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Jennifer68 - Monday Oct 03, 2005

Weight: 172.0

Wow-- yellow huh? I mean REALLY yellow. Don't know if I can learn to like that...

Okay here's what happened: the chicken pox my 5 year-old son got cause my dorment varicella virus (from when I had c. pox as a kid) to wake up; it made me very sick with flu symptoms and started attacking my joints, so I have infectious arthritis. In some people they will get shingles, I didn't tho. This too is extremely painful. I can barely walk now. Have to go to the doctor tomorrow if he will fit me in.

I am one pissed off woman tho-- I have new running shoes and I was doing awesome before this happened.

sweetpea1977 on 10/03/2005:
Aww! Poor Jen!

I feel horrible that you are so sick and in so much pain. I hope the doctor can get you all fixed up so you can get back to your beloved running.

Get well soon!


jolt on 10/03/2005:
Get lots of rest! You can do this. Make sure to get yourself healthy, those runners can wait a couple of days. I hope you feel better soon.



StringBean on 10/04/2005:
Ooooh, I'm so sorry!! My brother has had shingles a couple times (he's 26!!) and he was really really sick and achy.

I just went back and read your last month, and I am SO impressed with your running!! I thought I was doing good with my 1 mile 2x a week, but you're blowing me out of the water!!

Keep track of your new shoes, don't lose them while you're trying to get well! you will get back to running!!

Hope you feel better soon! ((((hugs))))

Jennifer68 - Tuesday Sep 27, 2005

Weight: 172.0

Have the achy body flu. Had to get out there tho and do something, so I walked 2.50 miles. Knees are still aching, but dont think its the running or exercise anymore-- my 13 year old has the flu and same symptoms-- both of us can bearely stand it and keep taking tylenol for relief.

Thanks for the encouraging words, girls. I'll get back to posting and responding when I can. Right now I'm barely able to do this with my hectic life. Thanks for understanding! Jen

JOLT on 09/28/2005:
(HUGS) hope the both of you feel better soon. Good on you for getting out for a walk even when you didn't really feel up to it!

Hugs pat

Jennifer68 - Monday Sep 26, 2005

Weight: 172.0

STILL RUNNING STRONG. 5 miles last time, but took 2 days off due to my aching knees. Will try maybe tonight.

borntocry on 09/27/2005:
5 miles?! That's awesome! Keep it up!

sweetpea1977 on 09/27/2005:
5 miles is awesome!

Take care of those knees.

Congrats on the weight loss!


Jennifer68 - Thursday Sep 22, 2005

Weight: 173.0

Didn't check my weight yet, but really didn't care that much this morning (amazing!)about it-- I feel great and my clothes fit like a comfy glove. That sure has been a long time coming!

Ran better half of 4 mile trek last night and was sore right after... did stretches again before coming in the house and felt much better. This morning I have no pain, and have not had leg cramps, so I'm doing something right. Oh, and I feel so confident. Last night Kyle brought along a jog discplayer and put on Eminem/Aerosmith's 'Dream On' and Oh My God! That song got me so pumped-- I ran right clear the whole song with no walks. I kept going and going-- woohooo!

sweetpea1977 on 09/22/2005:
I think you just found your new passion - running!

Keep up the great work!


jolt on 09/22/2005:
Good for you on not being a slave to the scale (thats my line of work LOL) Way to go on the running! *does happy dance* anything to music makes it go faster and be more fun.



Jennifer68 - Wednesday Sep 21, 2005

Weight: 173.0

Check it out gals!! I am RUNNING, YES RUNNING now with my 16 year old son. I did 3.7 miles the first day, alternating sprints and walking fast, 3.75 the second day and ran more than the first time, and yesterday was day 3-- we ran 4 miles alternating run and walk-- but did mostly run!!!

I can't believe it -- I can do this :O)!!! Jen

jolt on 09/22/2005:
*does happy dance* YEAH! I am so proud of you... Keep up the awesome work! Thanks for always inspiring me! you are important and special!



Jennifer68 - Friday Sep 16, 2005

Weight: 176.0

Friday--a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and taco salad for lunch (no tortillas, no cheese or sour cream)-- okay, so those were pretty good choices.

I also resisted the box of candy bars my 13 year-old has to sell. This year I will walk with him to sell them door to door as we have other years, but I ain't buying!!

Its pouring rain here-- a crazy deluge that has created a lake in my neighbor's yard. Hmmm. have to find an indoor workout to do. Pilates again? We shall see.

sweetpea1977 on 09/16/2005:
Yes! Pilates!! Do those!! You were very dedicated to those for a while so it would be nice to see you fall back in love with them again! :o)

Good food choices and good job on resisting those candy bars. I commend you for your plan to walk with him to sell them!

Have a great weekend!


jolt on 09/19/2005:
OH MY resisting chocolate bars! Thats excellent... **pat dives in and eats them all** GULP that was a bad idea wasn't it LOL.

Sorry about the rain.. Pilates? Sounds like a good indoor activity... I can think of a couple of others.....




Jennifer68 - Thursday Sep 15, 2005

Weight: 176.0

Made some bad food choices and layed around for much of the day. I have Noah home with a cold and I feel one coming on too. BUT...

I am not down, so don't count me out. I haven't been pinned yet, both shoulders are off the mat. I will not be eating more, since I am sure the chocolate bar helped me reach my caloric intake for the day. Heh heh, I am CRAZY for chocolate right now-- damn hormones! I'll be going for a walk soon too. Just need the sun to set a bit, because when I walk with the sun shining on me I get overheated and feel icky. ______________________________________________________________________

Update: Opted instead for a 30 minute bike ride with my 13 year-old son Joshua. It was great! Even stopped off at the store for milk, and a composition notebook he needed. You should have seen me riding with a gallon of milk in one hand-- hilarious, particularly the time I almost wiped out. But I made it and can count this day as a success.

gigi43 on 09/15/2005:
I can see the headline now:


That's awesome that you got your pep back!

jolt on 09/15/2005:
We all have days like that Jen, it all depends what we do with them, and it sounds like you did great! *pictures jen and a bunch of milk...* oh my what a sight that is.

I know you can do this. So don't give up or give in. Learn each day, and move forward. There is no use regreting yesterday, when you have a wonderful day that lies before you.

Hugs and love


Jennifer68 - Wednesday Sep 14, 2005

Weight: 176.0

Okay, so here I am again, and that's good, right?? I'm about to go for a walk, which is also good. I missed Biggest Loser last night, BUT I did go to the website and get to know the contestants a little bit. Wow!! I give those people so much credit-- they are trying, and some of them WILL succeed. I'm pulling for all of them.

jolt on 09/14/2005:
Good Morning Jen!

Yeah! *does happy dance* Sorry you missd the show hopefully you catch it next week. Way to go on going for a walk! *does happy dance*



sweetpea1977 on 09/14/2005:
Oh man, you missed a great episode! I think I am going to enjoy this season better than the last. Did you see that there is a "Jennifer" on the show? Goooo Jen! ;o)

Enjoy that walk!


Jennifer68 - Tuesday Sep 13, 2005

Weight: 176.0


I'm back, I think. Today I am here at least. I don't know what is going on in my head, I guess. I'm feeling...overwhelmed. There is so much going on inside me, I cannot possibly begin to explain. I feel lost and empty. I feel alone. There are problems in my life that need to be sorted out. It's an ugly place to be (in my head) and I don't really want to delve too deeply. Sometimes the only tolerable coping mechanism is to simply not think too much, ya know?

I put a sunny smile on my tracker-- that is me. Always smiling, and everything is always perfect. Somehow, that's the way I SEEM to always be, but honestly that's NOT real. Inside I'm not really smiling and I'm not always happy. What on earth makes me think its okay for everyone else to be 'in a mood' but never me? Today I have decided to let it out. Here it is safe, or I feel that way at least today.

I'm going for a walk.

Okay I did 2 miles last night, and one mile this morning.

jolt on 09/13/2005:
((HUGS)) JEn,

I know exactly how you feel. I always put on the happy face when I am falling apart inside, but I have learned over time, that I am human like everyone else!




sweetpea1977 on 09/13/2005:
Hey Jen,

I know somewhat what you are going through. Recently, I've learned how it feels to be completely overwhelmed, lost, and empty. I've been dealing with some pretty strong (negative) feelings in my head the last few weeks. I dont even know if I could explain them if I wanted to. I dont know what causes it, but I do know that I dont like it. I think I finally had a revelation today, and I feel blessed knowing that it may possibly be out of my system now!

Just know it is ok not to have a smiley face glued on at every moment of the day. I rather someone be grouchy, grumpy, or sad than have that same person faking a good happy mood - because sooner or later, they are going to get caught!

Anyway, I am extremely happy that you are back (physically) and I hope that over time, we can have you back in a good place (mentally).

Keep up the walks...it will do you a world of good!

Love, Jenny

Jennifer68 - Monday Sep 12, 2005

Weight: 176.0


Okay Pat wrote me and I feel much stronger for the present. I took a 20 minute fast paced walk and feel empowered. Not snacking either. Thanks gals! Jen

jolt on 09/12/2005:

I already wrote you off line! ((HUGS)) you will make it through okay. You can do this. You are important and special. Remember you need to look after yourself first, and be a friend to yourself. You can't be a friend to someone else unless you are a friend to yourself first.....



sweetpea1977 on 09/12/2005:
Hey Sweetie,

I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I'm glad Pat sent ya an email. She is good in helping those in need. Keep posting, it will help, I promise!


gigi43 on 09/12/2005:
Hey, you've come this far! We're pulling for you!

jolt on 09/13/2005:
Yes Jen! I knew you could do it. Welcome back! HUGS! N LOVE!!!


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