and he's surrounded by kids to play with. I had five days off--I get a four day weekend once a month. I had him from Wed. at 4:15 up until my ex called Saturday night and asked him if he wanted to ride his 4 wheeler the next day and of course that's all I heard about, so he went back to daddy's on Sunday when I could have kept him up until 3:30 p.m. today. I basically got screwed out of a day with him. I don't call and infringe on his time, but he does on mine. His bright idea was that I only get him on my days off, well, I have four of them and he screws it up for me. Nothing ever changes, still messing up my life.

He won't let me have him when I can get him, but complains that I don't have him enough for him to be paying child support. (We have joint custody)

All that on top of the fact that I have a cold. So, I haven't been on here at all since last time.

But, just keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Yes, I made mistakes in our relationship and so did he. It takes two to make it and two to break it. Am I supposed to pay for it for the rest of my life? I feel like it's hopeless sometimes. I can't even talk to him without him cussing at me. The next time I am hanging up. I don't have to listen to his filthy mouth anymore.

Lainey on 02/10/2003:
Best of luck with your current situation.. hope everything works out in your favor!

Tigger on 02/10/2003:
Sounds like he is trying to use your son to try and control or intimidate you. That is just sick. His main concern should be your son and it is just sick that he is using him like this. I hope that the judge is smart enough to see through him.


Kerry79 on 02/10/2003:
Sounds like your ex is being really unfair. I don't have any useful advice but I really hope it gets better. Big hugs, Kerry x

inmorning on 02/10/2003:
Unfortunately when a child is involved with a divorce, you do have to pay for a mistake for the rest of your life. But cheer up a little, if your husband is as he sounds, and you just keep your son as close to you as possible, you will win out in the end and he will end up looking like a jerk. Don't give up. By the way, ever thought of a restraining order on his butt for picking that kid up at your moms? IT may be something to consider. I know I sound bitter but I have little patience with men who use the children to hurt the mother. Most of the time, they don't want the children around anyway, it is just one more way to get back at the ex. We support you. annastasia.

breakaway on 02/10/2003:
Sorry to hear your going through such a hard time right now. But in time it will clear itself up...just keep your head high and be the bigger person. The child may favor him now but if you are the bigger adult in this whole situation the child will realize that when he gets older. And if the dad downtalks you at all the child will always remember that and also remember the fact that you did not. Have a great day today...at least try to.


Jelly Belly - Tuesday Jan 28, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Getting ready for work-have to straighten the house. I swear, every morning I think I'm going to start on a diet, and every morning I start with a bad choice or craving something I shouldn't. Still waiting for that jump start. Maybe I need to go try on clothes under the unforgiving lights and mirrors-maybe some swimsuits---hmmmm--agh! Yuck! That would do it, I'm sure.

I am going to hire someone to straighten my hair. It is one length to about my shoulder blades now and naturally wavy/curly. That is an arm workout in itself. After I straighten it, I don't wash it for two days. It's too much work.

Good news is I did hop on treadmill last night, then did lunges and squats and situps. That triggered a chain reaction of feeling good-cleaned the kitchen for the second time, did some laundry, STRAIGHTENED THE PANTRY and then gave myself a facial. Gotta look good if Mr. Right decides to drop in/back in!

Thanks for the advice and comments. I forgot how much I missed this place and what a huge wealth of support and friendship it is. Glad I can EXHALE again.

pastagal on 01/28/2003:
First thing you need to do is clean out the kitchen and make a list and get only what you can eat and make good choices,you can do it jelly,,,just take it ONE day at a time and don't think about tomorrow ,just today:}

Tigger on 01/28/2003:
Sounds like you are where I was about a month ago. I <b>knew</b> I needed to do something but could not seem to get it under control. My doctor suggested keeping track of how much I was eating and writing next to it how hungry I was when I ate it on a scale of 1 to 5. I did this for two weeks and came in again. My log was a real wake up call for me. I have what my doctor called compulsive eating disorder. I would regularly consume 3000 calories a day, not becuase I was hungry but just because I did. I know that this has helped me cut back to under 1800 calories on a regular basis and has also helped me to recognize hunger instead of eating just becuase something is there.


biscottibody59 on 01/28/2003:
I for one am glad you're glad:-) You'll find something to stick to. Good exercise--hope you don't get toooo sore--if so, try again in a couple days--easier said than done--but, you've done alot for yourself--to further yourself lately--getting a job, getting out of your marriage, you'll get there. I hope to be right there with you!

Have a good one!

ps even stellastarr came back briefly as "restellastarr"--it'd be nice to see her in here too!

breakaway on 01/28/2003:
I know exactly how you feel when you wake up and make those wrong choices. I tryed coming back here a few times thinking that would work...but it didn't. I just had to get in the mind frame again. You can't do this if something is bothering you or if your not ready for it yet. Take your time and just keep thinking about the health risks if you don't do it. That's what got me going again. ANd my brother inlaws (info on my entry today about that) That scared me and I am fully ready to take this on. And it's been fun beating this food. I love the control becaues I don't usually get to control anything so this is really been fun!! lol

On the hair...did you ever try that battery operated round brush that turns while you comb your hair. It is wonderful on curly hair and it will straighten it for you. It works just as if a beautician is doing it and it's wonderful and easy. THey carry it at wal-mart by the curling irons. It's $20.00 is worth every penny! Ask your beautician about it.

Have a great day!


SoccerMom on 01/29/2003:
I have done the low-carb thing...and snacks are not really a problem. A handful of nuts make a healthy snack. There are lots of different kinds...and many of them are low or no-salt, too. For a treat, try having the rootbeer float! No kidding...buy a good brand of diet rootbeer, pour it over ice, then add a tablespoon of whipping cream to it. Honestly, it tastes rich and creamy, like a rootbeer float...but you're still within the low-carb limits. A good low-carb soup I make has chicken, broccoli, red bell pepper, cheese, and a bit of cream in it. If you'd like the recipe, let me know. And, by the way, you'll burn out on eggs if you eat them every breakfast. Sometimes, it's nice to have a salad with meat and cheese on it, instead!

Have a great day! ~~SMILE!~~

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