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Justine6Robert3 - Friday Jan 02, 2009
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 142.0

Down 1 lbs!   It's a start,  at least it's moving down instead of up :0)

Calories are good so far today and I'm heading off to do some exercise!


Total Calories: 1514

Water:  9 glasses


Cardio: 60 min on recumbent bike,  30 min on Eliptical trainer

Weights & toning:  leg extensions, leg curls, push-ups & dips


My hubby has decided to join me in the healthy eating but unfortunetly he never sticks with it for more than a couple of wks......I hope he will this time!!!   It would be so much easier to succeed if he does it with me and therefore he won't bring all the junk food into the house!   He needs to loose about the same amount of weight as me so it could be fun.   He really loves alot of healthy food  (including veggies,  which I struggle with)  so for him it would just be cutting out the bad stuff and controlling his portions.   He hates formal exercise but he loves being physical, any kind of sport or outdoor activities would work for him.   He still plays hockey (his favourite!)  but it's only once a week so he needs to figure out how to add more activity into his days.   He also had major back surgery a few yrs ago so I would be so thrilled if he'd start taking care of himself physically :0)

The house we bought backs onto a walking trail and a forest so we're surrounded by trails that lead all through town,  it's one of the reasons we bought here.....it's beautiful!!!   We all love taking family nature walks and I'm hoping come spring we can all start to take bike rides together through the trails.  They have designated walking trails and seperate riding trails.  Hubby and I also would like to buy cross-country skies for the kids and ourselves so we can get out and moving and taking advantage of the area this winter :0)

I'll be back later to read some diaries......have to get to my exercises before I loose my motivation!  



Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/02/2009:
I don't think I mentioned this directly to you before, so just in case I didn't: I'm so glad you're back!!!!!!!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/03/2009:
nature walks are the best! i love walking outside, too bad today will be too cold to do it extensively so i think the elliptical would be a better move for me!

like donkey said, welcome back to you! i love reading your entries. and thanks for you lovely comments on mine.

keep up the great work! congrats on one pound lost.

skinnyjeans on 01/03/2009:
Congrats on being down a pound! And keep up the great work with all the excercise! Cheers to a happy and healthy new year!! :)

Jen40 on 01/03/2009:
Those walking trails sound fantastic! Congrats on the 1 lb loss!!!

Justine6Robert3 - Thursday Jan 01, 2009
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 143.0

Calories: 1529   This is a good day for me:0)

No exercise today. It was a relaxing day with the family but I will get back to it tomorrow!

Happy New Year!   A fresh start and I do intend to stick with it!   I know I'll fumble and not all days will be good but I'm going to get myself back on track and back to a healthier me!  I will reach my goal.....for the second time....this time I have to try harder to "maintain" my weight loss :0) 

Hope everyone success and happiness in all that you set out to do in 2009!


Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 28 lbs to go!

jolt on 01/02/2009:
Great job :) Everyone is entitled to a day of rest with the family. This journey is all about learning. Do not beat yourself up over what has past instead look to the future and what you can do next time :)

See you at goal


skinnyjeans on 01/02/2009:
Great calories yesterday! Happy New Year!!

Justine6Robert3 - Wednesday Dec 31, 2008
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 143.0


Cardio: 15 min Eliptical Trainer, 15 min bike, 150 jumping jacks

Weights:  30 min

Toning: Lundges & squats

Calories:  Were okay at 1621 but then I had a couple of drinks with my hubby which led to a slice of pizza that we had ordered for the kids (I only had 1 though!)  Good thing I don't drink to often as it seems to lead to munching and almost always in an "unhealthy" way........tomorrow is another day and a New Year,  I will do better!


Hope everyone that celebrates it had a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!    I had a great X-mas in the new house.   Dinner turned out great and it was a really nice Christmas all around this year :0)

So I didn't do so well with all the temptations over the holidays.......gained 3 lbs!    I am now officially considered "slightly overweight" for my age and height,  a first for me and I'm not very impressed with myself.   Before this my highest weight had been 132 lbs and that was when I started coming to diet diaries in Jan 2007.   Although it is an eye opener and it's a good way to give myself a kick in the butt in the right direction!    So since Christmas I have been behaving and making healthier choices although I'm still struggling with the evening munchies......always my biggest struggle :0(

I really didn't over eat alot during meals over the holidays and I barely had anything to drink either but I definetly made up for it with all the chocolate and chips......my favourites!   Unfortunetly everybody buys me a box of turtles every Christmas as they are a favourite of mine and I NEVER buy them for myself.   I would like it if they wouldn't buy them for me anymore but unfortunetly my family and friends don't much support my desire to change my eating habits and I'm surrouned by people that eat terribly......really tough because I really have to rely on "will power" and I know that I'm much more successful when all the temptations are just removed!

I'm looking forward to getting back on track with both eating habits and regular exercise and I am going to loose this weight for both myself and my family......I'm a much happier and healthier person when I'm making good choices :0)

We had plans for New Years but my poor daughter has been hit with a really nasty dose of chicken pox so we'll be having a quiet night in with just the family.   I'm expecting my son to get them next but I guess it's just as well that we get it over with :0)  Hopefully he doesn't get them as bad as my daughter though,  she's covered  from head to toe......literally.....my poor little pumpkin is soooooo itchy and uncomfortable......

I'm good with the quiet night for New Years though since it means I won't be over indulging with friends and there witll be less temptation to misbehave!   My kids were really disappointed though, they really look forward to New Years Eve with friends and getting to stay up past 12:00 am.......after all it only happends once a year for them!   

So far my calories for today are good!   I'm not sure if I'll manage to get to much exercising done today as my daugher is super cuddly and wants my attention constantly when she's not well......I will try to get a little something in though as a little exercise is better than none at all :0)

Happy New Years Ladies!!!


Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 28 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/31/2008:
i'll be having a quiet new year's too. just hanging out with a few folks - if it stops snowing, that is! i don't think i want to drive in a snowstorm!

let's make this new year a great one!

Justine6Robert3 - Thursday Dec 18, 2008
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 140.0



Cardio:  Eiliptical trainer 25 min,  Bike 20 min,  walk 15 min, 200 jumping jacks

Weights:  leg extensions & leg curls (need more weights but either looking into another gym membership or buying universal gym for home)

Toning:  30 min Pilates (10 min abs /  20 min butt & thighs),  push-ups & dips


Last week-end was great!    My daughters b-day party turned out fantastic and they all had a blast!   My Mom and 3 neices came back to our place and spent the night and a couple of friends with their kids also came back to the house after the party for a visit and to see our new place.

Unfortunetly my diet and exercise were not so great on the week-end.....I was way off track!  I made several bad eating choices and with the party and company all week-end I didn't get any exercising in at all.

However I've been exercising this week and although my calories and food choices haven't been perfect they've been reasonable at least :0)   I exercised Monday & Wednesday and plan to get a good work out in today since both the kids are in school today (my son is in senior kindergarten so he only goes every other day)    Tuesday I took the opportunity with the kids both in school to wrap a huge bulk of my X-mas presents which I enjoy doing but I don't like to leave it until the last minute or I end up getting completely stressed out!    I still have some more gifts to wrap but I did manage to get the majority of it done so now I can just casually pick away at it after the kids go to bed at night :0)

We got a bunch of snow finally yesturday (it's snowed but this is the 1st time it hasn't melted away by the afternoon!)   The kids were thrilled to finally get to play in the snow!   Looks like we'll have snow for X-mas, which is great.....doesn't feel as much like X-mas without the white fluffy stuff!    I shovelled the driveway & sidewalk for the 1st time since we moved and what a work-out that was!!!   I don't enjoy shovelling at all but on the upside it does burn calories.....I was certainly sweating from it anyways haha!

I went to my kids school Christmas concert last night,  it was sooooo cute.....really enjoyed it!    I'm so glad they're both loving their new school and have made so many new little friends already!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day :0)




Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

skinnyjeans on 12/18/2008:
Good job getting your excercise in and I'm so glad the party was so fun!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/18/2008:
glad to hear how well everything is going, especially the concert! i miss those from when i was teaching and i was responsible for putting them on!

i love to hear about your exercise and how you have been...thanks so much for commenting on my diary the other day - you really helped me out!

sweetpea1977 on 12/31/2008:
Happy New Year!!

Justine6Robert3 - Thursday Dec 11, 2008
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 140.0


Total Calories: 1548

Total water:  8 glasses


Cardio:  35 min on recumbent bike,  20 min on the Eliptical trainer & 200 jumping acks (in sets of 50)

Toning & Conditioning:  weights (leg ext. & leg curls),  travelling lundges, squats and 10 min of various ab exercises.

Doing better on the water today......I've had 5 glasses so far so I just need to get 3 more in before bed.

Calories are good so far.   I just need to avoid those evening munchies......my biggest weakness for sure!

I had a decent work-out today and I had lots of energy for it this morning.....I actually got a decent nights sleep last night,  which is rare for me :0)     

My daughter's b-day party is this Saturday.   Usually I plan her parties for the end of November so we're not so close to Christmas but being that we just moved 6 wks ago,  things have been a little hectic.   This will the closest her party has ever been to her actual b-day though....her B-day is Dec. 16th......I can't believe she's turning 8 yrs old!!!

I booked her party at a play place so they do it all for you which although it's a little pricey it's so worth it as far as it makes for very little stress.....we just show up with the Birthday girl and a present and they do the rest :0)   We have a few friends coming and since they now lall ive 1 hr or more away we're having them and their kids back to our place after the party.   None of my friends have seen our new house yet so it will be nice to have the visit as well.   My Mom and 3 nieces will also be coming up and spending the night.   I always enjoy having my family up......the hardest part of moving away was the distance from my Mom,   I've always lived around the corner from her so she was always able to pop in for tea or a chick flick all the time.    I do miss her but I love it here!   At least I have a long distance plan now so I talk to her all the time.

I hope to read some more diaries before bed tonight.   Hope everyone's having a great day :0)


Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

hopinforachange on 12/11/2008:
Good job on the excercise. I hope you ended up getting in all your water. Have a good night. :)

skinnyjeans on 12/12/2008:
Yes...fantastic job on the excercise!! Keep up the good work, and have fun at your daughter's birthday party!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/12/2008:
its so great to see you on here. and yes, we have the same exact goals. perhaps this can motivate us to succeed. to actually see someone doing the same thing as you with the same goals. i haven't really made any success since September, in fact i've gained, but i am now acclimated to the new program i am in and i know all the people in it, etc. so, i'm ready to now make the changes i need to succeed. of course, not every day can be perfect. but my goal is to get as many perfect ones as i can together. and when it isn't perfect, my goal is to still make the most of the day. like today. calories are too high, but i'm going for a walk on the treadmill. not gonna just sit around because i ate a lot.

and definitely yoga tomorrow!

you must be in good shape with the cardio and jumping jacks you do! wow! jumping jacks are great but i think i'd break my ankles if i started doing them. so when you do them, think of me and do a few extra for me!

biscottibody59 on 12/13/2008:
Good day/activity--have a good weekend!

Justine6Robert3 - Wednesday Dec 10, 2008
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 140.0


Total Calories:  Was 1461 but than I had chips so my total was 1892......no chips tomorrow!

Exercise: 60 min on Recumbent bike, 45 push-up, 45 dips, 100 jumping jacks, 20 min pilates (toning buns & thighs)

Only got 6 glasses of water in today

It's been a REALLY long time since I've made an entry here!    My last entry was in July 2007 and I was at a healthy weight of 116 lbs.......17 months later and I'm at an all time high of 140 lbs.......rather disgusted with myself for letting myself go for so long.  I first started here in Jan of 2007 weighing 131.5 lbs and I reached my goal but obviously didn't do so well with maintaining my weight and have managed to put on everything I lost plus an extra 8.5 lbs, YUCK!

So much has gone on since I was last here,  some good some not so good.   We bought a new home and moved to a new city so although this was a good change and exciting it also created alot of stress........have I mentioned I don't like change!    We bought a new house so between the stress of selling our 1st home,  our new home getting delayed by the builder 3 times (we had to rent a home for a couple of months to wait for our new house to be built)  and just generally things being chaotic and out of our regular routine,  I've managed to get way off track.   I've been packing and unpacking and packing and unpacking and trying to get organized now finally in our house,  exercise and good regular eating habits have been put on the back burner.   We finally moved into our new place 6 wks ago and we all love both the house and the new city and we're all getting adjusted to all the change.  

In the process I have not been sticking to my regular exercises and definetly have not been behaving with my portions and calories.   I never realized how much I eat due to stress......it seems everything triggers me to binge on junk food......I do it when I'm upset,  angry, stressed..... and most of the time I'm not even hungry,  just eating for no reason at all.   It almost seems like I'm so disappointed with myself that I continue to punish myself by stuffing my face!

Well enough of this self destructive pattern.......it's time to get back on track and take care of myself again.   I know that with the right attitude I can be so much healthier and happier.   I think now that I've settled into a routine again I can get myself focused again and get back to my routines.......which definetly include daily exercise and healthy eating!!!    Ofcourse Christmas is approaching as well and although it's my favourite time of year it's also a very stressful time of year........so busy and so much money being spent.  Although I'm so excited to have our 1st Christmas and host our 1st Christmas dinner in our new home!  

It's great to see so many of you have stayed regular here and lot's of new members also!   This sight has changed a bit since I was here last......I'll have to find my way around again :0)

I was finding it hard to find the time to make regular entries here and keep up with everyone but I'm realizing I need to be accountable for my behaviours and this seemed to do the trick last time so I need to MAKE time for it!   I don't think I'll manage daily entries but I'm going to aim for at least 1 or 2 entries a week and I find reading everybody else's diaries so motiviating and helpful!

So this is officially day 1 of my new start!   My plan is to exercise regularly,  eat healthier and keep my calories between 1500-1700 a day.......this was managable once I got used to it in the past and it definetly helped me loose those extra pounds!

I'll try to read some more diaries later but right now I'm off to accomplish some exercise!!!   Yesturday was the 1st day that I had a really good work-out in months and it felt fantastic......hoping to continue and make it a habit again!

Have a Great day!













Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

hopinforachange on 12/10/2008:
Welcome. Good luck to you! :)

sweetpea1977 on 12/10/2008:
Oh my goodness, I cant believe my eyes! I am soooo happy to see you here again. I've been wondering what you've been up to. I've been quite busy myself, which is the main reason I havent been on much in the last year!

Welcome back girl!!

biscottibody59 on 12/10/2008:
I know you'll get back to it--you'll do fine!

Glad to see your name back in the list!

Justine6Robert3 - Saturday Jul 07, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 116.5

Exercise yesturday: Bike for 45 min, 80 push-ups, 80 reverse push-ups, 200 butt lifts, 10 min of ab exercises and 20 min of weights.

Calories yesturday were good at 1454, ofcourse than I had 4 lite beers in the evening which put my calories at 1857. I did great with healthy choices yesturday though and I didn't have any munchie attacks! Even after having 4 beers my fat was still only 17%, not bad!

I'm hoping to do well with my eating today as well, I need to make a point of getting all my water in today, I've usually had more by this point of the day. Not sure what I'll do for exercise today, definetly cardio and maybe abs and pilates. Hubby still hasn't put our eliptical trainer together, its still in the box! He's so busy with work that I don't want to nag about it, I do really wish he would find the time and energy to do it though. I'd do it myself but I'm really useless at building things and I'd never keep the kids away long enough to do it safely!

The weather is going to be sooooo hot this week-end, I love it!!! I likely wouldn't enjoy it as much if I didn't have air conditioning and a pool but I love the sun and I really love warm summer nights :0)

I'm down 1.5 lbs today but I'm pretty sure some of that will be back tomorrow. Those few beers I had last night with my hubby and the neighbours usually makes my weight drop a little the day after,just due to dehydration. It was beautiful outside last night!

A couple of girls that I went to middle school with are planning a small reunion for our grade 8 class. It's on August 11th. It would be neat to see everyone again but I'm not sure if I'm going to go or not yet. It's good motivation to continue to behave myself though!!!

Have a great day everyone!

Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 6.5 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/07/2007:
i love your choices of exercise!!! i see similiarities between what we both enjoy...however, you concentrate a lot more on core exercies: abs, pushups, butt lifts (lol at that one!)...these are things that maybe once i get a little older i will learn to enjoy...or, probably i'll see the importance of them as my skin gets looser!?

biscottibody59 on 07/08/2007:
Looks like you're really back into the swing of things! Curious--is your rev push-up the one that works your triceps or something else?

Hope you're having a good day!

harleygirl79 on 07/09/2007:
Hey, how was the concert! Hoped you had a great time. Hope your weather is good this week. Hot here yesteraay and today. Over 90, but like you, I love it.

sweetpea1977 on 07/11/2007:
Great job on the exercise and calories!

Hope you're having a great week!

Justine6Robert3 - Wednesday Jul 04, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 118.0

Exercise for yesturday: 20 min of weights, 80 push-ups (4/20), 60 reverse push-ups (4/15), 200 butt lifts (4/50), 100 lundges while holding 14 lbs hand weights (7 lbs per hand), 200 oblique ab crunches (100 per side) I had intended on doing cardio before bed but I ended up going to bed early instead since I still feel pretty run down.

Exercise Today: Rode bike for 60 min, 10 min of ab exercises (forward & reverse crunces & bicycles), 200 kick backs (100/leg), 200 side kicks (100/leg)

Water today: 10 glasses

Total Calories Today: 1418

Calories wouldn't have been bad except that my food choices were not so great!!! I had 38% fat today....really need to work on that! Ofcourse I had potatoe chips and then some crackers. I need to eliminate the chips from my house, I'm alot more successful when I completely REMOVE the temptation from the house!

My calories have been kept with in reason although I need them to be lower in order to drop off a few more pounds (I'm okay with this weight but I'd prefer to keep my weight between 112 lbs - 115 lbs. I have been drinking alot of water since I've been sick and I'm trying to keep my fluids up to get ride of this bug I have. We picked up our Eliptical Trainer although my hubby hasn't had a chance to set it up yet, hopefully he can get it done in the next couple of days.

Today is a rainy dreary day although I can't really complain because for the most part we have been having beautiful weather. I haven't made any entries because there hasn't really been much to update. I have been sick so I haven't been getting my exercises in. I took a few days to rest and get better. I'm still feeling ill but I'm trying to ease back into the exercising anyway.

The Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw concert was Great, we all had a really good time. It was really nice to get out with a couple of my closest friends and our Mom's, I think my Mom really enjoyed herself. We went downtown early and had dinner on a patio along with a couple of drinks.

This week-end was really busy since it was a long week-end for us here in Canada celebrating Canada Day (Our Birthday is July 1st, so we had Monday off). Kirt had the entire week-end off wich was a first in a really long time so that was nice. Ofcourse I was feeling sick (I think I have another sinus infection) so that kind of sucked but we still managed to get out and do alot with the kids. Saturday we took the kids to the fair for some rides, than to Chingacousy park to see the farm animals and have a pony ride. We than took them to McDonalds to eat (I had salade) and let them play in the playland for about an hour, than we went to Blockbuster to rent a family movie for the evening. Before going home we took the kids to Baskin Robbins for an icecream cone. (I only had a couple spoonfulls just to have a taste!) Sunday we went to our friends house for a bar-b-q, swimming and some drinks, we go here every Canada Day. We than watched the fireworks that they set off at Chingacousy park. Our friend lives across the road from the park so we set up lawn chairs and watch from their drive-way, the road they live on gets blocked off every Canada Day for the fireworks.


Progress as of today: 13.5 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 07/05/2007:
Hope you feel better soon. You are doing great on food and exercise.

greengirl on 07/05/2007:
WOW!! Great exercise!! I know what you mean about the calories. I can keep within a calorie total for the day, but still eat garbage. Its nice that you had a good time at the concert!1 Keep up the good work :o)

maria777 on 07/06/2007:
I love to watch fireworks...I think they're beautiful!

Justine6Robert3 - Monday Jun 25, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 118.0

Exercise for Wednesday: 25 min of weight training, 10 min of ab exercise and rode my bike for 60 min.

Exercise for Thursday: Rode bike for 60 min

Exercise for Friday: Bike for 60 min, 80 push-ups, 300 oblique ab exercises (175/side), 80 forward ab crunches, free weights for 15 min.

Sat. & Sun: No exercise :0(

Today's Exercise:


It's another beautiful day weather wise. Yesturday was gorgeous out, I spent the day outside with the kiddies in the pool. My Mom also came over with my sister's two younger daughters. It's going to be REALLY hot outside today and tomorrow. I leave the house at 8:00 am to take my daughter to the bus and it was already really hot outside, definetly planning on doing some swimming with my son today! I signed Taylor up for soccer this summer and so far she loves it! We have her soccer game tonight and my son has "Sportstart" tomorrow night. My hubby will have to take Craig on his own tomorrow though because I'll be gone out. Both of my kiddies advanced to the next level in swim class....Taylor got jumped up 3 levels, she's always been a great little swimmer but I had no idea they would just jump her up the levels like that, she was so pleased with herself :0)

I didn't manage to get any exercise done on the week-end aside from some gardening, walking and ofcourse the never ending house cleaning!!! (no formal exercise) My food choices weren't very good either. I had a few munchie attacks with both potatoe chips and crackers. I didn't manage to get all of my water in on Sat. or Sun. I'll have a fresh start today, I plan to do better!!! I'm frustrated with myself, I don't know why I'm making such poor choices lately when I was doing so well for so long. It's almost as if I'm purposely out to sabbotage myself. My stomach has been crampy and irritable for weeks now due to eating to much junk, urgh! Oh well, new start today! The eliptical trainer I ordered was in on Saturday however we haven't managed to go and pick it up since since Kirt had to work most of the week-end. Hopefully we can manage to pick it up today or tomorrow, ofcourse than it needs to be assembled.

We took the kids downtown to see "High 5 Live". It was very similiar to the t.v. show they watch every morning before school, lots of colours and singing, very interactive. The kiddies enjoyed it. I don't think it even comes close to the live Disney Shows we take them to but they had fun so that's all that matters!

Tomorrow night I'm going to the Faith Hill & Tim Mcgraw concert with my two girlfriends and all of our Mothers!!! I'm really looking forward to this kind of an outing with my Mom, I didn't think I'd ever get her to go to a concert but I think she's really looking forward to it. I think we're going to head downtown early and go for dinner before the concert.

I will update my calories and exercise later, I hope....really need to get back into the habit of keeping track of everything! My calories have been way high for weeks now, this is why I've managed to put a few pounds back on. Its not even that I mind the weight I'm at right now but I feel like I'm loosing control of my healthy habits and if I don't get it back under control I will just continue to gain weight!!! I also like to way I feel when I make healthier food choices, energetic, happy, head-ache free!

For those of you that are interested, I posted some pics from my sister's wedding on my last couple of entries as well as my "before" picture when I was at the heaviest weight. I was only about 114 lbs in the wedding pics. I think a may even have been a few lighter than that by the time the wedding day came just due to stress and barely eating anything because of my nerves!! I didn't even enjoy my dinner because I knew I had to do the dreaded speech right afterwards!!! That was unfortunate because the few bites of food that I did have were really good but I just had such a nervous tummy......to bad the speeches weren't before dinner, ha,ha!

Hope everybody has a great day :0)

Progress as of today: 13.5 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

halley on 06/25/2007:
I think you look great at the weight you are right now - but I understand trying to get it all off!

bathsuitbeautif on 06/25/2007:
Thanks for your comments also. You seem like you are having fun. I think the wedding was your motivator. Am I right?

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/25/2007:
your exercise for the end of the week last week is great! It reminds me of the exercise I've been doing on my bike as well! but, sometimes i have trouble doing it for 60 minutes because the bike gets uncomfortable...even with the padded seat. do you get that?

have a great day! keep up the good work!

Donkey on 06/25/2007:
Lovely wedding photos! Your arms look so toned! Thank you for sharing. I love the red color the bride chose for the bridesmaids. I don't know that I've been to a wedding with red and white, but it's so pretty!

harleygirl79 on 06/26/2007:
Have fun at Tim and Faith. They will be in Cleveland on Friday 6/29 but I will be at Kings Island. If it was just Tim, I would probably go, I am not a fan of Faith Hill. Hope you enjoy your night out with the gals!

harleygirl79 on 06/26/2007:
Yes, roller coasters a plenty already. Excited about "The Beast" this weekend.

hollybelle on 07/03/2007:
Beautiful wedding pictures. Looks like you are doing fine!

Justine6Robert3 - Saturday Jun 23, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 117.5

I love this picture, so gorgeous!!! Kim & Rob

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 7.5 lbs to go!

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