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Justine6Robert3 - Monday Jan 22, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 128.0

For breakfast I had 1 pc of whole wheat toast with tbsp of peanut butter, a small glass of milk and 10 grapes.

Rode my bike this morning for 60 min (530 calories)and did my 20 min. pilates "ab" workout. Later I did 40 squats, 50 lundges (25/leg) and 90 (45/leg) back kicks.

For lunch I had a salade with grilled chicken breast with calorie wise ceasar dressing and 1 glass of milk.

Snack: small bowl of chips (I had to give in and have a little or I was afraid I'd eat them all!)

Dinner was not so healthy. I had 3 fish sticks and 1 serving of oven baked french fries with a glass of milk.

I started off good today but I ate way to much fat for my snack and dinner!! Also, I had asked my hubby to grab milk on his way home a couple days ago and he accidently picked up 2% instead of 1%. I didn't want to drink it but I also couldn't waste it. Tomorrow I will start drinking 1% again.

I did good on water today, I had 7 glasses.

The kids played outside after we picked Taylor up from school. We were outside for 1 hr and a half. I shovelled our driveway, our next door neighbours and then helped another single mother 2 doors down do hers while our kids played together. There wasn't alot of snow but it was that heavy, icy snow thats tough to shovel. It's actually great exercise, I really have to work on my arm strength! My arms were still hurting from the gym and then the snow shovelling was really making them burn!

Progress as of today: 3.5 lbs lost so far, only 18 lbs to go!

sasyredneckgirl on 01/22/2007:
Justine looks like you had a GREAT breakfast!!!.. My nutrionist says milk first thing in the am is soooo good for the body

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/22/2007:
great foods! good on portions. very healthy!

WorkingIt2 on 01/22/2007:
Your breakfast was the same as mine LOL must be a peanut butter day! Hope you had a lovely one

Justine6Robert3 - Sunday Jan 21, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 127.0

Yesturday (Jan. 20th) my total calories for the day was 1240. I went to bed feeling very hungry but I still managed to sleep. I had 7 glasses of water. For exercise I rode my bike for 60 min (505 calories) and then I did 40 squats, 50 lundges (25 on each leg) and 90 kick backs (45 on each leg) Didn't get in any ab exercises.

Today my total calories was 1611, a little higher than I would like but I had 2 slices of pizza for dinner and I think thats what put me over!! I would like to keep my calories closer to 1500 a day.

I went to the gym this morning and had a good work out. I felt a little tired for the first part of my cardio, my legs felt really tired but after I did the weights and returned to the cardio I had a lot more energy, not sure why. For my work out today I did 25 min on the eliptical trainer, 30 min on the treadmill, used 9 machines on the weight circuit then went back to the cardio and did 25 min on the bike and another 20 minutes on the eliptical trainer.

I don't think I'm getting enough fibre. Besides the obvious like high fibre cereals, what kind of foods should I be eating that will give me alot of fibre?

Tonight I'm feeling tired and my muscles are hurting but in a good way, this means there getting a good work out!! I'm going to go and stretch again before I go to bed.

Good night


Progress as of today: 4.5 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 01/21/2007:
Beans and peas (like blackeyed peas, or maybe you call them crowder), lentils, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, raspberries--your favorite fruit whatever that may be. Popcorn too!

You may try any of a number of brands of canned bean soups and look at the label for fiber content, but I'd also suggest looking at the sodium numbers unless it's labeled low sodium or MSG-free (monosodium glutamate).

Oh and brown rice--you can get these in a practically instant bag form--not bad.

Hope that helps a little! Have a good one!

Justine6Robert3 - Friday Jan 19, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 127.0

Breakfast: 1 bowl of quaker oats cereal with 1% milk. 2 glasses of water so far.

Snack: a couple baby carrots with light veggie dip & some grapes

Lunch: 6" assorted sub from subway on whole wheat. This was probably not so healthy since its loaded with processed or lunch type meats but Kirt brought me a 12" one home for supper last night (I didn't ask him to he was being thoughtful, at least it wasn't Mcdonalds!!) so I ate half of it for supper last night and saved half for lunch today.

I couldn't resist putting some kiddie pics in. Did I mention my favourite toy is my digital camera and I LOVE taking pictures!! Ofcourse my favourite people to take them of is my kids. I think I drive my family nuts with my camera but maybe they'll thank me later for all the memories:)

By the way, I don't usually wear make-up on my daughter but she was going to her dance recital and they ask you to put make-up on them because of the lighting on stage (4th picture). This recital (last March) the teacher specified red lipstick and black mascara!! I found it a little scary, the year before I just put light pink on her lips, a little blush and purple (her choice) eye shadow. This was the first time I have had to put mascara on her!! Oh well, its only once a year for her recital. She gets very excited to be on stage, I would be terrified if I were her!I love that she is so outgoing and confident.

I had 2 egg whites and a glass of milk an hour before going to the gym, it made a huge difference!! I had a great work-out! I did 70 min on the eliptical trainer, did the weight circuit for about 35 min and then I walked the treadmill for 45 min. I didn't get hungry until after I returned home. My legs are feeling really tired! I'm going to go to bed now so I don't have a munchie attach and make the trip to the gym a waste. I already had a very small bowl of chips (they are my weakness right now) I'm still not thinking about chocolate, at least not yet!

My total calories for today were rather high, 1853. I think it should be okay since I had a good work-out. I'm aloud to have as much as 1895 calories with heavy exercise. I checked again on "A Healthy Me" website and I get less now that I've lost a few pounds. I'd like to stay lower but I was really hungry at dinner today.

Thank-you everybody for all the great food ideas to keep me going at the gym, I really appreciate the ideas and advice!!

Progress as of today: 4.5 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

Sweetpea1977 on 01/19/2007:
Your kids are ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing your pics with us. And I can totally relate to you - my favorite toy is my digital camera too. :o)

Your lunch wasnt so bad. At least you made two meals out of a potentially "one meal" sandwich. :o)

missingsmokes on 01/19/2007:
Gorgeous children! I get the makeup thing...takes a while to get used to. My dtr in both theatre and dance....but luckily she hasn't got into the habit of wearing it off stage ;)

missingsmokes on 01/20/2007:
the class I do is at good life fitness clubbs, they have some great ones andI believe all goodlifes have to have same classes, they do a bodypump(1hr intense weight class), bodystep (1hr stepclass), Bodyattack (1hr of hell haha)and they also have a boxing class and hiphop class, not to mention numerous spin classes which I hear are great for burning. I try to do one class a week in addition to my other workouts, just to keep me motivated!:)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/20/2007:
great job on the gym and staying in your calorie range, even if it was high. we love looking at photos, i'm going to look at yours now....haha, nice job on the mascara because it's not overpowering! the lipstick is quite nice too! you are a VERY good looking family!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/20/2007:
your name reminds me of the workout studio lucille roberts! haha. i love long comments, don't worry about rambling on!

biscottibody59 on 01/20/2007:
Good for you on taking the pictures--a friend's mom was/is always taking pictures and there are really some that I know of that are precious to me to be sure. She's in here 70s now and in a bit of a pickle healthwise. Not ill, but not well either.

Yeah, "Sissy and Bud" from <I>Urban Cowboy</I>--sounds like you really liked that movie. Perhaps you can get it on DVD. Neither one of the actors seemed to be right to me to be cast as native Texans, but the movie was mildly entertaining. Probably one of the last movies (other than <I>Pulp Fiction</I>) that I could stand John Travolta in.

Debra Winger is just about non-existent these days unfortunately.

As for the people here, so many "foreigners" moved down from "up north" in the 80s that a bumper sticker, "I'm not a native Texan, but I got here as soon as I could!" popped up in the 90s.

If you have time to go all around Texas, you may want to research it a bit. We have a bit of everything including "Big Bend National Park." I don't recommend going to just the touristy city parts. There's just so much more! Probably like Canada--I've been to Nova Scotia, but that's about it.

By the way, I'm 47, so I'm in it for the long haul. It's always a challenge, whatever your age!

Have a good one and keep up the good work!

greengirl on 01/20/2007:
I love the pictures of your children. They are both gorgeous. I know what you mean about the makeup. When my daughter was little she used to dance latin formation, and for competitions they had to have full makeup and fake tan too!!! They were all age ten, and looked about thirty!!! Now my daughter is 16 and is a complete tomboy, always in jeans and no makeup!!

WorkingIt2 on 01/21/2007:
Great pictures! I am finally having time to catch up with everyone that I'm not tracking points for lol.

Thanks for your entry in my journal. I relate 100% to your depression and to your struggles with same. It is great to see that you are here and actively participating in giving your strength and your heart to everyone and being part of the journies of us all. What a great use of your energy! I am glad that you have a husband who is very supportive and loving. My family didn't understand what I was going through at first, but now they have come to understand more and I have spent a number of years trying to erase their preconceptions about mental illness and the people who are affected. It is very true that people fear what they don't understand and the natural reaction to fear is one of 'self protection' which makes people want us to keep our 'cooties' away from them. I used to tell them "you can't catch this anymore than you can catch diabetes from a hug.'

I read some very fascinating stories here from folks who have kidney problems, recovering after heart attacks, surgery, injuries, etc. and while not everyone will suffer from depression, we all have our crosses to bear. While we haven't been given the same cross, we can all support each other because we should all know exactly what it feels like to have A cross. And we are all doubly connected because we are all working towards fitness. Pretty cool!

Your children are beautiful and your little girl looks like you. Your son must look like his daddy? Very cute!

harleygirl79 on 01/21/2007:
Thanks so much for dropping a note. I have worked hard over the last 9 months, but I also have a long way to go. I want to get down to about 130 or 135. That would put my BMI in normal range. I haven't been in normal range since grade school.

I don't watch the apprentice but I love reality shows. I love The Amazing Race and I just recently started watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels. My husband and I love KISS so it is kinda comical.

I am excited to hear Mr. Trump speak as he has endorsed our company and I respect what he has done in business. His personal life I don't agree with but I don't have to live with him.

Thanks again for your entry and good luck with your last few lbs. I am counting the days until Cedar Point opens.

Take care,

Justine6Robert3 - Friday Jan 19, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Justine6Robert3 - Friday Jan 19, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Justine6Robert3 - Friday Jan 19, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Justine6Robert3 - Friday Jan 19, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Justine6Robert3 - Friday Jan 19, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Justine6Robert3 - Friday Jan 19, 2007

Weight: 0.0

Justine6Robert3 - Thursday Jan 18, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 127.0

I lost another pound! I didn't expect the weight to come off this quickly! Maybe its just water weight and after I loose a few pounds it will slow down to 1 or 2 lbs a week. I'm not complaining or anything I just thought healthy weight loss that will stay off came off slowly, like 1 or 2 lbs a week?!

For breakfast I had 1 pc of ww toast with peanut butter and a small glass of 1% milk. For some reason, I didn't feel really hungry this morning and 1 pc of toast seemed to satisfy me. I'm sure I'll get more of an appetite as the day goes on.

I'm planning to go the gym tonight. I want to make sure I have something good to eat that's going to both keep me from feeling hungry mid-workout and feeling energetic! Anybody have any advice for what is good food for keeping my energy level high at the gym??

I noticed that my stomach no longer feels gasy and bloated, YAY! I was constantly feeling bloated and gross before I made these changes to my eating habits. I also was getting alot of headaches before and I haven't had one all last week. I had a slight headache last night but it was very mild compared to what I usually get, and I think it was just because I was a bit upset.

I went to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things yesturday and I didn't even feel tempted by the chocolate! I haven't even been craving chocolate, SOOO STRANGE, but really good!!

Didn't make it to the gym, disapointing!! My hubby had to work later than expected and then its homework with my daughter, dinner, bath, bedtime etc. I did manage to work out at home though. I rode my bike for 60 min burning 505 calories and I did my 20 min pilates "abs" workout and my 20 min "buns & thigh" pilates workout. I really enjoy pilates. I would like to try to take pilates and spin classes at my gym but its hard for me to manage to get there more than 2 or 3 times a week. I'm hoping I can aim for hitting the gym 3 times a week and then I can work out at home the rest of the week. Planning to go to the gym tomorrow, hope it works out that way this time!!!

I haven't totalled my calories yet but I think they should be under 1700. With moderate to heavy exercise I'm aloud up to 1925 calories a day to loose weight. I'd like to keep them between 1400-1700 though.

Oh ya, I did have 2 beers last night with Kirt (hubby). They were light beer and they were included in my total calories yesturday. The beer didn't put my calories over yesturday although I know they aren't "healthy" I have to enjoy a couple occasional!

Total Calories for today: 1634

Progress as of today: 4.5 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

Moody on 01/18/2007:
Congratulations on your loss!! Good for you!!

legcramps on 01/18/2007:
protein, protein, protein!!!

Moody on 01/18/2007:
Just wanted to say thanks for your comment today..Very interesting and I am glad to see that I am not alone in the whole religion thing..I can certainly understand why you feel the way you do, given your early upbringing..those feelings go deep and are hard to get past. Thanks for sharing with me...Take care..

hollybelle on 01/18/2007:
Sounds like you are doing great. I had a time period where I didn't have much appetite around the end of November. I kind of wish it would come back LOL! Also - Just curious why do you think bloat/gassy-ness went away? That is a BIG problem for me...I have lost about 20 pounds, and it was better for awhile, but is back now. Sorry if that is too much information - but since you mentioned it.......(hee-hee).

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/18/2007:
tuna on a piece of ww bread is a great snack before the gym. I had shredded chicken in bbq sauce yesterday on a slice of bread and i was satisfied for a long time!

missingsmokes on 01/18/2007:
yupppp...protein is best.....but carbs provide energy too, usually 1/2 hr to 1 hr before going to gym i will have tuna and an orange or a glass of milk and apple etc etc...cottage cheese with cucumbers good choice too! goo girl!

missingsmokes on 01/18/2007:
oopsi...pressed submit too soon. I too am Canadian...live just south of you...near London. Pretty cold last few days but we have been very lucky...roillllll on summer only a couple more months.....

WorkingIt2 on 01/18/2007:
Congrats on the pound loss!

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